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Meet Piñata, warhole, GizmoFluff, dolphinsmooth, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of October 2018


dairyboy, 24
Very kinky boy. Like to be handled, inspected, treated like a dairy product, processed, packaged by uniformed men in creative settings, especially factories and plants. Embarrassing predicaments that lead to messy immobility, encasement…

Fave scene: dairy room, sterile factory equipment
Fave textures: plastic wrap, cheese, cream
Fave uniforms: all white, gloves

Weakness for bald men, older men, smelly men…

Doctor’s said I got 80 years to live so I plan on living to the fullest (easier said then done)



Longpigletuk, 24
Longpiglet for dinner.
Fattened and cooked.
Feet removed.


Longpigletuk (Owner) – Oct 17, 2018
I have been forced to delete my profile several times only to find the Master who told me to do so was incompatible, full of shit, or not as advertised. Do not tell me to do that as I will not comply with your request.

MyDigitalEscape – Sept 28, 2018
I’m in the middle of my bi annual gay sex pig app spiral and I saw your profile and thought I’d try something new.

Longpigletuk (Owner) – Sept 13, 2018
I am not the one shown in the photos. But I got an ass like that one.



Piñata, 18
Hi, i thought i was straight until i was bullied a while ago in front of people since then i just cant get it out of my head and want it to go further. it scares me so much but i know i need it. Not done anything yet but the wilder and more humiliating and more public is most likely to get my attention. but then i promise ill let everyone who wants to whatever they want because really i dont know what i want yet.


Piñata (Owner) – Oct 11, 2018
Need help i had my first anal sex 15 days back and since then it is paining everyday, please help me which medicine i should take. Should i consult doctor or will this pain go natural. i am really worried.



ImARuin, 20
Life is disgusting.
Just vomit on it. ??

I’m here looking for evil friends.




With benefits, jk ??

Feel free to tell me how much you want to snuff me ?, i’ve got so many free time to reply every single piece of shit here.


ImARuin (Owner) – Oct 22, 2018
Well bully for you.

Bdsmpark – Oct 22, 2018
I am horney to see you castrated and tortured and hung.



GapYearSlave, 24
Owned boy slave. Straight identified. I, its Mistress, want it used and abused into a sex doll without any redundant parts. All offers considered, preference goes to the more forceful, perverse, extreme men.

She/I do not want it to be used softly, She/I do not want it hugged and kissed and cared for, She/I do not want it to top or to cum. She/I is looking for men who would enjoy turning it into a worthless piece of sex shit.

There are multiple useful body modifications possible: amputation (of anything, everything), teeth removal, tongue split or removed, eyeballs removed, penis and balls removed and surgically turned into a vagina, …

Correspondence with its Lady. Some correspondence with it may be requested in future. She also demands photo or video proof. The materials will be distributed publicly.


padresgm – Aug 16, 2018
He’s hot but a bit stupid



Wringmyneck, 19
I have had experience with extreme breath play but only with a crazy brutalising ex.
So we can start there. Yes.


Throttler – Oct 27, 2018



sleepers, 18
……. the boys are sentenced to between 6 and 18 months imprisonment at the Wilkinson home for juvenile offenders

At Wilkinson Home, the imprisoned boys are systematically humiliated, beaten, tortured and raped by four sadistic guards

really cool….



Forever_Yours, 22
So I’m a willing victim for enterprising takers into feminization, long term incarceration, isolation, brainwashing and torment of all types.

I have multiple personalities and I’m trying to move on from terrible things in past and some that are still on me. So, am I here for an escape? Mmh, I don’t know. May be.

I am wishy washy.

I’m also the lead singer of two bands with over 50 songs online and over 1000 fans.


badmuthafuka – Oct 20, 2018
Want the following from you (in this order)
Non-consensual sex of every type known to man
Things you have yet to know about ?

SluttyDamien – Oct 18, 2018
I would like the honor of blowing your back out.

Negativum – Oct 17, 2018
to strap you, tie you up so you can’t move a single muscle, blindfold you, gag you with headphones on with music blasting full volume then throw you in the wardrobe with the door locked.



XxSad_and_ConfusedxX, 20
just your average 20 year old useless piece of shit accidentally good looking and working a bullshit job not saving money and spending it on smokes and beer. Slowly waiting to put a gun to my head and pull the tigger. Still living with my parents. Whats the point of living on anymore? I was a kid then a teen then an adult for a technically 2 years. Life is over. Why am I waiting. What am I waiting for?

Update–About my last relationship My ex boyfriend was the best man have ever meat when i herd that my ex was dead i faited and i was rushed to the hospital that was so painful i tryd to forget about it and start a new life but it was hopeless and i want to join him.

Update 2–I just need oxytocin… shits fucking me up mentally destroying myself and shit… I smoke hella kush too so if you dont fuck with that or smoke cigs then get tf on cuz I dot fuck wiht tobacco and the kush is why I’ve been able to make it this long.. I’m doing wha tI can to make shit work and I have a lot of potential for some shit I just havent had many opportunities to do something with that… I’m not too much, I just need controlling so I can stop having the chemichal bullshit fuck up my mindset like it does. Lacking oxytocin is a type of hell…


OrgasmDonor – Oct 19, 2018
Is it just me or does it seem like the slave quarters of this website have turned into a mental ward recently?



MoroseMorrison, 23
exhaust gas, suv, motorcycle, truck, runover, crush, one time, end


Tfkiller88 – Oct 12, 2018
Not in to dead people

Anonymous – Sept 20, 2018
this one’s done

MoroseMorrison (Owner) – Jun 22, 2018
no exchange nude material. no part of this cyber meat market



YoungCrazyBoys, 19
Human disasters in a double package.
Justin_PainKiller666 19 years old, nerd-emo and 1.80 tall.
Toni 19 years old, white trash blond and 1.78 tall.
Best friends since the ages of 8 years old.
We have given this a lot of thought and we really want to disappear TOGETHER into permanent slavery, hell, living in total sensory deprivation and isolation, losing all senses and needs of urgency. ASAP.

Because we have two different looks and might not both be someone’s type, we are just saying: why do you think plastic bag is used for? Not only groceries…

If our wish to disappear is too far fetched, our second wish would be for policemen, REAL POLICEMEN, to break down our door, beat us, rape us, whatever, and plant evidence of a crime we committed that gets us sentenced to life without parole FOR REAL in a maximum security prison.

Any questions?

“I am true to my word and I will prove it however necessary,” Toni.
“Emopower 4ever,” Justin_PainKiller666.



RosebudJuan, 20
Please fist me and help me prolapse!
Available in English, Spanish and French (kinda).



SmallSluttySlave, 18
I’m only into older men, but then again, everyone in here is older then me, if you catch my drift.

I am 15 years old I hope you will ignore any moral qualms about my age because I have some excellent ideas.

(I am also introverted and nuts.)


Anonymous – Oct 9, 2018
He struggles taking cock deep throat because he gags and chokes easily so restraints will be required to stop him resisting and he doesn’t like the taste of cum and vomits when he tastes it so he needs breaking from those 2 problems.

SmallSluttySlave (Owner) – Oct 3, 2018
Dude I am 15 years old, just look at me, and so bored so I’ll think about it.

MMMMM – Oct 3, 2018
I want you to be my slave, sub, sissy, bitch, slavedoll, sex toy, servant, service maid, property, decorative object, whipping boy, pig, boy and escort.
If your into being at least three of these then let’s get talking.



VietnameseZero, 20
White men is god to me ?
I am dim upstairs ?
(for information: boy is not yet castrated)


oldwolf – Sept 15, 2018
It took some force because I’m chinese not not white but I’ve got him roped, strapped, bound, cuffed, sacked up, hooded, gagged, muzzled, ear plugged, blasted with white noise, have him right where I want him.



Dark_Demon, 20
Am the Demon, am 20 years old and come from Osthofen.

I’m an open book that would be banned or burned if I was a real book. I await someone to pick me up and read what I have to offer, but I promise neither a happy ending or tranquil daydreams. However, unlike a book, I live in more than just your mind. I breathe, I eat, I sleep. I play games, dark and evil games: both the virtual and mental kind. Whether you wish to play is up to you.

And to all who think I’m a Faker: You can write to me, tell me the words you want to hear coming from my mouth, I’ll take a picture of me, print it out, write what you wrote on the picture in my own handwriting and the date time, scan the picture and then send it to you.


Dark_Demon (Owner) – Oct 12, 2018
I’ll neither deny or confirm your assertions but I will say if I want to compartmentalise that’s my right.

Dirty_blonde – Oct 12, 2018
In my case because 1) I know you from your grindr account where you have dozens of shots of your ass from every angle, spread, yni. 2) I know guys who’ve hooked up with you and that’s your M.O. 3) you have escort profiles under the name demon4$$$ on three sites that I know of.

Dark_Demon (Owner) – Oct 12, 2018
Why do so many of you tell me you want to fuck my ass when you haven’t even seen it and send me pix of your cocks that you say are erect because of the idea of fucking something that is still hiding in the clouds?
Why do all of you think that someone seeing the word Master in front of your name -which any 10 year old kid could type there- will turn him into a hypnotised automaton with an ass where your cock can automatically jump?
Why do some of you not realise that proposing to fuck someone for money without their having said they need some cash is both a chickenshit power play practiced by an obvious moron and a punishable offence liable to prosecution?



guiltkiller, 21
Seeking men who want boys to form out of them a Vo … To make castrati.


guiltkiller (Owner) – Oct 16, 2018
I have no desire at this point to live.

guiltkiller (Owner) – Sept 24, 2018

Anonymous – Sept 18, 2018
just checkin’ to see if you’ve gotten what you were looking for yet or not?



doanything4daddy, 23
I’m a lost boy seeking my Daddy to baby me, keep me in nappies and baby powder and bottle fed, keep me housed and sleeping in a baby crib.

I’m a Ageplayer. My mental role-play age is about 13 for some reason, but I need to be treated like a toddler bodily. Being humiliated, denied my toys, spanked, roughly shaken, screamed at to stop crying by Daddy is what I crave the most.

I’ve tried and tried but I can’t find a like-minded Daddy or one who gives me enough attention! I live in my parents’ basement. I have no friends that mean shit to me, no debts and baggage, and my parents yell to move out five times a day.

Oh I’ll only speak to SINGLE White Daddies aged 45+ And I’m ONLY into longterm live-in Play. As far as concessions, if you secretly think I’m just some cute psycho twink with dress-up issues and feel willing to play Daddy full-time to get me that’s possibly okay as long as you NEVER break character. But I’ll be watching you like a hawk. And don’t have a super fake “oh my god honey” stereotype gay voice!

Lastly it should go without saying I have a small cock, so Daddy must like his boy with a small cock. It can have orgasms but it always shocks and confuses me when it does.


Anonymous – Oct 18, 2018
He claimed that he won’t do anal but his priority during the scene is not breaking his ‘baby’ character so I easily held him down and raped him and he cried the whole time but stayed hard and he didn’t call the police after I left as far as I can gather.

doanything4daddy (Owner) – Oct 6, 2018
To me it felt like three decades.

fantasicus – Oct 6, 2018
I did a trial run with this one back in August. Only had him for three days but it felt like three years he he.



warhole, 18
I live in NYC and loving enema.
You silly, I get enema elsewhere… I get the cheap one. Fast delivery.
I get it there all the time.



rotten-angel, 19
Make me horny
What I’m capable of in sex was born .. and together everything that should belong to you is born
PLEASE BE WITHIN 20 miles of Schaumburg Illinois
Financial assistance required 😉


1310 – Oct 24, 2018
The slave’s designation is ‘1310’ and it is now owned property.
The purpose of this message is to expose 1310 to the world and to further learn it.
If you wish 1310 to create custom adult in-person content for free for you then get in contact.

Master’s short to medium term goals and aims:
Reducing quality of 1310’s daily ‘life’ (existence)
Increasing restrictions and removing oppotunities of daily life
1310’s primary functions are to be obey, amuse and to be as miserable, as bored and in as much suffering and restriction as feasable at any given moment that is realistically possible.

If you think you can contribute to worsen/further 1310’s life, then do get in touch.

Slavery is for life and life is to be ruined.



iAMdelicious, 22
I am an avid collector of rain gear who trades sex (bottom only) in return for charitable donations to my collection.

– North Face Venture Rain Jacket
– North Face Venture Rain Pants
– Nike Nylon Trackies
– Patagonia Torrentshell Rain Jacket
– Mountain Hardwear Epic Rain Jacket
– Mountain Hardwear Epic Rain Pants
– Marmot Precip Rain Pants
– Columbia Outdry Rain Jacket
– Columbia Ibex PVC Rain Suit
– Only NY Transit Goretex Rain Jacket
– Helly Hansen PVC Rain Anorak
– Helly Hansen PVC Rain Bib
– Camo Fishing Goretex Waders with Bib



MakeMeDisappear18, 18
Not sure what to say. I realized I was gay at 10. Started hooking up at 12. Submitted to SM at 14. Nearly bit the dust with a guy that didn’t know what the word stop means at 16. Went no limits at 17. Now I want to go intense.


959Duc – Sept 6, 2018
I am a God, you’re a piece of shit



GizmoFluff, 23
If you enjoy bad puns and jokes I’m your dude! Best waistline youve ever seen. Originally from east europe so yea I have a horrible accent.



BlakeKross, 22
I’m a very experienced sub who has been here quite a while and have been used by a lot of of you as well as by masters and doms from other places. I’ve never been owned though and that’s what I’d like to move onto.

I’ve stayed clean through all of that – no idea how but I have and until I’m owned I aim to keep it that way so one of my three limits is safe sex if you’re just testing me out. If things move on then you can poz me like there’s no tomorrow.

I prefer having sex more frequently than I can physically handle, morning noon and night. My other two limits are little children and animals. Sorry but over the past few years I’ve learned that even my erection has its kryptonite.


Anonymous – Oct 10, 2018
poor blake 🙁

Fabulass – Oct 7, 2018
Worst poem in the history of the English language.

yourfavman – Oct 3, 2018
DaddyLeon76, sounds like you like your slaves to be bored out of their fucking minds

DaddyLeon76 – Oct 2, 2018
I am now the Owner of the slave Blake Kross. I wrote this poem expressing that experience to any guy interested in what that is like:

Folding him into a ball, and seeing him
grow hard.
Dropping spit bombs and asking
about his worthless day,
making him feel empty(er)
and sexually satisfied.
Laying him with his head over
the edge of the bed
pounding out my frustrations.
Balls on his face
and him,
raised up, legs akimbo
Marking me with his
intoxicating ass scent.
Being his loving exploiter,
Cursing him and chewing his feet
Enveloping and mounting,
fucking him whichever way I please,
He sucks my dick whenever I want
Violence erupting and building an amazing bond
with verbal tendencies



Kidnapmenowforever, 18
Come take me now I need to go to be abused drugged and pimped out I belong a slave to men or a man I’m not human i was bkrn for slavery mody fi me abuse me ruin me I don’t want to have no rites I’m not human o I have mental age of 10 haha so keep going and maybe I’ll go back to be a proper baby I don’t want be allowed talk or anything jus used and abused and if I have to work in ur house i wanna be turned cabbage and wot ever else u want to do I love dik so bad I’m in love with dik I don’t want a relationship I need real slavery reborn me into wot ever u want I love being battered raped abused I love cock all I’m good for and despratly need drugs come pick me up wen ever and I’ll disappear and but I was born for I’ll get in car naked and drug me and take me first come first get no way out need this so bad



cute4cruel, 19
I spend a lot of my time out by lakes writing down my thoughts.

Not looking for anything emotional, quite the opposite, but I do think it’s key to actually know the person you interact with. If I’m giving myself up to you, you should have some concept of how my mind works, because to me that’s what the draw of this is…being someone intelligent with an open mind succumbing to a very specific power dynamic.

My stuff is packed can move in asap.


I don’t have an independent bone in my body.

Poz undetectable. You won’t get it from me.


AlphaRandy – Oct 18, 2018
Welcome to my stable queer.

cute4cruel (Owner) – Oct 18, 2018
As of 10/17 i am the property of AlphaRandy. He is now destroying my faggot mentally. Goodbye.



D4ddy, 21
i’m closeted. i kind of shuddered writing that because it’s hard to believe it. i wanna know what it’s like to get ass fucked so bad.


Adam1224 – Sept 22, 2018
hey guys, i ended up moving the boy in with me 3 weeks ago and yes I´m still fucking him, and have the fuck videos for u, just write me
If u are asking how the videos are, ill show you some videos example. duration is from 1 min till 5 hrs or more

Adam1224 – Sept 4, 2018
hey guys, he knows now. here’s a selfie i had him take bout 3 minutes before i pounded his virgin ass into a bowl of oatmeal.



dolphinsmooth, 20
My husband, BlackBearMaster and I first met here on this site in January. He proposed in March, and after two months of joint efforts to come together in SF, I relocated in late July and we were married in August 2018. He has a lifetime of friends and experience here and our marriage was a celebration that we shared with many leather friends.

Rather than going into a checklist of what I’m looking for, you can read into the 100% submissive and let me know what you have in mind. What do you want to put me in?

Yes, BlackBearMaster has set some limits and I’ll share those with people that express a mutual interest as opportunities arise. What He and I have built, share and enjoy matters more to me than anything else in life, but I have permission to finally taste some menu items I’ve never sampled, and I’m hungry!


dolphinsmooth (Owner) – Oct 23, 2018
(In order) yes, yes, yes, yes, no!, probably.

psychomouse87 – Oct 23, 2018
Hello I’m looking to spank you for your bad deeds, old fashion spanking pull down your pants wedgies spank you.
Also mouth soaping
Put you in pink panties
Put food on and in your body
Make you fat
Puke in your mouth

dolphinsmooth (Owner) – Oct 20, 2018
Yes I’ll eat your shit.

zeus101 – Oct 20, 2018
Will you eat my shit?



influenced_by_your_soul, 23
got ill treated by my familly for being gay, since then have alway like hate fuck, so need only top and army is always welcome,

i don’t have place to do it, so find out some wild road with wild song like volume 1 or Taylor swift wildest dream?


Anonymous – Aug 26, 2018
Rumored to be Breisgau’s best pussy



Chris_Wolf, 19
You are looking for a sweet innocent bottom for many hours for two and the mysterious?


I am a young with eleven years (!?!?) of experience and practice. I also study men and their behavior. For me, men mean more than just being a man …. it always shows me that a man can not compete with me in my way and my overall picture.


Eat or shop with me and party with a limousine in Cologne or something?
Drink with me the most expensive champagne.
You want to experience the gayest and feminist?
Be my matcho and I am your bitches?
Lick erotic whipped cream and fruits from my naked body.
Drink the Champania from my stomach punch


Very important for you to know! my men usually pick me up, even with a limousine … ????
Mysterious dates usually start in beautiful places like in a limousine ..


? I like black humor ?✔
? me your wife, you my husband?✔
I do not need a six pack, you drink me only ?
? You my pimp? thanks..! I belong only to you ??✔
? I am what you never are would get
? Men have to be able to afford me ????
? Remember … do not be dumb to use a rubber with me ?
? Dates and their processes will be with me not planned, because so what is out and torn me off.
? Sex has no meaning.


CarterCatastrophe – Oct 19, 2018
What now youre Cinda-fucking-rella, Chris?!!! Last time I saw you two weeks ago you was in my garage jacking off and eating boogers outta my nose.



sexface, 21
Former youngest politician in FL. Currently triple majoring college student, soon to be published expert on b corps in law, and future Harvard Law Student.


SirRex – Oct 13, 2018
I’m not feeling it but I wish ya luck.



WeedyPuff4Thug, 24
I am belligerent because I need the pain to stop, whatever that entails.

Futile flailing then having a dildo thrust into my throat knowing I will vomit, but doesn’t care and keeps going.

I’m the victim in every movie where the camera pans out, and the ‘no! no! Please, I’ll…’ is replaced with screams.

I am ashamed of it but I’m bisexual.

I am a shitty person. Two times in my life left somebody that I love. I dont want to do this third time.

I call my genitals my clit, please do the same. Do not use words like dick/cock/balls/testicles, they’re dysphoria-inducing.

Sorry I’m frantically typing on my smartphone.



Iliterallydontknow, 19
i have belly button fetish, i had a navel fetish fantasies since i was a lil kid but i never had an experience to touch any navel, never had a sex w/ a single fucking man in my life, how pity i am, im just curious



GayYoungSoldierBoy2Snuff, 19
Well I guess my situation is kinda hard to explain…




p.s. Happy Halloween! ** David Ehrenstein, If only boos could kill. ** Steve Erickson, His ‘Videodrome’, yeah, that’s good. I do not at the moment have plans to squeeze some kind of Halloween out of Paris, but I have to plans to lazer focus my thoughts on said squeezing even if a horror movie is the only viable target. I’m curious about the ‘Suspiria’ remake, but, based on what I’ve read, I have a very sinking feeling that it’s going to be this year’s ‘The Neon Demon’. Halloween would be an excellent occasion for Trump to suffer a fatal stroke and accidentally elbow Pence in the head so violently while collapsing that he inflicts severe, irreversible brain damage. ** KEaTon, HEy mAN! I like your thinking. The only ghost I ever saw was through a porthole shaped window in the door between my family kitchen and pantry and I was 15 and on LSD, so … I hope you’ll protect your luckiness. One time I walked for three miles in Paris during the worst blizzard in the city’s recorded history. Eating that petit four for you, … consider it done. Let one of your Skittles have my name on it. ** Sypha, The passing of Halloween season is always the saddest thing of every year. Xmas, the greediest holiday. Feel for you on those shifts. And on the non-book accruing garbage. Hang tight. ** _Black_Acrylic, Happy Mischief Night to you! There were a couple of years in my early teens when my friends and I marauded through our neighborhood on Halloween with bags full of eggs, spray paint cans, toilet paper rolls, etc., and woe be it to any house that didn’t pony up with decent candy. I still feel the guilt. That Leeds-based film does look kind of rank in theory, but I think I will check the trailer. That’s how desperate a Halloween lover gets over here. ** Kyler, Hi. A turban? That’s all? Come on, man, you have a golden opportunity to scare the living shit out of the park goers, even more than you usually do! Ha ha, joke, duh. ** James Nulick, I do honestly if not completely thoughtfully believe that if everyone in the US took LSD, and I mean good LSD, it might be the only way out of all of the hellish shit Americans currently call home. Oh, man, you’re breaking my heart but turning my brain into a fireworks display with your Tokyo pre-Halloween report. How was the Shibuya thang? Pix per chance? You sound positively ecstatic, buddy! Love, me (moi). ** Nik, Hi, N. Cool, glad you liked the trio. Happy Halloween to you too! Hm, gotcha, on the particular difficulty you’re having. On the one hand, I immediately think to suggest trying to free your mind from as much overthinking about the hybrid form’s expectations and regulations as you can, but how does one do that? I think I usually start with the fictional stuff prioritised and try to commit myself emotionally to it and try to keep in mind that I’m lying or, rather, using fiction to twist the facts and exaggerate in order to make my autobiography seem interesting because that engagement is more important, and fruitful, than doing my life justice. It’s kind of sociopathic in a way. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain, I guess. Anyway, what you wrote makes total sense. If you find a way through. I would, of course, be very interested to know how. What I mean by the explaining problem is that the chief goal of the current draft of the script is to add things that will allow the viewer to feel connected to the characters and show itself in a conventional way. ARTE wants a lot more spelled out about why the characters do what they do and who they are whereas we want charismatic characters whose actions and trajectory make logical sense based on how the characters are constructed and which are not explained but rather so intriguing that the viewer will take the clues given to them and imagine the why’s and whats. So the great difficulty in the writing is to give the appearance that we are spelling out the characters, or enough so to satisfy ARTE, while actually using the ‘spelling out’ details as red herrings. If that makes any sense. Ultimately, the show will be what we want, yeah. Structurally, ARTE is thus far completely fine with what we intend. Thanks for asking, man. Your Halloween sounds like it’ll do the trick. Yeah, I’m going to try to figure out a trick I can do. ** Misanthrope, I remember seeing a few of the Lakers at a post office or something, and they had terrifyingly long legs relative to their normal sized torsos, so, in person, they looked deformed. Wow, curious is the word. It sounds like it has an interesting sweet/yuck hybrid quality. Oh, no, you-know-who is still a little criminal? He seemed so nice in person. But then I suppose that’s a really good criminal’s M.O. ** Bill, Ha ha, I hope the gussying gussies you. Oh, wow, that gig sounds really cool. Man, I wish I could sit in front of it. You’ll give me a sentence or two-length simulacrum? Video? I need a second wind myself, but I’ll donate my third one to you. ** Corey Heiferman, Happy Halloween right back at you, Corey! Oh, nice. The de-factor m.i.l. and her candy importing. No candy corn Oreos? Still. I have a fog machine sitting in the back of a closet in my LA apartment. Fat lot of good that does me. But still. Thanks about my sentence. That ‘Indian’ thing really dates it. But ‘Native American’ would totally fuck with the rhythm, so I guess thank goodness. Wow, I love what the sentence made you think and, consequently, type into my humble blog’s commenting arena. That’s beautiful. I hope your life post-Halloween begins with beaucoup happiness! ** Right. Just because it’s all-important Halloween today doesn’t change that fact that it’s the 31st of the month and that’s always the day when the blog becomes helpless against the onrush of contemporaneous slaves. See you tomorrow.


  1. David Ehrenstein

    The “Suspiria” remake is truly awful. Luca Gugardino is a talented director but I can’t imagine what he thought he was doing with ths mess which mixes the plot of he original with all sorts of stuff involving the Baader-Meinhoff group — none of which makes a lick o sense. Plus it isn’t scary at all. Just tedious.

    “If our wish to disappear is too far fetched” Not in here it isn’t, darling.

  2. Damien Ark


  3. Kweeathallon

    eyo. i like your thinking. that’s scary having a ghost in your house. remember all that talk derrida did about like the analogy of the kitchen/sink being the center of language or something. maybe thats why it was in the kitchen? crawfords wandering ghosts is a classic. i think lsd kind of puts you in the ghost-flesh space. they all look the same to me. i call it, “Davenport Grey”. gaunt faces, dark eyes, washed in grey. ive been getting them heavy this year. a really cute one and then he got ran off by a couple of my wild boys kicking in the door being unruly. then i get succubied all night and at the end shes like, “nah, i better not.” argh. ghosts are cool mostly in my experience, you just have to let them be themselves. I read ghost stories constantly, I’m an addict. Really into WW Jacobs and Dickens right now. It’s Halloween, and it’s me all by myself. I love Paris. It looks so big and dense from some views. Wish I was there, but I guess I’m ok in Florida. You got it! Might you get a scare this night. Happy Halloween. Haha love the slaves smh

  4. Steve Erickson

    Let me guess: Forever_Young is the singer of an emo band.

    Here’s my review of BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY:

    The problem with America right now is that even if the Trump administration could completely lose power in next week’s elections, they energized a “base” of people who now feel comfortable expressing open hatred and sometimes doing so violently. This has always been a part of American life, but it was taboo to be so open about it for a while. That period now seems like a brief respite. The people who think George Soros and immigrants caused all their problems and that all media to the left of Fox News is “fake news” aren’t going away. If every American took LSD right now, I can envision mass bad trips! But I think the fact that opioids and opiates are the country’s drug of choice now says something about the desire for comfort and escape rather than challenge.

  5. Sypha

    Dennis, well, I still love Christmas, even with all the retail nonsense… Halloween has lost a bit of its magic for me ever since I turned (I think it was either) 15 or 16 and my parents said I was too old to dress up and go trick or treating… but I still like it a lot…

    Speaking of which, to celebrate the holiday I released a new Sypha Nadon album on Mauve Zone Recordings today. It’s called the Gothic EP and it’s only 6 songs and its pretty bare bones and skeletal (which was deliberate). As always it can be downloaded and listened to for free at the Mauve Zone Recordings Internet Archive page:

  6. Dominik

    Happy Halloween, Dennis!!!!

  7. Steve Erickson

    You’ve probably heard this by now, but in case you didn’t: Terrence Malick is producing a documentary about Lil Peep. THY KINGDOM COME, the film made by Eugene Richards during the shoot of TO THE WONDER in which Javier Bardem interviewed real people about their lives in character as the priest he plays in that film, plays the Metrograph Nov. 10th. I plan to see it then. I’d assume there are plans for distribution beyond that (Richards has a show at the International Center of Photography now), but I don’t know.

  8. _Black_Acrylic

    Hey those YoungCrazyBoys and MakeMeDisappear18 profiles seem to be following the PGL self erasure playbook, how about that?

  9. Misanthrope

    Dennis, Yeah, LPS admitted today. So it seems he took a pic of my mom’s bank card -he must’ve gone in her purse and wallet- and set himself up with an Apple Pay account on his card. He denied it, of course, but he changed his mind when he found out that the bank was going to contact the police to investigate. Oh, and he’s got eight classes at school and an F in six of them. He’ll be 18 on December 30.

    We got nary a trick-or-treater tonight. My mom did forget to the put the porch light on, but she got it on in time. Or not. The guy up the street said he had seven kids come by. He only killed five of them. (I’m kidding, Internet police!)

    I’m reading Dancer from the Dance now. It’s got some pretty sentences.

    Oh, and so this occurred to me the other day. Remember how I always said you reminded me of Anthony Bourdain and vice versa? Well, there’s another one the reminds me of you. This is really out there and you’ll totally disagree…Howard Stern. He has this tendency at times to get pretty serious and introspective and talk about his career/work and the reactions to it. That’s when he reminds me of you. Also, he’s got this “mothering” quality to him that you have. I don’t know, every once in while, I’ll be listening to him and he just sounds soooo familiar.

  10. Corey Heiferman

    That first profile is definitely the cheesiest I’ve ever seen. Also seems to be a lot of castration going on today. Reminds me of how at some point in history eunuchs must’ve effectively controlled everything from China to the Balkans. I’m curious about modern-day castration fetishists into the court eunuch power dynamic.

    To continue yesterday’s musings on a theme related to today’s post, I’ve been thinking about the scenario you often write about where one person says “do whatever you want to me” (the extreme version is “as long as you murder me at the end”) and the other has an exact plan of what to do that is executed perfectly, as if the purpose of the encounter were to take a fantasy, flip a kind of switch, and turn it into a memory (in the extreme case, a memory only for him because all other participants are dead and there are no living witnesses): perhaps a kind of defect of not realizing that there’s pretty much no difference between fantasy and memory (yet living as if they were the exact same thing makes it impossible to participate in society). A more family-friendly version of this same phenomenon is to fill out a dance card ahead of time rather than finding or not finding a partner for each dance, or spontaneously switching partners or dancing with multiple partners.

    Gore Vidal once said that the straight man’s favorite erotic moment is being Cassanova climbing the stairs before the encounter, while the gay man’s favorite is afterwards when memory turns the encounter into fantasy. The irony is that I think what’s most being looked forward to or reminisced about is spontaneity.

    Have you known of many people or scenes that are more into making out with strangers than any other erotic activity (in and of itself, not out of some moral taboo on penetrative sex or fear of STD’s)? Flower children come to mind, and maybe punks if you count beating the shit out of each other as a kind of making out. Because the more I think back on one-off erotic experiences I’ve had, I think making out with strangers has been by far the most utopian.

    Btw, and someone here please correct me if I’m wrong, but I found out a few years ago that many people prefer “Indian” over “Native American” because the root meaning of the word Indian is something like “godly person” but the term Native American imposes a European-invented identity on people who may not want it, and retroactively applies it to the pre-Columbian era. It looks like the Canadian terms “First Nations” or “First People” make the most sense and are starting to gain traction in USA.

  11. Kai

    Is it just me or is this a particularly funny slave day? Though I certainly missed some, but this one is hilarious. All the more so as it’s hardly possible to tell the intentional jokes from the unintentional. Congratulations on the German translation of My Loose Thread, Dennis! I remember you had bad luck with German translators in the past, or rather Passagen messed it up. Hope the new book will get some attention, even if it’s a small press. And I just saw on Fb that you posted the link to an article on Them. Will check that one out too. Halloween here was uneventful, but in Tokyo Martha got dressed in a nice Halloween t-shirt and at least we had a little Skype time together.

  12. eric

    could you please delete my photos from this page? I don’t where did you get them but I am person under ‘warhole, 18’ and I never even used enema. Thanks.

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