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“I only host due to having really bad agoraphobia. Plus I have exposed myself on a few very dodgy dark web sites, better if I stay home.”


dungeonboy18, 18
I am Freddie.. looking to meet very dom total top men into keeping boys captive dungeon/cell type situation

Into toys, anal, bdsm, breeding, sounding, fisting, prolapse, drugs, hypno, abduction, feminization, going trans, taking hormones, plastic surgery, taboo and more

Currently living with a homophobic and transphobic family so looking to run away late night

Pics are me….just added to the kinda situation I hope to find


dungeonboy18 (Owner) – Jan 22, 2023
I prefer someone who is in their 20s-early 30s and very good looking. I know that’s selfish, but if you make me suffer as badly as I am hoping for, at least I can have something nice to look at.



DarrenRyan, 24
We are Ryan (total dominant) and Darren (total submissive) and are looking for a second dominant who would be able to help Ryan take charge of Darren.

Darren is in prison right now, so Ryan is looking to set things up now for when Darren is released in a few months. However if you wanted to see Darren now I can arrange a short prison visit.

If you’re a sadistic ballbuster, you will get top priority. Ryan really needs someone to destroy Darren’s set.

Ryan – The one managing this account
31, 6’3”, 375lbs, 9”, hairy, long brown hair and brown eyes. Into heavy sexual use, degradation, and physical cruelty.

Darren – The one in prison
24, 6.1’, 165lbs, long brown/red hair, blue eyes. Violent, stupid, and self-destructive.


DarrenRyan (Owner) – Jan 13, 2023
Ryan doesn’t want anything too personal. His perfect co-dominant is someone who abuses Darren horribly and doesn’t care.



Ineedoldman, 21
21yo, Sub Bottom, Brazilian. I am looking for partners to go on heavy trips. I spend most of my time in the Mogotti forest at the Ibis hotel on Határ street. I am attracted to sadistic older men over 50. If you have space, that’s fine too, but I like nature, I’ll be in my own clothes until I get somewhere, but I like to go to the forest and put on eye shadow, lipstick and a black jock strap to feel like a zombie in the forest. All forms of humiliation, sex and pain are great also I love exciting perverts. I bite you.


hngfuck – Jan 16, 2023
rim fuck rim fuck cum rim from min 0

TurkishBro – Jan 8, 2023
Awesome if you love beating the shit out of pale boys with daddy issues.



4uncledadorgrandpa, 20
Pronouns it/its.

It doesn’t want “sane”.

If you’ve got a cock, that’s all it cares about.

It does not need or ask money, all it needs and asks is your sperm.

Your orgasm is important for the both of us!!

It would love to cuddle, kiss, make out in public with a dad or grandpa.

It is prepared to make a greater journey for Alpha Muslims, it accepts that Muslims have to trim pubic hair.

It speaks Dutch and understands English and German, it does not understand Arabic but the sound makes it leak.

It really wants this to work.


4uncledadorgrandpa (Owner) – Jan 19, 2023
It likes it very rough and you can very well see on its Twitter/OnlyFans BUT IT DOESN’T WANT TO BE FUCKING KILLED THANKS.

Allthewayin – Jan 19, 2023
It is possible to drug somebody with percocets, but you will destroy their liver and nobody will consume mashed up percocets.
Do NOT use “street percocets” which are likely to contain Fentenyl.
Only legitimate prescription pills.
You need a container with a screw top holding 8-12 ounces.
Take ten 10/324 percocets and crush them into powder with a mortar and pestile.
Heat water to be very hot but NOT boiling. 150-160 degreee F will do.
Put the crushed percocets in the shake jar with 5 ounces of very warm water. Shake, shake shake.
Now get four coffee filters, wet them and put them in a funnel.
Fill the funnel with crushed ice.
Pour in the warm water and percocets over the ice.
Pure colorless opiate solution will drip out below.
Mix with a teaspoon of orange juice concentrate and an ounce of vodka.
Be aware unconsciousness will occur but you might stop him from breathing.

HYPNOEYE – Jan 19, 2023
Love to drug you put my hands round your throat… Love to knock you out strangle you and rampage that arse.



unfriendme, 18
Seriously considering torturing and killing my boyfriend’s evil bff. Any requests?

This announcement is very serious and I will even accept arrest and life imprisonment.


ratqweeeeen – Jan 9, 2023
That thing where u cut down the spine and pull both flaps of skin on the back to make it look like wings?

PowerBrawler – Jan 9, 2023
Macaroni art with his intestines?

TheManFromMemphis – Jan 9, 2023
shatter his bones with a sledgehammer

that-pointless-life – Jan 9, 2023
I want him to overdose! Maybe on the ground or something lol, like vomiting maybe, and and stab him everytime he pukes.

TheNick – Jan 9, 2023
Slice those arms and legs right off him <3

crusty__1 – Jan 9, 2023
tie him down and carve out his eyes

anonymous1357924681 – Jan 8, 2023
starve him and beat him up, break his ribs and ankles, brand him, drown him while you’re fucking him

GodOfSaudade – Jan 8, 2023
I bet his eyes are so pretty, maybe sign your name onto his eyeballs with a sharp thing~

twinkswithcuts – Jan 8, 2023
Make him cut his wrists all the way down to bone pretty please<3






Shagmonkey – Jan 18, 2023
I always loved your porns. Is there any chance I could get you to non-consensual rape my freeloading roommate?


im14shhhhhhh – Jan 15, 2023
never had sex but i would with you. i would most likely bottom. i won’t tell if you won’t.


MasterSoggy – Jan 14, 2023
I want you to be a diaper dependent baby 24/7. No rights. No freedom. No respect. No adulting. When you’re cumming you must get permission. You can then hump your diaper or a stuffed animal like a dumb little idiot.



DoYouEvenCare, 19
I’m looking for someone who would be willing to keep me tied up permanently for the rest of my life. Bound hand and foot, roped up and gagged constantly, kept as a helpless prisoner and never released, my gag only removed to feed me twice a day, only moved around/re-tied in different positions to stop cramps.

There is one aspect I insist upon, and that is my clothes. I must be kept in a uniform of a gray long-sleeved shirt, black hoodie, exactly as in my profile picture, Levi Jeans and blue/white Nike sneakers. I can provide the uniforms required for this. This is non negotiable.

I just want to meet a guy who will move me into his house and keep me there tied up on a permanent basis. I’m happy to be left alone in my bondage and only seen when necessary, for feeding and/or other necessary maintenance. A diaper can be kept under my clothes so I don’t need toilet trips, changed once or twice a week to minimise your effort.

I don’t do master and slave stuff. Being kept in bondage 24/7/365 will be punishment and pain enough. And I don’t want to be kept as a sex slave, obviously from time to time you might want to use me for pleasure but I don’t want to be fucked constantly or rented out for gang rapes or whatever.


SonOfNobody – Jan 20, 2023
I really don’t think you’ve thought this through.



AllanVasquez, 18
50 yo German top looking to trade my 18 yo Chilean boyfriend for an equivalent. He’s a hot bottom, it’s just an overfamiliarity problem.


AmazingDude001 – Jan 17, 2023
I’ll trade. This is mine. Name’s Wentworth, 20. Won’t have sex but he’s handy to have around.

AllanVasquez (Owner) – Jan 3, 2023
I’m looking for straight or bisexual boys only. Guys with gay boyfriends don’t write if possible, I’ll find out that something is wrong anyway.



young4sadistsover50, 18

Im tiny (4’9″) Mexican. I have 0 limits! Im very extreme! I will give my phone number right away to you! You are more than welcome to just pick me up and take me anywhere you want forever! I want my life to be miserable!!

If you are serious about kidnapping me I will give you my address immediately!!


AlanTheGreat – Jan 21, 2023
Hey, I want to show you something.

repacker – Jan 17, 2023
What I like about this boy is he’ll do stuff that most pigs won’t normally do. Like he lets me stretch his pint-sized ass out until it’s gaping, use a speculum to hold it open. I put my rim seat up on blocks, get him under it and put his ass up to the opening. That way you can put my full weight on the seat and our holes will be connected. I sit on his ass, hole to hole and shit a turd into his gaping hole while I piss down into his open mouth. After I’m done shitting I plug his hole and let the turd it cook inside him for a while. I’ve kept my shit in him overnight before.

daddyissues – Jan 13, 2023
is it ok if i say that i dont find what the man before me wrote disturbing? instead i feel full of joy. i dont have any friends. will everyone present here accept me the way i am? pwetty please?

Bigggiee – Jan 13, 2023
Hiya! Do you know that Mexican drug cartels routinely murder, torture and rape boys, cut them up and dissolve them in acid? The 55 gallon drums are heated over fires and the dismembered parts stirred over 24 hours. The resultant “stew” is transported in the barrels, dumped, and the barrels scrubbed for re-use.



1amfred, 20
The young man pictured died of a drug overdose in Odessa, Texas. I am the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on him. I will talk privately about anything to do with the autopsy, but won’t share photos until I am comfortable with you. The same goes for video, I won’t send video until I am comfortable.

Note found with the body: “l am no evil and l wont say that all those who l’ve met and had hurt me were evil… Those who took advantage of me and all…who knows ? they probably were in a real need. They probably felt love and connection in belongingness like l did. l would never have hurt you, l never think that you would hurt me and never thought you would think l would hurt you.”


Smile088 – Jan 15, 2023
Seeing his corpse after seeing that photo was such a cool experience, thank you.

AndyParker – Jan 11, 2023
Actually, it is easy for a civilian to witness an autopsy in the United States.

In fact, sometimes the autopsy room looks like Grand Central Station with visitors.

Write a letter to the local Chief Medical examiner stating you would like to view an autopsy. Tell him you are planning to take an EMT course, and believe it would be helpful.


In a few weeks you will get a letter back giving you a time and date.

Dress conservatively, no shorts or flashy clothes. Shirt and tie works well.

Whether you will see males or females depends on the day.

No pictures and you won’t get to touch the bodies.

Kill&Chill – Jan 11, 2023
Need a friend working in the morgue. Always wanted to give myself a handjob with a corpse’s hand.



NeedAttention, 18
I had an account yesterday but got a little scared off by someone being weird and psychotic but I’m back (hopefully without the hassle).

I want to experience something New. That I couldn’t, so I will try anything. Something extreme. I’d like there to be whips. And a loaded gun. And knives.

I only host due to having really bad agoraphobia. Plus I have exposed myself on a few very dodgy dark web sites, better if I stay home.

I also have a kink for getting spoiled, so I also need a sugar daddy.


NormCore – Jan 20, 2023
He needs to drink a lot of whiskey to become who he fantasises he is.

amarth442 – Jan 11, 2023
I once saw a video of a guy sliding a gun in and out a young guy’s ass until he eventually fired maybe 5 or 6 times. The young guy moans through his death so I guess it was a win win.

ArrowMan – Jan 11, 2023
Maybe he’d like it more if they shot his cock and balls up first, so that the barrel’s nice and hot when it gets pressed against his rectum.

NeedAttention (Owners) – Jan 11, 2023
Jesus, there you go again. What is with you fucking people!

Halford – Jan 11, 2023
Idk why but since he brought up guns I really love the idea of someone shoving a shotgun up his ass and firing…

metalmachine – Jan 11, 2023
Damn! Eighteen years old! Smooth and slim! Who wouldn’t want to fuck him up? I just want to eat him. All of him. He gets my juices flowing. Would love to sink my teeth into him. Just chew and chew. His whole fucking body, from nose to toes. Biting off pieces. Slurping his blood. I could be very sadistic, keeping him alive for weeks, biting and slurping. Chewing his dick. His nuts. Ears. Tits. He would feel pain. He would feel pleasure. Then, as he nears death, I’ll slice open his belly, and chew his guts. I want his blood flowing.



yikes, 18
Hey dads!

I’m Jean-Baptiste 👀 My last daddy passed away from COVID and I’m looking for a new daddy so I can matter again 😇 I need a strong father figure in life, a dominant and controlling and very horny daddy. it goes without saying that I’m very much 100,000,000% bottom 🤤 I still live with my mom who is supportive of my sluttiness! I’m kind of a mommy’s boy 😅


yikes (Owner) – Jan 13, 2023
Extremely no.

hereforawhile – Jan 13, 2023
I’m a surgeon daddy who would love to make you a post op trans girl with little tits and a vagina. Are you interested?

yikes (Owner) – Jan 9, 2023
I own an 48”, and an inflatable dildo. Stainless steel, medium doc Johnson, and a butt plug the size of the Hulk’s fist.

yikes (Owner) – Jan 7, 2023
I’m looking for daddys that have a lot more meat downstairs than the average guy but if your gunna use toys then the giant soft ones are best.



goodcopforbadman, 20
Strait laced young police officer looking to be made into an anorexic heavy smoker and alcoholic.

Tomorrow I drive through Germany to Amsterdam and could make stops on the way.


goodcopforbadman (Owner) – Jan 9, 2023
If fuck me I will most likely moron like a girl.

goodcopforbadman (Owner) – Jan 2, 2023
The one how made a decision to message me it will be one of the wise decisions that they could ever make



Letitdrip, 18
Young faggot looking to have his balls and dick taken by a sadist. I can accommodate and have the supplies. I believe a true slave should have no need for genitals ✂️

I’ve done my research and I know the side effects and etc. You must be able to do this soon, within a few days at the most. I’m willing to consider someone with no experience as long as you have great enthusiasm when you do it.


groveport – Jan 12, 2023
i’ll do it and enthusiastically shove my cock in the hole.

RawWerewolf – Jan 12, 2023
Guys, I am wondering, I think removing a boy’s penis and balls should only be done if medically necessary, not for sexual pleasure. Sorry, anyone who does it as an elective surgery needs their head examined, am I right?

NeonKnight – Jan 12, 2023
wheres your manners young man – show them to us – then we’ll be happy to cut them off.


cryingseason, 21
Hi, my name is Julian. I am serving a life sentence of enslavement.

I have been my Master’s slave for over 7 years and as an experienced slave, i like to offer advice or support to other slaves if they are struggling. You can message me for advice.

I am banned from wanking for life. Sometimes i beg to be allowed to cream but this just ends up making Master furious so best not to beg.

Every day i get on my fucking knees and thank my Master for the opportunity to serve and worship him for life.

Sir is generous enough to loan me out to other Masters from time to time if he feels i have earned the privilege.

I like rap music and i found that when Sir gets very violent with me if i start rapping it distracts me and he likes me to rap for him.


cryingseason (Owner) – Jan 18, 2023
When you dare to be powerless, to use your horniness in the service of your vision, then it becomes less and less important whether you are afraid.

Seeme – Jan 18, 2023
Hi Julian. Here’s my dilemma. Choking is so hot. Met a guy last weekend hot AF. He wanted to choke me while pounding my ass. I was in. He started with his big strong hands. After awhile he let go, just after he shot his first load into me. Then used a belt. The harder he fucked the tighter the belt. I was so turned on I shot my load just as I went unconscious. I’m seeing him tonight and he indicated he wants to take it all the way. Freaked me out a bit. Thinking i might let him. Tell me how fucked up that is.

haziq – Jan 15, 2023
Make you cry cause satisfy

billyessex – Jan 14, 2023
I am passionate about him gagged. To a lesser extent also of him in bondage, but mostly him gagged (especially duct tape). I love him gagged, trying to scream….. MMMPPPH!!! When he’s with me he’s not really a slave, I consider him more of a kind of “hostage”.



FaustvonCavafy, 19
Beautiful, intelligent, cultured young man seeks to give himself to you.


FaustvonCavafy (Owner) – Jan 10, 2023
Limits: shaving hair

TomOfLithuania – Jan 8, 2023
how stupid is the guy below me?

ThrobbingHood – Jan 8, 2023
He’s gorgeous, speaks 5 languages, is highly educated and will elevate your status to anyone who knows he’s yours. Better to spend your life with him than with some pig you can cold f**k 4, 5 times a day.

FaustvonCavafy (Owner) – Jan 7, 2023
I am VERY horny about my hair and love it, my owner can’t shave it off.

TomOfLithuania – Jan 6, 2023
you think we’re stupid, fucker?



randompersonlooking, 19
this winter i will have 3 months off from january 2 to march 18 i seek to end my balls cock beatings punch kicks stepping on balls cock electro wax ropes clamps whipp padle sounding work great peehole now it’s already opening more and more and end up crushed hanging like pieces of meat then continue to use my anus and mouth (deep medical anal exams)


randompersonlooking (Owner) – Jan 2, 2023
ideally a drug dealer near buckley uk

randompersonlooking (Owner) – Jan 2, 2023
TW: i have a lot of scars on my arms and legs



rightatthebottom, 18
*Make me swallow your loogies 😋
*Make me swallow snot from your nose 😋
*B.B. my ass and breed me
*Use my tongue to clean your sneakers specially soles.
*Use my tongue to clean shoes of all your friends
*Make me drink gallons of piss
*Use my mouth as your human ashtray
*Puke in my mouth and make me swallow it
*Use my tongue to clean your 🚽
*Send me to your friend’s homes to tongue clean their toilets
*Rape me a thousand times in huge parties
*Step on food and make me eat it off the soles of your sneakers
*Beat me on each mistake I make until you see marks all over my body
*Hard nose and jaw breaking slaps and punches
*Tattoo your name on my body as a symbol of your worthless faggot
*Sell me to other Masters once you’re bored and make money


rightatthebottom (Owner) – Jan 16, 2023
Its all love on this side regardless of what we have been through. I’m glad we dont look like what we have been through.

silentmerman – Jan 16, 2023
How amazing. I think you will remember me. I met you when you were 12 years old. I recognized what you truly were and began training you in the art of service. I instructed you how to please me sexually, respect me in public, follow my orders, and never-ever speak about your needs. Your only satisfaction came from earning me approval and making him happy.

Growing up, however, your life got in the way. Soon after you entered high school, you became overly influenced by your peers and decided to suppress your submissive desires and become “normal”. I understood, although from time to time my needs boiled over and I secretly stalked you both in your daily life and online. At that time, you seemed to have assimilated yourself into life as a normal gay femboy and I gave up on returning to the kind of ongoing relationship we’d had.

And yet you seem to have rediscovered yourself as a submissive with a piggishness I could never have imagined or hoped for. Maybe it’s too late, but I would be more than willing to fully take advantage of the fact that you will never be my equal.



leakycauldron, 22
kidnap me, transform me into a dog & destroy my hole

whore me out for others to destroy my dog hole too

turn me into a piece of dog sex meat for anyone to destroy my hole

would consider limb shortening and vocal chord modifications to achieve full dog status.

just destroy my dog hole until your done with it or until im unable to move & do it even more


statefarm – Jan 20, 2023
leakycauldron is a good name for you.

leakycauldron (Owner) – Jan 18, 2023
fry my brain?

leakycauldron (Owner) – Jan 16, 2023
had an interesting 2022, ended up needing surgery which broke my dick & made my ass useless which is not great but i do still have a working mouth, i still think i have a lot to give.

leakycauldron (Owner) – Nov 3, 2023
my cock is currently at 5.2” but want to shrink it to 4” and get lasered.



DumboEars, 21
Yes, I’ve heard it all: Dumbo, Radar Ears, Satellite Ears, Ears Boy, Big Ears, etc.

I’ve had them pulled, twisted, rubbed, boxed, flicked, clothes pinned, chewed, etc.

I’ve embraced my ears, the attention they attract, and the abuse some men love to give them. Bring it on! Do your worst! My ears are directly wired to my cock.


Bring_me_your_neck – Jan 16, 2023
I’d love to slip an arm around your neck and squeeze. Start with CuddleChokes and go to full KO. It’d hott to see you gasp and gurgle while I own your air.
I am not looking for sex… but it’d be cool if you bone up when you feel a tight grip around your throat.
I love long sessions where your face turns fun colors… your eyes water… you slap at my arms and legs while you’re inescapably trapped.
Totally happy trash your ears while I’m doing that.

eatshitdumbo – Jan 11, 2023
Take you Dumbo for a long time and twist you until you become so thin that you can’t be pulled and are useless. Use your toilet mouth ashtray mouth and meat toilet mouth. Feel free to cum.



slashfivebar, 19
I am Jake, and I love to be scratched by a guy with (very) long unpolished fingernails.

My own fingernails are short, but I like your long nails. I like to be scratched across my arms, chest and back, ass from very soft until pretty hard (breaking skin). Let me see and feel your claws!


slashfivebar (Owner) – Jan 5, 2023
Just to say my desires to be scratched by long nails are getting stronger and stronger. Thoughts slowly engulfing all rational brain.



Lookingsnuffgassed, 18
Im looking for a real man to kill me by gas, death, death by real gassing, I have real gas for do it.


iNeedAChange – Jan 19, 2023
That’s not his photo, and he doesn’t mean a word of it, and he’s 13 years old, and he lives in Romsford.



Lowerhierarchy, 24
my master is selling me to someone who wants to exploit my body for whatever. need to be full time enslaved and whored out daily as you have customers of all kinds destroy me.

im an x-straight little jerk who thought he was a guy but has been broken and broken into a body that is sold for profit.

masters must apply and take an exam. if my master thinks the exam is passed, i will be presented with a contract and assigned a number.

if the master signs the contract, i must never be given a price tag to buy my freedom. can move out tonight/tomorrow morning.


Lowerhierarchy (Owner) – Jan 15, 2023
being told my whole life that i need to man up and be big and strong when it was obvious i couldn’t do those things was hard.

the loss of masculinity that comes with bottoming is difficult for me to accept. but i know it’s necessary.




p.s. Hey. Greetings from LA. Zac and I are in the very busy final stretch of preproduction, and things are going well. We have the majority of the cast now with just a handful of small parts and extras left to fill in. We finally cast the last main part of the young daughter, as well as all of the medium sized roles. Super happy with all of the ‘actors’. We’re in the middle of daily rehearsals. We’re on the cusp of having the Sound department, Gaffer, Grips and Production Assistants in place. The shooting schedule is very close to being cemented. It’s complicated because we have a number of teen and child actors whose availability is limited due to their need to stay in school. But we’re close. We’re still looking for a lot of the non-house locations, but we’re getting there, I think. The Production Design Department arrives early next week to start to the makeover of the main house location and build of the haunted house. By next week, almost everything should be cemented. It’s a bit exhausting and not very colorful to report about, but all is well. And how are you? I guess I’m about to find out. ** Dominik, Hi!!!! Any luck finding the plushy family photos? My jet lag wasn’t so bad. I had to hurl myself immediately into work, so that probably helped. How are you? Any progress on your new apartment? What’s new? Love making the temperature out in the desert rise quickly because it’s freezing there right now, and we have a lot of outdoor night scenes to shoot, eek, G. ** Bill, Hi, Bill. Yeah, right, about Lynch/Tenant. From my recent plane flight, I can strongly recommend that you don’t watch ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Bullet Train’ or ‘Ambulance.’ Things are good here, kind of a blur, but a productive one. What’s going on during your non blog-visiting time? ** Misanthrope, Yep, I’m here until whoever yells ‘That’s a wrap’, although no one will actually yell that. I certainly hope none of us are judged by the quality of our blood relatives. See you, bud. ** Kyler, Hi, Kyler! Good to see you! Oh, fuck no, no time to read anything. Even keeping up with my texts is hard right now. But ‘The Shards’ awaits me one of these distant days. I can give you my street address by email, so hit me up there. I hope you’re enjoying or at least surviving the blizzard that the news tells me just passed through your locale. ** Meg Gluth, Hi, Meg! See you in the good old flesh very, very soon! ** Kettering, Hi, Kettering. Thanks for the suggestion. We’re managing to make the schedule work without her missing school. Well, she might have to skip out on a day or two if need be, but her father is okay with that. So I think we’re good. But thanks! And for using my ‘God Jr.’ squib in your wonderful theory. ** Claudia Tilley, Hi, Claudia! Welcome! Blanchot is My Man, as it were. My favorite writer, thinker, etc. Hm, I honestly don’t know of any especially Blanchot-ian spots in Paris. He lived there, so I assume there’s a plaque on his former abode, but I don’t even know where that is. Huh, you’ve stumped me. I wish Paris was Blanchot-like, at least in bits and pieces. I guess you’ll have to fill me in on any Blanchot stuff and vibes you find there. I wish I could help. When will you be there? Thank you! ** _Black_Acrylic, Hey, Ben! Congrats about the ultra-proximate cinema. Oh, yeah I didn’t like ‘Tar’ but any number of people with respectable brains did, so who knows, and let me know what you think. All’s good with you, I’m hoping? ** David Ehrenstein, Tango? Hm, I’m going to figure that out if it’s the almost last thing I do. Kettering had a theory about your Tango if you didn’t see it. ** Arthur Marie, Hi! Oh wow, yes, I remember you auditioning and also seeing you at the gallery screening. It’s so nice to see you, and your thoughts on ‘PGL’ are beautiful and really mean a lot. Thank you! Unfortunately, I’m in SoCal finishing up preproduction on Zac’s and my new film, which we start shooting in just under three weeks, and I’ll be extremely occupied with that until we finish shooting at the end of April, so I sadly don’t have any brain space or time to write about your work right now. I really appreciate your asking me. Maybe the timing will be better for a future show of yours? I took a quick at your work on Instagram, and it looks really interesting and compelling. I wish I could let my mind dig into it in a rich way, but that’ll have to wait. Congrats about the show, and I hope it goes really well. I’ll be much more freed up come May, and let me know if I can do anything then if you want. Take care, and thank you again. ** ellie, Hey, ellie, awesome to see you! I’m good, a bit crazed with the film prep, but it’s all good. How are you? Nice that you want to show your bf ‘PGL’, thank you. I hope everything is going amazingly with you. xo. ** 🐌🏃‍♂️shadeoutmapes, Hi, I’m good, you? You mean like a ChiaPet? Wow. Almost oof, phew. We start shooting on the 20th. Oh, wait, we’re going to shoot this one short scene that takes place in front of a ‘high school’ on the 12th because the school we can use is in LA not the desert, and blah blah, so, yeah, officially on the 20th except for that little one afternoon thing. We should fine with water, it’s staying warm that’s the worry since it gets freezing there at night, and we have a week or so where we shoot from 6 pm to 5 am, and the house we’re shooting in has no heat or hot water. Obviously, I’m all for concentrating on your novel. I think you might have told me a little about the story, but I’m not remembering in my brain overload. I like cats perfectly well, yes. I don’t want to have one, but they’re cool. You could send it to my email: if you like. Thanks! My thing about you sounding like my characters was a compliment, a high compliment in fact. ** Ryan, Really glad you liked them. ** Steve Erickson, Hi, Steve. What a dream a pop-up gif book would be. Maybe someday they’ll sort out the tech. The last week has mostly been pretty good, just some big stress points, mostly technical. Obviously I hope the doc has you back on your feet if not even tippytoes by today. ** Cody Goodnight, Hi, Cody. I’m the late one if anyone is. There’s this great store in Paris that sells nothing but pop-up books, including really rare and ancient ones. It’s a great escape. Obviously heavily enjoy your spring break. True about Fassbinder. What did you think of ‘Wings of Desire’? I sort of think it was the last really good film Wenders made. ‘Starsailor’! I love ‘Starsailor’. I, of course, haven’t managed to see or do much of anything due to the film swallowing me. There’s some new horror movie that supposedly makes the audience throw up, and I’m curious to see it, but I doubt I will. I rewatched this great documentary about the artist Ray Johnson called ‘How to Draw a Bunny’. My roommate watched an episode of ‘The Mandalorian’, which I hadn’t watched, and it didn’t do much for me. I don’t understand why people were so excited by that Baby Yoda puppet. It seemed kind of tiring. Anyway, that’s me in the veritable nutshell. Have a very vacation-y week! ** Okay. You get your monthly slaves a few days late this time, sorry. See you again in a week!


  1. David Ehrenstein


  2. Dominik


    I love reading your progress reports so much. It sounds like you’re super busy, and it’s paying off! I was especially glad to read that you’d finally found the right actor for the part of the daughter! You must be quite exhausted but maybe even more excited than that? How are you?

    I actually haven’t managed to locate most of our family photos at all! I know they’re around somewhere, but so far, no plushie appearances in any I managed to find. It looks like we might’ve found an apartment, though! My mom has a friend in Vienna who’s about to move from her current apartment at the beginning of June, and she offered to connect us with the owner. It’s a bit above our plans rent-wise, but it’s also kind of a dream space, so… we decided to go for it. It’s not 100% yet, but I’m hopeful. So, I’m taking on a bit more work than usual right now, trying to find a new schedule/balance, but I feel like I’m in a good place.

    Ugh, I do hope love comes to your rescue and you won’t freeze during the night scenes! Still a little time ’til then, so… maybe, hopefully, probably?

    Love using hate’s toilet mouth ashtray mouth and meat toilet mouth, Od.

  3. David Ehrenstein

  4. Mildred

    Hey Dennis, you don’t know me, I intermittently(and by that I mean less than I’d like to) check out your blog. This is probably due to me being in the formative years of my life where I’m trying desperately to keep everything from falling apart. Now that the blog is weekly I might be able to keep up! My friend introduced me to your books maybe 2ish years ago now. Your tidbit on the front of ‘Left Hand’ caused me to read Paul Curran’s work so for that I am greatly indebted to you. Hope your shooting goes well I still need to see your other film. If while you’re in SoCal you’re ever in the DTLA area, still drink, and feel like it then come to my bar at Café Basque. Any time after 5 Tuesday-Thursday(Tuesday being the slowest and best). The food is royally overpriced but our chef is a celebrity-ish michelin star chef. I’ll try to charge you for as little as possible if you come to the bar.

    Peace and love, Mildred.

  5. Misanthrope

    Dennis, I did find “PUBLIC CUM TANK” pretty funny.

    It may sound boring to you as you type it out, but it’s not boring to me. I find it really interesting, as I don’t know shit about what goes into making a movie.

    Hey! Good news. We got word that we only have to go into the office one day a month starting on the 13th. Yay! The fed employees (who signed up for the 15-month pilot) will be 100% remote for 15 months. Makes my life better.

    When you said, “See you” there, it reminded me: I have to renew my passport. 😀

  6. Bill

    Some of these slaves have such specific needs, I’m exhausted just reading their profiles. Doesn’t cryingseason look like a character from Ken Russell’s The Devils?

    Good to hear the film prep is going smoothly. Look forward to seeing more photos when the fun part begins.

    Work has been a bit less of a grind, so I’m able to watch more movies and do more reading. I’m in the middle of the volume of Guillaume Dustan’s first 3 novels from Semiotext(e). The writing and translation are pretty clean, but I’m getting a bit worn out by the constant sex. The editor (I assume) made some weird decisions on the footnotes. For some reason it’s important for readers to know that the Keller etc are “gay nightclubs”, and what Paris neighborhoods they’re in. But no footnotes for the London and LA clubs though. Hilarious.


  7. Steve Erickson

    Will anyone be shooting behind-the-scenes video from the film?

    On Friday, my doctor diagnosed me with bronchitis and prescribed antibiotics. It bottomed out yesterday, which was miserable. I feel much better today, although I’m still sneezing heavily. By the time you read this, I will have written two film reviews and interviewed the directors of the Chinese film STONEWALLING, so I hope my energy rapidly increases.

    As Bill said, even more than usual, the slaves want to be degraded in incredibly complex, specific ways.

    Two recent reviews: slowthai’s UGLY ( and the straight-to-Shudder horror film SPOONFUL OF SUGAR (

    Kate NV’s new album led me to download the sample pack of broken instruments she used and write some songs with it, although she’s infinitely better at making them work melodically.

  8. Kettering

    M. Cooper,
    dungeonboy18 is into… prolapse?
    And, clearly, cut/paste (What’s up w/his right leg in the ‘control’ photo? Why paste into that?). But… prolapse? Like barn-cat prolapse? Like the lips of a certain ghoulish American ex-politician prolapse? Oif.
    I don’t usually ‘read’ slave days, but honestly my stomach is cramped-up from laughing on this one, thank you (bxt. the full police riot gear and the shadow with an arrow, wow!). I wonder, do you run with a theme, at least subliminally?
    That said, I’m glad your shoot schedule is set. Seriously, stay warm out there (I worked in the desert and yes, it can get weirdly cold)!
    Best, -K.

    • Kettering

      O, man, ignore that post… put it up to me getting caught off-guard with laughter, writing, and end-of-the-day(s) abandon… I gotta leave off the social media (blog included- though it’s the only thing I’ve ever ‘followed’).
      take care out there, M. Cooper
      be well -K

  9. NIT

    Truly great to get to hang out the other night. MG and I had a fun trip, that was the perfect way to end it. Hope all the work on the film is going smoothly xo

  10. _Black_Acrylic

    The weather here is extremely cold today, and I’ll be staying indoors for the foreseeable. But I rented Tar via YouTube and enjoyed it a great deal. I get that opinion is divided and the film has done nothing at the box office but still, it’s a compelling portrait of success gone haywire and Cate Blanchett is magnificent imo. Her costume designer deserves every award going.

  11. Robert

    Hi Dennis, sorry about not responding when you last responded to my comment, but things are going well here except for my usual sleep wonkiness—I keep waking up in the middle of the night panicked about an ex-girlfriend who I haven’t seen or thought about a whole lot in months, which is honestly an interesting enough phenomenon in itself that it sort of justifies the trouble it’s been causing me, haha. How are things with you and with the film this week? I finally got around to The Present and the Past and my god she’s hilarious, like Thomas Bernhard-level hilarious. And so dense too! It’s one of those books where you feel like you’ve missed it or done a disservice to it by the time you finish. Also another one of those writers whose voice you hear in your head for a while after you put the book down. How different is her early work from her later work? Her wikipedia bibliography is huge and I wasn’t sure what I ought to dive into next.

  12. Claudia

    Hi Dennis, thanks for your reply. I hope the rest of the film’s pre production goes ok. I’ve worked in the industry so I am some what familiar with the pains and struggles. I am going to Paris from March 20th for two weeks and I am writing my thesis proposal somewhat on some of Blanchot’s ideas so that is why I ask. Any tips on good book stores / cafes to write in? Thanks again, take care<3

  13. shadeoutmapes(billie?)🐌🏃‍♂️

    hi hi hi simoltanously writing and working on my draft srry (other things aswell so sorry) if things get confusing.

    Really good good news I might be going back to school so I’m very happy about that although idk the beginning of today kind of was a nightmare as well…yeah!
    Oh i was on steam today and I saw a game called stray and it may have been that game you were talking about someone else was talking about about cats but yeah I thought about that.

    I think Brian Wilson in many ways is in many ways a God idk but like Surfs up is just one of the most divine albums I’ve ever heard down to the lyrics chord progressions and I’m listening to it right now it just sounds greater than I feel like ppl don’t appreciate him as much because I sent mostly everyone ik this really nice pic of him in a Hawaiian suit and they were like who is he and it’s so sad.

    David Bowir is not a chia pet he’s some weird orange cement thing with grey grass hair O and I guess maybe I could send the pic of the cat if its not an inconvenience but maybe don’t read the email I sent before as its embarrassing and outdated? Also, trying to fight the energetic urge to go out for a walk at such a late time so idk…. advice? No one’s responding (school night ig ) and it might be a while before anyone responds but idk might be up by then. I’m not stupid I swear D :

  14. Cody Goodnight

    Hi Dennis!

    I hope things are going well with production. I had my spring break today and it was eventful. I bought a new bed with shelves and I spent Sunday through Wednesday building it with my parents. I’ve been listening to music. Like Butthole Surfers and Coil. I listened to Ween’s The Mollusk and loved it. I had a busy week with movies. I watched Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs and loved it. I watched Vincent Gallo’s Buffalo ‘66 and loved it. I watched a 2016 horror film called Terrifier and found it tolerable. I like a fun horror film, but it wasn’t the best to me. I also watched Luis Buñuel’s Belle de Jour and adored it, and I saw The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie earlier in a theater. I thought it was funny, but it’s not my favorite Buñuel. I also rewatched Head starting The Monkees, which I think is one of the most insane and radical films out there. I also started reading Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived at the Castle, and I’m enjoying it so far. How has your week been, Dennis? Have a lovely day or night!

  15. ellie

    Dennis hi! This might come too late for you to see it but anyway hello ☺️ Yeah he really liked it, and we’ve been bonding over Destroyer since. He’s an artist and musician so Roman’s explosion project was big for him. Thanks! I’ve been well, I reconnected with one of my professors and have been doing some editing and secretary stuff for him and working on these little google translator stories. I’ve also been reading Solenoid a bit? It’s great! How is everything going with the film? I hope your week has been lovely + wonderful!

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