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Meet SexAmbulance, FucktheSmurfs, Hyperballad, Isthisnametaken, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of August 2018


longpigtx, 20
Chef wanted.
extreme skinny teen pig has zero limits: castration, branding, burning, carving, heavy damage.
teen pig has zero desire to live.
teen pig has ∞ desire to be eaten.
teen pig is ready now.


Merkabah – Aug 21, 2018
Death is an accident
Just do what you got to to stop feeling some way



AcidSkyLSD420, 19
Hey all you crazy psychonauts and fellow stoners Welcome to my psychedelic world of crazy outta this world adventures that takes you beyond the rabbit hole where the dick size does not affect weather or not if your tripping balls or not


AcidSkyLSD420 (Owner) – Aug 23, 2018
Yeah I gain a little because making THC infused foods the high last longer and I can deep throat dicks up to 11 ” without coughing my guts up lol

DankLink – Aug 23, 2018
You lose a little, you gain a little.

AcidSkyLSD420 (Owner) – Aug 23, 2018
yes it’s a albuterol inhaler The heavy price I pay for being a stoner kinda sad The damage is already done now I have to make my pot into pot brownies so I can still take the THC in me it helps me suck dick without coughing and helps with my stress and panic attacks

CelestialCasket420 – Aug 22, 2018
Is that fuckin albuterol? Maybe I spelled that wrong.

AcidSkyLSD420 (Owner) – Aug 22, 2018
Lol always ☮

sLAUGHter – Aug 22, 2018
Can we all fuck you on cloud 420 lol

AcidSkyLSD420 (Owner) – Aug 19, 2018
Lol sorry I’m on cloud 420 right now and yes knight one hit and you will fill like you hit a power coin of being high that is haha

sLAUGHter – Aug 19, 2018
I was talking about the photo of your ass lol

AcidSkyLSD420 (Owner) – Aug 19, 2018
Haha go for it spread the green love haha

sLAUGHter – Aug 19, 2018
I’m so stealing that smokin’ picture AcidSkyLSD420

AcidSkyLSD420 (Owner) – Aug 18, 2018
Lol because it’s where I was born trust me bro if you lived closer I’d help ya out I always share the good green with awesome fuckers

LazlosDripp – Aug 18, 2018
Damn it Mann……why you gotta be in Mississippi! *shakefist* lol

AcidSkyLSD420 (Owner) – Aug 16, 2018
I got some bro I can put it in a bowl for you or roll it up in a joint with some other good mango kush I got and our bodies can rip.

LazlosDripp – Aug 16, 2018
I could go for a bowl full of kief right about now



bodyparty, 18
i am a boy who need some _ _ _. i like fat guys very fat like superchubs. I want to be squashed or to find someone. if you want me, just send me a message and i will go to your home. oh yeah. i am 14 years old.


bodyparty (Owner) – Aug 13, 2018
Plead call me I can’t writ massege

Anonymous – Aug 11, 2018
He gives good screams.



Greg, 19
Greg here! I’m 19, 5’9”, and 161 lbs. Just trying to find the right Daddy for me. An ideal Daddy, in my opinion, would be burly and stocky, whichever, and have a belly gut.

In this hopefully long-term relationship, we’d have most or all of these things:

– Constant sex (I have a sex-drive WAY higher than another teenager so I jack off at least 6 times a day. I want to do stuff while I’m doing this)
– Constant Use of My Holes
– Cum (splatter and feed me and make me splatter and feed myself constantly, Daddy)
– Sharing (I really like to go to Universal Studios alone and when I’m there I always fantasise that every man there keeps stopping me and fucking me both one on one and in a huge, roiling mass)
– Humiliation (I’ve never been humiliated because I’m so fucking gorgeous, but I always crave it)

More about me:
I work as a model, but I finished college! I’m not crazy or have strong (or any) beliefs about anything. I am a VERY clean person. Honestly, I might be a little OCD since I want to clean up every drop of sweat I produce and organize literally every misplaced pubic hair of mine I see. Even when my body has a problem, which is like a 1 in a billion chance, I am very very good at analyzing and I have an eye for the smallest details about myself that could only be found with a microscope.


Greg (Owner) – Jul 31, 2018
@Heuard It seems I like you.

Greg (Owner) – Jul 30, 2018
@Heuard Just send me a stomachpic so I’ll know if your ok or not, thx.

Heuard – Jul 30, 2018
could be into long term, but more interested in pounding and seeding you six ways from monday, grabbing a beer, etc. since let’s face it guys like you are rare as fuck.



VictimBoy, 24
army ashtray balaclava baseball beatup bondage biker boxing cap choke choking cocky cons cropped duct tape ducttape edge excons ex-cons gag gagging gang gangs gangbang gob gym fights football boots footyboots ff hard hunting kickboxing knife knives motorbike motorbikes motorcycle piss rough scally shox skin skinhead smoking smokers spit squaddie thug thugs trackies violence violent



SmellMyFear, 19
I am a straight boy obsessed with being forcibly molested at Starbucks. I hope you can get me down against my will.

So far thanks to this profile I have been molested 5 times and I recount them to give you inspiration.

1#: I was walking in the street at 3 am wearing dress shirt tucked in pants, a man grabbed my hands back, and used his hand to gag me. I tried to resist but he get me subdued finally. He put my hands back and cuffed me , and then used the duct tape gag me, pushed me into his car, drove me to a Starbucks. It was supposed to be open 24 hours but it wasn’t, so he raped me in his car in the parking lot.

2# : A man brought me to a mall, bought up some dress shirts, pants, and jeans for me, then we went into the Starbucks to the bathroom room and he locked the door. He pushed me against the wall, touched my cock, humiliated me..I said no but he said: you like that aha, straight boy? yes u like that! Then he raped me.

3# : A man and I met in a Starbucks, he put his hand to my crotch and I threw it away. Looks like I was insulted by a gay man. The more resistant, the more turn on for him. He continued to touched me and I went to the restroom. He followed me and locked the door of the restroom…gagged me n groped my all over by force and raped me.

4# : A man and I went to the bathroom of the starbucks, I was wearing tight jeans with dress shirt tucked in, followed me to the bathroom, pushed me into the wall against my wall, handgagged me, bothered me and raped me.

5#: I was tapped throatfucked until I puked and passed out gagged and raped wearing tight pants with dress shirt tucked in by the trashcans behind a Starbucks at 4 am.

To sum up, I like to be gagged/ molested/ bothered/ raped by FORCE in a Starbucks!!!


Changement_radical – Aug 2, 2018
Correct me if I’m wrong but I swear I see a vagina in your fourth photo.



Isthisnametaken, 21
I need a grandfather.



KidnapMe, 19
Just Quit Thinking About It And Kidnap Me Already!

You know you want to. I’m in a work uniform complete with nametag. I’m ripe for it. All I need is for you to package me for transport. What happens upon that decision is up to you. But take it into consideration delivering me to another captor instead then driving away and assuming the worst. I practice rhythmic gymnastics that has saved me from fattening. I live in the Hawaiin Islands but ultimately hope to be the hostage of a man from Palm Springs area. So go ahead and do it already. If only to shut me up lol.

I know I look really young but I’m not I’m just boy-faced.


KidnapMe (Owner) – Aug 20, 2018
Only looking for men that are fucked up as this is what turns me on, no less, sorry.

crazylove123 – Aug 19, 2018
I live in Palm Springs. I really love the way you look. I would love to recreate my life around you. I am an active, handsome, fit, and cheerful man in my early 40s. I’m wealthy. I would love to share my wealth with you and make you happy. I am a sentimental person. I can laugh and cry with the characters of a book or movie. You would enjoy our life, take pleasure in every moment and in small things. Be mine?



FucktheSmurfs, 18
Playing video games while I suck on your toes will make your dreams come true



mylifeisdark, 20
I’m 5’5. 121lbs, 27 waist. Shoe is 8.

Want cage up good and never seen again. Sex and torture is fine but never part of the world – totally nonexistent – hooded and locked away.

YOU HAVE TO BE INTO CASTRATION. My balls must be removed before I agree. I’m a very bad boy. You make me not like me thus caged and castrated – whipped hard.

I’m also insist on having my teeth pulled out.

**I was on here for a bit before but I kind of freaked out and deleted everything.


MasterTTTler – Jul 16, 2018
it is such a great lover!

MasterTTTler – July 14, 2018
thru means at my disposal he is now transformed into a nonhuman object n no point in contacting it it does not understand any more

mylifeisdark (Owner) – Jul 12, 2018
no idea where I am but trying to figure out who the people around me are . they didn’t confiscate my phone which seems weird



RussianPartyBitch, 18
only offering a really totally free ass. well we all agree sex is great and bah me I want it.. are the headlines that came up to my mind.


MAGICMATT – Aug 22, 2018
You know you’re not the first but do it anyway.

recsorangcounte – Aug 14, 2018
I fucked him like there was no tomorrow. So unlike me. I hate it when I feel like I’m not me. I honestly don’t even know why.



Iwanttoloveyou, 18
I would like to make a profile of my friends, I love them because I love my password and messages and messages.

I am sorry to say that I am going to have a lovely movie and have a look at it. I am sorry to say that.

My face is the front of a shop.

Sex is a soup, and I am a fork.



Iwanttoloveyou (Owner) – Aug 5, 2018
If you have a car that has an active shoestring or a car and is over 27 years old.

Minhyukkie – Aug 4, 2018
Can i just kiss u?



MyMisstressToldMeToSo, 21
I am a petite thin Asian. I’m “straight”, but my mistress knows better than that, so she is forcing me look for muscular kinky daddies to co-top me on a regular basis. My mistress is a white BBW domme who is nurturing yet nasty as fuck.

My mistress wants me to be fisted, I’m scared because I’ve never even had a finger in it, but she wants a mans fist to be the first thing ever inside me, and I want to make her happy.

You must like women enough to be willing to top me while one of them is standing there.



WestMidlandsSlaveService, 18
Friendly slave service in the West Midlands.

We have boys all aged 18 for pay-per-use slavery. Our prices are cheap and start at £10 per hour, going up depending on what you want to do.

We have very cheap prices as the majority of our slaves are Chinese/Pinoy and speak bad english. This means that we only do outcalls. You would have to pick the slave up from their location.

All clients are very welcome. We cater to any age, any race, any body size and any age. Our slaves love old creepy pervs and are able to do anything you wish for.

We cater to every fetish, including, but not limited to:

Pup play
Feet worship
Sex in Public
Public humiliation

To book a slave text 07878302944 or message us on Kik.


Anonymous – Aug 17, 2018
A poor person has no friends.





harsh_master – Aug 13, 2018
He is mine now He bottoms me so hard I will not let him leave when he wants to for a long periodisation of time

Hobbyest-Beginner – Jul 26, 2018
He’s not in to long sessions, he is a smoker and 2 1/2 hours would be as long as he can stay in restraints before needing a smoke, unless he’s asleep.



SexAmbulance, 19
Sex ambulance. Sexual Services take you where you need to go on demand. Tonight or tonight adjacent. High-speed.



onlygodcantouchme22, 22
I have never had a partner before, sexual or romantic, so relationships still seem a little intimidating, but I am trying to experience it with an open mind. I have had romantic attraction towards men and women in the past, but struggle to see either gender in a sexual manner. Given this situation I think enslavement to an evil smooth twink who doesn’t care if I am into it or not might be the way to go.


blehCAKE – Aug 18, 2018
im watching u Say hi and see if i’d reply~ Cold person? I’d buy it xD thank u for reading my poem



Ex-slave, 23
It can happen to all of us to experience hard times to overcome, to feel sad or anxious. The help of the dominant sometimes is not enough to get us out of a situation of suffering or difficulty of a psychological nature. As an ex-slave now studying psychology, I know how this support can help to understand, make choices, heal.

When one remains stuck in the repetition of the same patterns, in the inhibition or in the feeling of incapacity, the psychotherapy can revive the psychic dynamics. Psychotherapy brings a liberating awareness, helps to overcome anxieties, blockages and undo the false self-representations that prevent self-fulfillment. Different approaches and therapeutic techniques may be appropriate depending on the problem.

In a benevolent and warm therapeutic bond, I accompany you in understanding your difficulty, what drives you, your emotions. I support you in developing your own way of changing your situation by building on your strengths. I offer you a listening space and psychological support adapted to your needs.


dferr – Jul 4, 2018
I could totally dom you, you pathetic loser.



Clem4You, 18
Height 174cm Weight 63kg Being made available in Romania and Bulgaria until mid September.



hyperballad, 18
Hi I’ve just found out about this site.

I have been with abusive boyfriends before and I loved it and I need more.

I’m looking for an adorable asshole to own the shit outta me pretty much?

I’m hot. Idk if the pictures show that though.


hyperballad (Owner) – Aug 1, 2018
You sound perfect! I’ll IM you my phone# now!

Devilman – Aug 1, 2018
To make a long story short, according to my therapist, I sexually molested a younger boy when I was the ages of 13 to 16. I disagree. I was young and just going through puberty. At first I gave him access to (gay) porn. This lead to him asking questions and me making him feel comfortable with his body. I made his being nude around me seem natural and he was soon encouraging me to jack him off and put items into his ass. This lead to him sucking my cock, swallowing my cum and me fucking him, almost daily, until my parents found out.

After one year of therapy, during which I was told my sexual feelings and desires had been warped by pornography, I was told I should start dating and interacting sexually with people again. I had several relationships with girls, most not very long. A lot would run after I told them my past. Those that didn’t I found myself thinking more about my past than being with them. I felt like I understood boys better than girls.

After many failed grinder meetings with other boys, I found one that seemed to be in a similar place. He was younger, dating (a girl) but want to experiment with being a submissive gay. It started slow and mild but when I let my barriers down my pent up top side came out in a crazy and destructive way. Abusing him felt so completely natural to me and, happily, to him. This lasted for about a year, until his girlfriend followed him to a hotel where we were staying, and I returned to therapy to try and sort myself out.

I’m now convinced that I’m really 100% abusive and the only chance I have for a meaningful and lasting life is to find someone who understands this and wants an lopsided relationship, and I would love it to be you.



HalfaSlave, 18
I live with my family, but I’m near the metro and visiting colleges this year so if you have a good college near you maybe suggest it and meet up somewhere near it.

As a Master:
I love to be blown and rimmed by a dirty fucking faggot. Some older, white collar bitch that is in control in the boardroom but drops to his knees when I order him to.

As a slave:
Being bound, helpless, and getting put out in a blood choke turns me on. (“Blood chokes are a form of strangulation that compress one or both carotid arteries and/or the jugular veins without compressing the airway, hence causing cerebral ischemia and a temporary hypoxic condition in the brain. It leads to unconsciousness in a matter of seconds and require little physical strength”.)

I am doing this to control my huge ego and earn some karmic brownie points in that order.



whathavewehere, 21
I’m a young boy who likes to have fun and I was told that serving a master with no limits is fun and I’m looking for something fun to do.


NumberYou – Aug 15, 2018
He is now a slammer and a heavy druggie.

NumberYou – Aug 7, 2018
I have brainwashed and taken control of him.



KickToCastrate, 22
I am from Japan, currently living and working in Cebu, Philippines. I am a nurse and I work here as a volunteer with the International Red Cross, improving the lives of Filipinos here.

I am looking for people/group who’d kick me in the balls with hard shoes on. Any master want to kick a young man’s balls until, ahem, he can’t have kids anymore?

Break my nuts with the toecap of your shoes? Let’s meet. Sadists are amazing!



SoonNoVirgin, 19
I love Mexican food, punk rock, and The Office. I’m a student who lives with very overprotective parents. I’m looking to make friends with a man with a big cock. I would like to meet him on one of the rare occasions I can leave my house alone.


Thefinalchord – Jul 27, 2018
“Sex that will stand the test of time.”

leather1012 – Jul 25, 2018
his cock is tiny and pathetic but i cant stop thinking about it

blowdaddy – Jul 20, 2018
He is very slightly overweight for his height.



I’maslavefag4u, 19
I’m into anything you are, yes you the evil fucking monster reading this



Foryouorother, 20
I am looking for a Taiwanese guy to worship and love on a regular basis. Give yourself my worship! You’ve worked hard for love and you deserve it!


mrpsychorainbow – Aug 15, 2018
I don’t trust people who don’t love themselves and tell me, ‘I love you.’ … There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt



Politico, 18
We marry? I like older, preferably black but it does not matter unless they are white or Asian. We marry? I like older men.


JuanCOR – Jul 29, 2018
Yes a truly horrible boy.

Politico (Owner) – Jul 23, 2018
We got married? -We married? My other profile was hacked. My new profile is this one.

Anonymous – Jul 6, 2018
That is my finger in that one of his fotos He is the cutest boy in Bogota but he is a liar and sick in his head



hanselhotassbigdick, 20
Hello. I’m at uni currently and will be finishing my final year in June of next year. I’m not out. Please be between 22-40, include enthusiasm and intellect in your message, and also remember that I’m a slot machine for pleasure, not a human.

I am totally into being reduced to a writhing mess of desperation, that’s exciting enough, but through years of introspection what really excites me is becoming a drone, a controllable body machine whose only human aspect is a sex organ pussy. Walking, pissing, sitting down, eating and sleeping only with the purpose of keeping my pussy alive.

I’d want a man who would “mould” me in to his pussy toting drone, rewrite my mind into a chip containing machine operational code and use the last serving human outpost of my hole to sink me into that all-consuming headspace because that’s the “best thing for me”. Ugh the ecstasy!



olivertwisted, 19
I don’t consider myself as an emø but i do listen to emø music and act edgy i write poems and i like to cut myself with a pocket knife. I have adhd but i sometimes feel like it’s aspergers I put myself down and i sometimes feel sad for no reason but i don’t think i have depression i am also a very anti social person who doesnt go outside any ways this is my offer rawr XD :p


olivertwisted (Owner) – Aug 11, 2018

AdamW – Aug 11, 2018
You were very talented, I’m sorry the actor thing didn’t pan out for you.

olivertwisted (Owner) – Aug 11, 2018

AdamW – Aug 10, 2018
Long shot question … were you a child actor in a popular Nickelodeon series?

olivertwisted (Owner) – Aug 2, 2018
Yeah, so.

Salmansex – Jul 31, 2018
When you are happy you enjoy the “music”, but “when you are sad, you understand the lyrics”.



Lowkeyguy, 22
Want to meet someone to suck the life out of me then go home ? Want to have a really bad day



YourFavorite, 19
I’m Wesley. I’m an artist, a dreamer, a boy who’s into magic and potions and Disney. I’m a bunny, I’m cuddly, sweet, and I love Carrot Cake.

Yes, I am seeking an Alpha Puppy. He must spoil me with love and affection. I want to be a Pup’s whittle bunny.

I love puppies, just I don’t know. I just think with my great cuteness that I should be a bunny.




p.s. Hey. Artforum has published a nice piece about PERMANENT GREEN LIGHT that includes a short video interview with me, if you’re interested. It’s here. ** Amphibiouspeter, Hi, Ap. It was a mix of original lunchboxes from the lunchbox ubiquitous days and more recent ones from these days where lunchboxes are basically produced as collectibles. Understood about the US not being a high priority travel destination. Chicago’s nice. I’ve never been to Nashville, but it’s alluring as long as it’s not during the steamy summer. And of course Oregon is way pretty. I’ve never been much of a fan of London. There’s just something about it that makes me uncomfortable, I’m not sure what. But the culture there is obviously great and all of that. Make the best of it. I bet you do. Happy Friday to you. ** David Ehrenstein, Ha ha. ** Tosh Berman, Hi, T. Yeah, when I was a young thing, I had, mm, a ‘Man from U.N.C.L.E’ lunchbox like you, and I know I had ‘F Troop’ and ‘My Mother the Car’ lunchboxes. Maybe others I can’t remember. Since then I bought two just for fun or something — an ‘E.T.’ lunchbox and that ‘Weezer’ one that was in the post. I think they’re in my LA pad somewhere rusting. They still make lunchboxes, but they’re basically made as collectibles in ltd. editions. I guess there’s always a chance that they could a popular, vinyl-like comeback. ** Bill, I hope all the fires are put out now. I’ve never seen a French kid carrying a lunchbox, no. Nor have I ever seen one on sale in a store. So probably not. I think they’re a little too dorky for French kids, who tend to be kind of suave even at tender ages. ** Sypha, Makes sense you had a slew of lunchboxes. Me too. Yeah, I’m pretty sold on getting Shenmue now. At a glance, it reminds me of the computer games from the great, sadly defunct computer game company Cyberflix, best known for the games ‘Dust’ and ‘Titanic’. I was obsessed with their games back when. So, yeah, I’m going to score that and hope it doesn’t destroy my discipline. ** Steve Erickson, I think my favorite ABBA covers are Portishead’s ‘S.O.S.’ and Elvis Costello & the Attractions did a demo of ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ that never got officially released and is pretty great. I’ll take an audio peek at the Armand Hammer, thanks. ** Nik, Hi, man. Damn, I keep forgetting to break my old habit and check for comments on previous days’ posts. Really glad you liked the VanDerBeek show and the lunchbox totem pole. More sorriness at my slowness writing to you about your piece. I underestimated my work load. I will, though, thank you. You’ve arrived at Bard in one pristine piece! Being in the middle of the woods always sounds so dreamy when you’re not actually in the middle of the woods. No, I don’t think I know Mary Caponegro’s work, but you’ve made it sound (Gary Lutz!) like an absolute must-read, so I’m going to hunt something of hers down today. Sounds like a potentially really great class. As does the New York School class, of course, me being a major worshipper of those poets, but, yeah, go for the fiction angle, that’s very sensible. Wow, yeah, things sound very promising on your end. When do classes start? Are you living in a dorm? Sweet day! ** _Black_Acrylic, Really happy you liked the Dumont. Great! You have an awesome mom to ward you off taking a job in favor of your time and creativity. Moms like that are the veritable needle in the haystack maybe. ** Corey Heiferman, Hi, Corey! Well, of course I was hoping that you, of all people, would think the post was okay. Really happy to hear your US trip wound up registering on the fruitful end of the scale. Enjoy your last days there, and, if possible, tell the skies to get a whole lot less hot by Tuesday if you have a way to do that. Safe trip home! ** Shane Christmass, Hey, Shane. Oh, it did make the cut! Thanks a bunch. Yes, in fact, hold on … I just sent you my address. Have a swell day! ** Right. Today is your monthly slaves-inflected reminder to pay your rent tomorrow. And I’ll see you on pay day.


  1. Steve Erickson

    Being “molested” at Starbucks is an amazingly specific fantasy. If SmellMyFear’s telling the truth about his experiences, I’m glad he’s been able to live it out 5 times.

    Armand Hammer aren’t really into building entire lyrics that work as storytelling or start-to-finish political statements, but right now I’m not sure anyone in 2018 hip-hop is doing better quotables and one-liners: “Your favorite rapper is a corporate shill who dresses like a banker in they spare time” (a not-so-subliminal shot at Jay-Z?), “”Fifty people at a rap show, one’s an informant,” “Fuckboys deserve to be liberated too.” They’ve combined references to microdosing and hauntology with apocalyptic images from the Bible. And this album is filled with grimy, claustrophobic jazz samples.


    I’ve never heard that Costello demo, but he did a good job rewriting “Waterloo” into “Oliver’s Army.”

  2. Sypha

    Oh man, olivertwisted… dat a$$ 😉

    Dennis, never heard of Cyberflix, I’ll have to investigate. Cool, let me know what you think about Shenmue if you do look into it. I’m still very slowly getting into it,
    but not hardcore yet, maybe because a lot of my free time recently has been spent getting through TWIN PEAKS season 2 (4 shows to go). But once I’m done that I’ll have more time (and hey, it’s not as if I’m writing right now, ha ha). I probably should get cracking on it as there’s a new Lovecraft computer game coming out in late October that I want to play as well.

  3. Amphibiouspeter

    Hey DC,

    ‘You lose a little, you gain a little’. Magic. I know what you mean about London. It’s amazing and there’s a reason people from all over the world make their home there, but yeah there’s something about it I also really don’t like.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. alex rose

    hey dennis

    i usually just look at the photo’s within these but i read some tonight, so depressing, not just the bad grammar etc, haha, but christ if we ever go to war we are all fucked

    anyhoo UPS the lot of them to me ( their careless couriers ) fingers crossed some will arrive brain damaged and the il begin my Gay Zombie Whore Army

    the G.Z.W.A. all hidden and crystallike within my freezer, humming blue stilllips, tiny touchable icebead tears, fingers like lolipops, shanks of teenmeat….

    dennis i’ve no news, im a castrated church mouse but i am in the middle of gary indiana’s ” resentment” which is incredible, i’m constantly slowlying myself to re read a line, he’s an incredible writer and such a bitch !

    dennis, have a great day today, love, alex,x

  5. Statictick

    Hey Hey, D. I’m just gonna plunk this here before my laptop overheats. I’m still back at Mazza, trying to reconcile, or just study further, the references to jazz, the interview, and the excerpt. Don’t know what I think, but having fun figuring it out. I think I had a Scooby Doo lunchbox for most of elementary school, and a Bullwinkle one I wish I could find, then we went to paper bags. Those became important in junior high, cuz you could put cigs and joints in there and, y’know, go outside for lunch.

    I blearily mentioned an article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek that caught my attention. I’m sure you figured out it was about Inhotim and Bernardo Paz. I’m aware of the place, and have heard some things about shady land acquisition. I was not aware of the extent of environmental damage and social control – for lack of a better phrase. Of course, Bloomberg has its slant. But when the article got around to quoting some of the coy old forgetful man bullshit that’s come out of Paz, I was just pissed. Gotta look into this more. The effect on surrounding communities is wacko. I dig some of the artists in the thing, but WTF? Anyway, that was that.

    I got news about Hebb, Natasha, Natasha and Kevin’s wedding, and this Josh dude – a recent possible addition to the ensuing mess. More later with that.

    Wish I could make it to New York. Honestly, it’s less financial than it would be the first time flying alone since the seizure deal began. And I can’t take Trevor cuz he’s starting his master’s. And my current roommate is a jackass that already let my cat fall 4 floors to the sidewalk, so there’s that…

    Best, Everybody

  6. Jamie

    Hey Dennis,
    It was so lovely to get to meet you today. Thanks so much for making time to do so. Check MyMistressToldMeToSo just about where we met you! That bookshop was closed, of course, so we did a ton more walking around and looking at stuff and generally enjoying being in Paris.
    There’s a bit of a Lodger vibe to Foryouorother’s photo, no? Would it not make a good album cover?
    I think I’m going to be wifi free for the next week, so I’ll see you after that. Hope you have a lovely one, your NY trip’s perfect and the PGL event is amazing as it sounds.
    May your weekend be masterfully remixed by a dub supremo.
    Peeow love,

  7. Steve Erickson

    Here are my reviews of Robert Greene’s BISBEE ’17: and my review of Blake Williams’ PROTOTYPE:

    And at long last, my interview with you and Zac:

  8. Misanthrope

    Dennis, I’m pretty sure I had a SuperFriends lunch box back in the day but not the one on yesterday’s post.

    Yeah, that frat boy set. So I was talking to a guy at work -he’s in Austin, TX- about my experience at the concert -he’d asked- and then it dawned on me that he was probably a frat boy. I go, “You were in a frat, weren’t you?” He laughed, “Yeah, I was, but I know exactly what you mean.” Seems he rushed it mainly because he went to Florida State all by himself and didn’t know a soul, being from St. Louis and none of his friends going to east with him. He said that after a year he kind of pulled away from it and just drank beer at the parties.

    I was expecting more young people. The young people are really into EDM these and days, and with NO being a kind of forerunner…I don’t know, I just thought they’d show up. They certainly did at the OMD gig. Tons of teens and pre-teens there, all of whom knew every word to every song.

    Yes, totally a big relief about the tests. I figured they’d turn out the way they did, but you never know, right? I have a friend who had blood test and it showed some very serious thyroid issues. They retested and it was normal…they eventually concluded that his results probably got mixed up with someone else’s. Of course, he was like, “How do I know it’s not the good test that got mixed up?” But every subsequent test has been fine for him.

    Okay, so very little sleep again this week. I’m making up for that shit tonight. After I do some writing. I got some good ideas in the past couple days and need to get that shit down.

    Tomorrow, I’ll be seeing The Meg -about a megalodon or whatever it’s called, a giant prehistoric shark- and then hitting a Mexican joint. Don’t be jelly. Btw, I’m just doing the movie as a mindless fun favor for my friend who thinks every trailer “looks awesome!” 😛

  9. Bill

    Quite a collection of intriguing narratives today, Dennis. Happy to see hints of some happy outcomes!

    It’s the long weekend, not a moment too soon. If a fire burns when everyone is away during a long weekend, does it cause any damage? In any case, my firefighting duties are on hiatus for a couple days. I think.

    I finally discovered Christine Schutt! Very nice.


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