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Audrius Bučas & Valdas Ozarinskas Black Pillow (2012)
Black Pillow is a collaborative project by two Lithuanian architects and artists Audrius Bučas & Valdas Ozarinskas. The project features one main object—a huge inflatable black pillow. Impossible to be grasped in its entirety, the black pillow leaves spectators wondering about its real size, shape, and other material qualities.



James Lomax Untitled [Me and My Friend] (2011)
In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the preserved skins of exotic animals from faraway lands were brought back to Europe by explorers. The hides would be handed over to taxidermists whose job it was to prepare them for display by stuffing the skins and giving them a life-like appearance. However, the taxidermists often just had to guess at the shape and appearance of these unfamiliar animals based on crude sketches and descriptions, resulting in grotesque physical distortions which would appear unsettling to the modern eye. James Lomax’s Untitled [Me and My Friend] disturbs and captivates me in the same way that this kind of grotesque taxidermy does. Created as a haunting tribute to a close friend who passed away in tragic circumstances, the work is comprised of two latex casts of the artist’s body. The perpetually distorted figures inflate and deflate at random intervals, giving them an unpredictable life and death cycle accompanied by the menacing mechanical scream of the inflation device. Like the distorted animal skins, James’ deflated bodies are re-animated into bizarre caricatures of their former selves, reshaped into an uncomfortable state between living and dead.



Schellekens & Peleman The Inflatable Refugee (2015)
Coinciding with the current migration crisis from East to West, Schellekens & Peleman have started work on The Inflatable Refugee. A large inflatable adult male figure that represents a seated refugee. The Inflatable Refugee gazes blankly into the distance. Has he arrived at a safe haven or will he be refused and be sent from whence he came? His sheer size allows him to look over and beyond us and keep watch on the horizon, not limited by borders or documents. It makes him inescapable, undeniably present. Do we see him as a human or as a problem? Is his presence an opportunity or a threat, devoid of human characteristics? Schellekens & Peleman proportionally enlarged the ‘Inflatable Refugee’ to match the extreme reactions his arrival in the Western world evoked. His size represents how we perceive him.



Tom Dale Department of the Interior (2014)
Department of the Interior is a 6.5m high black leatherette bouncy castle that echoes the towers and crenellations of Parliament with an absurdity that mocks its claim for authority. It is a sculpture that is simultaneously seductive and repulsive; its form and the space within no longer the preserve of inclusive childish pleasures. They speak instead of adult power games and BDSM practices that are normally played out in spaces concealed from public view. In spite of the castle’s tactile allure, visitors are strictly forbidden to enter and bounce, forcing them instead to imagine who or what might have that privilege and why.



Paweł Althamer Self Portrait (1989/2013)
This unique take on a self-portrait floats in the Zacheta Gallery in Bruges, Belgium. In 2007, a version of this work floated over a park in Milan.



Choi Jeong Hwa Breathing Flower (2012)
The piece is called “Breathing Flower,” and if you watch it move, you can see why.


Momoyo Torimitsu Somehow I Don’t Feel Comfortable (2000)
A bunny is one of the stereotyped images of cuteness: an innocent, pure, small something that should be protected. I wanted to present this cute image distorted in a way that expresses my feelings when I face my own culture. This oversized bunny I created that looks down on you doesn’t seem cute anymore – it’s kind of disturbing. Another meaning of my bunny installation has to do with what we call “rabbit hutches” in Japan, which refers to our cramped housing situation in the big cities. It was originally coined by a French diplomat who visited Tokyo in early 70’s. This expression remains in Japanese culture today. I wanted visually illustrate Japan’s repressed lifestyle with my cute but cramped creatures. — MT



Lee Boroson Deep Current (2014)
Deep Current, whose materials include inflated plastic balls, blowers, wood, pvc pipe, and fence, is a referential ode to Niagara Falls, the title of which serves as a subtle pun on the word “current,” referencing both water and electricity. What fascinates Boroson is the fact that Niagara Falls is considered a sublime example of nature’s grandeur despite it being a highly engineered and carefully controlled version of nature.


Chad Person Thirst (2010)
Laying here dying, the horse uses each gasping breath to beg for our attention. Having taken the form of a common advertising inflatable, its life-blood oozes, pooling a black slick into which it shall return. His constellation now obscured by air-pollution, and the memory of the mythic beast tarnished beyond repair; ExxonMobil’s reward is not to gift the icon an immortal legacy, but rather to usher it into a quiet oblivion.


Ralph Lichtensteiger Ginkgo (2016)



Kurt Perschke The RedBall Project (2015 – ?)
Perschke’s RedBall Project consists of a 15 ft inflated red ball wedged in different spaces in various cities around the world. The installations last 1-2 weeks, with each particular site lasting only one day. In August 2015, the giant, 250-pound red ball came loose during a rainstorm in Toledo, Ohio and started rolling down a street lined with parked cars. Watch below as minders race to catch it before it does any real damage.


Penique Productions Inflatable balloon installations (2010 – ?)
Penique productions is a Spanish collective of artists of different disciplines focused on a common project which is based on the idea of making ephemeral installations. The starting point of each project is the selection of a location, which will be the place where to build a unique and customized piece. An inflatable balloon that expands and invades the space completely by itself. The balloon grows until it fills the whole space and becomes the part of the existing architecture. The air, acting like the structure, presses against the plastic that faces the outline of the solid limiting and shaping the final form. Conquered by the inflatable, the place is transformed through the new texture, light and monochrome color.







43_Penique_productions_ParqueLage_MG_9129 copia


Mark Leckey This Kolossal Kat, that Massive MOG (2016)
The artist’s giant inflatable Felix and his 2008 16mm film of the cat’s tail are showcased in the show. Felix takes on a number of roles in Leckey’s work, including as a motif for broadcasting, and as an avatar for the artist, for whom the idea of turning into a cat is something that incites both fear and desire.



Oscar Oiwa Oiwa Island 2 (2016)
Housed within an 40-foot inflatable dome inside of a former soy sauce factory, Oscar Oiwa‘s Oiwa Island 2 is an immersive drawings that takes up the entirety of the circular space. The 360-degree drawing includes natural imagery, placing visitors in a black and white world with a detailed forest containing a cabin on the shore of a beach. The drawing is fairly realistic until one reaches the water, where the patterns of the waves become increasingly abstract. The door of the cabin in this elaborate mural doubles as the actual door for the dome, creating an even more immersive effect when you enter the gigantic space.



Erwin Wurm The artist who swallowed the world (2006)



Clive Murphy Trash Bag Inflatables (2005 – ?)
This is a an ongoing series of installation works dating from 2005 which comprise of site-specific architecturally orientated inflatable constructions created from adjoined black domestic trash bags. A number of these works have been kinetic, where the air blower has had an automatic timer attached which makes the structures rise and fall on a pre-set cycle. I wanted to make inflatables that didn’t look like inflatables, but closer to monumental minimalist structures. Trash bags ended up being the perfect material as they readily accesible, both in a logistical and conceptual sense. They are modular. A trash bag is a tube with one end sealed, open that end and add another and another you have an long tubular form. They have a weirdly metallic structural look to them when inflated. The real trick was working out how to make the geometric corners, right angles, multiple joints, etc. I had to adopted the mindset of both an architect and a tailor and create the structures as 3D auto-cad computer designs, then build actual physical models, and then patterns like those of a dress-maker. — CM


Phillip Toledano Inflatable Guantanamo Bay prison cell (2008)
In 2008 when Bush and Cheney were still kicking around the White House and Phillip Toledano released his online installation, America the Giftstop. “We buy souvenirs at the end of a trip, to remind ourselves of the experience. What do we have to remind ourselves of the events of the last eight years?” Toledano said. An artist and photographer, Toledano’s satirical selection of souvenirs from the War on Terror included this life-sized inflatable Guantanamo bay bouncy prison cell.



Wang Yuyang Breathing Office (2009)
Chinese artist Wang Yuyang created an installation that is a life-size replica of an ordinary office, a ‘finance department’, complete with desktop computers, rolling chairs, telephones and other furnishings. The artwork is a piece of Wang Yuyang’s ‘breathing series’. In this case, Wang Yuyang breathes life into ordinary office objects such as garbage cans, fax machines and paper stacks, by recreating them out of silicone and animating them by installing a small motor, which inflates the objects and simulates the breathing.


Ronald van der Meijs Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (2009)
Despite the many problems in the construction of the new North / South metro line in Amsterdam, the city council said they had confidence in the technology, so the construction continues. The city, so the reasoning goes, must continue to evolve and grow. The therm ‘angioplasty’ is used as a metaphor for the underground operations and affairs of the North / South line. The spatial installation in the gallery at Waterloo underground station lies just below the “heart” of the city. The installation is a large, pulsating tube structure, in the form of an underground pipe and metaphor for the human angioplasty. to solve the blood vessel problem. The structure is made out of plastic bags – a symbol of consumerism that the economy is still increasing pumping. The installation generates a cracking sound because of the crispy plastic bags.

Angioplasty 06


Michio Koshino various (1987 – ?)
One of the most intriguing items renowned clothing designer Koshino marketed under her name was the first inflatable fabric.







Corey Whyte Santa Wreath (Black, 2014)



Michael Parekowhai Jim McMurtry (2006)
Jim McMurtry is an enormous, 12 metres long and 4.5 metres wide, cartoon rabbit. Jim McMurtry lies flat on his back with one eye closed and his tongue hanging out. Viewers feel unsure as to whether he is dead or is simply taking a nap. Here, Parekowhai reminds us of the rabbit’s considerable and destructive impact on New Zealand when it was introduced in the nineteenth century. It may have similarities to a cute Walt Disney or Beatrix Potter creation but Jim McMurtry raises questions about a particular point in New Zealand’s past and more specifically about Colonialism.



AZC Saut de Seine (?)
Instead of crossing bridges by walking or by riding a car, why can’t we bounce or flip our way across instead? This is what architecture firm AZC had in mind when they submitted a proposal to build an inflatable trampoline bridge for pedestrians to cross the Seine. The structure involves three inflatable doughnut-like rings with mesh trampolines stretched across each one, allowing pedestrians to bounce their way to the other side of the river. It also provides people two options upon reaching the end of the bridge: to exit by way of a staircase or by way of a slide.



Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Last Breath (2012)
Last Breath is an installation designed to store and circulate the breath of a person forever. The piece consists of a small brown paper bag which inflates and deflates automatically thanks to motorized bellows similar to those found in artificial respirators in hospitals. The apparatus hangs on a wall and is activated 10,000 times a day, the typical respiratory frequency for an adult at rest, including 158 sighs. Each stroke of the machine advances a digital counter that beeps. The breath circulates between the bellows and the paper bag through a ribbed transparent plastic tube that emits a faint and hypnotic low sound. The tube can be as large as necessary to either hang the bag right beside the piece, on the same wall, or to create a labyrinth on the ceiling of the exhibition that ends with the bag suspended in the middle of the room. The brown paper bag makes a rhythmic crushing sound as it inflates and deflates. As a biometric portrait, the piece requires careful curation, and the question of who gets stored should be in itself an interesting debate. The portrait should work as a living memorial of a senior respected artist, ideally a poet, singer or dancer. A small video of the person blowing into the bag is exhibited beside the apparatus. The first copy of the piece stores the breath of Cuban singer Omara Portuondo. The piece is currently on tour but eventually will be exhibited by the National Museum of Music in Cuba: after she dies people will be able to visit her “Last Breath” there.



Unknown Ba Di (2015)
Parents in China looking for a way to teach their children about the birds and the bees can now take them to a special sex education playground inside an enormous inflatable doll. The attraction also features a ball pit, slide and climbing area. The doll, which has green hair and pink lips and wears jeans and a white strap top, can be entered through the right heel and exited via the left. Cartoon images are displayed inside the legs to teach children about sex. The inflatable, nicknamed Ba Di, has appeared at Wanda Plaza commercial complex in eastern China’s Nanjing city.



Jim Green Whoopie Cushions (2010)


Tam Wai Ping Falling into the Mundane World (2013)
After a fantastic fall, a cockroach and round-bottomed woman have landed headfirst on the promenade.



Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann Comfort #8 (2010)
Couple and artist team Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann have been collaborating since 1990. They create large scale inflatable architecture and urban landscape installations frequently experimenting with gravity. This site-specific project, circumscribed by the architecture and tradition of Galeria Foksal, represented a sort of homage to a space that had been a center of the Polish avant-garde in the sixties and continues to function as an artist-run space to this day. Seven parallel air-filled tubes installed along the walls of the gallery traced the outline of the space and reproduced its contours. The soft and bulging textile surface of the walls and the glow of the color gold transformed the visitor’s sense of the space by distorting the dimensions and acoustics of this storied gallery.



Kirsten Pieroth Inflated Dinghy (2009)
In Kirsten Pieroth’s work a rubber dinghy is gradually inflated by an accordionist playing a harmonica.



Joshua Allen Harris Bears (2008)
On the streets of New York, Joshua Allen Harris creates inflatable animals by tying plastic shopping bags to the subway grates.


Alexsandra Mir Plane Landing (2003)
Plane Landing is an event: the production of the balloon, its travel to new destinations, the inflation, its ‘landing’ and the documentation of all these parts constitute the artwork.





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  1. What a lovely note, Dennis. Thank you so much.
    There will always be a bit of a whirlpool tug back to this place.
    So for you, and for Misa and Rigby and Joe and Wolf and Tender Prey and Nicki and Greg and all the others, I’ll try not to be too much of a stranger.
    Wishing you all a great afternoon.

  2. @ DC, I’ll get started on putting together the ART101 Day this very morning!

    Life with the fractured spine has been fairly uneventful. It’s not like wearing the brace involves pain or even discomfort, but it does cramp my style and I look forward to being rid of the thing.

    A question about formatting in this new blog universe: to post links, can we use code as in Blogger posts? Like this LINK for example. Also can we have a photo next to our comment? And can we amend or delete our comments? Whatever, I’m sure we’ll all get used to it.

  3. Ah cool so re links, I answered my own question there. Nice one!

    My friend in Dundee who, like myself, has MS, makes these cool necklaces and I ordered one yesterday. It’s a laser cut acrylic skull showing an MRI scan of her brain with the lesions caused by MS. I’ll take a photo once it arrives.

  4. Hey! I’ll never forget being freaked out in I think 2nd or 3rd grade when in one of those Little House on the Prairie books it said they blew up a sheep’s bladder or something to use as a balloon. Inflatables !

    Faves: inflatable guantanamo bay, breathing office, bouncy bridge, falling into the mundane world, bears

    postitB(reakup), yeah haha, i like it except i made the mistake of changing my twitter @name along with my display name. i guess seeing the chance to get “postitbreakup” with all its branding potential (???) someone registered postitbreakup while it was open and locked the account. i’d think it was a coincidence somehow if i wasn’t, until i blocked this person, the only person they were following. so postitB it is, although i’d already paid for the postitbreakup website address for a year

    that really sucks about the post restoration, let me know if there’s anything else i can do to help !

    so you’ve added another movie and an opera to your TV show?? you’re going for an EGOT aren’t you? i think i made that joke before oops. all sounds awesome

    have the best day 🙂


    inspired by cool ppl like Chris D i made… something…
    i wouldn’t call it a chapbook, maybe a “hapboo”–especially since it was my first attempt at one and a quick attempt at that… it’s my favorite poems/acrostics etc i’ve been posting on Twitter. i’m definitely not a poet, but this is the main thing i’ve written all year, and i do feel proud about some of the … rhymes i guess, haha.

    info / free view & download is here if anyone would be interested

  5. Darrell Alvarez

    August 30, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    Thanks DC,
    All is well. I’m hanging out in Berlin again this summer. I think I mentioned that when I saw you at the screening of ‘Like Cattle Towards Glow.’ Testing out the idea of moving back here. I miss it. And you? Are you back in Paris now?

  6. Dennis! I teared up reading all the comments left here yesterday and again reading your replies today! That says it all. It’s so nice to be here and talking with you and seeing new posts. Really and truly.
    Things are okay with me – possibly been a little too busy on the work front (and not good work – moneymaking work), but I’m heading to your adoptive country on Saturday for a little holiday, which I’m so excited about.
    How are things with you? It seems that the TV show is still on track – that’s so great. Have you been as busy as ever? Any book writing going on?
    I think I love every single piece in today’s post. I like d Last Breath a lot. There’s something so pleasing about inflatables, even down to space-hoppers. It’s Hannah’s birthday on Thursday and I’m fully wanting to purchase some kind of floating inflated thing, just to have it lurking about the kitchen when she gets up in the morning.
    How’s your Tuesday been? Tell me, if you will.
    Lots and lots of love to you, Dennis.

  7. Wowsers, reunion central here yesterday. So trippy and great to see so much of the old fam back round the traps! Love to you all, Distinguished Locals of yore!

    Coop, makes perfect sense, Roxane’s piece was a brilliantly and trenchantly done thing, with just the right equipoise to be make for maximal resonance, and with the NYT’s weight behind it, I guess it was suddenly a question of People Who Matter beginning to be made aware of it, so throwing their weight around suddenly became less appealing than just letting the whole thing go.

    Incredible that you’re at work on so much stuff across so many media. Sounds crowded but exciting! Particularly cool to hear you and Zac are at work on a new film: great title too. I’ll have to try and make some time to tell you what I thought about ‘LCTG’ because I got to see it a while back now but, short version is, it’s a work of art, full stop.

    I had a dream once that I was in a gargantuan abandoned inflatable spaceship, and because it was inflatable, it was completely non-operable as a spaceship even if you knew how to control it, as well as being absolutely labyrinthine inside, so it didn’t really matter anyhow, since who the fuck knew where the command deck was. All the doors and compartments and spacesuits and emergency alerts and such were just illustrated on to the inflatable material, and you’d bounce around pretty much just aimlessly following a single twisting corridor which went on and on through the guts of it, looking out at stars through installation windows made of thin sheets of transparent plastic, seeing bits of space debris just floating by the massive bulk of the ship beyond and realising uneasily that this thing was at any moment going to get a tear in it somewhere, and suck inward to a singularity. You might think it was a nightmare, but it wasn’t really. More like an unpleasant wish.

    I wish I had something to share, but I’m not up to much. No projects, although I think I have an idea of a book I actually *need* to write if I’m going to write anything ever again. But I don’t really have much to say about that publicly right now. I’m a bit blank in general recently. Can’t even really think of what I’ve been thinking about at the moment. Thanks for asking though!

    Ok, better go. Tell me more about your text novel! xo

  8. “… It filters emotionality differently…” that is really spot-on, Dennis. The new font seems to say ‘I’m slim, I’m trim, don’t fuck with me!’ I like!

    Dennis, have you seen the trailer for a new film called ‘The childhood of a leader’? Looks like Scott Walker (not the governor of Wisconsin) is doing the music. Looks / sounds kind of weird and scary.

    I very much enjoyed the digital high school reunion yesterday, since I never went to any of mine! Fuck those losers.

    Love you, Dennis!

    • Nice to see you again, James! Things have popped in my head that I have wanted to chat with you about but that’s been impossible since you little to no Internet presence. Not that I can remember any of it now! Haha.

  9. Oh Dennis, are you still planning on writing that novel about a boy who wants to blow himself up?

  10. Wonderful to see the blog back, and what an incredible post! I have always felt a strong connection to Felix the Cat, so to see a huge Felix here is pretty amazing. And the subject matter for today’s blog – it would be a fantastic exhibition to see such a show in real life. MOCA! At the Geffen spot. Inside and outside. Curators do your work!

    I can’t remember if I saw ‘Like Cattle Towards Glow,’ while the blog was resting, but i just want to let you know that I really enjoyed the film. I saw it on payed YouTube – and although I would prefer to see it in a theater setting, it was a very satisfying afternoon viewing experience. I’m looking forward to the second film! Ciao, Tosh

  11. Marvelous stuff today. I am reminded of the image of an inflatable Bob Dlayn floating over the landscape in “I’m Not There.”
    I am working on a “George W.S. Trow Day” for y’all.

  12. Yeah, totally – you’re shocked, I’m shocked, loads of other shocked people were asking me for progress updates while it was all going on – I guess it’s no surprise to you how many people heard about it all and wanted to know wtf was going on. So it’s great to have the shocking yuckiness of all that trumped by the shock of restitution. Way to go, Google-beater xx

  13. @ James Nulick , I ordered the Scott Walker soundtrack to Childhood of a Leader last week on clear vinyl. Very excited, but we’ve no record player here in Leeds despite my mithering my mum to get one.

  14. Hi Dennis, I am so incredibly happy that your blog is back! I have only now realised how much I missed it – not being able to read it has felt like being a little bit suffocated for a few months.

    I saw Like Cattle Towards Glow in London last(?) month and loved it, especially the first, second and last bits. I wish I’d been able to think of something intelligent to ask at the q&a but I was just so sweated out that my mind wasn’t functioning. I was curious to know how you and Zac worked with the actors however. Did you follow Bresson’s suggestions? There was such colour and presence coming from the actors in the first segment, especially when they were hardly doing anything at all. Did remind me of the great man’s work, and also of Bruno Dumont a little (though I liked your/Zac’s rawer approach). Take care and see you again soon!

  15. @ _Black_Acrylic,

    Hello Ben! Wow, clear vinyl?! I’ll have to look that up. I have a nice turntable at home, but mandatory overtime at work prevents me from enjoying anything but the bus and the homeless. I’ll look it up on Discogs. I hope you are doing well, my friend. Hopefully the clear vinyl Scott Walker will help get you through your recovery, or at least help it along. Xoxo

  16. Killua is a character from an anime called hunter x hunter. I don’t think that’s who it is anymore though. Your inflatable post is life affirming. When I was a really young kid, I used to imagine designing my own inflatable bounce houses. One of them was of a big prison cell and it would come with an orange jumpsuit you had to wear to jump inside of it. I had grew up watching X-Files and other disturbing things five year olds shouldn’t watch, so I also had thought of designing a bounce house that looked like a spaceship and had Thor (Stargate) and the aliens from x-files designed in the room. I don’t know, thought I’d say something weird like that lol.
    Kolossal Kat really does it for me though. Reminds me of Kaws work.
    Also, how do you get avatars on the blog?

  17. Unfortunately, I’ve been having some health issues lately. My doctor told me yesterday that I need to lose about 35 pounds. Part of the reason for my weight problem is that I take the psych med Zyprexa, which is notorious for leading to obesity. It both stimulates the appetite and slows down the metabolism. Unfortunately, it’s also addictive. Starting Friday, I’m cutting down from 10 mg. daily to 7.5 mg. and introducing a new medication that’s supposed to help mitigate withdrawal symptoms. The main withdrawal symptom is insomnia. When I asked my doctor what I could expect, he said “Some people get one day of insomnia, some people get weeks.” I’m sure this is true, but it’s not exactly comforting. I’ve tried to quit Zyprexa three times and have never been able to. I really hope this works out – I’m already very anxious about it.

  18. Hey Dennis,
    Looks like you’re still getting love on the first post re. Beatrice. Which is no surprise. Just dropping in one last time today to give a little love to this remarkable piece of work. And MISA. AND DAVID E. AND EVERYONE. F…. I’m just so happy you’re back in the ether that we know as this Internet.

  19. And there’s Tosh!
    Hello to you.

  20. Hi!

    Ah, it’s so nice to talk to you again!!
    The zine is all finished so it’s officially my first ever finished zine, haha! Now I have another idea about a zine-series. It’s still in the planning phase but as I imagine it now it should look similar to my boymuse series but with photos, too, not only words.
    I’m really glad to hear that the TV project keeps on going strong!
    I actually had a pretty productive day yesterday, writing-wise! And your Béatrice Dalle day also inspired me to cut my hair and I’m quite happy with how disheveled it looks.
    Also, Oscar Oiwa’s Oiwa Island 2 from today’s post is fascinating.
    How was today on your end?
    Much love!!

  21. I liked the giant black pillow at the start of today’s day.

    Yeah, it’s nice to be able to write in the words “posted a comment at Dennis Cooper’s blog” on a daily basis in my diary again, ha ha.

    As for what I’ve been up to, on the writing front not much: ever since I finished “Harlem Smoke” back in January and then the Huysmans/”La-Bas” Day back in February I’ve hit something of an arid stretch: since then I started three stories (none of which I could even be bothered to finish), and more recently I’ve been invited to contribute to the next anthology that Justin Isis is doing (you may recall I had a story in an anthology that he edited earlier this year). I’ve done almost 10 pages for that but it’s been slow going as I’m trying to be more experimental with this one and I’ve never been much of an experimental writer. I’m also (slowly) trying to find a publisher for “Harlem Smoke,” though so far I’ve only sent it to five places (all of whom rejected it).

    On the reading front I’ve recently been on a bit of a Nietzsche kick, having read both his “The Birth of Tragedy” and ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra” this month. I’m also currently reading De Sade’s “Justine.” This is the 3rd time I’ve tried to read this book (the last time was the summer of 2009), so I’m hoping 3rd time is the charm: I only have 99 pages to go so I think I’ll make it, ha ha.

  22. Hi D

    So glad your back 🙂 and in full awesome mode again. You’ve got a lot of cool projects on the go. the opera sounds amazing and i hope they okay the tv show your description of it sounded amazing and it needs to exist!
    LCTG has come but i waiting to watch it at a friends and projected it big with a nice set of speakers, the proper treatment!
    Love the inflatables! ive seen the Leckey & Mir ones, i love felix as he’s always so awkwardly installed. my ears have been enjoying Pye Corner Audio’s new album and Jenny Hval’s one too.
    Not much else fun today, i procured a bunch of chromakey paper so i can disappear things in videos. the roll is huge about twice my height so that was fun to get home. they said no way on the bus but a decent size taxi picked me up.
    got poetry by Mathew Francis (it sounded good) and Matthew Dickman & Michael Dickman colab, looking forward to them. been reading some Henri Michaux too. a good friend of mine has been lurking in paris soaking it up to drown me with when she’s back. i still have matcha roulade cravings. theres a Laduree here now, but suckily no cakes, just macaroons that i cant eat. le boo
    anyway probably better for my health 😉 or maybe not…
    Ps. Diarmuid made me think i need to get a cool name again 😉

    Bon journée!

  23. Oh the kid in me wants to bounce across the inflatable bridge.
    Oh the adult in me wonders what kind of safety netting they’d have there and how they’d keep it from getting caught in a bad wind gust.

  24. Hey Dennis, day two and it’s still here. Pinch self. Nice day today. I’ve been thinking about teaching a studio class with a project that is inflatables, so today is a good nudge for me to start putting that together! I’ve never done much with them, but seems like a good way to teach ingenuity, materials, and use of space with almost zero budget.

  25. @Sypha,

    hey, man, i bought ‘grimoire’. i havent been able to read it yet, but im very excited to do so, as it looks great. found u on fb and sent u a friend request and a pm (under an alias). have a good day, armando.



    thank u so much, man. i really dont know what the fuck i did for that 2 happen. im extremely intrigued by ur new movie. id b ecstatic 2 hear any information bout it u can share. also is that band u cant yet name “famous”?

    best wishes, good luck, lots of love and hugs,


  26. Holy fucking fuck it’s like you created a time-warp Dennis! Dynomoose! Mieze! Kier!! Whoop whoop!!

    Nice inflatable timing – we went to see
    Koons at Hirst’s gallery (which is way cooler than you’d expect if I just told you it’s Hirst’s gallery – very very nice building, tons of space – wait did you see it?) las w-end. Yeah, yeah, I know, we talked about Koons, whatchagonnado, I like that wacko whacker. Mostly.
    Some stuff I can take or leave, but the “inflatable” (not) lobster doing a headstand is really fun – and the seal and walrus stuck in a chair are pretty impressive (of course they’re not inflatable, but shit you can only tell because it’d be impossible for them to be).

    Anyway. Mucho love to all!

  27. Wow, what an amazing day! SO into inflatables: my gf George told me about that giant Paul McCarthy dog turd that escaped its moorings and had to be shot down over a school? Amazing! Oh btw there’s this thing on Nancy Davidson’s sexy inflatables I found on Hyperallergic a little while ago you might like: here

    OK, I’ll check out some Jarmusch and get back to you… Man you’ve so many exciting projects on the go: TV! Opera! New film! New blog! Phew! Hope you’re taking care of your head.

    Where’s Bernard?!

    @wolf : I saw some of those Koons things at the Whitney a while ago — couldn’t get over how they’re made outta steel. + we need to hang out irl

    D xx

  28. D-

    It’s been a real shit-fuck of a year. In February we were informed they were selling the house we’d been renting since 1999 (for a fantasy price) and we had 3 months to move. We’d been dreading that day but nothing could compare to the doom when we tried to see what we could afford to move to. That said my folks offered to assist us to buy a house as Portland’s rental market is insane and rising at least we could lock that down (the housing market is even more insane, houses doubling in price over 2 years.) We had help from an amazing friend who is a realtor and 2 weeks to the day we were accepted to buy this amazing place, all we needed was some paperwork from Jen’s job of 10 years. And then she was fucking fired. For no reason, just some new middle manager. It’s hard to describe the feelings I felt. I never ever thought we could own a house, then we almost did, and then my wife got fired. The hardest part was knowing that she blamed herself, and how she must feel. I know it was not her fault remotely.
    We landed on our feet, renting a house far from the great neighborhoods we loved, nothing is walkable etc. but we have giant 150 foot Doug Firs in our back yard and old friends right next door. We survived but the rent increase and reliance on a car has sucked all our pennies and thoughts of travel are nil these days. I’ve found solace in the fact I can be by a river and in old growth ancient forest with a 30 minute drive and I’ve been headed there weekly.
    On the positives my old band The Lawn has reformed after 10 years and playing guitar in a band has been super fun. All of the squabbles of youth have disappeared and we are just enjoying each other and making our weirdo Meat Puppets meet Yes meet Syd Barrett kind of songs. That’s the nutshell, I look forward to reconnecting, there was a period with my old laptop and your gif era that the pages would just not load and that’s when I kind of fell out of the habit of being a regular. Glad to be back. Much love, and as always, thanks for the inspiration.


  29. Whoah – ‘Thirst’ has left me reeling. Incredible!

    I just wanted to say ‘hi’ and ‘yay’ and ‘go Dennis’! Just so thrilled and happy to see the blog back in action!

    All the best


  30. *ODs on happiness* Fuck it is just incredible to see all you guys on here! Just incredible! All my love!!!!

  31. d-

    ohemgee! you’re back! it’s been too long and i’ve missed the hell out of you.

    lots of stuff has happened since last we spoke some six months ago. denver was a blast. being 30 kinda sucks.

    my cat, killer (aka skrylla the thugnificent, aka little mama, aka lily), who i got at three weeks of age when i was 17 and raised with a bottle and loved so so much, died in my bed about a week after i got back from denver. i miss her a whole lot. her kittens, mimi sashimi and aleister crowley (who are not kittens anymore), still live with me. mimi seems to really miss her mother and has been really clingy, but i think it’s because i keep my finches in my room, so whenever i come home, she wants to go hang with her birds.

    how have you been other than all this blog drama? i have to get to work but will post more when i get home.

    talk soon. love love love.


    oh. ps. i’m finally reading ‘i’m with the band.’ you ever notice how mary timony looks a lot like a young PDB? it’s uncanny.

  32. Dennis! Thanks, my friend.

    And I should’ve added the wealth of info and artistic pleasure that the blog’s been so responsible for over the years. Duh. I mean, I never would’ve heard of Gaspar Noe or Paul McCarthy or so many fucking more.

    While I’m pretty much back to normal, that surgery has kind of changed things for me. Just subtle things, not big deal things. I’ll survive and thrive. Because that’s what we do. No worries.

    LPS’s first day of high school yesterday. He said he likes high school so much better than middle school. He seems the type of kid who would thrive in high school rather than middle school. He’s fine so far.

    And being me, I have to relate Inflatables to a Suede song. The last line of their great B-side “My Insatiable One,” covered by Morrissey in concert, no less, goes “He was my inflatable one.” Almost anything inflatable is cool to me. I even love bubble wrap.

    It’s so much easier to post on this new site too. That’s a good thing.

  33. Mieze, Yes, no making yourself so scarce anymore!

  34. Hey Dennis, really enjoyed this and it’s great to have your big surprise every day again. Got back from a beautiful 2 days, and 6 voicemails – my Dad fell, broke his hip, has to have surgery and I’ll have to fly down to Florida soon. I hope the computer is working there so I can at least catch you! I’ll have to talk to everyone, sister included, Weds morning – and Mercury Retrograde just started today – and I don’t want to talk to anyone! (remember what happened on your blog during a Merc Ret once?) Anyway, I liked LCTG very much, got the DVD, but I’m saving my 2nd viewing for the big screen in October, NYC! Looking forward to that. I’ll roll you a cig.

  35. Hey Dennis, not dated at all! What’s the first image from? That NYC subway air bear is great, wish I thought of that.

    You’re right, I actually don’t use Facebook, but I was checking your page regularly while the blog was down.

    Great to hear the film and TV and opera projects are moving along. Look forward to hearing more…


  36. Dennis,

    That Gothic English bouncy castle is great, I mean, I know it’s sociopolitical commentary or whatever but it’s also rad and I want one.

    As for AZ, I’m settling in quite well. I’m working with a poet whose work I really like, Norman Dubie. Apparently, he and others liked my work as well since I’m here! I’m sweating a lot but I’m very glad to be here in the Phoenix area at ASU in this incredible program.

  37. aha! it’s alive! just giving the comments interface a test run…and, of course, wishing you a seamless transition into this new space. so glad all that is behind you…missed you / this…love you D…carry on!

  38. Dennis, I was going to say I wished I could have seen “Department of the Interior” in person, and then, slowly scrolling down, there was so much more wonderfulness these water toys have certainly developed!–joey

  39. Glad to see the blog relaunched!

  40. Why would I pay to see the new Bourne movie when I can just stream it here? http://j.gs/14271307/jasonbourne 😉 Enjoy

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