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p.s. Hey. ** Sheree Rose, Hi, Sheree! Thank you! Thrilled to have you and Bob in there. Love, me. ** The Black Prince, Hey. G. There were a few queasiness-makers even for me, its responsible one. It is a bit complicated for a foreigner to get vaccinated, but perhaps not too. I’m investigating. They have a 40 day wait here between the first and second shots, so, given my theoretical traveling plans, I need to get the first one ASAP. Eek. Thanks about ‘Try’. I used to hate dialogue and kept it to an absolute minimum in my fiction, but maybe since writing Gisele Vienne’s theatre pieces and the movie scripts, I’m kind of into it. Zac and I are co-writing a novella that’s about 99.2% dialogue. [heart like a bubble machine emoji] ** David Ehrenstein, I’ll maybe go find that. Late happy b’day to the great Mr. A, who I have strangely never done a blog Day about, now that I think it. Weird. On it. ** Misanthrope, Shit = death? That’s curious. Or maybe not. Seems Bataille-ian or something. For some reason I’ve hated carbonated drinks since I was born. I think I took a single sip of Coke when I was five years old or something and that’s it. Have you mastered Fripp’s solo in ‘Baby’s On Fire’ yet? If so, you are officially a guitar god. So you have a Fender. When I was a teen I had a gold, metal flake solid body Les Paul. ** Bill, Hi, B. Charmed to have charmed you. Uh, I don’t think that ‘Hunger’ thing was in ‘Shit’. Maybe I spaced, or maybe there wasn’t a clip of it? ** Billy, Hi, Billy! Welcome, lovely to meet you! I am a fan of James Purdy. I’m not an ultra-passioinate fan like a bunch of my fellow writer friends are, but yes, I am. I’m guessing you’re a fan? No, I never worry about internet addiction. Whenever I have a project, whether it’s a novel or film or a gif novel or whatever, including the blog, I always am super focused and dedicated to it. It’s just that the blog takes an endless amount of work. But it doesn’t feel like an addiction, or maybe I mean it doesn’t feel any more addictive than writing novels. Why do you ask? It’s not a rude question whatsoever, no. Yes, I still live in Paris. Technically I live in both Paris and LA, but I’m hardly in the latter, especially since you-know-what started. Where do you live? What’s up with you? ** Dominik, Hi!!! I’m sure that if there was any promise of masterpiece status in that assigned novel, you found and realised it. Oh, yes, I am emptying the blog’s storage every motherfucking day, and will be for probably two more weeks. Thank goodness there’s very little of interest going on in Paris right now. I was craving chocolate last time, duh. Now I am craving the Flushin’ Frenzy Game, thanks to your love! Love flying a little airplane into the clouds over Budapest and seeding them so they ‘rain’ billions of little blotter LSD squares on y’all like confetti, G. ** _Black_Acrylic, As you sort of guessed, John Miller was in ‘Shits’s’ parent ‘Shit’. He practically invented the hybrid, that John. No TV, wow. That does sound nice. Not that mine is hardly ever on. And when it is, it’s usually Yury watching one of the tech reviewing youtube channels he’s addicted to, so it’s only kind of technically on even then. ** Brian, Hi, Brian. I’m glad you like my thematic posts. They’re fun to make. Well, fun of a particular kind. My weekend was kind of lowkey okay with nothing standing out really. I’m a fan/fetishist of disaster movies, and I finally watched ‘Crawl’, the alligator/disaster movie from a couple of years ago, and it was all I ever ask of a disaster movie: efficient, stressful at times, with solid looking CGI, and, hence, fun. That that was my weekend’s standout occurrence tells you all you need to know. So sorry that your weekend was brought down to size by your mother’s pain and your dog’s non-improvement. That’s rough. Man, I’ve just sent luck-filled and -festooned vibes hurtling across the sea and right at you re: the Logic assignment. Did you … pass? With … colors flying even? ** Jack Skelley, Seriously? I can retire now? Thanks, Skell! You gonna hit the BB Haunted House this week? Surf’s up? ** Okay. Today I have resurrected another one of the blog-ensconced gif experiments I did several years ago when I was still trying to figure out how I could maybe write fiction using them. That is all. See you tomorrow.


  1. The Black Prince

    April 19, 2021 at 12:55 pm

    I adore this untranslatable post today… No offence, but it literally feels like a breath of fresh air after the previous one haha. I especially love the animated boy, sooo cute! Is that a character from an animation or something? If so, I will have to watch. Your dialogue-based novella with Zac sounds incredible. Is it going to be a masterpiece like OLIVER TWINK? I certainly hope so. I can totally tell you used to avoid dialogue in your earlier fiction, but I think that’s one of your strengths, because when you do use dialogue, it’s on point and flawless! Also, usually, I find it’s not a great idea to use too much dialogue anyway, unless one’s writing a play… I wish I could see some of your collaborative pieces with Gisele; I only read about them in Diarmuid’s book, and even reading the descriptions was fascinating. I really hope your vaccine gets sorted out ASAP. [exploding heart emoji]

  2. Today brings back memories of the typewriter store that used to be next to “Brentano’s” on Fifthe Ave. in New York. It had a typewriter right outside the door. Frank O’Hara would write poems into it.

    Did you say “Baby’s On Fire”?

  3. Dennis, Yeah, something about shit has always indicated death to me. Think I’ll explore that in the next novel I write.

    Actually, I have a Squier Stratocaster. I was just thinking this morning, as I brushed my teeth, that I’ll probably get a legit Fender in the fall. It’ll be a year of playing, and I’ll treat myself. I’m looking at Fender Mustang. Shorter scale and has a great tone and isn’t that expensive.

    Oh, man, the Les Paul. Kind of the apex of guitars. I’ve got my eye on that eventually. They say they’re really heavy, though. I think that’s the only prohibitive thing about them for me. Otherwise, yeah, they’re ace.

    That solo was easy. Knocked it out in five minutes. Hahaha. But I did listen to it. Someday…someday. 😉

    Man, amazing what some Coke can do to battery acid. I love my Coke Zero and my Pepsi Zero. I drink two a day. Sometimes just one. I like this other Pepsi product called Diet Rite too. I can’t do the regular ones. They tear my stomach up, all that sugar. I feel just awful after drinking one anymore. Ugh.

  4. Dennis did you know about the musical Sparks have written? That Leo Caracx is directing?

    I only just heard.

  5. I don’t think I saw the debut of this cryptic and lovely post, Dennis. Good to have another chance.

    Just found out that Joy Williams has a new novel coming out in September! Yesssss.

    Hope you get your first shot scheduled soon.


  6. Hi!!

    Ah, thank you. About the novel. And while I’m at it, thank you for resurrecting this post too! It’s so exciting to see how your gif works have changed over the years. How they became a lot more layered and complex but kept their essence – if it makes any sense.

    Jesus. I was really hoping that if you were still working on the blog’s storage, then at least you were near its end. Not yet, it looks like. And I guess the hacking is still going on, too? Hell, I keep on sending you all kinds of energies, then!

    Haha, you know, maybe your love would do us good right now! Thank you! Love binge watching Queer as Folk’s all five seasons for the tenth time and still not getting bored, Od.

  7. Hello Dennis,
    It’s lovely to meet you too! Yes I am a fan of his and I know we can be a a bit monomaniacal about him. ‘Closer’ put me in mind of ‘Malcolm’- passive youths getting passed round and that.

    I only asked about internet addiction because you hear so much about it these days and I worry if I’m addicted. But there’s this kind of screens v books line going round (I suppose it was always so with tv, too) which is a bit hack, and there’s a general pessimism about the internet as a mind-melting portal to fascism so I was curious to get a take from a writer who uses the internet enthusiastically and isn’t taking the Luddite line. I read your Interview interview where you said you saw all these focused hardworking kids online and I thought it was refreshing.

    I live in London and don’t have a whole lot up right now. Per Tallulah Bankhead I’m writing a lot in my diary.


  8. PS. I like the untranslated speeches post!

  9. I’m really excited to hear about the premiere of Carax’s ANNETTE. I hope Amazon decides it’s worth dropping into American movie theaters this summer, not just Amazon Prime.

    For some reason, your page never fully loads on my computer (or maybe just this browser.) There have been recurring issues in the past week, including today, with half the graphics being missing on my end. And I made a comment yesterday, but it seems to have vanished into the ether.

    Saw an interesting rape-revenge drama called VIOLATION over the weekend, which reminded me of FUNNY GAMES and the New French Extremity. Very unpleasant, but quite powerful. I’m watching the creepypasta-inspired online horror movie WE’RE ALL GOING THE WORLD’S FAIR this evening, and I hope to be able to interview its director Jane Schoenbrun in May. (They made a found footage documentary about Slenderman 2 years ago.)

  10. Dennis: PSA 1: Yes, “Beyond Baroque,” Sabrina Tarasoff’s mind-fuk-genius haunted house — that spotlights you, me, Amy Gerstler, Bob Flanagan/Sheree Rose (hi Sheree!), Mike Kelley, David Trinidad, Mike Kelley, Ed Smith & others of beloved “gang” you fostered in the 80s – FINALLY opened Saturday. Your room (I call it “tunnel of GIFs”) is like DC blog in 3D !!! https://www.huntington.org/made-in-la/sabrina-tarasoff PSA 2: Hammer museum will soon run online programs on the above gang (hosted by Tosh Berman (hi Tosh!)). PSA 3: EXPAT (same publication that ran your Q&A 2 weeks ago) on Saturday posted a piece of my “novel” Fear of Kathy Acker. Here is the link: https://expatpress.com/dear-marci-jack-skelley/ PSA 4: Amy Gerstler appears today in online conversation about her new Index of Women book. 7 pm PST Link: https://www.chevaliersbooks.com/amy-gerstler . PSA 5: I love the Universe.

  11. Oops. Just realized Amy’s event will have already happened by the time the future became now.

  12. Hey, Dennis,

    These speeches may be untranslatable, but they somehow make sense to me all the same. (And the middle one gives me flashbacks to when I was ten.) These gif stories relax me and stimulate my mind all at once. Much appreciated. So, here’s an odd sort of confession, I actually haven’t seen many disaster movies at all. I’m actually struggling to think of ones I’ve seen as I type this. I think I’ve seen more godawful spoofs of disaster movies than I have actual disaster movies, even. Give me your recommendations! The cream of the crop. And I heard “Crawl” was pretty good, glad you enjoyed it. Stressful is always fun in movies. The only new movie I watched this weekend was “Pink Floyd: The Wall”, for the first time in full, even though I saw the terrifying animations when I was like six or something and they forever imprinted themselves on my subconscious. (Predictably, I thought the animated parts of the film were the only really worthwhile ones.) And then today I watched Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s “Cure” for the first time, because I’ll be covering it for that column I mentioned. I thought it was pretty great, if not quite the equal of his later film “Kairo” (or “Pulse” in the States), which is one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the condolences re: my mother and my dog. I hope they both feel better soon—more so my mother; my dog seems to be *feeling* fine, she’s just in bad shape. Hm, your luck-filled and -festooned vibes seemed to do something. I didn’t quite pass, but I did come close, so, some improvement, lol. At any rate, it wasn’t as complete and mortifying a disaster as last week, so that’s something. Tomorrow looks like mostly writing for that column. Here goes nothing. Have a fabulous day, Dennis.

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