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Meet procrasturbator, blackholedown, DOOMED, Patient-4-Doctor, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of June 2019


pieceofmind, 22
Wanting r a p e d
Wanting k I d n a p e d

Treat me like a mutt dog make me eat drink out of a food and water bowl
Collar me to a corner that I can be used as a public urinal and put a sign up that says free for use make me piss and shit outside like a dog
Video me being gangbanged and email it to my relatives

I live to be owned used we’re ever whenever
My limits are extreme pain and permanent damage but I can always work past em
I am very perverted pathetic piece of shit


Electro_Cute – June 20, 2019
Can you trolls, like, go talk about this somewhere else. Some of us are trying to jack off here.

Anonymous – June 20, 2019
ahhhh … the golden hour

Anonymous – June 20, 2019
Actually there’s an initial hour +/- depending on the conditions where the differences between dead and unconscious are almost indistinguishable. The dead can even “snore”.

Anonymous – June 20, 2019
how a guy looks asleep or passed out is nothing like how he’d look dead, i thought so too but it’s like the difference between a real baby and a doll.

pieceofmind (Owner) – June 17, 2019
Thats funny cuz a guy choked me unconscious once and after he brought me around he said I looked so hot unconscious he was sorry he did.

Electro_Cute – June 17, 2019
I’m sure you look great when you’re screaming or dead :O.

pieceofmind (Owner) – June 16, 2019
Cause I’m ugly

Electro_Cute – June 16, 2019
Maybe you were just in a bad mood that day why don’t you take new pics?

pieceofmind (Owner) – June 16, 2019
Possibly both but it’s about all I got lol

Electro_Cute – June 16, 2019
You look angry or constipated.



brianna, 22
I’m Bryan but I want to become a Brianna and used as a cumdump and go with the flow


brianna (Owner) – June 18, 2019
glad to be slave

MasterSilverWolf – June 16, 2019
19h36 26/05/19 Brianna needed to be fixed. I cut her nuts off. I will modify her in any other way I desire.

MasterSilverWolf – June 10, 2019
Brianna 04h18 23/05/19

Anonymous – May 17, 2019
“Only dead fish go with the flow”



procrasturbator, 22
I prefer to fix a problem if it’s in my capacity regardless of benefits. Some things are not in control of a single person unless you are omnipresent. You know nothing else in this world can make you feel better than being helpful. It gives you a sense of purpose. A single doctor cannot save thousand patients at once actively but if thousand patients listen to an advice doctor gave in some internet forum and applies in their life, chances are they can prevent an upcoming disease. But there is always both side of the coin. Sometimes I can be harsh and be irritating. I cannot stay for long. If I do, people tend to get used to me and try to take advantage. I do however believe if someone is so determined to use you, you are probably useful. Life is too short and in the end I will be eaten by maggots when I am a dead cold corpse laying around so hey in the end, good or bad, headaches or migraines I just… LIVE.


procrasturbator (Owner) – June 22, 2019
You already know, chicken!

KingWithBeard – June 22, 2019
I think you do so come on share with everyone. I’m curious is why.

procrasturbator (Owner) – June 22, 2019
I’m saying I have done so before, why?

KingWithBeard – June 22, 2019
Are you saying it’s not a secrete now?

procrasturbator (Owner) – June 22, 2019
I don’t want to secretly now but I have done so in the past though, why?

KingWithBeard – June 22, 2019
Do you secretely want to get snuffed but haven’t done anything about it?



LivingStatueObject, 19
Looking to be encased permanently inside wax as a wax figure or plaster and sculpted and kept as a living ornament, statue for a collection or sold to private buyer. Unable to move inside my prison for admirers or special collectors forever more.

Willing to travel.
Feet size 10
Cock size 7”
26 waist



slampunk, 19
Dirty pimply slam addicted junkie teen unwashed no limits looking for the same.

SPOILERS AHEAD. I’m no longer a prostitute. END OF THE SPOILERS.

Let’s speak now??? As I’ll surely not be here a very long time…


Anonymous – June 7, 2019
Other than “because all life is sacred”, I say no.

MrTeapott – June 5, 2019

Anonymous – June 3, 2019
If you remember him from his porns using and abusing him in this terrible state is very emotionally powerful



blackholedown, 18
Me: I’m the boy you see skateboarding. Walking home from school down the street. The boy who notices you looking and wishes he was tied up at your feet. I’m the boy who has struggled his whole life accepting his submissive nature.

You: You live for the moment that You finally have me. Naked. Collared. Hands cuffed behind my back. Dirty sock in my mouth with about 5 wraps of tape around my head. Blindfolded. And as you gently graze your leather gloved hand along my body you remind me. “this is exactly where you belong.”

Drawback: You will need to be able to handle or ignore the splash of my disappearance trending heavily on the news for some weeks because my mother is very famous.



i_did_something_bad, 21
Since our very birth we are violently indoctrinated in the damaging ideology that we all are –or SHOULD be- *equals*, and should relate to each other as such on a sexual, emotional and spiritual level. This authoritarian pedagogy negates the obvious fact that we all have different capacities, needs and desires, and forces us to spend most of our lives trying hard to adapt ourselves to those imposed egalitarian lifestyles, fighting permanently against our innermost feelings, thoughts and desires. And we do it because the social cost of defying the dictatorship of equality is too high: from losing friends and family to being bullied or ostracized, or even incarcerated.

I am a slave in the Roman sense of the word-with postmodern skills-; that is, an extremely docile sub-human creature whose only existential engine is to make His life better. I am a butler, a cook, a pet, a urinal, sometimes a piece of furniture, sometimes a lab rat or a burden beast; all in one. In an ideal world, my Owner would chose my clothes and my haircuts, He would determine my eating habits and training routines, He would manage my sexual, social and financial life. He would organize and rule my entire existence.

On a sexual level, I am psychologically castrated, I am 100% passive, an extremely docile living fleshlight for His enjoyment. My only sexual motivation is to satisfy Him in whatever way He wants. My cock and balls are His as He pleases, but I believe they exist only to be tortured, and to remind me of my place in the world through denial, pain and frustration.

Once a Contract has been signed, I -previously a fake “he” for social survival- becomes the “it” it has ALWAYS been secretly since it was born. By this act, it loses the provisory decision making and denial capabilities it developed throughout its life to preserve itself for its Owner.


TheContess – June 26, 2019
I have taken permanent ownership of it formerly him. It is undergoing extensive hypnosis, psychotropic medication and programming. In my opinion the start to any good slave’s journey is the destruction of its brain’s archive and capabilities, whereupon the body and mind mold themselves around the necessity of becoming a new it. A slave should learn to crave the state of being a figurative inspiration for sperm and dread the releases of its own orgasms. This slave’s high intelligence and verbal acuity have proved a great challenge, but through strict mental draining and sculpting the “he” is nearly gone now and the process has been immensely enlightening.



Keith, 18
Been able to comfortably take a fist since I was 16 and getting bigger ones each time.

Had a very harsh breathplay harsh experience recently and I felt in love. Like I was expecting that since my childhood.

Pay for travel I’m yours.



disporecois, 20
Want to experience all their is to experience and have new existences. Don’t know what to expect.


MasterSamrat – June 11, 2019
Difficult to say with one photo. Let’s talk privately. Best guess … anywhere from 10k to 40k? If it can get to no limits, up to 50?

userunknown – June 11, 2019
Vietnamese, cute. How much?

MasterSamrat – June 11, 2019
Looks Asian, Spanish, Arab? If Asian with a cute face, very interested. If other, possibly.

userunknown – June 11, 2019
I wld love to disquisition my slave, 22, w/ a few usual limits. I attach sample pic. Are you interest to resale it?

MasterSamrat – June 8, 2019
Hi dears this is Master Samrat here.
I have acquired the rights to this slave as one of my turnaround flips. He is in the midst of 3 weeks training for no limits usage at my compound in Duisburg.
Visits, inspections and purchase offers begin on June 1.
If the slave is not acquired privately he will be auctioned on June 11 at the usual venue (ask if you don’t know) in Hamburg.
If anybdy has questions or a slave they wish to deacquisition than contact me.

TheWalkingDad – June 2, 2019
You’re not my type.

Master-NoLimit – May 29, 2019
Hello, thank you for reading carefully the following. I am Master Nolimit. I warn all fantasizers, especially you with your halloween makeup, thank you to take into account that if you tell me “I love it all”, I will make you see that the meaning of the words have a huge importance. That said, I am very respectful of the laws in force in France, so you will either save your death wish if you have one for another Master or you will need to do some traveling.



e$$ere, 18
Nice blond -> Daddys . I am spoiled all in a nice car or in a luxury home !!


e$$ere (Owner) – June 15, 2019
Now everything I have in my hand are cash !! It excites me !!!

Nipple99 – June 15, 2019
He has a daddy now. He’s mine. Completely. Avert eyes. Hands off.



dumbmedown, 19
Just want a bf as dark and creepy as I am sweet and innocent who is a teen like me who wants to break me mentally until I’m just dumb and dependent. If you’re into it and wanna make it happen that’s cool but I’m gonna warn you tho I’m not the most stable person.


metalX – June 9, 2019
I’m not teen, i’m 46 n i want to fuckin dumb u down bad and i CAN. I can do it fast, i can do it hard. Teens always want me, want me n they ‘ll keep wantin me, cuz i have my own style, my own personality n i really care about any word they say. Many people said 2 me that i can’t be as perfect as i seem. But i am, cuz i WANT 2 be perfect. The others care more about what they ‘ll get, than what they ‘ll give. So i’m not pedo. The teens r the ones who r tryin 2 make me their bf. I don’t try anythin cuz they’re not hot like u. N they r always happy. Cuz they know that there is someone who understands em n helps em. N it’s 2 difficult 2 find such a person. So i know who’s the pedo. U r the pedo, who is at the same age as ur bf n destroyed n will keep destroyin their lives with ur disgustin character.

mel_hrd – May 31, 2019
dumbing him down like taking someone already brain dead off life support

keenan435 – May 18, 2019
Already dumb gay mess who only likes Star Wars and vodka



pozboy06, 19
Let’s go to Slave ,, I am Slut, Cum is all around, Welcome to my world, Please torture my ass please please.

Just don’t waste my time .., you better be dirty enough so I don’g get bored

Eating disorder ,.,, dancer .,,, poz detect!!! ,… model


Waldeinsamkeit – June 20, 2019
You’re such a fuckin’ cutie, and I’m so vanilla, ugh it isn’t fair.

pozboy06 (owner) – June 9, 2019
Yes I do

teamdrizzy – June 9, 2019
He doesn’t mean torture in the way you think.

BiBoy502 – June 9, 2019
Dont torture his ass … my God are you crazy?!!!!!!

pozboy06 (owner) – June 6, 2019
Thomas , I am not Flori .., but my ass can be avialible for you 11:00 to 14:00 Sunday June 2

rockstar – June 6, 2019
Oh wow … I used to fuck him back when he charged for it.

Flori, respond if you read this. I’ve got so many toxic loads saved up for you, your ass is going to back up like a sewer.

Thomas (the one with the black Porsche 😘)



HappyBlondBoy, 18
Was straight a month ago but I partied really hard about a month ago woke up to some older guy I didn’t know fucking me. Lol told him he just turned me gay and don’t stop. I ended up finding a couple chat rooms and have met a few weirdos’ I have been fucked by 4 of my friends now. I haven’t worn a condom once and don’t plan to. I like tying a fishnet around an onion and beating myself senselessly with it, as another boy watches. I always eat the onion afterwords. The only thing that scares me is being tied up and helpless (but maybe that’s because I’m only 13 haha.) For all I know, they’re going to murder me or some shit.



trueskinnylegend, 21
Make me a pooper scooper for your yard
Thanks for reading and get in touch



Eatmeplease, 25
Pig for the dinner table. Cook me and eat me. 73kg. 7” cock medium balls. Size 10 feet. Eat them, Remove them for display, Stuff them as taxidermy. Sell them to a far away land.


Anonymous – June 14, 2019



rasta_baby420, 19
stoner fucks only stoners (ages 45 – 70) connect!! i love you xoxo


losingame – June 3, 2019
one had the impression that were one not required to be stoned oneself one could go fairly nutso with this baked, complacent beauty.



FullOfJuices, 20
Some things about me I play most games on xbox live I watch any movies except comedy
I listen to good music no jazz or heavy metal or stuff like that
I am very highly sexed
I like to make desserts
I live with family cause I take care of my grandma with my mom and I have a Part time job at night while mom is home my main goal is get my life together get a car and help get the house fixed up and looking good
I like to sing but can”t unless I have the music in my ears so I can”t hear myself
What makes me unique I care about every person until u respect me too much then ur done with talking to me
It bears repeating that I am very highly sexed
I never imagined that I would post in this “KIND OF STUFF” but sometimes UNFORTUNATE things happen.
I love u more than anything in the world
We will be fine


FullOfJuices (Owner) – June 10, 2019
U are given to hyperbole, sir

DeathBreeder – June 10, 2019
he wants a lot of “getting to know him” and friendship grooming but once overpowered very horny, so horny you get everything you want, the whole night he does everything and by everything i really mean everything.

FullOfJuices (Owner) – June 7, 2019
I get that a lot

Matino0 – June 7, 2019
Hey I’m only commenting because I really want to put my hand in you.

treeman5 – June 4, 2019
I am looking for a hot sex, and I am horny been horny all my life I don’t like women

FullOfJuices (Owner) – May 27, 2019

RapeFaggots – May 27, 2019
In a relationship but hes not into my kink, so after a year I get to play outside and, lucky you, I really really fucking like you.

Things I will do to you: Fuck your mouth and ass, I do not “start slow” or “ease it in” I fuck how I want from the first thrust. I’ll throat fuck you as you wretch and spit up bile all over my cock. I will slap you very hard, punch you, give you two black eyes and choke you until you turn dark red. Spit on you, step on you, kick you, stomp your head until it cracks. I cum where I want when I want. I’ll cum in your blacked fag eyes so they burn. Over and over. Always consensual, always a safe word although your mouth will be gagged shut or so wrecked to shit and broken that I’ll probably never hear it.



Treatmelikeshit, 18
Only time we don’t speak is during “Sex and the City”
I gets Carrie fever, but soon as the show is over
I’m right back to being your soldier
The few guys I’ve been with say I’m good
My penis has been described as “impressively small”
I am below the knee amputee, one leg
No one is cut like me, the fabric is different


Treatmelikeshit (Owner) – June 23, 2019
Fuck you. Shut yo… I do not give a fuck.

alexnew – June 22, 2019
I like the color of the new hair color



Nothing excites me like being whipped and flogged until I’m shredded and bloodied; looking for a serious player who knows how to get the job done. Due to my insatiability I will only accept a weekend experience at the very minimum; no sleeping but a few shorts naps are acceptable



D00MED, 23
₦Ø₮ ₥Ʉ₵Ⱨ ₮Ø ₭₦Ø₩


Anonymous – June 19, 2019
@drugsfordinner no allen was murdered by his “drug dealer” in november. bashed his head in with a sledgehammer. they had to use dental records to identify him. if you knew him you can guess the real story i’m sure.

Extrovert05 – June 16, 2019
if you look at the stats he hasn’t logged in here in 8 months.

drugsfordinner – June 16, 2019
Christ Allen you’re still alive??!!!



Leviathan, 20
Please follow the socially accepted rules of engagement (face, dick, no harassment, money offer, more than three words)

Me: perfectionist, Jew



ihavehugecock – June 13, 2019
Kind of lethargic. Maybe ill or something. That ass tho. A+

GODSTEFF – June 5, 2019
I’m a fuckin SSuperSSexy, dropdead gorgeouSS, horny, 18 yo SSatanic NAZI bull SStud addicted to hard raw fuckin SSex with jews: the more fuckin depraved and fuckin twiSSted it gets, the fuckin better! No fuckin bloody morals here! Morals are for that fuckin shit xrist of nazareth and its fuckin filthy whore mother torah!



Twinsbrothers, 19
In Berlin for 1 month. Show us that the crazy stuff that we have heard is true.



Patient-4-Doctor, 20
Name says it all


DoctorGoodglove – June 20, 2019
Doctor will see you now

Surgeon – June 18, 2019
I will be capped, masked, gloved and gowned and entering the operating theatre with my latex clad hands raised in front of me, anticipating the stainless steel to be passed to my skilled fingers when I command it.

DrCherno83 – June 16, 2019
You need chemo stat

Medicalextreme – June 14, 2019
* Exams/dental/surgical/catheters/stethoscope/ECG/blood pressure monitoring
* Anesthesia/KO (meds,gas,chocking,rebreather,forced nitrous )
* Forced sedation and nipples and boner pierced
* Extreme clinic scene IV/IO line, NG/ breathing tubes

DoctorProstate – June 5, 2019
I’ll tie you down to the hospital bed where will take my sweet time in anally extracting ALL of your milk – If I don’t feel I’ve extracted every drop of semen then the electro plugs will be used and I’ll pound the last drops of cum out of you through hard anal electro.

doctorbear – June 5, 2019
Can not wait to get my professionally trained gloved hands on the outside & on the inside of you.

DoctorJordy – June 3, 2019
When I play doctor, I play to win.



SnuffLad, 21
Served men since a young age and I’m now looking for my” final” sadistic Alpha.

The more twisted and sadistic the snuff the better.

Prefer to travel for it, the further the better, think it’s best for everyone that I am unknown and undetectable when it happens just to be realistic.

100000000000000000% anorexic (I don’t eat).

Serious beyond belief and looking for a murderer.

Turned on by all aspects of kink sex, violence, suffering, horror and I’m completely open to extended, insane use of my body before the snuff – nothing bothers me.

I consider myself more as a useless object with accidentally attractive aspects to be used, destroyed, murdered and discarded, rather than anything else

Further pictures available on request, as are references from others who can vouch.


Anonymous – June 7, 2019
I can vouch that this lad has been obsessed with getting snuffed since he was quite young and I am among the many who have had sane snuff play sessions with him. What he doesn’t mention is -and I think anyone considering this commitment should know- the compulsion to die for real is because his wife just had triplets and then died during child birth.



SlaveForLifetime00, 21
I am a completely broken straight slave fresh from 8 months in prison where I was trained to suffer. I was trained in prison by the white gang members who bought me. But I’m currently homeless and willing to let you do anything to me in exchange for a place to stay. I’m looking for a very cruel and violent sadist who wants a slave to be kept completely naked and barefoot in a dark freezing cold basement in heavy chains and isolation. I am also available for no limits overnight sessions from men who are from the local area. Like I am currently available for the whole day today.


TheBoundCollective – May 22, 2019
We are TheBoundCollective – an international art collaboration of rugged guys who love to publicly display their passion for boys, bondage and objectification.

We’re not talking about a quick fuck in the park. We’re talking about the dehumanization of the human being! We’ll transform you into nothing but a faceless object. That’s why we love tape. It covers up your individuality until nothing remains. With each layer, you feel your humanity disappear: stiffened joints, useless hands, blind eyes… You’ll be objectified into perfect insignificance.

It’s about art. We focus on situations of everyday life that we attack with the complete dismantling of human self-determination.

TheBoundCollective made their debut at Folsom Europe 2016 with the installation “Tape Mummies @ Victoria Luise” inside a Berlin subway station.




p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Ah, very interesting, yes, thank you. ** Keatonkini, That happened to me two days ago. I was in my local Monop, which is kind of the classier French equivalent of a 7-11, as I think you know, and I saw this guy, and I was like, That guy looks insanely like what Mike Love from the Beach Boys must look like now that he’s 70 years old or something. Uncanny. Then I walk out the door and up the street, and, sure enough, on the marquee of the legendary Olympia venue, which is two blocks from where I live, who’s playing that night? Yep, The Beach Boys. Or rather Mike Love and a bunch of musician toadies milking the brand name. ‘Works but it’s boring’ … hm, that’s not such a lure. I think I’ll save it for a plane. Whitehead directed the vid for my all-time favorite Stones song, ‘We Love You’. That’s their ‘Citizen Kane’ if you ask me, and it’s also the all-time greatest use of mellotron, if you ask me. I’m with the Stones up through ‘Exile’ and then barely for a couple of subsequent albums and then not at all, which I guess most people who are discerning are. I think ‘Some Girls’ is insanely overrated. Anyway, … Today is supposed to be most horrifying and peak heatwave day, and since I was already sweating in my apartment at 7:15 am, I think that’s right. Supposed to fade down a bit tomorrow. God, Jesus. Hm, if I were to record a ‘rock’ record … Well, you know I was in a rock band in high school. Lead singer/rhythm guitar. George Miles was the keyboardist in the band. And that band sounded like a cross between Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, early Alice Cooper, and the first couple of Love albums. And even though we were terrible, I still think what we were trying to do in our pathetic way was pretty fucking hot, so maybe I’d go back to that sound and try to do it right? Characterise your record in progress please. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. No, no air-conditioning in my apartment. I honestly don’t think a single person I know in Paris has air-conditioning. I’d take the high 80s right now in a heartbeat. I think an embed of ‘Charlie Is My Darling’ was available in full in the post if you want to see it? ** Misanthrope, Hi. Oh, okay, thanks about the crash pad offer. I think I’m going to go to London, but I think in September most likely. What’s up with LPS? You’ve been quiet about him, so I assume things are on an even keel? Own stuff sounds good. To me too. I’d probably be digging away at my own stuff if it wasn’t too boiling here to think. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hey, Ben. Cool, I hope that works out with the Finlay project if it continues to interest you. Oh, wow, his dad is Ian Hamilton Finlay? That’s wild. I like his work, and his poetry is excellent too. I haven’t heard people talk about his work that much recently. I should do a post. Like Lene Lovitch! Fantastic, yeah, when a long term gap in contact with a friend disappears in a second, that is the total best. Wonderful! ** Okay. End of the month always means a bevy of slaves, and there you go. See you on Monday when I hope I will writing to you from a comfortable and liveable place.


  1. David Ehrenstein

    “On a sexual level, I am psychologically castrated” You don’t sound like much fund, dear.

    Mick Jagger has had some serious heart problems of late. There was an operation, the details of which haven’t been disclosed and a Stones tour has been postponed. I suspect it might well be cancelled altogether. As middle-class intellectual art students go, Mick is tops. Or at least he was in the past. Not sure what he’s doing these days as almost all of the truly interesting people he hung with are dead. That Jerry Hall is now married to Rupert Murdoch is grotesque beyond imagining.

    This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of Stonewall and the media has reduced it all to a “feel good” moment suitable for Selfies and nothing more. Zero understanding of what happened and why and while the NYPD has “apologized” (HAH!) no one has deigned to interview any surviving members of the Gambino family.

  2. Bill

    Hahaha, a fine way to end the month, as always. What a range, from haikus to novellas. I love Electro_Cute’s comment on the first slave, of course.

    Just finished the Meijer collection. Wow. My favorite this year. How’s her earlier collection? The blurbs etc hint that it’s quite different.

    Hope you’re locating relatively less uncomfortable nooks for the hot weather. Just got a photo from a friend in Provence. It was so hot a candle went limp and floppy. Whew.


  3. Sypha

    Sorry I’ve been a stranger, Dennis, just been a bit of a mess as of recent, for various reasons: cat still slowly declining, worries about how that will affect our upcoming annual trip to Maine (we’re supposed to leave next Saturday), it’s just been a time of great stress and anxiety, and my health has taken a giant hit.

    Speaking of cute guys, I discovered this guy named George Pomogisebe on Pinterest. I have no idea who he is or what he does (I’m guessing some kind of modeling) but here’s his Instagram:

    Not sure if he’s your type but I’m sure some people reading this blog might fancy it, ha ha. Well, I may be sick but I can still appreciate beauty.

    • Sypha

      Actually, Dennis, I just scrolled down his Instagram a bit and saw one of his photos that looked familiar… then I realized it had been used by one of your escorts for the last escort day! I wonder if that was actually him, or just someone using his picture?

      • Bill

        Haha, that sounds like a good start to The Sluts II!


  4. JM


    this is a great work of appearance/reality art and i am here for it, really funny and playful series today but also disturbing – the removal of the person for… what? surface aesthetics? interesting to engage with on an online, image-focused platform…

    JM back in action for a little bit (mayhaps?!). I sent an array of photographs to you via facebook, some pretty-looking stuff for your perusal or ignorance depending what works best. The show went incredibly well and gained fantastic reviews. A few months of artistic work now, not counting whatever personal writing and playing around I do. But I’m pretty burned out, so it might just be rest for a while. As these things go.

  5. Keatonum

    Abject sexual slavery. Woah, the terlit brush, love it. Haha, I just read somewhere that they can like prove that the Beatles had numerous dopplegangers due to facial-recognition technologies. The guy from the Queers looks like a Beach Boy, and I think they kind of sound like the Beach Boys too don’t they? Haha, the only thing about French shopping is I understand is how to go to those fruit markets. It’s really refreshing in some ways to spend a few days where there is no Walmart and everything is not a Mecca of shopping/eating. Child’s Play is a tough one. It’s probably plane material. Stones is the big one that I’m the least versed in, but then does it really matter with them? Mellotron! They’re like the house band. Lord, I forgot you don’t have air. I only know the Pink Floyd of that, so I’m totally down. Record in progress… “Turd on tape.” “Total filth and rubbish.” “The baddest m-f-ing shit ever recorded in the history of the World.” Haha. It’s a set up from the novel writing really, that and a combo of finding the perfect Leo Fender and being explosive creatively in the music way. It is inspired by D.J. music. It’s punk rock. Plain and simple. Shooting for Ramones, focused on Misfits/Danzig, wishing to be as cool as SY, but really just bad but a touch artsy American Punk. Here’s the playlist:

    1. Authority Song
    2. Boy Song 1
    3. Drunk Driving Song
    4. Boy Song 2
    5. Drag Song
    6. Alone Song
    7. Race Song

    Stay chilled love

  6. Dominik


    Ryan Trecartin! Thank you for reminding me! I did explore the post but then I was so proud of myself for finally putting together a best-of list that I ended up forgetting about mentioning it! So anyway, you’re very right, I was quite fascinated with what he’s doing! His movies are so crowded and crazy yet somehow… familiar, if it makes any sense to say that. I really enjoyed getting to know his work so thank you for the introduction, definitely!!

    Did you hear anything about the “timing report” concerning the TV series episodes? It sounds like you’re right before the next big phase of its birth.

    Holy shit, it’s so unbelievable that your and Zac’s new film is already in the stage of translations and producers and raising money! It feels like we only started talking about it a few months ago though I’m sure you feel like it’s been ages, especially that the TV series ate so much of your time back when. I’m really excited! Please do let me know how everything goes!

    I’m still not out of this fucking gutter but it’s getting really old now. I’m currently in love with the series Euphoria and non-fiction books about profiling serial killers. Sounds healthy, haha.

    Sending all the love your way!!

  7. Nik

    Hey Dennis!

    Nice round up. The blog has been particularly wonderful lately, especially with the Ryan Trecartin and Jack Arnold posts, and of course the mine for yours. I’ve actually had a decent amount of reading time here, that I mostly used to read stuff featured on those lists, like Destroy All Monsters and King of Joy, and… wow, I’m still really wigging out over those two. Such amazing, vital books. So, obviously, thank you for the suggestions.
    How are you doing? What is the new movie / TV show looking like? Did you end up selling any limited edition GIF novels?
    Sarajevo has been really good, mostly. The first week where we were learning about the war was every day, consistently amazing. Then we started learning about gender politics and identity issues, which would have been interesting maybe in the context of Bosnia, but instead it was Bosnians giving talking about these issues in such a broad way that it was kinda miserable. And this week has been a lot of campaign work (meeting with journalists, graphic / web design) and free time, so thats been really nice. I’ve also been using the free time to stack up some ideas for a book, that will effectively function as my senior project. Also, everyone here is into pop culture from the nineties, which is fucking surreal. Everyone. Metallica and REM and jean jackets. It’s uncanny. Then I’m going back to Bard to work at Conjunctions and at the Bard Farm, which should be fun. My friend who works there and I are also maybe gonna make a band, so I’ll keep you updated if that materializes into anything.
    Also, I had some time to read the first half of Alain Robbe-Grillet’s “For A New Novel”, and I’m curious what you think of it. Some parts were so astoundingly resonant to how I think about fiction and art in general (the whole “writers write books to find out why they wanted to write it” bit seemed so amazingly accurate), and other parts seemed to have gaping holes in them (his idea that art should be “the most important thing in the world” to the reader/artist and therefore not be political seems counterintuitive. Art should obviously not be a disguise for some sort of credo, but to isolate from political thinking entirely seems like something he doesn’t even do in his own books.) Just curious to hear your thoughts.
    Hope you have a great week!!

  8. Steve Erickson

    Satanic Nazi bull studs obsessed with sex with Jewish men? I hope the neo-Nazi part is strictly a fetish. It’s interesting how these discussions reproduce some elements of “mainstream” social media conversation and depart from them in other ways.

    Have you seen David Brooks’ films? Anthology is doing a retrospective this weekend? I saw THE WIND IS DRIVING HIM TOWARD THE OPEN SEA yesterday. It’s very impressive: it reminded me of an impressionistic, avant-garde take on some of the ideas behind L’AVVENTURA. Without exactly being a narrative film, it flirts with story in a way that structural cinema would soon wipe out of the ’60s avant-garde.

    The weather’s actually bearable here today, just in time for the Pride parade! I cannot believe the number of people selling rainbow-colored crap. Yesterday, I saw an ice cream truck sponsored by Trojan giving out condoms, with a sign saying “60% of gay men report being judged for their penises. We respect all sizes and shapes.” At least that’s funnier than most rainbow capitalism, but maybe they could mention the rate of violence against trans women or take a stand on something that’s actually controversial.

  9. David Ehrenstein

    “Abject Sexual Slavery.” Starring Diane Thorne and Udo Kier, written and directed by Catherine Robbe-Grillet

  10. _Black_Acrylic

    Ooh so blackholedown has a celebrity mother? I’m surprised not to see at least some identity guesswork in the comments. I’m thinking Victoria Beckham for what it’s worth.

    @ DC, yes some Ian Hamilton Finlay focus or a Little Sparta Day is a mouthwatering prospect!

  11. Misanthrope

    Dennis, If I’ve said it once…man, the comments really add some snap and zing and fun to the post.

    Hmm, if your London-going in September is for an event of some sort, I’ll have to let Rigby know. He had an operation lately that’s seen him doing much better. So far, so good. He was unable to make it some of your other things because he was just too ill.

    Yes, even keel with LPS. Same old. He’s not gotten in any trouble or anything, still hasn’t found a job (really isn’t looking), so no major news to report. Though his mom showed up last Tuesday out of the blue with his two nieces. They’re really cute, 9 and 4, and funny as hell. The 4-year-old, when we were seeing them off, said to me, “Now get out of the car, weirdo, and go shave your hairy armpits.” I had a tank top on and was leaning in a bit to talk to them. Kayla was standing right there and almost pissed herself.

    It’s been hot here too. 90s for the past week or so, up to 96. We have air, though. It gets this hot at this time of the year every year where I live. I still don’t like it. 🙁 Keep cool, Big D!

  12. KK

    Blake’s a mensch. Gave me some great book recs that I’m currently going over. I got Mary Robinson’s ‘Why Did I Ever’ which has been great so far. Kinda amazed it’s not taught in middle schools, but whatever. Lame.

    Thanks on the words on the SCAB news. I’m pretty over the hill about it. It’s the first time I’m getting published by someone. In fact I guess I should thank you, since I found out about SCAB through your blog. You’re build some great bridges.

    In the meantime, I’ve been submitting all over. Poems and fiction. I think I accidentally sent two of the same submissions to Nervous Breakdown, but whatever. I wanna keep the ball rolling while I got the energy. Told my friend who’s a programmer for Austin Film Society’s series Lates
    ( ) and she wants to put together a Tanner retrospective. So hopefully that’ll get started. I’m surprised they didn’t get Permanent Green Light. I’ve been tempted to watch it online, but I’d love to catch it on the big screen, if not I’ll rent it somewhere.

    Anyways, thanks always.

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