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Meet #metoo, Witchdoctor, scaredlittlebunny, Heterowhensober, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of December 2017


#metoo, 21
My dream is to be a chef in the kitchen and a limitless WHORE anywhere else to please my Master ANYWAY POSSIBLE

I discovered the crock pot recently and am loving it. I enjoy watching shows like King of Queens & Everybody Loves Raymond & America’s Got Talent.

I’m mainly attracted to much older men who are ugly and always hungry and VERY OUT OF SHAPE



meowmeowbobby, 20
Since adolescence have had several fetishes which basically evolved to different things such as:
– anything related to white, with big fetish to baby powder (to the point that my body is white)
– full restriction and bounded then thrown into quicksand or buried to the nose in hard mud.
– feeling of skin drying and hardening – includes anything from makeup drying, wet baby powder, cement, etc.
– hard slapping – for some reason physical pain does not turn me on. Can take the hits but will illicit screams not moans like other people.
– ass cleansing – I do not know how to clean my bowels.



satanreincarnate, 19
666 for your dicks
hiv poz for 17 years


PigSlammer666 – Dec 18, 2017
I have choices… but I choose you.



TheAwardsSeason, 24
You’re interested in a slave of your dreams? Then I am the right guy. Let me explain. I am a stage actor by profession. I began my training as an actor at age 10, and I have been treading the boards in regional and national theater productions, and making a handsome living doing so, since I was 15. It was only in the last 8 months that I began combining my acting abilities with my sexual proclivities, with great results, I will add.

Every Master, Dom, Aggressive Top has a dream slave, one who not only looks hot but plays the part of victim with the extravagance that role requires. A Master wants to hear and see his slave’s agony and ecstasy, not some tight-lipped ninny suffering in a selfish daydream, and he has every right to elicit the screams and flood of tears and pitiful displays he needs to get completely off. That’s where I come in. Make me your slave — temporary only — and you will suspend all disbelief.

My slave act is completely convincing. Why? Because not only do I know what it takes to give a great performance, I have been a practicing and passionate 100% bottom and masochist in my spare time since my late teens. What you will experience with me is real, and even my exaggerations for effect will be your doing as far as you will know. In short, choose me for your next short term session, and I guarantee the chip on your shoulder will never be larger.



Boy, 20
Boy has no name.
Boy is hypnotised.



Aninterestingpartofme, 22
What’s wrong with saying I want to fuck you? So many people don’t even say that when they reply on here it’s nice to know you’ll get fucked before going more in depth.

Ultimately iso dom daddy bear Master older than my age for 24/7 but would love to get randomly fucked along the way.

I think gym memberships are a rip off, I do stay active tho. Boy scout. I’m a nerd for antiques.

I might not be the most masculine guy, but I’m not a girl either… And I’ll be really shocked if you know more about antiques than me.


DogMad – Dec 7, 2017
stupid inferior fag, no brain fag
wothless piece of shit
this loser fag is inferior to all men,
loser fag,
useless cock and balls,
disgusting slut

FrankRiff – Dec 3, 2017
I’m a sub to a dom, but I want to dom your hole. Or whip me. Maybe I’ll whip you.



RapeTortureToy, 19
Pretty depraved Croatian torture toy here. What I’m looking for is not for the faint of heart. Only want truly sadistic individuals, who get off on muffled screams.

Looking for someone over 25 and under 33 to beat and violently rape me daily. If Im not wailing and gasping for breath, your not doing it right. Beat and rape me with a baseball bat from time to time.

I have an extremely large cock if that’s appealing. I dont normally top because Im too big for almost any ass and I take too long to cum. If you have some boy whose ass you want to completely destroy you can use me to kill two birds.



Zoomzoom, 21
Romeo returns to Verona, where he buys poison. As he goes to the church, Captain Prince finds out he is back, and tries to capture him, without success. Father Laurence learns that Romeo never got his letter and has no idea Juliet is alive. Romeo enters the church where Juliet lies and bids her goodbye. She awakens just as Romeo takes the poison; the two thus see each other before he dies. After he dies, Juliet picks up Romeo’s gun and shoots herself in the head, dying instantly. The two lovers are discovered in each other’s arms. Prince condemns both families, whose feuding led to such tragedy, while coroners quickly transport the two bodies to the hospital.

This profile is dedicated to my late friend Katerin. I am surprised that you actually died before any one of us has been to jail.



theGagfiend, 24
Huge gag snob here. Nothing makes me happier than having my mouth taped. Happy to chat and mmmph with fellow fans of artful silence.


theGagfiend (Owner) – Dec 23, 2017
Not looking for sex sorry lads I know it’s a sex app but contain yourselves.



Channeled-in-a-Hypno-Fog, 24
was sure i was done with THIS…. had gone sTr8.
Then in moment of weakness, was on Tumblr and felt like a Moth To The Flame for MEN.
Was led to Dark Hypno Video and felt penetrated by the DarkPower that had my nips standing at aTTn and my mind bending.
….lost consciousness and woke in dream in back of a van w/ something being put up nose, then woke again, in tiny white poser briefs and a strong tinglin in my hole
….was ORDERED to CREATE THIS PROFILE, with that name and proclaim i am here to WORSHIP MAN.



Grumpy, 19
19 / inferior / masochist / Autism spectrum disorder

I like sharp pain and musicals!

hit me up if you’re into/curious about waterboarding! it’s my biggest thing at the moment and am happy to bottom for just about anyone who waterboards me 🙂

looking for a man to explore fire/immolation play with and film all of it!

I do not kiss (unless your mouth has a really good argument)!


pervhavingalook – Dec 16, 2017
to build on icewhite’s comment, one of the most memorable aspects of doing a scene with him is that the issue of consent can’t be a black and white thing, unless you choose to view him as fully formed. given the recent scientific advances made in the treatment of autism, i personally couldn’t do that.

icewhite – Dec 15, 2017
xxxman is right, and it’s unnerving, but on the other hand he’ll do nearly everything, really nearly everything haha

xxxman – Nov 27, 2017
He throws his Autism out there in his profile like it’s no big deal or no bigger a deal than his masochism but it’s his whole being!



Hypnotrix, 19
Looking to be hypnotized and then have a conversation. I also enjoy listening to guys who are hypnotised talk.



Slobber, 19
Offer my young sex slave (photo) and unlimited use on him of everything in the dungeon where he is incarcerated (photos) for $1000/hr. I escort you there, unlock his cell, leave, and you and he are on your own. He is Finnish, I won him from his former Master in a chess game. On the plus side, he’s physically perfect and embraces torture like an eager puppy playing fetch. On the negative side, he slobbers a lot and screams like a banshee. If you are a lonely millionaire Master, I will sell him to you for $20,000.


Slobber – Dec 10, 2017
hi im the finn slave boy. im looking forward to being destroyed by some of you.



Witchdoctor, 18
Looking for someone to guide me into adulthood. You decide what adulthood is and I can go with the flow. I have no expectations but I notice I get more horned to be an adult when someone takes off his underwear revealing a big cock.



gggfgfgggfgfgg, 19
To get to the point, I am looking to be owned. I have been owned before but they moved away and I didn’t.

Extract from my ex-owner’s recommendation letter: “I think the word sexy must have been invented the day someone tried to describe this boy.” I can send you the rest.

I can cum as many times as you want. I came 7 times within 53 minutes just yesterday.

Career wise with your permission I would like to become a butcher.



killme96, 21
what my name says

don’t let my sweet face fool you

if we have a vibe, we can do it @ my place



facebook098, 18
hey. My name is Cosmin. I’m new in this town, i stay 2 week in the house from my friend,, i want know more people amd for them to know me more and more and MORE and protect me from this scary world. i am a proud white boy and i love to be white any day, and i like to sweat.


DefOpen – Dec 13, 2017
I want you to service me while I take a shit on the toilet. Blow me and ride my cock raw. Shoot your load on my chest. Then I want to flip and you sit on the toilet and shit and I do the same to you. Weird? Yes.

hardbdsmsex – Dec 1, 2017
i would say if you want him to be more than an anonymous cumdump you will be disappointed



scaredlittlebunny, 19
I’m a very openminded boy and actively started exploring the world of kink and fetish since October 2017.

I want to try a lot, everything really, but I’m very frustrated to find I have so many limits. I don’t want them. I hate them. I don’t want my being a shy and insecure person to ruin my sex life!

I’m looking for someone who will have me over “for drinks” then forcibly chloroform me or drug me unconscious. While I am out you would do everything you want to me, even very extreme things. Then you would wake me up with all the evidence of what you did to me very clear for me to see and feel. If I can see that I am already a no limits pig, I know I will give up and become one. I feel 100% certain of that.

The only other thing I can think to say about myself is I love stuffies. I’ve got a giant stuffed bear named Theo. I also recently went to build a bear and built my very own Chase from paw patrol.

Note that I will only get drugged and used with people I’ve met in real life before, unless they are close to people who are close to me. Then I might consider.



ShitFagRim, 22
I like to lick dirty asses. Any. Simple.



dog4life, 24
I literally want to live the life of a dog, in all aspects that there are.

I never felt right as a human being. I always felt differently. Not being able to define my difference, I lived a long time as a human being, just like everyone expects from me. But it never felt right.

A few years ago, I found out that I should have been born a dog. But not just playing one in form of a roleplay. I am convinced that I was actually born a dog in all aspects of the word.

No more clothes, no more human words, no more walking on two legs. Turn me into a dog and destroy my human side, so that the only way I can continue existing is as a dog, forever until I die.



Heterowhensober, 22
I am a Hetero boy. I am only bottom only when I am on drugs. I do not want to feel gay so only bare back. I am real and tall and strong boy. I just finished the army. I don’t know what to do now so I take drugs. You give me drugs then you will get a good thing.


Heterowhensober (Owner) – Dec 21, 2017
I am dignity. I am happy. Now I am friends with a man who is good only. No disrespect anymore! And I have a dog and it is my best friend. We can talk about that and only BE FRIENDS. Ok? Ok.



littel-Stud, 24
looking for that man who can take me to places not on a map…
not even on radar…
i was born incapable of understanding or experiencing happiness…
i will also have sex with anyone that is interested in such a thing…



TeensForSatanMinistries, 18

1. We know Satan and his Demons are real beings. If you are LaVeyan, or feel otherwise, do not push your beliefs here.

2. People who sympathise with and/or support the enemies of Satan- Jews, Christians and Muslims WILL BE BANNED!

3. Blasphemy against Satan and/or his Demons will not be tolerated!

4. If you believe Satan and his Demons are evil, this is not the group for you, find another.

5. Do not try to push Wiccan or other non-Satanic creeds here.



Allyours, 19
Please send me a message as I become so shy when I think about this that I can barely function.
First time being on this website. Never had any experience on any sex or any fetish. When I think about this I am down for everything you talk about on this website, except scat.

When I think about everything else but scat I get automatically turn into a horny slave/pig lonely and trembling in my bedroom.

I want someone on this website to come into my bedroom, tie me up and do everything but scat to me, as I freeze in shyness but worship him deep down inside my heart.


hardbb – Dec 11, 2017
he was nice, i was mean



ChristmasPresent, 20
Tell me how much you think I am a beautiful boy and I will serve you and live for you.

Especially looking for someone sexy and sane to eat and swallow his shit with.

I realise my fetish is frowned upon by a lot of guys, but I’m a normal, beautiful guy, and sometimes you can’t help what turns you on.

If my beauty is not the only thing you want and care about with me, then stay away.


BiHungNorfolk – Nov 24, 2017
Sorry to rain on anyone’s parade but I shoved my hand down his pants and “he” is a girl.

Raucher40 – Nov 20, 2017
I have to echo FacesittingFeet. Such beauty! Filling his mouth with shit! Like taking a dump in a wishing well!

FacesittingFeet – Nov 18, 2017
shitting on and in that beautiful face i felt powerful in a way that’s indescribable



DrWhoMe, 18
Hi guys! Who likes to roleplay being in control of transformation? Me.. I like being transformed in some unique fantasy sci-fi way, like: shrunk smaller and/or even younger, turned into a planet, a crashed UFO, an alien from outer space, dematerialised, zapped inside your computer like a game. Love being naked too.



Twentysubthing, 22
First off, I am not interested in sex. Full stop. I am only interested in rope bondage. For full disclosure, I am bisexual, and in a serious relationship which does not fulfill my fetish desires, as my partner is female and vanilla.

However, she is wonderful, and has given me her blessing to fill in the gaps. I’m looking for a guy who is very proficient in IMMOBILIZING rope bondage to tie me up, gag me, and keep me there past numbness, loss of blood circulation, and any other limits. By immobilizing, I mean I am looking to be tied with at least 15 times the rope in my photo.

I am very cautious because I know most men who are interested in this will want sex, and that I will be helpless to stop them, and won’t report them to the police because of embarrassment, so any meet up will not happen quickly. If I sense any horniness or pressure to make a decision to do something I am not comfortable with, that will be the end of the discussion.



magnet, 21
I was introduced to gay sex by force at a very young age and never regretted it.

I’m single, 21 and lived a busy professional life as an escort from the age of 16. Now I want those harder things in life that make a person no one and nothing.

Due to all the sexual activity I’ve been paid to do, sometimes crazy amounts to do sick and crazy things, my sex drive has become extreme as all fuck, and my self-esteem is sub zero.

I have traveled far and wide to service clients, I have been to 64 countries, some of which jail gays for sexual activity, unfortunately I never got caught!!!

I’m seeking someone who truly thinks there are inferiors living beings like me, and superior living beings like he. Someone who will really see me as the worthless living sexual object I believe I am. Someone who truly wishes worthless things like me would have no civil rights. After all, does your toilets or sewer has any rights?

I will accept an occasional or even single use Master if that’s all I can find, but what I truly seek is to disappear – total anonymization and loss of every rights and loophole – 24/7/365 – absolutely and totally NO LIMIT.

I don’t have an issue with snuff, in fact I would prefer it. But I too once was full of hope and love for life, so I understand the trauma society puts us in if you have that issue.

More pictures of the product available in private message.


dstr71 – Dec 19, 2017
Oly I told you two years ago this is the only thing you’re good for. Glad you’ve come to your senses.

haydnh – Dec 4, 2017
I heard from a trusted source that Oly died of a drug overdose about seven months ago.

enkhuizen35 – Dec 3, 2017
anyone who hired oly as escort knows he speaks about 6 words of english so this is not his

hunglongstarjock – Nov 19, 2017
I too was one of Oly’s regulars. I spent a month with him in Majorca one year and a half ago. He was the complete package, teen star cute, polite when I needed him to be and with a pedal to the metal sex drive when I didn’t – a perennial hot date, his butt at my disposal, but the doom and gloom in his current attitude is new to me and should certainly be taken into account.

watchwatcher – Nov 18, 2017
his cum tastes like gold

michael807 – Nov 11, 2017
I hired you a number of times when you were an escort. You were incredible! I’m sorry to see that it’s come to this.



rags2riches, 18
JUST LANDED IN PARIS! Writing this in an Uber on my way from the airport. Born deaf, but yes I can hear a little, cochlear implant. I have no where to stay and I know no one here except you. I’ve been hunting for you my entire life. You may not even exist outside of my imagination but if you do, I know you’re here.



yourfuck, 20
please don’t care about my looks i am 20 years old i am not much my favorite hobby is scaring children and going to Renaissance festivals please make me nothing

please let me be a toilet for children send them to my room without a word they can take a shit on my mouth and fuck me and strangle me till I mentally pass out

please i am nothing if you have perverted children of your own or know some either boys or girls lock me in a room with them it could make a great xmas present


Anonymous – Nov 21, 2017
i’m gonna chuck this sick perverted piece of shit out of a 28 story window, 128 Crawford Avenue, 3 am tomorrow if anyone sees this in time and wants to watch.



slavetrader, 19
this is not a scam profile but a real Profile.
I have captured the submissive/slave in the fotos and I am seeking permanent ownership for him.

This profile does not involve you spending any money or signing up for anything, unlike most of the scams that are out their.

I connect MASTERS with this slave. The slave pays me with sex until I place him with a suitable MASTER.

If you are a Master, get in touch if you are seeking the following:
– a totally 100% submissive bitch 19 yo
– smooth, arabic, uneducated, 92% without limits;
– extremely unwilling and combative, must be 24/7 chained
– hiv negative, tested every 3 months, certificate provided;
– is available for permanent relocation within the US
– slave has no living relatives or close friends so can be taken into seclusive

I recommend the Master visit to inspect and use the slave for a 24 hour period, I can provide safe secure free local accommodation. If things work out, then slave contract is signed and slave will be delivered to you within 2-4 days following inspection, sometimes sooner is possible.

Particular interest for this slave is a BLACK MASTER


slavetrader (Owner) – Nov 20, 2017
Please note the fotos come from his grindr account and predate his capture. He is now permanently chained or bound and must remain so at all times.



countdown_to_zero, 19
Am new to LA and am serving my life purpose as a Russian Roulette slave proscribed to me by my master Murder Junkie of being available at all times to be used determinantly by anyone for anything.


countdown_to_zero (Owner) – Dec 22, 2017

MurderJunkie – Dec 14, 2017
In very extreme cases I need to be there. If he’s going to be finished off, I have to do it.



SexyLove18, 18
I’m a 18 year old virgin and I love to become a submissive slave cuz my favorite movie is fifty shades of grey


rowmyboat – Dec 15, 2017
My report –
I made him put on slutty underwear and it turned him into a flouncing queen so I quickly had him take them off FYI.
I put a collar on him but he wouldn’t stop barking like a dog so off it came.
Currently his hole has a tiny bit of hair but he said he would shave it if I wanted.
He’s not a virgin anymore and I doubt he ever was.



kevinwilldoit, 22
SSSSHHHHH i wont tell. Our secret is safe with me.

i am Fresh out of a relationship/failed marriage. and i’m looking for something completely different. I am tired of making decisions and want someone to make everything for me. Tell me what to do and how to do it!

Women are needy creatures and i’m over them.



FeedFrankenstein, 18
I’m a new high school graduate, headed to a top university, rich parents, eloquent, have a nice life …. bored already. All I can think about is a man in a leather mask kidnapping me and making me his helpless, worthless slave. None of my friends are remotely interested in kink of any kind. I have an amazing boyfriend who recently got his nipples pierced for me, wears leather, and even puts on masks every once in a while. The problem is it doesn’t come natural to him. In his words he feels bad because he thinks he looks “evil”

Do you see my problem?




p.s. Hey. ** Ferdinand, Hello there, Ferdinand. Always good to see you. I’m grateful for your year of yesses. And they are unfamiliar to me to a one, which adds excitement. I will begin to catch up before the new year’s born. Have a great New Years Eve whatever that entails. ** Wolf, Niece Wolf! How I see the more unusual things I see: (1) On Vimeo or Youtube when possible. (2) MUBI. (3) Experimental Cinema site. (4) Paris has some pretty excellent related film projection series: Re:Voir, sometimes at Gaite Lyrique, a couple of others joints. Those are the main ways, I guess. I will pretend you didn’t take that swipe at Malick. Well, that’s a pretty excellent and crave-able idea for a film you would make. I’m trying to talk Gisele into starting a film production company now that she, Zac and me, Kiddiepunk, Bene and others all are into making films, and that would be a perfect ‘in’ for you too. She wants to do it. She’s even looked into how it could be set up, which isn’t too, too difficult, but she’s so darned busy all the time, so I don’t know. You guys have any plans to kick yourselves sideways on New Years Eve in some fashion? I don’t. I’m such a nun. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. I think the big question is how do you have a revolution post-internet, social media, etc. I don’t feel like that has been figured out at all yet. But god knows the perfect opportunity is ripe to the point of dying on the vine. Happy New Year! ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! That is lucky! You’re free! Congratulations to you and to the world that will now have that much more access to you and yours! I hope the blood blister is a simple, minor thing. Seems like the doc could just lance it and bandage him up, but … let me know. Yesterday didn’t end up being what I thought because Zac came down with the basically yearly flu/cold he always gets just before New Years, and he had to catch a 7 am train south today, so he spent the day napping in hopes of self-improvement, and I spent the day continuing to work on stuff as usual. But I think I’m going to see a friend and do some stuff in the exterior today. Well, heavily enjoy your first spate of unemployment and have big fun tomorrow night bringing in what will hopefully be the best year ever! And of course let me know how your weekend went. ** Sypha, I bet Philip at least likes ‘Die Young’. Thank you for your 2017 list. I even read a few of those myself and agree with their bestness in all those cases. Have a joyous NYE. ** Thomas Moronic, Hi, T! Happy New Year a wee bit early! Good, good about your new novel going ok. I’m sure ok is a gross understatement even though I’m sure you won’t want to jinx it by agreeing. I caught and read through your amazing 2017 wrap-up post yesterday. It’s a glorious thing and gift to the likes of us, man! Everyone, I think it is safe to say the the best cultural look back at 2017 can now be credited to the divine author/fellow Thomas ‘Moronic’ Moore. His 2017: PAST TENSE is not only enriching on the usual levels and full of excellent tips and insights, it is also beautifully illustrated with much, L-sized imagery of some of his favourites so you can begin to form opinions yourselves. Let perusing his wrap-up be one of the last things you do this year. Yes? Have a sweet weekend! Love, me. ** Bill, Hi. I do think you might really like Janie Geiser’s stuff, yes, it’s true. Counting down the seconds until 20217 is dead meat. ** Steve Erickson, Hey. Well, if you got out to that screening, you definitely are feeling better than I had imagined you would be feeling. You know, in point of fact, I think there may have been at most 100 people in the US who would have had any clue about Can or even would have heard of them in 1971. Or ‘Deep End’. I was a super up-to-the-minute new, cool music nerd at the time, and I didn’t know Can at all. So I would think twice about having a representative hippie of that era wearing a Can t-shirt much less having deep thoughts about them. I think there would be a great danger of that seeming superimposed. I doubt a Can t-shirt even existed then, if I had to guess. ** Chris Cochrane, Hi, Chris! Oh, thank you! Yes, I plan on staying far, far away from that particular water. Happiest New Year to you, buddy boy! I’m so happy I’ll get spend a slice of it with you! ** H, Hi. I think your plans for the waning year sound lovely. I’ve never gotten the drinking thing. Half of a glass of champagne is kind of nice. But otherwise alcohol just makes me feel sluggish or something. HNY! ** Right. The blog is sending off 2017 the way it sends off every other month, i.e. guided by slaves. I will be here to post and p.s. on New Years Day ‘cos I’m a weirdo. See you then.


  1. Wolf

    Haha aww what a loveable bunch those are. I feel bad that that’s usually my reaction to the slaves, it’s not what they’re going for but I just wanna give them a big hug. The user comments are something too – ‘like taking a dump in a wishing well’, is that something straight from a Dennis Cooper novel or what?
    Ah, MUBI, yeah, I was wondering about trying it out. We were on Lovefilm but it just shut down and we’re now looking for a good replacement; we have something in the UK that seems pretty good for less-mainstream movies, but I have heard good things about MUBI too. I’m not a fan of streaming though, my connection is not quite stable and I use a VPN which most streaming sites do not like.
    Hey, film prod company sounds good! That would be pretty neat. Keep me posted if this ever comes to light.
    I think the NYE plan is to go to a friend’s place with very few people and be civilized, but I usually do fuck all for NYE, seeing as both hanging out with groups of humans for more than 3 hours and drinking are things I know nothing about nor have any desire to. If you’re a nun, I’m mother fucking Theresa. Have a good one anyway!

    • _Black_Acrylic

      Hi Wolf, I moved from Lovefilm to Cinema Paradiso and the selection there is better than Lovefilms ever was imo.

  2. David Ehrenstein

    “My slave act is completely convincing. Why? Because not only do I know what it takes to give a great performance, I have been a practicing and passionate 100% bottom and masochist in my spare time since my late teens. ” TRANSLATION: “I am the Meryl Streep of slaves!”

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  3. Sypha

    One book I forgot to mention yesterday in my list of favorite short story collections was Brendan Connell’s “Pleasant Tales.” So I’ll mention that right now.

    My favorite video/computer game of the year was “Prey,” which I highly recommend.

    • James Nulick


      thank you for including ‘Valencia’ on your epic list of books read over the last 10 years!


  4. David Ehrenstein

    Latest FaBlog: Ball of Confusion

  5. David Ehrenstein

    Callas / Tosca

  6. Dóra Grőber


    What a nice way to say goodbye to the year! Thank you for the boys.

    Thank you!! It is indeed amazing to be free! Well. Free. I had a very busy day today. We started at the vet who said that the blister on my dog is caused by a certain type of parasite and if it doesn’t heal itself in a week or so, it should be taken out surgically to avoid future complications. Not the news I wanted to hear at all but I’m still hopeful. Then, when we came back, I started packing up my stuff because we have to move out soon. In like 2 weeks soon. So by now, I’m pretty exhausted but I’m also in a relaxed mood. Ready to curl up in bed and watch something.

    Oh no, I hope Zac gets well soon!!

    How was today? Did you fulfil your plans with your friend? Any plans for New Year’s Eve?

    I’ll be home – I’ll spend the day and the next with Anita. (I might only have the time to write next on the 2nd of January because of this.) I’m not into New Year’s Eve parties so I’m thoroughly happy that she isn’t too much either, haha.

    Happy, Happy New Year, Dennis!!

  7. Steve Erickson

    I like #metoo’s combination of ambitions, especially his desire for a fat and hungry master. I fear he chose the wrong nickname at this point, though. I empathize with FeedFrankenstein.

    I am sleeping a lot – maybe due to the cold weather, maybe because I stayed up all night two nights ago – but otherwise I feel fine physically right now and my mood is much improved.

    Given what you’ve told me, I think I will change Can to the Velvet Underground. The hippie is not supposed to be “representative.” For one thing, the one scene I’ve outlined at this point has the businessman opening his briefcase and revealing a sandwich bag of marijuana buds, expecting the hippie to be impressed. The younger man says “So you think I take drugs just because I have long hair and I’m against the Vietnam War? I smoked joints twice and they just made me nervous and jumpy.” Then the businessman said that he had horrible experiences in the military – it’s clear that he has PTSD, although I don’t think anyone used that term in 1971 – and smoking pot is the only way he could escape from his anxiety.

    I was going to stay in on New Year’s Eve and watch a video link of the Lebanese film THE INSULT to write a review because it’s supposed to be the coldest NYE in New York on record, but we’re getting snow now, so staying inside today and watching THE INSULT today seems like a better idea.

  8. James Nulick


    Zoomzoom is kind of an annoying fluffpiece with the Shakespeare bit but my gosh what a beautiful face. I’d live in my car and spend every last dime on him until I became so poor that I’d have to start shoplifting from Big Lots, just to have his beautiful face near me…

    Happy New Year Dennis! I’m not a NYE person myself, that particular excitement waned for me shortly after I graduated from Underoos, but my best to you and yours! Me and the other half do not have any plans, just a quiet night indoors, maybe watch a trippy non-NYE movie… I don’t really drink, though I have been known to imbibe in a few THC-laced edibles… I like to hallucinate!

    How is the new script coming along? Is it still in the infancy stage? I continue working on the new novel, it swims in my head while in the car, at work, in the shower, etc… it seems to me writing a novel is a temporary form of insanity, would you agree? Normal people enjoy their spouses and their furniture, and here I am worried about sentence structure.

    Happy 2018 to everyone!
    I love you Dennis!!


  9. _Black_Acrylic

    HNY to you DC, and to all DLs too! I honestly think 2018 will be great and transformative so let’s make it happen, why don’t we?

    My own NYE will be nicely understated with my parents here in Leeds. My dad will cook us a delicious meal, we’ll maybe watch another episode of Twin Peaks – I’m happy to report that Mum’s now getting into the new series – and I guess we’ll likely watch Jools Holland’s Annual Hootenanny, an annual UK TV staple that the BBC broadcasts for all those with nothing better to do. Apparently it was recorded in the summer but hey, we’re all living an illusion anyway.

    I’ll be heading back to Dundee on the 3rd, and meeting up with Alex at some point later in the week. I expect we’ll meet with Donna from Fleet Collective soon to discuss the next move for Yuck ‘n Yum, and I’m looking forward to all that entails.

  10. Misanthrope

    Dennis, A Happy New Year to you, sir. I might even see you in the flesh at some point. That’d be nice.

    Funny about Link: I told a friend at work about your post and he was like, “Dude! Exactly! And Mario too. They’re always alone, doing their thing.” And when you play these games, you’re usually alone while playing them. It all comes together, no?

    I fount this really funny about the twins. The other twin told me he’s “an indoors boy.” Compared to his brothers, he’s quite the introvert. He likes to stay indoors and play videogames, watch TV, read books, etc. So my friend sent them all to theater/drama camp this summer. Guess who was the hammiest ham? Yep, the “indoors” introvert. She said he got up there and just took the stage over.

    But yeah, three great little kids, very smart, very funny, with a great aunt who’s doing right by them. I expect big things from them myself.

    LPS’s birthday was on the 30th. He’s 17 now. Still thinks he’s 50. Oh, well, that’s how it goes. Now to get him to get back on the ball with his school and shit so he can the fuck out of there on time and then do whatever he wants.

    I’ve started a new novel. It’s a bit different for me. If you didn’t know me and read it, you’d probably vomit into it and then set it on fire. But I’m a write it anyway because I have to.

    Oh, on Saturday, I’m getting an ultrasound on my painful stomach to see what’s up. I hope I’m not pregnant, but if I am, I’m kind of hoping it’s a boy. Nothing like having a son I can corrupt and make more Misa-y than I’ve ever been. Seriously, though, this is probably just the first step in seeing what’s going on in those intestines of mine. We’ll see what happens.

    Btw, what do you think of this? I have a right close female friend who is very pro-gay and pro-me but who just informed me that she’s super uncomfortable with any depictions of male-male intimacy, even just kissing and stuff. I appreciate her honesty and all, but it did bug me, though her honesty un-bugged me. She just said that she’s not used to seeing it and it takes her aback. I don’t know, kind of crazy to me, but I won’t stop being friends with her because of it.

    OH, and at the grocery store yesterday: an older man with a straight-up Hitler ‘stache…but wearing a very anti-Trump orange hoodie. Strange as fuck to me. I should’ve snapped a pic of him, but I don’t do shit like that. The hoodie was obviously customized, like he’d had that stuff printed on the back about Trump’s small hands and his brain rolling into his crotch or something (the folds of the hoodie kind of blocked the last part).

  11. Meatrod25cm

    Re: “anyone who hired oly as escort knows he speaks about 6 words of english so this is not his”. Come on Dennis, who are you kidding? This ad plus the comments amount to an encore performance from “The Sluts”. (Does he speak English or not, did he really OD or not? etc)

  12. David Ehrenstein

    FABULOUS NEWS! Christine Vachon is bidding to take over the Weinstein Company!

    As the year begins I’m in the midst of seeking representation for TWO (count ’em) books. The first is my long-aborning apologia pro vita sua “Raised By Hand Puppets” The other is “Photo Ops” — a book of my photographs of the famous and the obscure.

    Help is sorely needed and greatly appreciated.

  13. Steve Erickson

    Vachon would be a great choice as the head of a distributor, and it would be so fitting to have a lesbian take over from Harvey Weinstein!

    I saw DOWNSIZING this afternoon – not great but apart from Hong Chau’s badly written caricature of a Vietnamese immigrant, it doesn’t deserve one-star ratings or placement on “worst 10 films of 2017” lists either – and I am staying in this NYE. The weather is still fucking brutal, and even inside my apartment, I have to use a heat pad.

    A new movie production company, like something akin to Zanzibar Films in the late ’60s and early ’70s (which brought us Jackie Raynal’s DEUX FOIS and 6 or 7 Garrel films), would be a great idea, particularly for work which isn’t avant-garde in the sense of a Michael Snow or Brakhage film but isn’t a conventional narrative film either.

  14. Bill

    Always a fine way to see the old year off. Some of the profiles and comments are almost straight out of The Sluts!

    Umm, most of the chefs I know are not big fans of crock pots.

    Hope Zac feels better soon, and you east coast folks are staying in and warm…


  15. Jeff Coleman

    Happy New Year, Dennis! (And everyone else)

    Here’s a text by Guyotat I just came across, BTW:

  16. nolimitextremslave

    I’m a slave, 46 years old. Three years ago I played in porn. There were 8 young boys, all 18-20 years old. It was a several hour video that was absolutely extreme. During filming I had to eat all the shit from 8 boys, full dose, drinking a lot, pissing into their anal, then drinking it, rape, whipping, really extreme, extreme cbt, I fell unconscious, pliers. they rust my nipples, and so on. I can once again make such a video …

  17. nolimitextremslave

    Hi, Master.
    I’m sorry about my bad English. I’m from Czech Republic.
    I’m looking for a truly extreme 24/7 partnership. Partnership, where I will be the absolute property of the dominant person. Imprisonment. Without limit. I have totally perverted, deviant ideas about my abuse. Long term. The most bizarre combination of sadism, perversion, sexual abuse, degradation. Degradation, for example, grupp sex-slave. Extreme and perverse degradation. Master invites more people. Men, couples, group, robbers, blacks, whites, old, young, dirty, anyone. The slave is used from the first moment to satisfy the sadistic ideas of the master and others. During training, a slave is forced to repulsive, disgusting practices. She has to drink piss of more people, also swallow shit, vomit. Whole body whipping, extreme ballbusting, cbt, needles, electo, heavy weights, making holes in the woods with a nail, also in nipples, piercings, clamps, weights, needles ..i anonymously,slave has a balaclava and doesn’t see who abuses it. Also, gloryhole, slave must sexually several hours to satisfy a large number of men, anal sex, oral sex, rimming, piss in mouth, torture. Or BDSM club – slave has balaclava – slave is abused by group – sex, blow job, piss, shit-rimming, hard whipping, heavy ballbusting, cbt, tt, bondage. Contract – slave – master – no human rights – 100% masters property. The Master has the right to invite any number of people to group abuse and slave degradation. The master can invite young, old, pretty, ugly, fat, skinny, blacks. mulattoes, perverse, sadistic, sexual rapists, perverse pigs, anyone. The goal is absolute humiliation, the degradation of the slave, the slave is degraded to an absolutely inferior object. The slave has no right to refuse. Refusal – Punishment – Extreme – Forcing a slave to resign – Forcing to maximum perversity, masochism, obedience. absolut no limit, Im 46y old.

  18. Calleb_

    How can I get in touch with the slaves and how to know more about their work?

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