The blog of author Dennis Cooper

“I’m scubadiver. I love scubadiving. I love to be underwater. I love to fight underwater. I love drowning. Fight or drown.”


JeremytheSecretSlut, 24
Straight, getting married in Dec, but before then I want, crave, to be fucked so much and violently that I’ll never want to cheat on my wife.


Facetattooguy1966 – Nov 21, 2022
Can I suggest that I castrate you and really solve your problem big time? Only currently looking to have your balls removed but I am more than open to having your penis done, too. I’m not looking for a fantasy thing, I am 100% genuine and serious about this. I’ve researched this extensively and know the risks, side effects, and can imagine what the difficulties will be for a straight guy like you after removal, and I still want to do it.

Daisymegan4 – Nov 15, 2022
If you don’t mind your picture could be my inspiring muse for an amazing mural i’m working on for a client. You will totally get paid for it as well as a bonus also get credits.. if you are interested say hi.

treeofwisdom – Nov 13, 2022
I will put 1 or more * (1 means I didn’t like it that much; 2 or more will show how much I liked it).
1 or more + to show how much the slut liked it.
Nipple torture *********
CBT +++**
Choking him ******
Paddling him *****
Bullying him ++++++
FF him ********++
Flogging him *****
Filming him *******
Pissing on/in him **********
His smells *****
Him sucking on my unwashed filthy feet *******
Him swallowing my spit *********
Him swallowing my nasal discharge ********++++++++
Fucking him *******+++++++++
Threatening to send the film to his fiancee *************



TwinkOuchbuns, 19
My limits are no scat. Everything else is on the table. I seek a Master or Dom to violently rape and beat me. No mercy, no way out, no safe words, thoroughly, internally.

I’m into blood, bruises, brute force, weapons, fisting, piss, being spit on. Need a mean Master with no mercy for a crying fag. Stretch my ass open and tear up my hole, rectum and further. Guns and knives during sex is hot. Any Master would own the right to control my entire life and, as such, snuff is on the table.


Kill&Chill – Nov 9, 2022
I’ve always wanted to attend a cocktail party, all black themed with black dress shirts required. It’s in an elegant historical home, with security and privacy. Maybe even make it a masquerade requirement. Beautiful naked dead boys, displayed in death such as chained up over the dinner table. Sitting in chairs covered in blood. Maybe the cutest boys even displayed in bedrooms for the greratest of pleasures. All the meanwhile guests are interacting with conversations, sipping drinks, tasteful hor’devours. It would be like Salo meets Faces of Death meets Eyes Wide Shut

SpiderCunt – Nov 8, 2022
Man I wish I had dreams like that. It’d be a perfect way to snuff this boy (which I rly wanna do lol). One time I did have a dream where I was a child and a witch caught me and my friend sneaking into her house, hung us upsidedown from a monkeybar and took out all our organs one by one.

theirishman – Nov 8, 2022
It doesn’t happen a lot but i did have a dream about snuffing Kill&Chill last night, it was very vivid too. I could feel the weight of the knife as i sunk it in him, the feeling of it hitting bone when i sliced his head off, the smell and heat of his blood, the weight and sound as i sawed off his leg…

probaby-joseph – Nov 8, 2022
Does anyone else who wants to snuff guys but has a moral block against doing it ever have vivid dreams about it? I had a nap earlier where I brutally beat this profile boy up and cut him in my dreams and I felt the pain in my hands as I broke his jaw and felt the splashes of blood gushing out of him and had the high pulse and adrenaline if I were awake and actually doing it. I have a LOT of snuff dreams, and I was wondering if any of you had any as well.



scarecrow, 18
Scarecrow new to this high as kite shit split from gf wana suck a dick a get bummed


LoboAlpha – Nov 24, 2022
His twin brother went missing a long time ago… now he’s on the search for his twin brother with the help of LoboAlpha.



laughatwhataloseriam, 18
i dance sing put on comedy shows n love to be laughed at
im invited to a paryt on saturday
one of my firends (not a close friend though)
and all his mates usually get so drunk
and drink tons
it seems like a luagh
and ive always wanted to go to their parties
but he said if its too late i can crash round there
and my best friend (whos also obsessed w me)
is gonna crash there
so ill prberly get absolutely out of my head n gangraped loL
i am a complete and total loser!


laughatwhataloseriam (Owner) – Nov 16, 2022
you cant do better than going to a hard core party!!!!
im either pissed or sky high on summat though!!!
taking vodka in school, lmao, done it loadsa times
ma teacher well cought on but he dint say awt kik ass teacher!!!
another good 1 is spiking the punch bowl at a respectable family dinner
and then give your 90yr old grandad the best bj of his life
at the same time though i never have my head outta books
:S strange i know

So.Blurry – Nov 16, 2022
i fucking hate sluts that go to partys

laughatwhataloseriam (Owner) – Nov 16, 2022
im known to shoot some pretty big loads. have hit walls before.



Paraplegicwannabe, 19
For me life will start at the moment when a Master will take away from me the control of my lower body (the ability to walk or stand up) by sentencing me to a life in a wheelchair and permanently staying there inferior to him and to the world forever.

Not yet disabled


Oldercumslut – Nov 22, 2022
Does your therapist know about your behavior?



IHateLove, 25
I’m dissolute and masochistic to the point of fanaticism.

I enjoy a life encompassed by debauchery and don’t see myself ever giving it up for anyone.

– Bareback Only
– Fisting
– Watersports & Scat
– Sensory Deprivation
– Force fed liquor or drugs
– Kicked/punched/kneed in genitals, stomach
– Charlie horse
– Heavily punched on face
– Yelled at
– Taser to balls
– Forced gangbang
– Unconsciousness

Ideally, I would like to find an older Master that would enjoy doing these things to me, but isnt the jealous type.

I’d encourage my Master to indulge in whatever brutalities he wants with me, but it is not my nature to be monogamous so I would not even entertain the idea of involving myself in a relationship like that.

In the meantime, my body is always down to host large orgies, and does so frequently.


Mike803 – Nov 20, 2022
I think I’m kind a pervert. Because, on the one hand, I’d like to suck his sexy dead corpse (is dead corpse redundant?) dick then cut his arm off and shove the arm up his ass. But on the other hand, I’d love to go back in time to his twink days and marry him. Human are so complicated.

SupremeDickedDarius – Nov 20, 2022
It would be very cool to take Kyros’s head off. I agree it would be so cool to make love to his head and fuck it and talk to it. I can imagine decapitating him and having his bare feet on the pillow next to me to kiss while I’m skull fucking and talking to his head. Do you think you would take his head with you… like on a date? To sit on the table and talk to while you enjoyed yourself? I would.

Kill&Chill – Nov 20, 2022
35 gay man looking for other guys to message about severing Kyros’s head and dismembering him. Are you jerking to it? So am I.

MasterStephen – Nov 19, 2022
Older timers will recognise him as former twink porn superstar Kyros (Christian). He’s in his early 30s if not older but he has barely seemed to age if a gentle drooping of his facial skin and baggy eyes doesn’t count. He enjoys having his hole and prostate worked on and milked by fingers, toys, thick rubbed gloved hands, electricity and if you work on him hard enough his assgasms will knock your head off.



juunk, 20
Wanna try some new shit.. XXXL? Cumover m breed me, maybe drink a 6 pack of beer first.. My type is guys that r hairy m havent showered for days but any guy XXXL will do.. just make sure I get a good tip$


juunk (Owner) – Nov 17, 2022
Bein so shitfaced I got fucked by a wasted-away old homeless guy on the “beach” next to the Illinois River

FosterChems – Nov 17, 2022
What is raunchiest thing you have ever done when you were drunk?



Skipper_Quentin, 20
Hi we are Skipper and Quentin.
We are gamers, and we are chefs 👨‍🍳.
Having sex is not a must for us, but we like to have sex once a while.
We are a polyamouris couple who is looking for a Master.
How we spend our days are regular, sometimes we like to go out spontaneous.
We also like animals and also have sex with our two dogs.
Our favorite cuisine is the Asian one, we can make a good poke bowl.
We ain’t difficult, but we have our rules with the relationship so keep that in mind.
Yes we be strict about our rules but if u want to break us up it’s not like there’s anything can we do about it.


userfreakingname – Nov 25, 2022
They are perversion incarnate. I suggest you spend a moment with them. But be prepared for extreme perversions, otherwise you will be shocked.



Hang_me, 20
Young and ready to be finished
Id prefer it be a Black guy or woman
Im non-binary so I dont give a fuck
Looking to finally make this happen


Hang_me (Owner) – Nov 11, 2022
Anyone interested come between now and midnight. I am off I84 exit 374. Two homes down from the Ontario Oregon State Park. Look for the Nissan Armada. You will see a red bucket on the sidewalk. Follow the string til you find the red light. I am in the small shed.

Hang_me (Owner) – Nov 4, 2022
I know Im a loser
I know Im not good at anything
But if my death makes you cum
I can feel useful for a moment



Index, 19
My name is Hugo, I am a high school senior with a defective personality.
Currently I am looking for a master who can easily move to my hometown.
I really want this master to go to my high school every day and be ruthless with me, not hesitating to humiliate me in front of everyone, whether it’s attaching me to a wall for hours as a vulgar decoration, charging people to hit or spit on me, putting me naked in a cage in front of everyone at school assemblies, mummifying me and laying me on the football field during a game, etc etc.
I don’t want a phone. I don’t want another orgasm.
Nothing should stand in the way of you making me the high school student you want.


DPack – Nov 18, 2022
Stuff this Turkey 🦃

wantitalltakeitall – Nov 14, 2022
I have a confession. I fucked you when we were fourteen. You were asleep and I got you on your side and managed to get my tongue in your ass then my cock. You didn’t feel it enter but woke after the second thrust. You panicked and so did I and I punched you in the head until you passed out. Then I continued. Afterword you acted like you didn’t remember anything. I just wonder now if my doing that is why you’re defective. I’m sorry.



your_prettiest_problem, 24
So my boyfriend turned out to be a cuck. That’s cool. You know what’s even cooler? He gets off on me wanting some pretty awful things to happen to him too and it turns out that it excites me just the same. I remember how hard he came when our last hookup punched him full force and repeatedly in the face and broke his nose in the middle of creampieing his sloppy asshole? Well maybe he (and I) would love it even more if the next thing broken was his neck. Why don’t we find out? Maybe!


your_prettiest_problem (Owner) – Nov 2, 2022
Ok, that’s enough.

gm1967 – Nov 2, 2022
Then suck out the blood and cum and whatever else is in his succulent ass.

SatansDeathPerv – Nov 2, 2022
Then knife fuck the dead thing.

level 1 – Nov 2, 2022
Until his head is completely off.

Boophone78 – Nov 2, 2022
And see his tiny nips twitch from pain and stained of red blood…

litany – Nov 2, 2022
I would love to hear the gurgle sound as the knife goes deep in his neck.



Nolimitunderwater, 19
I live in Russia. I’m just looking for a way to get out of this fucking evil country. I’m scubadiver. I love scubadiving. I love to be underwater. I love to fight underwater. I love drowning. Fight or drown.


Nolimitunderwater (Owner) – Nov 11, 2022
I am now in Budva, Montenegro.



krisBAREboy, 18
an extremely horny virus eating + spreading cunt

ready for anything together with Enes1964HHtoxic (my dad). who wants?

ask us – and spare us the boring stuff, we only do him + you -> me bare + unsafe + stds

are there XXXL toxic types here who want to help dad rip open my young German ass? get in touch!

my cock is small but poisonous!


krisBAREboy (Owner) – Nov 24, 2022
Just to add I could handle being slapped around, beaten, given bruises and cuts and maybe even a broken nose but would like to keep all my teeth.

Do0m3d – Nov 19, 2022
Is very TOXIC…
Wants more….
he love AIDS

krisBAREboy (Owner) – Nov 16, 2022
Life isn’t perfect, but you are.

Enes1964HHtoxic – Nov 16, 2022
Just to add as his Dad that if anyone else would get off on taking kris to a party bound and hooded, make him take any and all loads then beat, degrade, torture and rape him for being a whore that’s an option.

TheSadisticArabMan – Nov 12, 2022
HIS HOLE CAN BE PUSHED. I fisted it a bunch. I rimmed it for hours. I explored it with all types of intensities for days and days.



relativeperformer, 18
Talking about nasty fantasies, mine is to stealth breed my very homophobic and serophobic teenager son. I adopted him with my ex-husband and he has worked so hard ever since to be the straightest jock possible just to spite me. Going camping with him then giving him some substances to make him sleep then having someone filming me while son is senseless but his face is clearly visible on video. Brush his tight unused hole with twigs and rocks till he bleeds copiously then slide in with a single thrust, someone encouraging me to fill my own son up and after breeding him I write on his back “worthless slut”. Lock him in permanent bondage and he becomes a slave for me, for my helper and whoever comes out in the woods that I decide he has to be fucked by. Always on videos spreading around his straight friends while we all beat him everywhere so hard his screaming put *wtf* looks on the faces of deers for miles around.


Lespoir5000 – Nov 17, 2022
I would pay $5000 for his dead feet.

KuriousJoq – Nov 15, 2022
i don’t know if you’re the right person to approach because this might be weird but my gf and i challenge each other. i want to make my gf do lesbian stuff and beat and torture her while she’s doing that. she flipped it on me and said she’d do it IF i do the same to another guy. in fact i’ve asked her so many times, now she’s cut me off unless i do this to a guy.

can you help me out? i’m still a little freaked out about this but the idea of beating and torturing a young guy while his dad rapes him and the whole incest aspect there is kind of motivating me. and it would be helpful if you’re willing to make some private videos as proof to my gf that i did what she demanded. fwiw i’m vaxed.

relativeperformer (Owner) – Nov 9, 2022
Scammers beware, I know you’re here. Get a job.



Longpig18, 18
To be honest I am looking for a man much older (+50y) than me with whom I will be fattened and slaughtered, I have had this wish for years and am now of legal age and am looking for men to do it.


Longpig18 (Owner) – Nov 13, 2022
I appreciate that so much 😩 goals.

gaymalesnuff – Nov 13, 2022
you have perfect body for that

Longpig18 (Owner) – Nov 10, 2022
I absolutely LOVE the idea of being dismembered while alive while on Crystal Meth.

gaymalesnuff – Nov 10, 2022
under the use of Crystal Meth?

Sheepherder – Nov 10, 2022
You pretty much are me apart from the hairstyle lol. I came here for cheap fantasy kicks and now I realize what kind of person I am because I relate to a fucking longpig wtf. I suddenly feel the slightest of feelings which is something that’s normally long gone wtf.

KazehayaSasuke – Nov 9, 2022
i want to take your skin off

Fag2roast – Nov 9, 2022
Fuck the fattening, I want to eat you now, kid! Message me!

needu2grow – Nov 9, 2022
Oh god to stuff you with food, you burping, your tight clothes, popping buttons, ripping from the seams, chugging, inflating you, your weight rising on the scale, your fat jiggling, stretch marks forming… Its all so erotic, a love letter that never ends.



VerySkinnyBoy, 22
Message Me If You Want To Torture Punch My Very Skinny Belly Hard !

The Skinnier My Belly, The Harder You Punch, Punch My belly till you reach my spine, The louder I scream, The Harder You Punch My Skinny Weak Belly Harder !

I just really skinny, even I might look anorexic I’m not, I been this skinny since Young, My Real name is Andre, I had a skinny belly torture fetish since age 11, and had many belly torture sessions as I screamed in pain and love !

My worst belly torture was about over four hours of hard belly punching, I was tied down, gagged and starved for three days before so my belly became more concave before pounding it !

Destroy My Very Skinny Concave Belly laying down with a pillow under my bum to arch my belly to make it more concave, so it will hurt more when torturing it !


Anonymous – Nov 23, 2022



Inactive, 19
This might be a completely pointless exercise XD. But i don’t care. Has any other subs or slaves had near death experiences during sex scenes?

I ask because I overdosed on some drug last week. I had really really weird things happen to me like an out of body experience where my mind felt detached from my body and was floating up to the ceiling. And I was staring at the ceiling the whole time and looking down at my body watching this sadist guy rape and choke me. I don’t want to talk about that in greater detail, as it can bring back horrible flashbacks and even bring on a panic attack.


Whimperingcloud – Nov 19, 2022
My Master choked me out then dumped me in a full Bathtub with weights on top keep me under water. I woke up with my face underwater and didn’t realize I was drowning until 20 seconds after I woke.
My Master tried to suffocate me with my face in a pillow and when I woke up I couldn’t move. The only thing that saved me was he thought I was dead and flipped my body over.
I nearly bled out when I got so mad at my Master I slit my wrist.
I OD’ed on Fentanyl.
Cuncussion, got thrown violently around a room by my Master and hit my head on the corner of a dresser and nearly bled out.
Um… yeah… I’m surprised I’m still with Him…

Peace – Nov 19, 2022
i had one
i tricked with this guy who was a total psycho
that’s for sure
i was getting undressed for the action, and he swung a metal baseball bat full force at my head
i had to throw myself to the ground not to get hit
i would have been killed, i’m sure off that :s
well startin to wonder if this counts as near death
but meh

StabMeInTheHead – Nov 18, 2022
i was almost drowned on purpose by an alpha top guy in his hot tub when we were fucking, he wouldnt let me up but his boyfriend came home, and he had to stop.

asianducktape – Nov 18, 2022
my first near death experience was when
i was involded in a car crash i was givin a man head the car fliped
i was about 10
thye other one was when this man took me to just of the top of
c block – a 3 story building and said he was gonna throw me off if told any1
i was 14
the other 1 was when i OD but that was by
accesden i did that last month in the middle of gettin fisted



barefootslimtied, 19
Hi Everyone,
For about a year I’ve gotten into the bad/good habit of drugging my straight pothead roommate and tying him up for hours at a time and I’m searching for a new friend who would enjoy tying him up with me and hanging out with on a regular basis.

I have a love for the process of tying him up. The longer and more elaborate, repeatable, untied and retied the better. More specifically I love materials that contour and hug his body such a wraps, tape, rope, straps, etc. Mummification is cool too.

I also have a fascination with binding and gagging him thoroughly and with multiple layers to a chair and storing him in a closet. Maybe while I eat lunch, run local errands, or just do house chores.

I’m straight too and ideally hoping to find a gay friend who’d like this kind of fun with bonus extras because I think I’d love to watch that. Maybe needless to say my roommate knows about me doing this to him and has no trauma about it as far as I can tell.

If you’re a golfer, even better and we can tie him up and then take off and get to know each other at the range or on the course. That would be my happy place.


Napoleon – Nov 7, 2022
Porn is the most complicated subject in all of humanity. So many psychological issues both good and bad spring up from it if not taken cautiously.

barefootslimtied (Owner) – Nov 7, 2022
I could use some advice. My pothead roommate watches straight porn all the time. I used to watch a lot of straight porn but I stopped watching it as soon as he and I got into our bondage thing because I would get a feeling like I was almost cheating on him. Now, me and him aren’t emotionally involved at all, but I just hate the fact he watches it. Would it be really wrong if I told him to stop? I probably sound like a really insecure roommate, but it’s just for this and I hate it.

barefootslimtied (Owner) – Nov 1, 2022
At some really rare moments, I think I might be gay, but it’s something so rare that it’s almost a myth.



MassiveBrute, 24
I am looking for anyone who can connect me up with twink ex-porn star Tanner Stark and ideally help facilitate a very violent scene. All I know is he’s currently living either in Phoenix Arizona or somewhere in Canada. I want to severely beat up the little faggot into a complete bloody mess & flog him until every fucking inch of his body is covered in blood & see blood pour out of his holes. Also want to do severe fucking, nipple torture & severe ball torture. I want to break his bones, cut him, stab him, shoot bullets into non-fatal spots on him. For me there would be nothing better then to severely injury him & hearing him scream in the most horrible pain ever would turn me on so fucking much.


texboy – Nov 22, 2022
Tanner Stark doesn’t look like that anymore but I know where he works. Drop me a line on wickr at e20117.

Discrete_Terminator – Nov 19, 2022
You have excellent taste.

voretentacleguy – Nov 18, 2022
Hello! I make images where monsters rape and torture twink porn stars, then kill them and devour them. Would you be interested in creating stories for me?

pozbbsmoke – Nov 16, 2022
I dropped the best $500 of my life on Tanner Stark about six years ago. I spent all night fucking and filling him up. Then in the morning we went out – had breakfast, went on a hike, a long excursion – the whole time knowing my sperm was swimming inside him. It was like a short French art movie.



letsplaydeadinsocks, 19
19 year old male college student really into necro play and having my white socks worshipped. I’ve always liked playing dead and roleplaying it ever since I was little. If u need someone to play dead for u like a ragdoll and to worship his socks, hit me up!


Marq58 – Nov 9, 2022
Once he’s “dead” he likes having his ass fingered till he shits.

toodrunktofunk – Nov 4, 2022
Seems really laconic and not into it at first but you will get him hard in a fucking instant if you are good with verbal and call him a corpse and then pile on the adjectives hehe.



namelessbitch, 19
I am an attractive, early-twenties woman deserving of a real man but somehow hooked up with a pathetic, small-dicked teenaged faggot.

I don’t see my boyfriend as a man; it is an object, a thing, a low-life slave that can’t satisfy me. To be honest, I love and admire someone else – a real man – and I look at my worthless boyfriend with disdain. Sometimes I fuck my bitch with a strap-on, but that’s not enough for either of us; I know it is really a disgusting little faggot that craves hard, ruthless cocks in its holes and loads of cum down its throat. And I love to see that.

I love to watch it get raped extremely rough. I love extreme fucked up threats (more fucked up the hotter!!!). This scrawny little fag needs the Worst of the Worst!!!

I don’t mind if I watch in person or if it’s filmed for Me to watch later, but it needs to be raped properly.

It will be delivered to you hooded, cuffed and in chastity, to be used and abused for a predetermined amount of time. You are encouraged to use it roughly – fuck its holes hard and deep, slap it around, call it names, spit on it, make it swallow your piss and cum, and just generally treat it like the worthless piece of shit that it is – but please please hose it down when you are finished so I don’t get a messy car boot transporting it home afterwards.


* Mercy = “Amber”
How to respond: Assess the situation dynamically (no need to stop what you are doing). Continue activity if desired. Apply a gag if you don’t want to hear it keep bitching.

* Sanctuary = “Red”
How to respond: Stop everything. If it notes danger (difficulty breathing, circulation at bondage points, etc), make adjustments, then continue. If it used the safeword to try to weasel out of being used as the degraded fuckmeat that it is, then punish the slave as deserved and continue to use it even harder.


theruler – Nov 26, 2022
“namelessbitch” has been purchased and retitled with the number 505087 under the following legal framework:
– Employment contract (the remuneration to be paid to theruler so that no money flows)
– General power of attorney as in the case of a guardianship directive
– Written consent to physical and mental abuse and deprivation of liberty of all kinds
– Slave contract with additional content (“Slave Protocol”)
– 100% demolition of previous life (hard cut = social death†)
– Absence of normal bourgeois clothing in any form as a basic condition
– No more contact to previous caregiver (hidden)
– Wallet, keys, ID cards and documents have been handed over to theruler
– All personal belongings including clothing and library have been sold or disposed of
– Current clothing: open crotch, scratchy, thick woolen catsuit with a hood and a down jacket (signal colour) in a shiny look with a hood that covers the buttocks. In addition moon boots without socks, mittens.
– Contracts and accounts (bank, credit cards) are terminated, data deleted, credit transferred to the authorities
– The tax advisor of theruler has taken over the income tax returns
– Email accounts and vanilla social media profiles are deleted, as well as all cloud data

bcozwhynot – Nov 19, 2022
it is a worthless, pathetic fag, lowlife scum, the lowest creature I have seen on Earth 🖤 (I was George Michael’s dealer back in the day.)

namelessbitch (Owner) – Nov 12, 2022
So apparently I’ve been taking too much advantage of living walking distance from a hardcore, with the ability to host, that the traffic in and out of my place of scary looking guys raping the faggot made the neighbors think I was doing something illegal. Cops watched house. They questioned me yesterday with my older brother who’s a well known attorney. And without time to even think about it I had to tell my brother all about it and even show him this account. He thought for a while then explained it to the cops and they closed it out. I ended up have to tell my other brother also. Yeah, that was a lot to reveal.



BeeHive, 19
I’m a trans boy-to-girl (19) I have had a womb implantation in my ass this year and so cumming in my ass could leave me pregnant. I’m not going on the pill so I can be raped. I’m clean with no stds. I’m in the uk and if you want actual location send me a message I’m up for anything even if your poz.


Blackie – Nov 13, 2022
There have been a very small number of uterus transplantations done worldwide ever, and none implanted in a trans woman. Even then the transplant doesn’t put in any ovaries so you don’t ovulate, so you cannot get pregnant without implantation of already fertalised eggs.

If you’re going to write fiction at least try and make it good.



TreadOnMe, 22
Flatten me. Erase my future.

I’m lookin for a no limits sadist trucker or heavy equipment operator who’d like to find out what it’s like to crush a guy to death by running over him with yer rig. The heavier the equipment, and the bigger its tires, the better. I very seriously want to be run over by a massive truck (see the CAT 797F haul trucks used in mines for my ideal) driven by a brutal twisted drug-fueled beastdemon, and feel as my life is slowly crushed out of me under its huge tires. I want to flatten myself under yer truck and I want to die.

I’ve seen photos of guys who’ve been crushed under military tanks, smashed under 50,000 or so pounds of rolling iron, and what was left of them resembled nothing more than a long streak of flattened hamburger. On the morning of July 8, 2008, Kevin Grocutt, a 19-year old diesel mechanic working in Alberta, Canada, died, and in so doing became my greatest hero. Kevin Grocutt was crushed under three-to-five times that weight. I’ve never managed to find any pictures of his corpse, but I imagine that when the tire rolled off of him, he was not much more than a streak of wet crimson pulp mashed against the hard dirt road. The weight wouldn’t have just flattened Kevin, it would’ve fucking obliterated him. It would’ve reduced him to a grease stain, and there was likely just as much of Kevin smeared onto the surface of the tire that had killed him as there was of him splashed across the ground like thick glistening marinara. The deep tread of the tire would’ve been packed with Kevin mush. They’d have had to scrape him from the dirt and shovel him one sloppy scoop at a time into his body bag (imagine a giant ziplock bag full of tomato soup). They’d have had to spray the pulped remains of Kevin clottting the tire’s tread with high pressure hoses to avoid the stink of him rotting in the summer heat. Whatever he looked like, he was very, very dead, his life mashed from him forever.

I want to die like Kevin Grocutt. With every fiber of my being, I want to experience what Kevin felt as he died. I am very serious. I want to be crushed to death under a truck so massive and heavy it literally pancakes me against the road in a single pass.

I want to die filled with joy and bottomless love for you and yer truck for giving me what I’ve craved since I was five years old: I want to be flat and dead; I can’t wait to be flat and dead. I’m gonna be flat and dead forever, and I’m going to love every fucking second of being dead.



krypple, 18
Hey I’m William or Will (what ever you prefer) I’m am a foot fag I will worship any man’s feet tots. Scape dead skin off ur foot cut ur nails with my teeth and eat it etc any toe fluff I will clean ur feet completely if u can drive since due to my medical conditions I can’t.


krypple (Owner) – Nov 11, 2022
I’m from Blackburn, hope you don’t mind my accent (the worst lol).

krypple (Owner) – Nov 9, 2022
Sometimes when I’m depressed I draw myself committing suicide, figured some of you sick fucks will like it.

krypple (Owner) – Nov 6, 2022
I have nerve damage in my spine. My head still works it’s just my body from the chest down and my breathing that are fucked!



idontknowdude, 19
I’m just outta prison. Two guys in prison have put a hit on me. I need a place to hide longterm. I’m straight but the guys in prison sure liked me so I think you will.

I don’t smoke. I never completed my high school, my GPA was 1.5. I have not taken college class. I grew up with my grandma. I’ll accept anything that entails rape.


idontknowdude (Owner) – Nov 20, 2022
I’m not trusting anyone anywhere anymore.
Please ********** and ***** don’t kill me 🙏🏼





Meatbeast, 23
I’m selling this high quality meat for $75,000.
I’ve kept it as my beast for over a year and made it into the animal it now is. But it needs more and I have other fish to fry.
It needs no other life except one of total enslavement, obedience, objectification and pain.
It’s able to withstand intense punishments for long periods. Gut punches, flogging, beaten and degraded fully.
As your slave, it will bring you intense pleasure as you use its body in all ways. As your sex slave, it needs to understand it is just a piece of meat to be enjoyed.
It has been used and brutalised in large groups sessions and has been handled roughly by more than 100 men.
It has become a truly mindless animal.
I would recommend castration, limb shortening, and vocal chord modifications to give it full animal status.
USA relocation only as it has a bad heart so it can’t fly.


Meatbeast (Owner) – Nov 17, 2022
Naturally. He’s also had three heart attacks, and medical records for them can be provided as well.

YourGayestNightmare – Nov 17, 2022
I assume you can provide medical records establishing his “bad heart”.



damnedsoul, 19
I have a cute friend that’s super drug addicted and his brain is fried. He takes really strong drugs like meth, crack, heroin, …… He…….. he doesn’t have a hold on reality anymore. His brain is already fried and he’s only nineteen. He gets raped all the time. I really care about him, and it KILLS me to see him like this. I’m worried he’s going to die and I just can’t go through another death right now…… Watching all your friends die is painful…. well to me at least….. PLEASE HELP!!!!


damnedsoul (Owner) – Nov 15, 2022
I doubt it will work, he is like a small child now his brain is so fried. I’m not sure if that’s bad or not…… *bites nails*

BuildDifferent – Nov 15, 2022
i’m sorry. sit him down and tell him how you feel about it and that what he’s doing is hurting him.

damnedsoul (Owner) – Nov 15, 2022
His brain is ALREADY fried.

Zappy! – Nov 15, 2022
You could try an intervention with his family get him on methadone or something.

damnedsoul (Owner) – Nov 15, 2022
A few days ago he was smoking meth with his “friend” and when they were really high, his friend raped him and stabbed him. Turns out he had collapsed a lung, and the doctors literally said that if it wasn’t for the drugs he was on his heart would have stopped. It was so hard seeing him in the hospital, looking dead already.




p.s. Hey. Alert: I seem to have come down with an ugh head cold so vagueness and lack of volume may ensue. ** _Black_Acrylic, Wow, edgy, man. Very nice. ** Dominik, Hi!!! Cool about the good timing. ‘A pain in the ass’ is one of those saying where it’s, like, … and that’s a bad thing? Since I think you’re into serial killer stuff, you might be interested in this new doc about the Freeway Killer William Bonin. It’s hardly a great doc, but it’s very watchable. It’s called ‘The Freeway Killer: The Lost Murder Tapes’, and you can watch it for free on soap2day if you use that site. I think you’d need to have a pretty fancy car to afford that first edition? Love scape dead skin off ur foot cut ur nails with his teeth and eat it etc any toe fluff he will clean ur feet completely if u can drive since due to his medical conditions he can’t, G. ** AUTUMN GLINT, Hi. Irene Cara meant a lot more to people than I ever imagined she did. I will take your recommendation of ‘Assault’ under advisement. ** David Ehrenstein, Is that Fassbinder script readable anywhere? ** malcolm, Oh, man, from what I remember of them, those dreams are really not fun. And, oh, to have dreams like you do would be unimaginably sweet. Sorry about the b’day mixup. Happy b’day belatedly to mysterious Jack then. So, maybe a stupid question but … why not send out a feeler to this Jack and see if you guys can reconnect? I think it’s only my head cold that makes me think that’s a feasible idea. I’ve thought about trying to write down my dreams in that moment when I wake up and still remember a bit of them, but I’m one of those people who can’t think basically at all upon awakening until I’ve had a cup of coffee. I remember waking up and then just lying in bed all day writing up a storm, but, again, that was before I got addicted to coffee. Enjoy, or I guess I mean enjoy retroactively by now, in other words, pal. ** Gick, Did I? Cool. I really and truly can tell you that there will never be enough people reading my books for them to go mainstream. Happily. Um, here are two copies of ‘ToW’ for $125 and $150. And here are two copies for $150 and $203.99. The cover is a photo by Jack Shear of me in my bedroom standing beside photos of my three heroes of the time: Bresson, Rimbaud, and Robert Piest. I think you have to just get used to the fact that you can’t control how your work is categorised. I used to get pissed off at the ‘gay writer’ or ‘transgressive writer’ tags, but then I realised I have zero control over such things and that it doesn’t matter ultimately. I don’t think people hear those tags as solidly as we writers who’ve been tagged feel them. Or something. It’ll pass. The more work you have in the world, and the more known it becomes, the more your work and you will be treated as individuals. I say that as someone who suffered through years the beginning of being ‘the new Burroughs’ and ‘the gay bad boy’ and shit like that. I used like coke a fair amount. I knew was a dumb drug, but I did really enjoy it back in the 80s. I don’t drugs drugs anymore, but my drug of choice by a mile was hallucinogens, LSD and so on. MDMA was lovely. ** Ian, Right? Even though I don’t do drugs anymore, coke is the only drug where I think if someone offered me a toot, I’d probably take it. Thank you so much for your great words about ‘MLT’. What you say is really wise, and I’m very honored. It was written in response mostly to the media coverage of that wave of high school shootings which I found infuriatingly generalising and disrespectful of teens in general. It was specifically inspired by the confession of one of the shooters, Kip Kinkel. There’s a recording of his confession that I thought was one of the most beautiful and emotionally powerful things I’d heard, and his voice and way of speaking and his inability to speak coherently about what he’d done was a massive influence on the voice I used in the novel. Anyway, thank you so much. How are you today? Are you working on writing? ** Robert, Hi. Enjoy the clarity. My brain is full of haze and phlegm at the moment, so I envy you. A restaurant in LA used to offer this vegan turkey at Thanksgiving time that was false meat packed around a plastic turkey skeleton, and it freaked me out, but it tasted very good. No, I don’t know anything really about Benjamin F. Perkins. I just found that thing in the post in my searching and the accompany caption, and that’s it. But, yes, curious indeed. ** Tea, True, it doesn’t sound like coke would be your metier. All for the best: it’s a dumbass money gobbling thing. ** Christian, Hi, Christian. Welcome! Yes, I have read ‘Novel with Cocaine’. It’s been ages since I did, but I liked it a lot. People used to think Ageyev was a pseudonym for Nabokov, but I think that got disproven. I personally am very intrigued by your idea for a story based on that online support group. It seems packed with potentiality. Are you writing it? I’m generally not interested in bullying and things like that in my stuff. I like creating worlds where everyone has all kinds of problems with each other but they’re pretty repressed and mostly kind of self-indicting more than aggressive. Or filtered through sexual acts that are technically aggressive but are intended as a kind of excessive studiousness. Or something. I have a bad head cold, and my cogency is suffering. Except for in my novel ‘My Loose Thread’. That has considerable bullying in it, now that I think about it. Anyway, what’s going on with you and yours? ** Okay. The slaves are back to remind you that it’s time to pay your rent. See you tomorrow.


  1. Tea

    I don’t do drugs anymore, thankfully. Once I went through the withdrawal shit, I quit for good because fuck doing that again.

    The next story I want to write is about a prostitute. I think it’ll be fun to write him one of these sorts of profiles when I start. This is good inspiration, even though these are the slaves this time around. namelessbitch is a queen!

  2. Tosh Berman

    Dennis, I recently came down with a cold, and it wasn’t a cold, it was Covid. Get yourself tested. My Covid was basically your everyday cold – a little bit of a headache, some body aches, and lots of coughing, and a slight temperature. Nothing dramatic, but it was Covid. I’m now testing negative (after a week and a half) but still have a nagging cough, but still, better than before.

  3. _Black_Acrylic

    As one of those rare people never to have had Covid, all I would say is that you should get yourself tested pronto!

  4. Jack Skelley

    Dennis — I hope you feel better and I’m glad Tosh IS better. See you soonish… more newz later. luv, Jack

  5. malcolm

    womb transplant, that’s hilarious. i’ve reached out to jack a few times over the years. he sends me happy birthday every january. beyond that i don’t hear too much. we had a bit of a fucked up relationship from about 15 – 18 and were both pieces of shit to each other at different times. in the very few conversations we’ve had since the end of our friendship he’s told me he thinks i’m a good person and he cares for me and hopes i’m well but he’s just not ready to have me in his life again. also maybe something to do with his boyfriend not liking me. i don’t know. but we have our whole lives ahead of us so there’s plenty of time left to reconnect and salvage what was good about us.

    i sometimes feel bad for reaching out as much as i do (once every 3 – 4 months). i’m caught between wanting to leave him alone so he can live in peace, and feeling like i owe it to him to let him know that i am a better person now. we were never abusive, not in the slightest, we were just two stupid selfish inconsiderate kids who didn’t know how to treat each other at times. i think the thing i regret most in life is not being patient and there for him in the way he needed me to be when his dad died. i want to make that up to him someday.

    i’m not a person who can easily stop loving someone.

    anyways that’s my sappiness for today. hope the cold goes away quickly. water! vitamins! rest! do you get sick often? see you tomorrow. also – gonna send along the new draft for son of man. probably the version we will shoot. hope you like it

  6. Dominik


    Get well soon! I hope your head cold is dying as you’re reading this!

    BeeHive is so beautiful. Even if she didn’t have a womb implantation in her ass, and cumming in her ass can’t get her pregnant.

    Haha, yes! Whenever I say “a pain in the ass,” I have to add something like “and not the nice kind.”

    Ah, thank you! I’m always on the hunt for non-irritating serial killer documentaries! Thank you, thank you! As far as recently seen movies go, I can only advise you not to watch “My Policeman,” the film in which Harry Styles plays a gay cop, if you were planning to do such a thing or haven’t done it already, because it’s one of the worst, blandest movies I’ve ever seen, Jesus.

    Love knows me inside out. Just what I’ve been looking for, haha. Thank you! Love unable to come up with a sexier description than “I am a high school senior with a defective personality,” Od.

  7. Steve Erickson

    I released my new song “Stochastic Terror” today: I don’t know if its intent as a protest song comes across, or if it’s just a bunch of atonal samples looped over each other.

    There are a lot of respiratory viruses going around. How do you feel now?

  8. Gick

    Oh, I’m so sorry you got a cold. How annoying! I finally got covid a few months ago and one of those worse-than-covid colds a few weeks ago, and the only thing that got me through both was manuka honey; I hope you’re using that, too? My instinct is telling me you basically just need a slave to pour honey in your throat, and you’ll be fine again in no time. Hopefully, this is possible… Just pick one from this list…? Thank you so very much for the links! I can already feel the book burning my hands. I hope you’ll manage to get some rest today. Sending you healing vibes & lots of love. Hugs.

  9. Bill

    Hope your symptoms turn out to be nothing serious, and pass soon…

    If I were announcing I’m a chef as date bait, I’d pick something more impressive than poke, sorry. (And I love good poke.)

    I’m enjoying the Kevin Lambert novel you recommended. He really has that Genet vibe down.


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