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Meet Ripleyfromalien3, LET_ME_HELP, fakefriend, charlesdickenscharacter, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of October 2017


slimboythai4men, 20
Many men like to punch me in my belly and torture my nipples sometimes



Sparkles_the_Dog, 19
My Daddy is looking for friends who have a similar interest in having hardcore sex with me to hang out with us. We play video games, tabletop role playing games (when we can find a group), watch tv (sci-fi, anime, animation), try to explore the city when we can, and have lots of sex. I have an arsenal of kisses to offer anyone, and I do not care if you’re older and meaner than I, I want everyone in my bed today. I’m working at a Taco Bell and Daddy is going to school. My pic is real and untouched, nothing is elongated or enlarged.


RapeMeForLife, 19
Lookin to get raped the fuck out of, choked out then abducted, taken away from the world to enter a life with no meaning or purpose other that to be endlessly raped every day 4 the rest of my life by DOM men who need to rape the fuck out of dumb gays every day. like a true rape….u don’t give a fuck about me. choke, suffocate, piss on me, rape my holes ruthlessly. Once I’m in your possession, there is no way out ever….I will spend the rest of my life being raped by you, your friends, or whoever else you choose


Fuck-master – Oct 11, 2017
I thought he was right for me but had to cut him loose after a few days. So this is for others who are debating. He’s extremely intense, very oversexualized, small dick, never saw it soft, seemed to live to cum and can (and did) 24/7 whether I wanted him to or did something that inspired him to or not, talked incessantly about how meaningless he is, worthless, meat, et cetera to me during sex and beatings, to himself when he was alone, reminded me of those crazy street corner preachers. When I’d had enough, I couldn’t get rid of him, I had to have a burly friend help me drag him out the door. He’s insane, like I suppose we all are, but too insane.



BearTamerSlave, 21
Furry men drive me crazy. The more fur the better. Ready to burry myself in fur. I am also looking to be water boarded. I am also open minded. Normally I live on a military base in Poland, but now I have two days free of the army.


fatmanass – Oct 3, 2017
I am a fat man. I get a kick from perverting boys by brainwashing through my kinky hypnofilia. I turns me on to have a boy’s mind warped to worship fat man ass, to fantasize and dream of inhaling and sniffing the farts of a fat man ass, suppress your erections and orgasms, to mentally and verbally humiliate and train you into being a fat man ass fartpet. I want to train you with hypno-brainwash and videos of my fat ass farting, which you will then worship (daily) in turn.



firstnamelastname, 21
Thing I’m looking to do

Going Tesco and grabbing 3 banana and putting them in my ass in the toilets then walk round trying to hold them

Being tied up and blindfolded and having my holes advertised

just following a guy round his house holding his cock in my mouth while he gets on with his day only being pulled out to fuck me then back in my mouth

I will hold his bottle of beer in my ass and even take his piss to the toilet in me


Flop69 – Sept 29, 2017
you’re too cute, i want to dim you

Anonymous – Sept 26, 2017
Cute as a button. I didn’t have time for anything elaborate so I fucked his throat. I’m mostly straight and it was just like fucking a pussy, so I kept going and going till afterwards he talked like a frog. Great guy.



fakefriend, 19
If you feel alone, wanna go out, talk, or have a good time together, short or long term, let me know. I can be your friend.

I am a highly intelligent, well cultured, moral for my age, loving, caring, open minded and self confident young man. I love self development, meditation, brainstorming, discussions, and having lots of fun too. I love to make you comfortable and happy by carefully listening to you, complementing your good aspects, and giving you my analysis and advise when you asks me, all this I do in a delightful manner, in which you get excellent advise and solutions to your problems, but at the same time having lots of fun on the way.

I have done a huge investment on myself in the field of self development and will do my best to apply this knowledge and my experience to help you achieve your life goals, solve your problems and reach you full potential. In short, I exist to bring joy into other people’s lives.



Neg4poz, 18
Think as me be meat and Im not stupid mouth


abusive4you – Oct 2, 2017
Made a shitty movie with him, contact me if intrstd

abusive4you – Sept 26, 2017
I’m turning this boy’s brains into jelly with chems in my hotel room right now happy for other to join

abusive4you – Sept 20, 2017
I know you’re completely inferior to Me in every way. You are nothing and I’m everything. Even the dirt on My feet is Superior to you. That’s just the natural order. Please answer the message I sent and tell me that you are totally inferior to Me.



iwishtobeananimal, 22
My lifelong wish and goal in life is to become a pet dog. Not the sexual kind of dogslave but the genuine kind of dog.

Pick me up from the imaginary shelter I’m currently waiting in and make me your lifelong companian. Let me forget how clothes feel, what human food tastes like, how it is to speak or walk on two legs. Turn me into a dog — body and brain; and I will always be by your side as your faithful pet.

Right now while I am human and can still talk/think clearly I will reiterate that the dog I will become is not for sex. Once I am a dog, I won’t be able to say that again, but know that if you do have sex with me I will naturally find it confusing and grotesque.



WHAT!UP!, 23
Rape me please. That is all.



GothicPrince666, 18
Just Your Typical Goth Kid, um hi im Dominic im 18 years old live with my mom and her partner and my three sibblings, mom and my step dad and my siblings are goth too and my grandma is a werewolf, im a bit of a loner and dont have any firends would love to meet some and maybe meet a cute goth man, marilyn manson is life.


DeadMan – Oct 8, 2017
I’m unknown. You should be too.



ShineBright, 23
Do you want to create your very special shemale slave??Do you want to own me permanently !!Do you want to own a total-24/7 metal chained shemale-slut -slave?Do you want to make me live in a 24/7 total slavery?I seriously do want extreme genderbending done to me!!I am willing to become your(owned for life) shemale maid/ slavegirl/slut/ ponygirl/secretary/ bimbo/bondage toy, rubber/latex bimbo and everything else you want me to become.All you have to do : Do it.The creation of me should include; Feminization surgery – facial feminization, nose job, lips, and full face renewment to make me look sexier and very feminine.Rib reduction, and huge breast implants.Legs and ass are ok. Forced hormone treatment to help my feminization on the way.Complete and permanent hair removal.Only 24/7/365 – You can and will give me a new identity. I will sign a slavecontract with you as my complete owner(s). You want a 24/7/365 ownership.Came to realize that i am turning into sissy It was 2009 when i first time stole my mother’s bra, since that day everything cuanged and now i am just a cock craving sissy. I do not own any dresses because i live with family and they eneter my room anytime. Afraid of exposure. so till that day i move to another state and become a good cock sucking bimbo. wish me good luck I am student, so seeking a master/ mistress to turn me into their sissy slave.Follow me on instagram.



BentHalo, 19
I’m a 19 yo straight jock failure. Those are my feet. I want someone 6’2″ or taller to completely destroy them.



fromhell, 19
Well here i go again hoping someone will take me serious I’m ready to become a slave to some men with no limits do whatever with me you like in any way possible I have no family or friends that would miss me you could take me away no one would miss me at all I was adopted late at 11yrs by two horrible people The man abused and raped me every day for 2 years The woman didn’t care He shot her to death last year then shot himself to death He tried to kill me too but i lived I have scars from bullets in my shoulder upper chest and leg I haven’t had sex with anyone but that man When i even think about sex i have to take sedatives and lie down to recover but i think about it all the time and miss it If i can’t be in that situation again i will kill myself I think about it all the time I need to go back there again I may kill myself anyway but i promise i won’t do it in your house if i do



strawbaby, 19
my boyfriend Käptn Erdbär and i are looking for people to fill our butts with toys. 🙂

write us 🙂

i’d break up with Käptn Erdbär for a serious sugar daddy tho.



ReecethePig, 18
Hi I’m Reece a pig from Surrey.

Make me squeal!

I’m looking for an older dad that likes hurting a boy. I’m into all sorts but you have to like inflicting pain a lot.. A lot!

Atm I’m very into balls crushing, face punching, beatings to the head, bruises and abrasions from head to toe but always want to try different stuff.

Game: Bleeding, permanent marks, gouges, breaking my left wrist and arm

Will consider: Electrocution, surgery without anesthesia, non-fatal stabbing

Limits: Women



GingerbreadBoy, 22
Out grown Grindr wish I could say I have been fucked by them all but I haven’t.

My ass has been described as the “best pussy in town” (their words not mine).

Rawrarawr rawr *tilts head*



Training to be an assistant Manager at Little Caesars now and just doing this for two more weeks to stay true to my rootsy. Im a pretty cute guy with a super rocky past and a love for helping guys get off even if it bites me in the ass but i also have alot of crazy hidden behind it all along with a want for emotional depth and some kind of meaning in life. I used to play in a couple posthardcore bands? …Buuuut i gave up music when one of my best friends/ex-drummer went crazy bc of our past drug abuse spree and he stabbed a guy and killed him so now i just cant do it anymore.. ? Now my life has no meaning.


owonye – Sept 24, 2017
Be who you needed when you were younger.

rocknroll98 – Sept 19, 2017
i like death i hate people i don’t like music but i often listen to lana del ray i don’t want anything

LET_ME_HELP (Owner) – Sept 19, 2017
yeah serious, whats your story? what you want?

rocknroll98 – Sept 19, 2017
sucks about your friend sorry



pinkymy, 22
I’m a 22yo and owned property of Master JX. I’ve been with Master and wearing his collar since July.

Throughout my young life I’ve always been submissive in different ways and yes I took a dick or two when I was too young to have done so. However, when I “met” Master (he chloroformed and abducted me off a street when I was drunk late at night) we just clicked straight away. I trust and love Master and willingly follow his orders. Yes, I fought hard to escape and regain my freedom, but since August, I am fitted with a permanent ankle chain. The inability to oppose or escape what is done to me turns out to be strangely sexy to me. I guess I was born with a prisoner gene. I honestly believe there is a root that I cannot kill and it’ll always grow more.

I’m as happy now as I’ve ever been in my life and it’s all down to Master JX, I owe him everything and I look forward to serving him until my dying breath.

I understand that my family and former friends don’t understand my lifestyle choice. However, as we continuously move forward, it is time for them to look at people and gain a broader understanding as to what is acceptable behavior.


chastitymuscleboi – Oct 3, 2017

twistedtaskmaster – Oct 3, 2017
Damn tell my old friend JX he hit the gravy train and I am enviouser than shit.

Romantic-Duo – Oct 2, 20217
Congratulations! Very happy for you two!



Averagesizedpenis, 19
really like underwear up my butt. also really like underwear up your butt.



Novel, 22
Hello there.

I’m a young kinky bottom fella from western germany & BDSM is a kind of a must for me.

Aside of my kinky activities I spend much of my time with games, music, movies & creative work myself (working in DAWs, working on maps/mods for Goldsrc/Source Engine, currently working on an indie-game [writing, texture, sound, music] with a friend [who does programming, mapping, design])

At the moment I’m being given a short break to write this while amidst a four-day slam fest with five masters who are very into breathplay so if I make mistakes know that I’m very lightheaded and having slight eyesight problems, my apologies.

Where was I?





skimask19skaterpunk, 19
Masked boy who only loves masked men. Lost my old mask, new one is coming in the mail so I have these photos for now. May or may not be going to prison soon.



Rimmethenfistme, 18
Looking for anyone who loves to eat a hole like crazy for hours and then fist it for more hours.


CharlesPena – Oct 6, 2017
For the interest of those considering this young man, he has appeared in two (that I know of) microscopic budget Emo porn videos under the name Jeremy Lone. I reviewed one of them (“Ill-Conceived Sexual Rigodon”) on the site Rant Space. Below is a crib from my review.

“The anal flexibility of a young Emo man in (Jeremy Lone) is highlighted in Vaxi Nate’s “Ill-Conceived Sexual Rigodon” – a little seen Emo themed XXX film from the makers of “Never In His Room”.

“The story follows Jeremy (Jeremy Lone), young, fair Emo boy who lives with an ailing father and in dire need of help for his drug addiction. But Jeremy’s ass, which is given more close ups than all of the film’s actors combined, has caught the attention of another Emo boy Cash (Theo Alvarez). When Jeremy rebuffs Cash’s advances, Cash plots a plan to snag the young lad’s ass. After all, Cash’s father is wealthy and Jeremy’s addiction is bad enough to require expensive rehab time. Jeremy balks, but Cash is soon all over his ass, and Jeremy discovers his ass has a secret talent (it’s piggy, in a word) and the pleasures he can derive thereof. Suddenly, having a rich oversexed Emo boyfriend isn’t such an acrid predicament.

“The succeeding days pass by as the story plateaus into narrative skepticism. Jeremy is soon as addicted to sharing his ass with every Emo in town as he is to the drugs, and Cash, who has fallen in love with Jeremy (or just his ass?), is so tortured by jealousy he becomes a weeping alcoholic. One night he comes home to find two Emos are fisting Jeremy in their bed, which causes him to quietly go in the bathroom and cut his wrists. Late that night, Jeremy discovers his dead lover and, overcome with guilt, hangs himself in the same bathroom.

“On a more positive note, Jeremy Lone is a star find. Though he was dull and robotic in his small part in Vaxi Nate’s earlier film “Never In His Room”, Lone delineates his character’s sense of perdition, of his loss of self-control, his probity regarding his sexual fascination with assplay. We are not saying that Lone is already a thespian – far from it, actually. But his scene where he hangs himself didn’t end up amateurish, sappy, or floundering. The coarse and reckless camera work sometimes pans his pimple ridden face which further renders empathy to his dilemma. And it doesn’t hurt that Lone’s ass is so easy on the eyes, you may as well freeze a frame, and think I wouldn’t mind ripping him a new one. Oohlala indeed!”



4_jaded_creep, 23
i’m interested in all forms of torture and interested to talk with you about hanging scenes, especially my pet scenario where I have all my limbs bound up so I can’t use none of them and then you hang me 😉



charlesdickenscharacter, 18
I’m quite simply a slave boy looking for a master. I’m into anything and that means anything except scat. I never tried scat but I cannot stand the smell of It. I think it’s remotely possible that if you took me outdoors and there was a strong breeze I could do It.



youngbuck, 24
Im guy/boy who more looks youngest than having its years, someone says hot,cute, i love to join into some kind of organization, ,,society,,here in inernet, so i find this site. Im interested in this and its hot for many and for me too, to be in this , and so on.



Ripleyfromalien3, 18
I am a cute, smooth, small, skinny, feminine, young twink who has come to realize that looks are all I got going for me and that I am a hollow vessel and the only thing I got to show for me has an expiration date because my type of cute always times out young.

I decided to give it one last try (this is my 7th profile) to find a Master and Owner before it’s too late. I need someone who’s patient who will understand that there’s still a small part of me that thinks I’m hot and it will probably take a few weeks at least before I give up and become a piece of shit.



TopMyHoleOpen, 24
boring awkwark freak


Handson – Sept 26, 2017
Things others who are interested in this boy should know-
-He lives on a farm 80 miles from the nearest city
-He has a fear of motor vehicles (cars, buses, trains, planes, ships, etc) and will only walk as transportation
-He requires that you inject his cock and balls with silicone “10000cc or more” before anything sexual/physical can be done to him
-He is blind in his right eye and has limited mobility in his right arm
-Both of his parents are police officers



BadLifeSituation, 20
Hey, hope you guys dont mind a little confession. I am young guy, 20, long way from Cuba so I suppose I’m gonna be welcome here!? . Right now I am in a really bad life situation (NOT on Drugs, NOT HIV+, Does NOT owe money to anyone) but desperately need a place to live – cheap and fast because I am running out of money and dont want to become homeless. I am really desperate so thats why I am posting in this section, I dont mind “paying alternativaly” if you know what I mean. If you know some place with cheap or alternative rent, please let me know. Willing to send naked photos. I am stoic, somewhat gay curious and dont have any troubles with authorities. Thank you ever so much.



HungryHungryCunt, 20
Share our cute bottom boy with a group of other guys.

What: 1 to all guys show up. We have done groups of 14 before. This is for guys into sharing one bottom. Looking to add 1-2 more quality top guys to the mix. Serious guys only and nobody there just to watch, it throws off this hot dynamic.

Bottom: Pleasant handsome smooth 20, 5’10” boy next door muscled/slim with a tender butt and juicy soft pink hole.

Tops: 8 guys, fairly clean cut, 23-46 years old.

1. 23 college stud
2. 26 black hung guy
3. 28 white prep
4. 34 asian cutie
5. 38 black stud
6. 40 white married country boy
7. 44 latin muscular guy
8. 46 fit white married executive

You: You will meet with the bottom casually to make sure he gives you an erection before we decide you are added to the mix.



moodytwink, 18
I want a rough daddy to teach me a fucking lesson. I want a daddy who will throw me across the bedroom, stomp on my head, fuck me till i’m screaming, give no mercy, and experiment on my body with knives or whatever you want. I especially don’t like my genitals. It would be great if you want to cut them off.


j_jealousy – Oct 3, 20127
may God have mercy on your penis and testicles!!

hacked – Sept 18, 2017
I have got to start checking profile before going all apeshit on bitches

hacked – Sept 18, 2017
Oh fuck he wants his dick and balls cut off, abort abort

hacked – Sept 18, 2017
You know I only have eyes for you dollwhore!
I was bringing him home for your birfday

Henny_Babylette – Sept 18, 2017
hacked you better not being looking at other bitches

hacked – Sept 18, 2017
Bitch you are the IT slave in this entire world and I want you in my dungeon RIGHT FUCKING NOW



Wastingaway, 21
I’m a six month old baby. Always have been, always will be.



Kenny, 18
I’m Jaylen but you can call me Jay or Kenny or like, trash. Uhm, stuff about me – – – I’m an eighteen emo irl but I look like I’m three, I have an interest in piercings and tattoos and I do them myself, and I like getting fucked very muchs. And I also like doing stupid sex stuff. And a warning, I’m a boring sad person and this is like, my fiftieth time making a new account because I’m stupid and forget things. Outside of sex, I don’t like a lot of things. Specially the new US president for this year and any type of educational thing.


maryan – Oct 11, 2017
Do you want action ?!
Live them!
He is the one with whom you will need a revision!
Do not tell him, he knows how this happens!
He’ll show you who’s in your pants!



Stewart, 20
Uh hi. i want 24/7 but may need breaks for mental health purposes. i have schizophrenia that manifests in ugly episodes but i have gone many months without having one.

i have an ironic side too 😉
You can make it vanish with face slaps and punches whenever You want

Looking for an extremely long term thing but i would be willing to go to a bizarre party as a “special guest”

i think men over 50 yo are neato


wmhart – Sept 30, 2017
I created and deleted a profile a few weeks ago. I think by not having a clear indication of what I wanted and what I was looking for I was inviting some — confusion.

I was recently in a short-term Ownership relationship with a very submissive boy. That relationship ended, abruptly and through mutual consent.

In that relationship I recognized that I get easily carried away with the “fantasy” of it because of how darkly alluring it all is and because of how much I loved having a chained-up boy slave creature, so I am apprehensive to begin anything serious at the moment.

However! — I would like to talk to you and meet you. I am not AGAINST you becoming my slave-property again but it’s not something I’m actively seeking out at this time.

For brevity, and just for the sake of argument, here’s a list of things that your photos and profile make me want to do to you uncontrollably:
-you in permanent restraints
-you hypnotized, drugged and mindfucked until you have no will of your own
-long-term complete, absolute sensory deprivation
-no safeword torture, no-way-out permanent situation

PS – apologies to other slave boys I was talking to when I deleted the account before. I was put off by some things on here and wanted to create some distance. Statistically speaking, it probably had nothing to do with you.



weirdcouple, 18
We are married, 18 and 21 years old but we both have different interests.
I am the top, I long for monogamy, hate feeling jealous but at the same time seem to very drawn to being humiliated by my husband’s sluttiness.
Him is pretty much like the one who likes to have sex constantly, being totally bottom, can never get enough, and goes outside our relationship incessantly in search of having the feeling he is a slut.
So we are trying to find someone, a top, extremely sexual and horny, who can be a regular in between, fucking him enough outside of my fucking him to keep him off the street while making me constantly jealous of him with another guy, and thus this guy will provide what each of us needs.

***if you are not from New York City don’t even bother****




p.s. Happiest Halloween! The p.s. returns from its vacation on this coming Thursday.


  1. I wonder if ShineBright is seriously transgender, has weird fantasies or if I’m a horrible person for even asking this question.

    I also love the fact that the first pic on this page is a hamster.

    Here’s my review of Richard Linklater’s LAST FLAG FLYING: http://gaycitynews.nyc/return-vietnam-new-war/

  2. A festive post for a festive day, Dennis. Hope you’re feeling much better, and enjoying the seasonal offerings down in LA.

    I don’t remember the ghost boys post; very nice.

    All weekend there were guys dressed like they walked out of a mid-80s John Hughes teen movie. I guess that’s a popular costume.


  3. Hi!

    Happy Halloween, Dennis!!
    How are you? I hope the illness has vacated you by now and you can fully enjoy today’s collection of haunts! Please do tell me about them, I’m really curious!
    And apart from the night’s actions, how is/was your vacation? What happened?

    What’s worth sharing on my part… We had yet another self-help group last Saturday and it finally went really well! I was very satisfied and proud! And if everything continues to go well, I have a job for November-December at an art gallery! My first “test-day” is on Monday and I guess that’ll decide whether or not I get it for the upcoming two months. I really, really hope I do! The owner is super nice and I like his work enough, it’d be great to work there.
    Apart from these, I guess I could only talk about the ordinary, usual things.
    I’ll only be able to drop by on Friday (instead of on Thursday when the p.s. restarts) but I can’t wait to talk to you again!

    I hope you have a superb night tonight!!

  4. And here’s my review of Takashi Mike’s BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL: http://gaycitynews.nyc/immortal-untouchable/

  5. David Ehrenstein

    October 31, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    “Once I’m in your possession, there is no way out ever….I will spend the rest of my life being raped by you, your friends, or whoever else you choose”

    Is that a promise?

    A very important History Lesson from Ta-Nehisi Coates

    Hope you’re over the cold and been having a swell time. Enjoy the next batch of in-flight movies (maybe check out Thor: Ragnarok if it’s showing. I’m actually considering going to see it in the cinema just because I liked the colours on the poster so much).
    Bon voyage,
    Calorific love,

  7. I feel really scared and disturbed by the attack in New York today, although I went nowhere near further south than 5th St.

    I did go to the new record store where one of the owners of Other Music works and spent way too much money on CDs. In fact, I have bought so many CDs in the past month – after a period of about 5 months where I bought almost none – that I finally downloaded the software that will allow me to hook up my portable CD/DVD drive and import CDs into iTunes, although I will probably wait till tomorrow to actually do this.

    Also, I feel like my patience with social media has just been exhausted. There is nothing on it anymore but commentary on Trump and Spacey. I posted something about Rose McGowan’s drug warrant and, along with some intelligent comments, I got some really ugly stuff about how old and crazy she is, plus an anti-drug screed. When I talked about people on Twitter are now attacking the plot of t CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, in which a 17-year-old boy has a relationship with a 24-year-old man, I was totally misunderstood and someone thought I was defending Kevin Spacey! The first response I saw on Twitter after reading about a shooting in New York today took a dig at the antifa and, further down, Julian Assange opined that most such shootings in America are staged by the FBI. Has everyone gone fucking nuts? Is it worth posting anything that might be remotely controversial if I’m going to lead to people expressing ugly thoughts or misunderstanding me? And all anyone is talking about here is “controversial” stuff – there’s nothing fun about music or movies anymore.

    • I did a post about how much I like Can and got one response. My post about Rose McGowan’s arrest got at least a dozen, some very nasty. This shouldn’t surprise me, but it does depress me.

  8. @ DC, Happy Halloween! I hope you have a spooktacular one and LA gives you the very best of it.

    strawbaby’s photos of teddy bears put me in mind of Lewis Den Hertog – The Future that won the 2013 Yuck ‘n Yum AGK. Like in Lewis’s video, I’m sure those bears have seen a few things over the years.

    Here in Dundee things have been going ok, I had a much improved driving lesson last week and I’m hopeful for the coming one this Friday. Saw a good show at the Generator too, which included this dazzling installation by Felicity Hammond. So yeah things are ticking over nicely, including prep for the glorious AGK-fuelled YNY comeback. Much more on that to come!

  9. Happy Halloween, Everybody!

  10. Let us celebrate the downfall of that spacey piece of shit. Here’s to things getting much, much worse for it. Such a good start to this week.

  11. R.I.P. the victims of the terrorist attack in the Great NYC. Yet *ONE MORE*. How many more await us? These PEACEFUL RELIGIOUS entities never rest. There’s so much holy murdering to do in order to get to PARADISE after death to have all those young girls and boys to rape…

  12. Hey, man,

    You must see the new film on DIDION by Griffin Dune: ‘Joan Didion: The Center Won’t Hold’. One of the Greatest Films of this year so far by very, very, very fucking far.

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