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[NSFW]: Meet insanelyloyal, psychoticiknow, ReadMyProfile, IAMDISGRACE, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of August 2016


didigodot, 18
rope and harsh noise
thing 4 brutal





faggot4brainwashing, 24
Desperate straight student in Paris since a couple of months and am looking for a man (all ages and sizes) for gay hypnosis with rewards – I have a good body, young face, good skin and 6″4′.

I am a nice guy inside, it just takes hypnosis to bring that out. Usually I’m crazy, violent, a fuck up, but there’s nothing to worry about. I am just crazy, but under hypnosis I’m harmless.

I have a screwed up straight life. Arrest warrants, etc. I need to be hypnotized into a gay and nice guy then drop off the grid permanently. Anyone out there willing who is not a weak failure in a city apartment?

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strawberry1998, 18
If you are gay or old woman true love is like Ghosts ,which everybody talks about but fewer have seen.
well, i havent seen/experiece both.

I are Italian recently ,are in London then do not speak English and I can not sleep.

#trending everywhere.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 2.31.28 PM
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 2.31.45 PM



Bikini, 20
Never been with a man ever. Always had obsession of being “turned out”. Finding a man to reprogram me. Pimp me out do whatever it takes.

I notice that if i orgasm I lose this obsession so maybe a man finds a way to make sure I don’t cum that much or ever. I don’t know too much more than this.

Just need someone to make a straight boy compleltly gay. I hope you will find that amusing. Help me do this and help yourself to me while you do and then I’ll be on my way.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 8.20.19 AM



lockmeinthetrunk, 23
i love being locked in the trunk of a car. it just gives me a great feeling. hard to explain but it’s the ultimate rush. come grab me, park in an alley and let me be in your trunk

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Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.17.44 AM



BuildMe, 19
Looking for a strong handed man to help build a skinny smooth boy into a big gutted bear. Laugh at me as I become his pathetic fat bitch. Also would be cool if he was into age progression because I want to be in my fifties like yesterday.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.15.02 AM



sluttyfukdollcorpse, 18
Subhuman femmy cumslut looking to be DESTROYED. “it” has cock, balls, buttocks attached ONLY as pain receptacles for the pleasure of a SADOMASTER.

Slutty, fem, fuktoy bottom looking to experience my all time fantasy of being the only bottom in a VERY large, VERY rough, BRUTAL gangbang snuff with all older men. Looking for a top who can host A LOT of men for a NASTY, NO MERCY, NO SAFE WORD gangbang and murder. It must be filmed.

Subhuman’s cock to be tortured until “it” begs to have that removed. –alligatored, needled, bitten–. Subhuman balls beaten, electrified, swollen, sliced off. Subhuman asscheeks for needles, beaten, bruised, welted, electrified until no flesh color, only black and blue, hacked or sawed off with machete or electric saw. Subhuman face punched, stabbed, burned, carved, stomped into “its” busted skull.

I want to begin the night looking like a pretty princess boi and end looking like a blanched, cum riddled, unrecognizable, used ruined dead rigor mortis mess. I WANT TO BE DEMOLISHED on camera. Want it to be filmed and to have it exposed for the world to see.

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accidentalkissaguy, 18
accidental kiss a guy


accidentalkissaguy – 21.Jun. 2016

COMPOLY – 21.Jun.2016
that’s all?

accidentalkissaguy – 21.Jun.2016

COMPOLY – 20/Jun.2016
so…you want to accidentally kiss a guy?

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xtrasmall, 21
… I am gonna choose somebody from audience.. a man… because i’m gay :)) im kidding, Im not gay,
I tried 13 times and i didn’t liked

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Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 9.23.38 AM
Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 9.22.59 AM



Scottyhottybotty, 21

I’ve always thought I’m cool, but lately am realising I am a slave.

I’m extremely nervous about all this, but would like to take a lot of little steps forward.

I expect to go through the stages of roughly:
1st chat on here and get comfortable.
2nd meet in a public place and check that we are both happy with the answers we get.
The first time we meet for kink reasons, very little will happen. I’ll be naked for you, but that’s about it.
Next time, maybe I’ll give you a hand job, etc.

If that’s too slow for you, then I hope you find what you are looking for.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.48.05 AM



Catch__18, 18
Edge me torture my balls cum control milk me but please Sir if you allow me to cum please don’t ruin it

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worthlessnotuseless, 22
Yeh I’m a slave, but I’m not going to make love to you.. I’m not going to get fucked by you.. I’m not going to get tortured by you. I’M going to own YOU. Completely.

The only way to keep a man is to demand something he cannot supply..

I don’t care if you can or if you cannot..

If you want me, you must supply.




Bloodonyourhands, 21
I need to find a Master who wants a slave so badly that he’s willing to do anything to get it. Lie to it. Con it. Travel to a small Mexico town to take it. Possibly kill its family to leave no witness.

The five stages of grief will occur:

Denial – “I didn’t actually want this” or “I was only playing a game”. Ignore my mouth, I know it isn’t a game.
Anger – “You can’t do this to me, I’m a free guy” or “this is wrong”. It may seem wrong at first, but I don’t care and You don’t care.
Bargaining – “I won’t tell anyone” or “I’ll be a good slave if you give me freedom”. If given the chance, I will take advantage of your kindness. I will call the police.
Depression – I will cry. I will lack motivation. I’ll stew and moan. Console me, but refuse. If I continue, torture me.
Acceptance – I will become everything you want me to be. I will surrender it all.

Of course, you could destroy its vocal cords and keep it completely drugged so it never cares. Or both.

I don’t know why I feel this way and it’s very surprising to me.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 7.51.29 AM



Azad, 18
My name is Azad
i want 1 mounth living in turkey
I am from nortth Iraq
i am manwife want a husband
i cant description what can i do
and and and and . . .. .. . . …

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Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 7.56.43 AM
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 7.57.14 AM
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 7.57.43 AM



MyPiglette4Ruin, 20
My sub human anal bareback piglette taking all loads and anything else you want to force inside it.
My piglette’s mouth is a full toilet. Feed my piglette loads of shit washed down with urine.
Force my piglette to eat anything including vomit. My piglette never speaks, never says no, never has a thought.
Ruin my piglette’s ass, balls, dicklette, and/or nipples. Cigarette burns, branding, needles, cutting, piercings (permanent), ball skewering, tattoos. Beat my piglette’s face until you are happy with the results (it begs for broken bones).
My piglette will squeel as you make it suffer horrifically, use it as your garbage disposal, and destroy fucking pathetic it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 12.08.54 PM



I’m a poor college kid so I do t have the space or money to buy anything. I really want to to try something. Wanna help me out send me a idea. This is kept completely secret to my boyfriend who doesn’t have an inkling to this side of me. Sorry about the pic I’m also still in the closet.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 7.50.17 AM



ReadMyProfile, 19

Catwalk model; Looking for a master same as me: catwalk model.
Wating for you in paris .

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 7.21.16 AM
Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 7.21.43 AM



randomboy, 19
it is a 19 year old piece of property in las vegas that does not know what it was made for. It has read stories, seen movies.

Its physique can easily be altered if it’s diet consist of only piss and cum.

In its dreams it is raped 24/7 by gangs of every brutal tweaker in the city who pump its veins with meth every second of every day.

That is its tamest dream. There are far far far far more twisted thoughts.

If it knew of a public restroom where it could sit where a toilet was supposed to be, it would never leave.


Business-Actor – 20.Jun.2016
gotta say, a buddy of mine organized a group dump with randomboy yesterday and taking a shit in this boy’s mouth was the greatest moment of my life.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 7.39.34 AM
Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 7.39.48 AM
Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 7.40.18 AM



slaveintoslavery, 23
I was born in New York in year April 9th, 1993 to Mr and Mrs Stephen Looney and later came down to Houston Texas in the States I attended Hernando schools through the 9th grade and graduated high school from Melbourne Air Force Academy. I am a graduate of Stetson University in Deland, Florida And the Texas Chiropractic College I was member of the former Mt. Camel Baptist Church…..I enlisted in the United States Army in September 15 2014….Until i was dishonorably discharged, i served at Fort Hood, Texas as a M1A2 Abrams tank loader and unit armorer; and was supposed to be deployed to Bosnia with the A/1-12th Calvary….but i had a complete mental breakdown and only got home from the psych hospital last week..I’m passionate about being tortured with just i and my master holding hands and sharing intimate things about each other.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.14.39 AM
Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.15.12 AM
Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.15.22 AM
Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.15.41 AM



Hotass, 21
Looking for a guy to go through a few litres of lube with. Because I’m gay. And I like gay. And I haven’t had sex in a year.


Hotass – 16.Dec.2015
I have a ass on the back

Bengel No Angels – 16.Dec.2015
What ass ??

I see none!

ganimedt – 15.Dec.2015
Wow, very nice ass!




TheBenny, 23
Hello I’m The Benny or Ben, it chooses you.

I am joined by a mate already on the page and look how it’s going on here.

Short to me, I’m still in school, like write poetry and do 2 times a week flute lesson. I myself am more than hetero bi but find it occasionally quite cool to suffer me to a sponsorated tough man.

I do this because I need some money for my first car and for everyday shit.

Lets smoke until we get high first.

We’ll see if I’m a total mess or not.

See you

Your The Benny

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.51.40 AM
Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.50.30 AM


cumANDscream, 24
love me for what iam









Disposable_waste, 19
no point wasting time is there.. we all know why we’re here so ASK me and yes I’ll say YES and I’ll send some more pictures if it helps! anything im up for ANYTHING really just ask.. PLEASE make it happen for me .. fuck you


Methpig – 24.Jun.2016
sos this one

Methpig – 23.Jun.2016
bottom ones real

Methpig – 18.Jun.2016
top fotos fake

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.40.47 AM
Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 8.02.03 AM



Mouse, 19
Well, usually I’m a shitty teen recluse in Grand Rapids who likes to party by myself, but suddenly I want to invite someone older over.

I have a feeling I’ll remember afterwards why I like to be alone but that’s not your problem unless you fall in love with me, but I don’t think you will.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.06.50 AM







Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.29.25 AM



psychoticiknow, 22
Want mental destruction, to be broken down to the point where I am incapable of thought. Surgery, brainwashing, turned insane, etc. Seeking a master who wants complete ownership of the body of a raving befuddled idiot.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.49.16 AM



FuckedBadArtist, 20
Sexually, I don’t do anal sadly… and no I won’t budge on that issue sorry.
I do not live in the UK, I actually live on the Isle of man, the only reason I have put it for the Uk is because I don’t want people from my area to know that I am on this site if they ever are (It’s just a nervous type of thing.
I think I am an 20 year old Art Student but I am really just stupid and I need to be put in my place.
I’d like a intelligent master that knows good art (Bacon, Dali, Picasso, etc) from bad art (mine- see fotos) and can use his IQ to abuse and humiliate subtely in public situations…
I can suck, jerk, swallow, lick, worship.
I have examples of what I mean if you don’t understand what I mean.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.30.47 AM



foggymind, 22
previous owned dog,permantly naked and total hairless,seeks new careless,rough dogMASTER,for 247365

housed in dogkennel outside the Masters home,fully dogtrained,breeded several times a day in both holes.

previous MASTER was rough dogbreeder,spent 8 years as his dog.


medicalexperiment – 18.Jun.2016
I don’t speak “dog.” Is that a yes or a no?

foggymind – 18.Jun.2016

medicalexperiment – 15.Jun.2016
In short I do not wish to treat you as animal merely as an object of experimentation. Animal seems too far up the chain. I want to use you for what ever purpose I see fit be it sexual or medical. I would dispose of you when I am finished. Absolute no limits, test mine not yours.

foggymind – 15.Jun.2016

medicalexperiment – 15.Jun.2016
How stuck are you on this “dog” trip? I crave you but the “dog” trip doesn’t touch it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 1.31.18 PM
Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 1.31.43 PM



JunkInTheTrunk, 21
My goal is to have a wrecked cunt, but that wont happen unless I get some help. I want someone to take ownership of my ass and give it the regular demolishing it needs.

Owndership would allow you to use my ass whichever way you like as long as:
* I am in a somewhat comfortable position
* You chem me generously to keep the pain entertaining
* You’re careful about how you wreck my ass so you won’t stop desiring it as the damage ruins it
* You’re like me in that you’re sexually excited by the tragedy and horror of my ass’s destruction

The individual ass destroying sessions could be both short to long, everything from a couple of hours to days to ideally a longterm boyfriend kind of thing.

Please note that I don’t do vanilla at all. No treating my ass like a princess with tongue and cock. If it doesn’t have knuckles it doesn’t go in.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 8.09.24 AM
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 3.04.18 PM



KidnapAndWrapMe, 19
I’m very frustrated and putting this out there ONE MORE TIME because I just want someone to follow through with their plans to kidnap me. Whether it’s putting me bound in a sack and transporting me to their basement, or a simple home invasion style kidnap where I find myself VERY heavily tied and gagged and possibly left that way to either escape on my own or starve to death. It can be we’re together for just hours, day, or it can be I’m captured with you permanently. But this NEEDS to happen now. My parents are away in Ibiza and I’m ALL ALONE in the house until Thursday. I’m a young teen guy, just very barely legal, not cute to boys and girls my age but I have to beat pedophiles off with a stick. Except apparently when I ask them to kidnap me! I prefer to be wearing pajamas when kidnapped and while captive. And I’m begging my captors, if you tape gag me PLEASE go crazy with how much tape you wrap over my mouth. Use the entire damn roll if you want to. I’ll be so happy if that happens.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 8.38.48 PM



LittleWorm, 18
I guess I’m supposed to be careful what I ask for, but I’m really hoping to learn a lot. Let’s just say I’d learn 24/7/365 if I could.

So write me if you’ve got something you think I should learn.

I’m not familiar with american slang or really complicated English so please excuse me for that reason.

I’m thinking of moving to Boulder, Colorado.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.25.58 AM
Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 7.18.16 AM



SuperduperSlaveBoy, 18
Heya 🙂 I’m Riley
I never know what to write in these boxes and I always make the box really really big!!!!!! Ahh!!
Cheeky, super hyper, blue eyed blonde, supercalifragilistic sub boy.
I have ADHD so I’m alwaysss super super super hyper haha.
By day sixth form catholic schoolboy at boarding school. By night dirty minded, sweaty bodied slavepig slut Haha
I love pies and will eat them for every meal if given the chance. A good pie should be the size of a newborn baby!
I play Beatles CDs loads.
I’m training in circus Aerial flying trapeze. It’s what I wanna do for a job when I leave school!
I love crossword puzzles as well!
I swear everyone I know is now in long-terms and then there’s just me with my Oreo like Hey Bae you good? and it says never says anything back because Oreos can’t speak.

I always have extra power to have great frantic blurry-fast sex but I don’t wanna just have sex for months on end because I’ll get bored.
But I wanna please you loads! What I mean is I love having sex the way a grilled cheese sandwich loves having melted cheese but I want to please you not just sexually, like I wanna learn to do all your boring house chores as well!!
I’d like to be sent to school and church with a huge butt plug, no pants and nipple clamps so I always remembered I’m owned! Annnnd a huge dildo when doing trapeze.
I want my master to not just turn my body inside out sexually looking for hidden treasures but do that to my brain in everyday life as well.
I don’t want a sugar daddy, I don’t want your money, I don’t want gifts, don’t even try to offer me any of that stuff plz.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.53.45 AM



Alias, 20
“Sticks and stones my break my bones but whips and chains excite me” – Rihanna

The same applies to me.

My whimpers and tears should be the #1 song that lets MASTER know he is doing a good job.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 7.58.29 AM



insanelyloyal, 20
I was raped when i was 7 year old and my asshole is shaped like a star. some men like it and some do not.

My asshole will suck your dick like a vacuum cleaner you will completely feel my asshole being used.

In private I will server you but when in public our relationship is needs to appear traditional and even keeled.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.16.50 AM




p.s. Hey.  Oh, this new comments formatting thing has the option to reply to others’ comments, which is pretty cool. Out of politeness and so on, I won’t speak to/with comments that are replies to others’ comments because that just seems intrusive, obviously. ** Mieze, Hi again, awesome! I’ll make sure to try to keep the whirlpool aspect online and working properly then. You as a non-stranger is a splendid idea! Much love from me. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Great, wonderful about the Art101 post! I’m glad that it’s only that your usual style has been cramped, not that that’s a plus or anything, but I bet you’re working the temporarily hampered look, ha ha. I think you can format the post exactly as you did in Blogger. When the old posts are uploaded here, the formatting is identical. They just lack the images. So the old codes seem to function properly here. As far as the photo-comment thing, I’m still kind of virginal here. I saw your comment yesterday and changed a setting. Did that make a difference? If not, I’ll keep trying to figure out how you can do that. It should be easy, right? You can’t delete your comments? Huh. Again, I’ll see how I can enable that function. That is a nice necklace by your pal. Everyone, check out this awesome brain skull necklace made and being sold by an artist friend of _B_A’s. I’ll let him explain: ‘My friend in Dundee who, like myself, has MS, makes these cool necklaces and I ordered one yesterday. It’s a laser cut acrylic skull showing an MRI scan of her brain with the lesions caused by MS.’ ** postitB(breakup), Hi. Cool, glad some of the inflatables hit home. Funny, weird, sucks about the branding thing. Whoa, you made a chapbook/hapboo! I’m excited. I’ll download it in a moment. Good move, maestro! Everyone, here’s postitB(breakup) with an exciting gift for you. Get it! Do yourself a favor! Here he is: ‘inspired by cool ppl like Chris D i made… something… i wouldn’t call it a chapbook, maybe a “hapboo”–especially since it was my first attempt at one and a quick attempt at that… it’s my favorite poems/acrostics etc i’ve been posting on Twitter. i’m definitely not a poet, but this is the main thing i’ve written all year, and i do feel proud about some of the … rhymes i guess, haha. info / free view & download is here if anyone would be interested. Ha ha, I can’t download it because doing so requires Google Drive, and I’ve been banned for life from using any of Google’s services, so I’ll have to figure out a secret way in. ** Darrell Alvarez, Hi, Darrell. Yeah, I remember you saying you were headed to Berlin, and I’ve actual seen snaps of you on FB looking rather happy there. I’m in Paris, yes. A bunch of traveling is upcoming, but I’m squared away again, yeah. Fine day! ** Jamie McMorrow, Hi, Jamie! Too much non-fun work, sorry, that’s no good, but your impending vacation sounds perfectly timed. Where will you be in this fair (?) adopted country of mine? ‘Last Breath’ is kind of great, right? Early happy birthday to Hannah! I know a couple of businesses in the UK that custom design inflatables if you want to go special on the gift, although I think it’s an expensive option and takes months, so … never mind. Yesterday? Uh, … I’m still having to do a lot of blog stuff to get this place running properly. I worked a little on this promo text for Zac’s and my next film. We have a … I don’t know what to call it … audition (?) next week where have to try to convince this funding operation to give us some money for the film, and we need to be ready to explain and justify our ideas, etc. So I did that. And I bought tickets to see Crystal Castles play here in December because I’ve never seen them, and I think their stuff, at least pre- the new singer, is kind of mindbogglingly awesome. Uh, … I think that was yesterday’s gist. What was Wednesday for you? Lots of love back. ** Slatted Light, Hi, D. I know, it was trippy and moving, and it still is. The reunion. Yeah, as much as the NYT means not much of anything to me or most people I know, it is The Place historically, so when the Google mess got that far, I think that pushed things over. And Roxane was so cool and kind to do that. That was one hell of a dream, Mr. R. It gave me the upswinging willies. Well, you know I’m going to rah-rah-rah about your book idea, so I just did, and I still am silently. My new text novel … I really have barely looked at it in over two years. Everything has gotten in its way. But that’s okay. I needed a break from novels. It’s very straightfoward, for me, and very personal and emotional, for me, and very not like a novel, for me. Have an excellent day. ** James Nulick, Ha, cool, about the font and stuff. Gisele and a couple of other people I know have seen ‘The Childhood of a Leader’. Not me. They all say it’s kind of interesting and has a lot of potential but ultimately isn’t that great. The ‘boy who wants to blow himself up’ is the narrative of Zac’s and my new film, not a novel. It’s written, and it’s just waiting for the coffers to fill enough that we get the green light to start making it. ** Tosh Berman, Hi, Tosh. Thanks, bud. Yeah, a big inflatables show at the Geffen is a dreamy idea. Thanks so much for your kind words about LCTG. That means a bunch, sir. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi, D! Thanks! Ooh, a George W.S. Trow post is an ultra-exciting idea! Thank you so much for doing that. I love Trow, and you, and I’m excited. The lack of love for Mike Love makes a whole lot of sense unless I’m missing something? ** Lee, Hi, L. Man, it’s nuts how publicized that Google thing ended up being. All over the world. Crazy. What are you up to? I think I saw that you were looking for a microphone loan? Am I tripping? If not, did you get one and what are you doing with it? ** Raymond, Hi, man. Me too, on the incredibly happy front. It’s really nice to get to talk with you here and in the email form too. Thanks about LCTG. I’m really glad to hear that. You were at the London screening? Yeah, the air was swampy. With the actors, I definitely was thinking Bresson, and I can’t speak for Zac, but I think he was too. We cast the guys based not at all on how they could act, and none of them had ever acted. We cast them because they were charismatic in different ways, and had a quality that riveted us, and because we liked their voices, which in some cases were quite odd and inexpressive. So, yeah, we were trying to help them design themselves into vehicles for the words and emotions rather than guys acting out anything. The Dumont quality makes sense too. We were really thrilled because Dumont saw LCTG and really loved it. Cool. Thanks, R, and talk with you soon here and there. ** Damien Ark, Hi. Oh, yeah, I don’t know that anime. Should I grab it? Nice about the imaginary custom bouncy house. I still do that, actually, ha ha. I’m trying to figure out how to let you guys have avatars. I might have enabled that function later yesterday, but I don’t know. Can you now? If not, I’ll figure it out. ** Steevee, Hi, Steve. I’m so sorry to hear about the health stuff. I so hope the anti-withdrawls med helps a lot. Insomnia is just about the worst thing ever. Try not to worry, ‘cos, obviously, that won’t help the sleep stuff. How is going today? ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! It’s super hugely great to get to talk with you again too! I missed you! Great, I hoped and figured that the zine would be real by now. The series sounds really cool. I hope I’ll get to see your zines somehow. Is there a way? Disheveled hair is the best hair. Is there even an argument against that proposition? I guess there are those who like a clean, smooth look, but not me. I laid out my day up above to Jamie by chance. It was fine, not fantastically exciting, but all right. Our heatwave died out. That was probably the best part, even though it’s creeping slightly back in today, I think. Did Wednesday float your boat, and, if so, how? Mega-love to you. ** Sypha, Hey, J. Happy to be adding a little enhancement to your diary. Oh, I still need to get that Justin Isis anthology. Thanks for reminding me. My head has been an inflatable for the past two months. Pretty good that you made it all the way to only 99 pages remaining in ‘Justine’. I’m pretty sure that when I read it, I did a bunch of skimming, but I think with Sade, that’s a perfectly rational approach. ** Jonathan, Me too! Fingers very crossed about the TV show. Even though it’s going to be a ton of work. But at least we’d be paid relatively handsomely for the work, which something I am not used to in the slightest. New Pye Corner Audio: I’ll check that out today. And those poets, if I can. The stuff I’ve been listening to just got compiled in a gig post, so I’ll save my tips for that. Sadaharu Aoki has these new, giant-sized matcha cakes that are … roar. But they’re only available at this one kind of hard to get to outlet. But still. ** Dynomoose, I want to bounce across the inflatable bridge too. Wearing a life jacket. And maybe a portable helicopter backpack. I think there’s about 1% chance it will ever get built. It is the epitome of impractical, god love it. ** Scunnard, Hey, bud. Yep, still here, although I suppose today’s post is the first real test, ha ha. You should teach that class! Inflatables are not only a vastly underrated art material but also so rarely employed in a newfangled way, and you’re just the adventurer to rectify that. ** Armando, Hi. Yeah, weird. I’m trying to figure out how it make it so you guys can delete your comments. It seems really weird that you can’t. The band we’re doing the video for? Mm, not famous famous like Radiohead or, err, Black Keys or something, but they’re known for sure. Hugs to you. ** Wolf, Wolf! I know, right? And it’s cool, right? Right. I can imagine that Hirst’s space is probably pretty good, space-wise. Nah, we didn’t see it when we were there. And I saw the Koons retrospective at the Pompidou, so I’m Koonsed-out for the moment. The lobster was in the Paris shebang, I think. I’m not sure about the other one. With Koons, I always think I really like the very early stuff only, but then when I saw the retrospective, I thought oh, you know, this is fun, what the hell. Much love right back to you at hurricane force but without any possibility of collateral damage! ** Math, Great cartwheel! Or is that cartwheels? Is it like a bunch of ones strung together or one very long, multi-part one? ** Schoolboyerrors, Thanks, D. Those Nancy Davidson inflatables are pretty sexy. But clean too. Good clean inflated sex, the best kind. Thank you for their insinuation. I’m not saying that Jarmusch is some kind of overlooked master or anything, you know. Sometimes I’m in the mood for his particular thing and, thus, appreciate the particularity of his thing, ‘cos deftly particularized things have an inherent positive thing about them, you know? Where is Bernard? That’s true? How rude, ha ha. And, yes, really, RIP: Gene Wilder. He was amazing. He was kind of a genius or something. ** L@rstonovich, Hey. Dude, no joke, that was a shit-fuck year. No blow-softening. But it sounds like it ultimately lead to a situation of some interest and even beauty. I’m such an optimist, sorry. The Lawn is back?! Dude, that is awesome news. Are you gonna play live and stuff? So good to see you, pal. ** Nicki, Hi, Nicki! Oh my god, now it really is old/new home week! Hi! Yay to you! So very happy to see you! Don’t be a stranger. You can be strange, of course, and please do, ‘cos strange = tiptop. ** Rewritedept, Hey, man, so long no see! I am back. It is true. New digs, new outlay, but yeah. I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. Hugs, man. I’ve been good. The blog thing was pretty hungry for me and took a lot out of my spirits and time there for a while, but life kept happening. Love back. ** Misanthrope, Georgey. Aw, you so kind, mister. Subtle things like what? You don’t have to say. LPS made it to high school. That kid is gonna be a star or a master of something or other if not of everything. Which sounds kind of scary. ** Kyler, Thanks, man. Oh, yikes about your dad. That’s kind of intense. I hope he (and you) get through that okay. I’ll keep Merc Ret’s arrival in mind. ** Bill, Hi, Bill. I don’t know what image is from. I wish I did. I would say from some horror film, but you can see the internal structure so easily that maybe not, or from a really, really cheap horror film. What are you working on? ** Liquoredgoat, Hi, Douglas. I know Norman Dubie. Or I mean I know his work a little. I don’t know him personally. That’s cool. Man, I can’t even imagine the heat there. When it was in the mid-90s here, we were all dying. ** Right. So, the post up there was originally supposed to be the favored slaves of June, but they got time-machined to August. Anyway, just to show you that this place isn’t planning to change one little bit. Well, maybe a little bit. See you tomorrow.


  1. Nick Hudson

    Hey Dennis! Great to have the blog resurrected in swanky new threads – looking gooood, my friend! That Beatrice Dalle Day blew my mind – I’d watched ‘Notre Paradis’ only days before you posted it. Found it a) pretty damn great and b) a little too close to home to not find its tendrils embedded in my waking dreams for the following few days. How’re you doing? Very much loking forward to seeing you, and the film, in Brighton in October. The Academy Of Sun are heading out on a short tour this weekend. Hope you’re enjoying ‘Ganymede…’ But just generally, serious congrats on the restoration of your Google account. Fuckers. Epic love, Nick xx

    • wolf

      yo motherfucker wassup xxxx

  2. Armando


    hey, man, i wrote this to you yesterday; guess u didnt see it. i bought ‘grimoire’. i havent been able to read it yet, but im very excited to do so, as it looks great. found u on fb and sent u a friend request and a pm (under an alias). have a good day, armando.


    hey, man, i think i found u too on fb. also sent u a friend request and pm (also under an alias).


    hey, Cooper, where do you find these people?! some r really priceless. this is now one of my favorite quotes and it made my night: “i love being locked in the trunk of a car. it just gives me a great feeling. hard to explain but it’s the ultimate rush. come grab me, park in an alley and let me be in your trunk” lmfao. just fuckin love it. u gotta love that quote. u just have 2. just like lars von triers: “i really wanted to be a jew and then i found out that i was really a nazi, which also gave me some pleasure”. lmfao. anyway, back to the guys; faggot4brainwashing seems like a character out of one of ur novels, lol. LittleWorm and strawberry1998 r of course my favorites. so fuckin cute.

    so, whats ur new movie about???!!!

    i have a suspect regarding the band thing. shall i say it or should i keep my fuckin trap fuckin shut?

    whats ur favorite sade book after ‘the 120 days of sodom’?

    good day, good luck, best wishes and lots of love and hugs,


  3. postitB(reakup)

    Hey D, thanks for the shout out. I emailed you the hapboo so you don’t have to mess with Google–sorry about that. Can’t believe they are so petty, not that you would wanna use their services anyway… Although do you have to Bing or Yahoo now?

    If anyone else wants the hapboo emailed instead of downloading from Google drive, just hit me up–be happy to have readers

    have a good day, thanks again !

  4. David Ehrenstein

    Ah Les Boys! Beau comme toujours.

  5. James Nulick


    Wow, the boys are back… I wasn’t sure if they would be excommunicated from DC’s after the digital calamity, so I am glad to see they still have a rental/lease agreement with DC’s! None really caught my eye this month; I prefer dark-eyed brooders, I guess. People who look normal on the outside but who contain a maelstrom within. Oh god, my secret is out.

    So the boy who wants to blow himself up is the narrative of yours’ and Zac’s next film? Somehow I thought it was a novel, but… that is awesome! And very timely. I really hope the exchequer gets filled so that you and Zac can make your beautiful movie.. Still need to see LCTG, but I’m working on it! Give me a break, I’m a child of divorce, LOLZ

    @liquoredgoat / ASU boy,

    yes, I have almost zero internet presence, however I am on twitter, which is the only form of social media I indulge in (I kind of socially medially withdrew when MySpace took a nosedive and I could no longer post awesome skull pics and talk about my love for Bright Eyes, which immediately takes me back to 2006). If you would like, please email me, we can chat –

    much love to all of you, xoxo

  6. Marilyn Roxie

    Oh Dennis, it’s wonderful to see your site back again!! These posts were/are among my favorites. I was wondering if I should resend you the video art post I had made for the future, as the day I sent it along was the same as when everything went tumbling down from Google, and where the best address to do that would be. Much love, Marilyn

  7. James Nulick

    Dennis, how does one add a thumbnail next to their name on your new digs?

  8. Thomas Moronic

    brutal is better
    let’s listen to Pulse Demon
    and tie some harsh knots

    nice hypnotised gay
    cancel out the violence
    you screwed up straight life

    true love is a ghost
    and I have never seen one
    I can never sleep

    never let you cum
    I want you to be obsessed
    Life is amusing

    the ultimate rush
    park in an alley – grab me
    leave me in the trunk

    start to build me up
    turn me into a fat bear
    my age progression

    a stomped busted skull
    alligatored and swollen
    die on camera

    you didn’t get it
    this is more than just bodies
    you will never know

    tried it thirteen times
    something makes you want this man
    you can’t work it out

    make yourself comfortable
    is it too slow now?

    please don’t ruin this
    the enjoyment doesn’t count
    allow me just this

    don’t care if you can’t
    you will never hurt me now
    we will not make love

    five stages of grief
    it was never a real game
    i wont tell a soul

    I can’t describe this
    You’re looking in the wrong place
    You thought you’d found me?

    mouth as a toilet
    squealing and so pathetic
    awful suffering

    boyfriend doesn’t know
    sorry about the photo
    it stays a secret

    a catwalk master
    the private lives of models
    better than you thought

    piece of property
    a diet of piss and cum
    veins pumped full of meth

    master, please hold hand
    we can share intimate things
    passionate torture

    no sex in a year
    now your ass has disappeared
    what is left of you?

    we can get so high
    I’m doing this for money
    I write poetry

    don’t talk about love
    unless you’re rejecting it
    cumming and screaming

    ask me anything
    the answer is always yes
    I’m predictable

    I’m better alone
    I always remember that
    Just sometimes too late

    boy dressed as a girl
    destroy her delicious ass
    late night sleaze sex clubs

    mental destruction
    and incapable of thought
    insane surgery

    Francis Bacon fan
    Subtle humiliation
    Suck, jerk and swallow

    careless, rough master
    dog kennel outside the house
    eight years as a dog

    generously chemmed
    my ass is not a princess
    entrance for knuckles

    go crazy with me
    use as much tape as you want
    the entire damn roll

    I’ll learn if you write
    No complicated English
    I am like a dream

    always write too much
    adhd and rambling
    swaty slavepig slut

    rhianna lyrics
    my tears are the only song
    serenade me, sir

    vacuum cleaner hole
    my asshole’s shaped like a star
    like a big black hole

    • Jonathan Parker-Bryant

      The restoration is complete with this post. Love them, as always, TM. Cheers!

  9. Thomas Moronic

    I didn’t get to comment yesterday as I was busy in London. So good to see Michael and Bene, yesterday. I loved the inflatables post – I kind of have a real dislike/fear of balloons but the bigger they are the kind of more fine I am with them, which doesn’t make sense, I know.

    Oh man, it’d be great if you would have a welcome post for my new novel – thanks, Dennis. I’ll start thinking about what to do for it.

  10. Jesse Bransford

    Welcome back Dennis.

  11. steevee

    I haven’t started withdrawal yet – I start Friday night. I feel a little bit better because my psychiatrist told me I can take Benadryl to help with the insomnia. It’s marketed for allergy relief, but the main ingredient is the same one as the one in over-the-counter sleeping pills. That helps me feel a bit less anxious.

    I’m really looking forward to Jim Jarmusch’s documentary about the Stooges, which opens in New York in late October.

  12. Sypha

    I wonder if some of these slaves who wear those black S&M-style masks ever feel a little silly doing so?

    Dennis, you know me, I never skim… read every single damn word, even the copyright page, ha ha (the one exception I make to this rule is if the book has an index… I won’t usually read those). Had a bit of a blast from the past yesterday: recently I mentioned on the Thomas Ligotti forums how I have spoofed working at Barnes & Noble in various stories I’ve written over the years. A friend (who also used to work at Barnes & Noble) sent me a private message asking if I had copies of the stories in question. So I sent him word docs of the stories in question, one of which was my contribution to “Userlands.” Man, I haven’t even looked at that story in ages, ha ha. The scary thing is, I now look back on that period of employment as the golden years (well, compared to how things are with the company now, which is dire).

    Armando, no, I usually only check out the blog once per day (usually around the time I leave my own comment) so I missed your initial comment to me. In any event, thanks for purchasing “Grimoire” and I hope you get something out of it.

  13. Bill

    Ahhh, great to see the slaves and Thomas’ haikus again. Quite a selection of zen moments and “could be shorter”s in the profiles, haha. Merzbow! And that apron, wow.

    Not much to report here in the way of creative projects, I’m afraid. But I’ll try to squeeze in some quality time over the long weekend.

    Finally saw the two James Batley films. Kneel through the Dark is especially gorgeous.


  14. _Black_Acrylic

    Ah, it wouldn’t be DC’s without Thomas’s slave haikus. Now all is right with the world!

    I made a start on the ART101 Day and it’s a good cathartic feeling to lance that particular boil. Can’t say the project was a happy experience but it still holds up and if some short film festival somewhere is interested, then it may still end well.

    Hmm not much to report re culture this past couple of months. Mum and I went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see this show curated by Ryan Gander. It featured all these figurative sculptures from the Arts Council Collection staring at abstract paintings, and it was really a lot of fun.

    Oh and we saw Todd Solondz’s Wiener-Dog at the cinema and that was fun too.

  15. Robert Siek

    Dennis! So over the moon to know your blog is back in action. And it’s so damn cool that loads of folks from the earlier days of the blog have been stopping in to catch up, which I guess is the case with me as well. Also damn cool that the regulars at the end of the previous incarnation have followed the path to this new and improved world of DC. I don’t have much else to say at the moment, but life is good. I really just wanted to say hurrah. I hope to stop by more often. I’m going on a four-week sabbatical from my job for the month of September (employees get this after ten years of working at the company–truly insane), so I’ll have more time. During this sabbatical I’m just taking a drawing/painting class that’s like four hours each day, Monday through Thursday. Should be fun. Anyway, that knife tattoo on the back of one of the slaves is so damn severe. Ha ha. The perspective is pretty wild. Best to you always. And hello to everyone else on here.


  16. Mark Stephens

    well now I know why my head felt fuzzy and I was sort of confused all Summer…no DC. I echo all the happy sentiments that are flowing your way…yep.

    Plus…”Inflatables” made me start my day smiling…really missed you. the return of your blog (or as I call it, “The Return of the Son of The Blog, part III) coincides with the first days during which we don’t have house guests…which started way back in May.

    It was nice hearing Portuguese (Brazilian friend) and later German being spoken during the Summer…but it’s very nice to get back to a sense of normalcy. Especially seeing what you have in store for my mind every morning! Sure do love you…glad all that ridiculousness is over and all this beauty is beginning.

    xxoo M

  17. Damien Ark

    Eh, it’s a long anime series. I think it’s better to work on more productive projects rather than to spend a months worth of time to get through shows… These twinks have such strange bodies. It’s good that they at least know what they’re supposed to be used for and nothing more. If even that. It’s kind of disgusting to fuck bodies like them, because they have no soul, just a hole, which is nice/convenient, but it’s like as soon as your done you have to properly dispose of the idea that you had ever met something so vile and disgusting.

  18. postitB(reakup)

    I think all the escorts have “souls” insomuch as anyone does (I don’t believe in souls spiritually), but the idea that anyone is just a hole is really repugnant.

  19. wolf

    Uncle D!
    Yeah, Koons is fun. He also comes across as a really nice dude. (I always have trouble separating the artist/art and the person – ‘great work but he’s a cunt. fuck him. oh look the work just started sucking!’.)

    xtrasmall is *not* gay, ok? ‘I tried 13 times and i didn’t liked’ hahaha, shit, someone’s really not sure. ‘ew ewww mmh wait actually, hang on, let me make sure I don’t like it’.

    @schoolboyerrors, mate, you’re coming up to London or what? How the F did we miss each other the other day at the 5yrs open? grrrr!!

    Oh, so the Brighton thing is on the 4th of October? Fuck, that’s a Tuesday. Hope I can still make it.

  20. jimmy

    is this the first post on the new blog or is there one older one. i’ve seen mention. but do not see a button to “Go back” or “earlier blog”, etc. can anyone assist?

    • Thomas Moronic

      Hey Jimmy. Click on the archive section at the bottom of the page and select this month and you’ll get the previous new posts that started appearing on Monday. Hope that helps.

      • jimmy

        yes, got it. it was my browser. wasn’t showing the “previous post” link. did a reload and there it was. thank you, Thomas!

        • Thomas Moronic

          Ace – you’re welcome!

  21. Dóra Grőber


    Likewise, likewise!!
    When I finish the first boymuse-zine, I plan to make some copies of it so I’ll definitely tell you when it’s available and if it’s possible I’ll be more than happy to send you a copy!
    Well, not me, either. Definitely. About hair. I’m always going for something a little bit out of the ordinary but half of the time I can’t decide if I should shave the whole thing off or I should grow it out a little bit more, haha.
    I really hope the audition will go well! Fingers crossed, obviously! And ah, Crystal Castles! This is so great! I don’t really know their new work but with Alice they were quite fantastic!
    I spent the day with my writer friend so it was filled with great conversation. And I’m so so happy the slaves are back, haha!
    I hope you had a lovely day! Did you?

  22. Jamie McMorrow

    Hey again, Dennis!
    Hope that you’ve had a swell Wednesday. Mine was very work -y, so not too interesting.
    “I tried 13 times and i didn’t liked” is my favourite line from a slave today. Is it just because I’ve not seen them for a while or is this selection of slaves saucier than usual? Is saucy a total Brit word?
    Hannah says thanks for your early birthday wishes and just pointed out a story in the Guardian about your blog returning, which I’ll post the address to below, in case you’ve not seen it….
    Our upcoming France trip is to San Saturnin-les -Apt, which seems quite in the middle of nowhere. It’s quite close to Rousillon, which I don’t know if you know, but is a totally orange place. I’m so looking forward to some Frenchness.
    I’ll probably not be commenting tomorrow, due to festivities – I’m making a cake and everything and I don’t think that I’ve ever made a cake before – but will hope fully be here on Friday. Hope your Thursday is thrilling and your Friday’s fantastic!
    Lots of love to you,

  23. Marcus

    Wow these are exceptional ~~~

  24. Armando


    Hey man! How are you? I can’t wait for ‘In Their Arms’ to finally be released.

    Take care, good luck and best wishes,


    • Thomas Moronic

      Hey – I’m ok, thanks. Oh cool – that’s so nice of you, man – thanks a ton. Hope everything is good with you.

  25. kier

    hey denmon! i’m so exhausted tonight so i’m gonna leave a better update on me later on, but i wanted to say yay!!!! @ you+zac wanting to talk to me about something… that’s so mysterious, i like it. now, are you for real litterally banned from using google’s services for life?? can you still, like, google? anyway, sign me up for the gay hypnosis. love you dennisaur, night night x

    hey everyone!!!!!

  26. Chilly Jay Chill

    Hey Dennis – Nice to see the slaves back. I was wondering if you had any sense why Google seemed to have specifically targeted the blog? Since a number of their employees weren’t able to help, it felt especially malicious and spooky. Of course, if you don’t want to address that here, that’s fine too. Or maybe you already have.

    Glad to hear about all the projects happening – hope you’re able to return to the text novel soon.

    I’m starting a local residency soon (about 10 minutes from my place) – I’ll be their first writer and get a studio for 7 weeks, 24 hour access, and a small stipend. Hoping to use the space to map out some amorphous fiction projects and work on some cardboard assemblages I’ve done privately over the years, see what might develop. I’ll still be doing freelance work so it’ll be a sporadic thing but a nice opportunity.

    • Chilly Jay Chill

      Hmm, is there any function to allow us to edit our comments?

      I should clarify – the residency program was started by other folks last year, mainly for visual artists. I’ve got a residency upcoming there.

  27. Jimmy

    Wow, this paragraph is fastidious, my younger sister is analyzing such things, so
    I am going to convey her.

  28. h

    Dennis! Two months were not that bad. I have been using Facebook sporadically since the disablement day of your blog, and have got to know Mieze there and have been appreciating the friendship. I’ve got more busy in NYC and looks like I will have to keep myself even busier to do what I want to do. But will do my best to contribute here also. Have a great day!

  29. Lee

    Hey Dennis – don’t know if it’s just because there haven’t been any escorts for a few months, but this seems like a particularly good batch. “merzbow” – snortlaugh. Is day three too far in to still be saying welcome back? Welcome back, though.

    Nope, no tripping, you were just paying attention 🙂 – the mic stands are for a performance I’m doing on Monday. It’s a first public run-through of a, um, “work in progress.” One voice (me), three microphones and three amps, reading from a sort of abstract and oblique text. I’ve been looking at photos of Cy Twombly (the Rauschenberg ones, but also pictures from a Vogue article that shows the inside of his apartment in Rome) and Warhol, and some of Guston’s hood paintings, and some Fantin-Latour still lives, and a bunch of other stuff, so the script circles somewhat abstractly around all that. Wigs and reflections and giant hands and over-ripe fruit… we’ll see if it goes anywhere. But I’ll read it using the mics to throw my voice around the space, to allow the text to become more spatially rhythmic. I did something similar with two mics in the spring, and here I want to do that again but to put the voice in among the audience instead. So yeah, we’ll see. It’s for an event that happens every three month where the organisers invite artists to use it as a sort of testing site, so it understood that this is about experiment and rehearsal rather than exhibition – extra great given how over-professionalised so much art stuff is atm. But yeah, that’s taking up a lot of headspace. Plus I have a new job, plus I need to move house over the next few months, so there’s a lot going on. I’m sure you’ve got me beat on the busy front, mind – must be a relief to have the past few months behind you and to be able to fully concentrate on other things. So I hope that’s all going great xxx

  30. Shane Levene

    Oh Dennis You’re Back!!!!!

    There sure were many people lost without this little sanctuary to come to. Hope your archives are fine (don’t answer, you no doubt have a thousand times. I’ll find out).

    Couldn’t believe what Google had done when I heard. And even though you had your archives returned I’m still furious with them and their fascist policy of deleting people’s lives and work first and asking questions later. In fact, they don’t ask questions at all… that’s left up to you. It won’t be long before people start taking out proper lawsuits against internet sites. They are existing outside of the law and personal freedom.

    Anyway, so so thrilled you’re back and well …

    All My Love and Thoughts, Shane. XxX

  31. Jonathan Parker-Bryant

    Hello Dennis!

    Enjoyed very much the inflatibles. It seemed an odd topic and part of me said to skip it. Remembering where I was, I realized, there’s never anything boring here! Read the damned post. Sure enough, it was quite interesting. I particular like the idea of artists using subway grates or accordians to inflate their works. Incorporating their environment and surroundings, I suppose. Obviously, “Bears” was one of my faves. The giant Ba Di in China seems a little wild to me. Go in one leg, learn about sex, exit the other leg. And enjoy a ball pit along the way. Ba Di = body? Me and My Friend is interesting as well. I laughed at Felix the Cat. Remember him from my childhood and refer to my bf a “the coolest cat” so that was neat. The whole post was a nice surprise and very enjoyable.

    Escorts! Yes! Very glad to see that you’re continuing with that topic and theme. Some bizarre ones in this collection, even given the bizarre-ness inherent in the topic. sluttyfukdollcorpse, such a hyper violent blurb, he’s cute in a way. Scottyhottybotty is very polite. Whenever I see someone in a mask, my first thought is always how hot those must be. LittleWorm is cute, but Boulder seems so random. The escorts no longer creep me out, I look at them almost from a marketing perspective. These guys are trying to sell themselves, obviously, and their chosen gimmicks are strange and interesting. None of them sell themselves on the basis of their soul, it’s purely transactional. Money and/or drugs for sex. Humanity is excised from the equation, which in the end, makes me sad for them. Fascinating though.

    The summer was good for me, thanks for asking. Escaped a cancer scare with a clean bill of health. Enjoyed some neat birthday gifts from my bf. Started the summer with two bfs, trying out some polyamorous stylings. OMG, what a ton of work. Down to one now and really very happy with him, he’s pretty wonderful. Although the ex is still around, he runs from wanting to get back together to just wanting to hang out once in a while. I allow him his confusion, but I’ve one bf now and that’s much easier and more satisfying. Still working with him on a project, outlining a new project together. Sold something small for a very small commission. Online drama, weird interactions, me not being a dick was confusing people and putting them on edge. Resolved now. So yeah, interesting summer and overall, a pretty good summer. Looking forward to the fall.

    Very glad you’re back and continuing to offer one of the most stimulating, challenging, and enjoyable blogs around. Looking forward to future offerings from you and the crew.

    Jonathan B

  32. Ken Baumann


    Congratulations on the blog’s return and mazel tov on its future. I’m glad to see it, and through it, you!

    All’s well in the mountains. What’s new with me? That big dungeon for D&D that I published—Maze of the Blue Medusa—has done really well (it’s funded the next couple Sator titles, at least). I’m in my senior year of weird little St. John’s College. Aviva’s studying woodworking. We’re probably going to live in Santa Fe for awhile; it’s a good place for us (thinking now that I might teach English to high school students for a living/medical insurance). My writing’s been slow but satisfying (still working on the suicide cult book). And over the past two weeks, I’ve gone from spending a few hours per day on social media to spending about 15 minutes per week on social media; my mind’s a lot clearer and I have an easier time getting a bunch of shit done! Will probably keep to this non-habit for another month or so, see how I feel.

    Okay: your turn! What’ve you been up to? How’s Paris? Z.?


  33. Misanthrope

    Dennis, I think someone hacked your new site…there are a bunch of slaves and stuff on here…oh, wait, that’s right…nvm. 😛

    I bet saying “I’ve never been with a man before” works like a charm every time in these types of ads.

    Well, the subtle things are just things like how I have to lie in bed, how careful I have to be when coughing or sneezing or even brushing my teeth, etc. As well, there are cramps that come and go very quickly as food moves through me. Also, gastrointestinal and bladder things. For example, and I’ve always told this frankly so I will here, when I have to pee now, I REALLY have to pee, to the point where pain shoots straight down my dick. It’s all from this mesh inside, which I guess kind of presses on things now and then.

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