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Meet HumanChristmasTree, psychocute, Led_Zeppelin, BoyBQ, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of December 2018


letsgetsickening, 20
Hey I’m an introvert boring bottom looking for some nsa fucking and nasty and stuff like that. I like older guys especially fat. I joke about suicide way too much. I like doing anything real for a long time when hooking up and I will do anything if you want me to.


letsgetsickening (Owner) – Dec 22, 2018
Permanent imprisonment is music to my ideas.

letsgetsickening (Owner) – Dec 20, 2018
I’m a Satanist and I like Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit.

letsgetsickening (Owner) – Dec 19, 2018
Guess what my best ASSet is.

letsgetsickening (Owner) – Dec 17, 2018
I realize I should have done this 10 years ago when I was adorable, but if you want a fairly cute 20 year old guy, then you’ve come to the right ad.

letsgetsickening (Owner) – Dec 16, 2018
I also love being milked until I run out of sperm then the man dips a toothbrush in my sperm and brushes my teeth with it.

letsgetsickening (Owner) – Dec 10, 2018
I love pain. It gets me hard. I love to cry and scream.



RuralKidnappingBait, 19
Are you an evil, extremely controlling man, over 30, looking to take a young, virgin boy as your slave? I can host on Mondays in Clermont, QLD, for any examinations or tests of me you wish to do. Afterward you have the choice of either leaving without me, or leaving with me tied up in the boot of your car. As a faggot, I am obviously not worthy of standards or limits, and as such are open to anyone or anything for the remainder of my life.


RuralKidnappingBait (Owner) – Dec 12, 2018
My brain is fucked but I can muddle along with the help of google translate in text convos.

BLKALPHADOM – Dec 9, 2018
Tired of not being able to take your play to the brutal extremes you really desire? No problem. No-limits, sub-human object formerly known as RuralKidnappingBait exists to serve us to the most extreme and taboo levels without question. it exists solely for our guilt-free pleasure as no-limits bareback cum dumpster, extreme torture toy, punching bag, ash try for cigars and cigarettes, urinal, pale flesh for marking, full toilet, mutilation meat, and extreme taboo provider. Tell it what to do and it obeys … period. You will thank me for allowing it to exist for your pure pleasure. I will provide its number and/or email address immediately upon request.

RuralKidnappingBait (Owner) – Dec 7, 2018
Now owned bye BLKALPHADOM

RuralKidnappingBait (Owner) – Nov 16, 2018
BLKALPHADOM thank you for horrors SIR
day1 of 2week trial thank you SIR



AustinLivestock, 20
My father said….

“I have two rules for you: Question authority and always be interesting”

No SIR, boy will never question authority, and he will never be interesting.

Looking for a Master who wants a straight (irrelevant in my role as property) body for dehumanization and livestock ownership.


joe1710 – Dec 1, 2018
You aren’t him. Do you know how I know? Because he is my sister’s son and he’s with me right now and he says you aren’t and I believe him.



Sieve, 20
Think of my back as your canvas.

After some time away, I have decided to come back. I needed some time to put my thoughts in order and to realise how much I enjoy getting shredded. So hello again, I hope my back didn’t get too pretty after so long without somebody flogging it.

I am usually top in most of my relationships, boyfriends or casual encounters. However, this is not a relationship. I am here to get flogged and whipped until I am a bloody wreck.

If you care I’m a pretty nerdy guy with a good sense of humour ranging from silly to very dark.



AndreLucas4you, 19
I have been ordered by someone to admit that I am actually a dirty little slut fag, desperate for submission and humiliation, not the (dominate) top that I was in my porno.

Ass in action pics will be coming soon on my profile, If you want to make them, it’ll cost 1-2000€, trust me you wont regret it.

I have been ordered by someone to find men to push the limit of my being proud and become a full time himbo cumdump like a gay pornstar Ryan Cummings xxx.


AndreLucas4you – Nov 27, 2018
Gio I am scared but I will try to create heaven in your head.

MuraXglossy – Nov 27, 2018
There’s something very suspicious here. I’ve worked behind the scene on two porn shoots with “Andre Lucas”. As anyone who’s watched his porn knows, he only takes hand jobs. In my experiences, he’s so heterosexual and repelled by gays that even getting a blowjob makes him lose his erection instantly. I think this profile is a racket. But if it’s real by some miracle, “Andre”, it’s Gio, and I can take you where you’ve been ordered to go.



seriously, 18
all of me out of my body



ILikeYouBadBoy, 19
About me:
– very bottom
– 99% gay
– hard sex in nightclubs public or hidden
– Basel is my home, but I often visit ZH, BLN and Zermatt

I like:
+ eat, drink, talk, fuck
+ weed, chems
+ party (i am an electro-kid: trance, minimal, tech and more…)
+ hard and very kinky…

+ Nordstern
+ Anderland / Viertel
+ La Messe / Borderline
+ Zischbar
+ Hirscheneck
+ Landstelle

+ Heaven
+ Supermarket
+ Frieda’s Büxxe
+ Boyakasha
+ Offstream
+ Moustache Sauna
+ Rage

+ KitKat
+ Die Busche
+ Tresor
+ lab.oratory
+ Tom’s Bar
+ Mutschmanns
+ ToyBoyBar

+ Papperla Pub / Schneewittli
+ Adler Findeln
+ Alt Hiischi
+ Cervo
+ Snowboat



YoungDogOldTricks, 18
I’m an Ageplayer who enjoys role-playing as a ‘Middle’ – a teenage boy who’s been babied his whole life and not allowed to grow up and kept in diapers by Daddy.

I’m into mental regression, brainwashing, hypnosis and tlc.

I seek a strict, yet loving Daddy who’ll put me back into diapers, erode my ability to articulate and treat me as the baby of his dreams.

I keep my pale skin all smooth and pubeless all over like a baby. I also have a small cock!


YoungDogOldTricks (Owner) – Nov 22, 2018
Skype is now a must before meeting due to huge amount of mentaly damaged people on this site.

RootDang – Nov 18, 2018
Why does everything has to be so Difficult? Just be who you are and be able to Express it!

YoungDogOldTricks (Owner) – Nov 18, 2018
Um……I’m not a woman.

RootDang – Nov 18, 2018
I’m seeking for Serious honest woman who is ready for long term Relationship someone I can trust and give all my heart to.

rockhardtony – Nov 11, 2018
Agreed to be chloroformed, or rather agreed that as a baby he couldn’t prevent that happening, had crazed sex with his unconscious body. Very hot! The annoying data is eliminated.



Sphinx, 21
Joined here to find unconditional love. Since I’ve had nothing but bad expierences with relationships in the past I currently do not believe in love. However, I will be patiently waiting for the right one to show me it truly does exist & if it never happens I’m used to being alone and wouldn’t mind dying that way either. I’m a guy for those who can’t tell & I’m only interested in guys. Introvert, recluse, gamer, pothead, music writer/singer, chronic masturbator. Btw I HATE (and I mean HATE) my cock being touched by anyone else, so mentioning my cock will tell me that you have NOT read my profile. Simples.


Sphinx (Owner) – Dec 15, 2018
That one I had broke but I’m still holding on to it bc memories & since it’s from Zelda.

PigFucker1802 – Dec 15, 2018
i think i have that same lanyard



FancyBottom, 18
i am a pussybottom in the 310 Inglewood area

Available Thurs 6th Dec 5.30pm-9pm


FancyBottom (Owner) – Dec 21, 2018
don’t judge you’re not in me shoes

FancyBottomISaFAKErrr – Dec 20, 2018
Pics are stolen from Instagram – This stupid guy doesnt know the difference between Facebook and Instagram!



HumanChristmasTree, 24
Christmas is approaching and many do not have a Christmas tree at home this year.
One of your personally decorated Christmas tree makes a lot.
Fairy lights, tinsel, garlands and of course Christmas tree balls. Everything your heart desires, you can depend on me. It does not matter if you pay more or less attention to some parts of my body.
However, there is no sex!

Want me to be with you as a Christmas tree in your living room, office, or even garden? Then write me and bring you a living Christmas tree home.



brattybarbie, 19
They really dont get much sluttier than me.

I am not for everybody. I am looking for men who get me. I am a very feminine and extremely slutty bitch.

Please, no lectures. I know what I want. I know my place!

I want to meet a random, perverted, twisted older men online and run away to a situation where I live as a trophy wife for my master and all of his friends. No mercy, No safeword, No way out. I want to be that innocent, spoiled brat that you and your friends totally demolish!

I have always looked like a girly boi. I have long legs that look great in heels and a bouncy bubble butt that is aching to be eaten, raped, and punished. I have been working on my look for a few years. I have worked so hard to look soooo pretty, now I need to find men who want to totally annihilate me.

Im looking for men who see me and want to slap me silly. I was born to be tossed around like the weak little bitch I am. I am looking for men who want to hear me scream!

Im ready for my pretty face to be ruined and for my perfect pussy to be torn completely apart.


vsrbijmm – Dec 10, 2018
You vanilla tops are just like dogs chasing cars. Go find another one.

OtterChris – Dec 9, 2018
Sorry to be old school, but I’ve tricked with this boy off and on for the past year, and he has a gorgeous face and a fresh, juicy little body, and I think it would be a crime to destroy that just because you and he share some mental problems.

brattybarbie (Owner) – Dec 3, 2018
Don’t stop when I scream, stop when you’re done.

MasterYesSir – Dec 3, 2018
make sure to do him somewhere remote cuz he screams his fucking head off

brattybarbie (Owner) – Nov 26, 2018
Ugly rumor.

Youneedkneepads – Nov 26, 2018
Any marks and modifications can be permanent, even if not permanently owned. SLURP!



Kidnapmeplease, 20
I am straight or so I think because my urges are all over the place. The one fantasy i cannot get rid of is being picked up in a van and being tied up in the back and taken away then raped and sometimes murdered and sometimes left in a remote place so i die of natural causes trying to find my way home. This is the ONLY thing i’m looking for on this site, don’t contact for any other reason.


SexWanter – Nov 7, 2018
Beware 🚨🚨🚨 The police is searching for him 🚨🚨🚨



psychocute, 19
I’m 19 years young. I’m a stoner get over it. 🐷🚬🍁
I want an awesome experience.
I want someone to work my body, mind and ass off.
Intellectuals turn me on.
Give me your best shot – literary.

The list from below are my yes’s and no’s for interest:



Available alone or with my friend Hungpervhot.


Hungpervhot – Dec 19, 2018



Led_Zeppelin, 21
I’m a 21 year old bi male who is new to this scene. I’ve always been very dominant with women — arrested four times for battery and have two restraining orders against me — but have always wanted to be on the other end for quite some time now.

I am ready to leave my current job, girlfriend and family behind for this new life as a 24/7/365 sex slave. I will need to be abducted. I will need to be kept in a very secluded and remote location — a cellar, basement, barn, etc…the darker the better — so that no one will find me.

I want to do this as soon as possible and understand my life will be dramatically destroyed.


zach1870 – Dec 4, 2018
Hey I’m Zach and I’m just some random guy who loves Halloween and think you and your thing are hot and idk what else tbh I’m just kinda bored.



BoyBQ, 22
I want to be choked to death, butchered, cooked and eaten.
If you want sex before it’ll have to be forced.
I’m a (former) aspiring bass player who like(d) metal, jazz and strange metal fusions.
I am currently at home from University.
I’m also aspergic and currently going through quite a mental health problem. Apologies if this is a problem.
If you think I’m fake or assume I am then pls don’t waste my time, find somewhere else to amuse the dullness you feel.


Anonymous – Nov 30, 2018
His waist has no bones

PervGoat – Nov 28, 2018
You ask so much.



sammykardashian, 18
i used to live in Himachal, but i moved on to New Delhi , im 15 years old, i got black hair, hazel eyes, great skin , great hair, i want people to understand that our sexuality wont change our humanity.


sammykardashian (Owner) – Dec 13, 2018
i like to get drunk and paint.

TomasSuarez – Dec 13, 2018
you’re cute, what do you like to do?



Exit20, 20
1 Bow Boy does so
2 Head Boy moves this
3 Eyes Boy open closes these
4 Move Boy does so.
5 Come Boy does so.
6 Away Boy does so.
7 Speak Boy does so
8 Silence Boy does so.
9 Worship me Boy does so.
10 Drink Boy gives sir a drink
11 Feed me Boy gives sir something to eat.


Exit20 (Owner) – Dec 2, 2018

Zooey – Dec 2, 2018
It’s funny you should say that. Every since I saw his pix I haven’t been able to stop thinking about cutting his throat.

Evil – Dec 2, 2018
You read my mind

Anonymous – Dec 2, 2018
Split his neck artery while you’re at it.

Evil – Dec 2, 2018
I wanna split a whole lot more than your tongue

Exit20 (Owner) – Dec 2, 2018
I wish i could dance.

Evil – Dec 2, 2018
I’m serious. You dance and I’ll throw my money at you. If you let me personally tuck it in your waistband and socks and whatever, I’ll…
I actually have no follow up there so I’m just going to stop typing.

Exit20 (Owner) – Dec 2, 2018
Fuckin bet bc i really wanna get a game for ps4.

Evil – Dec 2, 2018
I will give you all of my money

Exit20 (Owner) – Dec 2, 2018
Pay up $$ because im real as fuck.

Evil – Dec 2, 2018
OMG you are the hottest boy in the world
$1000 says you’re fake

Exit20 (Owner) – Dec 2, 2018
Thank you, so far i have my tongue split but want to point my ears and get tattoos on my eyeballs upon many other things.

Zooey – Dec 2, 2018
FUCK. you’re extremely attractive wtf



popperspainpig, 18
I want money 😼😼👅👅

Limit: no sex with my family or friends


Compressor – Nov 16, 2018
I have a compressed air fetish and need a boy who is “man” enough to let me fill his body with air anally. Ideally in conjunction with bondage, gagging, breath control etc., but not absolutely necessary.

N.B. I have been filling teenagers with compressed air for two years now without any injury whatsoever.



KillMyNuts, 21
I instinctively spread my legs perversely wide to give you access to my nuts. Use them. Knock them around. Tie them. Weight them. Stretch them. Smack them. Let’s get high and punch them. Party up til out of my head – hit the poppers. Bash my nuts until my eyes roll up in my head. Party up til out of my head – hit the poppers, cocaine, ketamine. Also like watching kinky, hardcore vids as my nuts are destructed. Would definitely like to find a guy into decimating my nuts, who can be integrated without suspicion into my life. I am not passive, passive to me sounds unimaginative and lame. MOVING TO PORTLAND, OR, AREA IN 2019 – ZIP CODE 98625.


KillMyNuts (Owner) – Dec 16, 2018
I guess.

saukerl06 – Dec 16, 2018



Please don’t make me apologize for who I am.

Not the boy next door for sure; let’s just say that I’m someone who can figure out a couple of hundred ways to have sex with a door knob 😝

I’m very hyper and I work really hard and long hours at a fast food outlet then spend the time I should sleep hooking up with guys and getting fucked into a retard.🐷

I’m into everyone and everything. Just ask if I’m into something so I can say yes.


SCREAMKING (Owner) – Nov 29, 2018
I loved every second!

gaynowyou – Nov 29, 2018
dressed him up as a school boy and walloped him – suited me fine.

SCREAMKING (Owner) – Nov 23, 2018
Me too babe, thanks

just4youASSHOLE – Nov 23, 2018
for the extreme lovers, this is the hidden gem. i’ve never been so crazy. my sex drive was in overdrive. my desire to be pig out was insatiable.

SCREAMKING (Owner) – Nov 7, 2018
That was wild!

builderbod – Nov 7, 2018
Throat fuck him until the slop is pouring down his chest to start with!

SCREAMKING (Owner) – Oct 29, 2018
Love you man.

SpermCocktail – Oct 29, 2018
spent a near-perfect 8 hours using him without interruption or hurry while he vacuumed up chems and poppers.



Keith, 22
Hey, my names Keith. Uhh to start off, my names Keith, lookin for a big cock. Just lookin for a big cock to lie down in my ass ya know bro?



Pleasesnuffme, 19
Regular boy looking to be kidnapped and kept high on meth 24/7 and snuffed.


Anonymous – Dec 10, 2018
Can’t elaborate for obvious reasons but you would be doing everyone who’s ever known this tiresome piece of human garbage a favor.



Totalbottom20, 20
Hello world!
I love life love cock love cum from anything.
I’ve always been the centre of attention since my early teens been a pass around fuck doll at so many party’s I can’t even count how many.
I do one on ones through to one hundred on one.
I’m looking now to serve be bred by man and beast.
Here for the taking BB to serve just you and you and your pets and farm animals and friends and strangers and ultimately the whole world.
I’m doing a BA in literature but I don’t think I need high education.
My only turn offs are children but I will not say no.


Totalbottom20 (Owner) – Dec 21, 2018
Alternately I could be available as an exclusive to someone who can get me into a ballet company in Australia or England.

AndyGuy – Dec 16, 2018
one time when we were in junior high school together i fucked jerry while he lay on his stomach and ate an entire lasagne while watching an episode of Friends.



topherthegopher, 21
i am allone……somebody fuck me…

anyone who asks for my name is stupid….

i am fine!


kingkarl – Dec 5, 2018
I want to be your extremely violent boyfriend.

topherthegopher (Owner) – Dec 2, 2018
No, but I like to be nude and given prostate massages by an old woman while other old women watch.

captainkirk – Dec 2, 2018
We are a cute heterosexual male and female couple looking a boy to serve us both. You must be open to giving oral to a woman while you’re being fucked.

FattyMcFatFat – Nov 22, 2018
He’s arrogant, disrespectful and overbearing, but I fucked him on the sofa, on the back porch, on a dirty laundry pile, in the car, on the washing machine, in the garage, on the lawn, in front of a friend who happened by, in the woods …

chandelier-lover – Nov 7, 2018
I have drank my own urine and others before it had just been a long time since I’d done that. I drank his urine. The taste kinda scared me.



ineedfear, 18

I am BI Swedish boy, really a virgin, and i NEED to fulfill my deepest fantasy. I need to feel scared.

What you can do
1- call me and trick me to give you my full name. Use any excuse, but the one that will prbly scare me most is that you’re going to fuck me and probably use me as a fuckhole for a long long time.
2- you will write me a message here with the details of how you will fuck me ( if you chose that excuse ) and i will know i am lost. ( the one with more scary details will get to fuck me therefore be creative )
3- call me and scare the hell out of me. tell me the worst, dont be nice, dont tell me you saw my number here. just scare me to death and have fun.

my tel……..will be up on the 18th

If you are not into this DONT CALL ME



Shutandup, 18
Hello to all Guys here..
How’s Your Day???hope Doing Great.
First and For most..i would to like to introduce my self…everyone can call me CARLO,im 13 turning 14 is coming december.im Asain..someone like Asain??

Future Policeman.hope i will.??
im discreet..No one in my family can know that i like Men..i dont have any experince making date.kiss.hug and especially SEX in Men like Me..im so Curious about making Love in a men????

My Sex Fantacy is Like my Dad.. Im in love with my Dad, i want to have sex with him So Bad but he woud kill me..
im looking for a copy of my Daddy???
Hot and Sexy Daddy like mine or Old white men..
if you are Daddy??and interested to Baby..??
message me and send your picture..
Thanks everyone and enjoy your sex..



swoleon – Dec 1, 2018
I have been stalking u for 2 weeks, please let me know if u r or r not still interested

Shutandup (Owner) – Nov 14, 2018
Hello Swoleon, (i’m hoping) you feel free to drive by stalking me at 746 Blair Street.. but NO surprise unscheduled stops, as my parents may be home..
i find that very kinky, the thought that you may be stalking & or spying on me, your next victim.

swoleon – Nov 14, 2018
I do have some interests in u that will most likely scare u off.

I’ll b blunt & open here is a summary of some of my fetishes for you, I’m sure it will scare u off:

I LOVE shiny clothing (pleather, latex etc) from head to toe including a hood on boys like u.

I can not even begin to explain how much the idea of shiny clothing on you drives me crazy.

I love the thought of role playing different scenerieos with you covered in shiny clothing like force encounters, stalking u, abducting u etc & many more.

I want to start slow.



freeboy, 20
I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday, and I’m unfortunately upset now



InconvenienceMe, 19
I’m searching for someone I can share my radiance and sunny disposition with.
you may like to be older and bigger and mean.
It would be cool if I could talk to you about everything and you think I’m an idiot.
So how can I find being hated totally cool?
I deactivate my account every 5-6 days due to personal issues.


InconvenienceMe (Owner) – Dec 22, 2018
I’ve gained weight since my pix after being ill for a few months. Health’s much better but I’m really into eating and gaining weight at the moment. Maybe not forever but would like men to help me gain a lot more weight, watch me eat, make me gain much more until I’m obese.
We can have sex but I don’t think you’ll want to.
Also I’m 20 now not 19

dongj – Jun 4, 2018
Young, cute and incongruously insecure, will be soon just insecure



YoungBlueCollarCunt, 22
Yeah, I got a cunt that I’m proud of. No one would expect me to be into men, much less be a sub boy. Always outwardly expected that I’m a top. I ain’t no pushover bitch…Make no mistake, I have turned the tables on more than one fake ass top who claims to be alpha..they end up swinging on the end of my 7.5 uncut meat. Facial hair is MANDATORY..and I ain’t talking about scruff you grew yesterday. REAL DEAL HERE….I ain’t some nerd…I work a blue collar job, got a big ol jacked up diesel truck. I never wear deoderant, shower when I feel like it. Keep your fake Alpha wanna be ass on the couch unless you are the real deal too. Yeah, I’m cocky, and confident..up to you to prove to me why I shouldn’t be. Oh I’m bi but the only way you’d know that is if you bring a hot girl around so I wouldn’t if I were you. Oh and I love a good Gin and Tonic…So I’m gonna set the rest of this up later cause my phone’s being a bitch 😡


Richmond7888 – Dec 13, 2018
The only problem I have encountered here now is you know we are never permitted to handle anything like this at the base camp, and then I have been asked by the senior commander to move the gold out home. I trust you so much, and I have nobody out there to assist me. I desire to send this gold to you to keep until I’m back home. I love you so much, and I want us to live a happy life when I’m back home okay. This is only between just you and me.



Sealed4Freshness, 24
Aloha everyone, I am Brimstone.
I am both a Show Pony and Cart Pony.

I am looking for either of these things:
*Pony Play – Pony Play is not for sexual gratification but an emotional vacation. I love not having to worry about life, school, family, etc for a time. The first time my trainer took me under for 20 minute and I felt so refreshed like I was on vacation for week.
I prefer to be blindfolded and hooded. It helps me maintain my pony space.

*My other big fantasy is being abducted by someone in a van, taken somewhere and fisted so deep and rough that I urinate involuntarily.



GoooodSlave, 20
Full slave, no limits, 20yrs shaved, location AbuDhabi. Buy him off the auction block and his body is yours. Contact for details.


Lookingtoteach – Nov 3, 2018
I’m tired of grappling with this lust for him. He will now assume a strong, sleek, slick form, a second skin, one of rubber, neoprene, Lycra, spandex, and all things besides. His body shall be installed into such suit, fused, assimilated.

Lookingtoteach – Oct 17, 2018
Now under new ownership.

MasterSkinbossdon – Sept 22, 2018
Slave is now in Kowloon, available in sling slammed with tina, tonite 9pm-6am, contact for price & location. Slave is thinner than in foto with shoulder length hair and nose ring.

GoooodSlave (Owner) – Sept 14, 2018



Tallerthanyou, 21
I’m 6’5″ (196 cm)

In this life you can either want to have abs or want to publish a novel. The people who want to do both are the most powerful, but also the most tragically vulnerable.


DanielBradley – Nov 21, 2018
I have caught the pig getting fucked by a foreigner behind my back. Because his insistence on fidelity is a huge lie, he is now offered here as a human punching bag. Experienced punchers, boxers, wimps, beginners or just curious…all fine. All legal ages, all builds, all ethnicities welcome. Just don’t be shy about pounding the hell out of a cheating slut. We’ve got a flexible schedule.

Tallerthanyou (Owner) – Nov 5, 2018
I am now taken by a very hot gentleman named Daniel Bradley whom I love very much. As we are monogamous, I am available only to chat with other subs and slaves.

Tallerthanyou (Owner) – Sept 28, 2018
I do like freaky things being done to me and stuff, so okay, but I do want us to have something serious like a monogamous relationship or something, because I’m tired of guys who only wanna fuck me as fast as they can.

szknight – Sept 28, 2018
i’m a knight ,very small 5’1, need a tall and muscle slave。Mainly, for a pony ride,shoulder ride.



David4Older, 22
I have discovered that I am very attracted to the elderly gentleman rimming me and therefore I hope to find the right, ideally more than 54y old, hole eater.
One who is at the same time my grandfatherly friend but also my intimate lover who enjoys an ass and for whom the anal/tongue union is only important if the hole is mine.
Are you here?


rudeornothing – Dec 12, 2018
Warning- musical theatre enthusiast.

RoyMan – Dec 3, 2018
Few months ago, I thought I was straight my whole long life. Then saw lots of vids and went to many local bars. Then someday I hooked up with David. I liked the way his asshole taste. Different kind of satisfaction came to me and I finally realized the side of me.




p.s. Hey. ** Dominik, Hi, D! My Xmas was a total non-event apart from some buche eating, but that was fine. Cool that yours was really nice. Books are a perfect gift if you ask me. Marilyn Manson, huh. Well, I honestly have never liked his music, and, other than that kind of okay album where he went semi-glam, it just seems like he’s milking the same old thing endlessly. I can see that he can be a powerful symbol for a certain kind of young person looking for outre role models. I guess I see him more as cartoony transgressive celebrity. Years ago, when I was writing for Spin Magazine, one of the biggest rock music magazines in the US at the time, they asked me to do a cover story on him, and I thought that might be interesting, but he refused to let me write it because he thought I was too hardcore and would bust him as a fake or something, which is kind of funny. Anyway, yeah, I see his value, but I’m not very interested personally. How’s his autobio? No NYE plans at all. I’ve never liked NYE. And now that I almost never drink alcohol and don’t do drugs, I don’t see the point. I might wander down and look at the fireworks and the assembled Parisians. The script is turned in, yes! I’m free of it for a couple of weeks while our producers read and it and prepare their feedback. So I’m working on a gif fiction and getting ready to finish Zac’s and my new film script finally. Have a great night tonight whatever transpires! ** David Ehrenstein, Hi, David. HNYE! I did read that Rex Reed thing, probably because I saw it in your FB feed. Interesting to read him when he’s not being catty. ** Lynne Tillman, Hi, Lynne! A very, very happy NY to you! Well, of course, about ‘MsA’ on my list. It was a severe highlight. Yes, come to Paris, please! That would be wonderful! All the best of the very best! Love, me. ** RuKeaton, HNYE! Oh, that’s interesting, about the John Brown raid. Huh. I was only in Florida to go to amusement parks, but it seemed a lot more mellow than Texas. I’m so, so sorry about your friend. Hugs, man. That’s harsh. Enjoy(ed) the beach. Much love back. ** MANCY, Hi, buddy! I have very similar feelings to you about Deerhunter, and I can’t completely put my finger on what happened. I guess I felt that, up to ‘Monomania’, they were always pushing things around, and there was a recklessness or vibe thereof or something, but then things got too settled somehow, and they started to seem like a spookier Tame Impala or something. I’m not sure. I do feel like they could spring back. I have a lot of faith in Bradford. HNYE! ** Steve Erickson, I haven’t seen that video. I’ll chase it down. They were great live. I haven’t seen them live in quite a while. ** Kyler, It was a great era. I feel very luckily to have lived and moved and worked in the NYC performance scene in that time. Reza was a genius. As I think I mentioned before, he was interested in doing a collaboration with Ishmael and me, and we were excited to do that, but his health declined before we could. ** Observations of Deviance, Hi, welcome. You seem to have gotten caught in this blog’s mysterious, somewhat random Bermuda Triangle problem where some people can’t see that their comments registered. I’ve tried to get that fixed many times, but no knows why it happens. Anyway, all your comments showed up. Thanks a lot for playing my spoken word stuff. I’m guessing I can stream your show online? I’ll go try to find it. It sounds great. I’d love to become an addict. Thanks again. Please come back anytime, and maybe next time you’ll be able to tell you were here. ** Misanthrope, Hi. HNYE! Belated happy b’day to LPS. Funny to still use that name for him considering he’s quite the tall gent now. I firmly believe you should write what you feel passionate to write and let the writing be what it wants to be. Of course I’m very curious to get an overview of the whole shebang. ** Thomas Moronic, Hi, T! Sorry about the comments disappearing act. Like I said up above, it’s a strange and strangely random problem that effects some and not others. I have no idea what it is. But just know that, as far as I can tell, the comments do register even when you can’t tell. Hooray about your list. I’ll devour. Everyone, the great writer and dude Thomas ‘Moronic’ Moore, author of two, count them, two books on my best of 2018 list, has authored a best of 2018 list of his own, and it’s a guaranteed wise guide to last year. So hit it up. It’s called 2018: PAST TENSE. Thanks so much for including ‘Zac’s Coral Reef’. Love, me. ** _Black_Acrylic, HNYE, Ben! There is still a performance scene downtown, and some of the venues are still around, but most of the artists and people in the scene don’t live in the East Village anymore for the obvious reason of it being too expensive, so it is different, and I think there’s an expectation of more, I don’t know, professionalism from performance now, perhaps due to NYC’s general 180 away from all things bohemian. Very glad to hear your dad is swiftly upswinging. That’s wonderful news. ** Corey Heiferman, Hi, Corey. HNYE! Or maybe it’s already NY itself where you are? I have seen that Hapi Phace video. I love Hapi Phace to bits. Never been much of a Ru Paul fan, truth be told. Well, Marina Abramovic has certainly marketed her art-caked banalities far and wide successfully, so there’s that. I did see someone do a Human Cannonball once. I was hoping it was going to have something to do with the Butthole Surfers song, but it didn’t, but it was cool. The video guy’s was more spectacular. Thanks for that. That was very refreshing. ** h, Hi! I wish you the very, very happiest 2019 too! Yeah, it was wonderful to get to see you, and thank you so much for putting ‘PGL’ on your Desistfilm list. Take care! HNYE! ** Okay. It may be New Year’s Eve, but it’s also the 31st, which inevitably means slaves, and there they are. See you in 2019 aka tomorrow.


  1. HNY to you and to all who frequent this place! I’ll be spending a quiet night in with my mum watching Jools Holland on TV, whose NYE show has been a seasonal fixture for many years. I found out fairly recently that it’s all recorded sometime in the summer and all the ritual bonhomie is totally faked, which was a Santa Claus-doesn’t-exist illusions shattering moment for me I must say. Still, Marc Almond is among tonight’s featured guests and I’ll still find a way to enjoy it somehow.

    Looking ahead to the new year, I just signed up for Zine!, a 4 week risograph zine making course at the DCA that starts on 17 January. Not sure yet what my subject might be but this ought to be a way to get 2019 off on the good foot.

  2. A”Human Christmas Tree” with “No sex” allowed? WHERE AM I SUPPOSE TO HANG MY BALLS ????!!!!

    Rex Reed has out together a cabaret act of his own. he has produced cabaret acts involving other singers, such as my friend Kurt Reichenbach. But now he’s doing it for himself. Should be fascinating.

    And now the Musical question What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

  3. Happy New Year, Dennis!!

    I’ll write more tomorrow!

  4. hi dennis

    one of your baubles here may send me to prison but hey i get to pick my prison so mmmhh, korea ?

    some cozy prison with a musical workshop & a hairdresser’s, im in…

    dennis two things

    thank you for doing your blog all year and tapping your words of help towards my lil demented self

    i looked up nature boy, oh my !, he has one of those faces, a face like a lake, if i fingered his face it would ripple

    or as oscar wilde said about another fellow school boy, ” his left leg is a poem ”

    dennis, my love you as always, alex,x

  5. i hate new years too im working all night. hope you have a totally mind blowing ny. yeah lee was rescuing george washingtons grandson and sword. they say they hanged jb and the south with the same rope. lol throwing away garbage today i also threw in my keys no coffee climbing in a garbage dumpster. never been to texas. cant believe how psyched i am for this year. gonna pub my first book this year. maybe fall in love. italy and friends later this year. oh i opened my window the other and spotted a death metal singer. might them thangs pop like champaign bottles

  6. Hey there Dennis and everybody. Dennis I thought of you because I’m planning a trip somewhere to commemorate my 40th birthday and I thought, maybe I should go to Paris and offer to take Dennis Cooper out to dinner? But I don’t know if I’ll do that, and it’s funny because I’ve been getting into youtube video essays lately and I just watched a really good really long one about parasocial relationships – not that we have that, necessarily. It’s always good to read the blog and to appreciate the community you create here. I liked looking through the escort ads and I was surprised to find myself scared at seeing some of the photos. It’s a weird world right now and I’m scared to be online and to share too much online. Which makes me write less and communicate less. It’s all rather confusing. In 2019 I’m going to attend a protest against PNC Bank which funds nuclear weapons. And continue to work my full time job. And I’m going to finish at least a second draft of the novel I’ve been working on for way too long. xoxoxo Natty

  7. Dennis, Happy New Year! I’m sure it’s 2019 there now as I type this. 2019 is going to be an exciting and fun year. Mark my words. We’re going to own this bitch.

    Yeah, hahaha, LPS for a 6′ man. Funny. He likes it, though. He thinks it’s funny. He gets it.

    Hmm, well, very briefly: The whole story revolves around an older (37) gay man whose best friend’s 14-year-old son falls in love with him.

    Of course, it’s about much more than that. It’s really about how we treat each other, how we lie to each other through omission, the things we don’t say to each other that can be as harmful as the things we do say and do to each other, and how this dishonesty hurts us. It’s about missed opportunities and doing the wrong thing by doing nothing when we should do something. It’s about cowardice and fear and insecurity…and the opposite.

    I’ll try to be even more vague next time I talk about it, hahaha. 😛 😉

    But yes, let’s have a great 2019! I expect it to be ace. And if it seems not to be going so well, I’m a make it ace!

  8. I’m staying in tonight. Going anywhere near Times Square on New Year’s Eve is torture unless you like being mobbed by tourists. Maybe aliens will land in Queens again and light up the sky at midnight!

    I know how narcissistic this is, but I’ve started a page on Letterboxd (more or less, Goodreads for cinephiles), where I will list the films I see (I began with the film I saw yesterday), do brief comments on those I don’t review and post links to my reviews. Here’s the link, for anyone who wants to follow it: https://letterboxd.com/steevee/

    I’ve changed my mind about reviewing the Deerhunter album. I’m more interested in writing about the forthcoming Sneaks album, whose singles find an intriguing bridge between hip-hop and post-punk that reminds me of M.I.A., and asked my editor at Gay City News if I can write about that instead. Eva Moolchan, the woman behind Sneaks, seems to have used the album’s press release as a very casual coming out statement.

  9. great post today and great story about marilyn manson refusing to let you do the cover story. new year already here in nz so hi from the other side. haven’t consciously registered too much, still recovering from NYE celebrations, this post really the first thing i’ve engaged with. about to start my 2019 project of rereading all stephen king books chronologically. obviously will read many other things in between to keep me sane [i do think king is incredibly talented but couldn’t do only-his-work for a year]. how’re things on your end?

  10. Ha, Dennis, still trotting out that Marilyn Manson SPIN anecdote, I see. Well, it never gets old!

    Ugh, got a cold… my second of 2018!

  11. Hi Dennis, I’m back because I have a brief quiet moment here alone. It’s good to wish a happy new year of course but I don’t honestly feel anything about it. Don’t mean to discourage anyone but it’s really another day for me. Peer pressure of HNYing has been a bit alienating me in fact. It seems like those who are somewhat settled with family, partner, & stable jobs enjoy that more as they need refreshment maybe. And I have a celebratory, romantic persona in working so it’s been estranging myself. Regardless, I love this wintery city with lights and happy air. Sorry for rambling, but where else would I say this sort of thing… Some fireworks here in town now…

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