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“I’m a radio star, be video.”


bimbofagboy, 18
Slim, shaved smooth with pretty pale skin. Total girly fagboy with wide hips and sexy fem legs. Super femmy demeanor, limp wristed, valley gurl voice. I have worked so hard on my slutty fem look and now I am looking to find that perfect, sadistic master who wants to completely decimate me.

I am a total virgin thanks to my parents insane control. I have had the fantasy for YEARS to be BRUTALLY gangbanged by a group of nasty, total perverts as a virgin and have my complete debasement filmed as a documentary style porn. NO LIMITS, NO SAFEWORD, no mercy, no way out. I want to be slapped, choked, called names, screamed at, humiliated, made to beg and scream and plead for your punishment. I want to be totally defiled, my mind broken, my pretty make up smeared all over my face, covered in cum, my pretty virgin pussy ripped open, gushing semen and blood and TOTALLY DEMOLISHED…

…Then I want to send it to my parents so that they truly know what their “perfect son” really is.


Facingfloor – May 27, 2023
One time I drowned a girl in a bathtub while licking her pussy.

IamJack_ – May 20, 2023
You’re so lana del rey ultraviolence vinyl



RedpillmeSir, 18
looking for extremely horny huge hung Black men 💙❤️🖤
let’s talk about 🏈 or my ass🤭❤️
ideally would like to be hypnotized and raped with no memory after.
would be so hot.


Hi, I was born with extreme genitalia syndrome. My cock: 24,80 cms. You look lonely. I can fix that.

stanlllleeee!!! – May 3, 2023
Kid text me my dick is huge I want to decimate yr gallbladder



Brainlessfuckpig, 19
My name is Jamie, I’m 19 and am taking a gap year to live life before the slow decline into adulthood.
Before I got rescued I was sex trafficked internationally from the age of 10 to 16.
I’m into pain and suffering. CBT, whipping, stomping, cutting, anything that causes pain really.
My hobbies are fishing and playing billiards.


Ballsoff – May 18, 2023
I had a fairly large collection of heavy rubber suits, but the vast majority of it was sold to cover bills.

Brainlessfuckpig (Owner) – May 18, 2023
Possibly yes if you are a violent man dressed in rubber with dark hair and juicy pecs.

Ballsoff – May 17, 2023
Im an experienced doctor and surgeon. I have a castration fetish and i would like to give you a full castration in a medical setup. I am not a bad person and I know what aftercare is needed. I will give you the medicine etc that you’ll eventually need afterwards. If you’re dressed afterwards i offer to take you on as a life long slave. You can accept the offer or reject me afterwards. It’s up to you.

Poweroff – May 12, 2023
Who’s ready for a whole lotta ass



DadsLittleRapeSon, 18
Unfortunately already 18 years old, would love to be much younger😞. Would love to find a man with a real son early teens or younger and role play as him, wearing his clothes and you calling me by his name. You raping your little tender son daily and forcing him to say that he loves it and wants to be dad’s perfect rapeable son❤️. (I’ll add more to this bio, I am very scatterbrained).


MeepMeep – May 19, 2023
I’m a sadist brute but I feel in love with you inside me like deep inside.

Wolfchuck – May 17, 2023
I am tentatively interested but I need to see your feet first. I am very particular about feet so if I don’t respond after you send feet pics please take the hint and do not harass me.

Gopdheavern – May 10, 2023
Hey young gay man: I want to be transform you into a dumb donkey, and treat you as one. Literally. On all fours forever, naked, braying, and doing whatever a donkey does.

xxm01 – May 7, 2023
Silly goose, extrovert and prefers going outside instead of inside the room, likes to wear hoodie.



KODI, 18
Off topic but does ANYONE KNOW what ever happened to KODI from BROKE STRAIGHT BOYS???


KODI (Owner) – May 6, 2023
After I ended posting my question here about him I kept googling and searching about “kodi” and I finally found everything I have always wanted to know (his real name, natal chart what he looks like now.. ) even though I didn’t expect I would find that most people who work on the industry of sex have very low and pitty lives and he isn’t the exception to the rule.

First things first, his real name is Nikolai Kovalevsky was born in Russia the 1st of February 1990 (yesterday he turned 30). He had to endure a very harsh childhold since his mother gave birth to him when she was a youngster of 14 years of age, his drunkard pathetic father died when he was a baby and he had two sibillings. The vast majority of his childhood years he lived, along with his sibillings, with his grandparents due to the fact his mother was arrested every single time for robbery. From time to time he had to steal food. Also, he had to work as a gardener to support his studies, his food and his sibillings. At the age of 12 (2002) he thought he might be able to escape the shithole where he was living when he got adopted by an american affluent whose surname is Wheeler. His fostered father gave him his surname renaming him Nikolai Wheeler. However, he wasn’t adopted by a regular guy he was adopted by a degenerated pedo who raped him and molested him and shared him with other pesos during the span of 3 years. He didn’t press charges on Wheeler once he became an adult because he was paid off by him. To make matters worse, in an interview “Kodi” gave to an online newspaper, in 2013 when police went to imprison Mr. Wheeler, and even after they found tons of pictures of “Kodi” being raped by himself and all kinds of men in his house “Kodi” claimed to still love him and regarded him as his father who gave him the chance to learn English, to live in the States, to leave the nasty place where he was living and to become a great golf player. Probably due to the nefarious life he had to endure, he became addicted to booze. He drank a lot. Back in 2017 while being way too drunk he ran down a man in his car and he escaped the scene to be caught by the feds some hours later. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 years in prison (he is bound to be released in 2036).

Kingdan – May 3, 2023
I did a scene with Kodi towards the end of his porn career. I fucked three loads into him then held him in my arms to keep him calm while the cum leaked from his hole. Maybe you’ve seen it.



Blindfolded-Hetero, 18
handsome and real hetero for using like meat


mistakenidentity (Owner) – May 13, 2023
I find everything interesting.

IntenseControllingSadisticAthleticMaster – May 13, 2023
I fucked him to death then cpr’d him back to life.

mistakenidentity (Owner) – May 9, 2023
This is where my suppression guided me.

mickeythewizard – May 9, 2023
Made him swallow my spit and loogies
Made him swallow snot from my nose
Puked in his mouth and made him swallow it
Stepped on a plate of food and made him eat off my sneakers
Beat him until there were marks all over his body
Fisted his ass until it bled then bred him

Cyclistguy92 – May 5, 2023
Electro slut can survive a Screamlabs X1 and Crank Generator and can Max Out an ET312b

mistakenidentity (Owner) – May 2, 2023
I love what I’m told to love.

Hotforit – May 2, 2023
Loves being tied up, loves being choked, loves heavy impact play, loves hardcore, creampie, belly bulging, gangbang, plays well with other pigs.



MasterJerrycumpdumpboythisweekend, 18
Master Jerry is offering up this hot fresh 18 yo hole for all tops to dump your loads in let’s give this slut 100+ loads!


MasterJerrycumpdumpboythisweekend (Owner) – May 14, 2023
Not necessarily. You only have about a 1 in 70 chance of infecting a bottom. It doubles if you have other sti’s like gono/chlamydia. That is still a small number. The highest percentage chance of giving it is from getting your blood into his bloodstream. If you bring a needle, blood slam yourself then him, your chances of giving him hiv are very high. Like in the mid-90’s percent chance high.

losertom – May 14, 2023
Hi Master Jerry I’ll be there I really want to poz him I have a viral load of over 700000 would that be a guarantee of infection?



Playing4Keeps, 21
I enjoy the idea of being snuffed but I’m not super Into body mutilations like beatings and being sliced up. As well as genital mutilation, it just doesn’t excite me as much.

I mostly just want to be loved and snuffed and not tortured. 🤔🤔🤔 Am I weird for this kinda low key attitude towards death??

I also still have my v card, who wants it?


DBR151 – May 22, 2023
I think I just made him cum for the last time.

Menace2TheParty – May 16, 2023
What about a pool? Drowning is fun for everyone.

DangerFag – May 11, 2023
Nothing weird about not it. I personally don’t enjoy pulverizing the bodies of the guys I snuff into mush, making it hard to even tell that it used to be a person, but I know others love that.

DefyingFaggotry – May 9, 2023
It’s not weird at all. You’re allowed to enjoy your death however you want. For some, that’s being chopped up and torn to shreds. For others it’s a gentle fucking and then being snuffed as they orgasm. It’s all relative, and I guarantee you’ll find someone that shares how you enjoy things.



Girllookingboy, 18
18 still look 14ish looking for ltr with kinky top that needs a girlboy pushy ti wreck and fill on reg.


Girllookingboy (Owner) – May 15, 2023
Have a bf he have no idea that he eats my hole with others loads inside.

Girllookingboy (Owner) – May 13, 2023
I love singing and I just made my first single, it’s on spotify.

Girllookingboy (Owner) – May 12, 2023
For best results choke me like you wanna kill me.

Girllookingboy (Owner) – May 10, 2023
Also want to collect loads to bring back for a top to play in with his fist.



MoneySlut, 18
When you look at me, what do you see?

A small, slightly built and somewhat cute boy. Not a powerful, muscled boy with tattoos, piercings and a body built for real punishment. But something that looks as if it would snap in half if used too hard. A delicate little pussy. But just think of what you could do with me if I became yours.

I have been made use of by a Master who enjoyed keeping me as a featureless doll though the use of a rubber hood. He would become almost feral and maul me like a wild beast. My cock, balls and nipples have been tortured. My boy cunt has been stretched and dug into. Only when he had me wretching and gasping and squalling would he stop. But only for a while.

I’m bored out of my mind. Pay me enough and ill do anything.. If you’d like to see pictures of what my ass looks like when the cheeks are spread wide then we can go from there. You can take it slow or you can shove half your hand up my hole at the start of our first hang. Whatever. Just looking for a cure to my boredom and more money in my pocket.

Now, when you look at me , what do you see?


DexterChia – May 24, 2023
He hugs firefighter boots to sleep.

MoneySlut (Owner) – May 18, 2023
Very messy atm.

xlfuckernomercy – May 17, 2023
Going back to the beginning literally put a hood on him and ball gag or whatever you have… ugh the sight of him of not being able to move or see or talk or hear while having stuff shoved up his ass is unmatched

MoneySlut (Owner) – May 8, 2023
Kick me in the face with your boots if you look like a Tom Of Finland art. Put out your cigarettes on me if you let me take a drag first.

Keepemlocked – May 1, 2023
people that know him say he is a fag slut . hahahaha I would say he is open minded.



Smooth_total_bottom_now, 19
Kanye dressed me up like a doll

I’m not sure if I’m looking for something ongoing or if I’m just looking to get used extremely hard then kicked out but I’m sure someone here will help me figure it out


Smooth_total_bottom_now (Owner) – May 25, 2023
Okay I figured it out, I would love to be tied up by a guy who alternates between shoving a dildo up my ass and licking my pussy all day everyday with no stopping for the rest of your life. Only message me if you are not afraid.

uuuuuu5 – May 18, 2023
Be you, you don’t like cunt take them anyway, ass-fuck them

roughrapist – May 18, 2023
He’s a girl or what do you call it, ftm. When he told me, I was pissed because I’m normally repulsed by sex with women, but he’s so cute I ate his pussy until my stomach was like an aquarium.



TheRain, 18
I am an autistic boy, butt and mouth never been used.

I don’t really know how to break the ice with a man, so I thought I’d ask you some questions, maybe it will help us get to know each other better..

1. What do you prefer in bed, oral or anal?

3. How long do you usually fuck in the ass?

3. If anal starts to hurt, what do you suggest we do, take a break and then do anal again, do we stop and finish you with my mouth or do we continue until the hole widens?


topblkmale – May 12, 2023
I’ll pass. If your ass is that tight there is NO WAY its clean at the depth that I go.

TheRain (Owner) – May 9, 2023
When I was 12 years old a man in my neighbourhood paid me to not change my underwear for a week and give them to him. Does that count as being used?



slickedbackboy, 19
Trichophiliac boy have an immense fetish for men with heavily gelled and combed slicked back hair.



BoyMeatSack4Sadist, 23
MASOCHISTIC Sub Boy for Brutal, Twisted, Sadistic, Nasty, Sick Sadist — call me MEAT

Meat is not looking for a MASTER —— Meat is looking for a SADIST to hurt me emotionally and physically. I don’t care what’s done to me or how bad gets for the rest of my life till the day I die.

Examples can include extreme breath control, extreme forced intoxication, extreme bugchasing, extreme starvation, extreme torture – this No LIMITS MASOCHISTIC Boy Meat Sack is up for anything dangerous and damaging.

Take me to the darkest depths of depravity.

If outside the State of Texas a Major Airport shuttle lot will be used for protocols and pick up.


BoyMeatSack4Sadist (Owner) – May 13, 2023
Rape, murder, it’s just a text away (so send one)

piggyguy – May 12, 2023
any idea if its possible to fist a guy, double fist, make a prolapse, a long one, and cut it, attach and disembowel him through ass, if the hole stretched enough, empty his insides without trace outside, maybe fist him till the shoulder and pull everything out?

Stomper – May 11, 2023
In case it’s relevant, know that during a rape murder, especially with extreme fright, and strangling, the sphincter muscles may lock tightly around the murderer’s penis and may not release for a while. This condition is known aa “penis captivis”. To avoid this strangling should theoretically begin after the male penis enters the anus. This tightening takes place sometimes during the “death throes”. Eventually, after death, complete relaxation of the muscles will commence.

BoyMeatSack4Sadist (Owner) – May 11, 2023
My dream is to fly to a Master that picks me up at the airport, strips my clothes and kills me slowly for a week in his holiday house



antifragile, 18
I’m 18 years old I’m a straight guy but I need some help to treat women with respect I drinks a lot socially and have lots of one night stands and generally treat women like rubbish I’m getting adult and want to settle down and marry and start a family but the path I’m on is never going to allow me to do this so I’m seeking help from a dominant strict man to mould me into the perfect gentleman I need help with everything from how to speak to people and how to act in public with a woman I’m very willing to learn and would appreciate all the help on offer in return I’m willing to do whatever it takes I know this opportunity isn’t going to attract much interest but I’m out of options so thought I’d try this because I do not want a situation where in 20 years from now the only thing I would have achieved is a loose butt hole.


GinandTonic – May 20, 2023
Relax, darling.



NoLimitsKidnapee, 19
I’m in a relationship with a guy my age but I would leave him in a second if I was on a descent into the depths of eternal sodomy for the worship and pleasure of becoming a fountain of pure sexual energy with no real existence beyond taking loads from anyone or anything for the world to see. HAIL SATAN THE GLORY IS INSIDE THE CUM WHORE.


SlutMaker – May 8, 2023
I think that this opportunity should not be missed.

PitofDespair – May 6, 2023
If you can wait until July the build start of the Pit of Despair Version 6 was delayed due to moving and some medical issues, but on start now to start in July.



Classicguymove, 22
I’m having trouble with my bf and I need a rough top or two or three to help I’ll pay

He is a worthless pathetic disgusting faggot piece of shit, filthy scum, the lowest creature on the planet

Ghb and poppers so he’s helpless and drugged up would be good but they’re not mandatory (though someone to fry his brain would be hot)


Classicguymove (Owner) – May 16, 2023
At the moment I’m mixed up and full of self loathing and guilt. I’m full of despair. So so unhappy

Classicguymove (Owner) – May 11, 2023
I have a fantasy that he gets kidnapped by the Cartel and sent to a Cartel fortress. He’d be naked bound helpless outside day and night to be raped and forced to service large male animals. And all the time the Cartel would be keeping him smoking white rocks. Or maybe forcing him to take blotter papers with dots of hallucinated drugs to keep him so high twenty-four hours a day. In Mexico many could come by day or night and gang rape him in both holes and force him to suck and swallow everyone’s cum and piss and he would not know if it was day or night

Classicguymove (Owner) – May 11, 2023
I’m in a position where my bf can disappear right away and there won’t be any questions as to where he’s gone



DiscoverMe, 22
Hey people.

My name is Luck and I’m attracted to women so much and to point that I’m even attracted to myself as a pseudo woman.

What awaits you is a young, naturally blonde and horny boy who needs to be put in makeup and lingerie and fucked. I’m hairless, I only leave my light blonde pubic hair so you can see for sure that I’m naturally blonde.

I’m physically attracted to women and not men but I have an obsession with getting fucked and can never stop thinking about getting fucked.


Anonymous – May 19, 2023
Join the convoy and you’ll understand why people love the beach 🏝️.



Youth, 18
If you want sex tell me you not want sex.



hurtmehorribly, 22
I’ve been owned for the last two years by my mistress/girlfriend. She has offered me a ten year contract when my current contract expires on 18 June 23. She wants me to look around to be sure first and knows that whilst I’ve always thought of myself as straight I have found when with a strong dominant man it is like catnip if he is cruel and violent and sadistic in a way a mistress never can be. I have also found the humiliation a master can inflict is deeper and more destructive. So with her permission I am here to see.

Full disclosure I am not allowed to meet before my contract ends and am only looking for a master who would want me living with him full time. I am also not allowed to show nude pics without her permission (sorry sir).

My name is Ben.


hurtmehorribly (Owner) – May 19, 2023
God, I love being handcuffed.

joseph – May 8, 2023
If you don’t watch Game of Thrones you won’t be interested in a word he says.



Dontdothatwithme, 18
I’m a radio star, be video.



Likemehateme, 19
hellouu , i am a goth emo trapped in a young body , unfortunately , and sooo , eat mcdonals and sooo , smoke from time to time , cut myself from time to time , somehow broken and dead , patched together ,

Currently still living with my violent alleged producers, own little or almost nothing, ( and sooo, yes, particularly bad, since birth, missed everything and wasted all the time)

I’m not someone who openly says now give me , oh yes and something else I can think of > anal stuff/games might be possible at some point (or forced on something? let’s see ) , my buttocks fears and everything is a problem, which is why anal is (regardless of whether it’s forced with bondage and everything) only with people who are more than 100% determined , also because of dirtiness and or accidents and knowing that everything can happen, or in the hectic brutal heat of the battle of (¾) desecration , 🪢

endless , many , ideas , fantasy s , hard and extreme , and so on and so on and so on , (you can force ,/, bondage and make no fear scary), but since it is in this world ee nothing will be, and urgently need my broken style / crash child style and sooo continue life 🎮🏳️‍⚧️🐾🐺, and maybe you will also experience sad sexual scenarios, or something like that, , , , , maybe get me high in the extreme and everything


Grandpa73 – May 20, 2023
Looking for a grandson. I like grandsons who need grandpas cock hard or soft. I like to know a boys story. Usually a boy arrives, strips, then kneels. If any of this appeals let me know. Great fat belly here, short gray beard. I do like a boy with a foreskin but not a deal breaker. I like all grandsons of all types. I do have a particular fondness for very weird grandsons like you. Soft girly ass is good, small balls too. There is a beauty hidden inside you that can ONLY be expressed in terms of grandson. Stop hiding from yourself. Maybe more on this later.



roughnviolent, 18
im a virgin for starters, and im 18 too. i hope that doesnt mean youll treat me like a virgin though, i hope youll decide to forcefuck my ass until its unrecogniseable and rape my throat until i talk like an 80 yo cigarette smoker :p also if youre going to message me dont be a bore and start off with something interesting. i dont mind doing it outside if you dont. i don’t show nude first but apart from that i do. btw you’d never know it from my looks but im interested in death if you got it if you can’t tell


Anonymous – May 14, 2023
He was Edrian Naydenov, 17 from Bulgaria. Jumped from 8th floor yesterday. He was autopsied and bathed naked on morgue table. Will go into the ground tomorrow, May 27, to become a smelly corpse and melt.

Peytonfucksyouhard – April 19, 2023
He enjoys being pissed on then tied to trees and have pictures taken and trashed, spanked/ slapped and face fucked until he gags and pukes then is forced to lick it up enthusiastically.

roughnviolent (Owner) – April 11 27, 2023
im awaiting diagnosis for ADHD and autism spectrum disorder so if you have an issue with this then you are not the right person for me



JamesJoycey, 18
I’m looking for a man to invite me to the cinema.


JamesJoycey (Owner) – May 10, 2023
When I call myself JamesJoycey, I mean it.

JamesJoycey (Owner) – May 7, 2023
I absolutely respect you all however love is not being fucked until you can’t walk.



Letstalkbaby, 19
Hey guys 🥰 Suck my ass for all I care 🖕 I’m nasty 😉


Inchargeofyou – May 26, 2023
I have sequestered drugged tied up gagged raped beat etc him recorded it etc. and once I’ve had my fill I will be exhibiting him.

Inchargeofyou – May 16, 2023
If you were to spend every waking hour screaming and crying that would be fine by me. What makes me think you can handle this kind of abuse? You can’t. No one can handle what I’m gonna do to you.

Inchargeofyou – May 14, 2023
Unworthy son of a fucking you whore will definitely bow to this master not for any reason but because I said SO!!!




p.s. Hey. ** Tea, Hi. Go on a weekday, if you go. Ah, okay, Troy, gotcha. There are far worse things than air headed and pretty, as I don’t need to tell you. And today’s post alone shows they’re ultra-fit for violent fantasies, ha ha. ** Dominik, Hi!!! Me too, re: words, no surprise. Yeah, I mean Prater will alway be there, no rush. The first day of editing was exciting. We managed to edit the first 11 minutes in a solid/rough form, and it looks so great. Today Puce Mary, who’s making all the haunted house sounds/ noises/ music is coming by to look at footage and confer about what to do sonically. I do love the editing part the best. The shooting is really fantastic because you’re working with the performers and DP and lighting people and actually constructing the thing, but the editing is the best, for sure. Same as with writing, for me at least, yes. If you see this before heading off, I hope everything goes really splendidly and do thoroughly enjoy vibing on your new context! Love turning the sun over Vienna into a roving spotlight, G. ** Misanthrope, Whew on the kindly kidney front. Right, I need to turn on the Roland Garros feed. A tennis-obsessed friend thinks I’m going to start rooting for Alcaraz, and I’m interested to find out. I love ‘bad’ singers. I’d rather watch a live feed of a karaoke night than thirty seconds of ‘American Idol’. Hope your day follows suit. ** David Ehrenstein, That link didn’t work but ‘The Nervous Set’ is a nice title. ** Jack Skelley, Jackfruit nachos: editing started off very happily. I aways try to nix the obvious artists in my posts if I can possibly do so. I’ll look up Kathrine Kesey. Yeah, the first round of process talk was really fun and interesting. I think we must pursue that especially since there are members who haven’t shared a peep yet. Very good interview! I read it yesterday! Everyone, Cool world literary legend Jack Skelley was interviewed about the imminent (re)publication of his equally legendary novel ‘Fear of Kathy Acker’ @ Hobart, and it’s a fine, chewy interview so do read the thing. Here. Your blog spewing cohort, Dennis. ** A, Hi. Oh, no sweat, great, whatever’s best. I’m not behind James Nulick’s request, no, so the town, or, rather, the nation, must indeed be chattering. ** Bill, Yes, how do yours stack up? Oh, okay, on the Whit. Every place that doesn’t sell food or cigarettes did seem to be closed, so it was some kind of biggish deal. I, of course, find the descriptor ‘multi-page paragraphs’ a kind of a siren’s call, so I will look into ‘Checkout 19’. Thanks. ** Sypha, Dilbert was on my blog?! I barely know what Dilbert is, though. That Shakespeare book’s existence does trigger my ultra-nerdiest side. Yes, and Ange gives the most opposite kind of performance in ‘RT’ vis-a-vis the one he gave in Michael’s film humanly possible. Very versatile lad. ** Nick., Hi. Thank you. French snacks lack the horrifying quality of American snacks, but I’ve grown fond of them. Placated can be a useful state. Objectivity has many virtues. Well, subjectivity too. So you can’t lose? I watched the first two episodes of ‘Succession’ when I was in LA because most of the cast members of our film were obsessed with it, but that’s all. Seemed solid. Anyway, I like the cut of your day. It gave you a nice writing tone. My room? It’s kind of this room that’s more like a hallway between the living room and the bedroom. Lots of windows, lots of light. Nothing much in it except for my desk and four house plants, one currently with flowers. On my desk are this laptop, some books I’m reading, my cigarette pack, a bendy lamp, a photo by the artist Frances Stark of her and the artist Charles Ray, and a drawing by the artist OB DeAlessi of a young girl strangling a little boy. It works. Tell me about today’s virtues or lack thereof. ** _Black_Acrylic, Oh, yes, we performed ‘Kindertotenlieder’ @ Tramway, and when I was in Glasgow for the ‘PGL’ screening, Zac and I tromped over to it to see some show I can’t remember. Nice joint. That HK sculpture does look pretty fucking impressive. ** Steve Erickson, In my memory, 1972 is when the Dead took the nosedive. But, yes, it could’ve been earlier. I think basically when Pigpen died, that was the end. Editing’s first day was super exciting. We’ve got the first 11 minutes in initial shape. All I had hoped for so far. Agreed about Godard/text, and, yes, that Snow is wonderful. ** Darbz 🦕, Nice dino. Very, very interesting about pigeons, thank you so much. Yes, they seem insanely attentive. As I may have mentioned, there’s this pigeon couple who live just outside my window and have their babies there so I see them a lot, and I find them very impressive. That pigeon taster from your book is most promising. Ooh. Sad about the age gap person, but, yeah, there’s a lot of social pressure to deal with on that one. You’ll be fine, trust me. Pigeon ping pong: whoa! I’m going to use in some blog post. Thank you, pal. Bring June on! Wait, it starts tomorrow! Score! ** Right. End of the month, slaves, the usual drill. Make the best of them. See you tomorrow.


  1. Steve Erickson

    I’m up very early because I had a panic attack at 6 AM, 90 minutes ago. Thank you, misfiring fight-or-flight response!

    11 minutes completed in one day is great. Do you think you can go through the entire film that quickly?

    Is bug chasing still a thing? Masterjerrycumdump’s comments suggest yes.

  2. _Black_Acrylic

    Poor KODI’s life winds up being a Shakespearean tragedy.

    Speaking of which, Mum was round today to watch the final ever episode of Succession. We were saying, there is no way to follow that up now. It seems that its writer Jesse Armstrong is now king of the world. Maybe I’ll just need to rent more DVDs?

  3. Misanthrope

    Dennis, Thanks. I’m looking forward to making good days. I always do. I just need some good sleep and then I’m all right.

    Hmm, Alcaraz. He’s a wonderful player, but the Wineses can’t stand watching him. He pumps his fist after every point he wins, even when his opponent makes a simple unforced error. And he yells a lot after big points when he wins and he has this huge mouth that looks like you could fit 30 dicks in. But he’s kinda the heir to Nadal, being Spanish himself. He has a lot of the same mannerisms and such.

    We tend to root for the Americans, but we really like Holger Rune from Denmark. He’s a guy who I could see being on one of these posts, hahaha. Twink tennis. 😉 Thing is, he can be quite a dick on court himself. But he’s hella cute. You can almost see his young self (he’s 20) fighting with his wants-to-be-older self.

    Anyway, yes, check it out and tell me who you get into if you do get into any of the players. Lots of fine players these days and lots of great matches.

    Oh, and Taylor Fritz, the number one American, is pretty cute too. 😀

  4. Nick.

    Hi! I feel like your right and I might not be used to such a level of like meh almost surrounding this kind of thing for me it’s interesting he’s insanely cute to me in the hes sorta fucked up but like way better than all the other fucked up people swirling around me most of time. And it’s the details I noticed but see I like barley care about it it’s wild like he has a beard but somehow parts of it are ginger which when I noticed it quite literally I think might have made my knees buckle but I didn’t totally like pass out. Also I’m glad you said that about French and American snacks pretty revealing. Also your room sounds great thanks for sharing. Monday was fine watched almost famous which I was halfway convinced mid way through was a beautiful coming of age love story but ended up really emotionally stunted and sorta rapey which I didn’t enjoy. I might pop back later in the day with something more coherent wish you well!

  5. Bill

    I have to approve of radio star, of course. And the trombonist. I’m surprised people would actually know that Buggles reference. Maybe that’s why he didn’t get any responses, hmm.

    Hope you enjoy Bennett’s multi-page paragraphs, Dennis. Good to hear you had access to food and cigarettes yesterday, and the editing is off to a flying start.


  6. Mark

    826 was created by Dave Eggers. My service there might be admirable – or just my way of making up for all the fucked up shit I’ve done – hahaha! It’s an awesome place.

    In the Realm is really good, I agree about the animations. They used a pretty light touch that didn’t seem to wildly exaggerate Darger’s art work.

    I’ve been looking at Gone. Not to set you off, but boy, Fales really did a number on the scrapbook. In an odd way the excisions (which appear to have been done by a three-year-old run amok and not a professional paper conservator in an archive) have created a new kind of artifact. Now the scrapbook has the aesthetic of a botched crime scene.

  7. jack_henry

    Here’s that article about Nikolai Wheeler (KODI) referenced in the post:
    “I love my dad, and I miss him very much. I wish I could call him,” he said. “It would just be nice for me and my dad to go play 18 holes of golf together and get away from all this crap and enjoy some father-son time.”

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