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DC’s ostensibly favorite animated props for Halloween season 2019 *

* (Halloween countdown post #1)

The Pig Meister $678.00
Watch Out the Pigmeister will get you..this animatronic prop goes for a brutal attack if you mess with his meal. Squealing and trying to hack you up. Works off 100 psi..sound , controller and 6 ft dead body all included.


Clown Shutters start to bang open and close slow then faster making a starling sound. Comes with Shutters, Pneumatics, controller and motion sensor.


Cagey the Clown $299.99
Cagey the Clown is an animated Halloween prop released in 2019. He is a towering clown with a white and red outfit, a head that appears to have cracks on his forehead and fiery orange hair in the shape of a star. He also holds a cage that, depending on the version, has either a small clown or little girl inside. When activated, Cagey’s torso and head move side to side as his eyes blow and mouth moves while speaking scary phrases, and the caged character moves back and forth in the cage while laughing/screaming.


Hellevator $699.95
A ride on my Halloween Hellevator! It got upgrades this year with the button and floor displays, and it is automated, so I didn’t have to run the thing all night!


Morgue Body Storage $3,993.70
Detailed Morgue foot locker is filled with 8 pairs of frozen bodies, then 4 pairs of feet start to kick and twitch while the top one slides out 12″ while kicking. Comes with fully detailed foot locker, 8 pairs of feet, Pneumatics, Programmed controller and Motion sensor. Audio package includes: Digital audio player, Powered speaker and Audio scream effect.


Animated Ghostly Tricycle $101.97
An old timeworn tricycle rolls back and forth all by itself! Sounds emanate from the prop like kids laughing on a playground, wheels squeaking, and wind blowing in the background. Creepy! Measures 16 in high x 26 in wide x 11 in deep.


Frankenstein’s Awakening $7,625.00
This is the full Frankenstein experience. Frankenstein lays on table then Dr. throws the switch. Sparks fly, then table falls forward and Frankenstein comes to life, reaching and grabbing at the patrons. Comes with Frankenstein and Dr., Table, Overhead light bar with stands, knife switch, Pneumatics, Programmed controller, motion sensor, sound clip and powered speakers. PLUG & PLAY! REQUIREMENTS: AC power and Air 100 psi. Rig footprint: 120″w x 96″d x 100 h.


Bloody Boat Kid $399.99
New accurate scarey boat kid, height is 49 ” tall he’s bigger and badder upgraded. He shakes, screams, tries to pick up his severed arm.


Moving Bridge Air-Powered $2,995.00
This incredible air-powered prop moves back and forth, up and down, and side to side as guests stumble from one side of the bridge to the other. A great additional to any haunted attraction!


Kiddyland Kombo $1,688.99
The Kiddyland Kombo includes our Kiddyland Swing, Maypole, and Teeter-Totter animated props and is part of our Kreepy Kids series. Amazing for your own Kreepy Kid scene! This all electric animatronic props are high quality and durable, as you have come to expect from Distortions. Perfect for Home haunter yard scenes, creepy dark attractions, and Halloween decorating. Requires AC Power. Comes with link for Kreepy Kids audio download.


Spine Extraction $3,214.00
Tortured soul is restrained to a wooden chair while head is enclosed in metal box. Suddenly the chain above lifts the box up ripping the head and the spine with it. Spine is lifted 12″ out of the body! Comes with character, pneumatics, programmed controller, motion sensor. (Plug & Play). Custom Sound, MP3 Player & Powered Speakers.


Interactive Fortune Teller $5400
This amazing animatronic works automatically or with a voice actor behind the scenes. Speech Sync matches her mouth motion to the operator’s voice or a pre-recorded soundtrack, while realistic head and arm movements create a totally convincing experience. The interactive video screen can offer custom visual clues and comes standard with mystical video imagery. A miniature video camera with microphone allows the operator to see & hear the guest.


Undeath from Above $3,281
Zombie waits above standing, then leans over, arms grabbing before rail breaks away and falls 32″. Arms and torso move and grab. A Great element of surprise.


Russian Mob Coffin Ride $3,495.00
Newly updated, this sturdy steel coffin ride is incredible. As you lay in the coffin, you hear, smell, taste, move and feel all of the horrible things the two Russian mobsters do on the way to dispose of your body. Pays for itself many times over if you charge $5 per 3-minute ride. Plug and Play.


Tiny Terror – Dead Eye $949.00
This hillbilly is small of stature, with a big temper! He sits in a rocking chair with his air blaster shotgun at the ready. If someone gets too close to his property, he blasts away then rocks back and forth. Includes tank, hoses, timer and trigger. Requires 120VAC and 90psi air source.


Fiendish Doctor $3,039.00
The doctor is in! Doctor stands over his prey needle in hand. Just when you think you are safe he turns and lunges 5 feet at you shaking the needle side to side. Comes with character, pneumatics, programmed controller and motion sensor.


Fresh Meat $459.95
Realistic and gory, bloody guts hanging out. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Wiggles and swings! 48″ tall. Fully programmable. Requires 90 PSI air and 110 VAC.


Nightfright is a creepy zombie girl Frightronic prop . All electric animatronic prop moves and shakes. Clothing may vary. Comes with audio download.


Impaled Iggy $1,595.00
Life size Impaled Iggy thrashes around on his own section of wrought iron grave yard fence (included). Operates on 110VAC and 90psi. Exclusive Haunted Enterprises Creation.


The All Scare Asylum $15,000
These individual scares are designed to work with the standard plywood wall system that most haunts already use. Only a small rectangular hole cut is required. Since each unit has a very shallow depth, they fit almost anywhere! Each scare is unique and unexpected. Optional motion activation is available on all products and multiplies the effect. We’ve chosen an insane asylum theme for presentation, but as is true of all of our creations, all masks, costumes and deco are changeable and customizable to any haunt theme.


Lunging Wheelchair Maniac $3,598.70
Man is sitting in wheelchair with legs cut off, then chair rolls forward 48″, man springs up from chair while head moves in multiple directions. Comes with Wheelchair, Character, Pneumatics, Programmed controller and motion sensor. PLUG & PLAY! Audio package included: Digital audio player, Powered speaker and Audio scream effect.


Dura Gunshot Male Putrefying Body $2,795.00
Lifecast Gunshot male body features a gunshot entry wound on one side and a large exit wound on the other side of his head, closed eyes and a muscular build. 5’9″ tall. Emits realistic, nauseating rotting flesh aroma. Cast in high-strength, high-detail urethane rubber skin with smooth seams. Great for projects that need the strength to withstand regular rough treatment.


Bombed To Bits Male With Beard $1,895.00
Lifecast polyfoam male body blown to bits by a powerful blast. Emits realistic, nauseating aroma of rotting flesh and gunpowder. All pieces included. Great for haunt explosion scenes.


Animated DJ Skeleton $99
Whether you’re a DJ or not, you can appreciate the Animated DJ Skeleton Decorative Halloween Prop . When music is life — or maybe death — you can’t pass up a skeleton with light-up eyes and the ability to mix music.


Animated Bug Blender $64.99
Not quite the same kind of protein smoothie you make at home. Guests will get a surprise when they activate this blender. Dimensions: 6.30 x 7.09 x 14.37. Requires 3 AA batteries not included. Features strobing lights and terrifying sounds! Shocking surprise inside.


Runaway Patient & Dr. Shock $5160
Where does this nut think he’s going? Dr. Shock tries desperately to get Runaway Patient to come down for his therapy appointment. The results are electrifying! Realistic movements in each character complete the illusion. Additionally, an optional output is provided to activate flashing lights, which coordinate with the soundtrack to simulate electrical shocks. Sound system included.


Suicide Scenario $694.95
This is not for young children or the weak of heart! Actor puts gun in mouth or under the chin and “blows out the back of their head” splashing it on the wall or window behind them. Very realistic! Recycles the fluid back for minimal refilling and maintenance. Used as an entire room scene, the shock of your guests will create a lasting effect. When used as gorilla marketing for your haunted attraction, party, corporate event, or just to scare the folks down the block, it will never let you down.




p.s. Hey. The young Scottish writer Chris Kelso interviewed me about PERMANENT GREEN LIGHT for 3:AM Magazine if you’re interested. If so, it’s here. ** David Ehrenstein, Thank you. Yeah, it holds up. Everyone, Mr. Ehrenstein’s FaBlog has a new goodie at its top called ‘The “Seventeen” Excuse’. What does that title hint at? Find out. Also, if you’ve been curious about what exactly David has for sale in his long running and, by now, probably legendary house/garage sale, he listed the items in this weekend’s commenting arena if you missed it/them and want to go back and check. ** KK, Hi, Kyle. Cool. How was ‘Desolation Center’? It’s among my most-want-to-see films right now. Man, you’re reading some unimpeachably great books there, in my humble opinion. Leve is great. Even here in France, his books were largely overlooked until he died, whereupon they were declared great, unluckily too late for him. Lentil soup rules, totally agree. Borscht too. I’ll also put in a good word for Gazpacho. Hope your weekend did the trick maximally. ** Bill, Thanks. Yeah, I didn’t check all the links to see if they were dead, oops. Swezey is a really lovely guy. He co-ran the great Amok Press, as you probably know. Can’t wait to see the film. Grr. ** Sypha, I actually knew that you like Louis Wain to the point that I wondered if your love was the original impetus for putting him in there. And, yes, your excellent essay on him … Everyone, If you scoured the Varioso, you know that Louis Wain, cat lover and depicter, was one of the topics. Well, none other than James ‘Sypha’ Champagne wrote an essay about Wain for none other than Yuck ‘n’ Yum Magazine a few years ago, and may I suggest you supplement your knowledge of Mr. Wain by adding James’s input? Here goes. ** Kyler, Oh, me too, trust me, re: your grandma’s soup. ** James, Gosh, well, thank you, man. Same back to you. ** Keatouac, That’s a good one. I’d wear silver pants if I was in my mid-20s or under. Thanks about the weekend’s big V. ** Misanthrope, Thanks, G. Yeah I’m going to bring the Variosos back. I don’t know what took me so long. A bunch of them are full of long dead things, of course, so I’ll have to be selective. Good, good, all good, about the novel’s far along and tightening work. You’re gonna have the best immediate future of all of us, I predict. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. Yeah? I just don’t think I could figure out any reason that I would ever go see ‘Hustlers’. But, hey, using Scott Walker is a nice surprise. ** Dominik, Hi, big D! Thanks a lot. Yeah, I’m very happy with the novel, and my trusted reader was enthusiastic. My trusted reader also confirmed my instinct the it’s a tough and intense book, so … Now it’s at its first big hurdle, i.e. my agent is reading it. So, she has to like it enough to agree to handle and sell it to publishers, and, like I said, I think its a toughy, so I’m on pins and needles waiting for her response. Yes, best SCAB yet, I totally agree. Super exciting! And what’s next is equally exciting. You’re coming to Paris next summer! And with Anita! I’m already really, really looking forward to that. How cool! I hope the interview leads to a big yes. Fingers ultra-crossed. My weekend was pretty lowkey, it turned out. I had a bunch of plans for Saturday, but we had a huge protest/riot here as the Yellow Vests returned to action, and the metro was kaput, so I was stuck in my hood. Bunches of love to you, and I hope your week starts with all kinds of fireworks. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Kopel’s awesome, so glad you liked the poem. Yes, I’ll restore more Variosos, thanks! ** Natty, Hi, Natty! Yeah, it was really great to get to finally meet you and have such a fantastic visit! RAIDD, huh, never heard of it. Nice name. And I’m happy you both experienced Berlin’s darkness and dug being dipped in it. That sounds fun. Thank you a lot for the links. I had stupidly forgotten the name of the filmmaker and was going to write to you and ask again. And the ‘in’ with Women is a big help too. How is it being back in Pittsburgh? Are you a new man? Take care, pal, and I hope to see you again soon! Love, me. ** Paul Curran, Thanks a lot, Paul. I sort of can’t believe I actually finished it. For a long time, I thought it might be a permanent half-dead duck. Use my completion skills as impetus for yours, if that works and helps. Oh, it looks like Tokyo/Japan in the second half of January. Gisele is supervising a Japanese version of one our pieces that’ll play in Kyoto then, and I think that timing is the cementer. Take care, bud. ** alan, Him, Alan! How very nice to see you, sir! No, I still haven’t seen the Tarantino, stupidly. No one I know here has much of any interest in seeing it, so I’ll have to go alone, and seeing movies alone is not my favorite thing for some bizarre reason. I hope I haven’t missed it. I am especially intrigued by the period LA setting, you bet. I’m glad to hear it’s a good one. I’m expecting to really enjoy it. How are you? Thanks so much for coming in. ** Armando, Hi. Both of those plans got killed off by the big protests/riots on Saturday and their metro-shutting powers. I think the Serra stops playing on Wednesday, so I’m going to try to see it today or tomorrow, if I can. You weekend sounds like it resembled my weekend pretty much. Later, man. ** Okay. I am very happy to announce via today’s post the beginning of the Halloween season here on the blog. If you know this place, you know that a Halloween thematic will gradually be heavily encroaching on the goings-on here, and I strongly encourage you to get in the mood and join the celebration. See you tomorrow.


  1. David Ehrenstein

    I’d like a mechanical “Thing.’ A crawling hand would be so nice to have around the house for Halloween. Or actually any time at all.

    That ist of items I have for sale is the tip of the iceberg. If you live in l.A., contact me via and come on over to see all I’ve got.

  2. Sypha

    Man, some of these things sure are expensive! I wonder if the B&N I work at will play Halloween music again like they have in the past come October. Since April this year they’ve done this new system where they just keep playing adult “indie” music from the 1990’s/2000’s continuously, and while there are some good songs by this point I’m kind of sick of it all… it doesn’t help that there are mainly only about 250 or so songs in the rotation, which is kind of limited.

    I released a new album on Mauve Zone Recordings yesterday, CROOKED LOOKING GLASS, which is essentially an album of cover songs, some of which I’ve done over the years, a few which I recorded specifically for this project:

    It was the 49th release on MZR. Next up is the big 50th one, but I’m not sure what it will be yet. I do know that I want it out before I turn 40 next year, and I also know that my musical activity will probably become heavily curtailed in the near future… feel like I’ve been neglecting writing as of late, and in recent years I’ve become more cognizant of the swift passage of time.

  3. daniel

    hmu for coffee this week. my number is 503.473.6487.

  4. Armando

    Yay, the Halloween Posts are officially here!

  5. _Black_Acrylic

    I’m thinking the Bloody Boat Kid is the most visually striking thing here, but any frugal spookster could knock up something similar for way below that $400 price tag. Some inspired use of colour though. The gore on that bright yellow mac is such a sight.

    Thursday next week is the return of the short story writing class, which I always enjoyed. We went to Dundee’s McManus Galleries earlier in the year and I was due to write something based on Joseph Paton’s Beati Mundo Corde painting of the virtuous Sir Galahad being seduced by two buxom fairies. Maybe there’s something trashy about these Pre-Raphaelites but I do respond to it somehow. Maybe some Arthurian legend fan fiction is called for?

  6. Misanthrope

    Dennis, The season is upon us! Okay, I’ve got to get a legit haunted house this year, remember? Maybe that crazy one in VA where you have to sign the waiver. Though I think that’s an overnight thing, so I might no do that because of that angle. But I’ll find one. And I’ll do it. You do one…or more…and we’ll compare notes.

    Okay. Wow. I’m humbled. Thank you. Really. Thank you.

    This last chapter…it’s gotta be everything. Though maybe the way to approach it is to think it should be…nothing? And then it’ll work out. I’m going to spend a lot of time on it.

    However, this next to last chapter…I’m not done with it yet, I’ve determined. There’s something bugging me. I need to give it some time and some thought. But it’ll turn out all right.

    Again, thanks for that. 😀

  7. Steve Erickson

    Does Skrillex start playing when you turn the animated skeleton DJ on for that authentic undead feel?

    Your link to the 3 AM interview is actually a link to yesterday’s blog post.

    The new Pedro Costa film is awesome – exquisite framing and lighting, not that this is a surprise.

    HUSTLERS is fun. It’s interesting to see a female director use the influence of Scorsese, especially GOODFELLAS, in a story about women planning crime.

  8. cal

    Hey dennis

    Sorry abput the spotty responses im working long night shifts so days of the week dont really make sense anymore lol. I like the Male Putrefying Body, looks like a fun prop for a short film, something really weird and disquieting. The pecs are so defined just on the cusp of looking like breasts which is neat. How have you been?

  9. alan

    Do try to see it. I’ll keep an eye out for your review. I’m doing okay, thanks. Writing as usual.

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