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Madeleine Fox presents … Frank’s Box: The Real Telephone to the Dead


‘Yes, I am Frank Sumption, and I made the original Frank’s Box, or the Ghost box. I am on Facebook, but even there, the interaction with the public is disappointing. Very few are interested, everyone knows better, no matter what these boxes say. I can not tell if I hear nothing and the “voices” are purely delusional, or what. Most seem interested only in ghost hunting and how to become rich and famous by doing nothing. No research, no study, no work of their own, seeking only their own reality TV show, or podcast.’ — Frank Sumption

Electronic voice phenomena, abbreviated as EVPs, are sections of noise on the radio or electronic recording that reveal sounds resembling voices speaking words. Paranormal investigators sometimes interpret these noises as the voices of ghosts or spirits. Recording EVP has become a technique of those who attempt to contact the souls of dead loved ones or during ghost hunting activities.




Frank Sumption w Ghost Box at The Stanley Hotel


The Dead Can Hear You! Can You Hear Them?


‘Frank Sumption says he received instructions for building the device that he calls Frank’s Box from disembodied entities. His first box was built in 2002, and he has made slightly more than three dozen. While anyone can build one from his schematics, there seems to be something especially effective about the boxes hand-made by Sumption himself.

‘Frank’s Box allows for two-way communication with the other side, in a way that is more interactive than typical EVPs. Frank’s Box or the Ghost Box as it has come to be known is an electronic system, or method of spirit communication, also known as instrumental trans-communication, or ITC. Simply put Frank’s Box scans AM/FM and low band frequencies to create a noise matrix from which the dead — as well as other entities — can use to modulate for messages.

‘Frank’s spirit receiver starts off with a standard white noise generator which is fed through a random voltage circuit of Frank’s own design. The random voltage is linked to an AM radio receiver which reacts to the voltage by tuning to a specific spot on the radio dial. This is known as voltage tuning and is a common function of late 80s and early 90s radio receivers. Though various radio stations are turned in for a split second every so often along with regular static, the devices also allows the spirits to interact with the device and create their own vocals through the receiver and for lack of a better term, talk through the device.

‘A newer version of the box simply tunes back and fourth through the AM band which Frank is calling the “Sweep”method. At first, he believed that the random voltage design is what allowed it to work but after using the sweep method, he has since changed his mind as it seems to do a better job. Frank has made his plans available on the Internet for anyone who is interested in experimenting with his device. He also makes available his own receiver plans for those who want to take it a step further and create the entire box from start to finish.’  — Ghost Hunters of America



Frank’s Box: the practicalities #1


Frank’s Box Predictions from the Spirit World 2009
as told to Lisa Lee Harp Waugh, world renowned Necromancer

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh


Earth Quakes rattle the world from January to December. China’s Earth Quake will kill many thousands, The number will grow into the thousands each day. And then all goes quiet until late July early August when the cycle it begins again. But this is a precursor to more to come. It may take two to three weeks or more before aftershocks stop. Then another quake hits to the west of Reno. I also have heard from them that many people won’t be able to buy earthquake insurance.

A 70-year-old woman scares would-be teen thieves from her house by hitting one with her favorite saucepan, made by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse.

CBS will be streaming free TV programming to iPhone users.

Obamas Choose Portuguese Water Dog as First Pet.

Spring will arrive early, with generally warm temperatures in March. Poor rains, soaring global food prices will make children mute, skeletal in several countries.

A global coastal event of catastrophic proportions is likely in early to mid 2009. There will be a permanent loss of low-lying territory globally and the spirits foresee that one continent in particular will get hit badly, but they do not say which one.


Frank’s Box: the practicalities #2


How to build the box “schematics” for Frank’s Box



Click on one of the Link Below to Download Original Schematics to the “Ghost Box”

* Frank Sumption Original Ghost Box Schematics PDF File
* Newer “Frank’s Box” Schematics PDF File
* Frank has made the plans for his device available on the web in the EVP_ITC Yahoo group which is moderated by Frank.
* Yes, You Can Make Your Own Ghost Box!



A Few Words from Frank Sumpton


I make the boxes, still can’t mass produce the stuff, and rarely take requests, nor do interviews. It has to do with time, nothing else. As far as not producing the boxes, all attempts at mass production have been blocked so far.

I’m #39 so far, and the box continues to evolve, now using a linear scan system that results in more consistent messages. 36, 37, 38, and 39 are AM and FM linear scan boxes. 36, 37 and 38 are based on the Radio Shack 12-469, but instead of doing the hack in it, I use it as a tuner module. 39 uses an AM/FM car tuner module as the radio. 35 is a home made AM radio tuner. I started using home made tuners in #24, but still use pre-manufactured tuners when I can get them, as they eat up less board real estate.

Here’s a cell phone video of #39 done on Monday, you’ll need quicktime to view it. At about 2 seconds in ” Oh God- Please help me”, then at 11 seconds “Earthquake—China”. I don’t run these as others do, I don’t ask questions, I announce I’m doing an EVP recording, and let it run. I don’t do “investigations” either, I use this stuff at home, “they” come to me. Not only does it get spirit, but other entities as well, like Ets and etherics, but they rarely announce who they are, except for the human spirits.

The box is only one method of supplying the raw audio sprits/entites use to form voices, there are a number of other ways to accomplish the same thing, the box only automates the process.

BTW, you might want to be careful with the dark stuff, very tricky it can be, and I know no one wise enough to out smart something that already knows your deepest thoughts.


Frank’s Box in action


RIP Frank Sumption (2014)

‘Approximately 5 days before Frank crossed the veil to the other side, he received this message… It says, “In fact, you must leave this month”. .. ponder that one. Lots of people thought that Frank was crazy for believing in the messages he was getting. I’m speaking of the nay sayers anyway. Looks like he was right, and the doubters were in fact, WRONG! In this message, his own passing was predicted, & just a few short days before receiving this transmission.’ — Wes King, Ghosts Inc.





p.s. Hey. A kind fan of the blog sent me this guest post the other day. It was a strange and cool coincidence because I had been researching Frank’s Box a couple of weeks before re: Zac’s and my next film. If you don’t know Frank’s Box I’m pretty certain you’ll have fun in your discovery thanks to Madeleine’s cogent and pretty post. Do that, and please say hi to Madeleine, thanks. And thank you again from the blog itself, Madeleine! ** Armando, Hi. Yes, I will do my best to do that and get back to you probably after the Rotterdam festival because I’m swamped until then. Everyone, here’s Armando: ‘I don’t know; maybe this is a bad idea, but I was wondering if anyone here might be interested in reading the latest story I wrote just to see what they think. I’d send it to anyone who’d be interested.’ Thank you for your condolences. Anyone in Rotterdam who buys a ticket can go to the premiere. ** Jonathan, Hey! Oh, right, the theme parks up there are shut for winter until April, I think. Sucks. Well, if it’s possible to watch your thing on Twitter or Instagram without having accounts there, and I’ll find out, I will! Curious about ‘The Square’. Man, so hoping you get that Paris stint. Thanks a lot about the trailer, man! See you soon, here on the blog at least, I hope. ** Joseph Grantham, Hi, Joseph! Really nice to see you! Thanks about the post, but yow about the percocet haze. Your tonsils must have been very bad boys. Boy? I’ve never heard of ‘Rat Film’. Huh. I’ll go find out about it. On going and speedy recovering on every front to you, sir. ** Amphibiouspeter, Hi, Pete. Thanks a lot about the post. Yeah, that is really interesting about that Kane work. My week has been pretty crunched, but in a mostly good way. Years ago this LA art museum the Hammer did this artist-talks-with-artist series where they selected LA artists of different kinds and said, basically, ‘who would you most want to have a public conversation with, and we’ll set it up for you?’ Like Paul McCarthy chose Todd Solondz, for instance. I was selected, and I chose Randy Newman, but he wouldn’t do it. Just wasn’t in the mood or something. Big alas. Oh, man, that uncomfortable Frankfurt story made my teeth start grinding involuntarily. Jesus. I’m so sorry, and I hope it has attained bad dream status. ** Misanthrope, Hi. Oh, yeah, right, that Fitzgerald, of course, sure. Wow, that dentist is a smoothie. Sweet. Guess you’re back to work this morning? That was fast. ** David Ehrenstein, Thank you, sir. Yes, I’m shocked that at whatever time I originally made that post I didn’t include the Mallarme. Although I did do some big meaty post about it at some point. Huh, is ‘The New Rhythm’ published in its unfinished state? Obviously I would really love to read that. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. That take on Waters is such poorly thought out, blinded to nuance crap. It’s embarrassing. We definitely will apply to New Directors/New Films. That would be my absolute ideal. Dennis Lim saw ‘LCTG’, and he’s been friendly, and, yeah, I’m really hoping he likes ‘PGL’ enough to program it in ND/NF. It would be a dream. I get why people think Eminem used to be so good, but I’ve never been excited by his stuff. ** James Nulick, Hi, James. Thank you for the photos you sent to me. He seems very cool. I wonder if Vollman will write all 7 volumes. But then, yeah, he put out another one not long ago, so I guess he might. I love Enrique Vila Matas’s work. He’s really fantastic. I think I did a spotlight post on ‘Bartleby’. Wait … Yes, I did, on the dead blog. That’s one I will definitely restore soon(ish). I’ve loved everything I’ve read by him. Cool story about your unfinished novel. When I was living in NYC in the early 80s, I wrote quite a lot of what I intended to be the first novel in the GM Cycle. One day I was catching the bus to JFK to do a reading in Detroit, and I accidentally left the bag with the novel sitting on the street at the bus stop and didn’t realise until I was in Detroit. And, pre-computers, that was that, the only copy. Lost the whole thing. Probably for the best in retrospect, but, jeez, was I unhappy. Thank you about the funeral. It was intense. As it needed to be. ** Bill, Hi. Yeah, I don’t know what our odds are with SFFF (or whatever the acronym is). It would be very nice. Oh, that is interesting about the Isaac Julien thing at Fort Mason. I think the reason so many ‘experimental’ filmmakers are showing their work in, and making work for, gallery and museum contexts now is because there’s money in the art world to finance that kind of work, and the art world is a much more adventurous and welcoming place than the film market. And people/critics in the art world appreciate experimental work, and there is an interest in and knowledge of experimental film’s history/context as ‘art’, whereas getting that kind of work noticed and understood and supported amongst film critics and festivals and so on is very hard these days. I’m pretty sure it’s that simple. ** Jamie, Hi, J. The funeral was heavy and confusing and beautiful and ‘too little’ and all the things funerals for people you love always are, I think. Denton Welch is a god, if you haven’t read him. I think it’s still too early to talk about the script in much detail, but what’s exciting is that we’ve had an idea of how we wanted the film to end, but it’s only in the past week or so that we figured how to present the ending we’ve wanted with both an immediate impact and in a way that will also circle back into the overall film and conclude everything with the right kind of neatness and openness. So we know we’re getting close to being able to finish the script now, and we know generally how to do that, so we’re very psyched that we can do exactly what we wanted to do from the beginning without missing any of the steps we hoped for, if that makes any sense. Oh, that’s great that the course ended up being a considerable help. Character development is tricky, but there are ways to do that really effectively without doing the standardised stuff. Very cool! Huge congrats to Hannah! THat’s awesome! I sure hope we’ll get that opportunity for all of us to meet and hang out somewhere sometime ere too long. Other than the funeral, just work. Rotterdam prep, the usual. Ha ha, nice, I’ll take that wished for day. May your day embody and expand upon how I felt when I finally convinced my apartment building’s concierge that, no, it wasn’t me who threw a bunch of Legos out my window and created a mess in the courtyard. Spin doctored love, Dennis. ** Wolf, Hi. Oh, I get it, okay. Hm, I don’t think I have a real problem with films being in b&w, but I think I never ever want to make a film in b&w. So I guess I feel like it’s s very self-conscious decision, too controlling or interfering or something. I guess it’s like what I said here the other day with using music. I think using music in a film that the characters don’t hear is kind of obnoxious and cheating them. Not in films I watch necessarily but in films I would ever want to make albeit with carefully thought out exceptions, I guess. Sorry for the blah blah. Oh, yes, some kind of memory of ‘Embrace the Serpent’ is starting to come back to me now. I hear you totally about that ‘snow’. And oh how beautifully you put it. We’re just getting rain and rain here, no mistaking it for anything else, and it’s getting really old. I told James about my lost novel. Otherwise, there’s the novel I tried to write about the real George Miles a few years ago. I wrote a lot of it, but it turned out to be completely awful. So it’s sitting in a folder, and I’m 90% sure that folder is its tomb. Do you have any unfinished projects or anything under — or I guess not under — your belt? Love to you, my buddy. ** Sypha, Ah, gotcha. Yeah, I hate watching films on my laptop. But I do begrudgingly. Yeah, I kind of figured you would be an unfinished novel kind of guy. But I feel like you usually do go back and either finish them and giving it the old college try. ** Thomas Moronic, Hi, T! Good, good, very good and beyond about the novel’s growing. There’s already a glittering in my eyes. It’s true. I just looked in the mirror, and it’s true. Yeah, excited for your new poetry book! And the consequent awakening of Kiddiepunk Press from its recent slumbers. I’ll be foisting a new gif fiction collection on him shortly to help keep KpP awake. Love, me. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Yep, yep. So happy you liked ‘Warewolff!’ a lot too! He’s great, right? His other books are excellent as well. Yeah, superb writer, very cool. ** Cal Graves, Hi, Cal. I got your email, and I’ll implement the new/change. Thanks! I’m happy that what I said made some sense. I’m happy and more to talk more about your project whenever you feel like it. Psychedelic beneficence, Dennis. ** Keaton, Keaton, old pal! My eyes are de-sored! Yes, there’s trailer. Hunt for ‘Permanent Green Light’ on youtube and it will magically appear. Playing Zelda and writing is like the golden age, man. Great to see you! Kisses back! ** Okay. Spend your day figuring out to talk to the dead, if you feel like it, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


  1. @Steve Erickson,

    “I do not want to get into an endless argument about it with Armando etc.”

    ^ I don’t care about what you think about Woody Allen or about anything else for that matter and I’d never again engage in any kind of argument at all with you; I couldn’t possibly be any less interested in doing so.

    Don’t drag me into or mention me in arguments/discussions/conversations you have with anyone. That comment was completely unnecessary and rude. I just don’t get it nor do I care to do so. You really, really dislike me; but that’s your business and your business alone and I don’t care about it.

    Just refrain from addressing, naming or mentioning me ever again.

    I’ll just completely ignore you from now on; I suggest you do exactly the same regarding me.

  2. Hey, man,

    How are you? I hope you’re hanging in there alright. *Hug*.

    I’m sorry, do you know yet when and where will be the post-Rotterdam screenings of ‘PGL’?

    Take very good care, please,

    All the best,

    Good day; good luck,

    Love and hugs,

    Your friend,


  3. Madeleine,

    Mute and skeletal children sounds like a great premise for a novel…


    Legos in the courtyard??!!! I feel like that could only happen in Paris, lol.

    @ Madeleine– Thank you to Madeleine Fox for the wonderfully spooky post, however I’m all alone in a hotel in downtown Phoenix right now and it’s not even 6am yet, so I’ll heed Frank’s own warning and not ‘mess with the dark stuff’ until i can see sunlight streaming through the windows. I’m easily spooked, I guess. Call it my overactive imagination. But thank you, Madeleine!

    Dennis, did your Lost on the way to Detroit from JFK novel have a title? Was it known personally to you as Closer back then? And — did it affect your mood or delivery at all at the reading– the loss of said novel, that is?

    Im headed back home for Seattle this morning, should land around 12:45pm … it’s raining there, of course. I have been living rain-free in Phoenix for the last 4 nights.

    Sorry to hear the new GM novel is 90% dead, Dennis.. ouch! I’m guessing that was a very painful realization?? I hate to put you on the spot, but do you think you have another traditional novel left in you, or does your interest in writing novels / creating novels only extend to the GIF novels at this point?

    Leaving soon on a jet plane,


  4. David Ehrenstein

    January 23, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    Yes “The New Rhythm” was published many years ago in a volume that included some of Firbank’s short stories. I used to own it but alas have lost it in one of the moves.

    I am thinking of writing a piece entitled “In Defense of Woody Allen.” it won’t be about Woody per se but rather the tsunami of opprobrium that has made a denunciation of Woody MANDATORY. Timothee Chalamet who stars in Wood’s in-progress “A Rainy Day in New York” says he’s donating his salary to some “feminist” cause or other. Greta Gerwig, Ellen Page and Colin Firth have expressed regret for ever having worked for him. Dissing Woody has become Instant Virtue. This year’s Oscar winners will doubtless thank the usual people AND denounce Woody from the platform, whether they worked with him or not. It’s BEYOND DISGUSTING!

  5. There’s a new compilation of music from Jean Rollin films released by the Finders Keepers label. While I’m not a huge fan of Rollin’s work (which occasionally feels like Rivette making exploitation films, except not nearly as good as that would be), especially compared to the horror films being made in Italy around the same time, this is a really good collection of French jazz and psychedelic rock from the late ’60s and early ’70s. The band Acanthus are a particular revelation.

  6. Hey Dennis,

    Ghosts! There are a lot of fun in ghosts and ghostly things. Gonna jam to these sound bites today forsure. There’s this Canadian show were mediums are invited into houses to de-ghost the place and it’s fantastic, very canadian. I would love to see the raw, unedited footage of their actions. They wander around the house an announce what vibrations they’re feeling, or describing visions and all kinds of fun stuff. For the show the do this cheesy recreations of what they describe. I love it. Would highly recommend. Here’s a link to one of my fav episodes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5AcfEdHnTw

    I have a relative who can/claims to see-to/sense/speak to spirits. She’s hella fun.

    Someone just came up to me while I was working to take pictures of me. It’s weird to act casual when in a Headphones-on, Dont-fucking-Talk-to-Me context.

    We’ve started reading Whitman for my poetry class; what do you think of his work? Are their any other, um, let’s say older poets you enjoy? Older as in farther in the past? Besides Rimbaud of course.

    Much condolences. Death is fucking weird.

    See you tomorrow-ly

  7. Hey Madeleine,
    thanks for the wonderful post!
    very spooky. i love the in-action videos, they’re oddly calming.

  8. Fascinating post, Madeleine Fox. Thank you. I think I first read about this stuff as a teenager, in Legion, the follow up to the Exorcist novel, where I seem to remember there being a short potted history of EVP. After going over your post I Googled Konstantin Raudive, as that name was lodged in my memory. He’s a pretty interesting character who also carried out lots of experiments to talk with the dead and his recordings sound much like some of those recorded from Frank’s Box. I like to think I’m all rational and sceptical, but I get a little shiver from some some of the voices.

    Yo-ho-ho, Dennis!
    Denton Welch is indeed a god. I’ve only read In Youth is Pleasure (on John Waters’ recommendation, of course) and a short story, but he’s completely up there as one of the most lovely things I’ve ever read. I realised only last week that my copy of IYIP is a two-in-one, meaning I’ve got a whole unread Denton Welch novella kicking around, which is just delicious.
    Your talk of your script got me inspired and excited. Concluding with the right kind of neatness and openness sounds divine! I’m intrigued, and double intrigued by the fact that you were looking into Frank’s Box for the project as well.
    As for meeting up, we are still planning on having Hannah’s fake birthday celebration in Paris when it’s possible, so we can def hook up then. Parc Asterix may still happen!
    How was Tuesday? My parents are coming round for dinner soon. It could go either way.
    May Wednesday feel like an inflatable day and the person who’s blown it up has been smoking top quality opium. That’d be good right?
    Dairy-free love,

  9. Madeleine, whoever or whatever mysterious entity you are (I’m going to pretend you’re actually an ectoplasm who put this day together through an improved web-compatible version of the ghost-box), thank you for this day! Very awesome. I did love Frank’s little rant at the top about how all people care about is make money off of his noble creation haha.

    Dennis, my dude! ‘Sorry for the blah blah’?! You outta your mid? Why do you think we all come here haha! Your blah blah is manna from Hermes’ lips my friend.
    I find your attitude to filming very interesting. It’s an unsurprisingly optimistic and hopeful approach to a difficult medium: rather than bypass aspects of it that would be difficult to deal with, interfere with them with additions or synthetic means, or even do away with them altogether you accept the whole space film gives you as The Space to work with, and trust it to be faithful to the reality you feed it. Quite admirable really.
    Me, I find color very hard to work with well, and honestly often find it easier to not have it in my way. It’s usually too loaded with meaning already, and the semiotics a colour somewhere in the line of sight has will not always be the one that you want to photo/scene to have, and you’re stuck with either having to limit its impact or accept the irrelevance or… I dunno, magic it into the ‘right tone’ or whatever. When this happens I just get rid of it altogether; I have no patience for it. And sometimes you’ll see a beautiful pattern formed by the play of sunlight on an complex shape and you know it will be so hard to get this contrast in color, because at that point your brain actually tones down the color to observe the shade/light dynamic, but the camera will not. And you’ll be stuck with some loaded ‘cold vs warm’ dicho-fucking-tomy you never asked for.
    But given how non-saturated you guys like to shoot and grade, I bet this is something that you also are aware of – I just admire you for not throwing the whole thing away haha! I mean, that’s one for il Signor Salerno really, that little fucking genius.

    Hahahaha unfinished projects, moi? Dennis, buddy, you know me. All my projects are unfinished, and really, calling them projects would be a stretch, since that would suggest they at some point had at least the intent of being finished one day, which, if I’m honest, none of them probably ever had.

  10. David Ehrenstein

    January 23, 2018 at 10:52 pm

    Here’s a neat little documentary portrait of the great and gorgeous Peter Beard. He has just turned 80. (The doc was made when he was in his mid-50s)

  11. Hi Madeline,

    Whoah this stuff gives me the creeps! Love it though. Made me think of this tv show that was on bbc in the 90s called ghost watch. It was billed as a kind of documentary news show but was a fake for Halloween. It was so scary that some children got admitted to psychiatric hospital (complete with traumatised drawings of the ghost called “pipes”) and needless to say was not shown again. Got a feeling of deja vu writing this, maybe I’ve mentioned it before. Needless to say – thanks for the post!

    Hey DC,

    Ah sorry to hear that but glad mostly in a good way – hope that you’re doing well. Gutted about Randy Newman! I guess these things just are what they are. Reminds me how cool it is you do the p.s.; I remember the first time thinking Hm should I write or shouldn’t I and then you posted a lovely reply the next day. It’s a pretty sweet thing and it’s appreciated.

    Yeah the Frankfurt situ is a bummer but it’s ok, and is definitely making its way into my go-to awkward story arsenal.

    A friend got me a small book of collected Bob Dylan lyrics for Christmas and reading through them I noticed a load of references to Fishing/fishermen etc, I thought it was interesting but couldn’t find anything about it on google so decided to write up a blog collecting every reference to Fishing in his work. However I’ve hit the middle period and so far only found like, 3? So I maybe just made it up? Weird. Blogging is clearly harder than it looks.

    Sweet one – have a good day x

  12. I know that someone who posts here experimented with EVP as part of a theater project and came to the conclusion it was worthless, but he can tell that story himself. (I hope he doesn’t mind my mentioning that.) There’s an enjoyably cheesy horror film about a psychic who plays around with it called WHITE NOISE, starring Michael Keaton.

    Do you ever feel like there’s just too much music being released? I follow a lot of music-related websites and blogs, and they all post at least a few links to songs and music videos each day. I’m also on the mailing list of a bunch of music industry publicists now: today, I got a link to the Damned’s new single and a download of a collection of Kelela remixes, among other things. If I wanted to listen to all of this, it would take an hour a day, and if I wanted to buy everything that sounded interesting, I’d be spending $75/week on music. (Spotify is useful for culling out new releases that are “meh” or “good but I would only listen to this once or twice,” but I still find myself wanting to own music I am enthusiastic about that I first listen to there.) Pitchfork and the AV Club explicitly run a list each week of “the 7 new albums you must hear.” They don’t devote a lot of space to music from the past, and implicitly, this onward march suggests that music made more than a few weeks ago is disposable, with the exception of a few albums there’s a consensus on between professional music critics.

    I’m seeing Philippe Garrel’s LOVER FOR A DAY this evening at the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

  13. Madeleine, Very interesting day. Frank’s Box is new to me. I guess people really believe these things work? That’s as interesting to me as the boxes themselves.

    Dennis, Yes, my 14-year-old-looking dentist is a smoothie. And a smoother…smoothed that fucker right out. It’s feeling better and better. We’ll see how the week goes.

    I was back at work today. The fellow with the withholding tables had to finish them yesterday -the last six pages (and the easiest)- with another Tax Law Specialist. He told me today that he has a new appreciation for what I do, as it took them at least twice as long as it would’ve taken if I’d been on the job. That was nice of him.

    Seems now, though, that we’ll be considered “essential” from here on out. A day without proofreaders -especially in Tax Reform crunch time- kind of showed them that we’re needed more than some there probably think. That’s nice too.

    I took a nap yesterday and then hardly slept last night…and then just woke up out of the blue at 5 a.m. (my clock’s set for 5:30 a.m.). What the fuck? I’m hella tired. 😛

  14. Oh, fuck, seems Ursula K. LeGuin died today. 88 years old. A shame.

  15. super cool day. i heard voices for years, slow ones,like listening to Earth before i’d heard them. then i heard voices. then i heard Guided By Voices. then i realized i say crazy shit to myself outloud when i think im hallucinating
    or something. what was that one “the message of the unconscious”
    s/(a) i dont know. if i could call dead people, id def call
    my great-grandmother, probably Elvis, and Jack Kerouac.
    the new Zelda is totally fun. i dont like open-field games but
    its so together. Uh creepytastic with the girls bombbelt. the
    light, the lines, the style, it’s gonna be the fucking Khufu. love you longest time

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