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DC’s ostensibly favorite new Halloween animated props of 2017 *

* (Halloween countdown post #1)

Giant animated Grizzly Bear violently rips a human victim in two.


Fortune Teller $ 3,675.20
Fortune Teller asks if you would like your fortune read and slowly moves hand over crystal ball, then leaps forward, arms lift with multiple head movement while screaming bloody murder. Comes with Character, Fortune Teller booth unit, Strobe light, crystal ball, curtains, Pneumatics, Programed controller and Motion sensor. PLUG & PLAY! Custom Sound, Digital sound & Powered Speakers Included. REQUIREMENTS: AC power and Air 100 psi. Ships Freight! Free crating. Foot print for booth is 32″ d x 40″ w x 90″ h.


Screaming NFS
Super scary screaming zombie Halloween decoration, freaky undead Halloween prop animated with pneumatics (air pressure) and with sound effects. My neighbor’s grandson created this thing! It’s a work of art!


Evil Tree $3,194.95
When activated, his eyes glow red, branches wave and the Evil Tree shouts out angry warnings. Suddenly, both branches come forward as if to catch the unsuspecting victims. Includes digital control with sound.




Cat Crate $499.99
Insane zombie kitty thrashes and howls inside her crate!


Buford the Animatronic Hillbilly $ 4,350.00
Realistic movement, moving mouth, arm and body, hand painted, comes with motion and sound.


Flip the switch to our Animated Haunted Movie Projector and watch as reels turn and the projector plays a vintage-style clip of a skeleton dancing to songwriter Scott Joplin’s ragtime hit, The Entertainer. Caught in an otherworldly moment between Fred Astaire and Day of the Dead, this is one of our most unique curios of the haunting season, and the perfect opportunity to serve up some popcorn just crawling with spiders.


Boars Ripping Apart Zombie with Guy Lowering Victim $1,295.00
A pair of enormous squealing wild pigs rip and thrash apart a zombie victim suspended above them, hung by his foot by a hillbilly character lowering the victim.


Animated skunk turns and spray.


Something is Wrong in the Morgue $ 3,400.00
Detailed Morgue foot locker is filled with 8 pairs of frozen bodies, then 4 pairs of feet start to kick and twitch while the top one slides out 12″ while kicking. Comes with fully detailed foot locker, 8 pairs of feet, pneumatics, programmed controller, motion sensor and Audio. Foot print needed for wall panel and rig 27″ d x 48″ w x 84″ h. Ships freight. REQUIREMENTS: AC power and Air 100 psi.


Tire Swing Zombie Boy Sold Out
Make your yard something the whole neighborhood will remember when you decorate with the Tire Swing Zombie Boy. This incredibly creepy animated decoration features body infrared sensors that initiate this prop to emit eerie noises.


Undead Cat £17.95
This undead cat prop is awesomely hideous and is the size of a normal house cat! At a first glance it looks like a real cat, but when you notice the huge yellow eyes and skeletal body you realise it’s a freaky undead cat! His head even swivels so you can make him face either way.


IT LIVES $ 6,300.00
This is the full Frankenstein experience. Frankenstein lays on table then Dr. talks about his creation, throws the knife switch, sparks fly, then table falls forward and frankenstein comes to life as he leans forward reaching and grabbing at the patrons. Comes with Frankenstein and Dr., Table, Overhead light bar with stands, knife switch, Pneumatics, Programmed controller, motion sensor, sound clip and powered speakers. PLUG & PLAY!


Moving Monument $299.00
Animated prop tombstone perfect for your cemetery or grave scene. All electric! This is a “made-to-order” product! Allow a minimum of 3-weeks production time.


Zombie Eating Dead Horse $1,725.00
All electrical zombie feasts on the guts of a dead horse.


Laughing Man $437.00
Life-sized animated prop depicts a creepy man who shakes with crazy laughter! Just the right prop to accent your haunted scene! Made of foam-filled latex, this full-standing figure includes a CD with scary sounds.


Living Dead Fall Down Reacher $ 2,700.00
Ghoul Stands above on top of your 8′ tall maze walls, then Ghoul falls forward with torso bending and arm grabbing while head turns left to right. Comes with Character, Rig, Pneumatics, Programed controller and Motion sensor and Audio. Audio package includes: Digital audio player, Powered speaker and Audio scream effect. Foot print for rig: 35″ wide x 36″ deep x 70″ tall. REQUIREMENTS: AC power and Air 100 psi. Ceiling Height needed 14′.


Bending Clown Reacher $ 2,700.00
Clown Stands above on top of your 8′ tall maze walls, then Clown falls forward with torso bending and arm grabbing while head turns left to right. Comes with Character, Rig, Pneumatics, Programed controller, Motion sensor and Audio. PLUG & PLAY! Audio package includes: Digital audio player, Powered speaker and Audio scream effect.


Moving Trees EUR 218.85
Our Moving Halloween Trees create a certain level of fairy-tale fantasy. Once plugged in, branches glow steady with bright, amber-colored LED lights, with each section gradually rotating and moving up and down—maybe they’re dancing, or maybe they’re reaching out to grab a guest. The scene that’s set is up to you! Each tree is attached to a sturdy metal base and has two separate cords, each requiring its own separate power source connection: one for the motor to activate movement; one to activate lights.


Animated Gothic Girl $117.00
The Gothic Girl isn’t a great on her own but when you put her in a scene or haunt as a secondary character she works really well. Last year I put a blacklight in my storage shed and had a infant sitting right in front of a TV showing nothing but static. It was pretty creepy. I placed the Gothic Girl over to the side where you couldn’t see her unless you were in the shed. The prop worked great and complimented the infant staring at the TV. The Animated Gothic Girl doesn’t really say anything. When she’s activated she just moans and sways from side to side and her arms move. She is 64′ inches tall and doesn’t weigh very much.


Zombie Containment Unit NFS
This is my Zombie Containment Unit prop for Halloween 2017. It’s built around two zombie videos from Hi-Rez Designs. I used Front Panel Express to manufacture the panels. They engrave the text on the panel then infill the engraving with ink. I added a Fusion 360 archive and the .STL files for the bar graphs to my circular bar graphs repository on github. My username over there is bikerglen. I used Sculpteo to fab the 3D printed parts, Front Panel Express to fab the CNC’d parts, and OSH Park to fab the PCBs. I bought a small moving head light with custom biohazard and skull and crossbone gobos and some LED blacklights. I’ll see what I can do with them. If they work well, I’ll add DMX to the FPGA. Otherwise, I’ll use them in a side show controlled by xLights or Luminair 3.


A pair of large vicious dogs thrash and tear apart a captured zombie. Dogs feature various head and body movements, victim features jaw movements synchronized to his screams. Guy Holding Dogs Optional hillbilly handler to hold dogs, character swivels and arms react as jaw movement allows you to add synched dialogue to character.


Crawling Corpse NFS
I made some of these back several years ago, but the motors and such that I found back then, have dried up.


Autopsy Torture Victim $2,692.00
Bloody victim awaits next torturous act while strapped to an autopsy table. When activated the legs and torso thrash and flail up and down violently.


Fright Fridge $2,995.00
Unsuspecting fridge flies open as full sized corpse leaps from within, reaching and thrashing for your patrons.


7 Ft Kidnapping Zombie Reaper Skeleton $299.99
This animated Halloween prop is an intimidating 7 feet tall and features a skeleton wearing a tattered black outfit with long shredded-gauze accents. Children beware; this Zombie Reaper Skeleton Man is holding one child he already caught! Child has pigtails and is wearing a pink onesie and screams and flails about. This scary decoration is easy to assemble with quick-connect poles and includes volume control. UL power adapter plugs into any outlet. Assembly required. Action and sound effects: eyes light up head and torso turns from side-to-side. He has a disturbing laugh as the child screams and flails about. Activation options: Steady-on Infra-red sensor (works up to 6.5′ feet away & works in all lighting conditions) Step-Here/Floor Activation Pad (included)!


Menacing Molly $179.99
Sweet little Molly loved to swing beneath her favorite tree from dusk ’til dawn. She would play by herself for hours and hours with no one else in sight. For the most part, Molly enjoyed being alone, but sometimes she would get really sad and lonely. Molly loved Halloween because she would ask all the children passing by to come play with her. With each decline, Molly began to have thoughts from deep within. Her demons started to take control and take over Molly’s pure, innocent soul. If you see her swinging at night, just be warned… She may look cute but she is willing to do absolutely ANYTHING for some friends. Her demons feed off of the innocence of those passing by… and Molly is always, always hungry.


Tapping Peeper Banned
If lurking in on our Animated Tapping Peeper doesn’t get your heart racing, you may have already passed on to the otherworld. Jeepers creepers! Visitors to your haunted house will be shrieking with delight as he stares at them through the window, then audibly taps three times, as the unsuspecting draw near. Our Halloween peeper may also be set to “on,” so he will automatically tap every 10 seconds. The lifelike, three-dimensional design and real fabric hoodie makes this fright night intruder startlingly real.


Animated Teenaged Dinner $7437.50
This teenage victim is still alive! Full length animated teenage body is gutted out. Victim’s head is slowly moving and legs are twitching. This gory body prop is designed to be filled with ‘blood’ and has a plastic container foamed into the body. Included is the Bubba cannibal prop who eats him alive. Gruesome! Includes movement control, digital sound and speaker. Requires compressor at 60-80psi.




p.s. Hey. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. Yeah, I know, and of course I was half joking too. Really want to see ‘Ex Libris’. His films show here a fair amount, so I’ll likely get a chance. And ‘Western’, which I hadn’t heard of. Hm, intriguing. ** Armando, Look, man, chill out. You’re really overreacting to what Steve wrote and what his intentions were. Enough with the hostility please. And hi. No, just sound editing today. Doing that eats the whole day. Our film’s budget is somewhere around 125,000 Euros. ‘The Sluts’ isn’t the longest. Well, maybe by number of pages, but it has a lot of blank space. I think ‘Guide’ is maybe my longest in terms of the actual writing. I’ll have to think about my favorite longest novel. There have been some. What’s yours? ‘Measuring Change’ is excellent, of course. I have to rush this morning to get to the sound studio, so I can’t lay the film out now, but, yeah, it’s superb. ** David Ehrenstein, Morning, maestro. ** Misanthrope, Hi, G. Oh, I have this problem with, like, pre-event anxiety, sort of like what you said: dreading things and getting stressed until they happen, and then, when they do, I’m, like, Oh, no big deal. Strange. My best guess is that Gisele’s stuff hasn’t gone to DC because there’s either no money or because Gisele isn’t a known thing in the US, so there’s no guarantee that enough people will show up to warrant paying for her work to come overseas. And my attached name isn’t a big draw either. Kind of, what do you call it, a Catch 22? The work can’t be known there until it’s there, but it’s not known enough to get there. Sucks. ** New Juche, Hi, Joe! Thanks! ** Bill, Hi. I’m glad someone else caught the Eno reference. That squib got that escort a berth here. And, yes, the haunted house escort! Listen, man, don’t think I haven’t dallied with becoming a potential guestbook commenter in my strange mind. Oh, no, another fake? Or a Torbjørn Rødland model with other things on his plate? Did you get some decent prep for your gig in this weekend? What’s the gig? Oh, hm, I guess knowing the sources would help, and I haven’t read that novel in ages, but wouldn’t just knowing the movies be enough? Hm, good question. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Wow, the YnY crew are a jet-setting bunch. That’ll pay off in the end. Do you go watch football in person, or do you mostly watch it on the box? Yeah, I guess so on the steroids. They have such a bad rep or negative hype or something, but obviously they can do more than just inflate bodies. ** Dóra Grőber, Hi, Dora! Hooray, thank you, and it seems like it went really well. The blog traffic was really strong this weekend. I’m so happy and so happy that you’re happy! I am really looking forward to bringing the actors in for the dubbing. Especially Benjamin, our star, as we haven’t seen him since the shoot, and he’s so fantastic in the film, and I’m excited that he’ll get to see at least some little examples of his great performance. My weekend … oh, this sucks. My trust laptop has finally started its death throes, and now I have try to keep it artificially alive until my new laptop arrives in 10 or 12 days. Getting a laptop with an American keyboard in France is a lengthier process than I realized. Ugh, But it’s still sort of working. Otherwise, not too much. Zac and I had a visit, and I laid out my ideas for our new film, and he loved them, which means we can start working on the script, and that’s exciting because I’m dying to do that. How was your Monday? Thank you again so much for letting SCAB run the blog’s show! ** Kyler, Hi, K. Busy in the park is good. Sweet. Nice little profile of you, buddy. ** Chris dankland, Hi, Chris! Thanks so much for your great words to Dora. The film is getting near the finish. Most boring part? Mm, I guess, like everybody who makes films usually says, it would be the ‘dead’ time while you’re waiting for the crew to set up the equipment for the next shot, which can take a frustratingly long time. Yes, I saw Burroughs read a few times. Best reader? If I were to say best reader as opposed to coolest person to have seen read, I would say that when Kathy Acker was really on, she was an incredible reader. Amiri Baraka was an amazing reader. Guyotat. Eileen Myles is an excellent reader. Any favorite writer/readers of yours? ** Thomas Moronic, Hi, T. My weekend was all right apart from the beginning of the death of my computer. Nice fall weather. Pretty low-key. Progress. Not bad at all. See any particularly good art? ** Okay. Today the Halloween season beings at DC’s, an annual tradition beloved by me and likely less so by everybody else, ha ha, but oh well. Expect Halloween-relateed posts 2 or maybe 3 days a week from now until the end of October. Perfect time and occasion to learn to love the holiday if you don’t already? See you tomorrow.


  1. “Look, man, chill out. You’re really overreacting to what Steve wrote and what his intentions were. Enough with the hostility please.”

    No, sorry. I didn’t “overreact” at all. And I wasn’t “hostile” whatsoever; I just responded to the disrespectful and insensitive comments made against me as *ANYONE* who doesn’t enjoyed being kicked while he’s down would. My words and reaction are absolutely and utterly justified. This person doesn’t know me at all; doesn’t know at all what my life is and has been like at all; we’re not “buddies”, we’re not “pals”; we’re not friends *AT ALL*. I don’t know them. And yet they have the nerve to post frivolous, mocking, insensitive, rude and disrespectful comments when I’m in a lot of pain and trying to deal with my severe and suicidal depression, severe OCD, severe anxiety, self-harming, severe ADHD and PTSD and I never even addressed them at all. It’s very rude and tasteless to intrude in a conversation where you’re not included, addressed to and that is none of your business. Maybe you think it’s easy or a walk in the park to try to deal with *ALL* these issues and then get disrespected with idiotic comments made by someone you never even had any intention to address at all. I didn’t ask for their opinions or comments. Maybe you don’t understand why being in the mental state and condition I am in, I’m in no mood to tolerate hostile and mocking idiocies. Did it occur to you *at all* that that is what caused my reaction you mischaracterize as “overreaction”???!!! It’s very clear this person has it in for me ever since the day I committed the unspeakable, unpardonable SIN of daring say some truths and facts about their beloved murderous, incestous, raping, homophobic, anti-semitic, torture-crazed, pedophilic, misogynist, terrorist Religion Of Peace. It’s quite clear their stupid comments were made with malice. That’s the problem with regressive pseudo-“leftists” SJW adult-children. The moment anyone dares say or express *ANYTHING* they don’t like; the moment anyone makes it clear they don’t think *EXACTLY* like them and doesn’t have *EXACTLY* the same opinions on *EVERYTHING* as they do; they throw tantrums. They hate Freedom Of Speech and cannot and will not ever accept *ANYTHING* that contradicts their narratives in the slightest. So sad. If I were a woman, *NO ONE* would dare say shit to me and *EVERYBODY* would respect me; especially with all the things, issues and problems I have to deal with on a daily basis; but I’m a male, so anything and everything is fair game. I don’t even know why I’m bothering to waste my time writing this to you, since you’ve already automatically decided whom you support and think is in the right and whom you don’t support and think is in the wrong, and you *OBVIOUSLY* won’t change your mind.

    Finally, just think about this: In the whole decade I’ve been posting here; before this bullshit; have I *EVER* caused or provoked any trouble *AT ALL*??? Have I *EVER* insulted/disrespected/mocked/attacked/been rude to *ANY* local *AT ALL*???


    • Armando, you know nothing about me and my life experiences. In the past year, I’ve kicked an addiction to prescription drugs and been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I think we may actually have some similar problems, but you act like everyone should know automatically what your issues are without spelling them out. I realize now that I was inadvertently making fun of a serious spell of anxiety, and I was wrong to do that. but guess what? I suffer from serious anxiety, I take Klonopin too, I’ve taken Xanax in the past. I know enough about these drugs to get the feeling that if one has taken them in the quantities you claim you did, one might be incapable of typing. I think one should be honest about drug use, but if the result sounds like boasting about abuse (referring to a drug as your friend certainly does), it’s open to criticism, and what I said was actually *very* mild.

      As for the shit you posted about Islam, I’ve spent the past few months directing a film starring an Arab-American actor and programming a series of films by an Iranian director. This has obviously involved working in close collaboration with people from the Middle East and they’ve told me how difficult is to be Muslim or even an atheist from a Muslim country is in the US since 9/11 and especially under Trump. Your attitude of completely demonizing everything about Islam and Muslims is symptomatic of the kind of the thing that leads to a culture under which my friend Mehdi, who has aided me with the Iranian film series, described an Iranian-American actor friend only being able to get roles in which he plays terrorists. Or on an even more serious level, in which Muslim women risk getting assaulted if they wear headscarves on the subway. Frankly, if you even use the word “SJW,” I’m not going to take a word you say seriously. Islamophobia makes me see red, but I posted a measured progressive political response instead of calling you an ignorant racist.

      You post incredibly nasty stuff about filmmakers like Gregg Araki and Paul Verhoeven, but you can’t take the slightest criticism and expect everyone to know all your problems and your life story, while completely misunderstanding my intentions and my own life story (much of which I have detailed on this blog in the past). You say I’m intolerant of anything that contradicts my politics, but I’m not the one who completely flipped out the way you did in what you did above at having someone disagree with your position about Islam; I wrote a completely reasonable and measured response to something that was rather hateful. You just can’t stand disagreement. Grow a thicker skin and a sense of humor, stop acting like such a drama queen and acting like everything in life and art deserves a completely extreme response.

      • Also, you’re posting about your life in a public space where anyone can read them and respond. There’s no barrier here that says I can’t do so, even if you’re pissed off that I do so. I honestly thought that anyone who’s familiar with Sofia Coppola and Gregg Araki films would also know who Future and The Weeknd are and what their lyrics are like. If you post in a public forum, you have no right to tell me I can’t respond to you.


    Dennis I like the tree best. I always found the tress in “The Wizard of Oz” far scarier than the Wicked Witch and her Flying Monkeys

    • Well, I will be away from my computer for much of the day and when I get back, I have to write about WESTERN. I just hope Armando can chill the fuck out at some point. I’m not trying to escalate this, but the election of Donald Trump has actually had the positive effect of teaching me to stand up for myself and being a lot less shy than I used to be.

      • I want to end this conflict. If Armando had provided the context he later did, I never would’ve thought his original post was a celebration of abusing tranquilizers to get high and criticized him for it. He seems to think I should’ve automatically known stuff he never told me at that time. but that doesn’t matter. I started this, I made a mistake and I’m very sorry. I think it’s pretty obvious my opinion of him as a person is rock bottom at this moment due to the stuff he’s said to me in the past 2 days (some if it having nothing to do with our original conflict), but I want to ignore him and enjoy this space as a peaceful one instead of bringing some of the nastier aspects of Facebook here.

  3. A thoughtful piece about A.E. Houseman greatly admired by Alan Bennett (see “The History Boys”) as a figure of sensitivity and sadness.

  4. Ah, it’s that time of the year again! Umm, does that Moving Monument seem a tad phallic, or is it just me?

    Sorry to hear about the laptop troubles, Dennis. I’m hoping mine will hang in there at least till after the gig in 2 weeks; more details closer to the date. I did get some good prep done, despite all the work distractions, sigh.

    I’m enjoying the baroque wordplay in Pinocchio in Venice so far. It may be a bit exhausting for the work week though.

    Saw “mother!”; cutting out the 2nd half would be a vast improvement. I guess I’ll wait another 15 years before checking out another Aronofsky movie.


  5. Hi!

    The first Halloween post! Thank you for this treat! My top three favorites are the ‘Moving Monument’, the ‘Laughing Man’ and the boars eating the guy. I’d die if someone put the ‘Tapping Peeper’ in my window, though, haha. Which ones do you like the most?

    I’m repeating myself but thank you once again! It was an enormous boost for SCAB!
    Ah, this must be so exciting! Showing the actors some of the final or almost-final scenes! Do you have an exact date already, I mean when you meet them again?
    Oh no. I’m sorry about your laptop! I’ve never even thought about how tricky the keyboard situation must be in a foreign country! I hope the new one arrives as soon as possible!
    Is your new film the one about Fujiko Nakaya’s fog sculptures or is there a new idea? Anyhow, I’m happy to hear everything goes well and you can start working on the script!
    I’ve mostly been preparing for yet another self-help group today. The members requested some “games” last time so – even though I’m not a huge fan of psychodrama and such – we decided to give it a go this Saturday. It’ll be an entirely new experience but with willing participants, it might be useful and even fun. We’ll see.
    How was the day on your end? I hope you had a lovely one, Dennis!!

    @ Chris Dankland: thank you so, so much!! It means the world to me, really! Bringing in and encouraging pornographic/sexual content is one of my main goals with the magazine – I, too, think there aren’t too many literary publications doing that today. Which is weird but… not a bad thing for SCAB, I guess.

    @ Thomas Moronic: thank you so much!! I hope you’ll like what you read! And indeed – Slackerbitch is immortal. I also have to grab the opportunity to tell you both ‘A Certain Kind of Light’ and ‘In Their Arms’ served as huge inspiration for SCAB! So thank you ever so much for them!

  6. Dennis, thanks so much for posting about my reading! It went great. I hadn’t read in public in like 4 years, so it was interesting to read again. I was a bit cautious about doing a conversation, having to talk “about” the work, but my buddy David who led it was wonderful and I really enjoyed it. A big crowd, with such a nice feeling in the room, people I’ve known for 20 years, current and ex students, and strangers.
    I hope the film work continues to go great. I’m excited for you guys. I’m super tired, but am on break from school so very happy to chill. Have a great day!

    DORA, I loved your day for SCAB. Such great music and inspiration choices. Placebo’s 2nd album is a favorite of mine. I gota check out that Courtney Love song, which I’m not familiar with. I checked out the journal too, it’s wonderful, very very inspiring. I’ll submit something for yr next issue!

    • Thank you so much!! It means a lot to me! The Courtney/Hole song is definitely worthy of checking out – it’s an originally unreleased demo from the album ‘Nobody’s Daughter’ (which I also love a lot).
      I’m truly so happy you loved SCAB! And of course, you’re more than welcome to submit for the second issue! It’d be an honor!!

  7. Halloween is officially on the way! I want each and every one of these, Dennis. So psyched for the Halloween onslaught!
    I need to start making plans!

    Dora – thanks so much! That’s really awesome to hear and very kind of you to say xx

  8. WESTERN is a product of “Berlin School” director Valeska Grishebach, and it’s her first film to get US distribution (although I don’t know when it’s getting released) or much festival exposure here. Fellow “Berlin School” director Christian Petzold has found modest arthouse success in the US – in fact, his last film was the most popular foreign-language film released here whatever year it came out – but his peers have had very limited exposure. A story of working-class Germans in Bulgaria, WESTERN explores the semi-colonial relationship between Western and Eastern Europe, but in a fairly subtle and deceptively casual way.

    Tomorrow at the festival: Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s sci-fi film BEFORE WE WAKE.

  9. Two pieces of very good news: I should have the next rough cut of my film on Wednesday and my Dario Argento essay is finally being published on Friday. Of course, I will link the latter here, and I hope the film is finished soon.

  10. So the Animated Tapping Peeper is banned? That hardly seems very fair, it seems to be on the more subtle and enjoyable side of scares.

  11. aw shit, it’s that time of year again !! seeing this post makes me happy, it’s like the changing of the leaves or something. i loved the grizzly one and the skunk one, having them for my living room would be cool. i’m a sucker for the ones that bend forward and grab at you, haha. just wanted to say i’m glad that it’s Halloween season at DC’s.

    if i had to pick my favorite performer, i think i’d say mike bushnell, he’s a great reader.

    talk to u later !! take care

  12. Dennis, I think Menacing Molly is the best one. The Evil Tree reminds me of Dante’s “Inferno.” The suicides are all stuck in trees.

    I thought that was probably the thing with no DC showings of any you guys’ work. I’m kind of embarrassed. This is a major metropolitan area. There should be someone willing to take a chance, you know? Just put it on, advertise it, etc. But I guess not.

    Though I will probably have to go into DC to see “Call Me by Your Name.” I really want to see that. It looks like it should be pretty good. We get nothing my ‘burb but the blockiest of blockbusters. Ugh. I’ll probably go it alone too because nobody will want to see it. My one friend went with me to “Manchester by the Sea” and said it was too sad and thus not very good. I told her that that’s like saying a comedy isn’t very good because it’s too funny.

    I guess that’s another thing with this area…finding people are simpatico on such things. Not that I need others to be such, but it’s nice every once in a while to catch a good movie that someone else likes just as much or at least can appreciate.

    Oh, and get this. So I do have one friend who was really interested to read some of your stuff, if only because she wanted to be a good friend to me and was also kind of piqued by my interest. I bought her two of yours for Christmas a few years back, Try and God Jr. Later on, she’s like, “Yeah, I don’t read paperbacks anymore. I only read on my e-reader. If you want to buy them and send them to my e-reader, I’ll read them.” I didn’t even bother. She’s a very close friend, but that’s always bugged the shit out of me.

    Arcade Fire was fucking excellent. Kayla and LPS had a great time. They really liked it. A lot of gay couples there. I don’t know why, but I didn’t expect that. Some families there too, mom and dad and kids. That was cool. But yeah, really good show.

  13. Hey, Dennis!! How’s things?

    Been a busy and odd year (back and forth sorting out my mum’s stuff etc), but always excellent to see your Halloween posts starting up for the season! I think I’d choose PIERCED CHAINSAW JANE, Buford the Animatronic Hillbilly, Animated Gothic Girl, Tapping Peeper, or Animated Teenaged Dinner.

    P xx

  14. I like the cat crate!

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