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‘Three-dimensional (3D) information plays an important part in medical education. Appreciating complex 3D spatial relationships requires a strong foundational understanding of anatomy and mental 3D visualization skills. Novel learning resources have been introduced to anatomy training to achieve this. Objective evaluation of their comparative efficacies remains scarce in the literature. This study hypothesized that the newly developed physical model would be more effective for students to learn magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) anatomy than textbooks or computer-based 3D models. Third year medicine students were randomly assigned to one of three teaching aid groups (physical model; textbooks; 3D computer model). The comparative efficacies of the three teaching aids were assessed through students’ abilities to identify anatomical structures on MR images. Overall mean MRI assessment scores were significantly higher in students utilizing the physical model (86.39%) compared with students using textbooks (62.61%) and the 3D computer model (63.68%), with no significant difference between the textbook and 3D computer model groups. Student feedback was also more positive in the physical model group compared with both the textbook and 3D computer model groups. Our results suggest that physical models may hold a significant advantage over alternative learning resources in enhancing visuospatial and 3D understanding of complex anatomical architecture, and that 3D computer models have significant limitations with regards to 3D learning.’ — American Association of Anatomists.



Blast Injury Due to Gas Cylinder Model


Forensic Model Of Partial Hanging
Rs 3,000/Pair


Natural type Unbreakable Fiberglass Partial Hanging Model
Rs 7,000/Box


Multiple Homicidal Split Model


Forensic Burn Case Model
Rs 3,500/Piece


Plastic Attempt Rape Forensic Model
Rs 1,800/Piece


Crescent Abrasian: Fingernail Mark and Oval Abraded Contusion of Thumb. A Case of Throttling Model


Suicidal Hanging. Model of head and neck depicting the pattern of rope wound
Rs 20,000/Piece


Assessing Depth Of Penetration Of Stab Wound Model
Rs 1,800/Piece


Death By Drowning Model


Strangulation Model Showing Transverse Ligature Marks All Around the Neck


Suicide by shooting with a gun (Exit wound) Model


Disease Tetanus Model


Disease Small Pox Model


Disease Polio Model


Disease Anthrax Model


Advanced Neonate Umbilical Cord Model


Forensic Model Of Decomposed Body
Rs 2,500/Piece


Forensic Decomposed Face Model
Rs 2,000/Piece


Forensic Tattoo Mark On Chest Model
Rs 5,000/Piece


Entrance Wound Shooting with Gun Model
Rs 3,500/Piece


Forensic Model Exit Wound Model
Rs 2,000/Piece


Injuries Nose Cut Of The Knife Model
Rs 5,000/Piece


Codaveric Spasm Stifness Of The Firmally Grasped Hand Model


Deep Incised Wound on Side of Neck Model


Multicolor Fix Arm Injury Model
Rs 1,280/Unit


Beige Plastic Suicidal Wound Of Throat Model
Rs 1,500/Piece


Degree of Burn Model


Throttling Model – Finger marks on neck, upper lip and nostrils
RS 6500


Suicidal Cut throat with razor Model
RS 6500


Bruise on shoulders caused by scraping against a wall Model
RS 5500


Multiple homicidal stab wounds on abdomen Model
RS 6500


Ligature mark and dribbling of saliva in a case of hanging Model
RS 6500


Sulphuric Acid Vitriolage Face Model
SR 7000


Maggots Action Model
3010 INR


Passive agent in a case of sodomy Model
RS 6500


Death by burn with cylinder gas Model


Electric Burn Caused By Pin Plug Model
Rs 2,000/Each


Fiberglass Burn Caused by Lighting Model
Rs 2,000/Unit


Physilab Natural Burn by Boiling Ghee Model
Rs 2,000/Unit


Physilab Natural Self Inflicted Inclised Wound Across The Back Of Neck Model
Rs 2,000/Each


Physilab Lactered Wound Scalp Crushed Under Ekka Wheel Model
Rs 2,000/Each


Physilab Natural Nose Bitten By Teeth Model
Rs 2,000/Unit


Road Accident Model


Scabies Model


Suicidal Cut Model


Forensic Stab Injury Model
Rs. 2,000/Piece


Rashes on Face Model


Leprocy Disease Model


Model of head depicting the contract wound by (.32) pistol in centre brow


Acipoccrc formation in body immersed in a river for 5 months Model


Burns of face from kerosene oil lamp Model


Mummified Adult Male Model


Defensive Wounds Model
3000 INR/piece




p.s. Hey. ** h (now j), Hi. I hope you met your deadline with flying colors. And cool that you were interested by her film. And you have the loveliest day too. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Happy you thought so. My dad knew Ginger Rodgers a little. I think he might gone on a date with her if memory serves, which it may not. ** _Black_Acrylic, Your poor long suffering family, ha ha. You’re doing them a world of good, man. ** Bill, Hey. I don’t know if her film is related to the Bradfield novel as I haven’t seen/read either. I’m guessing … not? Sneak peak! Can’t wait! Oh, it’s fantastic. I’ll rewatch it in a second when it can have my entire attention, but it looks amazing! Everyone, the great maestro of both visual and sound things aka the artist Mr. Bill Hsu has put up a short sneak peek of a new visual work that he’s at work on, and it’s beautiful, and you are passionately encouraged to give it 1 minute and 18 seconds of your time right now or at the soonest opportunity. Title: ‘Painleve Tribute Experiment (structure and movement)’. Location: Here. Thank you, Bill. That’s a real pick up. ** brendan, My obvious and great pleasure, buddy. I suppose they’re going to do with baseball what they do with soccer games over here and add on fake audience noises and reactions? Although the US’s pea-brained crowd will probably protest that as fascist or something. Very weird about the privacy concerns. (?!?) I’m finally not work-y/stressed and will get to dig in that booty today. Whoop! ** Max B, Hi, Max! I’m very happy to meet you, and I’m very glad you’ve come inside. Please make that as regular as you want. Yeah, I only saw ‘The United States of America’ for the first time last week after extended longing to as I’m a humongous Benning fan. So good. Awesome and thanks for the ‘Animal Crossing’ array. I only played the first one, but I got really addicted to it and overly co-dependent, and that was impressively scary. How are you? What’s going on in your world? Everyone, Max B has … well, Max can tell you. Gift alert! Max: ‘Earlier this week I came across this compilation of covers of Animal Crossing soundtrack music and thought I should share, especially after reading the Tokata’s Song post. Some pretty interesting stuff, I like the kk waltz a lot.’ Take care. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. I haven’t seen ‘The Drowning’. The clips intrigued me. ‘Lake Mungo’: news to me. I’ll see if I can find it. Thank you! ** Corey Heiferman, Hi. We’re still wide-ish open other than the ‘masks required in all indoor public spaces’ rule that comes into effect next week, but that’s easy and just makes total sense, so no big. Happy to hear about your dad. That rare bit of great news these days. My weekend: Gisele wants Zac and me to look over the text of her new theater piece based on a Robert Walser play and help edit it down because the play in rehearsals is way too long, and, frankly, the play is very verbose and clunky. Maybe Indian food tonight. Meet with a visiting curator who’s doing a big Mike Kelley show and wants my opinions and advice. Finish up some tech things on some new little GIF works of mine that are going to be in a group show at a gallery here in a couple weeks. Like that. What is your weekend dangling before you? ** Okay. Today’s post is to help all of you Forensic Model collectors and aficionados out there. You’re welcome. See you tomorrow.


  1. He just seemed like such a quiet and polite collector of forensic models, always kept himself to himself…

    Happy to announce the inaugural Play Therapy show with Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson is now online here via Tak Tent Radio! My dulcet tones introduce Chicago house, power electronics, Hi NRG, Italo and more besides.

  2. I would just LOVE to think of your father out on a date with Ginger Rodgers

    Today is “Spare Replicant Parts Day”

    Frank O’Hara also reminds us it’s The Day Lady Died

  3. Dennis, Love this shit. Forensics are really interesting. I watch those true crime shows like Forensic Files and the others, and I’m like, why didn’t I get into that?

    Ha! So, after bragging about my great sleep, I found myself at 1:30 a.m. the next night going, why am I so wide awake and can’t sleep? Finally dawned on me: forgot to take my meds at 8 p.m. Walked out into the living room and there they lay on my little stand next to my haunted rocking chair. Been trying to catch up ever since.

    Been swamped at work. So the days have been work, gym, eat, fall asleep. Ugh.

    But I’m looking for a good weekend. LPS wants me to take him to look at cars. Dude really thinks I’m just going to buy him one and give it to him, as well as pay his first month’s insurance, and then he’s all set. Wtf?

  4. Wow, a scary post today. Enjoy Indian food tonight! And those intriguing meetings. No, I couldn’t meet the deadline. I fell asleep when I was supposed to continue working. Not sure the publication of this one will happen as I’m late, but I like writing it so will finish it with flying colors tonight. Lately I find myself submissive to sleeping at an inopportune moment. Works I’m dealing with are exciting to me many ways, but in this lockdown I don’t have tenacity like before. Wish I could briefly travel to a mountain or an ocean to replenish energy, but it’s probably unrealistic to pursue that right now. I might just take a short walk today.

    @Bill, loved your demo. I posted it on my Twitter timeline last night, and people (film scholars) admired it. I will ask some questions to you. You are a genius.

  5. Haha this is funny, educational, creepy all in ine and im sure id scream if I encountered this in real life. The Two photos email I sent doesnt require a personal reply, Id wanted to show u the witches photo (and others previously) and my sudden meltdown over dollheads seemedthe perfect opp haha and sending it just was a good motivation to pull myself together. Hope that wasn’t selfish.. Anyway I want to share this gayadult archival podcast Ask any buddy with the blog.. havent seen the compilation film out of which the podcast has sprung (headsup it should be available on youtube ) butheres the podcast which looks at each old gay adult film individually which feautured in the gay adult archival compilation film. Podcast link here: or You know what just type ASK ANY BUDDY on apple podcasts or spotify or stitch (whatecer that is) Should be fun!

  6. This is a highly dangerous day for my bank balance. Yikes.

    Thanks for the kind words and the demo plug, Dennis. I’m blaming pandemic distractions for taking so long to get to this point, but I should also take some personal responsibility for the slow progress.

    h (now j), thanks for the enthusiasm and flogging my demo to your friends and followers! Happy to chat more, obviously.

    Corey Heiferman, happy to do some playing/fumbling online. I’m on chess.com. What’s your platform of choice?


  7. Corey, I’ve read and enjoyed Zweig’s “Chess Story”. I think it captures chess players and their mindset very well.

  8. Hey Dennis. These are so crazy. I’m laughing at the website’s subtitle: ILLUSTRATIVE AND USEFUL. Things are pretty slow. I’m finishing my bachelors degree online right now. I’m in Manhattan. Luckily I’ve had the chance to get upstate a bunch, being with four people in a small apartment 247 can be very draining. Im a musician so all my plans for the year got cancelled pretty much. Some music I made a year or two ago with a friend is getting put out by an english label over the course of the summer, (don’t wanna spam you but interested in your thoughts obviously, here’s some: https://plzmakeitruins.bandcamp.com/track/about-you-now). What do the GIF works look like in a gallery setting? Sounds exciting.

  9. These look so sterile and unconvincing, yet somehow that just adds to the gross-out factor!

    I’ve been having a level of anxiety the past few days that leads to a physical sensation that I have a fever. Every time this happens, I check my temperature, and it’s below 98.6, so I don’t have an actual fever, much less COVID. But it’s extremely unpleasant and I don’t know how to control my anxiety enough to avoid this sensation. The current goings-on in Portland seem like a set-up for a coup if Biden wins or a preparation for his regime’s helicopter rides and disappearances if Trump does. I know you don’t like people talking about American politics on the blog, but living here is absolutely terrifying.

    Both THE DROWNING and THE GIFT are films about men being stalked in which the stalker comes to seem far more sympathetic and benevolent than their target.

  10. Excellent post, Dennis!! Some of those models are so weirdly unreal I wonder what kind of training the designers had. This reminded me to report I’ve been making summer progress on my long-ago promised post about the Setagaya Murders. Have to get it to you before December anyway, the 20th anniversary. The police and the council want to demolish the house. They’ve removed the cladding and the 24-hour guard. But relatives want to leave it standing as a monument. Hope things are okay over there. We’ve had what seems like the longest rainy season ever, and up and down with the loosening of Covid restrictions. Difficult to say what it’s going to be like for the rest of the year. Universities are mostly going to be online again though (we finish this week until mid Sep). Any Tokyo travel updates from your end? Have as great-as-possible a weekend anyway! Love Zac’s Drug Binge, btw (an amazingly implicit narrative and like turning pages on a near-future device), and Diarmuid’s biography is fantastic! btw, btw, the kiddo turns 13 next weekend!! I bought him a new copy of God Jr. (my version too worn out for his liking). Recently, I saw a photo from when we were in Paris in 2008 and he was in a pram! Hopefully get to meet you and Zac sometime!

    Bill, great to see your new piece, totally hypnotic!! Hope things are okay over your way too. Have you been doing everything online this semester?

  11. Corey Heiferman

    July 18, 2020 at 6:54 am

    Hi Bill. I’m also on chess.com

    I’m potzer1989

  12. Corey Heiferman

    July 18, 2020 at 7:03 am

    This reminded me of one of the few tidbits of anthropology I know: objects that at first seem “religious” or “artistic” may well have been considered perfectly functional my the people who made them. I like to imagine what an extraterrestrial anthropologist would make of these models.

    Sounds like a busy and schmoozy weekend. Very generous and I bet rewarding use of your time to serve as an artistic advisor.

    My muse ribbed me for not reading enough contemporary Hebrew poetry so of course I’m trying to do her proud. Taking it to the next level would add translation, criticism (in Hebrew and English), and stylistic imitation. Will probably just stick to reading today but the other stuff is on the agenda for next week.

    For a moment I could see comments and tried replying directly to Bill. If that didn’t go through all I wanted to say is on chess.com I’m potzer1989.

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