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p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Well, there’s room in greatness for both Frampton and Snow, I reckon. ** Bernard Welt, Hi, B! Good to see you, pal! Home is a smarty. Bit of a smarty-pants too, but his thing is tight and he has an enviable prose savvy. People dream they’re butterflies? They don’t only dream someone is trying to kill them? Interesting. Aw, come on, don’t dawdle on the poems. You must know that dawdling is your work’s Russian bot by now, no? I keep forgetting to check out that porn couple George brought up. But they have post-it to themselves now. As does Ravel, who I also spaced on post DE’s reference. My brain has been cooked lately. Superb re: Chrystel’s big up! We/here anxiously await! Nice summer. ** Misanthrope, I could definitely see you digging ‘Slow Death’. It’s kind of weirdly hot. Among other things. I’m still consciously appreciating a warm apartment, so I understand your bed crush completely. May Tinkerbell find LPS quickly. The Bundy Splash! Oh, yeah! Oh, man. :'(. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. It’s possible Home mentioned my work in ‘Defiant Pose’. We’re friendly, although I haven’t seen him in ages. Yes, I read about and then listened to a bit of Baby Goth, and I thought it was total bullshit on first taste. I hope tomorrow brings news and links! ** All right then. Will an over-abundance of piñatas draw more commenter interest than Stewart Home did? Hard to imagine, but this blog often defies my imaginings. And not that you’ll think piñatas is a particular offbeat thing for me to devote a post to, but, if you do, you won’t once you’ve seen ‘PGL’ perhaps. See you tomorrow.


  1. _Black_Acrylic

    Nice piñatas! Yuck ‘n Yum zine had one such thing at our Xmas launch party in 2011 as this pic would attest.

    I’m away out for a haircut this afternoon and will be doing some work for the writing class later today. In the meantime though, I’m keeping up to speed on today’s Brexit developments and at this moment in time it looks as though Theresa May’s attempted deal will be killed via Parliament with flaming shit hammers. I for one am very happy about this.

  2. David Ehrenstein

    Today is a giant PS to PGL.

  3. Sypha

    I liked the Steve Zissou pinata. Same goes for the Andy Warhol one.

    I didn’t comment on the Stewart Home day partly because I haven’t read his work (aside from the introduction he wrote to Grant Morrison’s long out-of-print short story collection LOVELY BISCUITS), and partly because I’m still annoyed with him for spreading misinformation about David Tibet/Current 93 on his blog years ago (essentially lumping them in with the fascist/Neo-Nazi neo-folk bands, if memory serves).

  4. Bernard Welt

    Yes, I really was into the piñata thing in PGL. Surely there is a Slave somewhere who styles himself “The Human Piñata”? You are right about poetry–in fact you are right about everything. Let’s just leave it at that.
    This is the week I received my copy of a new reference work–Dreams: Understanding Biology, Psychology, and Culture, for which I wrote the articles on dreams and Creativity, Narrative Literature, and Cinema. This is the third or fourth reference work I’ve written stuff like that for, so I’m officially an expert by now. Which is–I mean, there’s nothing I’d rather be an expert on, really. I don’t think there’d be any point in resurrecting my Dream post(s) from the defunct blog, but if you’d like I can redo it/them; I have all that stuff still.
    I think only Chinese sages dream they’re butterflies, but I did once dream I was on the barricades in Paris in 1848, and I dreamed about Fred Flintstone. A couple of weeks ago I dreamt I met Eli Wallach in a friend’s kitchen; and just a couple of nights ago I dreamed I was in a poetry workshop with Kevin Killian and Michael Lally.

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