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Meet AmoralMexican, idiotictwat, IDontFeelWell, PeenWeinerstein, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of March 2017


ItBegs4Damage, 23
It absolutely begs for a night or nights of severe damage with no limits for any and all that want to ruthlessly abuse it with no mercy. Put out as many cigarettes as you want on its nipples and breasts and then slice off its severely burned nipples. Or drive as many nails as possible into its nipples and force it to tear them away. Carve your name into its ass with a knife or razor. Beat its face bloody, black and blue. See how many needles or nails you can drive through the head of its dick. Cover the entire shaft of its dick and its balls with cigar/cigarette burns so there is nothing left but burned flesh. Put your cigar/cigarettes out directly on its asshole over and over again. Force your fist and other large objects inside it. And finally send it home with a belly full of your shit and piss. Enjoy a night where nothing is off limits. it will give its phone number immediately upon request. Everyone who wants it will get an opportunity.

We all have a fetish. This is mine, don’t judge.


forsythe – Jan 16, 2017
You are so beautifull … to meeeeee



BBchemWHORE, 24
I have an unrelenting belief that things will work out, that the long road has a purpose, that the things that you desire may not happen today, but they will happen. Love me.



4_young_and_old, 22
Hey there!

Young poet seeks inspiration.

For a limited time I’d like to meet up with anyone for whatever reason and do whatever you like. No questions or No’s involved. ^^

But I expect a least a hug.


Iliketohurtpeople – Feb 27, 2017
I like hurting people, punish them for what they’ve dont wrong in their lifes. Text me if you fint me interesting.



ScaredandHorny, 19
I want to be brainwash and hypontized into a permanent mindless sissy slut.

I like who I am now ok but Ive been me for 19 years and Im tired and exhausted of me.

Some people look at birds flying and wish they were one but I look at porn and wish I am a desperate slut.

Dress me up, shave me, give me meds, take my manhood away, use my ass like a drawer.



nameiscraig, 21
When other guys flirt with you in front of him he seems totally unfazed, not in a chill, do-whatever-you-want-because-I’m-a-feminist way, but in the honestly-could-not-care-less-about-you way.


spies_me_up1993 – March 13, 2017
baby, i know its been a long time since i told you but your the only boy i can still feel butterflies when i hit you i can still feel my heart beating in your pain and i can finally feel myself living







idiotictwat, 18
*fresh young kinda emo faggot seeking no mercy final destruction
*want to skip the crap and to go straight to the last level
*dont have many pics because since I just turned 18 literally today most of my pics are me as a minor.
*u have to sag in order to destroy tho, it is a requirement
*sag = wear pants shorts or jeans below bum



Undeserving, 20
ICH bin Ich..



.lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalal lalalalalalalalalalala

HEY ))

into joggers



Happy2Help, 19
who wants to own my hot young ass for a week, a month or more ? heck im ready to be your boy toy sexslave indefinitely.

into a lot of things, too many i’d probably bore you with a just a list plastered here.

my main thing I like is anal, especially deep and large things in there/in others (fisting etc included) bondage, pain related stuff, degradation. a lot more nuance to things listed.

but if you try and cover my mouth and /or nose, i will punch the living shit out of you.

the only preset thing is i must render service while listening to music on speakers in the room not headphones (important) from a playlist i bring with me.


Happy2Help – March 23, 2017
Slayer, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Amon Amarth, Eluveitie, Burzum, Death, Bullet for my Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Protest the Hero, Bathroy, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Trivium, Mayhem, In Flames, Machine Head, Arch Enemy, Dead by April, Linkin Park, ADAC 8286, AD:key, Youth Code, Front 242, Nitzer EBB, Orange Sector, Lebanon Hanover, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Feindflug, Joy Division, Frontal, Skinny Puppy, Death in June, Boyd Rice, Ghost, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Rob Zombie, Cannibal Corpse, Iced Earth, Gorillaz, White Zombie, Voltaire, Iron Maiden, Mayhem, Gwar, Harakiri for the sky, Suicide Commando, Mgla, Watain, Shining, Rammstein, Wolves in the throne room, Wumpscut, Type O Negative, Breakdown of Sanity, Gorgoroth, Get Scared, My Enemies and I, PG.99, AFI, Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon, Suicide Silence, Carnifex, Whitechapel, …

Hard_Dom – March 22, 2017
obvious question: what’s on your playlist?



IDon’tFeelWell, 18
I’m a boy lost my daddy and looking for my daddy. his name is Thomas Viceroy. if anyone has seen him please let him know I’m here ..



JewelintheCrown, 21
21 years old, the most coveted, asked after, and mouth watering slave in Master Klaus’s stable is now available for sharing and short term private action. He’s an outgoing and playful kid who kisses like a carousel and can take whatever you want to dole out as long as he’s returned in near mint condition.

A true 7-incher (NOT A HYPE) whose spunk has quite a good taste (I’ve eaten it many, many times, ah ah) and head to toe features that are unresistable. He also have a really smooth tiny vanilla ass with a pink asshole (not the case of everyone). And when your having sex with him or abusing him you will be 100% sure he’s totally into it, ah ah.

2 years of servitude, amazing experiential references from Master Klaus, and personal evaluations from his slave “friends” (available on request) are the result why he wears proudly the nickname Hole In One. For daily updates about his lifestyle, take a look at his twitter @holein1.



SluttySyd, 23
My bf wants an experienced top to open up my ass with a fist while he watches, shocked.

Time contact: hour to a couple of them
Principal offer: Passive fist
Languages: U.S. of A English, Filipino, German
Not open: emotional attachment
Other options: rape if asked
Answers: Not all messages answered can be for paradygm purposes

I await my bf’s orders and obey his every command.

If you like to talk to me, please address him. I am constantly monitored here.


ProFister – March 3, 2017
To boyfriend of SluttySyd, Im very new and made this membership first time and will do this for the eco-crisis in here. I always wondered fisting and tried recently, liked it a lot. One of my friend who enjoyed my fisting style a lot told me that I can do this thru here and your boyfriend’s pix make me crazy horny. I like nasty talk unlimited for fantasy only. Never related to reality. I like to feel to tell whatever I want in sex freely, “going to kill your boyfriend”, “slaughter your boyfriend”, etc. I know english. First of all, important for me to not know the person I ll have sex so no talk, chat, be close with SluttySyd before having sex. With you ok.



ASSfromtheAPPLEstore, 19
am here for usual purpose.



boymeat18, 18
Production: February 1999
Expiry date: decide by my Lord

Kidnapped from the Czech Republic September 2016 and now have very experience and thinking as a boy meat and I stand for any pain before eaten and GET READY.

Search for completely possess boy 24/7 to expiry and eaten as a meat by my cannibal Lord.

Life is soooo shot so I better make it know before it’s too late.


Anonymous – March 20, 2017
At precisely 15H30 local time today send me your phone number. Wait 25 seconds then permanently delete your profile. I will do the same.



You_probably_knew_me_as_Kai_Alexander, 23
Simple story:

Hit puberty, realized I was gay.
Did homemade porn (6 months), realized I was a slutty bottom.
Did good porn (Staxus, Higgins, etc, 1 1/2 years), realized I hate regular jobs.
Escorted (2 years), realized I’m into pushy older guys.
Kept boy (6 months), realized I prefer monogamy but am easily bored.
Brutally fag bashed (4 months ago), never came so hard in my life.


johnnyhalloween – March 14, 2017
Hello! I have admired your porn work for years.

My partner and I run a small company that produces very extreme porn videos for a select clientele. We are looking for actors like you who are known performers and experienced in the business and are ready to go an extra mile. We have already made dozens of porns using young men of various levels of fame in the gay porn business including three who have been filmed having sex with you. Regarding the remuneration, we propose to pay you between 8000 and 15 000 euros to bottom for a very rough sex session, the filming to last three days (length negotiable according to the results). However, should you be ready to make greater sacrifices to your body and health on a longer term ongoing basis for a series of videos, you could earn between 25 000 and 50 000 euros/month. It will detract from your physical appearance and your capacity to attract sexual suitors in the future, but you will have the security of belonging to us.

We would love to work with you if you are ready.

OnTheTop777 – March 8, 2017
If you want to be interesting, be interested.



itsuptoyounow, 20
About Me:
Lay-back lazy boy who hasn’t a care in the world. Known to be a tad mouthy. Avoids work whenever possible.
Sparse body-hair, cropped hair. clean shaven.
Dress Code: I slop around in shorts or trackies
Languages – English & Australian

Looking For:
Must enjoys melting out heavy, heavy CP, with zero regard for the suffering of me. Satanic a plus.
Marks are not an issue, permanent markings and blood, bring it on.
Well Bruised, Shredded, Excoriated Target area Expected.
A good face Punching after the destruction is also sought.

Target Areas:
Buttocks | Thigh Tops | Hands | Face



youngblond, 19
I am a total virgin. How has a boy as cute as me (I have the looks, trust me) stayed a virgin for 19 years, I hear you asking? Because I’m a stressed out, anxiety ridden mess.

I’M NOT BAD, I’m good, specially at sex (that’s a guess). You’ll have to say what would I do. I don’t know what I’m doing. I just need to be fucked (raped) for my psychological problem. Seriously.

If you want you can cum but I DON’T WANT TO CUM.

Please be between 18 and 27 (inclusive)









Raymond, 20


come for me !!!

no problem with my ass !!!

it’s better now



unlimited_overture, 21
am a cake you can always eat and still have it …

slave will want to try more things as gay life in Azerbaijan is prohibited… slave have been mummified, hanged….. slave now is on the internet to seek a Master in a country where gay life is free …

it like to be raped…..

it like to drink it…..

it humble goodboy trusthy and cooking a food……

Last Master wanted to castrate slave but … he was scared i saw that in his eyes … slave want to be a vegetable because its only to please it Master ….


unlimited_overture – Feb 23, 2017
im not a pencil to write someones happiness.

azerbaijanbro2 – Feb 16, 2017
He’s a dangerous … steal, threaten, blackmail and usually not alone … what’s up everyone thinks but guaranteed to be avoided or gave away police … he is still minor, 15 years at most, but soon it’s all good f jail … do not touch Him, He is very Dangerous (he looks very well, but you “ll regret …)



Hello, I am an university student from easter Europe here in London. I am well-educated, well-behaved but in bed I am the nastiest thing you ever seen in your life. I love a man to crunch my body parts hard and long until the mattress and sheets are so disgusting with my juices they must be thrown away and the room is so stifling with my foul stench it has to be fumigated after.



hotbuttsmalldick, 20
My ultimate terror is to be treated like a female for having such small dick and hot ass.

Ultimate Mind Fuck Scenario:
You and me are going out for lunch after our very first-time you fuck and use me. While eating our lunch, you saw a girl seems to show interests in me. But deep down, you know I have a small penis – one that will never ever satisfy any woman. You know, whoever is to get the girl, it’s you and you make sure I know that fact. I look like a beautiful guy on the street – in stylish hair, designer shirt and crisp blue jeans. But you knew exactly how I look underneath those clothes, in doggystyle, a face and hole once covered with your dominant seeds. While we are eating, you also realized that your cum that was swallowed by me is still in my stomach digesting and in my ass dissolving into my DNA… All of these happen while the girl continues to show interest at me. You know exactly who is the real man here.


Markus55 – Feb 9, 2017
Yes, he insisted that we pause mid-date to have a meal together. He is very effeminate and dresses quite eccentrically, and many of the other diners did stare at him.

hotbuttsmalldick – Feb 9, 2017
Thank you, Markus, I’m blushing!!!!! but you didn’t talk about our lunch please? ))))):

Markus55 – Feb 8, 2017
Absolutely First Class, greatest bottom I’ve ever had, and I’ve pounded the shit out of hundreds! Horny to the point of demonic possession, beautiful like the young Catherine Deneuve and so mixed up inside emotionally it’s like having sex with a human gyroscope! And he’s born bottom with the dick and balls of a 5 year old and the most incredible ass I have ever EVER had at my disposal. Best of all he’s well educated, innately narcissistic, and hungry to share his knowledge and pride about his own ass. Before the fuck, during the action, and for hours afterwards, we were like two sportscasters competing to deliver the most thorough, enthusiastic analysis of its abilities.



100%bottom1000000%barebackfor70+, 19
I’m only interested in people 70 years or over who are able to write at least 3.4 contiguous sentences.

Online, silly sayings, “hello”, “you cute”, and other “young” talk, etc walk immediately into the paper basket.

I can seem very gentle but do not let my gentle voice mislead you, I can not wait to get it choking and screaming.

I do not care what you think about me, I am older than 18 and I do what I want.



try2findsomething, 24
Hi, I’ve never met a gay guy in my life. I never even seen one. I’ve only seen straight guys playing gay guys as characters on TV shows and in movies. I don’t know what gay guys are like or what they even look like. I wonder if I will be scared if I ever see a gay guy. I want to find out!



PeenWeinerstein, 21
Long story short, horny fucking bottom boy with a nice tight ass and the biggest fantasy of mine is to get my hole destroyed by a freakishly enormous white cock. Not racist, it just completes the fantasy in my mind because a BWC is hard to find and I’ve been trying for so many years. I’ve found some very large dicks and they have felt fucking amazing but never have I found that telephone pole of my fantasies.



DallasSnuffpig, 21
I am nauseated at myself for having thought I was more important than any plant that grows meaninglessly on the ground, to have wanted to be even noticed by others. It makes me sick – the arrogance, the waste of others time I spent seeking friends, money, education, betterment, love, stability my whole life.

Who I was until three days ago:
Student at Temple University
Studying Photography
Interested in photography
Favorite bands: Arctic Monkeys, M.I.A., Lorde, Franz Ferdinand
Favorite shows: The Office, ATLAB, The Returned

What I do not deserve but desire more than anything is no control for the rest of my pathetic life. I wish to be captured and kept as a thing for the rest of my life. Stored in closet, planted in ground, () I wish to become an object, non human, thing. I am willing and able to travel any distance ASAP on a one way flight.

I would prefer you have a giant cock but a 7’inch is ok with me.



SADslave, 22
Hi all my name is Stewart Krantz. I’m 22 with brown hair and blue eyes. I am pathetic and worthless. Recently things have happened in my life that made me realise this is all I’m good for. I won’t amount to anything and I love and accept that.


inyourLIFE – March 11, 2017
No boy as young and skinny as you is completely worthless, but if that’s what you believe, I’m happy to take advantage of it. Hit me up.



Tall4ShortDOM, 24
Ok I have my likes and dislikes like evryone. Yes I strongly prefer a short (>5’2″) slim DOMINANT AGRESSIVE man but that’s not ALL I like.

I don’t really have a type. I like slim, average, chubby. I’m much more into face and personality and short (!) then anything else.

I mean yes the idea of a short aggressive uncut top makes my mouth water but it isn’t everything. I do hate sensuality tho. Really really hate it.



Periwinkle, 18
Other than knowing that I’ve loved filling my asshole with marshmallows and candy since I was a little boy, I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for here, but I’d like to use this account to branch out and start finding guys who like dealing with a boy who looks incredible but has no idea what he’s doing.



HumiliatedShavedBoy, 22
22 years old boy looking for older dom masters who are into mental. into clothed man/naked boy action, where a boy is stripped complete naked after having his privates shaved (shaft, ball sack, taint area, butt cheeks and asshole/crack) as a power play (it further exposes the boy’s privates, magnifies the humiliation and breaks his manhood).

perverted acts like holding a cup for a boy to piss in, for example, as he’s standing, hands and legs tied, legs closed pushing his balls out, pissing from his soft shaved penis as an older fully clothed man is standing and observing him invading his privacy is an example of a real power play.

if you are into messing with a naked boy’s head in that way and forcing his shaved prick to go fully erect as you degrade him, hit me up. P.S. I’m a law student, but I hope I don’t act like one. P.P.S. Bottom only.



eat_your_feet, 20
I want to discover what fisting is

Extremely low self-esteem



Somestormyguy, 22
This is going to be a bit weird post.
First of all, I am not a slave, or to be more precise; I want to be, but just for ONE day/time. I’m Swedish college student, who never had sex with guy – totally virgin. Now when I’m on vacation in Berlin and having fun in all the ways, I would like to be forced to lose my virginity, to spend few reckless, helpless hours with someone, but also make some profit out of it, ’cause my student budget is suffocating me and there’s so much more to do in Berlin.

My proposal; you help young boy in need with 300-400€, and you rape him extensively. Money is not my only driver. It’s just my entrance fee.

I am college student of architecture.

It’s probably very hard for you to believe all this, as everyone can write anything here, but hey, at the moment you see me, you’ll be aware of who are you dealing with and if I turn you off, I won’t freak out, or not in front of you.

I’ve been as objective as one can be about himself.



AmoralMexican, 18
I am of the liberal genre, very very passive, masochistic and demented, very weird be warned, cold hearted bitch, psychotic freak, no frills!

Please don’t waste my time with “How are you?” I’m a disaster as you can see!

I want to do this while I’m young because I know when I get older my mind will close and I’ll think of what I want now as something I’ll need to see a psychiatrist about.


OPENMIND – March 17, 2017
You owned by Satan.




p.s. Hey. I’m away in Cherbourg for the day. Here are your monthly slaves. See you tomorrow.


  1. “I’m a boy lost my Daddy.” Well aren’t we all?

  2. Hi!

    Thank you for the boys! “hotbuttsmalldick” and “Periwinkle” are quite the little beauties.

    Yes, finally, I’m so happy for you! I mean if the actor is so enthusiastic, his agent surely won’t stand in his (and your) way, right? Is there a final decision yet??
    Did the band reply?
    This decorator crisis came in the very last minute…! I’m glad you managed to solve it so quickly!

    Thank you about the journal! Yes, I managed to set up the site and I’m so excited to finally start this whole thing! May I ask you the favor of making a few-word “welcome to life” for it, here in the p.s. to give it an initial push? Thank you so much in advance! Here’s the link: https://scabmag.wordpress.com/

    How was the trip? Is everything looking good? I hope you didn’t have to spend too much time arguing about cutting the script down and everything went as smoothly as possible!!

  3. I’ve been having sleep problems for the past week, but last night was hellish. I went to bed at 1 AM, woke up at 5 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. I realize that for some people, getting little sleep is a commonplace occurrence that they’re used to be, but personally, I can’t think clearly or really function at all on less than 7 hours/sleep. I had to call in sick to work in order to be able to take a nap this afternoon. I will definitely be talking about this with my doctor when I see him next week, but it’s been going for a while now and if anything, seems to be getting worse. All of a sudden, my anxieties about addiction and withdrawal seem to be superseded by something far more pressing right now.

    I just listened to a John Cale bootleg from 1976 I downloaded on-line. Really amazing, ferocious performances of “Pablo Picasso,” “Gun” & “Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend” that surpass the already ferocious studio originals!

    Tonight, I’m seeing a documentary on jazz musician Lee Morgan, who was killed onstage by his own wife. I hope I don’t wind up nodding off during it.

  4. Here’s my review of Albert Serra’s beautiful THE DEATH OF LOUIS XIV, in which Jean-Pierre Leaud spends two hours dying in bed: http://gaycitynews.nyc/watching-french-icon-pass-stage/.

    Note the warning not to watch it on a laptop, although I had no choice!

  5. You_probably_knew_me_as_Kai_Alexander has a nice ass.

    Right now I’m reading “Kiddiepunk Collected 2011-2015.” Although I already had 7 of the 10 works collected in this volume, it’s nice to see some of the ones I missed, along with revisiting some of the golden oldies. This is the first time I’ve read “French Hole” since 2011… reminded me that I really need to reread “The Marbled Swarm” one day (last time for that one was also 2011… generally I like to reread books after 5-10 years).

  6. So after months of waiting I finally got that £150 Amazon gift card in the post. First thing I ordered was David Keenan – This Is Memorial Device, his new debut novel about Scottish post-punk dreamers. You heard of that?

    Oh, and the other news is that I won the DCA cinema Twitter competition today, so I get 2 fee tickets to go see Aquarius. Does it look any good though? My mum says it does, for whatever that’s worth.

  7. Shirley Jones is 83 today

  8. Hope your umbrellas are holding up ok, Dennis.

    Another charming bunch today. Good to see Berlin continues to be a license to umm explore, haha.

    Been pretty swamped this week, so the poking is extraordinarily slow (slow poke?) But maybe a little this weekend.


  9. “… I want to do this while I’m young…” Honey take advantage of it while you can because after 6 months on the bash you’ll be working at Walmart.

    Dennis! How is the film prep work going? And did you get your lead actor, or the actor you were concerned with, to agree to a contract, or whatnot? I know there was some concern about money. I hope it worked out, and that all things related to the film are going swimmingly. Did you say shooting begins on April 17th?

    I’m doing well, trying to find a new apt. here in Seattle because my apt. is so small and I’m sick of it, I’ve been living in 430 sq ft for 3 years! May have to move a little distance from the city to be able to afford more sq ft, but we’ll see. Moving is such a drag!

    I just wanted to drop in and say hello, and give you the best wishes for a successful film… it sounds really interesting.. do you think it will play more screens in the US than LCTG? I wish I could see Permanent Green Light here in Seattle, when it is released…

    Much love,

  10. Hey Dennis, it’s been a while since I dropped in, things and you seem good,no? That is so great about that Destroyer song and Bejar knowing and respecting your work….wowsers caked with awe!

    So my pal, the mega talented writer Meghan Lamb wants to get you a copy of her newly released Silk Flowers. I told her i’d do the introducing….what the best address for her to send it to?


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