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Meet coldexample, wutiswrong, MummifiedMike, Godwanted, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of January 2019


coldexample, 24
no limits dutch slave wants everything done to him also extreme body mods so no one will recognise me or know i am human.


77777 – Jan 17, 2019
Did to him:
Used him
Abused him
Throat fucked him
Ass fucked him
Slapped him
Beat him up
Dildo raped him
Shared him
Pimped him
Pissed in him
Tied him
Belted him
Flogged him
Permanently marked him
Destroyed him
Choked him
Strangled him
Snuffed him
Fucked his corpse
Butchered him
Cooked parts of him
Fed unsuspecting nephew

coldexample (Owner) – Dec 22, 2018
no if we have a safe word and it isn’t “stop” then why would anyone ever stop

77777 – Dec 22, 2018
Safe word ?

coldexample (Owner) – Dec 22, 2018
i like to tease guys so they have every reason go all-out and be rough and violent with me all they want

77777 – Dec 22, 2018
What do you yourself like ?

coldexample (Owner) – Dec 22, 2018
none if it doesn’t scare the shit out of me it’s not worth doing

77777 – Dec 22, 2018
Seriously no limits at all ?



FemBoyAnorex, 23
I am currently in Hesse in a rehab clinic – depression, anorexia, treatment of some trauma, acceptance of my schizoid PS, but above all to find a new way to live. I am a FemBoy – and I will definitely go all the way.

I’m here since early January – I live in small apartment in Mettman

I will not lie and be open.

Alcohol also spills heavily into my life.


FemBoyAnorex (Owner) – Jan 4, 2019
I didn’t know I was epileptic until I had that attack with you OKAY!!!!!!!!!

Tar0 – Jan 3, 2019
It would have been helpful if you’d mentioned that you’re also epileptic.



Win, 18
I like it to be good, but I’m like a walking chaos, so let’s it be. im deaf but i can talk.



immaterialslut, 18
looking for total tops with bomb music taste 😫 but also just wanna know your opinions on me lol… consider this a weeding out 🌊

beach house ♦️ björk ♦️florence ♦️ grimes ♦️ julia holter ♦️lorde ♦️ kate bush ♦️kero kero bonito ♦️ iamamiwhoami ♦️susanne sundfør ♦️ st. vincent

along with so much more under the alternative umbrella. art pop is my thing. music and bottoming is my whole world so we could alternate fucking and having convos for days.


immaterialslut (Owner) – Jan 5, 2019
i wasn’t boring 😠 you just have horrible taste in music 🙉

niceshaft – Jan 5, 2019
He’s boring, but then when you’re not 18, what 18 year old isn’t?



satanicslut, 21
I know I don’t look it but I’m a 1,000,000% bottom sex slave to Satan and his minion masters. I keep my appearance on the down low and twinky but I luv the occult, devil worship, weaponised gangbangs, homeless, K9, nonstop chems, drinking anything, smoking anything & many, many other perversions, some I haven’t tried I am looking forward to. Like scat, children, human sacrifice (not me or anyone I know), filth, whoring for those I serve, discrete body carvings, performing for huge groups/gangs of Satanic priests.)



Shitforbrainsfaggot, 19
I’m a 19 year old recently broke up with my girlfriend just now coming to terms with the fact that my very small dick means I’m inferior to most men. In fact my ex-girlfriend left me for a friend who she says is normal sized and can satisfy her like I never could. I’m thin which makes my peepee look slightly less small than it is. To make matters worse I‘ve been living with a roommate since the breakup and all I can think about is exposing myself to him as an inferior… he has no idea about my tiny penis. Im looking for verbally and psychologically abusive real men who know what to do with a pathetic excuse for a guy like me. I would very much like to be forced into publically and privately exposing and degrading myself to you and everyone in my life.


DankLink – Jan 11 , 2019

Shitforbrainsfaggot (Owner) – Jan 11, 2019
Maybe it even works to SEAL UP MY TEAR DUCTS so I don’t start sobbing like a baby!

DankLink – Jan 11, 2019

Shitforbrainsfaggot (Owner) – Jan 11, 2019
I wonder if flex seal could fix my inferiority issues cause THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE

DankLink – Jan 11, 2019

Shitforbrainsfaggot (Owner) – Jan 11, 2019



Bestshiteater, 19
need shit ASAP because I’m always starving for dumps

would rather not see people I know



whenThepartyIsover, 20
I want to get out of it a bit, have a man over, kick back, smoke a jay, and do something, have a bit of fun, not sit at home all the time, but most of the time I guess just talk. When I’m buzzed I like to talk.

But I do not expect much from myself because I am chronically unspontaneous and routine, which is why I’m inviting men over from this scene, because you seem like deciders, so expect to choose the something we do.

Incidentally, I try very hard to give uninspired answers to uninspiring questions. That’s my favorite thing to do, to get bored, be boring, bore others until they do something to break the boredom.

I’d like to write that I’m not into sex, but to be honest, that would be a lie, because my second favorite thing to do is get buzzed, pull my jeans down a bit, and jack off. There’s honesty for you.


KingJamesBible – Jan 21, 2019
To cut through his stoner blah blah he’s looking primarily to be spanked but is also interested in being owned permanently.



foreversingle, 24
I show up at yours and strip. I get into your soccer uniform. Blindfold on; heavy restraints. Explore my body and find what makes me scream. Work your way to my ass and loosen me up. Heavy loosening; gag me. Have your way with your fist whatever toys you see fit. Work my hole until I’m leaking precum. Now the real fun begins. Concentrate on my face and head and go to town. Slap me, punch me, break my nose, teeth, use a crowbar, bash my skull, then keep going. Don’t stop until I can’t form words. Then jack me off and strangle me out.


foreversingle (Owner) – Jan 5, 2019
First dibs on my body go to @SkeenDom.

SkeenDom – Dec 31, 2018



my-virginity-foryou, 18
Im very much into gays and i cannot carry my virginity anymore. Im teen… very cute!!! I live in Mexico…. come to Mexico and end my virginity. Fuck me all day or days and do your fetiches and fantasies with my virgin body. Show me your world and get me into it. I haven’t dont anything ever and please share with me everthing what you got.


my-virginity-foryou (Owner) – Jan 26, 2019
Thank you I guess you cuold do that.

liberaldemon – Jan 26, 2019
Your cum, piss, spit, sweat and smegma must be delicious and i deaire every last drop

my-virginity-foryou (Owner) – Jan 20, 2019
I don’t really know my real height but I only know is maybe I’m 5″11.

Phoenix31 – Jan 20, 2019
how tall are you?



wutiswrong, 18
i have good human life, good friends, im educated, smart but im unhappy into my human life


gelotiss – Jan 19, 2019
Let’s talk first, but ultimately looking to turn you into a 24/7/365 mindfucked, hypnotised, brainwashed drone. In the meantime, let’s have a conversation.



Medicalextremeboy, 21



Scooter, 20
I do not have snap and insta, I find these apps stupid and narcissistic. Waiting for a like or being popular are the last of my worries. You believe yourself free but it’s the opposite. In conclusion, do not break my balls with that shit.
I like straight porn, football, my friends, martial arts, music, and se with manhandlers.

I am not escort. I respect those who prostitute themselves because God alone judges but it is not for me.
I’m Muslim cuz is cool, it’s about moral values ​​and it’s not just a sect for jokers who take themselves for Palestinians.
My family lived through the war so no violence, thanks.
I love France, it is the most beautiful country in the world that welcomed me when I was 2 years old.
I feel French so you if you try to butter me up with your Algerian and Moroccan flags, etc ..if you have a problem with your identity .. go to the shrink.
Long live the yellow vests!
The cynical and snobbish Parisians who sneer at real people and nature, you too, fuck yourselves.


Mid-Level – Jan 14, 2019
Needs a penectomy!

JMatthew – Jan 4, 2019
fuck your own ass🖕



castrated-boy-18, 18
18 year old very bottom boy. As my profile name says I am castrated so please guys don’t ask if it is true because I can assure you all I have no testes. I had to be castrated for medical reasons when I was 14 years old and believe me its taken some getting used to and I’ve come in for far too much piss taking in the last 4 years.


castrated-boy-18 (Owner) – Dec 30, 2019
LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL “It’s not “I do “,”I love you,”or ” I care for you,”and “I give you my Heart,but I want something back.”No.It’s I Love you and I understa

castrated-boy-18 (Owner) – Dec 29, 2018
I wanna live mylife without any regrets i dont mind my fear anymore i want to spend my life colorful



wouldacouldashoulda, 21
Tall slim pretty ok looking guy here looking to find my place in the BDSM world. I’m a writer, so I have no problem expressing my feelings. I live alone and work hard to keep my life organized, especially since I lost my mom — my best friend — in a head-on collision this past September. I’ve developed OCD since I’ve had to handle her estate, and it’s pushed me to be more obsessive in how I treat my home. I’m not a slob, it’s safe to say. The next task is learning to take better care of myself on a daily basis. The loss of my mom has opened my eyes and made me realize that I need to TRUST and ALLOW someone to peel back the layers that encompass my soul.

Stability has been a roller-coaster ride since my mom’s passing. I’m now the lone person remaining in my family (my dad died this past January and I lost my younger brother to cancer when I was 11 years old). Although my emotions ebb and flow depending on how my day goes, I also know it’s important to release those pent-up feelings. I’m currently unemployed, laid off Nov. 8 by a restaurant that I worked for since high school. So I am financially screwed, but that doesn’t mean I expect you to give a million dollars or anything.


HBDaddy – Jan 1, 2019
I’m a daddy in search of my boy. I have been a good daddy for many years to my real sons. They are men now & I am so proud of the men they have become. A few are daddy’s themselves now & I get to help them implement my daddy techniques on to their boys. I’m a strict daddy when it comes to my rules and expectations of my house. I liked my sons to play a sport, get dirty, smelly & have a stamina for long hard physical intense games. My sons competed for hours, especially for my attention, then celebrated the victory with daddy’s love & gifts. My sons wore ck whitey tightys only, jeans, clingy t-shirts to show off their young bodies, and the latest sneakers that every boy wishes their daddy loved them enough to buy for them. No one loved there sons as much as I did mine. I loved mine so much I ensured disapline when I was disappointed in them, punishment when I’m disrespected, and a harsh brutal life lesson if they ever put shame on my name. I was a loving warm daddy or the daddy that could mentally break my sons into a submissive little cry baby bitch boys depending on my day, mood, or need, because I owned them until I turned them out into the world, they belonged to me. I watched them while doing they were training, chores, homework, lessons, I was the mentor every son needs but they were the lucky little boys to get me. I have picked you out my special boy, out of all the other boys here, all wanting wishing praying for a daddy like me to go home with. I will make you into a fine young man and when that time comes that you have out grown my needs, you will forever look back on being my boy and long to be that immature little piece of boy meat begging me to choose them. Daddy is waiting for you.



JustASimpleBoy, 21
like a glass im very fragile.
i rather be quite than taking a risk to broke all of my heart and soul.
im not a smart boy or have body that full of muscles.
im not kind, im just generous.
i have too much heart and brain
im not just body/meat but…….
anybody wanna make a huge dick disappear in my mouth?
im just a simple boy
who maybe wasting your time
who want to make you so hard.
(and my English is very bad 😅)


Cash4fags – Jan 22, 2019
Are you a whore? Or does a part of you crave the feeling of selling your body? Then be prepared to strip and sell your body for money.

I’m looking for young guys without strings who will sell me their bodies for a couple of hours. You’re probably 100% passive but if not I’ll consider anyone if they’re young and pretty.

You won’t see my face. That’s part of the fun, you’re selling yourself not going on a date. But I will expect to see all of you to decide if you’re worth paying for.

I pay £100 per session. If you are normally top I will consider paying you extra to defile you. Or happy to hear your thoughts on how you can earn the money.



20yroldbitch, 20
I spend my time doing meth sex in sydney. Some great times some bad times.
I want to be slammed and fucked by as many strangers as possible. Every load into my ass and mouth. No names.
No I’m not in a relationship if I was I won’t be here.
I will slam and screw with anyone but NOT into old ppl, get on my level. Don‘t give a fuck about you trying to be. Thanks ladies.


dirty666 – Jan 13, 2019
His pic is not current. If you want to imagine what he looks like for real imagine the skin on his body in the pix is an ocean and it’s now at very low tide.



digmethemost, 23
I have been on and off this site over and over. I haven’t been on here in months. I am 23 years old cute, non-binary wheelchair user and a single father to an amazing 4 year old son. If you don’t like that or have a problem with that then no need to message or reply. He is my number one and NO ONE WILL CHANGE THAT. P.S I am weird, so just a heads up.


digmethemost (Owner) – Jan 26, 2019
That’s cuz I’m not paralysed and I’ve only been in the chair for about six months now. You should’ve seen my bod before. Hell, you should’ve seen it even two months ago.

echosinner – Jan 26, 2019
You have a hot body for a paralysed guy.

digmethemost (Owner) – Jan 14, 2019
Means I’ll need help getting from the chair to the bed or wherever, the floor. When I get situated there, I’m helpless. Good thing for you about my disability is that you can go hog wild nutso on my back and ass because to me it feels like barely anything, like someone’s tapping on my window.

GetLoud – Jan 14, 2019
“wheelchair user”?



ArabSlave4Sale, 21
Originally from Belize.

Price: 10,000$

Turn ons: Meth, K, G, Xanax, and opiates of all kinds.

Note: was accomplice in ISIS fatal bombing (10/22/18)

Status: combative

Limits: no such thing.



MummifiedMike, 18
Enjoy mummification, heavy breathplay, and latex to an insane degree.
Feel free! My name is Mike. I’m from the United States. I enjoy being tied up, mummified with Saran Wrap and duct tape, choked, strangled, head held under water, hung, and gasping for air. It’s an unforgettable experience that gets me aroused ever time.
I got into this stuff at 13 with a friend who was obsessed with me, and he drugged me one time when his parents were out of town, and he mummified me and spent two days pretending to kill me in different ways, and I came like a hundred times.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!


MummifiedMike (Owner) – Jan 15, 2019
Yes, french fries, french toast….

carrotamous – Jan 15, 2019
do you speak french ?



OskarFromSweden, 24
I’m a young white male who has accepted the truth: that all whites are inherently inferior to Non-Whites.

I believe all humans are created equal. Unfortunately, whites are sub-human and therefore deserve to be treated like animals.

If you can tolerate being in the presence of a pathetic white like me, please let me know what you would like to do to me.

Every Non-White is my superior, so any Asian, Black, Brown, Latino, Arab, etc, you own me.


OskarFromSweden (Owner) – Dec 30, 2018
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve never heard of a man named Bruce who wasn’t white.

LordMasterBruce – Dec 29, 2018
I Lord Master Bruce think you are the perfect sextoy for me. Crawl unto me whoreslave, humbly seek permission to have sex with Lord Master Bruce!!!



FlaccidFagSlut, 22
Thank You to a certain SIR who gave it its screen name. You interviewed it so skillfully SIR and derived for it a name distilled down to its essential truths.

It is truly grateful to You for gifting it its name.



SnuffBoy, 23
I gasped, sucking in my breath deeply. Did it hurt? Yes, horrifically, but the pain was great. I was just too damned hot from what he was doing to me, He sliced upwards, through my belly button unzipping my tight belly. Then he pulled out the blade and thrust his right hand inside me.
My blood flowed. My body arched, my muscles bulged like cords twisted underneath my skin. That’s when I came, oh Christ did I cum, spewing a great fountain of cum out of my piss slit. I’d cum so many times before, but never so much as now. I could feel his hand deep inside my chest. I felt him holding and squeezing my heart. The feeling was indescribable as he ripped my heart muscle out of me!



smallboy1998, 20
straight boy need a cook in my mouth


SALondon – Jan 14, 2019
If you kiss him and lick him all over and treat him like a girl he turns into a whimpering mess.

SpermMeUpScotty – Jan 1, 2019
I believe he believes he’s a straight boy and he has a live in GF and is convincingly straight acting but in reality he is a massive Fag Bitch that loves and craves cock and likes to be a used and degraded behind his gf’s back and loves the idea that his GF is probably at uni get real men’s cocks all the time.



TinyDancer, 22
4’10”, 90 lbs.

No need to be shy. Im tiny twink looking for quickies. I had couple relationships that didn’t end well, so I decide to focus on objectifying myself and everyone. Everyone has always objectified me anyway, and since I can’t beat them, I’ll join them.

In past I didnt enjoy sex that much since I was really shy about it and everyone was always so pedo and crazy for my body but now that Im getting older I just want to enjoy sex with me as much as others do 🙂


StompUBug – Jan 23, 2019
I’m into cruel macrophilia with freaks of nature. This means that I love the idea of you being shrunk down and stepped on and crushed. The smaller the guy, the more I like him. I would also love to make you watch me step on and stomp model cars or figurines of people.



BugChasingTeen, 18
Need to get pozzed so bad!


fxBgtanx – Jan 7, 2019
Baby, I’ve been in 4 gang bangs with you and I guarantee you’ve already got a fucking colony inside you.

FatStupidPig – Dec 29, 2018
dont do it



Godwanted, 21
Highly educated. Impeccable manners. Eager vanilla bottom (when motivated).
Lifetime ownership: 100,000 €
Hourly rate: 2000 €
Conditions: No resale, no sharing, no pimping.
PM for conditions


dnl – Jan 20, 2019
“Lifetime ownership” – Think twice. Imagine what he’ll look like in his 40s and being stuck with that.

lucas981 – Jan 18, 2019
LOL I went to school with this guy. He was very snobby and full of himself and always dressed in straight off the runway Rick Owens and Margiella etc couture that he couldn’t afford. There was some kind of scandal between him and our French teacher that got the teacher fired. I didn’t think it was sexual because this guy seemed like the last person anyone would want to have sex with. Anyway I just wanted to say this makes so much sense.

willsantos – Jan 10, 2019
I PM’d him just for jollies. He’s a model that needs financial help to get where he wants to be. I guess that makes him a pretty bad model lol.



StarlowDelion, 19
I am Skyslayerstar. Aka Starlow Alden Delion. Aka Sky the Neko Slave.

Heyah guys, tell me…

Did you never felt like being ”blocked” because of a first love? Something like you can’t love no one anymore at this high level? Yeah.. i feel this ”blockage”, and it’s tiring. So tiring… i want to make this feel an end. I wanna feel a high love again, feel like i could give all myself to someone again, feel like i could fuckin die again to someone, but those stupid teenage ages…

I need advice… or may first love feeling never leave you until death.

Its hard to explain So i might be repeating a lot, but I’m doing it for a reason.


OldHood – Jan 12, 2019
I recommend brainwashing followed by hypnosis, a permanent chastity device, and daily doses of Cialis.

StarlowDelion (Owner) – Jan 11, 2019
Yes it was tho … i wouldn’t say ”unrequited”. I think he loved me too. He looked at me really intense once when he was drunk… i think he was just scared of how in love me he was. I never talked to him, god i wish i had…

Horny2222 – Jan 11, 2019
was your first love an unrequited thing for a straight guy?

costancia – Dec 31, 2018
Life is short for don’t live it and don’t have pleasure




p.s. Hey. I’m flying to the US’s West Coast today. Enjoy the slaves. I’ll be back here tomorrow albeit nine hours later and far more jet lagged than usual.


  1. “straight boy need a cook in my mouth”

    god, iconic, there’s that DC humour we all know & love


  2. “coldexample” is so sweet-looking.

  3. ArabSlave4Sale managed to put up several different warning signs about himself, if he’s telling the truth. As usual, I suspect the Satanist’s actual lifestyle isn’t nearly as edgy as his description.

    I got the results of yesterday’s X-ray, and I have great news! My pain is caused by a calcium deposit in my shoulder. I need to make an appointment to get it broken up next week (hopefully, Tuesday, which is the earliest I can do so), but it can be done without surgery or major pain. I’m thrilled by this, especially since I had worried about this being a longterm problem that would ruin my ability to write.

    I hope your flight went smoothly,, and you have a great time in L.A.

  4. Hey, D! Wish I was headed West. You’ll be back in Paris by the time they de-ice a plane here. Finally got some primitive electronic devices going. I’ll keep this post short. Went to a reunion of sorts with film and video people from my teens. Much to our mutual surprise, Hebb was there! He’s been dealing with some family stuff to the point he thought his life had to exclude art, collabs, etc… Of course a lot of what we talked about was the project we’ve been chipping away at for a few years. Methinks he got sort of re-jump-started! More later. Be well.

  5. Haha, once again someone I kinda-semi-sorta know. StarlowDelion’s profile text here is something someone else wrote that he’s replying to on tumblr, and not anything he himself ever wrote/said, which is pretty…. funny? Or something.

    I worry that if this keeps up, you’ll be posting my brother or something here soon. Yikes!

  6. Impressive lineup today, Dennis. And some of those daddy guests could be more umm succinct.

    Getting ready for a little gig in two weeks, unfortunately after you leave SF. The headliners are the intense dance/violin duo Leyya Tawil/Mike Khoury; you might enjoy their work.

    Hope the flight goes well, and the jetlag is not too bad. See you on Sunday. Where are you guys staying?


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