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Gig #101: Of late 36: Little Annie, Rhys Chatham, Moonface And Siinai, Rhythmic Theory, Oreo Jones, Nasa Space Universe, Sculpture, Maarja Nuut, Guided by Voices, Ohal, Forest Management, Burning House, Cat’s Eyes, Extended Organ, Second Woman, Marcus Whale





Little Annie Midlife Lazarus
‘As befits a lady who once joked that her autobiography should be titled It Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time, Little Annie always lives in the moment. As a result, her art feels both fresh and timeless, no matter where, when, or with whom she makes it. Born Annie Bandez, she grew up in Yonkers, a New York City suburb two miles north and a world away from Manhattan. Movies and music—Sinatra and the Supremes, West Side Story and Song of Bernadette—stimulated her imagination and shaped her aesthetic. At 16, Annie bid adieu to “the Sixth Borough” and dived headfirst into downtown New York’s music scene. She lived at the Chelsea Hotel and went to the opening of Studio 54. A late ’70s Suicide performance at CBGB’s blew her rapidly-expanding little mind and taught her to never settle for mediocrity. Following a chance meeting with CRASS guitarist Steve Ignorant, Annie accepted his invitation to visit England, where two weeks became a month and eventually thirteen years. Whilst living at CRASS’ commune in Epping Forest, she cut her first single as Annie Anxiety. Created with Penny Rimbaud, Barbed Wire Halo (1981) boasts a pair of claustrophobic tape-loop collages interlaced with Annie’s unnerving vocals. From there she entered the orbit of UK dub innovator and On-U Sound label boss Adrian Sherwood. “I kept hearing about this madman who was doing 60-hour sessions,” Annie later recalled.”Adrian and I met, and within half an hour, I was doing 60-hour sessions with him, too.” She soon moved in his converted garden shed and became “Auntie” Annie to his children. Working with Sherwood, his wife Kishi Yamamoto, members of Tackhead, and the extended On-U Sound family, Annie crafted three remarkable albums— Soul Possession (1984), Jackamo (1987) and Short and Sweet (1992)—that stir deep reggae grooves, leftfield electronics, and Annie’s acute lyrics into post-punk’s sonic sea of possibilities. Her towering Rastafarian cohorts re-christened their diminutive colleague “Little Annie.”‘ — Tin Angel Records

Rhys Chatham Pythagorean Dream I
‘For Pythagorean Dream, Chatham revisits the pre-rock part of his career, building upon ideas Terry Riley introduced in the 60s. And Chatham’s experimentation in minimalism goes far, far beyond just looping and layering; tuning plays a key role as well. Tuning, in fact, is behind the title of this album; Chatham applied Pythagorean tuning (just intonation based on perfect fifths, each tuned in the ratio 3:2) to his guitar. In doing so, he adds another wrinkle in this unique combination of methods and instrumentation in order to forge unique music where the ingenuity of it can’t be read on sheet music because it’s all in how it’s put together. All instruments here are played by Chatham; there are no “100 guitars,” it only sounds so. There are also flutes and a trumpet, other instruments in which Chatham is proficient. Using the looping/delay effect pioneered by Riley, Chatham figures ways to make them resonate in beautifully odd ways.’ — Something Else

Moonface and Siinai Risto’s Riff
‘While his last few releases as Moonface have been solo affairs mostly comprising contemplative piano ballads, the upcoming My Best Human Face finds Krug once again teaming up with Finnish krautrockers Siinai. Lead single “Risto’s Riff” rocks harder than anything Krug has ever recorded under the Moonface name, riding a crisp motorik groove straight into an explosive chorus. And honestly, it’s exhilarating just to hear that voice fronting an actual rock band again. As Krug explains: “This song originated with a pleasingly simple riff from guitarist Risto Joensuu, hence the name. For a long time it had a down-tempo, nitty-gritty-rock’n’roll kind of vibe that ultimately left us unable to finish it in a way that we liked, though we weren’t exactly sure why. It was like maybe we were making a song for our dads, not ourselves. But then in the recording studio we changed the beat and started playing it really fast instead, and within an hour the music was finished and put to tape. And then we had a round of high-fives. Not literally, but emotionally. Like with our eyes. Eye-fives.”‘ — Stereogum

Rhythmic Theory Longevity
‘To the outside world Rhythmic Theory appears to operate with a shroud of mystery around him, but to us he’s a long-standing patron and parental figure in the development of Idle Hands. From the first strains of murky, UK-rooted techno that emerged from his enviable studio, it was clear that this was an artist who had finally found that elusive creative purpose in which to channel his imagination. Now after bearing down heavy on our own label, his own label, BRSTL, Happy Skull, Ancient Monarchy and A14 over the past four years, it’s a true pleasure to be presenting Rhythmic Theory’s debut album. You can never be sure quite how an artist will tackle the challenge of the long player, but the Bristol scene stalwart has delivered a concise artistic statement that builds on the themes laid out in his prior singles while capitalising on the wider space in which to express himself. The strings that linger in the upper reaches of the frequency band on “Longevity” call out to the sci-fi yearning of early Detroit techno, but laced with a very British bitterness.’ — Idle Hands

Oreo Jones Goldust
‘Jones has clearly found gold in the fertile Fountain Square music scene he’s been mining over the last couple years. Cash For Gold shines brightly from the effort. It’s a superb LP and a satisfying follow up to Betty, expanding on that album’s best attributes while developing richer textural nuances both musically and lyrically. This record cements Jones’ position as the most artistically ambitious rapper in Indy, and also establishes the emcee as an artist who has chosen not to ignore the the struggles besetting the impoverished residents of Indianapolis neighborhoods like Fountain Square.’ — NUVO

Nasa Space Universe Tiny Tim Allen Wrench
‘Nasa Space Universe have an element of bonkers about them. Since 2006, the Santa Ana punks have built a reputation for producing chaotic and fast hardcore with a strong weird/odd bent. Taking incomprehensible and wacko lyrics that blended science fiction and back-seat-tour-van observations on life, the four-piece play a nonsensical but raging style of punk. Their live shows are more akin to European soccer matches with flares and a whole lot of ruckus. But after ten-years the bruises were aking longer to heal so the four piece are calling it a day, their swan song 70 AD released this week on Feel It records.’ — Tim Scott

Sculpture Untitled
‘Sculpture is the duo of electronic music producer, Dan Hayhurst, and animator, Reuben Sutherland – manipulating physical and digital media into energetic amalgams, inspired by a continuum of exploratory practice in music and abstract visual art while following their own idiosyncratic vision – a DIY aesthetic encompassing auto-­production, pop music, noise, comic strips, abstract film and animation, collage and polymorphic techno. Live performance is integral to their work. Sutherland’s visual turntablism employs a library of zoetropic cards, printed with intricate patterns of illustrated frames which come to life when filmed with a video camera, projecting looping fragments of surreal, luridly coloured imagery into eyeballs and brains at 25 frames per second – mechanical imaging technology combined with digital video and software based practice, operating like a musical instrument. Hayhurst feeds tape loops, lo-fi electronics, and digital sequences to a battered reel to reel tape recorder, CDJ deck, walkman, sampler and FX units. Balanced on the edge of control, the resulting polymedia overload is raw, exciting, the process visible to the audience, experimental and joyous.’ — Tapebox

Maarja Nuut ÕDANGULE
‘Maarja Nuut’s practice of stripping things down to the most basic of musical propositions has, conversely, allowed the album to inhabit a colossal headspace. The relentlessly hypnotic, repetitive qualities that drive brilliant cuts like ‘Hobusemäng’ seem to be drawn from a restless never-sleeping otherworld. After a few spins of Une Meeles (especially when tuning into tracks like ‘Kellatoas’) you become aware that all ideas of modern time, aren’t that welcome or really necessary. This isn’t really surprising as Nuut has admitted that her mission is to explore the emotional spaces the border on the conscious, waking state. A track like ‘Siidisulis Linnukene’, for example, seems to form itself out of Nuut’s speculations whilst you listen. As if in recompense, our spatial bearings are marked out by a steady, “agrarian” sense of rhythm that then takes a number of diverse forms. These strange, incredibly simple rhythms exert a continual, and heady spell over the listener. Sometimes the spell is conjured up by patterns set up in the fiddle, sometimes it takes a cue from Nuut’s own foot stomping or hand clapping, or, most noticeably, through looped vocal lines; as in the spectral ‘Õdangule’.’ — Richard Foster

Guided By Voices Hotel X (Big Soap)
Please Be Honest is, in all honesty, a Robert Pollard solo album. After reforming Guided by Voices’ “classic line-up,” which lasted between 2012 and 2014 (a period in which they released a staggering six full-lengths), Pollard has resurrected the GBV name, writing, recording and playing every instrument throughout this LP’s 15 tracks. Considering Pollard frequently puts out recordings under his own name (his 22nd solo album came just a month ago), it remains curious as to what exactly makes Please Be Honest a Guided By Voices album. The answer may reside in the character of the music contained within, as Pollard has managed to release some of his most exploratory and experimental songs since his band’s early ’90s days. It’s a relief that tracks like “Kid on a Ladder,” “Glittering Parliaments” and the title track come off big and brash without feeling dumb, employing singular and eccentric melodies that allow Pollard to freely fuck with their creative edifices. Pollard seems obsessed with guitar textures and vocal effects here, making Please Be Honest an intriguing success.’ — Pop Matters

Ohal All Mine
‘In structure, Acid Park resists tautology and logos, flaunts that eternal reprise, that dual (ir)reverence that endears us to our imperfect modes of expression. Those old Spector-arranged, ready-digested pop jams slip their violent contexts, the Acme walls of sound tip over, smash on impact and bleed into the open air, becoming only more beautiful in doing so, as the lyrics to “Acid Park” exorcise the brutality at the heart of the classically romantic: “Holding our arms down/ Anywhere man goes.” As in, I could hold you down, girl. Acid Park is vaulted, unreliable terrain for exorcising the language of domination, where overlapping temporal modes and interstitial genre referents destabilize the unwavering brutality of the contemporary info-stream. Certain movements on the record make it hard to tell where you are within it, whether you are listening to a literal rework of something you heard earlier or merely the embossed shadow of an eternal trauma, manifesting in Acid Park’s raw particulate.’ — Tiny Mix Tapes

Forest Management Night 2
‘As Forest Management, John Daniel records profoundly elegiac drifts of ambient music that disarms everything in its path. Deploying subtlety and utter focus as his weapons of choice, the Cleveland-based dronesmith plays his melancholic movements like a more colorful or sunlit take on frostbitten tones pioneered by Biosphere (at his more beat-less moments) and Deathprod, almost nixing the sense complete isolation for warm beauty. The Contemplative Life, issued back in February on the always-rewarding Cathedral Transmissions imprint, bobs along frigid waters with the modern, celestial ambiance generally reserved for Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series, namely Triola or Markus Guentner. Sky Image, also issued earlier this year but on Twice Removed, dials back the aural lamenting to four tracks on a three-inch CD-R and focuses more on texture studies and negative space.’ — Secret Decoder

Burning House If You Won’t
‘Burning House’s debut album is a daunting prospect. Anthropecene clocks in at about 77 minutes, so listening in full requires serious commitment. And it does feel as though BH seek this level of focus from their listeners. Perhaps it’s the least that a band who have spent a year on the endeavour, and who were almost riven apart by the process should expect. The darkness and discomfort that Burning House battled through in creating this album runs through it in a rich vein of velvety blackness. Its scuzzy noise rock and dashes of wild MBV textures are a collision of comforting and caustic. On the dreamier side of the darkness, opener Mimosa is warm and fuzzy, like its namesake. The twinkling lights continue in the anthemic Mirror Song. The slow swagger of Souvenir calls to mind Mazzy Star. Its effects layer lightly. The whammy kicks in on If You Won’t for a full blown shoegaze workout.’ — Primal Music

Cat’s Eyes Teardrops
It’s not the error it may seem calling Treasure House Cat’s Eyes’ third album: according to the duo, the score they composed in 2015 for Peter Strickland’s Duke Of Burgundy is by all means an equal element of the band’s discography, its influence tangibly present on this new work. After a first record mainly inspired by Badwan’s passion for girl groups of the sixties and the orchestral soundtracking closer to Zeffira’s own conservatory studies, on Treasure House they find an impressive balance: classical, symphonic music melds with garage and post-punk, giving credence to the cliché that opposites attract, outstanding in its complex sounds and arrangements. From the offset there’s a cinematographic atmosphere permeating the 11 songs that, together, form the architectural blueprints of Treasure House.’ — Guia Cortassa

Extended Organ Hum Diddle Um Diddle Um
‘Extended Organ was formed in 1995 by Joe Potts, Tom Recchion, Paul McCarthy and me, Fredrik Nilsen, as an experiment in sonic interaction over a droning substate. Joe Potts provides an hypnotic, other-worldly undercurrent with his “Chopped Optigan,” a hybridized adaptation of a 1960s keyboard instrument that sources sounds from floppy optical discs. The group builds a music upon this substrate which moves through a sea of emotional currents. Though there is no conscious attempt to produce any particular mood, pathos, mirth, ambivalence, menace, and exasperation are expressed, sometimes simultaneously, producing something akin to a soundtrack for a nightmare. Through the decades that we have been playing together in a free improvisation format, we have developed instincts for how to play with and against each other, building aural structures and then undermining them. It can be an emotionally taxing experience which sometimes works very effectively and sometimes falls flat. It can also happen that, months or years later, we revisit the recordings and find them to work (or fail to work) in ways other than we’d first thought.’ — Fredrik Nilsen

Second Woman 100407jd7
‘Second Woman is a new collaborative project featuring Turk Dietrich of Belong and Joshua Eustis of the renowned Telefon Tel Aviv. As one would imagine, Second Woman is a nonpareil debut of futuristic electronic music fusing the coveted genetics of the duos respective previous endeavors into an alluring new enigma of ASMR-inducing kaleidoscopic dub. Second Woman is a fully realized entity; a well-crafted sound world and a refreshing shared effort which is inspiring in its purity and painstaking in its design. The deliberation and control over every particle is obsessive, but the end results of each individual track unfold with an organic temperament unparalleled in a grid-locked world of DAW shaped musics and rat’s-nest modular aleatory. Words fail where essential sonics are concerned, and this vital new creation speaks for itself.’ — Editions Mego

Marcus Whale My Captain
‘Storytelling is made all the more gracious when the person telling the story is willing to tap into their own experience, and get personal. Perhaps Marcus Whale‘s biggest applause should be directed at just how exposed this project feels, sounds and actually is. Inspired by origin stories of queer identity and the colonial dispossession, Whale’s debut Inland Sea is a visceral journey sold through the sounds of crisp electronica. Having already put the solo debut on the map through the release of singles Vapour and My Captain, which discuss the challenging processes on the topics of race, gender and sexuality, Inland Sea holds themes that make this debut unique to any other because it’s willing and able to tap into social complexities. From its opening track Inland Sea, one thing calls present – Whale is going to own this project live. His voice holds elements of the smooth textures associated with pop music, but it’s the darker tones that compliment every track, and the story they tell, perfectly. The record partakes in the form of both classical and experimental sounds of electronica. One second you are being immersed in the sounds of some harrowing yet beautiful violin, the next we are being pounded through some thundering percussive work.’ — the interns


p.s. Hey. Obviously shocked by you-know-what. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Jesus, as I guess everyone is saying, I really didn’t think that would happen. So, what are Scotland’s options now to try to stay in the EU, and is that outcome realistic? Glad you got a little sleep at least, and I hope you feel notably improved today. ** New Juche, Hey! I’ve only read that one Erpenbeck, but it sounds like they’re all pretty great, so I would guess you could start with whichever one you find first. Unless I’m blanking, I don’t think I know Augieras? I’m definitely going on a hunt to see what’s what. Chiang Mai, yes, okay. I know of it, but I don’t have any image in my head. Well, of anywhere in Thailand. Zac and I have been talking about going to Thailand on one of our trip adventures, so we’ll see. It’s good you can handle very hot weather. I just can’t. I lose my mind. Yesterday here it was hot (for Paris) and very muggy, and I couldn’t do anything productive at all. Have a super Friday doing everything possible. ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! That spa is truly amazing. The building/architecture of the place is something else, hard to describe, very mysterious, and the building was chosen few years back as the best architectural work in the world by some survey of prominent architects. My yesterday sucked. Well, there was a good part in that I got to visit with three good friends visiting from the States, but otherwise … I started coming down with cold. It was really hot and awful outside. And my wallet got stolen with all my money and my ATM card and stuff, so now I have to mooch off my friends until a new ATM card gets to me, which isn’t until late next week. And then there’s the UK vote to leave the EU. So yesterday wasn’t good, let’s say. Your lazy day sounds pretty utopian to me at the moment, ha ha, so not bad. Did you get to work on your writing and scrapbook? And then there’s today: how was it? ** Tosh Berman, Hi, Tosh. As always, may pleasure! ** David Ehrenstein, Nice ‘Pirate Jenny’ cover by the great Ms. Faithfull. For me, Nina Simone’s is still the ultimate incarnation. Thank you! ** Steevee, Hi. Well, no surprise that I think your review is massively generous. Everyone, I am employing a neutral voice to tell you that Steevee has reviewed Refn’s ‘The Neon Demon’, and you can read it. Yeah, you can find bits of pre-punk Stranglers online, and let’s just say they made the right decision. ** Heliotrope, Mark! Holy moly! Hi, my old and dear buddy! I heard about the hot and smokey. I won’t complain about the hot and muggy here. Shit, it sucks that you haven’t been feeling so hot. I have a cold, a mere cold, but I will muster some kind of healing vibe-type thing from that muck and teleport to you. Man, I miss you! I’m trying to sort out an actual lengthy-ish LA visit. I was hoping for July, but work ended up tromping that plan, so probably September, I guess. I want to see you! Tons of major love to you, Mark, and, yeah, do not ever hesitate if this blog starts to feel like a whirlpool. ** Jamie McMorrow, Bonjour to you, buddy! I’m suddenly broke, and I have an increasingly nasty head cold, but I’m all right otherwise. Work stuff is good, I just have to find a way to use my stuffed up and slightly feverish head to get some of it done. Your second Pastels gig was here! Do you remember the venue? Fuck, I hope that at least you’re earning a welcome added amount of money for the extra-added responsibilities that you’re suffering under. Cool about the diary. I’ll read it! I fear that bird’s shit was rather a bad omen, I guess. Scary shit. I’m fine, other than my stolen wallet and blah health. Just working on stuff. Lots of love to you! ** Misanthrope, Her work is good stuff, man. Eek, huh, it’s kind of cool if it’s a dead person’s stuff inside you. Huh. No, it’s cool. Not that I envy you, though. It’s like cannibalism without using your mouth. Well, I strongly encourage your London/Paris plan, as you can imagine. But I’ll hold my tongue to avoid jinxage. ** MANCY, Hi. Oh, me too about those romantic ideas. I wish I had the tech and other savvy to try something in that realm. ** Bill, Hi, B. Yeah, can you believe it about the Brexit thing?! What the fuck is wrong with people over 30 years old or whatever over there? I’m glad you’ll get to give the poor UK folk who saw through the racist, nationalist bullshit propaganda some of your brilliance. ** Okay. I made one of my gigs for you today. That’s that. See you tomorrow.


  1. Hey Dennis

    Re Augieras, I couldn't remember if it was a DC's post or the recommendation of a neighbour of mine, who is an encyclopedia of French transgressive literature. I could have sworn it was you, but it must have been the latter. In that case, check him out. Pushkin Press are I think the sole source of Augieras in English. My neighbour always talks about this amazing biography of him that is still in print, but it's only in French.

    Although the heat slows me right down without question, I still sort of have a fetish for it. It adds to the feeling of permanent intoxication that Asia has to offer, depending on your sensibility. If you and Zac do ever come out here then obviously I'd insist on entertaining you for a night or two at the very least.

    We are all reeling here a bit, from this morning's news. None of us thought it would happen..

    Have a great weekend! And I like Maarja Nuut.


  2. The U.S. stock market has just opened and is plummeting because of the Brexit vote.

    One of my neighbors has been tossing great stuff out lately. A few weeks back it was five Hemingway books. Yesterday it was a book about the Chelsea Hotel and a DVD of Ethan Hawke's (very good) Chelsea Walls (2001)

  3. @ Jamie McMorrow, thanks for your kind words, they're very much appreciated! I'm bearing up well and am being well looked after.

    I've just been picking through the social media debris all day since the fateful vote. What's really terrible is how it's the older generation that betrays the future of youth, and also how Brexit was used as a protest vote by various disenfranchised communities, like mining towns in Wales heavily reliant on EU subsidies. So is it then all about racism? Maybe we get the politics we deserve. Or maybe people are too ready to believe what they read in the tabloid newspapers.

    Another Scottish Independence Referendum is now “highly likely” according to first minister Nicola Sturgeon, but this won't be the way anyone would have wanted it to come about.

    I've still got the catheter in for now but at least the football kicks off again tomorrow.

  4. Dennis, tomorrow I'll be accompanying my family on our annual summer trip to Maine, where we shall be spending a week at a cabin by the lake (this is, I believe, the 4th or 5th year in a row that we've done this). Because the place to which I am going does not have (to my knowledge) HBO, this means I will not be able to watch the "Game of Thrones" season finale until Saturday next week (I know, I know, First World Problems). For this reason, I will be shunning almost all social media until then, so this will explain my absence ahead of time (should anyone on here wish to contact me for whatever reason, just send me an e-mail at rexpop@cox.net). Actually, this might be a refreshing thing: a whole week without having to see or hear about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Feel the Bern, Brexit, Chewbacca Mom, and what have you.

  5. Hi!

    No wonder! Actually my first thought when I saw the pictures was how my architect friend would go crazy if she could visit it! Okay, that was my second thought after the initial wow, this is gorgeous.
    Oh, God, this is really awful! I'm so sorry about your wallet and ATM card! Do you also keep your personal papers in your wallet?
    In this light, my lazy day does sound quite utopian, hah. I actually didn't get to my writing but I got obsessed with a zine idea so today I had almost a hundred photos printed and I'm working on it now!
    Thank you for the dose of new music!
    I hope you could cure your cold before it got worse! How are you? How was today?

  6. Here's my review of Hong Sang-soo's RIGHT NOW, WRONG THEN. I think you'll feel more sympathetic towards this one.

    The L.A. Review of Books is finally publishing my Terence Davies interview tomorrow.

    I went to Other Music today, on their penultimate day of business. Unfortunately, the store was pretty thoroughly picked over and they didn't have any of the new releases I wanted. But I got albums by the Cure and calypso singer Mighty Sparrow.

  7. I'm very sorry to hear about your wallet. That must be a total pain in the ass. Didn't something like that happen to you just a year or two ago?

  8. Re today's Gig, the LGI here blocks any video streaming so I'm sadly unable to check any YouTube links until my release. But I see Rhythmic Theory is part of the current UK techno renaissance, so I'll check Longevity as soon as I escape.

  9. Grant Maierhofer

    August 29, 2016 at 4:51 pm

    Welcome back Dennis!

    Fuck yessssss!

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