The blog of author Dennis Cooper

“Hello I’m a pony artist. I wear a pony hood, collar, latex skin, tail and leash and my behaviour is very animalistic except for the artistic talent and one “deformed” human hand. I’ll come to your place and draw you naked. I’ll make three drawings and you get to keep one.”


sentencedtodeath, 20
Hello! I’m 20yo italian guy. I’m working to organize my execution, in Berlin, Germany, on the second half of July. We need to collect killers, witnesses, a doctor, more victims if someone wishes to die with me.

The scene will be set up about so:

I will be charged of murder and sent to a process. All killers will be witnes. The sentence is fixed: GUILTY. the convicted will be sentenced to death.

The execution should be made by firing squad or by stabbing, by all killers, to the bare chest of the convicted.

The general master and judge is already available, and he’s the person to contact to present our candidating: you can choose the role: killer, controller, doctor.

Place: Berlin, Germany – or around


TwistedFuck – July 29, 2021
i regret that I was not a member here early in the summer so that I could have executed you – slice your hard abs open & my pulled your intestines out. i would have done so without seeming like a creep, which I hopefully don’t appear to be!

SHANNETT – July 8, 2021

Whybother – July 3, 2021
Someone’s a little touchy. I wasn’t even being sarcastic. Kisses friend. Mwuahh!

sentencedtodeath (Owner) – July 3, 2021
Why this question, whybother? this is a group of people who loves killing, or loves real dead people… do u deserve your sarcasm for all other people who jerk imagining a real corpse? hahahaha

Whybother – July 3, 2021
Sounds really suspicious. Do you need a hug? No? I’ll give you a hug anyway. How do you say hug in Italian?



annoying_soul, 24
Whether you’re a hippie, a metalhead, a punk or a skinhead, etc. my body is a very safe space to share your fantasies, to not only express what you like, fulfill your wildest needs and desires, but to enjoy yourself and also laugh.

My style is different than other slaves: I’ll make sure to let you have fun, encourage you with clever quips, and also listen to you whenever you want.. It’s never a slash and burn with me.


funwiththisguy – July 19, 2021
You opened my mind and I’m everything I thought I would never be.

Anonymous – July 11, 2021
Omg so ugly. What’s happening in this world.

Patryk22WWA – June 30, 2021
if something is impossible it is possible with him

_God_of_Top_ – June 25, 2021
He is a reminder of what happiness you can achieve by simply trying him even once.



Cargo, 19
Only here hoping to be packed in a crate and shipped somewhere in the world. Don’t care where I’m shipped or how long it takes to get there as long as I’m packed and shipped safely. You or your agent can simply unpack me at the destination and abandon me or keep me as your prize. Your choice.

Stats: white, 6’3”, 32 inch waist, 12.5” feet, 6” cut cock, medium length blonde hair, blue eyes, STD FREE and HIV NEG (not currently on Prep), and shaved body hair.



ButtaliciousCrossdresserBoy, 19
Hey, I’m 19 years old, GAY and I love OLDER! (also really old and ugly) And I don’t want any money for it! ❤

Last night it was a deformed faced man, about 65, with a crooked eye, and best of all these hideous boils on his head.

I just love being with the really old ugliest people ever and am happy and satisfied with it .. ❤

I hope you will accept that!

I also like to dress woman with all the trimmings, nylons and mini etc. Maybe you like that .. ❤ (:

However, I’m a little intelligent .. I hope that’s okay with you too .. ❤


UglyDrunkenFag – July 21, 2021
I wish he was tens of thousands of feet tall.

SeniorSissitzen – July 14, 2021
I like to shove tomatoes up in his ass and pretend he’s a chicken.

Johnmcmurray – July 8, 2021
I’m 81 and I loved rimming him more than breathing

Snowglobe83 – July 5, 2021
I enjoyed him I don’t know what day.



ElusiveStarFish, 19
Please only if you are older than 50. I don’t even answer others. I’m not looking for a relationship or anything like that. Find someone who wants to explore my butt. I would like to know how it feels to be licked out. Not more.


ElusiveStarFish (Owner) – July 8, 2021
I got excessively sweaty.

420allday – July 8, 2021
so how did it feel?

artoffaggotry – July 7, 2021
Nervous guy with fine muscled buttocks that stirred a lot while I rooted around in them 🍑😋



WasStraight, 24
My wife is a nice person but she’s at her wit’s end and is encouraging me to live out my sick fantasy that I’d rather masturbate about than fuck her. She said I can stay until I find exactly what I’m looking for. Here’s what that is for me:

I’m looking for an older 50+ bear who would like to get me barefoot and naked in your car. My size seven smooth little feet on your dashboard. Tie my hands in front so I can sniff poppers. Then you sit in the back seat waiting for that moment. Just after me sniffing poppers, take your belt and wrap around my neck TIGHT and hard. Snap my head back as hard as you can, watch my feet and toes react, chest buck, feet trying to break the windshield. In a matter of seconds, I slow down, feet just twitch, then still. Mmmmmmmm. I have done this many times but the man always let go of the belt. This time, don’t let go. Finish it. Any bear want to do this to me? Hot show for sure.


bound696 – July 10, 2021
Yes you sure are.

WasStraight (Owner) – July 10, 2021
I can’t wait bound696. I’m pretty darn cute and hot! I know you will love it!!!!!

bound696 – July 10, 2021
Who cant find a private place to park ? Yes of course, I cannot wait to get to you.

WasStraight (Owner) – July 10, 2021
You think you could find a private place to park and do this?

bound696 – July 10, 2021
I fit your request. I will strangle you with a bag over your head then slowly decapitate you with a dull butcher knife. But in the end, you are really finished. Understand?



Itsmedavy, 24
Yo I offer everyone the opportunity to rape a boy in real life. I live alone, I am unemployed, no one knows about me, and I can always be raped.


Itsmedavy (Owner) – July 11, 2021
I now have a leg disability. I can still walk I just use a cane.

tornclean – July 6, 2021
his hole opens quite quickly and is not well taken care of!

kinkymaster69 – July 1, 2021
had a one-sided fistfight with him then dragged him in his bedroom for intense bestial sex without restraint

mrjbwants – June 23, 2021
Great back arch.

eddieLovesSubs – June 19, 2021
My only quibble is there wasn’t a moment when it felt believably non-consensual, and god knows I tried.



almostperfection, 18
Hello everybody! My name is Gene and I am from Columbus, Ohio. How’s your day going cause mine is great! Glad that you spent your precious time reading my profile. I am a person who loves to share information about myself personally and talk about myself. I talk so much you will not be able to ask me even the simplest questions. I think this is important information here. On this site I’m looking for an attentive men with whom we will have daily sex. Oh yes, I really want to find such a man here. Write to me soon. I am a 99% perfect person with lots to interest you!


Anonymous – July 15, 2021
No talk so much please

almostperfection (Owner) – July 12, 2021
Updating this with my experiences on this app 😌
-Meanest quote: “Are you competing with a chicken bone to see who’s thinner?”
– How are there bi people here (elite effect? 🤔)
-The people who find me intimidating 🌝
– Many people here with a basic education crisis 🤦🏻‍♂️
– The XL parade 👌🏻
– There are people here who are very scary 👁👁
– “Let’s exploit our superficiality” ✨
– If you have cool tattoos apparently I will bite them 😘
– Serial murderers … be honest please 😐
– I love anime but I don’t like to see pictures of anime in the slaves’ profiles, I just realized 😅
– Weirdest quote: “I want your asscheeks to be my lungs” 😅
– Make everything simple, do not send lots of sentence just like a novel with thousands of words 🌝🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
– People with fake profiles … All good in their lives? 😕

readyornot444 – July 6, 2021
he has a dreamy face and butt, but what a racket!



Punklonghaired, 24
Hi, I own an animal rescue farm & dog kennel in eastern Germany. To be blunt, I’m looking for guys interested to watch a young man being fucked by real dogs & other animals for a small fee.

Yes, he’s been brainwashed & transformed into believing he’s an animal. I understand that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, so if it’s not yours, please just move along.

But if it is, you’re welcome to watch a little degraded animal slut have his holes pumped full of interspecies cum. If you’re an early bird, the best shows tend to happen from 6 to 8 am.

Please note he’s thinner and dirtier than in the photos and has much longer hair.


Playsroughwithothers – June 24, 2021
Bring a cattle prod if you have one :-p



RIPAlexAnything, 23
I am sick to my stomach to inform you guys that the young sub/slave AlexAnything (also known by EnigmaLuxe) from Germany passed away from an intentional drug overdose a few days ago aged 23.

Little dude worked tirelessly every day to give lots of exciting sex and rough stuff to the community here. I know I’m not the only Dom whose mind was blown and dick fully drained by his cute and daring flesh.

Opening our chat conversations from the last few days is killing me every time.

I keep reading them over and over and wait for him to reply. Fucking hell Alex what the fuck happened why did you have to go so uselessly?


RIPAlexAnything (Owner) – July 10, 2021
Thanks all. He was here looking to get destroyed just hours before the croak still hard to believe.

anfieldroad – July 9, 2021
Yo! Glad to hear this! This is way overdue!

Richardforyou – July 8, 2021
He was a Marine w/ two kids.

the5oclock – July 8, 2021
Damn I had such huge plans for his cock. Mehh 😖😤

RIPAlexAnything (Owner) – July 7, 2021
He mentioned that incident in his suicide note unsurprisingly.

Tampachaser626 – July 7, 2021
There’s great vid floating around on the netherweb where EnigmaLuxe is “forced” to watch his GF get forcefully gang banged and snuffed as he’s bound and gagged and getting his ass gang banged by another group of guys.

User2012 – July 2, 2021
so sad. and so typically selfish of him. RIP Alex.

s123s123 – July 2, 2021
imagine that young sexy guy on cold morgue table (emoji)

metalmachine – July 2, 2021
So cute and sexy and now … so much more



need_a_real_priest, 21
Where The Evil Never Ends

Hello, desperately need to meet a real priest.


need_a_real_priest (Owner) – July 2, 2021
I detest sodomy.



pessimistic_alan_is_nonsense, 21
Love arrows knives spears etc piercing my bare stomach.
Would like to fall dead on top a pile of other dead guys!
Love mass battles with dozens of near-naked guys killing and being killed!
Don’t care don’t show emotion to me I cheated on every girl I date.


pessimistic_alan_is_nonsense (Owner) – July 14, 2021
I knew it before I even existed, way before I even became a fetus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I knew for sure when I was a spermazola

MilitaryOwnerOfHoles – July 14, 2021
When did you realize you want to be a corpse?

pessimistic_alan_is_nonsense (Owner) – July 11, 2021
You can sale my meat off

pessimistic_alan_is_nonsense (Owner) – July 11, 2021
I have friend who wants to dismember me but too squeamish to kill me any one interested



Juan, 18
I am in Piedecuesta, Colombia I look for whoever the hell wants me to buy my virginity and my ass forever after I do not care about the person or the country and I urge myself to do whatever it is I’m not bullshit.


JakeR – July 9, 2021
short twink that looks like a Victorian ghost



Best_Bottomever, 18
Looking for a sexual narcissistic, hypersexual psycho to kidnap me for good.

Gaslight me and program my thoughts into believing that my lifelong dream is to become nothing more than a sexual object and that you’re kind enough to fulfil my dream.

Believing that you’re kind enough to rip my clothes to shreds in public, to be molested and raped by you without condoms and lubes. Doesn’t matter if I’m with my friends or family, at school, working or sleeping, being raped by you is essential.

Honestly I’ve got some friends and family members who I know would like to rape me, and I would love to want them to, if you can coerce them. What better than to be raped by everyone I know over and over and over.


Best_Bottomever (Owner) – July 8, 2021
I’m back! How are you doing? I am vaccinated.

Best_Bottomever (Owner) – June 15, 2021
I made this when I was extremely mentally unstable. I no longer associate with this website and anything it stands for.

Pleasure_master69 – June 11, 2021
-The location where I held him captive was 86 miles away from his place but he never complained.
-By the time I got down to business it was long after midnight but he never complained.
-The location was filthy and smelled like death but he never complained.
-I did every fetish I’ve ever imagined on him but he never complained.
-I kissed him like there’s no tomorrow but he never complained.
-I fucked him whenever I wanted as hard as I wanted for 12 hours but he never complained.
-I choked and beat him for the whole night but he never complained.
-Kidnap him! And you’ll never complain! The best victim so far! 5 stars!

Best_Bottomever (Owner) – June 9, 2021
Hey kidnappers, I’m walking around in Soho NYC near Thompson Street right now (2:13 AM) too cute and sexy to miss wearing grey and black.



snatchedbydaddy, 19
I’m a sub inborn thing into being roughly gangbanged, fisted, degraded and used as a toilet by my superior blackmen. I LOVE EATING BLACKMENS FAECES, watch me chew swallow and film me.

I have been a bareback BLACKMEN cumdumpster my hole life since 5th grade and have always been a huge size queen who prides himself on being able to take ANY size cock in my pussy to the balls. BLACKMEN have fucked me 1,2 and 3 cocks at a time and with many objects, from fruits and vegetables to tools, baseball bats. now I really wanna get gangfisted by huge groups of BLACKMEN who wanna shove their arms up my ass and just destroy my fuckhole. l wanna get so loose that I can take 2 arms at a time.


I also love being covered head to toe in shit and fucked.

Be under 32.


xfrenchguyx – July 13, 2021
How does someone become like you? It’s a serious question. I’d be fascinated to know what you were like a year ago, three years ago, in junior high school, as a child, …

domatellaversace – July 9, 2021
While you have a hard-on, he’s really fucking hot, but once you don’t, he’s really fucking not.

Arcaner – July 6, 2021
get yourself a rosebud tube and vac pump. Push your meat out, then use the vacuum to pull more out. Repeat.

snatchedbydaddy (Owner) – July 6, 2021
I am good and loose and show huge gape and rosebud but I want the rose to fall out when I stand up or walk. Any one have tips.

DominusDannyDark – July 4, 2021
I shoved my arm up this skank and yanked it out until I had to peel him off the bed like a melted candle. But if you want a conversation that goes beyond ’uh’ and ‘stop’ get a bag of rocks.



Ben, 18
I stay in corsicana Texas. I go to a remote place on the country or wood, u make me stripe naked and take my clothes away, put them in a pile by ur car. Lead me to the spot u wished to use me, make sure its hard and raw and i please u well. Then u can choose to hang, or roast me, and dispose of what you dont eat of me after wards, or let me go. If u wish to roast me, please drug me and make it a slow process before the fire. Hit me up.

Or it be up to u but id also let u put me in a pre dug hole to use me raw and gave me a 50/50 chance of life or ect, and u could behead me, or whatever u wanted afterwards. Bury me, go over to ur car, start a small fire and throw my clothes in it and watch them burn as u drink a beer.


killmenow – July 12, 2021
Florida here. Hang me.

euroteenboy – July 11, 2021
19, forced castration , tortured and snuff me ..

joeslave – July 10, 2021
me too,
I am 21yo boy and sweet,nassau/queens border, you can castrated me and cut open my belly and pubic area..

BudapestMuscle – July 10, 2021
Sorry, honey, it’s spam. I got one too.

Ben – July 10, 2021
Serious? Yeh damn straiht, i take it, how i call u?

TreffPunktForBoy – July 10, 2021
Hello Ben, I offer you a beautiful apartment here in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The apartment is very big, bright, beautiful. There are 3rd rooms, each room is separate. I myself am the boss; I rent this wonderful location for boys to do sex work. If you need a work permit. I will also create this for you. Call me please. Or send SMS!

darkestblond – July 9, 2021
me too,
castration, whipping, blinding by eye removal, disembowlment.

cocksucker26 – July 8, 2021
same here
Los Angeles
cut open and my beating heart tortured in every way imaginable

preyforyou – July 8, 2021
I am the same. I live in Scotland

rubberapron – July 8, 2021
i know what you mean.
i am a willing victim with slaughter and snuff.
i live in Berlin.



QualityOffensive, 21
Hello I’m a pony artist. I wear a pony hood, collar, latex skin, tail and leash and my behaviour is very animalistic except for the artistic talent and one “deformed” human hand. I’ll come to your place and draw you naked. I’ll make three drawings and you get to keep one.



YouCanHaveItAll, 21
I wanna get a cheap motel room in a city like Vegas, and arrange an all holes open gang bang with a buncha skinny wimpy guys, do a slam and booty bump slam make sure the door is cracked open and get used by as many scrawny little dweebs as possible, after an hour get choked out, kept out with chloro, who knows what Ill wake up too

I don’t kiss man only woman and trans


freakyfrank79 – July 17, 2021
Roger that!

rockbbottom – July 17, 2021
MAN, that would be so fucking hot to have this muscle head strung up and rape his his ass and mouth and torture mutilate and castrate him with you freakyfrank.. i want to chop off one of his hands and one of his feet so i can stuff the stump up his ass.. cut out his tongue and shove it up his ass..

i usually cruise the parks for thug boys that are passed out or sleeping. I take my gun and cuff them, blindfold them, drive somewhere and saw their heads off while they ride my dick.. i get into those fucking hot white heroin boys that are usually passed out on the street with their girlfriends. I offer them $20 if they suck my dick and if they let me fuck them I tell them I will give them $50 – and if their girlfriend watches I will give her $50. Then when they are done, I pull my gun on them, execute and take off.

freakyfrank79 – July 17, 2021
Definitely love my hispanic muscle thugs as my personal playthings to torture, mutilate, and snuff but also don’t mind doing same to arrogant white punks like you either. Love watching a thug struggle as he realizes he’s about to be raped and castrated and gutted as he hangs 😉



Cleopatra&, 21
We 36a act & 21a pass
Me active, vicious, militantly addicted to small tight ass
He militantly passive, tight ass, addicted to large cock; code name: Cleopatra
(nickname for his “performances”)
We are wired 24 hours a-day. Always sexually horned. Always.
We smoke, drink heavily and live on Poppers but you don’t have to.



pozboy, 18
Gay EMO boy want to find a man who’d become ‘obsessed’ with me…. where can I find this?

I know myself very well and I realized that this is what I’ve always been looking for. I’ve always wanted to find a man who’d become ‘obsessed’ with me and everything about me.

I’ve been posting videos on YouTube for YEARS now and I always fantasied that one day a lonely obsessive man would stumble upon my videos and keep watching them over and over and listen to everything I say in them and become obsessed with me and my life story, then he’d want to find me and kidnap me.

I know that sounds kinda crazy but it’s honestly what I’ve always wanted. so please don’t judge.

Where do you think I could find this?

as in, where do you think i could post my videos and find someone who would react like that?

I know that sounds crazy but any advice would be appreciated…

I’m stick thin but I’m defo not Auschwitz.


DenverDanny – July 5, 2021
Emo is an understatement.

pozboy (Owner) – June 16, 2021
My MasterDanny doesn’t mention that he lives in Yemen. It is not easy being here as I see dead bodies and displaced women and children suffering. My life here is probably how you must have imagined.

DenverDanny – June 18, 2021
As of June 15 he is my Emo god. Drool over the smell of him.

gabbbbb08 – June 8, 2021
Try Chaturbate. I look a little like you and I used to do showoffy jerkoffs on there and I had to get three restraining orders against psychos before I quit.



KennytheSlave, 18
Hi guys, kinda scared but glad to be on here now I’m of age. I’ll try to do this all correct. I’m Kenny and I am like 90% sure I’m gay and perverted and I want to get there all the way and be what I feel inside me. I live in a military family so strict. I’m going to be senior in high school this coming Sept. I haven’t really done much other than kissing and that but want to learn and be correct in what guys want. I’m a real easy going guy, kinda shy and more of a follower I guess you’d say. I hope to get up courage to post sexier pix but since just joining today on June 2 I put one of my favorite poster signs about control by a guy over me, running things behind me, behind the curtain.

Long term I’m looking for a man who will cut my penis off.

I mean that I want my penis cut off.

Do you love scratching a boy’s body? I can offer you scratching. Are you interested?

Ps. Bonus points for anybody who wants me to shit in their mouth. If your a shit eater let me know. But don’t make a mess. If I’m shitting in your mouth I expect it to stay there.

I’m also into fantasy executions and stuff.


makemefeelgood82738 – July 20, 2021

callmecaleb – July 17, 2021
Feed it to an animal? What a waste! Unless the animal was me. Take your head and eat the face off. Scoop out your brains and gobble them raw. Rip off your scalp and lick the bloody skull. Then sleep with it. Fuck it. Kiss it. “Alas poor Yorick”

KennytheSlave (Owner) – July 17, 2021
Still looking for a man to take my head and either use it as a toy, or eat it, or feed it to your animals.

KennytheSlave (Owner) – July 12, 2021
Looking to find someone to bury me alive, hog tied on my back, torture me with the breathing tube and then let me go. and when burying me take and break my glasses so i can’t see.

KennytheSlave (Owner) – July 10, 2021
I have this fantasy of being brainwashed by an adolescent boy that I don’t know what to do with.

KennytheSlave (Owner) – July 10, 2021
Some things I have done so far that I really enjoyed:
1) Went camping overnight with some guys where I provided all the manual labor that was needed (putting up the tent, loading/unloading, tidying, clearing the site) and all personal services (urinal, toilet, spittoon, etc). I was given no food and minimal water.
2) I was pegged out outdoors, unable to move in the sun for a few hours, expose to the heat and also insects whilst a man had a BBQ/picnic and watched the entertainment of me suffering for his pleasure.
3) I was hung from a tree, chains by my wrists, feet not touching the floor while a man and his five friends sat around viewing as each one took turns thrashing with a whip (50 – 100 strokes for each guest present).



2die4, 21
Rent a secure location. Soundproof, ultra-discreet entrance and exit, clean up and disposal included.



dangerouus_man, 18
very very private guy here, masculine, come off straight naturally, I don’t have to “try”, into wedgies, indian sunburns, wet willies, tit twisting, snot rockets, lougies, and swirlies.

*** I cannot stress this enough. if you come off gay in any way, voice / demeanor / behavior / interests, whatever, I am not attracted to you or interested in you. Please respect that. NO GAY PEOPLE. No gay people that get off having sex with other gay people. You are mentally ill and I will block you immediately ***

I’m attractive, intelligent, great sense of humor, infinitely curious, sensitive deep down, and so full of love. I’m not a whore like most of the low self esteem gay weirdos on these websites.

I am a catch, and we are rare as fuck these days.


yngbear – July 18, 2021
I will hold my review until you make it up to me

Atlanticman – July 13, 2021
God you stink of saliva!

Anonymous – July 9, 2021
His farts sound like a dying elephant.



flawlessdiscord, 18
Suprise bitch, bet you thought you’d seen the last of me!


Anonymous – July 12, 2021
alcoholic, unemployed, crying, gay, mentally unstable, single, dead, addicted to chicken nuggets

DerTry046 – July 12, 2021
Not sure what this is about. As stated in one of the pix, he is dead, died in a car accident in April.



lonelycutter, 18
Cut 1 = epidermis, safe as long as you clean it. Cut 2 = dermis / “styro”, needs butterfly bandage at least. Cuts 3 and 4 = fat layer, needs stitches, high chance of infection, can be deadly. Cut 5 and beyond = muscle layer, go there don’t go back!!!

* I do 4 fairly regularly and dont get stitches I just disinfect it. Leaves the best scars.

** DO NOT start cutting if you haven’t already, it fucking sucks ass and is really hard to stop because it’s really addictive.


TheHandicap – July 22, 2021
I have Cerebral Palsy. but I can use a knife independently but sometimes need help because I have a walker. If this sounds good to you, swipe right.


Demise, 18


Demise (Owner) – July 9, 2021



caligula2021 , 23
ANYONE KNOW HOW TO DISPOSE OF A DEAD SCHIZOPHRENIC? I’ll fucking murder him – I mean it. He’s driving me as crazy as he is. I’m at the end of my tether, and he’ll be at the end of my tether when I put a rope round his neck and sling him out window. If you come and collect the poisonous little cunt you can do what you want with him. You can drape him over his gravestone and fuck his dead arse until the top of his poxy head blows off for all I care…


caligula2021 (Owner) – June 26, 2021
Funny, I just snatched one of those missing schizo boys six days ago. That was fast. Total lunatic, very cute, big cock and flying cum. I’ll let you know.

Deaf3279 – June 26, 2021
BTW, there are lots of young handsome abductable guys in Bulgaria who are schizo. Check the site lipsva.com, it’s for missing people. If you read the details most of the missing young cute guys are all suffering from schizo.

caligula2021 (Owner) – June 24, 2021
He’s been put on a section 4 and detained until this coming Sunday as a danger to other people, then he’s up for full assessment. He hasn’t a hope in hell of passing that. So he’ll be put on a secure ward till a panel decides he’s safe to be let out, like last time. He could be in there for the next couple of years. He’d be okay if he took his olanzapine, but he’s totally convinced it’s going to make him fat.

caligula2021 (Owner) – June 23, 2021
Cheers m8. He didn’t even look at me when they led him out.

Deaf3279 – June 22, 2021
You are doing the right thing.

caligula2021 (Owner) – June 22, 2021
He went totally apeshit and attacked me. I’ve slung him in the bedroom and locked him in. I can’t take any more of this, Deaf. I’m not going to kill him, I just wanted to share my feelings while I pluck up courage to ring the crisis management team and they’ll come and take the poor sod to a secure ward and he’ll be re-sectioned and probably never let out again. You warned me that he was evil but I didn’t want to listen. Well now I know. Right, I’m going to ring the team now.

Deaf3279 – June 22, 2021
OMG, what happened?




p.s. Hey. Warning: Jetlag at the helm. ** G, Hi, G! I’m happy you liked the kissers. Well, that’s very kind of you to say but I dare say your wonderful book needed no help from the likes of me. Wow, thank you for reviewing ‘I Wished’. I hope you like it, gulp. xo. ** h (now j), Hey, pal. Very good to see you! My vacation was very nice, thank you, despite my now being punished with jetlag, alas. Thank you, and will do, and you too. ** Dominik, Hi, D!! Despite requiring us to be outside all day every day in the most horrible heat and humidity, the amusement parks were a total blast. Great news about your brother’s return. I hope you guys get up to all kinds of mischief. A fired-up SCAB presence sounds very good, of course. Thank you for the anti-jetlag kiss. I hope its effect will kick in this weekend. Love with a mental acuity and razor sharp wit that I can only just barely glimpse through a thick fog at the moment, G. Have a great weekend! ** Bill, It only showed up once, you’ll be happy to hear. Or I mean read. As soon as my brain is no longer a bunch of mush, I’ll try to remember vacation-y stories of note. Oh, new piece! Can you characterise it? Or share it when it’s real if nothing else? ** Sypha, Hi, James, thanks. Plane movies … uh, let me try to remember. It was almost all old blockbusters I was catching up on. Mmmm … ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ (watchable, nothing much), ‘Aquaman’ (not as bad as I’d imagined), ‘Pacific Rim’ (ok), ‘The Golden Compass’ (strangely pleasurable), ‘The Meg’ (awful but funnish), ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ (pretty terrible), ‘Tenet’ (I expected to hate it, and I didn’t), ‘Spaceship Earth’ (interesting subject, so-so film) … There were a few more, but I can’t remember what they were. Jeez, good luck with the mouth stuff. Mine was a gum infection that is stable for now, but I have to get a bunch of work done on it longterm, ugh. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, B. I’m happy to know you’re making steady progress on the righting of the physical wrong, but it does sound very labor intensive. Your latest Play Therapy didn’t cure my jet lag, but it made me forget it existed for quite a while, which is relatively huge. Kudos! That Bobby Orlando cover is indeed nuts! ** Steve Erickson, Hi. My jet lag is pretty miserable, to be honest. Unfortunately I take Melatonin every night of my life, so it isn’t a big help right now. Melatonin used to be frowned upon in France, but now you can buy it in every health food store easily. I go back to the States, and LA, in September to do promo/readings for my novel, so hopefully Zac and I can make real progress on the film then. We’re kind of stuck until the funding is secured. There’s a feeling that it might be secured in September, meaning we can shoot in February, which is our hope, but we’ll see. We can’t do too much until the funding is there because that will determine our budget and shooting time, and we can’t start hiring people until know what we can pay them and when they’ll be needed. But we’re strategising and fiddling with the script and working with Puce Mary on the sound aspect. I’ve wanted to see ‘Smiley Face Killers’, largely because Tim Hunter directed it. That’s interesting to know. I’ll try to seek it out more aggressively. Thanks, man. ** T, Hi, T. I know that quote but I also can’t remember who originated it. Bataille wouldn’t surprise me, yeah. I’m happy if that post added a little mileage to your poem. That’s more than I hoped it would accomplish. I go back to LA to do a reading (and work more on the film) in September. If we do get to shoot it in February-ish, I’ll be spending a lot of time in LA this fall/winter organising everything. Your question about my ideal theme park ride will need some thinking time on my part, both because I’m jetlagged/brain dead and because I think about dream theme park rides all the time. For sure it would be some kind of elaborate dark ride with roller coaster elements/parts. I’ll think. Thank you for asking. Your idea for a ride sounds great. I would ride and ride it, even if it had a three hour long wait/line to get in, which it undoubtedly would. You accepted the Paris adjacent teaching job! Wow, that’s theoretically great! So, presumably we could hang out and have espressos and stuff. An hour away isn’t bad at all. Cool. What’s the name of the exact locale/city again? You are doing pretty well, yeah, I sure think so. Excellent. Have a wonderful weekend. ** Okay. This month’s slave contingent is yet another pretty wild and dark one. Survive. See you on Monday.


  1. Hi!!

    Yeah, I can definitely relate to that – the heat is brutal here, too. I’m really glad to hear that even this couldn’t ruin your amusement park days, though! Have you visited the velociraptor ride you mentioned once?

    My brother and I are planning to give each other tattoos this weekend. There’s a small figure I’ve been longing for for a long time, but I’d like to have it on my shoulder, so it’s not exactly an ideal self-tattoo spot, haha.

    Thank you for your love! Actually, I could use its mental acuity and razor-sharp wit myself, haha. Love, whose lungs are almostperfections’s asscheeks, setting up a solid orgy with almostperfection himself and ButtaliciousCrossdresserBoy to celebrate your return, Od. (I’m, of course, tempted to invite myself to that orgy, even though my real love today is snatchedbydaddy. This batch was heavy!)

  2. Dennis, of those plane films you listed, the only ones I’ve seen are PACIFIC RIM (which in some ways is probably my favorite Guillermo del Toro film, in that it isn’t plagued by the unsubtle political commentary that makes some of his other films a chore for me), and TENET (which I confess I absolutely loathed).

  3. This is quite a splash right after your return, Dennis! A pony artist, wow. caligula2021 is straight out of The Sluts.

    You’re back in LA in September! Any plans to come up north? I have a short trip planned in a couple weeks, but the recent COVID updates are making me a bit nervous.

    Just started reading James Purdy’s Narrow Rooms. I was getting a bit impatient with the quiet opening, and then the breakfast scene, whoa.


  4. Dear Dennisitas. I’m having a sale
    Martin Scorsese’s “Th Irishman”, Geirge Clooney’s “The Midnight Sky,” Audrey Hepburn $50.00 each.
    numerous books, CDs and DVDs for sale at bargai prices. Call me and come over ASAP.
    David Ehrenstein

    I am fully vaccinated.

    “Pony Biys” were what they called the non-drag performers at drag cubs WAY back in the day (I’m talking at least 60 years ago) They weren’t strippers or muscle queens. They were very pretty young men whose beauty was augmented by lavish costumes. Jmes Bisgood’s work is all about “Pony Boys”

  5. Cheers to the executioner who doesn’t want to be a creep! need_a_priest should try heading to the confessional (or hanging around a seminary.)

    I love RIVER’S EDGE and Tim Hunter’s work on HANNIBAL & TWIN PEAKS, but until SMILEY FACE KILLERS, none of the other Hunter films I’ve seen have worked at that same high level. Which Hunter films would you recommend?

    The once-promising Ben Wheatley is directing the sequel to THE MEG.

    • Tim Hunter was a classmate of mine at Communist Martyrs High. Ring Lardner Jr. –one of the “Hollywood Ten” was his uncle. Among his works Tim made a great movie for MTV about Matthew Shepard’s murder

  6. Ah so good to have the slaves back giving a bit of structure to the calendar. I do like Demise’s profile, which keeps his sense of mystery fully intact.

    I’m getting back into some writing after an interrupted few months of late. Will be expending last year’s flash piece Ghost Children of the Stocksbridge Bypass and dialling up the main character’s feelings of social alienation. Also from October I’ll be back doing the Dundee short stories class again via Zoom. Reintegration with the outside world, it’s definitely the way forward.

  7. Corey Heiferman

    August 1, 2021 at 11:08 pm

    If Cargo comes with bubble wrap and packing peanuts I’d return to my childhood habit of playing with the packing material and ignoring the merchandise.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip. Look forward to hearing more about it.

    We’ve had three poetry nights so far, are on the map. My partner and I are continuing as a duo with that project and are joining forces with three friends on the poetry scene to organize a big festival.

    Sometimes I wonder how organizing these events is affecting my development as a writer. Lots of silly questions about regard or disregard for an audience, writing in a garret vs. as a social pose. You’ve done both for a while, would be curious to hear your take on it.

  8. Hello Dennis!

    Wonder how much QualityOffensive must have paid for that bodysuit…

    These posts always awe and then slightly depress me with how great most of this writing is. It’s hard to put into words, though I imagine you’re probably well aware of it, but I guess it’s a sort of energy or forcefulness, kind of coiled and sprung into the language. Bits of sentences like ‘I shoved my arm up this skank and yanked it out until I had to peel him off the bed like a melted candle’ (I really struggle to imagine what this looks like which makes it an A*** metaphor for me) or ‘arrange an all holes open gang bang with a buncha skinny wimpy guys, do a slam and booty bump slam’ (the way this kinda rhymes [or does some other technique that I can’t remember the name of] so chaotically) were sorta studded in my mind today. Whatever it is feels well beyond my abilities, since I don’t even think you can put it down to the nature of the fantasies they describe, when I’ve tried to write stuff that tries to do a similar thing it just comes off as hoary and a bit fraudulent. Oh well. It certainly delivered on the darkness and wildness that you promised.

    Otherwise, thank you for your kind words about my rollercoaster idea! My brother is training to be an engineer so I might actually moot the idea of designing it to him haha. Though I think he ultimately wants to engineer sensible shit like bridges or houses… And I hope the weekend was suitably long for your jetlag to dissipate completely and (crucially) take advantage of its dissipation in whichever way you found fit. Here it’s been ok, I finished a first draft/attempt at a new short story which was far and away the personal highlight, and otherwise it was just getting some hours in at my summer job and *clenches teeth* a family reunion, but in fairness these all went as smooth as could have possibly been expected.

    Oh, and I almost forgot to say, the place I’m going to be moving to is called Nemours, and absolutely, if you wanted to hang out in Paris I’d be down for sure! I guess I’ll probably be keeping you posted as to when I finally swing round to those parts. Anyway, til next time, xT

  9. Dennis, Welcome back. And I’m glad you had a good time. 😀

  10. Hey Dennis,

    Quite an extreme bunch this weekend. I think our titular pony artist takes the crown, though it’s all fascinating. I enjoyed Friday’s compendium of kisses, too. Good stuff. I’m glad your trip went well. It’s very cool that you and Zac got to meet Soukaz. Continuing to explore his body of work this week (“Race d’Ep” was fun). “2666” is going very well—it’s sensationally well-written and extremely compelling, although naturally heavy going at some points. I’m just now getting to the infamous “Part About the Crimes”, so we’ll see how that goes. Everything else is mostly fine. Some up and down good and bad news that isn’t worth going into. Increasing anxiety as we approach move out date for college. That’ll be scary but liberating, too. Otherwise nothing’s going on. I got to see “In the Mood for Love” on the big screen today, which was cool. Oh, and I finally saw Fellini’s Satyricon this week, and it totally knocked my socks off. Easily my favorite of the few films of his I’ve seen and possibly an all-timer. (Those sets!) Those were my highlights since I last wrote to you. Let’s see if Monday brings some new ones. And how was your own weekend? Well wishes.

  11. Hey Dennis!

    Hope the jetlags better. Yeah I live in LA, in the northeast at the moment. I moved here 2 years ago so I’ve mostly been here during lockdown. Boring and weird, haven’t been able to find places to frequent. Excited to catch one of your readings for the new book. I’m from Las Vegas originally which has its own weird and boring vibes normally. Have you spent any time in Vegas?


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