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“I beat my bf too hard, now he can’t read, write, or do math, anyone want him?”


fvckedupmind, 20
I want to get to know people who want to bloody me and are patient since I have autism.


The_emo_Trans_Person – May 24, 2021
I saw on your social media a post saying you were sorry for everything. This is what originally had me worried.

I messaged you several times asking if you were OK and telling you that I cared about you. After I contacted another friend to find out where you were, I received the news that you had, in fact, committed suicide.

I won’t ever be able to find the right words to say to you now that you’re dead. I can’t say I understand what you went through. But no matter what, no matter how far life and death make us drift apart, I am always going to be alive for you. Always.

fvckedupmind (Owner) – May 7, 2021
I am so alone on here. My psychotic behavior is my enemy and I can’t control myself. I NEED SOMEONE TO HELP BLOODY ME DAMMIT!!!! I am about to go into rage cause i can’t find someone who’ll do it on here maybe only 2 people i know say they will.

rank23 – May 3, 2021
deep man i like it

fvckedupmind (Owner) – May 3, 2021
my 1st poem




itokaytobegay, 20
Man, I must tell you, I’m here because I at some point in life want to meet someone that will eventually fall in love with me, but I’m less likely to find a partner on grinder that loves me and is also happy to use me as a toilet. Is that weird?


FeederBerlin – May 12, 2021
Hey fella, I want a toilet, you must be prepared to eat scat (a lot). I get very emotionally attached to the boys who let me shit in them. That said I want a toilet not a boyfriend. I don’t want my toilet to be anything else than my toilet. I do care for and do my best to look after the boys who I shit into, but love? That’s weird, yes.



TrickyRicky, 22
The other day I started fantasizing about someone pulling my teeth and cutting out my tongue and watching me desperately struggle to speak. I can’t decide between having my tongue cut out while I’m asleep and drugged, so someone can watch my fear and confusion and dawning horror as I wake up and realize what he’s done; or doing it while I’m awake so someone can see me scream in agony and pain.


TrickyRicky (Owner) – May 18, 2021
I am available to anyone in Wisconsin.

teratophile – May 15, 2021
If you get what you’re asking for and are still game I’m a teratophile, attracted to giving anal torture to people with face deformities or injuries.

TrickyRicky (Owner) – May 15, 2021
Should a Master wish it, I would gladly let my genitals be lopped off and have a mangina installed.

TrickyRicky (Owner) – May 12, 2021
My body’s full of scars. But this is my real body and this what’s life has carved on me. I’m proud of it and I am still very much alive.



FlattenMeHard, 19
Hi! I am David! I wanna be taken from my homophobic parents drugged then squashed!

You can of course do that alone, or with the help of two or three other men who should weigh around 80-120 kilos!

If you weigh less than 80 KILO, feel free to show me in the chat how you want to flatten me and finish me off!

Options for you would of course be:

Throw me on the bed or on the floor, let yourself fall on my chest, on my stomach, back, face, wherever!

Trample on me, jump on me, or stick me to the wall and run against it!

Just get in touch, I prefer over 40 years of age, but I still make exceptions!



caveman – May 8, 2021
When you crush someone past their limits, past the crying or screaming, and keep going — the bond that is forged in that crucible of non-parity is the closest and most intimate bond a man and boy can share in life. It’s actually on a much higher spiritual level than anything the mainstream community can offer.



ravinglunatic, 20
what’s up you smoking hot monsters. now that’s out of the way, i’m a chill dude looking for a total dom someone who would have no trouble or remorse about stomping on my head. make it crack man.


ravinglunatic (Owner) – May 11, 2021
fukk the world

ravinglunatic (Owner) – May 11, 2021
damn man im fukkin out somebody bring me sum bud in mt. holly im losin it

ravinglunatic (Owner) – May 11, 2021
dude jus told me its my last night on earth fukk it finally



JacobDolce, 21
Porn star (Staxus, Boy Fun, Bring Me a Boy) Jacob Dolce. I’ve been out of the closet since I was 8, have had several thousand sexual encounters, and I find that I really don’t know what I want.


Leatherdong09 – May 10, 2021
You want huge toys, huge massive toys.

leonard46 – May 8, 2021
I want you to feel incomplete without me, and I would not feel without you. I want to talk until the morning. I want to spend gray Sundays with you in bed, walk in the rain and kiss your wet face. Eat warm cookies with you and listen to pleasant music. There is nothing better than waking up next to you. I want to look you in the eye and feel at home. I never want to wait to be alone with you again. And when you cry, I will comfort you and I will be very strong.

needacouch – May 6, 2021
I am really into you being my couch or chair. My ideal situation is that I sit on your face while I ignore you and watch tv, or eat, or play video games. Have a conference call from a cute seat. Also very into the idea of having a couple of friends over to take turns sitting on your face while we watch or play something. This is not a hugely sexual thing. This is all about mentality for me. That being said, I get that I might need to pull out my dick at times to jerk off while sitting on you.

pole4urhothole – May 6, 2021
Hi, I’m a big fan. If you’re as openminded as you seem, I have a longtime fantasy to inject you with a bacteria that will give you a very high temperature and use your ass as a toaster oven.

BrucieBuffer – May 4, 2021
Submit to me you worthless piggy.



Parka Fetishist, 19
I love snorkel parkas. I love vintage snorkel parkas, n3b’s, n2b’s, fur hooded jackets. I also love older guys.

I have a huge collection of parkas and I like to create porn pics of me wearing parkas during sex. Since there is no porn for the fetish, I make it for parka lovers.

I am desperate to find an old guy parka lover for sex and porn. I also want to fall in love but it’s hard to find anyone with a parka fetish in my area.



dracula000, 19
I am mostly looking for a man with a sadistic attitude.
Hard sadistic attitude.
Literally everything is a piece of art.


Alarming_Entrance – May 25, 2021
you are objectively disgusting but personally I think you belong in the same museum as the Mona Lisa

dracula000 (Owner) – May 22, 2021
Intelligence turns me on please.

Str8 Dom Cunt – May 22, 2021
I think u mean me.

Im into:
Stomp on a fag
Smoke in a tracksuit
Beat queers (nah I mean it literally bloodying the pricks)
Rob pubs

Oh yeah if u recognise me from before msg me and let me know.

dracula000 (Owner) – May 21, 2021
I read Tolstoy and Tarot, mix cocktails, drink V60, watch the world burn and Lars von Trier movies.



whereismyplace, 20
If you want me as your slave who you can suffocate by bag, noose, tape or your strangling hands for the entire 11pm too 5:30am for 5 days a week for a MONTH. You must buy one of these costumes for me
-Capezio Cap Sleeve Mesh Leotard (black) and white tights (small or xs)
-Alegra Basic Camisole Tutu Dress (pink) and white tights (small or xs)



fighter13579 – May 16, 2021

Aktiv_4_Passiv – May 16, 2021
He says no sex but unless something’s changed while he was out cold I gave it to him up the ass.

takewhatigive44 – May 10, 2021
I don’t know why I thought he wouldn’t be but when you’re suffocating him he is very demonstrative.

AdmiralSnackbar – May 9, 2021
Oh my God!!!! An Emo boy wearing Nike/Reebok sports gear with a bag over his head is my impossible dream! My erection can’t believe my eyes! Polyamourous? More like polyglamourous!



Snuffhanged, 19
I’m a femboy passing through Macon, Georgia looking for an extremely homphobic Southerner to take me deep out into the woods with my arms tied behind my back, nose in strong brown rope that is tied to trees, and forced to stand on some kind of stool or something then you take the noose around my neck tighten it then tie my legs together, then kick away what I stand on, you have a hood on you so I do not see you, gloves, preferably someone else who films everything, SNUFF MOVIE😜…
you maybe have any other ideas how to do it


Anonymous – May 22, 2021
someone need to cool this slut down

Snuffhanged (Owner) – May 22, 2021
I’m not into glorifying or drawing out the snuff. This is simply “getting rid” of a problem.

ritualblaze420 – May 22, 2021
Strip little skin bits off and let them get infected so you die of sepsis rly painfully 🥰

nonstop_nut_november – May 22, 2021
Rape you for so long I’m cumming fumes then amputate your limbs, pull your teeth out, slice you open and pour boiling water in your intestines.



baggyfreak, 18
It’s taken me a long time to accept my fetish. But I’m into really baggy clothes. It used to be something that I’d only do at home, but I just couldn’t keep it to the bedroom anymore and I don’t wear anything even remotely normal anymore outside of formal or important settings. I’m looking to find a dude who likes my baggy clothes and wants to encourage me to take it to even crazier extremes.


baggyfreak (Owner) – May 16, 2021
Don’t invite me to dinner, I only eat vending machine food.



MeandMyShadow, 21
Yearn To Be A Henchman For 🖤😋🙇‍♂️🐱💏🐱🙇‍♂️😋🖤 Catwoman 🖤😋🙇‍♂️🐱💏🐱🙇‍♂️😋🖤 and The 🖤😋💚🙇‍♂️💚😋🖤 Riddler 🖤😋💚🙇‍♂️💚😋🖤 In The 1960’s TV Series “Batman.” Fiendishly Attired Arch Criminals That Wreak Havoc All Over Gotham City and When They’re Ready Shackle Me and Pound Me Until I Whimper and Collapse from the Pain Then They and Other Fiendish Villains Slaughter Me and Butcher Me Into Meat and Eat Me 🥩🖤🍖😋🤍🙇‍♂️🤍😋🍖🖤🥩

OKAY. Now I got that off my chest 💚🙇‍♂️😀😂👌❤️😍💚

Otherwise until then I will not be anyone’s boyfriend, but I can definitely suck your cock and give you a nice warm ass to shoot your load into.


Remarkable-Intern168 – May 20, 2021
I am confused. Concerned. Your profile drawings have made my cock the hardest it’s ever been. And now I’m deeply afraid for my own life. I no longer feel I can trust my own judgment.



thedrowningguy, 22
Just a guy who likes being drowned by other guys. Drown me?


Bixxxx100 – May 19, 2021
I love wet ass

thedrowningguy (Owner) – May 13, 2021
I’m also into getting my feet sucked while being drowned.



lyfeispain, 21
I am a stupid piece of shit that can’t do anything right. I am seeking to be a punching bag. A whipping post. A knife throwing target. The list goes on. I do not care for sex. I of course will be used for sex but it is nothing i enjoy or would ever seek personally.

Are there bad people here whom I can amuse with my tears? I know limitless destruction does not come immediately. I am willing to meet, make you angry, and see if my destruction and your need to destroy is a good fit. Kind of like dating to get married.


lyfeispain (Owner) – May 7, 2021
OK since so many of you want sex then I would like to be taken to a place where I cannot escape and where no one will look for me and used as a meth cunt for 10 – 20 or more guys nonstop for several days. Bonus points if you snap me in half.

Anonymous – May 1, 2021
i’ve been in “situations” with you and dude there’s just something about you that makes guys horny as fuck.

lyfeispain (Owner) – May 1, 2021
Seriously I am not good enough for your dicks. I know my place: the bottom of the barrel. I am ugly. I am already washed up at 21. I am definitely not good enough to fuck. If you insist I can wear a hood or go under a sheet so you don’t have to look at me but I really don’t recommend that.



Juliantheowl, 19
Hey pigs. Cute masochist into butt obliteration here skater in my spare time. Looking for extreme, immobilizing bondage that holds me motionless in place in North Alabama, East Mississippi and Southern Tennessee for as long you want for whatever you’re in the mood for. Dieing to have that dildo in the pic shoved up my butt then be permanently encased in concrete 24/8. Honestly.


MarcoXXL – May 14, 2021
Not that it matters, but you have an absolutely terrible personality.

hung_b – May 9, 2021
they are

Juliantheowl (Owner) – May 9, 2021
Can someone tell me if my pics are hot or not.

Juliantheowl (Owner) – May 4, 2021
I had a boyfriend but he decided to fire me for some unknown reason.



Medicalpatient, 18
What I’m looking for:
– medical exam (the doctor exams my whole body throughly)
– dental exam
– surgery (I am naked on the table, shaved and prepped for surgery, the surgeon will be masked, gloved and scrubbed up, the surgeon operates on me for hours
– alien abduction (similar to the surgery)
I’m not into faking it



pileofbooks, 21
I beat my bf too hard, now he can’t read, write, or do math, anyone want him?


pileofbooks (Owner) – May 9, 2021
OK now he’s having seizures. A little worried.

pileofbooks (Owner) – May 7, 2021
He can swallow your cum, saliva. Swallowing pee depends on the quality. You can slap his face if he does something wrong. Fuck him then have him suck it then cum into his mouth. He can also swallow cum from his ass and swallow his own cum.

pileofbooks (Owner) – May 6, 2021
I don’t disagree with you.

SuckedGuy – May 6, 2021
Your bf needs breath control and suffocating!!!!!!!!

pileofbooks (Owner) – May 6, 2021
He was a normal guy with a normal life, job, family and friends, aspirations and dreams like any of you.



Sorry_for_Now_, 18
Looking for a Dom to try starvation and take total control of my weight. Wanted to do this for so long. The time is here. It MUST be permanent weight loss and extreme. I need to find the ZING to my ZANG. I’ll eat and drink as little or nothing they tell me to and reach whatever boniness and pallor they decide for me.
Believe it or not I used to be quite ripped but I got into a thing with a Tina dealer, lost my regimen and eating habits and gave into my fetish and it feels so good, but now I need a Dom to get so skeletal that there’s no going back.


Heartless9 – May 13, 2021
I have an unusual obsession or fetish or what have you with the rib cages of skinny twinks. Were someone to take this fella up on his offer and were the starvation game to end in tragedy maybe that someone would be interested to know I’ll pay top dollar for his cage.

Sorry_for_Now_ (Owner) – May 7, 2021
Besides the starving I honestly just want to cuddle with someone and let our souls to get know each other. I like to speak English, I think it’s fun and sexy I hate when I don’t know how to spell or pronance a word, also I don’t like persons with multiply personality’s, be you. You should not still be in high school like me and broke ahahha. I don’t know what else. I would say take me and starve me and we can cuddle all night until I die hahahaha.



bunnylover, 18
cutest ever young twink under hypnosis for daddies to worship. i am auctioning long sessions of worshipping this boy for a starting bid of $500/hr to men that will understand my situation which i will explain when you message me.


Marble67 – May 21, 2021
I’m a Dutch man in his 60s who has purchased this boy outright for $73,000 out of a primal desire.

Chase323 – May 2, 2021
just checking out the hot boys on this site and you’re the hottest



Daniel, 18
Three way, Hotel Sex, Double penetration, Two Motherfucking Henrys are cracking away at my Fuck it Bucket. A nutt is an easy fruit to gather. My insides were rearranged by happy coincidence I break my river banks as soon as your head pushes inside.

I do for awkward what Justin did by bringing sexy back, I make it hot in here.

I am not affected in the slightest to sexual rejection because it absolutely has nothing to do with me. Grateful I got my big sick fucking mouth.

Dear God, Gay men love my bussy. And love lasts longer than the warmth of 5 min old cum.

I have no walk of shame. NONE as I fall asleep in my uber, with a cum and lube soaked towel around my face because I dropped my mask in the elevator.


Up4all – May 14, 2021
i had him do a self test with me present etc. and he has every std in the known world

Diego_hotxxl – May 9, 2021
Is it too much to ask to breed a cute boy who’s not one brain cell shy of making sex feel like zoophilia and isn’t slathered with Dollar Store cologne and who’s not so strung out on meth that I have to face what a sleazy pedo I am hahaha?

Daniel (Owner) – May 5, 2021
I love to leave the house undressed barefoot and they catch me. I love the party drugs. I do not use my clothes even to leave the house.



bugRyan, 24
I converted to POZ less than a month ago and one of the agreements I had with my Breeder was that I would fuck my newly charged nut into a neg hunk of His choosing. I never topped in my life but by being made to breed that neg hole, something went off in my head, maybe it was the bug effecting my brain, that I have a duty to help other guys fulfill their gay destiny and become POZ. I even found a willing gym bud to swap fucks with and he’s been taking my newly POZ seed for a couple weeks now and I’ve been taking his neg but converting loads. Another member on here helped me to realize how special and powerful my new loads are and it’s my duty and obligation to gift my POZ seed to other hunks to keep the bug brotherhood growing and to keep getting new strains fucked into my POZ hole to make my nut even stronger and more toxic. So yeah.


biobare – May 26, 2021
Rrrrrrr, you are all so fucking wonderful evil!

bubblebutt47 – May 26, 2021
Got this murdering piece of human garbage at my place knocked out on drugs. I’m considering giving him a penectomy, but for now I love torturing his cock.

Gregory – May 20, 2021
To give this guy deserved props he let me give him two POZ loads last week even knowing I have syphillis, hep c, chlamydia, gonorheia, full blown late stage AIDS and am on my last legs.

lone_wolf – May 20, 2021
I completely agree. I think a part of you becomes the virus. I think about constantly being to POZ and infect, the more innocent or harder the challenge the more I MUST do it. I take huge pride in bringing down their destruction and seeing the cycle of sleaze continue.



Sacrifice23, 23
I love to be choked unconscious. Choke me totally out. Should be bigger guy that is older than me. In front of women is ok too. I have a relax attitude towards life.


Sacrifice23 (Owner) – May 13, 2021
What’s with you people!

OneLasttime1 – May 13, 2021
Locking up my bike, going up to his apartment, strangling him to death, getting back to my bike and unlocking it, all combined took a total of 14 minutes. And I didn’t even really rush the snuff… lol

Sacrifice23 (Owner) – May 7, 2021
You’re a lying phoney baloney.

Anonymous – May 7, 2021
Two whom it concerns, I wound up in a relationship with this guy. It started where it was a normal every day relationship with lots of breath play then I began humiliating, degrading, psychologically abusing, and physically abusing him. I played mind games with him, beat him, forced him, and made him hate himself. At first he was confident and into it, but over time I eroded his confidence, and stripped away his humanity making he only craved my abuse. It went bad when he was too tired for sex a few too many times, and that refusal set me off and turned me into a twisted monster. The abuse progressivly got more brutal and twisted until he was broken and disfigured and I eventually murdered him. I’m currently in prison serving a life term for another murder, not this guy. I’m writing this on a napkin to give a friend of mine who promised to post it here. I’m just getting this off my chest. My regrets to those who knew him and care.



puppyforyourcomfort, 19
Puppy owner (28, impotent, frustrated top) with puppy (19, 100% asexual, last orgasm 26 days ago) looking for Master/lover what can change our lifestyle and relationship and is able total enslaved my puppy as a fart vacuum.

He keep your place smelling nice and fresh by wrapping his lips around your hole and wait patiently to swallow your farts. My mind goes to this place when it comes to thinking about my puppy and, the more I think… the harder my cock would get if it could.



rollinthecollin – May 20, 2021
I am Collin, 45-years-old, and I am a married, stay-at-home dad of two. I am married to a beautiful woman. Although I am monogamous with my wife, I fear complacency. I seek a young man who will insert himself into my marriage as a human toilet for my wife, children, and myself as well as perhaps an anal fucktoy for my oldest son who certainly appears to be gay.



Humanstressball, 23
I’ve been told I have a punchable face and that I’m not worth being anything more than a face to be used as a punching bag. I suppose can’t disagree.


chriskoln – May 25, 2021
loves catheter tubes insertion

Humanstressball (Owner) – May 18, 2021
FYI I wear diapers and occasionally have accidents and uh ohs in them.



FratboyX, 24
Well hung fratboy with low hangers for hazing and hard group humiliation if possible.
Exhibition of well hung fratboy with low hangers in front of dominater guys.
Intensive slapping and spanking gag of well hung fratboy with low hangers in front of groups of bizutors in the cellar without noise problem preferably.
Well hung fratboy with low hangers will cum a gallon & do it again.


MasterPedrooo – May 14, 2021
Beg for my Snapchat



PupSpot, 20
Woof woof! Hey! I’m Spot! I’m a 1 year old pup (20 in human years).
I’m looking for plenty of cuddles, bellyrubs and white socks!
I have a thing for muscular legs too and often make a mess on them!
I eat cum that I find on the floors of public bathrooms! Is that just me?


Anonymous – May 19, 2021
Awwww you need a pat on the head. With a hammer.



BottomDrawer, 20
I’m Brian you might remember me as SweetieTwink my life’s gone to shit so back on here to find one master to destroy my life as I know it now

Fucked up and experienced: years, intensity

Worthless slave no limits no fantastic reality


6Demon6Seed6 – May 19, 2021
This wastrel’s “no limits” is hyperbole. I’ve had special times with him that left him with a black eye, broken nose and other bruising including a lot of burn marks, (cigarette), but he has never for example let me cut his nuts off.

Loughguy1 – May 16, 2021
femboy, crying, gay, depressed, mentally unstable, dead inside, listless, no libido, drug addict, masochist, there is not much to say.

Bruce999 – May 13, 2021
If a bottom states no limits are you more likely not to give fuck about him?

TheUnknownUser – May 9, 2021
I remember when you charged men 250 € just to have dinner with you and even then you made me jump through hoops!

BottomDrawer (Owner) – May 9, 2021
I have slowly become hornier for more fucked up shit.
Here’s some hot shit people have done to me:
– chained my neck to the floor on all fours at a VIP party and forced me to suck guests while they partied for hours and got kicked in the face anytime their cocks got soft.
– drank a whole bottle of wine then pissed it back into the bottle and turned the whole bottle upside down and shoved it in my ass to empty into my gaping hole.
– got chained to a rodin sculpture and pimped out on Grindr for a cover charge.
– someone set up a website where people paid to kick me in the balls.
– someone offered my ass as an incentive to close a few business deals.
– got trained over time to only be able to cum from getting fisted.
You have something to add?

KinkyKnox – May 3, 2021
Holy smokes!

Anonymous – May 3, 2021
Warning he dont look like SweetieTwink no more

KinkyKnox – May 2, 2021
Oh please! At least as of a couple of lockdowns ago SweetieTwink was the trophy toy of the CEO of Givenchi.



Shiitty, 24
There’s nothing my phat ass can’t handle. I’ll do anything with anyone on 3 conditions. You have proof of no stds, you make me suffer, and it lasts for at least 6 hours

I have been on here before when I was straight and denying the fact that it is gays that appreciate me most. That is now completely over and I have the opportunity to do as I wish, and this is my wish.


LucaKeanu – May 27, 2021
I would describe him as a very flamboyant type of guy, like a cooler version of Liberace.

Shiitty (Owner) – May 22, 2021
Incest made my hole turn into a pussy and made my pussy wet.

cuntaloupe – May 22, 2021
omg!!! i gave him the wildest anal orgasm i’ve ever seen anyone experience in my life with a flamingo app Control smart vibrator!




p.s. Hey. ** Dominik, Hi!!! Yeah, ‘Barbed Hula’ is a sleeper hit or something. Ha ha, I forgot about dachshunds. Yes, that would be quite a look. Did you have a better than usual weekend? Plastic dolphin buttplugs might just be a billion dollar idea. You should copyright that. Love generously eating all the cum that he finds on the floors of public bathrooms so PupSpot will feel less alone in the world, G. ** Zak Ferguson, Hi, Zak! A real pleasure to have you and your thinking here, sir. Happy you’re a Sono fan. Singular stuff maker, I agree. I hope all is great with you. ** Ian, Hi, Ian. I would surely need order ‘Dox’ online, but I can do that. Or, yeah, if you want to share the pdf, that would be swell. Thanks! Wonderful, readable and public work by you! Exciting! I’ll be all over that in just a bit. Everyone, D.l. Ian, far better known as the writer Ian Townsend, has a except from his novel ‘Purgatory’ just up on the excellent Expat site that should provide your brain and you generally with a serious boon. I.o.w., go read it, yes? Here. Thanks a lot for the alert! ** Tosh Berman, Hi, Tosh. I know I’ve done some kind of Rampo post, but it might be way back in the inaccessible ruins of the Blogger blog and need restoring. I’ll go find out. Big congrats on the Best Documentary award! That’s heartening news! And I’m looking for the first opportunity to see the Sparks doc. And the Carax, of course. I’m guessing we here in Paris will get it pretty quickly after Cannes. ** Misanthrope, France thinks you US people playing with fire by rushing into a no mask world, but I’ll guess we’ll find out who was right maybe. Did you get MD finished? ** David Ehrenstein, It was great being able to host it, naturally. ** _Black_Acrylic, Happy for your football dudes and you. I’m out of it. I know that Lille beat Paris in some big tournament thing and that Paris is none too happy about it. ** Steve Erickson, Great that the Romero is actually quite good. Seemed like it could have gone either way. I’ll definitely find it when it becomes France-accessible in whatever form. Get ready: in Los Angeles dispensaries are as everywhere as Starbucks. ** jamie, Hi! I haven’t seen a ton of Sono’s films, but I’ve quite liked ‘Antiporno’, ‘Tokyo Tribe’, and ‘Tokyo Vampire Hotel’, for instance. Whew: your biological negativity. And I forgive you for not doing a jig, ha ha. My weekend didn’t pan out exactly as planned, but I did see the ‘Jerk’ film, which stills needs sound work but is looking very good. I watched the online reading/launch of a book Semiotext(e) just published, Cecelia Pavon’s ‘Little Joy’, and now I really want to get the book. It was sunny and warm, so I explored the outdoors. That sort of stuff. Excellent about the cheap train tickets still being a thing. Ooh. My favorite amusement park in the world, Phantasialand in Germany, just announced its reopening on the 10th, so that might be the first stop. Oh, well, if your Blogger is like mine was, basically you save the draft as is, preview it, and then you can drag the gifs off of the page onto your desktop and reassemble them. I guess you would need to send me the gifs with a text thing telling me where everything should go? Does that make sense? There might be an easier way. Hm. Thanks, pal! ** JM, Hey, Josiah! Thanks about the Sono post and of course about the escorts/slaves, and … speaking the devils … I feel like I have seen a Yoshishige Yoshida film or two, but I’m blanking. Hm, maybe I’ll try to make a post about him and watch his stuff that way. Thanks for the tip. Is everything going well with you? Is the current production living up to your hopes? Love, me.** Brian, Hi, Brian, great to see you, bud! I don’t know if I have a favourite Sono. I named a few to Jamie up above that I liked a lot. I haven’t seen ‘Strange Circus’, but it could easily be a good starting point. Great news about your grades! Worth being knackered and coddling yourself with screenings. Hooray! Happy Fassbinder’s birthday! I should watch something of his to mark the occasion too. Maybe I will. I need to cleanse my film-watching palate because I got so bored last night I watched that last ‘Jurassic World’ movie, and, man, is it terrible — except for a cool volcano eruption/fleeing dinosaurs scene — and I’m usually pretty forgiving about blockbusters. I’m good. I think I told Jamie what I was up to. Hoping for a more packed-by-something week. We’ll see. So you’re kind of a free bird now for a while? Enjoy the entirety. Love and high hopes from here (and me) to there (and you). ** Right. The slaves are here to remind you that your rent is due tomorrow. And I suppose they have other things on their minds and agendas too. See you tomorrow.


  1. Hi D.,

    Will spend the next day or two reading this post fully and attentively and look forward to doing so. Things for me on the emotional side are rough unfortunately as I am going through some surprising and unexpected residual trauma. For probably a few more months too. Fuck. But the current production is amazing and the happiest I’ve ever been with my own work.

    Hope all is well with you xo

  2. Hi, D!

    Yeah, it seems I have problems posting messages here lately. Sorry for the mess. Sometimes I don’t see the latest post from the blog but the previous one. I don’t know what’s going on.

    Parka Fetishit, haha.

    I’m pasting the message I sent last Thursday, I think, but didn’t get through. I’m reading the Spanish translation of ‘Eden, Eden, Eden’ at the moment. Nice that you can do more of the cool stuff you usually do in Paris. The weather must be lovely now. A music show when we visit would be kind of a dream come true. I miss going to gigs so much! Yes, Pavement! Maybe you could come to Primavera. Getting Covid was very unfortunate because we’re both working from home and barely left the house. But we went to a birthday picnic in a park last September and we guess we got it there. I wanted to ask you something. Have you read ‘The Magic Kingdom’ by Stanley Elkin? I translated it into Spanish and it’s coming out next week. I’m very happy about it. I love the book.
    Have a great day, my dear pal!

  3. Hi!!

    I had a pretty great weekend. I fell into a serious wave of Placebo obsession, so I watched tons of their gigs on YouTube (damn, I want to go to a fucking concert so much I can’t even put it into words!), and I started “Lazy” by Peter Sotos, which did not disappoint (and it goes well with your love, too — I’m sure it warms PupSpot’s heart!). So, yes, I had a nice one. You? Did you do anything great?

    Hahaha, now that you mention it, I should run with the idea of a plastic dolphin buttplug!

    Love with a cock as big as the contrast between leonard46’s and Leatherdong09’s comments, Od.

  4. Dennis, So, hmm, our gay destiny is to get POZ. Didn’t know that. Will have to write that down and keep it in mind. Interesting.

    Yes. MD is finito. 261 pages, 69,935 words. I want to look at one paragraph and one word in another paragraph one more time and then I’ll send it over to my illustrator. We’ll see what happens after that.

    Next thing up will be my unfinished novel. I want to finish it. I’ll read back through it (and probably take notes) and then get on it. The good thing is that the prose in it slowly gets more and more spare as the novel goes on. I’m at the point in it, because so much has been done already, where the prose will be just about how I write nowadays anyway.

    Oh, and I wrecked my back this weekend. I’m hoping it’s just a really bad spasm. I’m better today. I may have mentioned it before, but I got up from my desk during work almost a month ago and my back stiffened. Been fighting that for a while. At the gym Saturday, I was doing one of my regular exercises and doing half the weight I normally do—I’m going really light these days—tightened my back a bit to do the exercise correctly and the fucker seized up. Oy. Ouch. Fucker has been a mess since. But I am better today. Can actually get up from a sitting position okay.

    Yeah, the opening here has gone well so far. Even states that did it many weeks (and for some, months) ago, have seen their cases continue in a steady decline. A combo of factors, I assume. So we’ll see. Fingers crossed.

  5. Has FlattenMeHard read Marbled Swarm? The specificity of these slaves and guests is breathtaking. But I guess I’m just a sloppy, easygoing kind of guy.

    I’m looking forward to the Sparks doc as well. And congrats on the award, Tosh!

    For some reason I’ve been on a doc binge. The new DC punk/hardcore doc is pretty decent. Also enjoyed the Gregory Crewdson doc.


  6. Good day, Dennis.
    Was this a particularly downbeat edition of the slaves (actually, I just checked again and with the parkas guy and the baggy clothes guy there’s a fair share of lightness; maybe I was in a funny mood when I looked at it earlier.)? Is there something different about the formatting? Do they not usually have their whereabouts, or is that just the escorts?
    Your weekend sounds good. I looked up that Cecilia Pavon book and it does look really great and imminently purchasable.
    Phantasialand was where my older brother went for his first proper school trip when we were wee and he was in secondary school. I was insanely jealous.
    Thanks for the gif help. It seems if I publish it I can again use the gifs, so I’ll start cutting and pasting this evening.
    How was your Monday? Hope it was great but is solidly beaten by your Tuesday.
    Love, Jamie

  7. The ballon popping video on your sharp post reminded me of an old friend. He was autistic, like… most of my friends. Had this balloon popping fetish. So I couldn’t help but get excited when I saw you posted the balloon popping guy. Friend would masturbate with balloons and pop them when he knew he was gonna cum. Said it was like an exciting little death to go with his cum, which I related to my death execution fetish of wanting to be beheaded/hanged to death. Lol. So glad you had a Sion Sono day. He’s my favorite filmmaker. His new film was great! Although, I am wishing he would make his endings less obvious. Many end with characters running and screaming after a crazy climax. Slave post great as always too. Listened to that podcast interview you did as well, of course. That was nice. 😛
    Hope all is well. Peace. <3

  8. They just keep movin the line

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