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“Currently hard.”


Young Superhero couple looking for a Villain to capture us BOTH!
To be relieved of our superpowers, tied down and raped.
Unable to leave!
Used to make real, good, humiliating Marvel porn.
Have the fuck drugged out of us with lsd and force us to watch it and be brainwashed into mindless Superhero boyholes!


Birds19821 – Aug 23, 2021
I am a postgrad studying at the University of St Andrews. My final research paper pertains to how social and institutional queer oppression (and epistemic colonialism) bleeds into the subjugation of the Super Hero, and, in turn, how Super Hero liberation is integral to (global) queer emancipation. Super Hero Cosplayers are a crucial junction between these outwardly unaffiliated demographics and are, in many ways, a theoretical model of queer ecological holism.
I’m eager to include individual narratives and experiences, so please contact me if you and your loved one identify as LGBTQIS+, and would like to contribute to my work! All names will be pseudonymised, as participants’ anonymity and security are of the upmost importance.



foreverything, 20
Anal penetration and play is a must as I would like to be placed into chastity 24/7 and only removed for cleaning.

Into being choked and strangled until my chest falls dead silent and then given cpr.

Oral sex is very important, I love to give BJ and my hole must be rimmed for long periods of time.

Slap me around until I cry and whip me until I’m black and blue. It turns me on.



Yelp – Aug 12, 2021
Pro: cleans really well.
Con: can’t cook.

Pro: doesn’t cry easy.
Con: screams loud.

Pro: can out-PNP you.
Con: actually can’t but tries.

Pro: begs on command.
Con: talks too much (until strangled).



SuperskinnySkeleton, 18
I have been underweight my whole life, but that’s not gonna stop me. Mostly into old people, I find it really weird when an 18 year old meets up with an 18 year old. I need to take new pictures as all my old pics are me when I was 15-16 and all my new pics are me with a mask and hat on. Currently hard.


SuperskinnySkeleton (Owner) – Aug 19, 2021
Warning–If we have sex, due to my boniness you’ll wake up the next morning covered with bruises.



deadboyfeet, 19
My feet need to be off the ground either by hanging or hand strangling by someone tall and powerful. Who wants to see my bare feet off the ground?


snuffyouasap – Aug 8, 2021
You still around?

livormortis – Aug 3, 2021
I’m your guy. I strangled a young man to death about seven years ago. And the amount of aggression involved in killing him, the relief it provided and the amount of stress that left me coupled with his calm, cooling, softening and moist body was incredible. I was already turned on from choking him, etc., but his corpse was fascinating. The way that his skin and blood pooled and moved in just the same places that I put them in, how easily his blood vessels burst and how his eyes clouded and protruded. When he stiffened and relaxed with all of his softening muscle and organs. Him marbling, darkening, sinking and bloating and peeling… his bones whitening, his eyes glazed, his nails and hair becoming more and more prominent. He was beautiful, he was so vulnerable and I could stay as close to him and fuck him and treat him any way I wanted and he couldn’t complain or curse me or berate me or try to run away or any of the things that made me need to kill him. He was perfect.

snuffyouasap – Aug 2, 2021
Now you’re talking. How about hang you upside down, torture and murder you with a knife, sex with you during your torments, then butcher you and eat you, but no strangling. I’m not a necro.

deadboyfeet (Owner) – Aug 2, 2021
Ok, then how about strangle….hung upside down…..cannibal scene?

snuffyouasap – Aug 2, 2021
Interested if … see my screen name.

deadboyfeet (Owner) – Aug 2, 2021
Thank you! Now if someone wants to see them off the floor!

allthewayup – Aug 2, 2021
Gorgeous soles few boys have such perfect soft soles.



SweetFelix, 24
I like to spoil you and like to be taken very hard and right.
I am happy to answer questions that go beyond the information in my profile. If I don’t answer right away, I’m busy … i also have a private life.. this is one is secret.
I generally don’t make appointments for under a weekend or few days.
Prices: 1100/2000-/2900 for night, 4800 for two night, 7500 for three.
I use a translation program or a friend helps me because I hardly speak English or German.
Video (without face!): possible, please ask for price.


SweetFelix (Owner) – Aug 13, 2021
And to continue this vulnerability that I am expressing, I do take medication to deal with panic attacks and have service dogs, Bindi and Lola, who have done an amazing job over the years helping to prevent and get me through attacks.

SweetFelix (Owner) – Aug 11, 2021
Wrong English.. I’m here because of my mental health.

SweetFelix (Owner) – Aug 11, 2021
Believe it or not I’m here for my mental health.

HardPig – Aug 10, 2021
Interesting too that on escort/hookup sites he cops to being Noah Matous and only charges 200/hr.

beautifulmadness – Aug 10, 2021
Interesting he doesn’t mention he’s the former Czech twink porn superstar Noah Matous. (That’s why he charges an arm and a leg.)

DiscoDude – Aug 6, 2021
I’ve never paid for my pigs and I’m not about to start now!



itsokaytocry, 21
Anyone down to KO the straight, virgin guy in the photos and fistfuck him while I film? I’ll hold him down and you can inject whatever drug you want in him. I’m begging you, please!


Leedsguy31 – Aug 24, 2021
Does he have a tattoo on his upper back of a glass of pink champagne with a hummingbird perched on the rim drinking?

itsokaytocry (Owner) – Aug 24, 2021
He’s in no way masochist so things will get ugly if you don’t like hurting people.



meatcigarette, 18
Heya! Just some 18 (😉hehe) year old homely dork!

(My account got deleted again so I’m not going to put a main pic of me in there anymore, cause I don’t want my account gone😅😅)

Message me for a pic of what a homely young boy that desperately needs to be used looks like if u want! 🙂

I’m newly gay or maybe even not gay I can’t tell anymore!


iamsorry – Aug 19, 2021
I’ve had an itch for a while to find a new illegal slut after my last one matured out a few years ago.

Xxxcc – Aug 12, 2021
His ass is big for his age, but he’s a total tightwad about it.

analyoubaby – Aug 12, 2021
I like big ass :I If you have one lmk

ericnaughty – Aug 3, 2021
Don’t worry kid, I got your back! Your neck, mouth, stomach, feet, ass, rectum, colon and everything else.



BodyforClaim, 20
No limits mindlessly obedient kinky bottom slavebitch in a permanent fagtrance.

First to claim it owns.

In hotel room for next 48 hours for inspection and for an owner to take possession.

In hotel room you learn more about it. It learns about you. If it requests release and you approve, it goes back on the market.

After 24 hours it can no longer request release.


BodyforClaim (Owner) – Aug 22, 2021
I am a Eunuch. As a result my cock never grew and is very strange looking and I do not get hard.

Sparky – Aug 22, 2021
You do not look at all like someone who would be into what you claim you’re into. Please explain.



EagerlyCurious, 19
This is an amazing site! I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery since I joined a month ago.

Recently I admitted to someone here that I really powerfully visualize strangling my boyfriend (pictured) to death after sex. He said that I am suffering from ‘killing urges’. What he told me about these urges has got me deeply concerned. Apparently the mental images I like are not merely a turn-on for me, they are images of what I actually want to do to my boyfriend…

I would rather be DEAD than do this to my boyfriend! In future I will choose my sexual partners only from men who are much stronger than I am and able to defend themselves if I attack them!

Really and truly, guys, I HAVE to find out whether I am safe to be with! If any of you has an observation to make, or advice to give, I would be most deeply grateful.

James, who values your insights more deeply than he can say.


MeatHead – Aug 14, 2021
19 is a make or break age for cute guys, a lot of cute guys die at 19, so wtf, go ahead and kill him but then commit suicide, dream comes true, problem solved, the world goes on.

EagerlyCurious (Owner) – Aug 13, 2021
Hey ColdJoe, that is sound advice. Thank you so much! I’ve got myself into a hysterical, self-hating mindset at the moment. I need to snap out of it and grow up! I’m the classic narcissist. I not only contemplate my navel, I regularly crawl up my own ass. If I had an identical twin I’d strangle him to death and feel like I was snuffing myself! Fucking WOW man! That would be so cool! Thanks again! James

ColdJoe – Aug 13, 2021
I believe the worst thing any of us can do is suppress our True Realities. Celebrate who you are, be who you’re supposed to be. If you can’t strangle your boyfriend to death, then find someone else you can, it’s a big world.

ThePsycho77 – Aug 13, 2021
I’ve had your bf too and that dumb, desperate slut can be talked into anything you want. Or not talked if you catch my drift.

EagerlyCurious (Owner) – Aug 10, 2021
MeatHead, you’ve scared the living shit out of me. What’s more, you’ve broken my heart.

I came here looking for friendship and understanding from like-minded guys, only to find that you guys are NOT like-minded.

How could you say that stuff to me about topping myself? How could you? Am I really so pitiful and disgusting? I’m Not a bad person! I’m really sensitive and intelligent, ask everybody who knows me. I can’t help it if this potential fucking disaster is hot-wired to go off in my head! I didn’t put it there!

Oh God I don’t know what to do – I simply don’t know what to do…

MeatHead – Aug 9, 2021
You are one fucked up dude James and you need help.

1. Lock yourself in your room.
2. Get a strong rope.
3. Undress yourself stark naked.
4. Write a letter to your parents saying it’s not their fault and no one bullied you.
5. Step barefoot on a chair, put a noose one, then kick the chair.
6. Not difficult at all and this is the only sure way you can get rid of these awful thoughts.

wannahavesomefun – Aug 7, 2021
I used to date your boyfriend. He is into a lot of weird shit. You might be surprised.



icarus, 20
Make him famous



PleaseLoveMeGod, 20
Oh I have both necrophilia and sexual addiction. Chinese guy, loving to fuck dead girl watched by man and loving to be killed by man when I ejaculate and fucked after. You can squeeze my corpse into a small space after because I can. (Yes thats me in the suitcase) Who can help me? I love you all for giving me this extraordinary opportunity. You are great.


PleaseLoveMeGod (Owner) – Aug 21, 2021
Lotta cowards here. I give up.

NWUSHorny – Aug 16, 2021
I try not to put too many details into my snuff fantasies and keep them more as concepts than well drawn-out fantasies. In the past when I have drawn out all the details as a fantasy and then it “happens”, it never matches the fantasy as I thought it would, so I moved onto the “concept” theory instead. I would reccomend the same to you.

Slassy – Aug 12, 2021
No thanks but lets do VIDEOCALL!



SacrificialLamb, 24
Horny NAZI SSlammed PIG want Total Extreme SSicko SSatanic Perverted seSSionSS! Unlimited, NO fukkin moral! 666 pozz slammer meph keta speed coke ghb, sskins, rubbergear, chems, slam, pp, scat, piss, taboo, 666, 88 k9 perverted, nasty, piss, stink, scat, gasmask, hoods, felch, enemas, rosebuds, taboo, incest, spiTkissing, snowballing, shiTkissing, shiTfucking, shiTFFisting! ONLY HHorny PIGS! Hail Satan//666 // PUNKS // MOHAWKSS // SKINSS88 // LEATHER// JEANSS// PIGSS// SATaNSS // PERVERTSS// Very perverted PIGS// Raw n horny// PUNK PIGS welcome // 666 // Extreme Satanic sicko perverted SEX!


SacrificialLamb (Owner) – Aug 15, 2021
I also love fashion and makeup but I doubt people on here are interested in that.



NudeHikers, 24
Fraternal twin poz bottom brothers looking for hiv poz guys to recharge us which WE WILL seriously ENJOY YEAH. Come with big ugly dicks and genuine viruses and not some nonsense.


NudeHikers (Owner) – Aug 20, 2021
We are builders (electricians) by profession. Any other builders on here hit us up, especially scaffolders.



I’m into leg play. I want someone to hurt my legs in any way. I’m down to have anything done to my legs that’s gonna be painful.


DONT_TELL_MyGF (Owner) – Aug 8, 2021
Thank you. Me too. They drove me insane.

ferventcouple – Aug 8, 2021
Your legs drive us absolutely insane.



goonerboyuk, 18
just an empty headed submissive gooner. trying to get dumb and stupid headed. who is in charge of my tiddle today? daddys boys need adult supervision for such things when their heads get dumb. life is stressful right now and gooning makes me dumb. and dumb isn’t a bad thing its good. i don’t want to make a mess but i want to keep going and get even stupider. tired of messing with lames. where’s my fucking dad.


goonerboyuk (Owner) – Aug 17, 2021
i’m sorry i’m too pretty to understand basic math.

jasonJC – Aug 17, 2021
Face-punching is a trigger for a whole lot of people. The trigger level is so high that I would ask you for consent three times. People who face punch should learn how to not only accept but love the consequences, and I do. Before I start, I would ask, are you sure you have no triggers from childhood? Have you ever been face punched before? If so, under what circumstances? You might say, “I was punched in the face a lot in the past by someone who hated me but I want to try being face punched by someone who has the hots for me so I can see what it’s like.” I would move slowly. I would punch you once hard enough to split your lip or bloody your nose, and I’d stop after the punch so we can process it and if the you wanted to go further I would start whaling on you.



thatyoungnurse, 23
lookin 2 split cab 4 downtown weekend clubbing then u strangle me. see foto. been self strangling myself 4ever. it makes me feel alive. have had this fantasy for a long time to just let go and let someone else have at it. now that i’m single, i’m going to make it happen. or u are.


thatyoungnurse (Owner) – Aug 16, 2021
no smoking.

Orvi – Aug 12, 2021
I wanted to strangle him to death but I couldn’t because I live with my parents.

thatyoungnurse (Owner) – Aug 2, 2021
do not stress how cute i am, i do not f**king care.





jock_killer666 – Aug 16, 2021
Exactly! All these ‘want to be murdered’ dudes really piss me off. Ruins the intoxicating darkness.

UNickMaker – Aug 16, 2021
The problem is you want this to happen to you. It is much better if the “victim” doesn’t care much for the idea.

TASSTY (Owner) – Aug 16, 2021
drive your cock into my ass, help me rise up unto my knees, we kiss, i say do it, you slice my cock and balls off and then slit my belly open, my guts fall out, i bleed out as you continue to rape me

TASSTY (Owner) – Aug 15, 2021
i want my nuts cut off

TASSTY (Owner) – Aug 11, 2021
what better way to die than by being pounded to a pulp and raped over and over and over



Nomanumission, 19
I like domestic violence. I like my partner to hurt me physically, emotionally, sexually and psychologically.

I will expect the man in my life to slap, punch, hit, push, kick, grab, use a weapon, strangle, choke me and any other forms of physical violence against me.

I will expect you to pressurise me to have sex when I’m not in the mood, touching me against my will, forcing sex on me, sulking or punishing me for not having sex, raping me, humiliating me, having unsafe sex without my consent, disrespecting boundaries or safe words and pressuring me to have sex with other men.

I will expect you to use physical violence, likely to cause injuries such as stiffness, soreness, aching, cuts and other wounds, black eyes and bruising, broken bones, fractured skull. Even when you are not physically violent towards me, I will expect to feel physically tense and afraid of you.

You will make me feel stressed, vulnerable, depressed, ashamed, drained, terrified, confused, nervous, hurt, unloved, worthless, destroyed, scared, humiliated.

I will expect you to infect me with sexually transmitted infections. I don’t practice safe sex and I am not on prep/meds, no lectures please.

I will never retaliate or fight back or argue back. You can be an alcoholic or drug user or murderer or fuck children and I will support you.

[Update] Is there ANYONE here who doesn’t want to snuff me? Or at least not right away?


EatMyLight – Aug 22, 2021
Has lots of scars if that’s your thing.

Nomanumission (Owner) – Aug 8, 2021
Nomanumission means “never set free” in Latin.

James – Aug 6, 2021
I don’t know if I qualify as one of his exes but we were an item for a few weeks. He actually can give excellent vanilla sex but that doesn’t mean he didn’t enjoy being hurled around a room while his bones cracked and popped like fireworks.



bluejeanswhiteshit, 22
I’m 22, “Masculine”, 5’8″ slim 150lbs with about 7″ thick inches of fat cock. As weird as it sounds I’m pretty sure I’M A BOTTOM DUDE.
You come to my house, I will wait for you in my entrance of the house, my ass wide open. You only have to enter.


bluejeanswhiteshit (Owner) – Aug 14, 2021
Chuck me a message.

Orgasmus2000 – Aug 14, 2021
All I want is your hole on my cock until you drain my sack.

bluejeanswhiteshit (Owner) – Aug 9, 2021
Don’t expect me to talk to you, I’ll be blotto.



justinOneTimber, 23
I am looking for a guy for a relationship who is only interested in sex, bye


Anonymous – Aug 20, 2021
Due to an intense mind fog, all of his thoughts have been grounded until further notice.

justinOneTimber (Owner) – Aug 19, 2021
I like artists, hunters, gun collectors, car addicts.

justinOneTimber (Owner) – Aug 18, 2021
If you have a pet please send me pics of them.

justinOneTimber (Owner) – Aug 17, 2021
I’m not into any sports that uses energy but I like to go fishing.



destroymeimmediately, 18
They call me Sammy Slammy
I’m more worthless outside of sex than dirt
Relocate me to wherever the fuck
Put me on an intravenous tina drip and do extreme anal
My only limits are kissing and cuddling
Snuff would be ideal
… I could go on and on


morbididea – Aug 22, 2021
I’m chatting with him right now and I’m already in love, grrrrrr

morbididea – Aug 21, 2021
I’d love to snuff you immediately, or after a few days, I don’t care.

Watching your little body drain itself of life in slow total agony with plenty of screaming, kicking, twitching, heaving, pissing and shitting yourself, etc.

When you are dead I will probably fall in love and become your partner even after you are putrefying.

How about that?

I am serious, I am tired of sluts and toy boys.



Chloroform21, 21
Recherche mec a kidnapper avec chloroforme



iamhelpyou – Aug 14, 2021
He is now my captive. He is tied with his feet touching his thighs and his hands touching his elbows with electrical tape. He is in a storage bed, tied down with galvanised pipe strap bolted to the floor of the storage bed. With his head taped up and a plastic tube being his only source of air where pee and other kinds of liquids can flow directly into his mouth, forcing him to swallow or else he cannot breathe and a hypnosis track playing in his ears. There is a fuck machine on a random timer penetrating his ass constantly throughout the day and night with a cum tube occasionally pumping cum into his ass. He is littered with shock pads randomly shocking him at different intensities. I am able to use the bed as normal forgetting he’s in the bed itself.



sneakytwink, 20
I’m transmasc. I’d like the chance to move past my masc to reach trans equilibrium.


NewYork33 – Aug 17, 2021
Invite a bunch of neighbourhood kids over to draw and doodle on him.

deaddirty – Aug 17, 2021
Normally I wouldn’t post anything encouraging anyone to do this sort of thing for real but since he has consented fist him with both arms to the shoulder.

Outlaw – Aug 17, 2021
Circumsize him.

badjohnny25 – Aug 17, 2021
Hug and make out with him. flip him on his stomach and fuck him like his ass is rubble and your best friend is trapped underneath!

hereiscalamity – Aug 17, 2021
Play with his eyes, open them and leave them open. Cum on them.

notion – Aug 17, 2021
Eye-checking (when you lift up their eyelid and see their blank stare or eye moving around).

collegeguy2604 – Aug 17, 2021
How are you going to drug him? Actually I’d love if you filmed that and then his descent into unconsciousness.

Arnold28283 – Aug 17, 2021
Dude agreed to be drugged this Sunday. Dude granted me permission with video and photo rights. Any suggestions to do him while asleep?



YouBrokeMe, 20
my master likes to watch.
use me as you wish.
i am a object for violence and hatred, nothing more.
i like or dislike nothing.


PigMaker – Aug 2, 2021
With the consent of the master I have moved into their guest room with the goal of turning this slave into a massive, obese pig. I have been given permission to force feed him to whatever obscene weight I want! My long term goal is 500lbs, 600lbs, 700lbs and beyond.



Tastethemeat, 20
🐖🥩🥩🍗🍗 🐖 🐖🥩🥩🍗🍗 🐖🐖🥩🥩🍗🍗 🐖 A twisted well developed piglet with two fine juicy hams 🍖🍖 to carve and roast and eat. Strict older carnivores especially welcomed, but not only them. Make it a banquet!


FakeHunter – Aug 25, 2021
I’m a fake hunter. I am here to inform you about Fakers. Today it is Tastethemeat. The fake Tastethemeat will want to lure you with the pictures and emoticons here, but he will not be eaten.



Rape, 19
Into rape and violent sexual assault. Must be simply rape for real somewhere outdoor after session just left my body where i am after the rape. Drug, blood, permanent injuries ok just don’t snuff me then we good.


endlesshour – Aug 18, 2021
You will leave more powerful than u arrived




p.s. Hey. I’m heading to Stockholm today where I’m co-hosting a screening of ‘Permanent Green Light’ tomorrow night. The event will be live streamed if anyone’s interested in ‘being there’. The blog will be on pause until I return with a new post on this coming Friday. ** David, Hi. Yep, not a heat fan. Well, given the way the weather isn’t working right these days, you might get a toasty winter, you never know. All those gifs were found ones, and, back when I made the post, no one had made a Marilyn Manson one, at least that I found. Otherwise you can be sure it would have been in there somewhere. ** Dominik, Hi!!! Surely there’ll be a way for you to see it. We’ll figure something out. My weekend was good, working on stuff, out and about, watching things, not eventful in the classic sense but it did its job. Honestly, I was interested in Xavier Dolan’s early films, but I hated ‘Mommy’ for some reason, and the one after that bugged me too, so I’ve avoided his more recent films, including ‘Matthias & Maxime’, but since you’re high on it, I’ll search it out and watch. I really should give him another chance. The French love him. Being serenaded by ‘Forever Young’ in any version sounds like utter hell, it’s true. Unpopular opinion but I feel that way about ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ too. Love rescuing sneakytwink from Arnold28283 and stashing him in your apartment where you successfully help him move past his masc, G. ** Misanthrope, Thank you considering it the shit! Okay, that definitely qualifies as a kerazy dream. I do like the doing PCP all day part, sigh. Your friends know you so well. You should open your bedroom to the public as a roadside attraction. I’m not sure what the booster plan is over here. I did see that it looks like they’re going to reinstate the travel restrictions whereby US people won’t able to travel to the EU because your Delta shit is running so rampant. Which would suck for some friends of mine who have plane tickets to come over here, not to mention my being able to escape to the States. Yikes. ** T, Hi! Oh, shit, I hate when that happens. This blog is such a technical brat. Cassettes were cool before and during the CD era because of their mixtape facilitating. I just looked at some pix of Gien. It looks very pretty in the glamour shots and so, so French. But of course it sounds a little grittier in your reportage. Anyway, nice. Enjoy the soundtrack devising. I remember when virtually every porn had a music soundtrack, presumably so the cameraman could tell the stars ‘do this, do that, stop doing that, do that longer, look like you’re into it,’ etc. I’m sure I would need your wish to get through that meme compilation, so thank you. I hope your day makes Gien grow a vast, amazing amusement park in one of its fields or something and gives you a FastPass. xo ** Tosh Berman, Hi. Ah, I think my cassettes were just spilled all over everything. I think they still exist in my LA pad. I should digitise them. Huh. Yes, your junkiedom re: ‘Annette’ is already legendary, on Facebook at least. I’m going to go read your paen, obviously. I continue to maintain my lifelong boycott of Proust, obstinate me. I don’t have that Alan Licht book, and I am a fan of his work. Great about the Book Muzik episode with him. I look greatly forward. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi. Yes, he was one of the very rare, true living musical visionaries, so the loss is huge, but at least he was very prolific. Me too about cassettes. Same exact deal. ** Steve Erickson, I always kind of liked the kind of mushed sound of music on cassettes, but, yeah, of course. I haven’t seen that Peer Raben film. I think he directed two or three films? I could be wrong about that. ** Bill, Hi, B. Thank you. I like the title ‘Broadcast Signal Intrusion’. It’s almost like a GbV song title without the humor. I’ll hunt it. Gracias. ** Right. So I leave you for a couple ope days with the month’s slaves, so you have plenty of time to decide which one you want to own. See you on Friday.


  1. David Ehrenstein

    Xavier Dolan’s films are of passing interest, butXavier himself is One Hot LittleNumber, begging to be fucked by a merciless Top.

  2. Dominik


    That’d be amazing – about the virtual haunted house!

    I should probably mention that “Mommy” is my favorite Xavier Dolan film (although “Tom at the Farm” and now “Matthias & Maxime” compete for and win this title on certain days), so maybe our tastes are just different in this regard, haha.

    I do have to agree about “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”, though.

    Ah, thank you! I’d be more than happy to help sneakytwink reach trans equilibrium, hehe. Love, looking like EagerlyCurious’s boyfriend, texting you at 3.20 am: “lookin 2 split cab 4 downtown weekend clubbing then u strangle me”, Od. (Today’s batch was full of pretty seriously fucked up boys and commenters! Tough choice again.)

    P.S. Have a very nice trip and short stay in Stockholm!!

  3. _Black_Acrylic

    Enjoy the hell out of Stockholm! Hope you get chance to visit the ABBA Museum and do the karaoke there.

  4. Bill

    The postgrad cruising for superhero cosplayers here is hilarious.

    “Believe it or not I’m here for my mental health.” Yup, me too. And please don’t ruin the intoxicating darkness.

    Finally saw Luther Price’s Sodom. Will definitely be checking out more of his work.

    Hope the screening goes well, Dennis and Zac!


  5. Steve Erickson

    I hated Xavier Dolan’s first 2 films and haven’t given him a shake since, which is probably unfair. His fellow gay Canuck Bruce LaBruce has a new film opening in NYC later this month.

    These guys’ fantasies are particularly violent this month!

    How was the trip to Stockholm? Did the virus make travel more complicated?

    My interview with Lizzie Borden has now been published:

    I just got around to listening to Bruiser Wolf, a member of Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade crew. Brown has started a label to release their music, and his album DOPE GAME STUPID is worth a listen. Bruiser Wolf has an odd vocal tone and flow closer to the spoken vocals on Parliament songs than contemporary hip-hop.

  6. David

    years ago I used to pose for photographs in men’s houses around England… I’d get a phone call and take a train… or whatever…. also did prostitution… you never knew what you were gonna find when you turned up…. sometimes I was completely happy with the arrangement… other times I wasn’t… like the time I turned up for a job in Manchester and the geezer took me to his bedroom and he had a huge garden fork by the bed… and laughed “this isn’t for you….” totally thought my time was up… being both vain and curious I asked for copies of the photographs if any were taken… on this occasion in some of the photographs I was literally grabbing onto my own flesh with ‘fear’…. there were good bits when I was taken to the Canary Islands… and the time I was paid £100 twice by mistake…. in contrast I was once paid £10…. I foolishly forgot to agree the price before hand… although ironically I enjoyed the day… and got to ride on the back of the man’s motorbike… memories!

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