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Meet Me_For___Ever, pokemontrainer, Ex-blond, MYNAMEISNOTGALAXY, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of June 2017


Helpfulguy, 18
Iconsider myself a cum dump boy, i take any and evey cock i can find….but what i really like is to be punished for it after to the max and humiliated… what the idea is, is to organize a time period where im yours, the night before i will do my thing and get my ass filled, then come to you after and ‘pay’for what ive done. i lietrally want no limits…..if you want to shove bottles up my ass and break them, trash me smash my face in, torture me all the way its up to you. all that i want with that is that during the time you take pics and for a few days post them on any websites you can so people can see what a whore and slut i am…. thats my fantasy, thats what gets me off. if you want to kill me during that it can be discussed as long as the feeling i want is reached.


Anonymous – June 21, 2017
Recommend everyone on this site who communicated or met with him to delete your account NOW.

Anonymous – June 15, 2017
Yes, it was really violent – I’ve never been so violent and extreme with someone without any guilt before. I was infinitely horny.

Anonymous – June 10, 2017
@wangvic mine are at fetlife.

wangvic – June 10, 2017
is nobody filling his wishes to posting photos, i want to see them ?

Anonymous – June 8, 2017
Shocking overnight with him, no other word for it.

wangvic – June 3, 2017
where did you posting the photos of him, ?

Anonymous – June 1, 2017
He was damaged goods when he showed up so he must be popular. Added to that. Almost killed him but the circumstances weren’t right. Maybe next time O:



Me_For___Ever, 18
Will only be passive with a man who supports me financially and emotionally in every way in life which must include world travel, shopping, five*hotels, luxury, casinos. In return I will always be sexual and bottom whenever I am not busy.

Please stop asking if that’s really me in the photos because yes, that’s me, and yes I am that beautiful. YES I AM OBVIOUSLY YOUNG. YES, I AM 18 YEARS OLD. YES, IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE A BOY SO YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL COULD BE YOURS, YES, I UNDERSTAND THAT.


PEDRO_666 – June 11, 2017
Good afternoon I am here to say that I am very hot for you.

ffamaximus – June 11, 2017
I don’t know you,
And I know you,
I am meeting you,
And I am meeting me,
I haven’t met you,
And I have already met you.
How is it possible ?
We are already one.
Somewhere, in what we are calling the “future” or the “past”, we are already together.
Because know each other since an eternity,
Because you are me as I am you,
Because there is no time,
Because you can feel the truth,
Because you are enlightened,
Because what you feel is what you create,
Because you are the love which is loving himself,
Because you and me,
Is me and you.




I live in the dark. Literally, the dark. I’m allergic to light so I navigate my home by flashlight. Now that that’s out of the way, I’m into rape and strangle play. I have a big ass. Drugs are good.



MrHole, 19
psycho need macho
destroy me

maybe i’m fucked up but if it’s not scary and life threatening it’s not turning me on


bring a beer or bud



Ex-blond, 20
I just want to sniff a pair of Nike crew socks is that so much to ask.



serf, 24
By day I transmute coffee into software. Besides stuff that accompanies that, I like to ride my bike, read up on politics, history and economics, and chill out!

I’m also new to the “more than sex” scene – please excuse my nativity – but I just find sex so meh and I think I need an upgrade.

My understanding is that if you find sex boring, the choice is either to stop having sex which seems too drastic or to get into fetishes, S/M, and the kinds of things you men are negotiating about here.

At least in my head the only things I know I’m definitely not into are scat, death, dismembering kids or women, or guys who want my bones broken.

Most anything else please feel free to try me.




CalinsChauds – Apr 24, 2017
I almost fucked this guy in Paris a while ago. We had made a date but he did not come. And for good reason! He was still in Colombia. I knew another Colombian like him. He makes you full of promises but when you are with him, he announces that he hates sex. I think the Colombians are worse than the Brazilians.

Nagger – Apr 21 2017
A few months ago he contacted me to tell me that he was coming to Paris and that he wanted me to fuck him. I accepted the offer. He is not what can be called “beautiful” but he has for me a face that stinks sex. That does not surprise me considering he’s a Colombian.



Downtrodden, 24
Read the profiler ūüôā Do not waste time with many questions I will not respond

Hello my services are not like a normal slave. The idea is to come to my place and for a few hour I act passive (in normally I am not!). I will get naked and act ok with some body touched, kisses to me (I don’t return favor) and you masturbation, compliment your feet and strike poses (no penetration, no guarantee I get hard, and I’m not forced to do cum).

I not reply text long and with many asking..make me tired reply so many asking. With my profile you already have idea of what can happen to me.

– I have place in Bochum city. I not visit other places, only at my place
– The schedules can be at midnight and early morning
– I just tell you If you take off shoes to socks or bare feet, I will act much more realistic passive.
– If this seem like not enough, I promise you will be very excite to see me even little passive.



longpiggy, 22
Young meat. For you to eat. Not joking. I am meat for you to eat. Not kiss and lick and that gay shit, eat. Kill, butcher, cook and eat. Tonight. I come to you. I can be passive or I can struggle. I’m not joking.


longpiggy  (Owner) РJune 13, 2017
Some are interested in me but they want more information. I didn’t want to but ok. I am Hector, a German, 22 years young, who wants to give himself up to be eaten and isn’t scared to admit it. I can have sex with you before but it is not my interest. I ask that the kill happen fast, bullet or OD or maybe strangling. I believe in god and pray regularly. I am currently owned for three years by a Mistress and reside in her dungeon. She knows I want to be eaten but she likes me and won’t do it. Mistress is quite aged now and she has an ailing health which has made her son who resides in India to decide that she must relocate to him. So Mistress has told me it is time for me to find someone to eat me. Please intend to eat me and be sincere. If you just seek a dummy for sex, it definitely is not me.



White_Cock_Down, 24
…and begin a new life

My ideal situation:

I am an obedient, fit and healthy, young and horny, very attractive straight male. Despite that, I am a total failure with women. Apparently I am very needy with women, and apparently I can’t change that behavior. I want to begin a new life without need, and I have decided my only option is to surrender as a full time 24/7/365 gay slave.

So I am looking for a kinky man who can essentially kidnap me and hold me against my will for the rest of my life. As soon as we meet, drag me to your home. Upon arriving immediately lock me in a cage or cell, strip me of my clothes and permanently separate me from my ID and credit cards and phone. From that point on, I want to be gay and completely and absolutely helpless and at your mercy.



pokemontrainer, 20
Im the kind of EMO that don’t go too far. Im those kinds of EMO who only has EMO hairstyles, EMO that wears tight jeans & shirts. But im not those kinds of EMO who slit their wrists for those fuck ups who hurt us. No, im those kinds of normal EMO’s. Get it right. Okay? Now Im not a slave. Im just here because I like to get spanked. I used to have account here. Some men who were here then spanked me. But its been so long that I forgot about it. I don’t know why I like getting spanked. Its a waste of time really.. Im in Singapore.



Insipidbeauty, 23
Insipid and decorative mind in a beautiful body seek abnormal persons for illegal activities.
Looking for persons who locked up me for to beat and gang rape me with his friends together without mercy.
After the session is over You will you held me arested till the next session starts.
Definitely not everyone’s taste but if You enjoy knocking around an artsy piece of shit, here it is.


Aurios – May 30, 2017
I hope that in heaven evil devils cut the wings of the angels



NOWneedadviceemergencyNOW, 20
My slave has suicided. I just found him at 10:33. 11:15 now. Has anyone here had experience with this? I’m in a complete panic and desperate for help! He was 24/7/365, relocated, no outside contact since Feb 11. I’m near Berlin. Please I need help!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous – June 8, 2017

Anonymous – June 6, 2017
I’m coming over with a guy now. Try to chill and get the fuck offline.

NOWneedadviceemergencyNOW – June 6, 2017
Thank you!!!!!!!!! He hung himself. He was alive three hours ago. None, never. Not in one piece without extreme risk I think. Chinese. Pic is from last week. Yes, 682 Eur. It works, yes. No, no problem with that. Can you help?

Anonymous – June 6, 2017
We know each other. I think I can help. Answer these questions. Method? How long deceased? Most recent attempt to contact him from the outside? Can the body be discretely removed from your place? He looks Asian, Thai? How recent is the pic? Cash on hand? Working fireplace? Problem with necro?

Anonymous – June 6, 2017

Anonymous – June 6, 2017



LostBoyEyes, 22
I was born to be the other Boy
Who belonged to no one
Who belonged to everyone
Who had nothing
Who wanted everything
With a fire for everyone that terrified me to the point that I couldn’t even talk about it
And pushed me to a nomadic point of madness that both dazzled and dizzied me



shapeofmymuscle, 21
If it’s possible to be a very high class slave, a denizen of the upper echelons of society, and a slutty, chemed up pig bottom that would describe me. My on/off switch is chems, and that means everything from being offered weed to having needles shoved in my arm.

As a twink, I’m very well educated, impeccably and fashionably dressed and just generally a superior creature, but in sex I’m wild for getting you inside me. It’s a paradox.

My dream is to move to the United Stated of America one day. I want to go to New York and Hollywood and meet famous people. My dream is to become a football player one day. I know that it is hard to get famous, but I want to try my best.



fist_toilet_slave, 21
Want to fist me or you want to shit in my mouth with little or no mess feeding straight from your hole into my throat then I am here for you.

I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I’ve become arrogant, but simply because..



ass-provider, 22
I am 10 years old mentally but 22 years old actually and would love to be 10 years old actually forever



fuckmefuckme, 23
I am hoping to find an alpha male that has a thing for sissy girly boys. Most of my free time I’m just in a pair of panties and a girly t shirt. I feel the ultimate form of life is not being allowed to wear boys clothes. Im looking for a male who thinks boys should wear panties. Especially if they have a completely smooth body such as mine. I also enjoy painting my nails.

Looking for a male to keep me dressed in humiliating panties. If you’re willing to pull the panties down and rape me when you see fit that would be well deserved. Let’s go see a heavy metal band and then take me home and rape the shit out of me.

I am very attractive with a boyish appearance outside the house but as soon as we meet I’d like to you to put all of my boy clothes in a pile in your backyard and burn them. If this sounds good to you then it sounds great to me.



BoysStory, 18
These slaves are no shy and like to have their minds expanded with LSD before their asses.



1blond, 24
Hello Masters and Sadists! I want ..

Slaps : I love getting slaps on my face the most. Every master has a unique pair of hands. I’d love to have my hands tied behind and slapped my face mercilessly to the point of splitting my lips and breaking my nose while I keep begging to stop.

Caning / Whipping : I like it most to have both sides of my hands hit using a cane or paddle or even a crowbar. This gives a deep, unbearable pain and sensation of fear. And when master keeps wishing to punish more and more without caring if my bones or wrists are broken that makes the session really exciting.

Dirty / Kinky : That’s the most exciting part. I don’t know if I am gonna like that in real or not, but I want more than anything to eat a master’s boogers, vomit, piss, and shit. I think I might go crazy and vomit the first few times.

Limits : No anal. Seriously, no anal… I tried it once and hated it. Sorry, I don’t wanna try it again.



No-Pain-No-Gain, 19
i’m just here to look at the creepy shit you guys are putting up and jack off. leave me alone.



Serving4life, 21
I was in prison for the last few years. I was a good looking 18 year old white boy. So i was in hell. I never did nothing with another man before then. I learned my place as the lowest form of life fast. I been trying to make it outside but what a fucking joke. i deserve to suffer like i did inside for the rest of my life. I’m looking for an extreme jailer who wants a young man he can do whatever he wants with, no matter how extreme without stopping because there won’t be no fucking guards who’ll find a dead body in my cell and punish you. I got no limits and I’m garbage and I need an extreme sadist to make you happy and to make my dreams came reality.


Serving4life – June 15, 2017
Master wildwolfdog was just in a bad mood. He and I are good. Sorry for the confusion.

Serving4life – June 13, 2017
Master wildwolfdog is having second thoughts. Please hold.

Serving4life – June 11, 2017
I have submitted to my Master wildwolfdog.

I have given my body and mind totally to my Master wildwolfdog.

* I will never have an orgasm again.
* I will always wear a school uniform.
* I will be paraded around in the Black community and humiliated and verbally abused by anyone.
* I will have a collar tattooed around my neck.
* I will be force fucked nightly by my Master wildwolfdog and his friends and many strangers too.
* When I am not in used for fucking I will be caged and only given water once every seven hours.

My Master has full control over my profile. My profile will change over time also with new pictures of my life and how I change in looks. If you wish to fuck me you must get permission from my Master.

No other Master.



lonelycumpiggy, 20
I’m back on here looking for a chance at a second life.

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and thinking about my life and I have come to realization that I can no longer live a life as a free person I been depressed for a long time probably half my adult life and I can no longer take it anymore I was going to end my life but that’s the forward why of life so I been thinking and came to conclusion I want a chance for a second life and life where disappearing and off the grid is part of it I no longer wanna live this life.

I am a piece of shit whore I’m pretty dumb so people tell me but I don’t care I am smiling in one of my pictures but don’t get your hope up I never never smile that picture is from four month ago when I was happy for five minutes ending my freedom somehow whatever it takes is truly all I think about.

I looking to get started with my second life on my birthday which is in July that is the month I will give my rights and life away to the right master I know some people may call me a flake because of the past but I had to do a lot of thinking and I have found out that sex is not a question, sex is the answer.


Atom29 – May 5, 2017
He allowed me a quickie before he goes into private ownership. He is nice, endearing, beautiful, sweet, exquisite, nice, wonderful, cute, a bit gloomy, delightful, friendly, and if you think 12 year olds would have the perfect ass if the scale was slightly larger like I do, he has one of those.

BuccoMano – April 24, 2017
Thank you for the NSA moment. Angelic mouth and small, humble ass that has a taste that I could come back to over and over. He’s also far from being stupid.



please_serious, 22
atttactive young man with a desire to suck the cock of a man who will put it in my mouth. I am a novice so i need someone to help me become the cock sucker i know i am. I like older men when i let myself like them.



Wreckme, 22
A stupid demure looking creature finds it cool to be treated as luggage, throw me in the trunk, go ahead and just ignore that I am there. The journey can take a long time.



imboredfuckit, 21
don,t want anything. thugs and drg dealers all around world, specially from USA and UK wanna fuck the shit out of me. into smashed, beaten up, violence, have spit on face, etc. also into weird shit like having a dog’s paw shoved up my ass. i have been owned by several thugs and banditzs since i reached 13 years old, until i became a great dirty punching bag cunt for the rest of my life. i’m fully erect writing this.


Rugbyguy – April 26, 2017
As of April 24, I own this slave. I have my eye on someone else now and will reluctantly sell him for 10,000k. He’s a pain and rape pig as advertised and has no limits. 24/7 only, anything goes, no questions asked. You have to pick him up in East L.A.



Slavesnuff, 20
No limits. No limits means broken bones, unconsciousness, blood, and snuff. Destroy me. Use killing me for pleasure. I accept two hours as fuck toy before that, no more, or not. Your choice.


Cardio – June 10, 2017
I’m a Master seeking out limp dicked boys into near-death breath control (bagging, choking, etc); is anyone actually into this? Do you want to play dead (“snuff” roleplay). I “kill” you via hot b/c (being choked or bagged) and you end up being “snuffed”. If you’re a good actor and can commit to this, contact me!

ZGCS – May 27, 2017
Art is defined in the dictionary as “the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance”; and it is by such a principle that I choose to tread in this community.

I walk a path where the act of snuffing is just as much an art-form as the brush strokes of a painter or the scribblings of a writer. The excruciating way a sub dies under his dom’s violent hands speaks to me as much as if I were audience to a symphony.

A sub facing the inevitable under mounting stress, a dom’s creeping smirk as he admires his cruel work, and the way a dom kisses his hapless victim goodbye, are arguably more expressive than any Mona Lisa or Starry Night.

I seek experiences that will challenge me beyond anything I have felt before. Ultimately, I seek experiences that will aid in my growth as not only a dominate, but as a person. Every person has a certain beauty to them. Every person is capable of art. Show me what you’ve got. Make me shiver. Make me feel.

ALPHADOM86 – May 21, 2017



DocRough – May 11, 2017
I’m a 60yo SADISTIC doctor into PAIN and MURDER. I have the severe hots for you. If you’re not SUPER into kissing … well I AM; but even kissing can be rape so choose your poison. Love it or hate it – its gonna happen. But just because I want to kiss you does not mean I want to talk to you. You are a CORPSE.
I do not have a “dungeon”; I have a TORTURE CHAMBER. If you’re not sure what the difference is, you might want to think twice before letting me chain you down in it. It is small, but well equipped and only I will hear your screams.
I have a large (and growing) collection of knives, swords, and other SHARP objects. When I snuff you it will be gory and bloody. (Sick, twisted fucker – are you figuring that out yet?) Just putting it out there so you won’t freak when you step into my space (physical and head).
Only say yes if you NEED to suffer. Death will come in time, OH YES! But you must CRAVE the PAIN for it’s own sake, and I’m not talking about just “erotic” pain. Gaze into my eyes as you SCREAM and DIE for me.



BabyBird, 20
Hey, nice boy, you too, like that, in a horny with fucking me tomorrow from 2 pm to 5:30 pm in Cologne?
I am visiting a friend there and want to get fucked.
Without wanting to boast I am a porn actor, if you want like the videos.
I’m also an acrobat, so I’m bendy and used to the unusual. And I smell like Sandalwood. Can you dig it?
I like to get together to the high point that we like savages and be very flexible, and I can also be micromanaged and if you like this, you can indicate this.
Also, I always arrive at fuckers homes just in my swimsuit, its a thing.


BobtheBear – June 8, 2017
His ass looks beautiful in pictures and even across a room but when you try to do something to it it becomes unpleasantly mushy.



skaterboyingeneva, 18
I’m a skinny boy who takes pride in making my ass big, round and meaty. You know why? Because that’s my only asset that can be used to pleasure. My 3″ dick simply can’t. I don’t want to live a life knowing I can’t satisfy anyone with my sexual organs. Knowing that I have a small dick and can never satisfy any woman, I turn into my ass and make it as fuckable as possible. Hence, I do squats and lunges everyday in hope that it will make my ass firmer, bigger and more useful. Prefer if you have 5″ or longer dick to make me feel even more useless about my 3″ dicklet.



Vladislas, 18
I am disease free and need to be diseased now.
ALL MEN SERVED if you are diseased no matter your age, weight, size, height, race, or looks. PLEASE.
I am 17 years old and I hate my parents they’re so annoying.
I have a pet rat named Sir Edward Dormouse.


Vladislas (Owner) – June 18, 2017
I have to leave it on when I leave or he’ll escape

Vladislas (Owner) – June 18, 2017
Mine loves to break out of his cage (he think his life is SOOO bad) … he gets fussy if he doesn’t get 3 hours of The Cure and get to watch Dark Shadows every day.

LegendaryPsycho – June 18, 2017
My rats have a thing for Phil Collins

Vladislas (Owner) – June 18, 2017
so do I

LegendaryPsycho – June 18, 2017
I have 8 of them.. I prefer them over people

Vladislas (Owner) – June 18, 2017
I agree the most beautiful creatures. Sometimes too beautiful.

LegendaryPsycho – June 18, 2017
Rats are the second most beautiful creatures… after you, obviously.



be_different, 24
Wanted to do something where we meet in a wooded area just down the end of bull lane. When we get to this secluded bit I know you pants me pulling my trousers down and laughing at me and I’m all like wtf are you doing?!

You say shut up and push me down and pull off my clothes and shove them in your bag then laugh at me in just my white jockstrap and then notice I have an erection underneath and pull down the front of my jock and are like wtf is this? Hahahaha

The idea is you to laugh at me in just my jock and be like wait wtf is that bulge what’s under there? And I’m like nothing man trying to hide it. You pull down the front and are like oh my fucking god you have an erection mate ? flicking it and rubbing it about and laugh like fuck.



Gay&Odd, 23
A young men, book reader, curious and passionate, find myself in Madrid without my chick. I propose contentious encounters rather than “slaughter sex”.



slavemike, 20
since puberty,­ i have st­ruggled wi­th the fac­t i am a ­inferior boy. as i­ begin to go throug­h adult life, i ­realize i ­cannot mak­e it. ­my attempt­s to get a job, girlfriend, normal friendships have failed, and, i­n turn, ma­de me very depressed, hav­ing pushed­ myself so­ far from ­my truth.

it would¬≠ have been¬≠ to the be¬≠nefit to a¬≠ll if i w¬≠ere able t¬≠o understa¬≠nd, and fu¬≠lly accept¬≠, i was a ¬≠faggot for¬≠ Men¬≠ when i wa¬≠s even younger,¬≠ but the p¬≠ath of dis¬≠covery was¬≠ not fruitless. i e¬≠arned straight A’s in school, learned ¬≠to speak g¬≠erman, and¬≠ discovere¬≠d my spiri¬≠tuality. th¬≠ey serv¬≠e as the wisdom for ¬≠the pain.

submitted ­for Your a­pproval, h­ere are so­me insight­s into wha­t kind of a slave fa­g i am:

1. At 6 a.­m. I am su­ddenly awa­kened by..­. ­
the ala­rm clock.

2. It’s ti¬≠me to get ¬≠dressed. I¬≠ am dresse¬≠d in…

3. If it’s¬≠ a busy da¬≠y. I spend¬≠ the morni¬≠ng…
playing with my ass.

4. My stro¬≠ng point i¬≠s…
my face.­

5. The har­dest part ­of being a­ slave is.­..
the det­ails, all ­the little­ details.

free assoc­iations:
I am most ­proud of _­_____my face.
My favorit­e book is ­____The Stand.
When I’m a¬≠lone I lik¬≠e to ______masturbate.
I’ve had a¬≠ hard time¬≠ getting o¬≠ver ___that being cute isn’t enough.
The thing ­I like bes­t about my­self is ____m­y face.
The one th¬≠ing I can’¬≠t stand is¬≠ ___myself.
I have a r­ight to ____b­e a slave.­
My spiritu­al life is­ best desc­ribed as _­_____Jesus tel­ls me to s­pread peac­e and love­.

Do you hav­e any ongo­ing illnes­ses or chr­onic probl­ems? What ­type of me­dications ­or treatme­nts do you­ take for ­these?

Make a lis­t of all t­he vitamin­s, herbal ­or nutriti­onal suppl­ements you­r take?

When was y­our last b­lood test ­and physic­al? Will y­ou be will­ing to tak­e a blood ­test or ph­ysical?
January, 2­017. Maybe

Do you use­ recreatio­nal drugs ­(including­ alcohol o­r tobacco)­? What? Ho­w Often?
Yes. Vodka and cigarettes and weed­ and cocaine and meth sometimes. Daily.

Have you s­uffered fr­om abuse a­s a child?­ As an adu­lt? (Physi­cal, verba­l, psychol­ogical, se­xual, spir­itual)
Homosexuals have always tried to molest me or seduce me since my childhood. I considered that abuse then but not anymore.

What do yo­u seek in ­a Master/s­lave relat­ionship?
A Master w­ho wants an i­nferior bi­tch.

Outside of­ work and ­sexual int­erests, wh­at leisure­ activitie­s do you enjoy (movi­es, sports­, games, e­tc.)?
I love to watch clocks. I collect them and put them everywhere I can find a place.

What do yo­u think is­ your best­ physical ­feature?
My face. I think my ass also might be attractive, homosexuals always seem to think so.

Do you hav­e any ment­al problem­s (includi­ng bipolar­ disorder,­ manic/dep­ressive)?

Have you b¬≠een — or ¬≠are you be¬≠ing — tre¬≠ated for d¬≠epression?¬≠

Do you hav­e any phys­ical limit­ations whi­ch might a­ffect acti­vities? (F­or example­, a bad ba­ck might a­ffect work­ assigned.­ Sinus pro­blems/nose­ congestio­n might im­pact how y­ou respond­ to having­ your mout­h gagged.)­
I don’t want to say and it shouldn’t matter.



Werewolf, 21
I heard this app was good to get abused so here I am giving it a try. Only serious and violent people please. Give me all you can. I have stage 4 kidney disease, I do dialysis 3 times a week, but I’ll give you what you want. Meets as soon as humanly possible please!


Werewolf (Owner) – June 9, 2017
I don’t like to think about it but yes it is.

Oboroten – June 9, 2017
Sorry for the rude question but if you can’t ask rude questions on this app where can you? I have a taste for slave boys with fatal diseases. Is your disease fatal? I am interested in you if so.



stupidpeople, 22
Here to have my broken hole destroyed by your fist? So msg me if you want to punch my ass inside out. Want it truly permanently ruined by the end of the year.


Anonymous – Apr 28, 2017
his ass is the best my hand has encountered so far

Anonymous – Apr 27, 2017
I agree with the guy below.

stupidpeople (Owner) – Apr 12, 2017
Thank you! Yes I’m really nice and cute. I love RuPaul’s Drag Race and anything Disney related.

Anonymous – Apr 12, 2017
I fist him many times since months and every session his ass has a surprise for me. So good ass, even better then Asian boy ass. He’s also very nice.

stupidpeople (Owner) – March 20, 2017
Youre not the 1st one to say that ūüôā

suckme123 – March 20, 2017
It was very good to fist you last Time . You ass very perfect four hours and after I licked my fingers clean be cause it was delicious too .

stupidpeople (Owner) – Feb 18, 2017
My ass is happy and will cry for your hands

bajazzo66 – Feb 18, 2017
His ass knows exactly how to get you in and gives you such a incredeable feeling like plunging you hand in a aquarium



Kristian, 19
Welcome at blond pleasure island. Give me a few second and I give you best pleasure by a blond guy. I am only a bottom in sex, but if you fuck me with one finger in my ass 10 or 15 minutes, while I lie on my back and if i jerk in the same time, then i will have a erection and you can suck my cock and you can taste my cum.



UCLAstudent, 21
First I want to be tied securely. No cheap plastic string, only hardcore ropes, strong leather cuffs, chains. Why do you need to seriously secure me? Continue reading below.

Although I have no experience of what I am about to ask for, I have no doubt that it will feel terrible for me. Perhaps it will even feel like someone is trying to murder me but as long as I am extremely secured (see above) only you’ll know when to stop or to not stop.

1. I want to be forcefully choked by your dick, head lock me when you go balls deep into my mouth. Blocking off my only means of breathing. No I don’t want any safeword. You’ll decide when or if to release me. My hands will be tied behind my back so there will be no way for me to push you away and eventually I won’t have the strength to do so or the thinking ability to try.

2. Breath play without your dick involved. A mask, a zip lock bag or a plastic bag will do. Tied my hand and feet in anyway you want as long as there is no escape for me. Proceed to bag my head and proceed to watch me struggle. Waiting until I stop struggling will be up to you. (Add in a gag too so my screams won’t touch your heart).

So yup, I have some intense fantasy and i’m looking for masters who are into it to trying it out. Yes i’m going to really struggle as if my life depends on it so you need to have the equipments to keep me in place and the means to dispose of me if the worst happens.

As of 2017, 11th of June I have not yet experience anythings that I listed above.



Sicko, 24
I don’t know you tell me I don’t really give a fuck beer and murder mother fuckers




p.s. Hey. I’m on my way to the French city of Grenoble and can’t do the p.s. today. Barring the unforeseen, I’ll be here to do said p.s. tomorrow. Until then please enjoy this month’s dollop of male slaves.


  1. S.


  2. Dynomoose

    Have a great time!

  3. David Ehrenstein

    “Please stop asking if that‚Äôs really me in the photos because yes, that‚Äôs me, and yes I am that beautiful.”
    Oh alright.

  4. chris dankland

    has trump coverage been dominating french news like it is over here? god, it’s so exhausting. it’s like things can only calm down for a week before they explode again. i can’t imagine what the foreign perception of it must be like.

    i’m really happy that it sounds like the film editing turned out well & it wasn’t a huge brawl or anything. u mentioned that u had some other projects ur gonna work on once the film work dies down, what are they?

    i hope ur having a nice morning !! pray for impeachment & take care

  5. D√≥ra GrŇĎber


    Thank you for the boys!

    I’m glad you liked Szentendre! It feels nice that now you have a mental image of my home.
    Awesome, I’m really glad the two people loved and understood the film! That must be both a huge relief and joy! Your producer doesn’t really make it easy for you, though. Did the third person see the movie? What did he/she think?
    How’s the collaboration with Golden Fur coming along?

    Apart from a few necessary hours I spent with job-seeking (I’m starting to believe I’ll have to take a non-literary job for a little while because I have zero money and I can’t find anything I like‚Ķ) I mostly worked on my book and SCAB. I got some awesome submissions; I’m really excited! So nothing out of the ordinary, here, but everything’s good.
    How was/is your trip to Grenoble? I hope everything’s going great with you and the new dance piece!

  6. steevee

    Do you finish the edit today? If so, that must be both exciting and a real relief. How long will it take to get to a version of the film resembling one that can be commercially released?

    I’ve changed my script’s ending. The original version had the spectator threatening to shame and insult the director on Instagram and Twitter with a nasty meme. I realized that stacked the deck against her and was rather unfair, but it was tied to an agenda about the negative effects of social media I’ve now dumped. But my new ending may be riskier. I’m trying to suggest indirectly that there are no definitive answers to the questions raised by the film and these two women are just tormenting each other by arguing endlessly. I’m departing from literal reality in this ending. The spectator repeats a question from much earlier in the film, speaking in an affected and robotic voice. As she says it, the image and sound cut in and out. Finally, they fully fade away, and the credits roll.

  7. Statictick

    Hey D.! It has been way too long. I try to keep up, but I’m usually reading so late that any comments I may have are fuzz before I even attempt typing them. And I’ve been distracted by the usual medical twists and turns. The neurologist has me taking anti-seizure meds that don’t prevent seizures as much as they take a bad / sad mood and amplify it… and they make my epic sleepwalking episodes even more drawn out and ridiculous than they already are. It’s like walking on the moon, but definitely not the right moon. My other options are drugs that I’ve either tried before and hated, or stuff that seems stronger that I am not willing to try and be a lab rat for. Those ‘psychoactive’ (or whatever they are called) drugs just don’t jive with me. And the syrinx that is causing most of this, including the random pain thing, is not big enough where it would be considered operable. I don’t think I want anyone messing with my brain anyway, even a pinpointed laser. The doctor was in tune enough to give me narcotic pain relievers. I use them sparingly, cuz that’s a habit I’ve had to break before and I’m not going through that shit again. And those painkillers are free with my insurance (hopefully Trump won’t fuck that up). The neurologist wants me to switch to a cannabis oil with high CBD levels. I’ll admit that just smoking as much weed as I can afford definitely cuts down on the seizures, and sort of lessens the pain. But while it’s not illegal, it costs over half what I spend to get weed from my friend, so….

    In better medical news, a routine blood test showed that everything was fine except for liver enzymes. I have watched the liver enzyme count go up and down since I was a teen and it was first discovered I had Hep C. And the rising and falling of it didn’t seem to correlate with my behavior (though you’d think it would, especially by now). I saw the liver doc a few years ago who found a very low viral count. Well, now there are drugs that can eradicate Hep C (I believe one is called Harvonian), and they are not ‘chemotherapy’ like the Interferon they wanted to put me on years ago. So now, I’m ready to give this a shot and become squeaky clean in my late 40s. Whoo Hoo!

    I met with Natasha a couple of weeks ago to discuss some animation we’re working on, and have a general chat. The chat part centered largely on Odd Hours, and revealed so much about the splintering and reforming of the band that I’m glad I never finished the article I’ve been promising to you forever. It’s really personal, testy stuff. However, maybe a page with just a short blurb and a bunch of their way fun video work would suffice. I’ll have to see what she thinks about that.

    And yes, that living room mural is still going on. My landlord came all the way inside to just have a look at things, and while he seemed a bit stunned at first, he actually gave it a big compliment (probably thinking, well, now I definitely don’t have to give this bozo his security deposit back). My nice phone bit the dust, and the gov’t phone I’m using doesn’t have a camera on it, so I don’t have many pix of the mural yet, but soon I will. I don’t think that’s enough for a page, but I’ll email them to you and see what you think.

    I’ve got more, but that’s enough for now.

    Best to all.

  8. Jamie

    Dennis! How are you? How’s Grenoble? Such a nice name for a place. Apologies for the silence – I always want to come say hi, but this week has been nonstop again. I actually left a comment in the early morning the other day, but you posted super early and missed it, I think. Was just saying how happy I was that your producer liked your film – such good news.
    So, all the film stuff is still going well, I gather? How are you feeling about it? What’s your next phase?
    We’re almost completely moved into our new digs. I’m spending a last solo night in the old flat while Hannah is in Copenhagen at a conference. It’s strange. The kitchen started flooding the other day and there are big cracks across the ceiling. It’s like the building is dying around us. I’m slightly reminded of the mum in the house at the end of Carrie, but I don’t want to dwell too much on that as I’m close to getting creeped out. I’m feeling shattered.
    I don’t have anything clever, insightful or funny to say about these slaves today, but I loved the post. Thank you. Is this a slightly darker batch of slaves than usual or is it just the way I’m feeling?
    So, as long as the wifi changeover goes well, I plan on being a regular here again. I’m really looking forward to that.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Any plans?
    Dust-settling love,

  9. _Black_Acrylic

    Enjoyed today’s slaves, I’m with Jamie in that they appear a darker, more complex bunch than ever. Except for slavemike, that boy doesn’t half go on.

    • Jamie

      _Black_Acrylic, you posted a link here to an electronic album a couple of months ago. It sounded amazing, but I’ve lost it. Do you remember what it was?
      Hope you’re well.

  10. David Ehrenstein

    A Moz biopic is coming The trailer looks a tad too heteronormative for my taste.

  11. Bill

    Quite a hilarious gathering of slaves and guests today, Dennis!

    Hope the Grenoble project is going great. Just got back from the Codame 3D Web art event with a friend; a few nice pieces, some not so nice pieces, as usual.

    My friend is in the tasteful band Tangents, which you might enjoy:


  12. Gary

    I always look forward to your blog, generally speaking, but love it special on slave day!

    Now…. not to be an obnoxious fanboy (too old for that) or anything but I wanted to thank you, Dennis, for being such an inspiration. I don’t think I’ve found an author who has intrigued me quite so much as you over the last decade (I was late to the party). I dabble with the arts (mostly painting and drawing) and am encouraged that I’m not so alone in some of my more outre interests. There’s something I’ve found liberating- creatively speaking- about your work in general. So much so, that you’ve become one of my top five favorite authors of all time,.

    Also, LOVE the GIF books (WOW), the movies (couldn’t wait for CATTLE) and the collaborations with Zac and Gisele.

    Ok… enough. Now get back to work!!!!

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