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Birthday Boy David Ehrenstein presents … My Favorite Songs

(“Oh Diogenese!” The Boys From Syracuse)

(Lee Wiley “Find Me a Primitive Man”)

(Diana Dors “The Gentleman is a Dope”)

(Mildred Bailey “Where Are You?”)

(Betty Carter “My Favorite Things”)

(The Ink Spots “If I Didn’t Care”)

(Til the Clouds Roll By — June Allyson and Ray Macdonald)

(Doris Day “Nobody’s Heart”)

(Doris Day “My Romance”)

(Claire Trevor Key Largo)

(Jane et Serge “Je t’aime Moi Non Plus”)

(The KLF, Tammy Wynette “Justified and Ancient”)

(Harold Lang in Pal Joey “I Could Write a Book”)

(“Abba Dabba Honeymoon” Debbie Reynolds, Carlton Carpenter)

(Frank Sinatra “Fly Me to the Moon”)

(Love Me Tonight “Isn’t It Romantic?”)

(Judy Garland “San Francisco”)

(Frank Sinatra “Good Thing Going”)

(Jamie Cullum “Blame It On My Youth”)

(Maria Callas La Wally)

(Maria Callas “O Don Fatale”)

(Verdi Don Carlo — duet — Bryan Terfel, Sergei Larin)

(Frank Sinatra “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”)

(Cole Porter “George Sand”)

(Grey Gardens “Around the World” Christine Ebersole)

(Elaine Stritch “I’m Still Here”)

(Noel Coward “Half Caste Woman”)

(“The Atchison Topeka and the Santa Fe” The Harvey Girls)

(Blossom Dearie “Rhode Island is Famous For You”)

(Laura Nyro “Save the Country”)

(“I Never Has Seen Snow” Diahann Carroll)

(“Not a Day Goes By” Bernadette Peters)

(“Some Other Time” Lenny and Eileen Farrell)

(Gino Paoli / Ennio Morricone “Ricordati”)

(Judy Garland “A Great Lady Has an Interview”)

(Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle “Old Boyfriends”)

(“Not Since Nineveh” Dolores Gray)

(“Makin Whoopee” Michelle Pfeiffer)

(“When That Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves For Alabam”)

(Serge Gainsbourg “La Javanese”)

(Serge et Jane “Comic Strip”)

(Kenward Elmslie “Who’ll Prop Me Up in the Rain?”)

(Lisa Kirk “The Physician”)

(Edith Piaf “Milord”)

“My Foolish Heart” Tony Bennett and Bill Evans)

(Daniel Boaventura “Hello Detroit”)

(Marching to Shibboleth)

(Sondheim “The Gun Song”)

(Meryl Streep “You Don’t Know Me”)

(Almodovar “I’m So Excited”)

(Les Amants Reguliers “This Time Tomorrow”)

“Mamma Mia” The Adventure of Priscilla Queen of the Desert)

(Kaye Ballard “I’ve Still Got My Health”)

(“My Picture in the Papers” Kaye Ballard)

(Paul Bowles “Dear Freddy”)

(Audrey Hepburn “How Long Has This Been Going On?”)

(Rufus Wainwright “Le Complainte de la Butte”)

(Jackie Shane “Walking the Dog”)

(“Call Me Maybe” WeHo Queens)

(Marianne Faithful “Don’t Forget Me”)

(Bob Dorough “I Get The Neck of The Chicken”)

(Pinky Winters “You Are There”)

(“Stay in My Arms” Marc Blitzstein)

(Charles Trenet “La Mer”)

(“The Long Goodbye” Jack Sheldon)

(Jack Sheldon “I’m Almost in Love with You”)

(Charles Trenet “Que Reste-t-il de nos amours”)

(Jimmy Scott “On Broadway”)

(John Cale “Heartbreak Hotel”)

(Megan Hilty “They Just Keep Moving the Line”)

(Pass That Peace Pipe)

(Mildred Natwick “The Elephant Song”)

(Marianne Faithfull “The Alabama Song”)

(Marianne Faithfull “The Bilbao Song”)

(Marianne Faithfull “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams”)

(Marianne Faithful “El Gavilan”)

(Anjelica Huston listens as Frank Patterson sings in The Dead)

(Randy Newman “I Love L.A.”)

(Randy Newman “God’s Song”)

(Randy Newman “Marie”)

(Nick Lucas “Painting the Clouds with Sunshine”)

(Nina Simone “I Put a Spell on You”)

(“Daydream” Jo Stafford)

(“Lonely House” Street Scene)

(Nat King Cole “Stardust”)

(Akiko Yano “Hard Times Come Again No More’)

(“These Days” Terry and Doris)

(“All I Need is the Girl” Gypsy)

(Joe Cocker “Cry Me a River”)

(Bing Crosby “Moonlight Becomes You”)

(Gavin Creel “What Can You Lose?”)

(Jonathan Groff “I Got Lost in His Arms”)

(“Multitudes of Amys” Michael Rupert)

(“Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered” Samuel Barnett)

(Jonny McGovern “Sexy Nerd”)

(“These Foolish Things” Jane Birkin, Jimmy Rowles)

(Michel Legrand “Sans Toi” Cleo de 5 a7)

(Michel Legrand “La Valse des Lilas”)

(Michel Legrand “What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life?”)

(Sondheim: “The Miller’s Son” from A Little Night Music)

(Sondheim “Another National Anthem”)

(Jacob Collier “I’ve Told Every Little Star’)

(Julie London “Bye Bye Blackbird”)

(Julie London “The Mighty Quinn’)

(Julie London “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To”)

(Me and My Town)

(Sondheim “The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” Clabourne Elder)

(Nick DeCaro “Tea For Two”)

(Barbara “Dis, quand reviendras-tu ?)

(Pet Shop Boys “Love Comes Quickly”)

(Dusty Springfield “The Windmills of Your Mind”)

(Dusty Springfield “Haunted”)

(Aretha Franklin “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman”)

(Teresa Stratas “I’m a Stranger Here Myself”)

(“Not a Care in the World” Dawn Upshaw)

(Van Dyke Parks “Hold Back Time”)

(“I’m Just a Little Person”)

(Brahms “How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place”)

(Three Resurrected Drunkards “I Died”)

(“Bedazzled” Peter Cook)

(Prince “Mountains”)

(Frances Gershwin “I’ve Got a Cousinin In Wilwaukee”)

(“Embraceble You” Judy and Chuck)

(Nico “My Funny Valentine”)

(Nico “It Was a Pleasure Then”)

(Souave si il Vento )

(Willy DeVille “Save the Last Dance For Me”)

(Jeff Buckley “The Last Goodbye”)

(Eva Cassidy “Over the Rainbow”)

(“Make Our Garden Grow” Candide)

(Maureen McGovern “Confession”)

(Mahler “I Am Lost To This World”)




p.s. Hey. So, you remember how on my recent birthday I self-celebrated by giving all and sundry the option of listening to a big slew of my all time favorite songs? Well, another birthday is upon us, and this time it’s the honorable David Ehrenstein’s, and you have a whole new big slew of favorite songs to click upon and get potentially swept away by. It’s his and your 24 hour-long DC’s party. Make the most of it. And please wish Mr. E a happy birthday and even give out a song assessment or two of you feel like it. Thanks! ** David Ehrenstein, And there you are! Very happy birthday, sir! May it be a joyous one. Eek, that’s Ari now? Yikes. No, I haven’t the new Polanski. Honestly, I haven’t fully liked a film of his since ‘The Tenant’, so it’s not a big priority for me. ** Tosh Berman, It’s super beautifully designed too. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi. Yes, very sad news about Andrew Weatherall. It’s kind of expected, I guess, but disappointing that, at least in my social media realm, hardly anyone seems to know or appreciate his amazing work other than that one Primal Scream album he produced. ** Misanthrope, Ah, you were using page turner in the broader and more interesting sense. Excuse me. I’ve always been mega-skeptical of conspiracy theories, and these days when conspiracy theories are so often considered merely colorful truths by so many, I am mega-mega-skeptical. And I know that theory about The Paris Review, and, sorry, I’ve always thought it was hogwash. But apples and oranges. Well, I guess that would make sense: torn tendon. Man, whatever it is, may the medical profession be your own private magician. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. Interesting. I like Ben Rivers’ films in general. He’s been on my agenda for Day/post for a while. Puzzling is among his ‘things’ from my experience. Well, I guess I’m using the escort and slave posts for an art project. TOPY seems to have been such a mixed bag. I have friends who were in it that consider joyfully life-changing. I have friends who were in it who think it was fascist and abusive. ** Right. Please enjoy the soundtrack of Mr. Ehrenstein’s birthday today and raise a toast of your preferred elixir. See you tomorrow.


  1. After posting here last night, I googled TOPY and found a series of articles in Pop Matters critiquing them as an abusive, manipulative cult (and also calling out Psychic TV’s acid house albums for cultural appropriation of African-American music.) I didn’t know that David Tibet, John Balance and Peter Christopherson left around 1983 and had nothing good to say about it or Genesis P-Orridge’s treatment of other people.

    I got a lot of work done on my music article for the Brooklyn Rail. I feel like I’m within sight of a complete first draft. I have to watch the new Ken Loach film for a Gay City News review today, and I hope to finally start my DRESSED TO KILL essay next weekend.

    “Justified and Ancient” is a jam (no pun intended), one of the best pop songs of that period! If it came out now, YouTube conspiracy theorists would go nuts over the KLF’s many Easter eggs about the Illuminati. I like the Brechtian direction Marianne Faithfull went in after BROKEN ENGLISH.

  2. Happy birthday David! I was getting a little worried about the lack of Nico but then I saw you worked her in at the end there.

    My 40th birthday is coming up in a few months, maybe I should do something like this as well…

  3. Happy Birthday David! Thank you for this fine and classy playlist. For a bonus treat, there’s a neat 1986 cover of the PSB’s Love Comes Quickly here by former J-pop idol Hidemi Ishikawa.

  4. Happy Birthday again, DavidE! Great selection.

    Yeah, Matthiessen ain’t half bad. I’m really liking this book of his.

    Thanks. If the doc’s right, there’s not really much that can be done except rest (a sling for a few weeks) and then rehab. But we’ll see. Kind of too late for any surgery because the elasticity will be gone from the tendon and be a motherfucker to stretch back down. I can say I had almost no pain at all today.

    Seventeen chapters down, 11 to go, and then another once-over. It’s getting there, this novel of mine. Yikes!

    Oh, I love conspiracy theories. Don’t believe any at all, but I find them and their origins and why anyone would get so involved interesting as hell.

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