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“A few weeks ago I watched a movie called Beheaded (2012) in which the killer would take the victims and behead them. Then he would have sex with that head. It was one hell of a movie, but there were problems.”


heythereimjay, 19
I’m a nice young man that has a big heart and always likes to help. I will always love you and respect you. I am a virgin, and I know it will be painfull and humiliating but I don’t mind at all. I will give you my innocents, everything. Would be nice if we can go camping, somewhere we can be completely alone. You can spend the whole time raping me to the point I’m that I’m screaming and crying. You can do anything from forcing your fist in my boypussy with no lube while I’m tied up, facefucking me till I loose breath and vomit and still keep going while I pass out, choking me with a chain, whipping me etc. Either way no one will hear anything. Or if your into sleep play, we can arrange something so you can have your fun while I’m knocked out cold and not allowed to set the maximum number of rapes or time limits. Destroy me in whatever way you want so I have no choice but to stay with you forever. I’ve always wanted a relationship with someone like this and all that goes with it, but just never got the chance.


heythereimjay (Owner) – Sept 22, 2022
I am now a dick craving meth whore and my ass has collapsed into chaos.

AirborneOperations – Aug 13, 2022
I’ve been doing it pretty regular with this white trash boy. You know the type, made bad choices in life, quit HS, knocked up a GF, lives with his parents, has a nice cock, blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty face and hotter than hot ass. He listens to a lot of rap and hip hop, smokes a lot of weed. That’s still hot now at 19 but he’ll just be an overweight hag in ten years, make that five. He never talks about his life or what he wants and part of me would love him to be more of my life than just my cum dump, but I know we’re both hostages to where we are in life. He’s such trash and, hey, so am I, that I’m always tempted to go too far with him but I always reign it in and I give him what we both agree he wants. I want more with him but know he could never give me that and that’s where I am right now. He always says he wished we could do more but leaves it hanging in the air. What more can I say? We can’t do more. He’s trash and the shine will be off soon. My heart sinks as I think that, but I’m right. We got nowhere to go.



StressedBottom, 20
I’ve been watching a lot of gay porn videos and want to be fucked in more positions than I’ve already been.


StressedBottom (Owner) – Sept 10, 2022
And I have the perfect ass.



kidnapmeplease, 22
so…what’s led me here? I am David….22 soon….I dated my high school sweetheart from 14 til lastChristmas. When we broke up I was devastated and friends took me round the bars…. one of the bars was a gay daddy biker joint and this older guy started getting my life story and I was drunk enough to tell him! He asked me if she left we cause she knew I was gay…I said of course I wasnt gay and what made him think that….he said he could just tell…a drinks later that daddy was showing me at his apartment that he was right and I needed fucked and used …. so now I live in Portland and I am hoping to find someone who can make me leave that baggage behind ……hope that didn’t bore you


AnGRy-AgRo-ARab – Sept 13, 2022

kidnapmeplease (Owner) – Sept 13, 2022
i’m not dead

AnGRy-AgRo-ARab – Sept 13, 2022
This slut had a twisted mind, he desired to be raped & humiliated – wasn’t problem for me, even when I started to beat him, he was screamed with joy and asking to not stop. When I cum, he asked me to put a plastic bag on his head and tape it shut & I did, his cock was hard, he really like it, I jerked off myself watching how he dying in motel bath. I guess he died in joy, well done, cunt.

BoyStrangler – Sept 8, 2022
the most important thing is that you strangle it hard enough to make it lose conciousness.and dig in cause because it tries to fight you and you can feel the faggot fading.I told it that I was actually going to snuff it as it started to lose conciousness just to see the panic.i said stuff like “don’t worry about how you got aids cause I’m gonna kill you right now.” lol (it’s been emailing me ever since)

Local-Bastard – Sept 2, 2022
He likes being kidnapped and having his clothes ripped off him and hogtied and shoved in the trunk of a car and brought to a “secret” location and having his hands tied high above his head so that he is forced to stand on his tippy toes while being whipped and tortured.



Trainer4nervous, 25
Entering into a Master/slave relationship can be a daunting thing and so many new slaves are nervous to take that first step.

Let me help.

I have been a slave for many years. i have had the same feelings and gone through the same experiences. Let me break you in gradually take you to the place where you feel 100% slave.

I can accommodate because my master lets me use his dungeon for my training sessions and I am patient and understanding.


wrapdUPinMYsplendour – Sept 16, 2022
Apropos of nothing, I enjoyed eating your shit.

Trainer4nervous (Owner) – Sept 10, 2022
A particular skill of mine is training guys’ screams so a sadist can hear a change of cadence in your screams the more pain he administers.

kidnappedboyindistress – Sept 10, 2022
Please help me! I haven’t cum since (8/9/22):)
I would love help permanently regressing my mental age to about 1-2 yrs old.
Forced enemas and guys drinking them are a dream.
I’m EXTREMELY interested in humiliation lol😝
I would love to be slowly introduced to extreme pain hehe!
I want to be who I want to be so fuckin bad😍👅!!

Trainer4nervous (Owner) – Sept 9, 2022
Absolutely nothing, you are just trying to give your life purpose.

Mindlessfaggot1989 – Sept 9, 2022
Why do i want to be skullfucked and strangled till i have no air? Whats wrong with me?



helpwithmyproblems, 22
I live in Arkansas. Only talk to me if you are willing to help me with these problems:
-Find the solution for permanent, lifelong hair removal, not just for a few years
-To lighten my skin tone

Until you show interest in this, I won’t tell you about myself, I won’t send you another picture. These problems have been bothering me for a long time, I want to finally get rid of them. I’m sorry if this seems too serious and rude, I’m not like that in real life. When these problems were not present in my life, I was not like this. If you’ve made it this far, please help me find a solution to my problems. Thanks!

* Yes I’ve had several profiles before but they get banned because I am real.

* No more posers that convince me that I’ve found the one who’ll help me then just fuck me and don’t.

* If it comes to that I’ve always been a slut since before I could even get it up.

* My address is 5271 Royalwood Rd Apt E103


anothergay – Sept 15, 2022
I’m not the helping type, I just wanted to say you made me really happy last month when I fucked you mercilessly on my last day in beautiful Little Rock.



archiedayne, 20
I am your slutty Belgian FTM transboy cumdump, I’m here for breeding and roughly getting fucked in my cunt.

I am into nonconsent, rapeplay, orgy, breeding, impregnation, choking, slapping, being driven crazy while I drive you crazy.

If your cock isn’t enough I have a large collection of animal & monster themed XXXL fantasy dildos.

I got no dick, I got a needy cunt! Boobs were small B cup but are long gone.

My asshole is to be looked at and nothing else. If you even touch it with your fingertip I’ll bite your nose off.



urSkater, 18
Looking for a good skater? Well I’m here! I like too skate all day and look grate for you!
Would be awesome to be a good skater for you.
If your a skater say hey bro! Would be grate to connect with other skaterbros!
If you want to worship me that’s grate too!
I’m not really good at writing these. If you into skaters then u know we are grate!
Am I gay? No idea.


urSkater (Owner) – Sept 4, 2022
Mario Party or Kart.

joy4u – Sept 4, 2022
Any chance I could make passionate love to you while I’m wearing boxing gloves? Otherwise I’m fairly vanilla.



Dontkillmeyet, 19
Im scared and leave and come back again. Im looking for pain. I have ass. I just want a master who will hurt me.


Dontkillmeyet (Owner) – Sept 11, 2022
I dont care anymore.

Dontkillmeyet (Owner) – Sept 8, 2022
Be aware I have a thick German accent.

Dontkillmeyet (Owner) – Sept 6, 2022

Dontkillmeyet (Owner) – Sept 5, 2022
No Biden supporters, lgbtq+, groomers, BLM, and/or Antifa. I can tolerate left-leaning moderates but that’s as far as Ill go! No “democratic”-socialists, Communists, and/or Fascists!

Dontkillmeyet (Owner) – Sept 3, 2022
Things that are hot:
– Bad Bunny
– Bad Bunny without a shirt
– Having voted for Donald at least once

Dontkillmeyet (Owner) – Sept 1, 2022
Far-rightists get first dibs.

Dontkillmeyet (Owner) – Sept 1, 2022
Extremely good at following instructions and have the IKEA furniture to prove it.



inescapeableties, 22
hello i am a swedish slave looking for life as a slave i dont want a choice in what happens to me

i am totally no limits i have fantasised about this since was 14 years old blame history teacher

im gay but dont matter what i am as i am a slave and wanna be treated like one

i have a girfreind what makes this hard, family dont know im gay either


inescapeableties (Owner) – Sept 9, 2022
slave here! get your slave here!

inescapeableties (Owner) – Sept 7, 2022
the only time i almost got discovered was when i was 15 i wrote a mostly true story about a teenaged baby sitter who was in love with the father of the children i babysat for

in the story the father encouraged me to steal money from my family so we could go somewhere far and live our lives

i steal the money and we ride to another province where the father brings me to an abandoned meat processing plant so we can have fun because they have no money for motel where we do some drugs which makes me 1000x more sexually sensitive

the last few paragraphs describes our fantastic intercourse and my heightened pleasure then after my orgasm the father beheads me with a cleaver in one chop so fast that i was still blinking and smiling in surprise as my head rolled away

he then puts my remains into a meat grinder and throws my head down a well with my surprised smile now frozen by rigor mortis

well my mother found the story on my phone but because she’s a teacher she just chided me for some grammar errors

inescapeableties (Owner) – Sept 6, 2022
i take measures in faking that my preference appears to be for mundane big boob and blonde girls

just a couple of intentional pornhub tab left open here and there and some pictures that my family/girlfreind will definitely notice when they borrow my phone and think I’m a normal horny straight boy



ForNecroHeadfuckers, 19
Hey everyone, how is everyone?

A few weeks ago I watched a movie called Beheaded (2012) in which the killer would take the victims and behead them. Then he would have sex with that head. It was one hell of a movie, but there were problems.

– For one, there are no teenage-heads! No hot headless teenagers. There is a scene with a teenager in the background, you can see his dick. But he doesn’t get beheaded all.
– It’s filled with disgusting and grotesque men heads (Headless men over the 19 are fucking gross)
– Character: The main killer of the movie doesn’t say much, but he moans when he cums.

I’m a damn sexy teenager, and I was wondering how many of you would help me by the writing of another movie, this one with ONLY me as the teenage victim, only my teenage head, only me naked, and one or more killers. It must be better than Beheaded, and it must be all me, men killers and me, with no dead men and very little clothing as possible. If you want to take a more personal point of view, I am an art student! If you’ve always dreamed of a serial killer beheading a young artist, this is your chance aha!

For example, there was a scene in the movie “The Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer,” when Jeff gave the nearly naked teenager booze and money and during a photo shoot he slapped the cuffs on his victim. He then laid out a tarp, took his electric saw, and gently beheaded his victim. After the head was off, he held it close to his face and whispered something like “It’s okay I won’t take. I love you… I Love You.” as he put the head down in the freezer.

Maybe it’s just me, but I thought that scene was good and romantic. I would love a man to whisper to my teenage head, and I know he would love me because with the sexual excitement comes emotions.

But I figured one or more of you could write a movie based on fantasy and we can put it together and pitch it to a maker of movies with me as the star. Don’t worry I’m a good actor.

What are your thoughts? If you can understand keeping my beautiful teenage head, then this could be for you.

Come on people.


staminaGreg – Sept 13, 2022
I would consider myself bi-curious or mostly straight but I have long since had fantasies of cutting off a teenage boy’s head. I love your head and the sooner I can cut it off the better!



MetalBoy, 19
I am loosing my virginity tonight to a man who was my teacher in high school . This evening I am a total virgin no intercourses with woman . He has been trying to talk me into it for a while . I have finally agreed to do it . I at first told him we had to use a condom . Over a few weeks he wore me down and I agreed to do it bare . He was telling me how much better it would be more lubercation . I know at the end of the day he just wants to bread the virgin . He has been fingering me for the last half hour and he has commented on how tight I am . My thoughts and breathing are telling me it’s time to finally loose my virginity . I am an extremely emotional person . I know I am probably just a piece of ass to him . I have been thinking about this for a while .


MetalBoy (Owner) – Sept 5, 2022
He just said “Your ass offers so much more than a hole. It’s a complete experience.” Yes!!!!!

onlyraw – Sept 5, 2022
hot that you have accepted that you are just a piece of ass – and that this is not the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Austin000 – Sept 5, 2022
If you have loss of virginity regret or remorse, before or after, come here and talk about it to help you listen to yourself deeply.

MetalBoy (Owner) – Sept 5, 2022
I have a “scary huge dick” ! Who knew ?



kidnaughty, 19
Unfortunately I like what I can’t or shouldn’t have. I desire what is wrong.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:
-A Master put parental controls on my phone.
-A Master had daily hypno files I had to listen to.
-I was forced to wet my bed and was punished when i didn’t soak my sheets.
-I was doing my Master’s homework for them.
-I kept a slave diary and wrote everything that happened in it daily.
-I built an enslavement shrine in my closet that I “prayed” to.
-A Master humiliated, degraded, mindbroke, and severely gaslighted me throughout the day.
-I was given daily maintenance spanks.
-I repeated mantras without stopping daily.
-I had a live video feed placed in my room and broadcast widely.
-I prayed daily to a Master.
Thank you for your interest in this meat.


kidnaughty (Owner) – Sept 12, 2022
I already have a daddy he’s called Rick Owens.

secretfornow – Sept 12, 2022
Hunt you, get you high, 420, whatever, surprise you, make you sleepy, chloro, drug, ko you, take you to my lair, hypno, brainwash you, make you my son, and make you obey.



coked up rn excited as a flea!

fuck me cruuuuu…

i’m in nyc region pls

want a dick in my ass soon!


WhiteRabb1t – Sept 14, 2022
Tight hole but it gapes.

Feeder – Sept 8, 2022
Earlier today I fucked this boy so good that I literally fucked myself speechless.
He had me babbling superlatives.
Then I lost words.
I was just babbling incoherently. I was also almost hyperventilating and trying hard not to swallow my tongue.
I fucked him for two and a half hours— nonstop. I came three times and never pulled out.
By the third shot I may have been speaking in tongues at that point, I don’t know.
Yeah. It was ridiculous.



usenflush, 22
You can be old, young, hot, ugly, really anything so as long as you find my defenseless girly ass and murder me.

I am a slightly built and androgynous looking boy with pale freckled skin, longer curly hair hair and green eyes. You’ll find me wearing a pretty white dress with golden accents and under that, a frilly pair of panties with a matching bra.

I’m really more in the mood for just a death, not too much smut or at least not super detailed smut if anything. Maybe just light rape before you off me however you please and use my silly little sissy corpse for a while until you get bored of me.

We don’t even really need to talk about anything, just hop into my messages with a short description of how you’ll find me and murder me specifically. Hopefully this can happen today!


chainsawdust – Sept 9, 2022
Hi. My name’s David. If you want to die by being bound, restrained, thrown in a sling and cut in half with a chainsaw, I’m pretty darn good at all those things. If adding a few ropes to otherwise conventional sex acts then getting strangled constitutes “snuff” for you- then we aren’t a match.

usenflush (Owner) – Sept 8, 2022
I’m only looking to get killed, that’s just the way it is. I only like murderers, they just attract me, I can’t explain it.

DeathScum – Sept 8, 2022
Oh, my goodness, you are so dark, yet so adorable!

Hornyalt09 – Sept 5, 2022
How about if I force you to suck your own cock but lacking the necessary flexibility I break your back to make it happen.

usenflush (Owner) – Sept 5, 2022
Thank you, but I a relationship with a alcohol so I’m good.

Alternative-Reserve8 – Sept 5, 2022

usenflush (Owner) – Sept 4, 2022
Or you could beat me so bad they can only identify my body by my teeth?

zeroinfinity – Sept 4, 2022
Rape you for a few hours then sit on your face until you suffocate to death as I watch tv.

usenflush (Owner) – Sept 3, 2022
After three years of heavy use I am hard of hearing and have slight physical limitations. It isn’t anything I am uncomfortable discussing.



SatanFucksMe, 19
I did some drastic things to my body during lockdowns and the consequences are still unfolding. I don’t know what to think about it all. I want to keep going, but feel like I’ve been left alien to the gays, so I may as well try my luck with the pervs on here.

-I have male genitalia, but they aren’t remotely sexually functional, and it’s extremely useless to try.
-If I can leave them completely hidden I’d appreciate that.
-I have more or less “phantom hardons”, means for me it feels like it’s getting hard, even if in reality I don’t.
-I can have an orgasm from anal sex if someone manages to make me forget that my penis is there, but that’s just the brain part of it, nothing happens between my legs.

Only guys older and uglier than me. I can’t see myself with a guy who’s as hot as me. It makes me laugh. Good.


SatanFucksMe (Owner) – Sept 21, 2022
In light of a recent experience I feel I need to make something blatantly clear. I have acne. If you cant see it I do. I’m working on getting it under control but I have a bunch of shit on my plate rn. To be honest the acne is probably stress related. Also my only hard limit is vomit (yours, not mine, I love mine).

naughty_raccoon – Sept 13, 2022

Training-Ad7076 – Sept 10, 2022
You low key hot as hell

SatanFucksMe (Owner) – Sept 7, 2022
Crappy pics but I was in a hurry.



Readmynecktattoo, 23
treat me like garbage. Take all your anger out on me. Painful anal. Hard and rough as possible. Don’t use lube. Don’t stop if I’m screaming or crying unless YOU wanna wait for me to get my shit together and man up. Just order me over and fuck me me till you’re done. Don’t care if I enjoy it. I don’t matter. I’m all about being outta control. It like a drug.


Readmynecktattoo (Owner) – Sept 21, 2022
Just say “Hi” and tell me when you’re coming over, I ain’t creative.

BeardedTwink – Sept 21, 2022
If you live in Berlin you probably already seen him around. I would imagine he’s the same dirty, slutty, pig whore as usual. Don’t expect more than a guy with a blown out ass and a tiny mechanism for a brain. Don’t embarrass yourself.

Readmynecktattoo (Owner) – Sept 20, 2022
please only very hung people contact me, i have a crate.

IHateMyEx – Sept 20, 2022
This boy is my Ex. I never understood why once in a relationship with me thought he had to become someone he was not happy with. Why having someone love you as you are, desiring you as a fuck hole while respecting you as a lover was something bad.

Readmynecktattoo (Owner) – Sept 20, 2022
im sober and only sober (no judgement, just been there and had to escape)



emmanuelcunt, 21
Got a vagina, but I’m not a girl.


Blueman583 – Sept 12, 2022
You give me an erection, but I’m not happy about it.

WillybigWonka – Sept 8, 2022
Great if you’re looking for a boy who……🙈🙈 has a problem.

Bugg – Sept 4, 2022
I never in my long life thought I would willingly get up and close with a vagina but I ate the sh*t out of his. It made his asshole seem like nothing. I felt like a cheap worthless hetero slut.



boredoflife, 23
THE SITUATION: I am only 23 but I am married with kids and seeking to be consensually abducted and kept forever as a sex slave. I do not wish to be found as I want to hurt my family as much as humanly possible.

CAGED/BOXED: When not in use I wish to be kept in a cage and or box restrained inside kept in the ass up position with holes for my ass and mouth so I’m always ready to be used.

ELECTRIC CHAIR: I wish to be strapped in an electric chair with head leads and anal probe and be lit up for your pleasure. I do not wish to die but do understand it will hurt and there will be permanent damage. When my body doesn’t do good enough you up the voltage until I can no longer interfere.

BAGGED/BREATH PLAY: I wish to be bagged then with master and guests choking me with your hands around my neck and watching me empurple and drool as I struggle to stay alive.

THE OBVIOUS: Face and ass slapping, punching, throat and ass fucking with no mercy, hit, stomped, thrown around, ass and face destroyed with zero mercy, relentless verbal abuse, etc…

The above list is just a preliminary list.

LIMITS: No broken legs. Everything else is open to discussion.

Kidnap me and ensure I am kept far away permanently and never found and most importantly that my wife and children suffer.


constant – Sept 20, 2022
I have relocated him to upstate New York, leather-hooded him with just a mouth-hole, the hood tight on his head and down his neck, clamped there with an iron collar, chained to a floor ring and will be torturing him every day for the rest of his life.

boredoflife (Owner) – Sept 8, 2022
I won’t get a stiff because – as I said – I’m straight. I find men repulsive.

crocodilehunter – Sept 7, 2022
If you’re a group of sadistic mf’rs who have nothing but time on their hands to fuck a pig up you can have the BEST SEX LIFE men could have.

Infestedagony – Sept 1, 2022
Make him regret his hateful existence.

CerebralFuck – Sept 1, 2022
Show him suffering that no human should ever know.



Ihaveasecret, 18
Many who meet me think that I’m pretty
They don’t know the reason I moved to this city
They think that I’m normal
But deep down I’m not
Since I was a boy I’ve thought very very dark thoughts
I’m not really evil
But I’m also not pure
For people like me
There’s never a cure
Once you’re inside me you’ll learn who I am
I’ve had many many before you
I’ll have many many after you


letsfindagoodguy – Sept 18, 2022
Oracle of sex. Perfect God for urge. *Muah*

Ihaveasecret (Owner) – Sept 6, 2022
I love everyone like Jesus.



MyPiglet, 20
Have a big cuckolding fetish. Fuck my fiancé and make me watch. Fuck my face a bit to make your cock wet and say humiliating things to me. Kiss your feet or lick your balls while you pound him. Have me eat your load at the end. Into it all.

* I should mention that though my fiancé doesn’t act or look feminine and doesn’t cross dress, he wears thigh high boots day and night, even when having sex.


Dante – Sept 23, 2022
Tell your fiancé i said thanks.

MyPiglet (Owner) – Sept 16, 2022
Whether he is fully into it or not is none of your concern.

domatellaversace – Sept 16, 2022
Only if you like fucking a guy who’s unwilling, unresponsive, tuned out and disassociated.



BlameitonMe, 18
Choke me like you hate me but secretly love me and lowkey wanna kill me when you fuck me.


BlameitonMe (Owner) – Sept 12, 2022
This is to all the people who ever cared about Ryan. I just found this site on his computer.
I think I should tell you that he has died. He chose to take his own life he died at the hospital 9/3/22.
He was only 16. I’m sorry to be the berrer of bad news.

BlameitonMe (Owner) – July 27, 2022
I just wanna have a boyfriend before friggin college.

BalancedMind – July 27, 2022
Youre better off on your own mate
Scary guys smell funny

BlameitonMe (Owner) – July 27, 2022
I desperately need to get a scary boyfriend. I hooked up once with a mean boy before this from my school. He blindfolded me with his underwear, kicked me into exactly the position he wanted and then stomped me into the floor. Muffled sounds of my pain filled the air with each slug of his cock in my ass. He used whatever he could find in his room to leave bruises all over my body. It was the best! But now it has reached such a point where i can’t find anyone else in the school who is remotely into me, and single (and when i say single… i mean not bashfucking one of the other queer boys at our school. I don’t know what to do.



ChoosenOne, 19
I’m a virgin but I really don’t want to be.

The best is to speak Russian, because I haven’t practiced English for a long time, but I can talk about something in it.


ChoosenOne (Owner) – Sept 20, 2022
Since I made this profile I have been fucked by 116 men.

kingofbed – Aug 1 22, 2022
I’m happy to inform you that I have won a gold medal 🥇 at every Wolrdwide International 7-continents Topping Contest during the last 23 years. Many competitors have tried to unseat me but no one has come close. I can use the tip of my dick to reach nerve endings you never realized you had. I won’t just simply make your eyes roll back in your head; I’ll make your eyes spin in your head like tops.




p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Stella Stevens? But why not? ** paula, Hi, Paula! So really nice to have you here! I’ve been meaning to watch ‘Mungo River’ for months. A bunch of canny people have been urging me towards it, and now canny you too. I will, I will. Thank you so much! I hope everything’s great on your end. ** l@rst, Hi, bud. The Peter Christopher book is excellent, for sure, yes! That’s nuts and sick about the library attacks. Wtf is up with the US of A these fucking days? Jesus! But, whoa, heavy excellence on the zine! Definitely and absolutely share please. Wow, I haven’t thought about Jackie-o-motherfucker in years, crazy. Poet’s Studio … dude, you sound like you’re totally on fire. That’s a lot of great. So happy to hear that, pal. I’m good, getting stuff done, will be hitting your coast pretty soon, albeit much further south. Devil horns, me. ** Dominik, Hi!!! Thank you on Roget’s behalf. Every few years a mini-obsession with picnic baskets will arise sort of briefly, but then I think ‘what would I actually with one?’, and then I come back to my senses. Yeah, ha ha, sorry about that love, I just thought he’d be so obviously fake he’d make a good Halloween costume or something. Hm, it’s true that I can’t remember the last time I saw a ball-jointed doll on sale anywhere, if ever. If I spot one, I’ll pick ‘Photo’ on my iPhone and point and click. Love being 56 of the 116 men who fucked ChoosenOne, G. ** Bill, Hi, B. Duane Fenster’s photos look really good. I feel like I know her name from somewhere. Thanks for leading me to her thing. I found online viewing versions of ‘Muscle’ and Sato’s other gay film ‘Temptation of the Mask’ on this arty porn site called Noodle Magazine, and the links will be in the post tomorrow. I haven’t watched them yet but, based on my peeks, the quality looked doable. ** Thomas Moronic, Hi, Thomas! I am hereby an open door through which your thanks to Roget are passing. I’m happy my Halloween contributions are darkening your days in the good way. Right, have big fun at the ILP event, which sounds kind of insane. I hope/assume Martin or Karolina will video and share the goings on. And the AS event in NYC! Seriously cool. I wish Philip would do such a thing here in Paris. Maybe I’ll heavily nudge him. Love from here and everywhere around here to you and wherever you may be for the foreseeable future. Signed, DC (to quote Arthur Lee). ** Paul Curran, Hi, Paul, or, dare I say, Pauly. Jim Morrison’s ghost, ha ha. Sexy, not! My siblings still call me Denny. Great, awesome, about the post. My email is: Yay, super excited to get it! ** Robert, Hi, R. I too find that a lot of those photos surprisingly hit some kind of sweet spot where the laughably unrealistic and the uncanny nonetheless live together in harmony. Interesting, no? Ah, so he is a bit, uh … florid? Then reading him in little bites sounds like the way to go maybe. Like keeping a bag on Haribo candies in your pocket and popping one in the old mouth once in a while, but, you know, better. Anyway, I think I need to at least pick up a book of his in a store and scan some paragraphs at minimum. ** Right. You know the final month’s day’s drill very well by now, so enjoying hanging with the slaves, and I’ll see you tomorrow.


  1. Tea

    Missed you yesterday—life is still very weird and busy. I went through today’s profiles with a friend, and there’s a lot of death in this collection, isn’t there? I guess the escorts are starting to feel the Halloween spirit, too. One can only hope it’s just that.

    I guess monomania is a big part of my life. I haven’t decided yet if I’d wish it upon others or not. Sometimes I feel like it’s a wonderful curse to be so enthusiastically passionate about someone/something. Other times, I’m painfully aware of myself rambling about it (like now, ha). What a dilemma.

    Seitan? Are you vegetarian? I am sort of. I still eat fish on occasion. I was actually in school to become a pastry chef before I got diagnosed Celiac. I dropped out after that because it felt like it’d be hell to be tempted all day.

  2. Steve Erickson

    Sato actually made 5 gay films. HUNTERS’ SENSE OF TOUCH is a very interesting riff on CRUISING, about a gay detective looking for a serial killer who may be a former lover. It’s as dark as the rest of his work, with very rough BDSM scenes.

    I was disappointed by Joao Pedro Rodrigues’ WILL-O’-THE-WISP yesterday. He’s a major director, but this just seemed fragmentary and scattershot, with an arch wit that becomes more smirky than funny. The sex scene, complete with facial cumshots, and musical numbers are fun. Bonello’s COMA awaits at the NYFF on Sunday.

  3. Dominik


    I wish we could see BlameitonMe’s face. And I’m in love with usenflush’s second photo pretty hard too. Who’s your choice from today’s group?

    Yeah, I absolutely get those mini-obsessions. I have several too. Ball-jointed dolls are actually one of them. I know I’ll break at some point and spend a horrifying amount of money on one.

    Love positioned himself safely. ChoosenOne was definitely not a virgin anymore by then. Love attending group therapy for the first time and blurting out nervously, “I’m looking for pain. I have ass.” Od.

  4. _Black_Acrylic

    I’ve been off the radar the last couple of days. Sad to report that things have been a bit rough in that time. I was transferred to St James Hospital aka Jimmy’s (the notorious Mr Savile was a big presence at this place back in the day, but I dunno if it was ever named in his honour). So I was stranded on a bed in the corridor there for 5 hours without any staff being available, before being transferred to a separate ward full of elderly confused patients. Eventually 2 nice female orderlies offered to drive me back to the Recovery Hub at 4 in the morning. Yes the NHS is in crisis. I think I have an infection and have given a sample of my piss for that to be checked out here at the Hub. All the sample was dark and coppery coloured so it appears that I was dehydrated to fuck. Now I’m back at the Hub and just trying to move around a bit. Football is back this weekend so I’m looking forward to that!

    Nice slaves, by the way.

  5. Bill

    Yikes, sorry to hear about the rough few days, Ben. Hope you’re better soon…

    Quite a few extended life stories today, Dennis. I guess they think potential masters are into that?

    Just finished this collection, which I really enjoyed:

    Look forward to the Sato day tomorrow!


  6. Nick Toti

    Hi Dennis! I think I’ve vaguely mentioned a book project I’ve been working on the past couple years, and I can now finally divulge the details. I think it will be up the alley of some of the regulars here.

    My wife and I have started a small press called DieDieBooks. We’ve now officially launched and announced our first five books. Each book is on a different horror movie, written by a different author. The approach to each book is unique and a reflection of its author’s idiosyncratic perspective, i.e., more personal than strictly academic, but still heavily researched.

    We’re raising money to get the books printed, and we plan to ship them out throughout the next year as they are finalized. If anyone is interested in contributing/pre-ordering copies, here is the link to the campaign:

    Thanks for indulging this shameless self-promotion. Any updates on when you and Zac will be in L.A.?

  7. Paul Curran

    Great, Denny! (I’ll always think of you when I go to the family restaurant now). And yes, of course you can call me Pauly. You’re friends and family. Uncle Dennis to my kiddo, who’s 15 btw now. Was something like 8 months old when you met him in Paris back in 2008…Thanks heaps again. I’m working on the post right now…

  8. h now j

    Hi, Dennis, thank you for your kind words the other day. Things are tough here, but I try to stay optimistic. By the way, I’ll be in LA from Nov 10 to 14. UCLA for a conference presentation. Are you going to visit California soon? Anyhow, please enjoy this weekend. Hope the weather will be beautiful there.

  9. David Ehrenstein

    “Stella By Starlight” Dennis,

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