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Meet Hucow, CreatingPerfection, jellyboy, horriblehuman, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of July 2017


only, 20
for reasons i will not explain under any circumstances i offer my cock and balls for cbt, torture, cutting, fire, ball rupturing and busting, penectomy, castration ……

i cant keep jacking off 3 times a day to the idea and i need to make it a reality.



Slave2plastic, 24
Slave who worships plastic. Salve who lives for plastic. My whole life is dominated by plastic. Plastic is my Master. So what are your plans for today?



Lowlifecunt, 24
Born a faggot. Exists as a faggot. Serves dominant superiors as a faggot. Will die a faggot.

Lowlifecunt has served black mixed-race middle eastern asian and white straight bi and gay teen middle-aged and elderly dominant men.

Faggot has no thoughts, ideas, or opinions. You will not be the same once you own me. Contact me soon though. The offers to own me are pouring in!


Valentino – Jul 13, 2017
It could be argued that choosing to wear your hair in dreadlocks and piercing your face is evidence of thought, ideas, and even of an opinion.



JamesPadded, 20
I wear diapers because of medical issues/incontinence after a car accident last year.

If your into boys who wet themselves then we’ll get on haha.

Maybe older maybe younger.

Not keen on sweat, which a lot for people seem to like here on this website.

Not a transsexual but will wear stuff if made to and provided with stuff.

I think men with casts are hot.



i_wonder, 23
Hi, now a new profile.
Now I’m much better
Now perfect sex
No passive problem



puppy4ever, 19
I’m a str8 male on the outside, but inside, underneath I’m gay and only attracted to males wearing dog costumes :)) Does any dog male want 2 own a human :)) I want 2b ur mans best friend 😛 Also would be nice 2 have a human brother :)) Willing to hang out also ;>


GREAT_DANE – Jul 8, 2017
He is passive his ass and good good, he have a very good human ass and very hard to satisfy.

CanineHouse – Jul 3, 2017
His ass is a pleasure to sniff and work with.

Fido-67 – Jun 27, 2017
her dog lovin’ ass is … humm, delicious, without enema



mimii, 18
j ai 14 ans et je cherche une relation sérieuse avec des monstres ente 14 à 17


purline – Jul 20, 2017
j’ai 14 ans et je suis un monstre et vous êtes mignon mais je n’embrasse pas les grenouilles, désolé mimii.



CreatingPerfection, 22
Everyone can be muscular. But, my ambition is to be so perfect! I want to build so aesthetic and ripped body, like never seen before! Own me, follow my progress in close detail, be the only witness and responsible for creating perfection!



DeadBoyWalking, 21
Misunderstood but still trying, looking for people who’ll get me.

Likes: Very very very dark shit, ask me
Dislikes: People who see bad shit happening that has nothing to do with them and call the police
Ultimately: No fucks left to give, can I help you?


Most_szbad – June 29, 2017
you could’ve been a star

Anonymous – Jun 23, 2017
I am very difficult to please but he did’n give up and finally succeeded, which I appreciate very much.



fuckit, 18
I enjoy getting fisted and fisting my own ass and think it’s time I felt a man’s whole arm in there. I’m Chinese if it matters.

*You’ll need to pay me a little money or, for example, jewelry instead of money.


Soccer1817 – Jul 11, 2017
Warning: He neglects to mention that he’s 5’1″. I’m 6’2″. I measured my arm against his bod and my fist would have ended up in his mouth.

bigpunchbuilder – Jul 4, 2017
My name and is Bashscript or just Bash. Alpha cocky dom. Yeah, cocky as hell. I know. I don’t need your words to praise me. Coz words nothing to compare with my body. I can punch you hole far as my shoulder with full speed, non stop for hours. Better if you prepare yourself with chems. I can make you go up to heaven when you uncontrollably piss and cum when my muscular fist and arms get deep into your hungry hole. If you are cumdump pig who are craving for getting bred after I fist your body into a train tunnel, then you are perfect. My pigs no cry, just crave for more. You’re hot, my hand is clenched and arm is trembling at the sight of your ass, but you’re a little soft. If you’ve gained even three pounds since you took those photos, you can only dream of having me fist you.



youyouyou, 24
Hey. I’m Al. I love balloons, I love helium – and most importantly – those two things put together.

I’ve got on fine without a Master but I want to try new things.

But don’t get funny ideas about my ass. It might look like a balloon but it’s not. Big difference.

If you’ve come across the balloon thing before and you’re not sure about it, I can help.



Leaving_human, 18
Lets It Begin…. Been thinking to it for long time and ready to be sn*ffed

And one last point, You sn**ff me But Not mean You cant be cruel to me, I just human, I got a feeling

And please We will have a good time…. Just sn*ff me


dash12281991 – July 8, 2017
How about a compromise? I’m into boys playing dead, being played around with, sucked, fondled, caressed, posed, humped, licked, etc. while they’re “dead”. I don’t actually want you to be dead though lol

Anonymous – Jul 2, 2017
please someone talk him out of it, i fucked this boy, he’s worth saving.

Ger_Man – June 20, 2017
first of all, FAKE. second of all, just for the sake of argument, what would cruelty- and meanness-free snuffing involve because that’s a concept that’s difficult to get my head around?



SmallSlave, 19
I’m a dwarf.


YAMIKAMI – Jul 19, 2017
Dead inside.



DirtyBastard, 24
I am a bastard who has everything to do with himself.

Slim, willing, resilient and rattly anyway.

I lick you all body, also your feet and armpits, tail, eggs and ass anyway, even if you were not grad under the shower. You can fuck me, blow you from me, fist me, spit me and also piss on and even attach and if you like it really violently beat also.

Everything secret. If you have chems in extremely large quantity I don’t have problem with nothing.


Anonymous – Apr 12, 2017
Bring your knife he is a disposable and execute

Anonymous – May 15, 2017
he looks like watercolour paiting.

DirtyBastard (Owner) – Feb 13, 2017
Don’t contact me for the next month.

Anonymous – Feb 1, 2017
Yesterday DirtyBastard had the privilege to meet me. I arrived to a very warm welcome. First impression he was fuckable enough but unremarkable in looks, a twink you would “settle for” “in a pinch”. I was a little anxious at first because we had agreed to do some very heavy things and he seemed so average that I wasn’t sure if I could go through with it all, but I quickly started feeding him drugs and poppering him up and he turned beautifully wasted and pathetic. We decided to see if we could find someone to join us. He showed me some photos of doms who had done numbers on him before. Within 20 minutes this monster called Clay arrived at the door. Throughout what became our very depraved encounter Clay helped me sex DirtyBastard up from limb from limb with this reckless savagery that was just the inspiration I needed.



jellyboy, 19
japanese slave owned by ukranian backpacker will be traveling with him to berlin tomorrow and would like help to try to escape from him.

we go to the opera on saturday where i can excuse myself to go to the toilet and that could be the time it can happen. we will need to hide until wednesday when he returns to ukraine because he will try to kill us both.

if all good will arrive to berlin tomorrow night.



Hucow, 22
I’m Alex, a young farmer who loves the great outdoors and working outside in all weathers. The area of farming I am in is dairy.

Absolutely adore cows and love giving the cows lots of cuddles.

I am also a Hucow and have been for many years. I adore love the headspace that being a hucow puts me in, I feel completely at ease with everything and relaxed. When I become a hucow it’s one hundred percent authentic, and I can only Moo. The breed of cow I am is Holstein Friesian, and my hucow name is Jess. Have a cow patterned rubber catsuit, rubber cow ears and rubber cow tail.

Well educated and polite and I enjoy a good conversation.


The_Smith – Jul 17, 2017
you got some real fucking issues buddy

Tsar – Jul 17, 2017
What the…….

MeatAbstract – Jul 17, 2017
Hey man I ain’t judging you. This is just….unexpected. To each their own. In any case I’d love to eat you if somebody else does the dirty work.

Downward – Jul 16, 2017
Why do people always expect acceptance on this website? Go kill yourself you ugly hoe, go get cancer.

The_Smith – Jul 16, 2017
i feel sorry for your parents

Eraserhead – Jul 15, 2017

Eraserhead – Jul 15, 2017
I’m against feeding cows antifreeze but in this case… wheres its bowl



VeryHighLevel, 20
that I Am
Im in 18 years old , and also im not Sprotman my ass size is small and soft !
Im soft Asthetic boy and i like to broke my asshole , You never have try somting like ME !



Underwear-Swimwear, 21
I honestly don’t know how to start these kinds of things but I’m new to this and am looking for a master to train me? Introvert, looking for someone to take lead, experimental but to a point? If that makes sense?

I’m going for long term, but would start short term first? I mean, I want to know what your into also and see from there. And idk if subs can make demands or not but I always want to cuddle afterwards?… if that’s okay?

No youngers. No ‘5-minutes-fucks’. No Asian. No girly guys. No public. No Festivals, saunas and other shits. No cyber sex. No scars, I have enough. No ‘hot sex’. I’ve lost too much time just having sex already and I hate it.

I’m get pretty weird once I open up to you (I mean who isn’t?)



NolimitspainpigDRUGme, 22
World the time come to push the button. Your finger is on the button. Push the button.

I’ve always been messed up, it takes some real violent dirty shit to get me off. I want a psychotic fucker to take advantage of that.

1. Don’t make me sick. Meaning don’t give me some incurable disease. Curable disease is ok. “Gonna puke” sick is ok.
2. Don’t blow my cover. Like most people I do this secretly. There are people who would literally kill me if they found out. So don’t take sneaky pictures.
3. I’m 76% sure I don’t want to bleed.
4. I like to shout a lot also.


pomped – Jul 19, 2017
Well what to say other than I love the form of a boy. Desires are to transfer imagination into reality. I wont crack a mirror when I look in to see wicked sister. Just need you.

Now_Kris – Jul 3, 2017



horriblehuman, 20

Hello all together I would like to ask for help, I have vouched for a friend of me with I together have grown up and now has 97.200 Euros owe mine has live lost my work and now I am homeless I am old 20 years and would like to have mine rebuild and, please, around help I would be glad if they could give me a small help all the same how many I am to me certainly we create it and I can have mine again construct it she(it) does to me sorry if I has bothered or has wasted their(her) time thanks very much I wish you all sincerely all the best you are my last chance
IBAN: DE88300700240022113500



Blahblahblahblah_hole, 18
I mostly created this cause I was told somebody was using my pictures but turns out this is actually a cool site.



GabrielVent, 21
Hi Guys Im an escort who’s slipping over here into the dark world for business purposes. For 1000 pounds I’ll give you the best experience you’ve ever had or will ever have in your lives, up to absolutely anything. Don’t be proud, just fork the money over and take anything you want from me, from whatever you like in bed no matter what to anything you want/expect from me when Im standing on two legs. I never say no, I never disappoint, I will not contradict you. Thats a spoiler.


topxxldominant – Jul 5, 2017
He only looks attractive when you stand at the exact angle from which the photographer took that picture.



MeatHole, 22
I never feel truly alive outside of when being used like fuck meat. Do anything, say anything, stuff anything in me, I won’t stop you.

I warn you I am apparently very high maintenance. Almost every guy who’s fucked me said my ass was worth the baggage, but not a single one of them has ever returned my calls afterwards.

I was messaged by a Master (KingGeorge) before who really got to me mentally and emotionally. If that was you please message me again I’ve changed my mind.

Recently found out I am POZ.


AlessandroAndrea – Jul 22, 2017

KingGeorge1000 – Jul 21, 2017
Hey you all bitches , now I own this cunt , this slave piece of shit I’m KING GEORGE and that’s my name it will always need to address me by that or it face straight punishment get that cunt …. my way is to order and it is as a bitch cunt piece shit is to obey I got no mercy yes I mean that so it don’t try playing have mercy oh master I’m gonna whip that damn face and ass into ribbons .. as my slave Bitch it live by my rules and it die by it because that’s what guides it for a better life it got no life I will give it the fuckin life it deserve now I make it cry under my powers and say to me master I don’t wanna live I wanna die as you bitch yes that’s what I will make it because that’s what I need to do to fulfill its long lasting dreams … it only live for a master who will give it life and death , I now make its life a living hell as its master and remember it got no life till I give it the life it deserve .thanks for reading.

AlessandroAndrea – Jul 19, 2017
Jerry, go back on your meds! You know how you get when you aren’t. You know this is NOT YOU!



IntensiveBoy, 20
Intensive Boy, Masculine yet Subtle, Creative Person with Brains, chasing & burning the moment, feeling & intensity rather than just sex.

Involved someone, passionate, very stylish & intensive, very oversexualised & loving sex.
Creative but with manners and knowledge. Someone with brains.

Someone to play with your imagination and someone to influence & be driven.
Someone which really burns, every time he gets the feeling, and he always gets the feeling.

Someone with A LOT of feelings. Someone gentle, but also very very rough, if the feeling drives the moment.

Someone creative, talented & really extraordinary. I like to FEEL & EXPERIENCE.

Every time I’m faced with a decision, I close my e


Jaffa01 – Jul 1, 2017
Erik, please come back to Zurich very quickly. What are you doing in Austria?

xEcho – Jun 28, 2017
Broken hearted Master. Just looking to have some quality chats with you. Going through a hard time at the moment. I feel like every slave I look at I’m trying to find him in them. By him I mean the slave who has my broken heart. I’m scared because it’s never hurt so much. When I had him my biggest fear was losing him, now he’s gone I’m scared I won’t find another slave that will ever make me feel what he made me feel. Life is scary… The depressive spiral is in full force. I’m not sure about anything at the moment.



alexikovalev, 22
Adopted from Smolensk, Russia when I was about a year and a half years old. Adoption was a sham and I have been sold for sex ever since (twenty years). I never had school and having sex with men is all I know how to do and not having sex is the only fun I have in life. Ideally I seek a master who is not attracted to me.



imcrazy, 18
I am literally only using gay sites for sex and that is it. I want you to pin me down and shove a penis pump in my ass and the suck my insides out. I want you to double fist me until I fun. I want you to tie me up and use extra strong clamps on my nipples and the spray me with a high pressure hose. I want to do cbt until I have to urine through a tube in my kidneys. I want kicking punching and slapping to my head until my brain is no good and I think very stupid like a frog. Idle you’re about that violent sex, then hit me up. If not, bye.


T0praghav – Jul 8, 2017

imcrazy (Owner) – Jul 6, 2017
Youre no fun

Samb11 – July 6, 2017
No one who looks like the boy in those pix would ever want what you say you want done to you. How gullible do you think we are? If you’re actually ugly, put it out there. You’ll find takers, maybe even me if the age is accurate. If you’re some kind of twisted mindfucking master, good job because knowing I can’t actually destroy the boy in those pix is fucking torture.

imcrazy (Owner) – Jul 4, 2017
Why not

Anonymous – Jul 4, 2017



Gogo_Boy, 18
Basically I’m a severe, uncontrollable vampire freak. I’m addicted to them. Always been obsessed since the age I can remember and I have always wanted to be one. At the moment I’m still human but really wanna find one to turn me into one. Because I’m so desperate to be a real life vampire.
If you want something in return, I’ll give my virginity to whoever agrees to do this. This exchange has worth to my eyes, if it doesn’t to yours, please reconsider. It goes without saying that you can bite my neck too.
Please do not pretend to be a real vampire if you are not and make me lose my virginity for nothing and in return I won’t make taking my virginity boring.
Yes, I am aware that only my word testifies of my virginity. I am a honest person. Contact me by message. I can send close up pictures of the virgin ass.


Nowman – Jul 21, 2017
Hello Go_GoBoy, I am a vampire. I only speak Russian using a translator.
I will be in your city from 12 to 17 October.
About your transformation I agree in advance because in your city there will not be time to go on the Internet.



submissiveandstuff, 23
“A damned queen of the underworld ! The first woman of Jesus named Lilith, who had escaped from the heaven in order to make the hell chaotic by giving birth to every demon, while she would slave to no one. Except for Lucifer. Yesss, she needs her own Lucifer. Is she insane ? I wouldn’t say so. She just knows what she wants, and she only wants what she gets !” – a small part of my latest project – a novel.


My pictures are genuine , they were not taken on Halloween ,
I am the same boy who will open the door.



loserROBERT, 19
I will be moving to Eugene next summer. I am just stationing my profile in the area for now.

I am not going to lie, I am + and detectable, no meds. Ironically, not one to give my ass away easily until that happened. Thought I was straight or bi, in fact. But shit happened and I incorporated it. Now everything starts as insatiable rapist vs slut bottom first with me. If it evolves more than a rape, I won’t stop it.

Book Currently Reading:
Mein Kampf-I mean, who isn’t interested in what the most ultimate top man in history has to say for himself?




p.s. Hey. ** Jamie, Hi, Jamie! Wait, you get your wifi back today, don’t you? Am I dreaming? I’m good, I’m fine. And you? Reading is good. The One Direction movie, ha ha, wow. Is there one? Oh, it’s a concert-centric thing, isn’t it? What do I know? What was the horror in the cinema? Yeah, we had to do a logline for both of our films. I think each of them were three sentences. Like a haiku. It’s a weird, difficult form of advertising-mets-cliffhanger or something. Did you sort yours? My weekend was just me lolling around doing random things and making blog posts and reading a little and kind of an almost nothing-filled pleasantry. Bluray love, Dennis ** David Ehrenstein, Thank you, sir. Well, we continually look for opportunities to do Gisele’s work in the States, but it is hard. Places just don’t have the dough to import the work, or not the dough to import work that isn’t ‘big name’. ** Tosh Berman, Hi, T. Oh, cool, thanks! How I met Gisele: It was 2003. I was living in LA. I was invited to do a reading and lecture in Lyon. Gisele, who was doing a residency in Lyon, heard about the event. She wrote to me, said she liked my books, sent along DVDs of her work, and asked if I would consider staying a few extra days after the event and try to collaborate on a dance/theater piece. I liked what was on the DVD, so I said, Sure. We spent three or four days working together (also with Peter Rehberg and three performers), and, by the end of that, we had essentially made what ended up being ‘I Apologize’. It went so well and was such a pleasure that we’ve been collaborating ever since. I think she read my books in English, but I’m not entirely sure. Well, I certainly agree that moving here is easily among the best things I’ve ever done. It’s been amazing, and it just keeps being more amazing. Thank you a lot, Tosh! ** Steve Erickson, Hi. Oh, okay, I understand. I think the vast majority of the films I’m drawn to and see aren’t soaked in politics. That’s a difference, I guess. Well, I’m glad you found an almost suitable computer substitute, emphasis on the ‘almost’. Hang in there, or maybe I mean I hope it does. I don’t think I’ve ever prepared a response to a possible question in advance, no. I do try to think about the possible problems that people could have with my work and analyze what I do and why I do it in a general way, which I guess ends up being preparative. Usually it’s more a matter of being better prepared the second time a difficult question is asked. Zac and I were interviewed before and during the film shoot for a forthcoming article about the making of ‘PGL’, and there were questions around the film’s relationship or not to suicide bombing/ISIS and the atmosphere in post-Bataclan Paris. And now I realize that will probably will be a regular and prominent question we get asked. So I am occasionally dwelling in thoughts related to how to explain the film’s careful and complicated lack of relationship to those seemingly obvious identifiers. ** Bill, Hey hey. Cool, and, yes, Belmer is a massive favorite of and influence on Gisele and her work. What is the language called python? That’s probably too huge a question? How is the new Jodorowsky? ** H, Hi. Oh, gosh, thank you! Cool if you can go to the Remains event. I’m very curious to hear what it is/was. No, I don’t think there’s any reason to look back at ‘Guide’ before. If I was in NYC, I’d take your poetry book collection, but … don’t you want to keep them? ** Dóra Grőber, Hi, Dóra! It seems like Gisele’s work would/will get to where you are. It seems like it might have already in the past? I’m not sure, I’ll ask her. Oh, the dark one-person show was irritating to me, I think, because, one, he talked incessantly in this weird/fake voice, and, two, because his talking fast and using that voice made it very difficult to understand what he was saying because of my low-level French comprehension. My weekend was kind of like yours, I think, except without the family encounter. I feel like I didn’t do anything, but I obviously did. Nearly all of my friends are away from Paris right now because Parisians always go away during late July and early-to-mid August, so it’s very quiet. But I have thoughts of finding something fun to do in the exterior today. And what did you make of today? ** Misanthrope, In fact I was there when you met Dame Vienne. She’s not a ‘punch in the face’ type, as far as I know. In her fantasies, oh, very possibly. Oh, shit, your co-worker died. I’m so sorry to hear that, George. That’s very tough. God, death sucks. Death sucks so much that it makes Trump seem like a bauble. I’m with Steve: finish the novel and ship it to FSG. Good lord about that giant headache and fever. Man, when are you seeing the doctor? You never said what ultimately happened with that. Get checked! ** Wolf, Wolf the Emma-ncipator! Do you see what I did there? Uh, this week has been okay. Pretty low-key. Late summer in Paris. Tourists everywhere acting like they own the place. Parisians browning on distant beaches. You can rant to me when I see you if you still have that bee in your bonnet. Your last paragraph was the best chunk of prose I’ve read in ages, and I’ve read some pretty hot prose within those ages. I find your current life really poetic. I know, I know, don’t hit me, I just do. Counting the days and sub-days ’til you guys are here walking there rues. Love, me. ** _Black_Acrylic, Howdy, Ben. Oh, right, you saw ‘The Pyre’! I remember. Man, I wish that piece wasn’t so in mothballs, but we made a way too expensive-to-mount piece at the absolutely worst time economically. If you remember the boy in it, Leon, Gisele just told me two days that he’s 6 feet tall now! Okay, that interview with Donna does sounds a whole lot more encouraging and hopeful. Very good. Really hope she can point you at some exciting wheels and help grease them. ** Okay. Yeah, it’s the end of the month, and the slaves are back to remind you that your rent payment is due tomorrow. And to do their usual thing too. See you tomorrow.


  1. David S. Estornell

    July 31, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    All I can say today is: Moo ??♥♥♥

  2. Hello, oh, I’d like to keep my poetry collection as it is, at least, in my imagination. But it’s just a lot for my otherworldly smaller room. I’m sure you’d sympathize that I’d like to keep the room quiet in so many ways. And I… frequently move. So, trying to downsize it. But will save some of poetry books that you’d love!

    PS. I’m finally back to revise that Akerman gift to you (so sorry, I needed a break) as well as the interview with you. So definitely before my move (mid August), at least one of two. Thank you so, so much again for your patience and generosity as always. In the mean time, all best to your reading preparation! I think it will be excellent.

  3. Hi!

    Thank you for the boys, as always.

    Yes, I looked it up right away and ‘Jerk’ could be seen here in 2008. I, unfortunately, didn’t know her work back then. I couldn’t find any upcoming performances yet, I mean in Budapest, but I certainly hope it’ll happen! It’d be fantastic!
    Oh, I see. Well, I guess it’s very understandable then. I’m sorry about it.
    It always seems to go like this: either nobody is home or everybody is and they want to meet all at once, haha.
    I found this freelance writing page ‘contentgather.com’ where (after an initial approval by the staff) you can upload articles, blog posts, etc. for sale. I decided to create an account and just submitted an article so now I’m waiting for their feedback. I’ve been avoiding pages like this because I have this weird fear that I can’t write for an audience in the manner required by them (I mean, I’m either too professional or too nonchalant, it’s hard to be this “friendly blogger” type of writer) but I guess it’s pretty stupid and I’ll find my own style after a while. And, of course, not everyone’s looking for the same tone. So. I’m getting over myself.
    What did you end up doing with your day? I hope it was lovely!

    La Baie des Anges is my favorite of her films. Saw her live on stage back in 83 in Paris in “Le recit de la servant Zerline” Unforgettable. Interviewed her once at Tony Richardson’s place here in L.A. when her film “Lumiere” came out

    Here she sings a song of hers

    Year ago she was on “The Merv Griffin Show” and he asked her what she looked forward to. Her answer? “Death” And she said this with a big smile on her face.

  5. Incidentally, I had a long conversation about NOCTURAMA with one of the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s programmers. (The Film Society is one of two NYC theaters where the film opens Aug. 11th.) He first saw the film on a private streaming video link, then at the Toronto Film Festival last fall. He said there were many French people in the Toronto audience, and they all seemed to exit in a state of shock, not knowing what to make of the film. Was this the general reaction upon its French release? When it opens in New York, I think its audience will understand it, but I believe it will start streaming on Netflix simultaneously, and I can see a lot of people stumbling across it there, thinking it’s an action movie or thriller, and having weird reactions.

  6. Begorrah, Dennis! Well remembered on my wifi date. The fuckers that are supposed to be sorting it are being incredibly useless and are apparently notorious for this. It’s annoying cos I have to keep phoning them and be put on hold and listen to their music and then get all jerky with them and I can’t be bothered any more. Man, I miss the wifi! I’m online tonight as I’m in Newcastle at the boss’ house.
    Thanks for these fruity fellows! Some of the guestbook commenters are getting rather catty these days. I love only’s assertion that he “will not explain under any circumstances i offer my cock and balls for cbt, torture, cutting, fire, ball rupturing and busting, penectomy, castration”. It’s the ‘under any circumstances’ bit that gets me.
    I’m in logline purgatory. I think I’ve got the synopsis as good as it’s going to get and it’s been a positive process, but the pithiness of the logline is escaping me. Any tips? It’s to be sent in by Friday.
    Your weekend sounds pleasant. Our horror film turned out to not really be a horror film, but more of a rape-y thriller called Hounds of Love, which we both thought was fairly dreadful. So, the 1-D movie was the film of the weekend!
    How is your week looking? Are you still having movie downtime?
    Hey, I just noticed that you and Gisele’s new thing is playing at a Belgian festival in November! We could possibly make that. Cool. Will you be going?
    Jonathan’s just told me that dinner’s ready, so I’ll wish you a fond adieu.
    Hope you have a Tuesday that’ll make all the other days shrink in shame.
    Modern love,

  7. @ DC, yeah The Pyre was sublime. I remember that my proposed meetup with yourself and George at the Recollets never happened because of my sucky phone, which was a damn shame. Good to know that leading boy Leon is now a strapping young man. Is he still in the acting game?

    Just had Alex round for our weekly Twin Peaks viewing and it continues to amaze. DC you should catch up on the new series so these comments can just be full of daily red-hot TP debate haha.

  8. Dennis, Thanks. Yeah, my co-worker was a really sweet, selfless person who did so much for everybody else. It’s pretty quiet around there these days, as you might imagine.

    Thanks, too, for the advice. I’m keeping that at the top of my list.

    Oh, shit, I thought I’d told you about my ongoing battle with the doc and blood tests. So essentially, we’re re-testing towards the end of August. I finally talked to her on the 21st after a comedy of errant phone calls to and fro, and she said that I hadn’t mentioned that I take supplements. I had told her. She kept saying I hadn’t. Blah blah blah. Anyway, she’s keeping me on the bp med I’m on now and we’ll see how the blood work goes in a month with my not taking any OTC supplements.

    But I feel okay. Though I do feel that headache lurking. You might remember that I used to get these regular clusterfuck headaches every 3 months on the top left side of my head that would knock me for a loop for 3 or 4 days. Well, they stopped, but since they stopped, I’ve had two of these whammies. I’m still a little off, to be frank. But I’m fine. As long as it doesn’t come back, I’m not worried about it.

  9. I am supposed to get my repaired laptop back some time tomorrow. I have no idea when, and I wish the repair shop’s attitude was not an emphatic “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” For the past week, I’ve been bouncing between an office some friends have let me use (this is the only way I’ve been able to go on writing film criticism without a fully functional home computer), the public library and an 8-year-old laptop that barely turns on, has no word processing applications, won’t allow me to open my Hotmail E-mails all the way or read Twitter notifications. If you’re a human being in the 21st century, it’s a necessity to have a home computer that functions well. I think this is doubly true if you’re a working film critic. At this point, I’m at the end of my rope and totally stressed out. A return to normalcy is in sight, but I think I’m going to be a total ball of anxiety tomorrow till I get the computer back and I wish I had some clue when that would be. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to be able to download music or save my reviews and articles to my hard drive. I’m sorry if this comes off as entitled whining, but frankly, the past week has fucking sucked because of this problem.

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