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Tala Madani The Gift, 2015
oil on linen


Kembra Pfahler, Urs Fischer, Spencer Sweeney Disco Cock, 2018
mirror on styrofoam, Cock: 238 x 61 x 58.5 cm / Balls (each): ø 51.5 cm


Voina Giant Galactic Space Dick, 2010
‘On the morning of famed revolutionary Che Guevara’s birthday in 2010, the group Voila created a 65m (213ft) tall drawing of a gigantic phallus on the Foundry Bridge in Moscow. The drawing did not take long to complete (23 seconds). However, it did deliver in terms of the message that Voina wanted to pass across. In short, the drawing of the phallus was created as a giant “fuck you” to all the Russian authorities that have operated through years with corruption, impunity, and oppression.’


André Saraiva Untitled, 2012
‘Portuguese graffiti artist André Saraiva’s central showpieces include a huge pink dildo that gives kiddie rides for coins.’


Raphaela Vogel Müssen und Können (Necessity and Ability), 2022
Polyurethane elastomer, steel, brass, anatomical model, cart


Jelisaveta Grozdic Penis Canvas 02, 2018
Oil on Canvas


Judith Bernstein Fun-Gun, 1967
Bullets and Acrylic on Distressed Canvas


‘Maurizio Cattelan uses the gallery owner as a base for his project. As a matter of fact, gallerist Emmanuel Perrotin agreed to put on a costume, created for him, and to wear it for five weeks. This plushy costume was made by specialists of Italian cinema. A cartoon caricature, this animal would not go unnoticed at Disneyland.’


Pablo Picasso Sans Titre, 1967
ink on paper


Christopher Wool Penis Perils, 2008


Hans Bellmer Penis ejakulatus, 1969
Pencil on paper


Paul McCarthy Dick & Broom, 1997
C-print mounted on aluminum


Hopi Pueblo Representation of Penis, 1904
Wood, cloth, pigment


Pyromaniac Metal Crotch Guy Surprise, 2018


Salai Doodle, 1495
‘Casual reminder that in one of Leonardo da Vinci’s many notebooks containing innumerable artistic and scientific sketches and notes of incomprehensible important, there is a sketch of two penises with legs and tails walking towards a crudely drawn anus. The sketch was most likely done by Leonardo’s apprentice Salai, who was not only very likely one of Leonardo’s lovers, but who was also infamously mischievous. Better yet, the anus is literally labeled “Salai.” So either Salai drew these while Leonardo wasn’t looking just to annoy his boyfriend, or Leonardo himself put actual time and energy into drawing these.’


Jana Euler Under this perspective 1, 2015
Oil on canvas


Tricky Props Bloody Severed Penis, 2017


Peiqi Su The Penis Wall, 2014
The Penis Wall, a kinetic sculpture by artist Peiqi Su, is made up of eighty-one 3D printed penises that each have six segments driven by servo motors. Equipped with an ultrasonic distance sensor, each unit can respond to a viewer’s movements. Moreover, the Penis Wall can also be used as a display to represent data. For instance, the waving willies can be synched with fluctuations in the stock market.’


Nicólas Guagnini Him, 2014
glazed ceramic and book


Sarah Lucas Beer Can Penis, 1999
aluminium beer cans


Lutz Bacher My Penis, 1992
Gelatin silver print


Anonymous #ciapaipaebae, 2020
‘In Venice, in Piazza San Marco next to the Basilica, a white Carrara marble sculpture was briefly exhibited representing a phallus with a mask, with steel cables that simulated the elastic attached to the testicles of the figure. “The penis is a symbol of vitality. Venice is alive and it needs to live. It’s a thought-provoking call to be tough (in Italian, it was “hard”, clear double-entendre), to never give up and to get back on one’s feet” said the anonymous artist.’


Tim Noble & Sue Webster Bloody Haemorrhaging Narcissus, 2009
Bloody Haemorrhaging Narcissus comprises a sculpture on a tall plinth whose cast shadow creates a silhouette of the artists’ facial profiles. This shocking work is made from a plethora of bright red silicone rubber casts of Webster’s fingers and Noble’s penis in various states of arousal.’


Liu Xinhua Penis On Duty, 1995 – 1997
Penis On Duty continues from 3 May 1995 to 14 February 1997. Each day, Liu Xinhua used ink to paint his penis on a page of Concise Encyclopedia Britanica, wrote a brief remark, and signed the date.’


Juan Davila Holy Family, 2019
‘A painting of the Virgin Mary cradling an enormous penis in place of Jesus Christ has sparked outrage in Australia. Griffith University in Brisbane has said it will not remove the image of Mary manhandling the massive member despite an outcry from church groups.’


Daniel Edwards Tom Cruise Penis: Study for The Shroud of Scientology, 2015


Peter Lenk Friede sei mit Dir, 2009


James Lee Byars Penis Letter to Jon Thompson, 1985
Gold pencil and watercolour on Japanese paper


Grayson Perry Object in foreground, 2016
’68-centimeter-tall glazed ceramic phallus is adorned with bank notes, images of city workers, and the face of the politician George Osborne, UK’s chancellor of the exchequer.’


Richard Newton Touch a Penis, 1976


Soraya Doolbaz Benito Mussoweenie, 2016


Robert Morris Teeth and Penis, 1964


David Hammons Body Print, 1974
symbolic painting


Andy Warhol n.t. (Dick Dressed in a Vest), 1956
Graphite on tracing paper


Wolfgang Tillmans Cock and Clothes, 1994


Gregor Schneider Corpse with Erection, 2004
Cast rubber, expanding foam, garbage bag and clothing


Simon Zoric Cock & Balls, 2013
Silicone, Crepe Hair


Taro Masushio Rumor Has It, 2021
‘Masushio has created an exhibition centred on the work of Jun’ichi En’ya, one of the first Japanese homoerotic photographers known colloquially as the ‘Uncle from Osaka’. Not much is known about En’ya save for his years of birth (1916) and death (1971), his marital status and occupation, and that he photographed over 2,000 men. Upon accessing En’ya’s archive contained in a humble apartment on the outskirts of Tokyo, Masushio found that the few hundred photographs and negatives he saw there are the tip of the iceberg; many more were dispersed, or worse confiscated and destroyed, due to the strict Japanese law on the possession and dissemination of pornographic images.’


Lee Lozano Untitled, 1963
conté crayon on paper


Jayne County Three Wise Penises, 2020
acrylic and ink on canvas


Robert Gober Male & Female Genital Wallpaper, 1989
2 offset lithographs on affiche paper


Alexei Biryukoff Penis Research Facility – Block A, 2017
oil on wood panel




p.s. Hey. ** Jim Pedersen, Hi, Jim! Me too, and hypnotised me at the same time. ** Misanthrope, Yeah, they don’t tend to rerun those shows much anymore, but I think they could develop a passionate following among the stoner set. Any doc news? Thanks for the RG report. Maybe I’ll get to sneak in a view this weekend during our editing break-ette. ** _Black_Acrylic, Occasionally some anime maker still tries to use that technique but it’s all self-conscious and ironic now, and the sincerity of the old, low tech version is what makes it wild. I haven’t read a Jarman bio. I think I remember people telling me there is a good one, but … check goodreads? Did you know that the boy who played Caravaggio in Jarman’s film directed that Elton John biopic ‘Rocketman’? Weird. ** Jack Skelley, Dear Dave, It pains me to say this but ‘Suzanna’s Still Alive’ is a fine enough composition to compete with some of my own, generally much finer Kinks tunes. That flyer, yes! I don’t remember the gig very well, but I do remember making the flyer. Sexy! Your scribblings were very revealing, sir. Editing is proceeding at a solid clip and very well, thank you. Love from me and Wicked Annabella, Ray. ** Mark, Ha ha, glory hole, that’s inspired! I don’t know Trulee Hall, but I’ll check her out thanks to you. I was anti-Beats as a teen. They were too, I don’t know, into America or something for me at that point. I knew Allen a little, and he was nice in a way, but, boy, was he a sleaze. I always wanted to go to Naropa, though. Oh, well. It would be so great if zines made a come back. I think people are trying. There really should be a website that’s the equivalent of Factsheet Five. Maybe there is? I’d love to know. But, yeah, I agree, and it’s not nostalgic. Zines are great form. The Queer Zine era was one of my happiest life periods. Big up. ** Tosh Berman, Someone should adapt Proust in a Syncro-Vox-style film or mini-series. But I’ve never read him, so what do I know? Mm, I can’t remember what time of day those shows were broadcast, but, yeah, I don’t remember them being Saturday morning fodder. Didn’t there used to be blocks of animation scheduled for just after kids got back from school? Maybe not. ** Jamie, I think it says in that interview with the woman who was partly behind those Synchro Vox shows that they cost about a couple of hundred dollars to make, so I’m guessing there was a glorious rush and sloppiness as a result? I’m good. The editing is going very well. We’re making very good pace, at least so far. I think we have about 40 minutes edited in initial, rough form. We’ll be editing all summer and ideally having something ready enough to submit to festivals in the early/mid fall. Essays are really hard. I’ve written them but I have a rough time writing them and I finally swore off writing them. But it’s a great form, and lot more flexible that one might think, I think. ** Steve Erickson, Wow, that’s shocking. What in the world?! What a terrible person. Commiserations supreme, that’s rough. Like I said to Mark, it’s hard to see zines making a big comeback without some venue, almost certainly online, to catalogue their existence and pointing interested parties at their purchase points. But they’re definitely still being made and dispersed in more localised ways, which is great. Who knows, though? It would make a definite positive difference if they could make a comeback in at least a smallish broad way. ** Bill, Well, they were cheap. Like, really cheap. Which I think is one of the reasons they so tripped me out. They were like the ‘Teletubbies of their era or something. Yeah, I remember thinking the Burroughs cameo broke the spell too. ** Nasir, Hi, Nasir! I’m good, how are you? Welcome. Cheers from Paris. It’d be cool to know more about you, etc. if you want to hang out here anytime. Take care, and thank you a lot in any case. ** Right. I suppose if there was ever a post that needed no introduction, it’s probably this one. See you tomorrow.


  1. Mark

    Printed Matter does a pretty good job with queer zines I believe individual publishers need to submit their zines to Printed Matter. I went to their store in NYC and was able to browse a pretty large selection. But it’s not comprehensive. I like your idea of something more broad and inclusive.

    Speaking of dicks, have you been to the Tom of Finland Foundation? That house has more cock-per-square-foot than any house in the solar system!

    The beats were really a stepping stone for me as teen. From them I got back to the french symbolists and other more obscure queer stuff. I actually find Kerouac kind of annoying. I mean, just such suck Moriarty’s dick and get it over with, right???

  2. _Black_Acrylic

    Would be kind of an obvious choice, but early Kusama sculptures were very heavy on dicks. Some of her best work in my opinion.

    That Caravaggio actor Dexter Fletcher first came to prominence on kids TV in this really good show called Press Gang. I would always watch that after school. His fellow editor was played by Julia Sawalha and I had the hots for her big time. She’d go on to play Edina’s daughter in Absolutely Fabulous and then just faded away into nothingness. Good to know DF is making a success of his post-Press Gang career, though.

  3. Mieze

    I‘m thinking more of „dick around“. Did you say you were going to see Sparks in a couple of weeks? My frenzy of work is subsiding into the nothingness of summer holidays. No earning, blank skies, and early-early morning wake-ups/get-ups for remote long walks. Nothing as unbearably hot as last year this time, thankfully.

    Wishing all well to the edit process of your film, and best regards from Switzerland.

  4. Misanthrope

    Dennis, Yes, doc news and it’s not great. I have yet another hernia. The mesh failed. Her advice was to get it taken care of sooner rather than later. Which makes sense. Now, I just have to figure out how I’m going to go about it. Yuck.

    Barring any unfortunate weather, RG will be going all weekend. We’re looking at the third round and there will be some fun matches. Good for a break-ette.

    I hope your weekend goes well. I’m going to watch some friends’ kids play soccer tomorrow. And then we’re going to do our family game night that canceled last weekend because Kayla’s memory is shit. I do have to go into the office Monday, though, for my one-day-a-month appearance. That’ll suck, but I’ll get through it.

  5. Darbz 🐘🎪

    Omg. Im retarded. I’m going to copy and paste what a said a while back ago because I posted it on the wrong thing. But I might come back tomorrow because I did have something to say today’s post! but I dont want to talk alot ok bye!

    Me from the past:
    Helloo! OH yeah the dino! Yes, the reason why I am always changing that is so I can find my name easier! Ive also been really thinking about that Elephant Tyke who ran away from the circus. She’s been in my head alot. That was in Hawaii I swear u told me you’ve been there? Did you see that?
    You told me about the pigeons, I think I said to say hi to them the last I remember. Do u know some French? There was this carrier pigeon during ww2 they named Cher Ami . I think they were taxidermized haha. I saw a turtle today on the road and I had to get someone else to pick him up for me because his shell was chipped and his organs I could see pulsing and it made me sad. Or that’s how I remember it. Oh! That’s great you liked it! A blog solely dedicated on pigeons would be funny, I am not sure that’s what you meant, but still! I have been reading a book called Laika’s Window about the soviet cosmonaut dog program and its really good but I stopped reading it for a bit because it made me sad when the dogs were introduced and then died the next page. Its a really interesting, informative take on animal sacrifices for the name of science etc. Oh there’s one more thing I wanted to ask! But idk if its too weird or unusal–its nothing creepy or serious…It has to do with this big plan of what happens next with the book and running away from this really gay boring place but i’ll mention it tomorrow if you are ok with that. I hope I kept this really positive and not unbearable to read.
    Idk if you would consider us friends I thought about it a minute ago and im thinking I think I could now consider us that since its been a bit but im always paranoid so I had this weird fear awhile back with telling people things and trust but if so either way i’m fine!
    I feel like a lot of things are going to change for me at home. Really big things!
    Dream of Resin and silicon molded sleep!

  6. Jack Skelley

    Dear Noel Gallagher — Paul McCarthy’s “Snow White” also sports a plethora of dildos. I met Dave Davies on a plane 5 years ago coming back from Europe. Super nice. He clutched his Les Paul like a baby. The Kinks have a million classic songs, but much of their hooky-ness derives fr Dave’s guitar arrangements. That’s common knowlege. or is it? My scribble about Tim Dlugos is total Tim: “He kept kissing my crucifix.” (Wasn’t he in the seminary at one early point?) Best continued enjoyment of editing!!! Shitty migraine kept me up all nite last nite but I won’t mention it. Next week is FOKA pub week!! I have a plan for a very original DC Blog post !!! love, Liam Gallagher.

  7. David Ehrenstein


  8. Bill

    A festive gallery to kick off the weekend, Dennis. I first saw Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s work at the Freud museum in London maybe 15 years ago, totally blew my mind. I’ve probably walked within a block of the Peter Lenk mural many times (it’s in Berlin), but never actually saw it. Obviously an item for my next visit. I see the Masushio show on Enya was actually in Hong Kong, when it was in deepest lockdown; no way I could have seen it. There’s very little online on Enya; I’m checking with a Japanese photographer friend on more info.

    Hope editing continues to go smoothly. 40 minutes, wow that’s fast. Work is finally winding down a bit. There are a handful of curious events in the next few days; let’s see how many I actually get to.


  9. bruno msmsmsm

    hi dennis! it’s me again. answering the question “how and who are you” that you asked me a few days ago: I’m doing okay! what about you? the second part I always find more complicated to answer: I’m an ordinary 21-year-old brazilian boy, sounds boring isn’t it? I started reading your books very recently and discovered your blog this week, and just for the record: both are fascinating to me, you have such great taste!

    also, another great post! I didn’t know any of these art pieces, but the ones i enjoyed more are: “Hans Bellmer Penis ejakulatus, 1969”; “David Hammons Body Print, 1974” and “Robert Gober Male & Female Genital Wallpaper, 1989”.

    furthermore, are you making a movie?

    kisses from brazil!

  10. Steve Erickson

    I assume my psychiatrist dropped me because I complained to his boss about his habit of phoning me hours before our session was supposed to begin and expecting me to talk then.

    It’s funny how Instagram lets people post images of prosthetic cocks, including gruesome scenes of castration, but would ban anything close to actual genitalia.

    Do you and Zac have to continue editing through the weekend, or are you able to take it off?

    Three pieces of mine were published today. For Artsfuse, I reviewed PADRE PIO ( and Romance’s two albums of 2023 ( (Scroll down to the bottom of the “Short Fuses” page for my romance review.) And I wrote about King Krule’s SPACE HEAVY for Slant Magazine:

    • Kettering

      Hey, Mr. Erickson–
      That’s atrocious about your dr. (doesn’t deserve the Cap.”D”). And right when you’ve been dealing w/anxiety, etc. I’m so sorry to hear this has happened to you. Really feels like there’s no relief sometimes, doesn’t it? But I’m curious if you’ve been working on anything new, musically? I’ll check the usual spots (Bandcamp/ Sound Cloud). Most times, here in the Sates at least, yr on yr own, so what you do creatively is one of the only ways to be human… at least that’s the way I’ve had it.
      I did have a question about your writing as well. To what extent do you chose who/what you write about for the magazines you publish in? I always wonder if they represent stand-alone recommendations, or if they’re ‘commissioned’.
      So, hang in there. Best–K.

      • Steve Erickson

        Thanks re: the doctor. I’m not sure how things will pan out in the long term, but I’m OK right now.

        I’m writing songs for a new album, but they’re coming slowly. My first official remix is in the works too; it should be released this summer. If you follow me on Bandcamp, you’ll get an E-mail whenever I post new music there. (I’ve abandoned my SoundCloud page.)

        Generally, I suggest review ideas to the outlets I write for, but they don’t always go for them. It’s rare for any of them to just assign something to me.

  11. Nasir

    Oh I’d love to keep up with this blog as much as I can, sometimes it’s hard to find something interesting to say or whatever but I do enjoy all the posts here.

    I know you get this a lot but your work has really open up something for me creatively and figured you should know that!

    On an unrelated note, have you ever seen The Dreamers by Bertolucci?

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