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p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Yeah, agree he’s terrific in the Rivette. Well, if Zac and I ever do a film where we’re interested in working with pro, recognisable actors, he’d be on the list, I think quite possibly. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. Ah, too bad about ‘APoaLoF’. I may have mentioned this, but one of the main actors in that film, Adèle Haenel, is the star of the ARTE TV series we’re working on. She’s also increasingly a friend and a terrific person. I don’t know ‘Midnight Family’. Everyone, Today’s Steve-generated review/wisdom regards the film ‘Midnight Family’, and it can be found here. ** Kat, Hey! Intense year, yeah, me too. Wait, so how can I hear your music? How can I find it online? That’s very exciting! Gimme gimme. And very cool about the experimental music/sound event running and sound designing. You’re talking my language there since ‘experimental music/sound’ nails 90% of what I listen to these days. Awesome, such good news all around. Very happy for you, pal! ** Bill, Well, I’m not hugely surprised, it’s true. ‘Opium’ is apparently a legendarily terrible and laughable film. It has pretty much disappeared even here in France. Doable is good. Always best or even imperative to start overly ambitious and then find your backwards to doable. That’s my modus operandi at least. Cool. ** Okay. Today I seem to have decided to give you a vertical bouquet of artificially magical flowers just because I like you. See you tomorrow.


  1. David Ehrenstein

    Is the “Barbara” film any good? J’adore Barbara.

    <A HREF="😉 Here's "Flowery" for ya!

  2. David Ehrenstein


  3. _Black_Acrylic

    These flowers are beautiful indeed, but today is one of those days when I really wish the internet had a ‘fragrance’ function.

    I had a driving lesson this morning that went very well, and I’m advised that spring in the new year would be good to aim at for my test. So I’ll take my little book of driving theory down to Leeds with me over Xmas. In the UK we have this scheme called Motability that enables disabled people to lease a new car, and that gives me something to set as my New Year’s resolution for 2020.

  4. Kat

    Yeah, I was pretty excited to read that Puce Mary is doing the score for your next film! I got that right, right?! All my music is on bandcamp.. I forget how to do links here but it’s
    Feel free to check it out if you want to. There are some one off things, some shorter loops and then the ep that I spent a lot of time on, and I’m pretty pleased it for what it is. I’m working on various things now.. seems like two different directions of minimalist and noise. I hope that next year will be more focused on making music and maybe even performing some for the first time.

  5. 7

    Unrelated to the flowers BUT: you’ve been hitting the nail on the head with content (who’s surprised)- I just started following the blog a couple of months back and found out about Kip Kinkel independently of it-I bought a copy of the Romeo + Juliet score for my car last week having never heard of the shooting and my boyfriend shocked me by informing me of the whole thing (he knows i have an obsession with school shooters but doesn’t have the same stomach for it that i do, so it’s crazy that he knew about him and i didn’t). i look up a picture of him for more info because why wouldn’t I, and the first image I clicked on took me to your blog post about him….obviously. I laughed out loud. Do you know about Randy Stair? If not, you would definitely find her interesting.
    also, Jan Svankmajer’s ‘Alice’ was the movie I loved in my younger years that convinced my mom I needed to go to therapy. she wasn’t wrong, but the concern stemming from me consuming that specific content still seems arbitrary. Needless to say, my former 14 year old self got extremely excited by that post the other day. Meat Love is definitely still my favorite of his.
    also i hope the above news about Puce Mary scoring is true!! Fredie so talented, my power electronics project has been trying to get out to LA to set up a show with her. She’s playing in new york soon though apparently which should be sick, so I’m gonna try to get down there for that if i can actually manage to leave the house.

  6. SCL

    Is Adele Haenel dating Gisele Vienne? Thanks.

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