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Chapter 4, a peek at Zac’s Inner Circle, my new limited edition gif novel currently on view at Art Basel
































































































































































p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. I’m happy you think so too. Everyone, Listen up, here’s Mr E.: ‘Just want to let everyone know my sale of DVDs, CDs and books is ongoing contact me via If you’re fixed for it I have an incredible, beautiful mirror with gold inlay framing going for a hundred bucks.’ ** Bill, Hi. Awesome, I’m obviously really happy Solomon’s work resonated with you and yours. Normally, yeah, France seems to get first dibs on films, even American films sometimes, but not this time. The Jarmusch film was very unliked to ‘meh’ in France. Glad the heat broke. May the cool have legs. ** Sypha, Hi, James. I’m so sorry to hear about Cooper. That must be so rough and confusing for you. I hope you find a way to cope with it, and I know you will, but, yeah, old age -> death is the fucking worst. Take good care, pal. ** Brendan Lott, Hi, B! I thought I remembered you having show in LA this fall. Yes! Do you know the dates? I’m coming to LA, but probably not until mid-October for Halloween explorations and research. Slight if fervent hopes that your show and I may just align. ** Corey Heiferman, Hi, Corey. Is there a good cinematheque-type venue in Tel Aviv that programs more experimental work sometimes? I.e. is it possible to see work like Solomon’s projected there? Yes, Light Cone is super great and a major resource. A lot of the films I’m really into are distributed, often only, by them. Paris is very good for that kind of thing. There’s also the great Re:Voir. I think I must know someone or more here who have a 16 mm projector, but not off the top of my head. But there must be. Re:Voir screens films regularly, and they’re the kind of place that would show ‘RtbS’ theoretically, Maybe I’ll pop around and ask them. They have a storefront too. Well, if I have any magic powers stored up in my hopes and wishes, they’re yours and, more specifically, your computer’s until further notice. Best of the best of luck, man. ** Right. So, as I think I’ve mentioned here, I made a special gif novel that’s being exhibited right now at Art Basel by Cabinet Gallery. It’s called ZAC’S INNER CIRCLE, and it will only be shown/available there and sold in a limited edition. Today I’m sharing a chapter from that gif novel, if you’re interested to have a look/read. As always, I’m super happy for any feedback or anything. Thanks. See you tomorrow.


  1. Scunnard

    Dear Dennis, said this before, but you make me happy that you exist especially with days like this. Greetings from Prague (hot and hailing, but still lovely)!

  2. Ferdinand

    Denis denis.. hehe this was funny.. Feed me.. i remember squealing in my moms car on my 22 bday or whatever after my brother traced my finger print on my safe and helped him to all of my bday snow.. my mom refunded me even tho I was evading what it really was that I was screaming for.

    Congrats on getting to share this project at Basel. I been out of loop with blog as just catching up on my reading is a struggle (of a short attention span) I mean one of my To be read (booknerd term TBR) is the Faber book of gay short fiction and its been two months and i still havent finished My mark, the first short im reading. Btw apart from The Missing men, “Frisk” is the only work Ive read (which was about a month ago) loved the ending..

    So Vernon subutex arrived on audible in english, so its in my cue. I thought Id get more “reading done” using audible next to other hard copy books.. The novella, McGlue, that I keep mentioning is also in my cue, so will let u know if it was worth my hype..

    Just wanted to say hey.. and also say I still have that Zine “striptease” to deliver (as promotional item to push my juvenilia chapbook) so thats still coming soon.
    Oh and im buying a synth soon.

    Are u in the U.S atm?

  3. David Ehrenstein

    “Cocaine — The Pause That Goes on Forever”

    It’s Paul Lynde’s Birthday

    and yes please contact me at for DVDs, CDs, Books and a very lovely mirror

  4. Kyler

    Enjoyed that a lot, Dennis. Puts me in the mood (for several things…)!

  5. Sypha

    Dennis, yeah, I’m not sure who the real Enemy is sometimes: Death or Time. Maybe some noxious combination of the two.

    As is usually the case with these sneak peaks I prefer to restrain my commentary until I can “read” the book in its state of totality, but it certainly gets one thinking…

    Oh, a friend of mine, the occultist writer Justin Isis, today posted a big interview with another friend of mine, the occultist writer Damian Murphy. I recommend it, it’s really fascinating:

  6. Steve Erickson

    I like the way you connect a certain kind of phallic male sexual aggression to the feeling of being wired on coke. Am I reading too much in seeing a link between the whiteness of powder and semen?

    I interviewed director Liza Mandelup this morning. Her film JAWLINE will start streaming on Hulu in August and get some kind of theatrical release in the US at the same time. (The interview will be published then.) It went very well. The film captures a culture of teenage social media creators who think (probably accurately) that finding fame via various platforms is their only shot at escaping poverty, while their fans find a real solace by connecting to them. But all of this is disposable, and basing your brand on “Yo wassup bro, love and positivity!” enthusiasm doesn’t work when your life becomes too depressing to espouse it. It manages to be critical without moralizing.

    Here’s my review of LATE NIGHT:

  7. WithKeatonHangingOutTheAnus


    Haha, this post brings back so many memories. I’m with Burroughs these days I guess, nothing that’s gonna keep me awake at night, but everything does so. “I think my nose is gonna fall off.” “Why?” “I burnt it with a Tina pipe.” Hoping to drop my “Keaton and the Keatons” demo in the next couple weeks. Got a new Strat (Butterscotch, American, Maple, and 15) and realized I can play guitar. It’s Pride Month, I’m like wow it has it’s month now, and it’s Pride in St. Pete. I guess I’m going out to see all the ones that never come around. Things are fun as fuck here. Exited about making art, fucking my little Viking prince, and enjoying the weather.

  8. _Black_Acrylic

    These gifs do kind of replicate the cocaine buzz in that they’re an instant transitory buzz that promise forever. The high wears out as your attention span moves on, that’s how it seems to work.

    Speaking of cocaine, tomorrow I’m off to see the new Diego Maradona film and am looking forward to all that coke-addled 80s footage.

  9. Bill

    Congratulations on the presence at Art Basel, and thanks for the peek! I’m curious how it’s displayed; is it similar to our experience here, i.e., in a browser, with the viewer controlling the pace? Or is it presequenced with a predetermined timing?

    I’m in the middle of Anna Kavan’s novel Ice, so watching Long Day’s Journey into Night was an interesting combo, both with ambiguous male protagonists on vague abstract meta-quests for unattainable women, in Robbe-Grillet-esque landscapes. Long Day was a refreshing change from a lot of Chinese arthouse fare that I’ve seen, largely free of historical baggage and sentimentality. I’ve heard complaints about how the technical pyrotechnics overwhelm the rest of the film. But I watched a 2D screening, so they weren’t too distracting. I enjoyed it, but it could be shorter, ahem.

    My copies of the new William Jones novel and Delany letters finally arrived! Now let’s see if I can squeeze in some reading timing with all the screenings I’m planning to attend this weekend…


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