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“Boy Gets Raped By Ghost” and other chilling short films *

* (restored)

Boy gets raped


boys rape each other


Josh and his little brother


Butt rape


How to rape ur own ass with a bicycle


Boy Gets Raped By Ghost


Trevor Got Raped


trevor GOT RAPED!


boy gets raped


bro rape part 3


Steve Rapes little boy.


Bum rape in library


Bum rape in library part 2 suprise attack


spastic bum rape


Gemma’s punishment bum rape


Bum rape of the sexually abused horse


dont ask don’t tell




COD4 XXX butt rape


karim rapes a kid


Donald Duck gets anal raped for 3 minutes


vincent vs teacher vs ass rape


drew davis takes it up the booty


Rape in a Tent!


Don’t Do Drugs, You’ll Get Raped!!!


Frankie is stupid and butt rapes Jeremy with a marker.


Onision – Butt Rape (Lyrics)




p.s. RIP Monica Vitti. ** _Black_Acrylic, Yes, I too totally love that Evan Holloway piece. I don’t know how it escaped my search. I hope your mom’s visit with your dad portended a change for the much better. ** michael karo, Well, hello there, Michael! I read on FB about your late friend, I’m so sorry. You good? You seem good as far as keeping up on FB would indicate. ** David Ehrenstein, Les Paul is certainly one of the guitar’s big identifiers. ** David, Happy to have collaborated with your wank in the spirits-lifting department. I had three wonderful guitars as a teen that I sold sadly, but, on the other hand, I was a shit guitar player, so it’s all for the best. You’re welcome, world. I’m of the belief that memories should be like browning fallen leaves to be accidentally stepped on or carefully stepped over. ** Dominik, Hi!!! Not that I know of, or let”s say I’ve seen spray whipped cream for sale in a supermarket here. Me too: stick the nozzle between my lips and tilt the nozzle causing whipped cream to fill my mouth until I can’t breathe. One definition of heaven on earth right there. Good song choice. Now you just need to form a band. I love Tom Friedman so I’d probably close that styrofoam acoustic guitar just to have a Tom Friedman. Thank you for throwing in a Yoshihiko Satoh! Love adding another room to my apartment to display the Yoshihiko Satoh guitar and then turning into a ghost and raping the first boy he sees playing ‘Pokemon: Acreus’. G. ** Cal, Hi, Cal! Oh, yeah, good comparison. Sorry for my slowness too. I’ll hit you back today. ** Jack Skelley, I assume you’re trying to make the case that Golden Oreos, whatever they are, might be superior to Hydrox cookies, which is certainly a daring and admirable if somewhat disbelief-causing contention. Love, me. ** Tosh Berman, I so agree that would be a spectacular study/book, and I so agree that someone else wil need to devote themselves to it. Ha ha, they must’ve known about the severe plunge in quality that accompanied Jefferson Starship. Interesting. I did read that Grace Slick was horrified and embarrassed to be part of it, but … money. Thanks, sir! ** Ryan Wilkinson / ANGUSRAZE, Hi! Welcome! That sounds very interesting, and thanks a lot. You can write to me at Great, I look forward to hearing from you. Take care. xo, Dennis. ** Bill, It so is, right? That Marclay. There’s a lot of space between Steve’s opinion and mine, ha ha. ** rewritedept, Why, hello there, Chris. Good to see you, buddy. Glad you dug the array. Whoa, 27 effects pedals are, yeah, a ton. Destroy sound, please. Shit, I’m sorry about you feeling down and the pain. Yeah, get that shit attended to and historical STAT. Stuff’s good enough with me. I’m just waiting to get the film funding in place for Zac’s and my new film, and then I’ll be in LA rather extensively. Love back! ** Maria, Isabella, Camila, Malaria, Gabriela, Yeek! Luckily I don’t own a yellow guitar, and never did. Everyone, Warning from Maria, Isabella, Camila, Malaria, Gabriela: ‘Maria Isabella Camila Malaria Gabriela has had vision. Somebody who is a reading this posting owning a yellow guitar will be in car crash sometime very soon.’ Drive carefully, you yellow guitar slinger(s)! Thank you for always telling the truth! ** Steve Erickson, Cool. Everybody, Excellent side trip from Mr. Erickson: ‘Trouser Press has published my interview with POLY STYRENE: I AM A CLICHE directors Celeste Bell and Paul Sng and X-Ray Spex saxophonist Lora Logic. Awesome that Lora Logic responded. I’m sure you won’t come off a sleazy hustler, and, yes, keep your expectations low and ask away, for sure. I’ll try to find that most curious sounding Romanian film. Thanks! ** l@rst, Hi, L. Good old Trumans Water. Sounds cool. And keep poeming away, please. ** Brendan, Yay for joy! The ultimate ultimate! Yes, sad about Monica Vitti. Wtf is up with all these valuable people dying lately. It’s way, way too much. Love, me. ** Brian, Hey, Brian. Thanks about the post. Well, maybe it’s all for the best re: abandoning Bresson for the German trilogy. Like I said, Bresson is a seriously tough topic. Not that the trilogy is easy-peasy, but it does seem far more doable theoretically. Ah, it was a late Jarman idea. I guess that would have been my guess. Too bad. The Rivette film was wonderful, very exciting, very funny, very genius on the camerawork front, just excellent. So your vibes were in working order. I’m happy you got through the b’day moment in better than one piece. Now you’re free to have a full-on adult week. Race you. ** Right. I decided to restore this strange post from the semi-distant past for better or worse. I hope you make heads or tails of it. See you tomorrow.


  1. Dominik


    Our definitions of heaven on earth, at least one version of it, are identical. There’s no other way to consume whipped cream, really.

    The Tom Friedman guitar it is. Haha, fuck, your love had a sudden change of mood! Building that extra room must’ve made him pretty fucking ravenous! Love getting fucked by his dull and mediocre life routine on a loop like Donald Duck, Od.

  2. David Ehrenstein

    James Bidgood R.I.P. This obit says he was 88 but I know he was well into his 90s. A great artist and a wonderful man,

  3. Maria, Isabella, Camila, Malaria, Gabriela

    Maria Isabella Camila Malaria Gabriela was raped by a goats once
    this took me a very, very long time to get over
    I still am have a the nightmares now
    I thank

  4. _Black_Acrylic

    Yikes that’s really too bad about Donald Duck, and it’s been out there for all the world to see.

    Re Dad, there’s no chance of a cure but me and my brother can go pay him a visit in an “unofficial” capacity at the weekend. Everybody just wants to make this process as comfortable for him as we can. He will be coming back home soon, we hope.

  5. David

    years ago I was in therapy as I had all of these fucked up memories I was 33 at the time…. some of the memories were demented… one memory was of me being left in an industrial bin aged about 10… and loads more fucked up stuff…. as the nature of the memories were very much distorted and completely bent out off shape… they’d jump from me being that age to 21-ish… and then back… I couldn’t determine what was true and what wasn’t…

    As I couldn’t determine I would never say verbatim that any of it happened… not nowadays… I’m well over it… even a little contemptuous

    therapy for this and that lasted 8 years…. till I was ousted out as a result of government cuts…. on being given the chance to go back I turned the offer down…

    I mentioned sometime back that your crazy books and persona… helped my address some of that stuff… it helped me stand up… not just you…. but you are included

    (currently I’m still on a diet and someone has left an entire packet of biscuits downstairs outside on the floor….. and I’m like damn!!! I could do with some of those right now fuk!!!)


  6. T

    Hey Dennis. Gosh this is…confusing. If only the real world was like these videos where ‘anal rape’ as far as I could see only signifies general fleeting man-on-man touch rather than like, the real thing. Instinctively I thought ‘ah, repressed “heteros” once again’, but I dunno, that got harder to sustain as I watched more… I adored the video ‘boy gets raped’ (the one with the barbie girl soundtrack). Although it made me remember a friend of mine who made a similarly intensely felt video when we were both at school, put it on youtube, then some bullying cunts found it and made his life hell, so I guess that tempered it a bit. ‘Gemma’s punishment bum rape’ and ‘COD4 XX bum rape’ were other strong highlights for me. Hope your Thursday makes tulips grow from each of your toes, and then brings you a selection of ergonomic open-toe sandals to accommodate xT

  7. LC

    These videos didn’t take me where I was expecting to go! Enjoyed “Bum rape in library part 2 suprise attack”

  8. Shane



  9. Verity Pawloski

    Do you like Voyager? I am a huge fan of Janeway

    • Shane


  10. Dom Lyne

    Hey Dennis,

    This post is tickling dust of my brain’s data-banks… I think I remember its first appearance on the blog. Good to see it back. Also, it makes a good back drop for my news as butt rape will probably be my brother’s daily showerly exercise when the police finish investigating his case. To be fair, we haven’t heard from him since he got arrested, well apart from him calling from the police station when he thought I’d gone back to London to try and con my mum into letting him stay with her rent free whilst on bail, so I took the phone and was like “you have money, use it.” He hung up on me and yeah… I guess he’s spending his money. But enough of that reprobate.

    My MRI scans all came back good, so nothing major there. My kidneys are healing okay, slower than they hoped, or maybe settling out around 60/70% function but that’s better than 30% and below so I’m not complaining. Only thing is my hearing is still getting worse without me noticing and they don’t know why, so I have to get it checked again in 6 months, but the hearing aids counter all that so all’s good there I guess. So far so good this year.

    Working on new stuff, researching , doing some poems. The hearing aids cancelled out the tinnitus so I can actually work and read and focus once again!!!

    Hope you’re well, much love and hugs from my telenovela life


  11. rewritedept


    quite a stack today. i dimly recall the original from the old blog.

    if you’re in LA in may, wanna go see HTRK? have you heard their last, ‘rhinestones’? it’s a stunner.

    i’m sitting around on my day off. listening to the aforementioned, some new slackers tracks, the church, &c. i have a couple guitars to repair later this week which will earn me some extra cash. my roommate and i are gonna set up the garage tomorrow, throw up some mics and work on songs. i have a guitar in this tuning that’s all Es except for a high B. the same tuning mbv used on ‘soon’ but down a step. it’s a riff machine. have to decide a complimentary tuning for the roomie (i’m thinking either EGBGBe or BBEEbb (lots of doubled notes, big sound for cool riffs and drones)). music is coming together, so hopefully i will be sending some things along soon.

    i’m re-reading ‘chaos’, which is about the manson murders and possible ties to the intelligence community. talk soon. love.


  12. Brian

    Hey, Dennis,

    All this rapery sends a chill down my spine. Raped by a ghost? I shudder to think. There are more things in heaven and earth, etc. Yes, Bresson really *is* a seriously tough topic (not that you need me to tell you that), and since this is my first really long maybe eventually journal-oriented piece, I might want to work with more familiar material for the time being. But we’ll see. Glad to hear the Rivette suited you. I didn’t know the pitch was so fantastical. It sounds wonderful. And genius camerawork—how could I resist? Speaking for myself, I saw my first Max Ophüls movie last night, “Letter from an Unknown Woman”, and the camerawork there really bowled me over. My adult week is off to a tiring start. I’m in a film production class to fulfill a major requirement—four hours once a week—and we’re going to have to make films, of course, which intimidates me; furthermore, we’re making them on actual film, which is cool and exciting to me, but also we have to pay out of pocket for every reel and their development, which is expensive, etc. How’ll things go I wonder. Oh well. Unwound from the stress by marking Kenneth Anger’s 95th birthday with a viewing of “Puce Moment”, one of my faves. Week’s almost up. Anything waiting for you on the other side of the finish line?

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