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Big Feet and the Interdimensional Hypothesis *

* (restored)


‘Jon-Erik Beckjord was a San Francisco-based paranormal investigator and photographer known for his far-reaching ideas regarding such phenomena as UFOs, crop circles, the Loch Ness Monster, and his specialty, Bigfoot, which he believed to be an extradimensional ghost-like entity that lives in mountains, forests, and even farmers’ fields. Beckjord characterized his theories as being “no more bizarre than those of Einstein, Dr. Michio Kaku or Dr. Fred Alan Wolf,” and considered many of his ideas to be continuations or expansions upon Einstein’s work.

‘Beckjord believed that Bigfoot and similar cryptids may be “inter-dimensional” beings that can occasionally take physical form for brief periods of time, but that, like the famed Cheshire cat, can “fade out” and pass through “wormholes”, possibly to other dimensions or parallel universes. He reported having had one of the creatures speak to him using telepathy, communicating the words “We’re here, but we’re not real, like what you think is real”. Beckjord claimed that such entities may be able to actually disappear into thin air, or even shapeshift.

‘Beckjord maintained that the interdimensional hypothesis may possibly, if proven, explain why there are thousands of alleged Bigfoot creature sightings each year, yet no dead zoological physical body is ever found. To evidence these ideas, Beckjord accumulated a large collection of enlarged photographs that he says show, among other things, “half-Bigfoots” and “invisible Bigfoots”, or possible aliens. The forms are often found in situations where the camera picked up images not seen by the witnesses, often due to distance. According to Beckjord, the images show primates, carnivores and beings not readily identified within known zoological classifications that resemble descriptions of aliens submitted to investigators.

‘He conducted much field work, such as camping out at “window sites” where, he said, Bigfoot activity is frequently seen. From 1978–1981, he collected his own photographic evidence of what he believes to be a “tribe” of either Bigfoots or aliens at El Dorado National Forest. Beckjord’s strong beliefs about Bigfoot and similar entities brought him into conflict not only with skeptics, who consider Bigfoot sightings to be a cultural phenomenon purely resulting from wishful thinking or hoaxes, but also with those who believe Bigfoot to be an actual physical creature.

‘Beckjord died at the age of 69 from prostate cancer on June 22, 2008, near his home in Lafayette, California. He had been maintaining the Crosses of Lafayette monument to casualties of the Iraq War before his death.’ — collaged



Interdimensional Hypotheses
by Jon-Erik Beckjord

1) A good example in literature is also “Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carrol. Alice goes into a mirror and enters a world where everything is reversed. A parallel universe or world. Also, “Alice in Wonderland” – she falls down a rabbit hole, and enters a strange world.

2) Heaven and Hell may be also parallel universes, if they exist. In an infinity of parallel universes, they probably do exist. The question is whether we on Earth have a wormhole to either one? Possibly so.

3) The Bermuda Triangle may be an entryway for a transverse wormhole and all those missing ships and planes may exist in another parallel world in a parallel universe.

4) In the situation of intra-universe wormholes, people may disappear and reappear at some other part of the world, in a different time. There are reports of a Spanish soldier from the 1600s appearing in our time for a short period, and then disappearing again. There are reports of farmers walking into a field and just vanishing. Many missing persons may have gotten into either an intra-universe wormhole, or an inter-universe wormhole. In the latter case, they would reappear in a different universe and world, and not this one.

5) Exotic creatures such as hairy humanoids, black panthers, Nessie,etc, may be made of exotic matter or even antimatter. There is talk in the literature about negative energy being involved. (More on this later). But it should be noted that herbalist Charles Hallmark took a video in OK near his home in a state park, in which four Bigfoot creatures showed up along with one hujman being, that he did not see. Analysis of this video shows that while these are some 200-300 feet away, that they were all watching Hallmark, and that using negative image transfers, (pos to neg,etc) it can be seen that the man is visible only in the negative state, but looks normal, while one hairy humanoid looks negative while three others look positive, in the negative state. When the image is reverted, the man is a white blob and so are the three creatures, while the first creature looks normal. This may relate to exotic matter, anti-matter and negative energy forces. Exactly how is not known.

6) What we think are dreams, but are “out of body experiences”, may take place in other universes that we get to via transverse wormholes.

7) I suggest that there is not just one transversable worm hole accessing this Earth, but thousands, even millions, separately, 24/7. Envision thousands, millions of such wormholes (passageways) twisting and crackling all over the Earth, sendng and receiving, taking and returning, over and over.

8) Life after death may be explained in some cases by the deceased’s life-force moving to another “plane” (parallel universe) via a transverse wormhole, and visits by spirits of the deceased may visit back here by the same method. If this is true, nobody truly dies. In some cases, where reincarnation is shown (studies by a Dr. Casey in Indian villages) (details tba) the visiting life force may “take” with a newborn child.

9) I suggest that Nirvana or Satori in Zen, is a result of accessing a wormhole, personally. Meditation is the attempt to enter a wormhole. Za-Zen, or sitting meditation, tries the same. I personally had such a trip, Satori, while sitting in the drivers seat of an Air National Guard bus, in a spring setting with green grass and sunlight, a driver for other troops, and waiting for them to return from a hike. Dreams, visions, “voices” in the head, the voices of Joan of Arc, divine visions, miracles, missing people, all can come via wormholes. IMHO.

10) Critics will level the charge that I am trying to explain all mysteries, under the catch-all of wormholes, but all I can offer in response is that while not every situation can be explained by wormholes in use, I suspect it will be found, over time, as we find tools to test this hypotheses with, that a large number of the mysteries will be explained in this manner. In the meantime, I have yet to see any better solution to mysteries.

11) Other applications are the famous “lost sock in the dryer” – which is not a joke, lost keys that later reappear on a plain table, missing money from a secure spot, travel by dying people 3000 miles to appear briefly to relatives, cases where priests are seen in two widely separated spots at the same instant, giving mass, and more.

12) In closing, I quote Albert Einstein “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Skeptics are those who, when seeing the handwriting on the wall, declare it to be a forgery.


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  1. wolf

    Dennis! Huhrrrhuurrggrrrr!!!! Funny how charming it is to see Conspiracy Thinking ™ deployed for the good of entertainment and firmly on the ‘harmless weirdo’ side of life and how creepy it gets once it crosses the line into ‘What They ™ Don’t Want You to Know…’. It’s a fine line, given the interesting (from a psychological, or, let’s face it, psychiatric, point of view) overlap between the Topics One Is A Conspiracy Nut About. You start with Bigfoot and crop circles (who doesn’t like crop circles?) and next thing you know, something something basement-of-a-DC-pizza-joint, or Bill Gates, or The Jews (is antisemitism the first society-scale manifestation of paranoid schizophrenia or only its most noticed because deadly?). I’ve seen that slow gradation happen in my brother’s messed-up brain, and I mostly blame the weed, but regardless of the cause, the results are scary. I don’t know how you dial that shit back. “Don’t you think it’s interesting how the pyramids—” Aaaaahh! No!! I don’t! But anyway. Bigfoot is cool. Especially since the prank quality of most of the really-very-convincing-wow-much-impressed evidence is so obvious. Now, my personal theory is that Bigfoot is a collective of “smarter than average” black bears donning gorilla costumes to prank The Hoomans away from their delicious pic-a-nic baskets, but I admit it’s a pretty edgy one.

  2. David Ehrenstein

    Bigfoot is a being from another dimension? Why not?

    Gore Vidal remembered Mishima as being “Fun to Cruise with” Such a curious character. He longed to embody ancient Japanese traditions yet be a moern man at the same time. He was a major Muscle Queen and some have speculated that his suicide came about when he realied that he had taken his body as far as it could go and it would be downhill from then on. PaulSchrader wanted to do a straightforward biopic but was prevented from doing so by Mishima’s widow. Yes he was gayer than Clifton Webb but being a roper bourgeois got married to a woan and barely closeted himself (his lover helped with the seppuku and kidd himself right afterwards) Schrader’s film is quite good as it re-enacts sequences from his novels that reflect his real life. In that it’s much more interesting than a biopic wold have been.

    • Sypha

      David E yeah I remember reading that Schrader wanted to use stuff from ‘Forbidden Colors’ in the film but Mishima’s widow forbade him from doing so!

  3. Ian

    Hey d. Yea, if all goes as planned my profession will be as a carpenter starting this July. It will be lots of hard work but it should provide me with economic stability.

    Love this big foot inter dimension idea. Sounds like something out of Twin Peaks. I used to watch a lot of those finding Bigfoot shows on tv where the viewer was always left disappointed by the overhype.

    Today is a day off school for me which means a chance to write and do some editing. I am struggling with editing the first section as I wrote it back in March when I had no job, no school and all the time in the world to write and edit. The sections I have written since going to work/school are noticeably different in length of scene, amount of description etc. It’s like the different sections don’t belong in the same story. I don’t know how to unite the different sections or if it is even necessary. In some ways I like that the sections are different, just not sure what it would be like for a reader.
    Take care xoxo Ian

  4. Ian

    @ _Black_Acrylic wanted to let you know I have been enjoying yr Play Therapy mixes. Keep them coming!

  5. Misanthrope

    Dennis, So I’m going through the post and decide to go get a drink. I look out the back door and there’s this huge guy standing on the sidewalk a block away. He’s dressed in all black, pants, hoodie, shoes, and a facemask. I’m like…BIGFOOT! Almost filmed him and then was like, nah.

    Yeah, I’ve noticed an increased intensity, or even urgency, in Derek’s last couple books. Hmm. I’ve finished it and need to read the Afterword now.

    I’m trying to get my friend to read Castle Faggot to her kids. I don’t think she’s going to. 😀

    That’s the thing, all my tests over the last couple months -CT scan, nuclear scan, blood and urine- show everything as normal except that one fucked kidney, which isn’t a problem. I guess the next step is a GI doctor. I’m suspecting either some sort of ulcer or a hiatal hernia. We’ll see.

    Hahaha, the eardrum hole as secret chamber. Interesting. But man, these ears have always been the bane of my existence. Burst eardrum, seven sets of tubes between the ages of 2 and 10, not being able to swim for years, hearing loss, etc. Bleh meh eh.

    Yeah, let me know about the mac and cheese. I’d do that, no problem. 😀

    Oh, and yep, I’ll be watching that movie tomorrow night. Should be fun. I’ll be with one of my best friends and her family. Timothee is gonna be on SNL on December 12. We’ll see how that goes, hahaha. I think he should really take the piss out of himself, but I doubt that’ll happen.

    • Brian Clark

      So you not only don’t believe in multiple dimensions(you live in 3D jackass) but are very close minded. I bet you are also atheist…just if I were a betting man. I are just very close minded because you’ve never had what I’d call an “awakening”. You must be young. BTW fyi GOD IS 100% REAL AND YOU WILL LEARN THIS THROUGHOUT LIFE WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT…REAL TALK.

  6. MANCY

    Hey Dennis! This post first aired at a time when I was finding a lot of entertainment in cryptozoology and such. I love the idea of BF as inter dimensional and especially the “partial Bigfoot” sightings.
    I tested positive for covid but no symptoms and my quarantine ends tomorrow, so feeling very lucky for that. Been holed up in a borrowed apartment, can’t wait to get out of here.
    Btw – thanks to the guest post about Super Mario 64 I am now in the midst of the DS version and really loving it. I’ve trailed off a bit but was also playing Super Mario Galaxy on Wii recently, know that one?
    Creatively I’ve been having a tough to me focusing for a while now, but getting back in the swing with some more “illustration” work for Philip and AS, some of which will see the light early 2021.
    Hope all is well with you my friend. I’ve mostly been a lurker but I’m still here on the blog every morning.

  7. Steve Erickson

    As others have said, the reminder of the days when conspiracy theories and the paranormal seemed harmless and fun is welcome. I’d rather hear a claim that the CIA is investigating a connection between Bigfoot and UFOs than that they’re part of a Satanic Illuminati conspiracy to keep Donald Trump from ordering the murders of Democratic politicians and liberal celebrities.

    I wonder if there’s something in the minerals of the “windows to other worlds” areas that can change our consciousness a la DMT and psilocybin and produce visions of aliens, cryptids, elves, etc. I doubt there’s any literal truth to alien abduction; it’s funny how security cameras and phones with the ability to record video are everywhere now, but no one has ever recorded one. But I wonder if our minds might be capable of interacting with something real that’s not part of consensus reality. (No, I haven’t been listening to Joe Rogan.) I’ve had some really weird experiences around 3 or 4 AM, and I was probably in a hypnagogic state, but I once hallucinated a green pyramid in a corner of my room for reasons I can’t explain at all.

    I got some good Black Friday deals on vocal and percussion sample packs, so another song using them is probably on the way this weekend. The “whoo” shout in “What Are You Thankful For?” was sampled from an Instagram video about spelunking; it’s TV show host crying out as he tripped in a sudden rush of river in the cave.

  8. Brian O’Connell

    Hey Dennis,

    This bizarre theory is as good any purporting to explain Bigfoot, which is to say it doesn’t make a whit of sense, but is pretty fun to read about anyway.

    Ah, so I’ll probably do a few more black-and-white Ozus first, so the transition to color will be all the more interesting and impactful. That’s more or less how “The Sailor…” ends in novel form—I don’t think they’re planning to eat him specifically, only dissect him, but it’s the same gist. Sort of a metaphorical revenge against a Westernizing Japan, mixed in with his usual sadistic fascination with the tortured male body, etc. It was a very interesting novel, if not my favorite of his. I’ll have to check out the Kristoferson rendition, although I feel the story will come off way different without the specific postwar context. Also glad to hear you recall liking “Forbidden Colors”, which is the next one I’m going to read from him, even though I’ve heard the translation is a little clunky. Do let us know what you think of the Schrader if/when you see it!

    Fingers crossed, likewise, about the coming weeks with the pandemic. At the very least I have tomorrow’s “Castle Faggot” post to look forward to: I’m not familiar with Derek’s work but I’ve been intrigued ever since I heard the title.

  9. Nan Nano

    Bigfoot are NOT interdimensional travelers or spirit beings. According to my Yupik Alaska Native Elders, people get Hairy Man (Bigfoot) confused with Amikuk. Amikuk are evil spirits who can take on physical form. They can shapeshift into any form they want. They are much like the Navajo legend of the skinwalker. Hairy Man is a fully living biological being that eats, sleeps, mates, etc. Amikuk do not. Amikuk can travel into other dimensions Hairy Man cannot. It’s not a matter of being open minded It’s a matter of reality versus fiction. Our legends have stated for years before Europeans came to this country that the two are not the same. When you say Hairy Man is an interdimensional traveler you are the reason scientists refuse to study Hairy Man. The reality is they don’t believe in the supernatural so when you say that you are defeating the purpose. We have studied these beings for many centuries, and shared our wisdom among our tribe.

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