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Meet CrazyLazyWeirdandStupid, theglaciers, Water-content57%, ThatStupidMoron, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of July 2018


Leadmetotemptation, 19

24/7 sexslave fantasiser seeks very selfish n twisted rapist/sadist who will kidnap, dehumanize n use slave sexually for the rest of life. ???????

Have an inoperable tumor in the pancreas, so my stay on earth is extremely pruned. But I do not mind.

I can be punched in the face to make you feel better. I have a hole that all men wish to fuck.

Teeth removal is the must to do list, transformation of mouth to a toothless sexual organ could be used hard n long like a pussy.

Also removing my balls. I don’t want to cum so be a man and know you place and remove my balls.

Master has absolute power to surgical adjust slave’s body, cutting redundant parts off. Slave’s body form n function should only for maximizing master’s sexual enjoyment.


Anonymous – Jul 16, 2018
Bin gespannt was so passiert.



CrazyLazyWeirdandStupid, 23
Hi We’re a newly discovered polyamorous non-binary queer (they/them/their), with girlfriend, in opened relationship, I’ve realised our true calling is giant guys, they must be over 95kg. Having difficulty accepting it but we’re getting there. Our dream is to be trampled by guys like that. Our second fetish is to be farted on our face. Obviously this is a big deal so we want it to be something unforgettable which is why we’re here in this dark gay world lol.



inboxme, 20
Young guy with tongue looking to worship a straight bro. Really into legs. Would like to be an alpha male’s leg licking bitch. Have a great legs licking session. I’m here to make your legs feel amazing. You’re the king and your legs deserve to be treated that way.


inbox (Owner) – Jul 20, 2018
Dear Sir74, First of all ‘I’ wants to say “thank you sir” for your legs and for deciding to share your precious time for me to be the best at who I am not. Sincere, your slave.

Sir74 – Jul 20, 2018
This one is now permanently owned by me. This one has a vast, previously untapped reserve of self-loathing that I am employing in a feedback loop type of exchange. Subservience is now a spiritual purpose for this one. This one is dependent on me, and I am draining his energy and feeding off his inferiority. Every day, this one’s life is getting significantly unimportant. Everything that gave him happiness is now riddled with guilt and shame, and very soon I will have sucked all the joy from this one’s life.



NotArabObviously, 20
I’ve had an interest in, and plenty of horny dreams over breath control since a teenager but never had the balls to do anything about it – time to change that though!

Been waiting long enough so want to jump in the deep end 🙂

Interests include, but not limited to…
Gaffa tape

Travel all over for work so location isn’t an issue. Looking for guy willing to push me as close to the end as possible.


BreathControlNovice (Owner) – Jul 1, 2018
There is a swelling storm
And I’m caught up in the middle of it all
And it takes control
Of the person that I thought I was
The boy I used to know
But there, is a light
In the dark, and I feel its warmth
In your hands, and my neck
Why can’t I hold on?



Just19Jack, 19
I’m just a 19 yo boy on Oahu that loves tequila and downloaded this app randomly



Water-content57%, 21
I’ll keep this short. I’ve been self-harming for two years and want to find a henchman and take it up a notch or thousand. I’m able to relocate at my own expense at a moments notice for the right person. I will be asking questions because this will be my last choice in life and it needs to be an informed choice.
However, I am open to visiting people if 3 conditions are met.
1: no perm marks or much damage
2: you cover all travel cost via tickets in advance
3: total transparency on what I can expect while there.
Since Americans are stupid I’ll say this again. These 3 conditions are for any planned “visit”.
If it’s a one way ticket then these terms would not apply.
If you are only here to talk like an idiot then leave me alone.
This may sound harsh, but I need to attract a serious person here and not a fuck up.


Water-content57% (Owner) – Jun 26, 2018
(I’d like to apologize to anyone I was communicating with before. I gave my phone to my little cousin, who I was babysitting, to make him stop crying and while he was playing around with it he accidentally deleted all the data off my phone.)



imnotmatt, 18
Imagine You abduct a sixteen year old man from a street near its high school. It’s been captured and will have to adjust to its new reality. It doesn’t want to serve, being used, degraded or humiliated. It wants to be free. But You don’t care, You will mould it into Your perfect slave, pet, toy, object, whatever You see fit. It will struggle a lot during the adjustment period. Most of all, it won’t understand why it’s being tied and fucked against its will like if it was a girl, it will not easily forget that it used to be a young man in the past. If you have the means to keep it captive either for a couple of days or permanently, then I am interested.


Cowboy1931 – Jul 8, 2018
Not impressing anyone

Anonymous – Jul 6, 2018
The young man is a relative of the guy who’s manning this profile and the young man’s parents have a restraining order against him and he has taken no precautions or safeguards at all so if you take him up on this you’re basically asking to be arrested and imprisoned.



StyleMe, 20
As a cummon football playing guy I’m willing to get transformed into a horny fetish fashion boy! Help me to become what I already am!


StyleMe (Owner) – Jul 13, 2018
Please be nice.

Anonymous – Jul 13, 2018
He’s not a ‘football playing guy’ he’s a fat little pig who doesn’t know anything about football and wears the uniform because thinks it makes him look less fat but it doesn’t.



Alexander_opened, 21
I am wheelchair user and it won’t be problem at sex or in BDSM/bondage.
I can’t walk or stand but I can crawl on all fours on floor when I am collared by you Sir or I can also sit on my chair if you want that.

Because of my disability, I need use catheter ( Intermittent catheters)
But if you want and like we can use Indwelling catheter that stays inside the cock for a longer period or my own one time use.

I also need use diapers ( msotly when we go public places, inside your house/apartment I do not need that.

IF this freaks you out please ASK more and don’t let it effect on my application or when I send messages.

hmmm..what else I should say? OH yes because my disability I can drink piss and cum by the gallon.

*The photos of me are from before I had my serious accident ( I don’t let anyone to take photos of me anymore.


Anonymous – June 29, 2018
Your problem is you’re clinging to the past. Embrace the tragedy and incorporate it. You’re not a hottie anymore. Let it go.



aquietdolphin, 24
My name is Alex. I am a kind gentle baby boy who is a huge fan of the ABDL life style. I love wearing diapers and being babied. Talk to me like I’m a baby is a really good way to turn me on. I would love to cook a nice meal for my daddy watch his belly get bigger and rounded and softer then we make out while I’m wetting my diaper.


aquietdolphin (Owner) – Jul 14, 2018
I am baby.. dont ask can I fuck you ? please don’t ask me stupid question like can I fuck you cause its stupid ?

Raven – Jul 1, 2018
Never had a baby before…and i think i’m ready now…i’m looking for a baby who can tell the world and God that he loves me.



BlondVisitor, 19
Just an inexperienced hetero with those weird, fun days looking for someone to help me become a fag. Was trained online a year ago and took a hiatus after it didn’t work. These feeling I thought would leave , but haven’t. I know I am a fag, and maybe if I am lucky , one day I can live life as such.


Hanau – Jul 9, 2018
Very cute and sympathetic but the best thing about him is that his body is completely odourless, and believe me I would know.

RALF5 – Jun 27, 2018
He’s a strong boy?.But do you know what makes him cry??



Sellingit, 18
I lost my path and I’m looking to get back on it.


Your_path – Jul 25, 2018
It’s over here.



truckerusa, 21
young trucker travel don’t control where or when. not a lot free time meet hit and miss meet in public if both OK we go on. no phone job very stressful too many stupid drivers. interested in getting a real vicious fuck an after we’ll see. not really attracted to guys but i can’t stand women so here I am.


Jean_Genet – Jul 25, 2018
He will stand against a wall with pants down and take any size cock as deep and as hard as you can go and you can leave creampies in his ass that you can suck back out and hock into his mouth but he has terrible hygiene. Take it from me, Jean Genet.

Arco75 – Jul 21, 2018
doesn’t mention he’s a white supremacist neo-nazi asshole that won’t shut up about it. that turned me way the fuck on but i’m far right myself and it might not have the same effect for everyone.



BadVibesOnly, 21
No one gives a f*ck. I have a heart condition I developed 6 months ago. The doctors dont know whats wrong with me so now i lay here in pain everyday. Sense iv become unwell iv had no support from any one, Iv been taken advantage of and made to feel like shit. Im alone and afraid most of the time. Before I became unwell I was on my way into nursing but now i live on $400 a month. I get a little better everyday but even when im better ill still know how cold the world is and i dont know if thats a world i want to live in. I feel like iv done so much for people when i worked in the hospital and well, karma has not been my friend. What I really need is someone to take possession of me and convince me nothing will ever be ok so I’ll stop wanting it to be.


Anonymous – Jul 22, 2018
Let me sum it up for you HE’S A SHORT TERM INVESTMENT



Anyparty, 19
only my mother i have that why i love her so much and she is indipendent women that why i love her?❤


Super-Shenuu – Jul 12, 2018
You’re very welcome. 🙂

Anyparty (Owner) – Jul 12, 2018
thank you 🙂

Super-Shenuu – Jul 12, 2018
Clothing is awesome.

Anyparty (Owner) – Jul 10, 2018
thanks 🙂

he-Past-Away – Jul 10, 2018
Hoodie looks awesome



MyNameIsFuckPig, 19
I’m a Russian ballet dancer, dance model, student in Bolshoi Ballet Academy, (a little too opinionated if you ask me hahaha love an argument), but with a submissive side that lately I’ve been meaning to explore as a way to distance myself from the inner void. It’s hard for me to be vulnerable and accept, for example, that my voice sounds feminine or that my posture is girlish and my face is pretty… so I’m curious about finding a guy to whom that won’t matter or who cherishes or hates it for a truthful something.


SeaMan – Jul 27, 2018
It’s always summer inside him



ThatStupidMoron, 25
I am into physical aggression against my face. Slapping, hitting, punching, grabbing, clawing, leaving marks, and did I mention I like physical aggression? Would love to find someone that I could get into one sided boxing beatdowns with. I like watching the kind of boxing matches where one of the guys is losing from the start, hit over and over again, and by the end of the match, their face is busted up. Black eyes, a busted up nose, etc. I am looking for a long term partner. I want someone that likes to beat a face, is into destroying my face, and leaving me uglier and more disfigured with every day as a sign of ownership. If you only like that but nothing else, please contact me.


liriz – Jun 22, 2018
No ?‍♂️ no



iwanttodielol, 20
We’ll do this just do not tell me about your life do not try to excite me or talk bluntly I have no feelings show me know mercy do not think about it anymore let us content ourselves with the bare minimum.


openmind – Jun 16, 2018
only just got home, someone shld check on him, very confused what happened haha

ldnphotographer – Jun 7, 2018
I am a young London photographer who’s camera is mainly focused on documenting eroticism and fetishism. My work covers a broad spectrum and I am comfortable photographing in any situation from toilet play to the extreme death scene you are suggesting. I am experienced and can produce my portfolio and social media on request. I do not judge I simply document and I guess that makes me some what of a voyeur. I would love to photograph what happens if you are willing.



Sleepingbeauty, 24
I hve place always 24hrs so dont ask abt it
Session timing atleast 40/50mins continue
Hardcore wild rough kinky rape bdsm all varieties
I hve gain this body after 4 yrs long practice dedication n hard work
Lots of time n money put into it
Tats why i charged a very small mimimum nominal amount which any one can afford.
Please i so desperate :’(


mascdom48 – Jul 19, 2018
Took him to the gym, then took him home and made him lick up all my sweat.



C, 18
– Hey, I am C. I am an international student. I am born Deaf in both ears. English is my second language, therefore, my life is very stressful. I recently aware that I need some different sex for me to relax so that I can more focus on my goal and my dream.
– I am HIV Negative and would like to stay that way so all anal play must use condoms. Don’t worry, I still swallow and will probably even eat your condom too.
– No worries about my speaking, my speaking is different but you can understand me, I also can understand you.


Pegvin – May 21, 2018
I would honestly have to say that other than the novelty of his deafness he’s not very exciting. I know that’s not the nicest thing to say, but figured I should be honest.



theglaciers, 18
So everyone knows what he’s getting involved with here is the process and everything planned so far.

We (these are 4 boys) are still looking for people who are open to have sex in Cologne. We come across Germany and meet and stop at Cologne and just want to have sex. Now to our expectations and the rules:

YOU should be under 35, slim, and be there on Saturday in Cologne.

The meeting would be on Saturday at 15:00 clock at a hotel right on the Schaafenstraße. Room number and which hotel will be communicated one hour before to avoid Fakes.

Condoms and lubricants are not available because they are not necessary to use!

Upon arrival there will be a raffle with a star. Whoever among us 4 who draws the star gets the fucks and fists and torture and sperm from all those present. Means that in the end we all stand in a line behind this one person and shoot our cum in him one after the other. That too is one of the conditions. Showers and party is given after the group fuck. After the raffle you will receive a welcomebendchen which you will directly display. Each ribbon has a meaning that should make it easy for us to organise.

Red = fucker
Blue = fister
Green = torturer

then it will be held.

I pass photos of us 4 only after agreement. But should not be immensely important, since we are all cute, young, slim and horny. Not everyone will enjoy it, but that’s not the point.



ruinmyass18, 18
Hey I am Harry a 18 year old chilled type of person always pretty much bored of being cute and popular so why not give me something else to do


LuisLee – Jul 3, 2018
Hello! You are so cute! ?(❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
This is my first time using any app like this so please don’t mind me if I say anything weird to you or ask you something something that I’m not supposed to.
English isn’t my first language so pardon any bad grammar.
I suck at selfies so when I send you one don’t expect anything great
though my photographs of other people are excellent (Ironic right?)
I also like to travel a lot so we most likely will have a wonderful time even when I’m not fucking you.
Aaaand that’s all I don’t know what else to type so yep that’s it ?(❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

ruinmyass18 (Owner) – Jun 27, 2018
If i write too much of what my interests are i have been told a slave’s interests are only a master’s concerns and if i write too little i am told i am aloof.

Dam52 – Jun 26, 2018
He is either very shy or totally crazy.

FreshSucker – Jun 17, 2018
Just very interesting what the taste of your seed so wanna try it lol

If possible let me suck you off and swallow your cum in everyday please



penispal, 20
I already had countless accounts here on this platform and about two hours ago I deleted my last one.

I have to say: even though everything bothers me here, I’m missing it. But I had the insight of the year a few minutes ago. I am not looking for just sex here. Actually, I just want to meet if it fits then you stick your penis in my mouth and ass and if it still fits we marry, have two children, two dogs and be happy to the end of our lives.

After a death in the family, I decided to be honest with people and less wrong or tell any lying stories. So now comes a detailed profile about me.

– I like to smoke. This may sound destructive to some, but a cigarette is something very powerful for me
– When I look in the mirror, I only see ugliness and I would like to change my entire face. A bit of Botox here and there, nose a little smaller and lips bigger.
-When we are already on the outside: I find myself fat. Although I am slim and people always tell me I should gain weight, I still find my body very fat.
-I often have very depressive phases. Especially in the evening it can be very bad. But it can also be completely crazy and my mouth does not close after hours. After that, however, the depressive phase comes again with a unfriendly Bonjour and I just want to be alone
-Even though I often run like the biggest Bitch through the streets, thousands of thoughts whiz through my mind as others think about me. Even if someone comes up to me and tells me that I look good, I accept the compliment, but a few seconds later, I think the person is sarcastic and cruel.
-What I like about me is my sense of humor. Only I find myself incredibly funny. That comes only from the fact that I am mentally so broken, and I think I am hilarious even if I’m being the biggest asshole to someone.
-I could make the list even longer.

And to all who think: “my my my we all have our problems now shut the fuck up”, I say only one thing: OK.


stalamate – Jul 27, 2018
fuck ur life



PridelessGay, 23
23yo Gay No Limits Pain Slave, Looking for a Master to own me 24/7 365 permanently, Willing to relocate anywhere on the fucking globe,
I would however like my Master to have Only 1 or 2 other slaves if Any, hopefully none, I don’t like Large families, and my weakness: Masters with Blue Eyes, ughhhh…

Absolutely No Limits, Especially if you get me Chemed up. Anything, Well except little Kids. I Want a brutal and merciless aggressive coarse and perverse Master to Own me, Torture me, Poz me, Fist me, Get me out of the way, And.


PridelessGay (Owner) – Jul 16, 2018
Twinky types.

Anonymous – Jul 16, 2018
What kind of little kids are you attracted to?

PridelessGay (Owner) – Jul 16, 2018
Ok no but I must be sexually attracted to the little Kid.

Anonymous – Jul 16, 2018
Is “except little kids” a hard limit?



UDontKnowMe, 24
Definitely some sort of irony having that profile pic of me and then saying I’m looking for normal peeps. THAT SAID, I’m just looking for someone who’s normal and chill but a creepazoid too and who I can hang out with once in a while. Yeah, I’m also looking to get tied up and fucked and beaten, but I honestly never really have fun with that unless I’m friends with that person beforehand. Get what I’m saying? Regular stuff: I’m into fiction (the stuffy literature you’ve abandoned after high school), and art (paintings specifically).

The 4 real reasons why I’m in Berlin
1 * to visit my grandfather who works in Berlin.
2 * to learn German because from September I start at a German school.
3 * for the happiness of my parents who got rid of me for a whole month.
4 * to be harshly penetrated through the numbness which threatens to consume me by a nice abusive fuckhead.


UDontKnowMe (Owner) – Jun 12, 2018
It’s not broken by a long shot, liar.

Zipperworship – Jun 12, 2018
evening of “friendship” then seriously aggressive face fuck, succeeded in break8ng his jaw when nutting directly in his gutso i think i win the prize!

UDontKnowMe (Owner) – May 24, 2018
I’m also looking for people to help form a group that aims to build a self-sufficient community in the countryside like Varg Vikernes.

SkaterGuy – May 20, 2018
I tied him down on his stomach. I spanked his ass hard. I also licked, teased, fingered his hole, and I slid my cock in it and dumped a load. I also pissed on him.

I tied him down on his back. I tied his balls up with a cock ring on. I slapped and flicked his balls. I licked and sucked his bals. I slapped his penis then licked it and sucked it. I also pissed all over him.



Illmakeitsimple, 18
0 don’t like 10 favorite

7 ….. Oral
0 ….. Anal plugs (small)
0 ….. Anal plugs (large)
3 ….. Anal “sex”
0 … GOM (Glove Over Mouth)
0 … HOM (Hand Over Mouth)
3 ….. Choking
0 ….. Poppers
0….. Smoke, Smoking, Forced Smoke
10 ….. Long-term Bondage (Days Session)
0 … Short-term Bondage (Hours Session)
10 … Hogtie Bondage
10 … Chair-Tied Bondage
10 … Spreadeagled Bondage
10 … Sensory Deprivation
10 … Mummification
10 … Caged
10 … Chains
8 … Handcuffs, Metal Bondage
10 … Blindfolds
10 … Hoods
10 … Gags (Leather)
10 … Gags (Rubber)
10 … Bandana Gags
10 … Duct Tape Gags
0 ….. Muzzles
2 ….. Ball Gags
10 … Kidnap, Hostage scenarios
8 … Interrogations (Private)
0 ….. Interrogations (Public)
0 ….. Ice Cubes
7 ….. Spanking
10 ….. Flogging
2 ….. Clamps
2 ….. Electro
1 ….. Wax
10 ….. Kissing
10 ….. Hugging
10 ….. Cuddling


DragonSpiritBear – Jun 30, 2018
poz guys over 8 inches should connect with him for many reasons



BoyLikesYou, 18
Be with me forever. NOTHINGS WRONG WITH ME.




p.s. Hey. ** Dominik, Hi! It’s kaleidoscopic! I’m pretty good. We’re going to send ARTE our proposal for how we hope to ‘normalise’ the script as per their wishes while maintaining as much as possible of what we like about the script as it is in the next couple of days, I think. Then we’ll see. Oh, the two nights where Scott Barley showed his films were great. His films really need to be projected to do their magic optimally, so that was a boon. And a couple of other interesting filmmakers he knows showed films too. And Scott and I hang out and got to know each other, and he’s terrific, of course. So sorry about your unbroken heatwave. Ours is rebuilding and will be back to being misery central by Friday, the forecasts say. Urgh. You’ll be heading off to your brother and his world in a month! How awesome! He’s there in your hood, right? You guys having a great time, I’m sure? I hope your sickness has passed or is fading now. Very exciting about the new SCAB, of course! Can’t wait! Thanks for the week ahead wishes, and the same to you, and I hope I won’t be overheated and whining about it when I see you on Friday. ** Tosh Berman, Hi, Tosh! Apart from several testosterone-fueled nosedives into the pits at shows back in the 70s punk days, and accidentally getting pulled into one at a Melvins show in the 90s wherein I got the shit semi-beaten out of me, I tend to keep a person or two buffer between me and pits, so I can feel the pit but not get whacked by it. I finished the Thom Andersen post. It’ll be up in the next week and a half. Bon day! ** Steve Erickson, I will try the new Orbital. I do love their earlier stuff. No Macy Gray for me. The new Yves Tumor song is fantastic. He just gets more and more amazing, I think. Never saw ‘Wormwood’, no, weirdly, I must. Excellent about the progress with your actor! I don’t know Denzel Curry. I’ll tiptoe in his new thing’s direction. ** Damien Ark, Hey, D. That Lone track is a wacky pit soundtrack. A nice pit is a rare pit. Spoken as a non-masochist. The most violent pit I ever managed to escape was at a Weezer show, of all things. Good day to you too. ** Corey Heiferman, Yeah, that post was a good argument for gifs’ singularity and value, it’s true. Good eye there, bud. I’ve never heard of Ga Ga. The Israeli Ga Ga video was far more appealing, although doing it in a giant planter gets points for over-ingenuity. I’ve not listened to Hila Ruach yet. Too much work yesterday. Hopefully today. Uh, re: the film work, the Lincoln Center thing is definitely a big step. Re: my books and stuff, cool, honoring things have happened over there occasionally over the years. Looking forward to it is nothing but excitement. Although I have to select a bunch of film clips from films that have had an impact on me for one of the events, and that’s pretty vexing. Have a goodie. ** Jamie, Well, h-h-h-hello, Jamie! Thanks about the recent two posts, man. My weekend was pretty all right thanks to the temporary breaking of the heatwave, the Scott Barley shebang, and stuff. Yours? Oh, ‘SHHH’ is showing in London? And you guys are going? Cool. Oh, shit, about your neck! I guess you should be feeling at least some beginning improvement by today if the osteopath thing worked. So … are you? ??╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ I’m waiting for Zac’s feedback and suggestions on the film script, then, ideally, with one last pass, I think, it’ll be ready to be translated. Monday was mostly involved in my researching film treatment models so I can start working on the treatment and other proposal docs today. Otherwise, it was fair and square. Thanks for making my day that vase. Hit the spot. May Tuesday grant your neck giraffe-like flexibility. Moonlight on Vermont love, Dennis ** Schlix, Hi, Uli. I hope the wedding was fun. The problems and glitches this blog seems to be mysteriously beset with, especially for phone-accessors, are truly maddening. I’m sorry. Oh, you can get me at FB or my current email is denniscooper72@outlook.com. Take care. ** Kyler, Hi. Yes, no matter what I’ve tried to do, consulting tech people at the blog’s hosting sites repeatedly, no one sees anything amiss in the blog’s code/set-up/etc or seems to know why these problems are happening. So, basically, unless some computer wiz can figure it out, you/we/I are stuck with the issues, which makes my blood boil, but that’s the state. ** Misanthrope, Hi. Yes, maybe your Consumer Electronics live experience will finally awaken you to the glories of loud atonal noisy music, and we can trade verbal hugs. I’m happy you’ve found enjoyment through Troye Sivan, and I’m sure he finds enjoyment through the look of love in your eyes. I don’t know the story on the Trea Turner thing, but I assume it’s kind of like the James Gunn thing, and, yes, the world is scarily topsy turvy, especially in the US parcel. ** Nik, Hi, Nik! How’s it going, man? The movie and TV shows inch forward in their own ways, so all, especially re: the former, seems okay. The three angry emos gif would surely win the Pulitzer Prize for gifs if such a thing existed or at least be awarded a MacArthur Grant if the MacArthur Foundation wasn’t so stodgy. Hey, fantastic news about X-R-A-Y! Please alert me when it’s up in case I miss the official alert on Facebook. Congrats! Can’t wait to read it! No, I’m too busy with the TV and film projects to work on gif works right now, but I am gathering and stockpiling contenders. My experience of manga has been really scattered, just checking manga out once in a while, and I don’t have enough of a bead on the medium to name names. I should pay more attention. I’ll investigate that Fumiko Takano one, thank you. I hope your final days in your high school town are sweet and meaningful. ** Bill, Mine too. Those pitted days. Finis. I think. The heatwave is rebuilding, degree by degree, and will wipe the pleasure from the sky almost completely by Friday, they’re saying. Aw, I loved Toys ‘R’ Us. I’m really sad about their demise. I used to do all my Xmas shopping there, even for my full blown cynical adult friends. It’s really sad. ** Right. Like clockwork, the last day of the month hurls a post full of slaves at you. Duck or take it like toughies. See you tomorrow.


  1. Hi D, I know what you mean about blood boiling. For a few months, every time someone clicked on my site, it showed up as Japanese Ray-Bands. It’s like they hijacked my site, but the technicians at my hosting said nothing was wrong. Finally, the client of mine who discovered this sent me a fix for this, which I sent to my technicians. And that fixed the problem. Good luck with the problem being fixed. Looks like I’m the first comment here today, but that may not be true. Again, got this post from FB – got yesterday’s post when I did it the normal way. Grrrr

  2. I’m sure Leadmetotemptation is fantasizing out loud about fetishes he’s never going to act on, but I hope he’s also lying about having pancreatic cancer at such a young age.

    Curry released his long-awaited second album TA13OO last Friday. The video “Clout Cobain,” which I would’ve included in Lean Day if it had been released by then (it’s a dark satire of current hip-hop that imagines a religious ceremony where teenagers sip lean a la Catholic communion), might be a good start. Its second single, “Percs,” which is a ferocious attack on the SoundCloud hip-hop scene he acknowledges influencing, is also a good entry point.

    As I must’ve mentioned, I have to report for potential jury duty tomorrow and my anxiety is through the roof.

    Have you ever seen Robin Campillo’s 2013 film EASTERN BOYS? I thought it was quite good, although it never tops the 20-minute scene towards the beginning where a gang of Russian and Ukrainian kids stage a home invasion of a middle-aged gay man’s apartment, drink his wine, dance to loud techno through his computer and end up stealing his most expensive possessions. It also probably would’ve been slaughtered if it got wider distribution in the US (it got a tiny release here in 2015, and I saw it at the Film Society of Lincoln Center yesterday) because there’s a sex scene where a 50-year-old man sleeps with a 14-year-old hustler. This isn’t romanticized – the film is quite dark and cold – but the actors were clearly nude during it.

    The Yves Tumor single is on my lengthy list of music releases from last Friday that I plan to check out. I’ll put it on the top.

    • The Orbital album is released commercially Sept. 14th. I got a download from its publicist. If you use Soulseek or other pirate sites, you might be able to find the whole thing right now, but as far as I know, its first 2 singles, “Tiny Folded Cities” and “P.H.U.K.,” are the only songs readily available now.

  3. Hi Dennis! Thanks for these slaves. I don’t know if it’s my frame of mind or the selection of slaves, but for some reason today they made me sad. Nothing wrong with that, of course, and I’m not complaining. BlondVisitor’s blurb sounds like the monologue from a melodrama from a parallel dimension – “I know I am a fag, and maybe if I am lucky , one day I can live life as such.” I’d say BoyLikesYou should win some kind of prize for just being so perfectly something, in both his text and photo, and it perfectly matched the mood of this batch, or my mood maybe.
    How are you? Good going on the movie script. How does the treatment work?
    Only Kate’s going to see SHHH btw, sadly. I hope she likes it cos I’ve been really badgering her to go see it.
    Thanks for the array of symbols pertaining my health, which I liked a lot. The neck seems slightly better, but the pain’s spread, but I think that might be normal. In other health news I suspect I might be coming down with whatever mystery illness hospitalised me in April again. I’m not feeling good. If I disappear from these here comments you’ll know what’s up.
    What did Tuesday do to you?
    May your Wednesday be again just as lovely as this vase of carnations. Why change a good thing?
    Having-a-blank-and-can’t-think-of-the-name-of-another-Captain-Beefheart-song-except-for-Low-Yo-Yo-Stuff-and-I-don’t-want-to-say-Low-Yo-Yo-Stuff-love-cos-it-seems-weird love,

  4. I really don’t like Macy Gray’s voice at all. I recall back in the early 2000’s Trent Reznor expressed an interest in doing an album with her… thank god that never manifested.

    I thought Troye Sivan was cuter before he dyed his hair blonde to be honest.

    Can’t believe that Misa will be seeing Consumer Electronics live before I do! And he’s not even a fan! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. Dennis, The Trea Turner thing is so banal, it’s not even funny. At 18, he quoted a line from the movie White Chicks -no N-word or anything- and he’s suddenly a racist. The line is from this crazy over-the-top character played by Terry Crews (who happens to be black). He tells one of the “white chicks,” “Once you go black, you gonna need a wheelchair.” Just Wayans brothers humor, and obviously, 18-year-old Trea thought it was funny and tweeted it. Now he’s a racist. (Kayla, LPS, and I have watched that movie many times. Horrible movie but it does have some funny shit in it.)

    His homophobic tweet was this: “When the lady at the drive-thru asks whose the faggot in the back? Oh, that would be me.” And follows it with a thumbs up. Now he’s a homophobe. If I’d seen that tweet on its own from anyone, I’d have assumed it was some gay guy brushing off someone’s nastiness. Or that someone called him that and it was no big deal. Like, what’s wrong with being gay? Something like that. I mean, really? I don’t get it.

    What’s really fucked about it, too, is that since he’s been in the Majors, he’s done a lot of charity work re: diversity and stuff like that.

    Hahaha, yeah, Troye and my love for him. I do like him. Seems a nice guy.

  6. Ah, another Toys ‘R’ Us fan. Those were the days.

    There seems to be a theme of “someone messed with my profile” today. Curious.

    Sorry to hear about the returning heatwave. I think I’m still recovering from the heat from my trip. I have these sketches I want to flesh out, but my brain just turns to mush after dinner.


  7. Corey Heiferman

    August 1, 2018 at 8:01 am

    Something alluring about Illmakeitsimple giving only one act 1/10 (on a scale that includes a few zeros), and to wax at that. Makes wax seem more “extreme” than the acts he gives 10/10, which are generally viewed as way more intense than wax. Kind of gets me thinking about what the 1/10’s are in various aspects of my life and why they aren’t 0/10’s.

    Reminds me of the therapy technique of emotional interviewing, where you ask somebody how willing they are to do something on a scale of 10, and they’re barely motivated so they say 2 or something like that, and then you ask why they aren’t 3, or what it would take for them to get from 2 to 3, gradually increasing their motivation.


  8. hi dennis
    lots of <3 for this post but unlike my usual escort comments this one won't dissect the structure because i really truly dont have very much time today!

    just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that i'll be quote unquote "sampling" some of your work in an open mic performance i'm doing very soon (with the acknowledgement the words are not mine; though part of the piece itself relies on the name of the author remaining unsaid; anyone who speaks to me in person afterward will get the full scoop though), let me know if there's an issue with that; i'd feel bad doing so without your knowledge!!

    anyways, thanks for another gr9 l0ad of escorts. 🙂 hope the screenbiz stays shiny


  9. Hello D.! My MacBook Pro is so close to needing a new battery that I’ve been looking at posts, shutting it off, typing a comment on the phone, then pasting it here. So I’ll just try blasting through this today. See what happens.

    This time next week, I will take my last Harvoni! The results of last Friday’s bloodwork showed the numbers being below what can be counted, and came back as hep c not detected! So, I guess I’m good to go. Weird thing is that the previous test came back as the virus being detected, but the numbers were the same. The nurses taught me a lot about how human error and contamination are far more widespread than the public knows. So, I adjusted my hope to being fine with the whole thing just having done some good. They will continue to do blood testing through the rest of the year, but all the professionals seem certain and very pleased, and I can cop to that for sure!

    Ever heard of a comedian named Neal Brennan? I haven’t been to see a live comedian since Judy Tenuta and Emo Phillips. Humor about depression is rampant these days… really kinda always has been. But there’s something about Brennan (besides obvious eye-candy, my frame of it, anyway)… As an audience, you are invited to take the stories and jokes as just that, or there’s an option to relate that feels unforced and very human. Depression isn’t made fun of. It’s a tool to get to commonality. And there’s no HELLO, DENVER!!! typical stand-up crap. He’s got a special on Netflix called 3 Mics. Recommended.

    Hope all is well with everything! I am going to pray to the gods of Macs and batteries, as well as those of finance and luck to not fuck up my travel plans and bank accounts. Cross some fingers for me.

    I guess I understand that Sivan guy. I’m glad he’s there, but it’s the sort of pop music that requires one listening, and the rest can be done with earplugs and, well, other stuff. Sorta surprised he’s not in today’s slave post.


  10. Are inoperable tumors a turn-on?

    MacArthur (Grant)

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