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Boys Stab World

me stabbing my self with blood coming out

A death scene from our film “brotherhood”.

Just testing some homemade fake blood.

Kid gets hit by a missile while meditating

I shoot my brother.. By the shed.. And it was gory.

car hit

I slit my cousins throat, then saw his head off.


Vraždy v Gayprcu

Blood hits made with a weed poisoner pump

it was kinda cheesy, but ther just little kids.

All hail Arron West, the king of BLOOD!

hack and slash

Getting Shot

Knife Stab Sound Effect

Cut In Half – BEST!

This is a video where I shoot myself execution style!

Finley and harry stunt blood bag

Kid gets shot! Lol there’s plenty more coming 🙂

How to entertain the boy on a summers day?

iain claims to be nice after threatening to behead me


Stab in the Chest Effect

More quick and dirty carnage.

stabbing myself

jeff stabs eli (the conclusion)

shooting the kid

Blood Rig – Application Test

the angles and timing need work still, but hey

see you later fatty

Mijn dood

Decapitation Effect



throwing knife

I cut my leg off with a Wakizashi. Am I emo yet?

Me and my brother spent the weekend trying to make a realistic looking gunshot


Sniper 2

Arrow shot

the death of poor boy prt 2

Boy gets stab after taking a refreshing shower

Simple.1 bullet, 1 situation, 1 brother.

kid gets killed by his mom

for the horror film named “Refraction” i’m making.

Bloody Gun Fight

yep. it is, and now, i really don’t care what im typing here.

boy gets stabbed

Execution Test 1

Bullet hit, Take 2

terrioust stabs a man in a war

its good for me so don’t out

toter junge

Slit Throat. Sorry for the bad quality, had to shoot it on my phone.

it’s bloody, and it’s a death

Horrific Ceiling Fan Accident!

head shot

Kill Yourself

Kids BROTHER gets squished by a boulder

Squirting Blood Test

A video I made with my Dad. My Mom didn’t like it. So, no more blood.

BEST knife stab into a kids head EVER.




p.s. Hey. ** Misanthrope, Hi. There’s talk of a third booster shot here for 65+ people but not as a requirement. I don’t know, I’m happy to get the booster if it comes to that ‘cos why not? Anyway, yeah, I figure we’ll probably be boosting for years. Having been vaccinated yearly the whole time I was a kid, it’s no big to me. Well, that’s certainly true about the conspiracy theory insanity. Almost makes me wistful for the days when going on social media meant trudging through a clog of speculations about the latest ‘Game of Thrones’ episode. There should be courses to teach people how to reroute their QAnon addictions into record collecting or gardening or something. Enjoy your dinner. I’ll make the best of my lot, thanks. ** David, Hi, David. Welcome to here. Thank you for telling me all of that. That’s wild. Funny to think my books inspired such mad adventures. It makes me feel like a lucky author. I’m good, hope you are too? ** _Black_Acrylic, Glad you liked her stuff, man. Right, about McCracken. That’s going to send me down a rabbit hole. Have a good weekend. How’s the writing going? ** T, Hi, T. ‘A while’ is always a relative term around here. I think ‘well’ is a fair characterisation of my current circumstance. You’re in France! Where? And making vaguely pornographic films! What more could life offer? But I guess there’s the visa issues, sorry. Ugh. Well, presumably Paris will only be more lovely in a month, although these are unpredictable days, obviously. Well, I look forward to meeting you once you’re firmly ensconced. Luckily she’s just a little too wacked out to be New Age. Um, I think if there was a recording of her interview, I would have have linked to it, so maybe not? I’ll take your weekend wish, thank you. Sounds like just the thing. Wish you a weekend making vaguely porn films that make ‘Citizen Kane’ seem like Ron Howard movies. xo. ** Bill, Ha, the UFO angle is the only thing that interests me about her stuff. I’ll go listen to more EKG. I like the sound of that. Fun weekend on your end possibly? ** Dominik, Howdy!!!! I wonder if they’re using fake paper to make books now or something. I remember when books smelled notable. Or maybe I just have to wait a few years until mine starts to rot. Green-blond mohawks are obviously the best! Excellent taste! I’m sure you can imagine the fiery hurricane of anticipation currently growing in me as I spot Halloween moving closer and closer from the far distance. Love carefully extracting Disneyland from the ground, shrinking it a little, turning it upside down, and attaching it to the ceiling of your apartment, G. ** Steve Erickson, Thanks for those VDrome tips. I’d love to watch them, and I’ll find my way over there. I grew up just up the freeway from Unarius when it was in its peak elaborate phase, and some friends and I drove down to check it out, and, wow, the people running it were impossible to be around for more than a few minutes. I’m not very interested in Lil Nas X, but I’ll be curious to read what you think. And your ‘Isabella’ review. Everyone, here’s Mr. Erickson: ‘I reviewed Matias Piñeiro’s ISABELLA for Gay City News. The film he made with Lois Patiño will play at the New York Film Festival’s ‘Currents” section.’ ** Okay. I’ve given y’all what I personally think is a highly entertaining weekend which does not guarantee that you will find it to be that. See you on Monday.


  1. Corey Heiferman

    Ah, the joys of early YouTube. Always good to be reminded these sorts of videos are still there, and only 1-2 layers below the slick commercialized stuff pushed by the algorithm.

    Deep down I’d always believed there was a happy ending if only I could find it, and now I don’t. I’m still working out the consequences of this shift in belief. My hunch is it frees me up to see and do things more for what they are rather than what I hope they might turn into.

    How was your weekend?

  2. Chris kelso

    Hi Dennis,

    Great Post, again. I know these are obviously all fake-outs, but do you remember the early noughties fascination with gore websites (Ogreish, etc)? I had a pal who was obsessed with the Dnipro killing video as well. I could never bring myself to actually watch those videos, but there is some morbid fascination there and I do like to explore it when I’m writing. Maybe having such extreme private interests frees us up to be super PG-13 civilians in our daily life?

    Any sign of the package I sent your way? Hoping it arrives safely and you enjoy the goodies!

    Stay well,


    Chris and Denise

  3. Dominik


    Probably – about the fake paper. Although that, too, will surely have a smell when it starts rotting, haha.

    Yes, I had the feeling that you’ll share – or probably even surpass – yesterday’s love’s anticipation. I’m excited, too. I mean, even if I don’t get to see it live, I hope I’ll be able to sneak a peek somehow!

    Awh, thank you! I really like this love; another reason why I never have to leave my room now, haha! Love getting stabbed after a refreshing shower (although this post is so full of potential loves that it was extremely hard to pick one!), Od.

  4. David

    (Cuts own arm and uses blood on my cheeks)…. I’m blushing that you responded to me Den… thanks I’m OK. .. it’s 31 degrees here… where I am… lovely xx

  5. Misanthrope

    Dennis, Plot twist: All of these are actually real snuff videos!

    Hmm, I’m wondering if the childhood vax schedules changed over the years. I only remember getting a tetanus shot once. I think all the others were when I was such a wee lad that I can’t remember.

    They’re recommending the booster for everyone here, with priority on the older cohort. I’m just wondering how those vax passports will work in the future. I feel like it’s gonna be, “No booster? You’re not vaxxed. Sorry, you can’t come in.” But we’ll see.

    Thanks. I think the dinner will be fun and good. It’s at 7. Otherwise, errands and projects and shit for the weekend.

    Oh, and had a crazy dream that you were in last night. I’ll tell you about it sometime, hahaha. Just know that it involved you, me, PCP, Laura Beth Noble, violence, and a performance piece of yours based on odors. Really strange dream.

  6. Bill

    A fine theme for the weekend, Dennis! Ha.

    EKG is very fine. I see there’s something like 10+ pages of bands with that name on bandcamp, eeek. In any case, they’re under Ernst Karel’s bandcamp:

    Group is probably a good place to start.

    I’m really enjoying this outrageous novel, which you probably know:


  7. Jamie

    Hey Dennis,
    This is an amazing post, from the title on. I watched every single video and I’d happily watch a feature length film by all of these people. I’ve been watching a lot of behind the scenes of horror movies docs and it’s got me really interested in these kind of effects, so it was particularly satisfying seeing things done on this level. Thanks!
    How are you? I’ve been sick, usual gut related stuff, but getting better (pretty much why I’ve been watching long horror docs, as it’s been the only thing I could handle, for some reason).
    I really enjoyed your chat with Richard Hell. I’m a fan of his music, but I’ve only read one little chapbook of his writing and would be interested in reading more. Do you have any recommendations?
    My favourite Brussels cinema is finally reopening next week and this is a very good thing. It’s kind of artsy but kind of grindy too, so perfect.
    What’s been happening with you?
    Hope you’ve had a surprisingly lovely weekend.
    Love, Jamie

    Apologies if I posted twice, but either my laptop or the blog were glitching.

  8. David Ehrenstein

    Today might be subtitled”Norman Bates’ Childhood”

    What’s so mazing about QAnon is its ability to state the most absurdly grotesque things (like Hillary Clinton eating children she kidnapped at a pizza parlor) and be believed.

  9. _Black_Acrylic

    These rudimentary FX carry so much more emotional heft than any CGI could ever do.

    Re my writing, I’ve just made a couple of lines on documents. Not yet got to the stage of sending anything away but it’s a start.

  10. Steve Erickson

    These amateur gore effects are fun, but they’ve migrated to Instagram (and, no doubt, platforms that are more popular with teens) since the YouTube algorithm does not look kindly on it.

    I am very nervous about my planned change in health insurance plans, but I’m talking to my insurance broker tomorrow. I fear what he told me is too good to be true, but we shall see.

    Deradicalization by becoming a music geek? Let’s turn QAnon followers into freeform radio DJs!

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