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Dead restaurants

Hot ‘n’ Now (Boise)

Ponderosa Steak House (North Randall, OH)

Pizza Hut (California, PA)

Gobbler Restaurant (Johnson Creek, WI)

Bill Knapp’s (Lansing, MI)

Pizza Hut (Savannah, IL)

Samy’s Party Bar (Joillet, IL)

Seven Winds Restaurant (Mill, UT)

Young’s Restaurant (Nesmith Lake, OH)

Native Foods (Santa Monica)

Cafe Figaro (West Hollywood)

El Cid (Miami)

Inca (Colorado Springs)

Seafarer Cafe (Marblehead, MA)

McDonalds (Las Vegas)

Castle Restaurant (Leicester, MA)

Betty Maid Bakery (Green, MT)

Mr. Swiss (Reno, NV)

Clovis Hofbrau (Fresno)

The Sweet River Grill (Fresno)

Chili’s (North Bethesda, MD)

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar (Bethesda, MD)

Hooters (Rockville, MD)

Subway (Affton, MO)

Hollywood Mart Restaurant (Los Angeles)

Valley View Restaurant (Quarryville, PA)

Burger Chef (Speedway, IN)

Wendy’s (Jersey City, NJ)

CLUCKIT (Boston)

Sandia Crust’s Grateful Dead Pizza Company (Cedar Crest, NM)

The Pear Tree (Monmouth, NJ)

Friendly’s (Vandalia, OH)

Friendly’s (Middleburg Heights, OH)

Friendly’s (Massillon, OH)

Betty’s (Orange Beach, AL)

Dirty’s (Houston)

Noah’s Ark Restaurant (St. Charles, MS)

Captain John’s Harbour Boat Restaurant (Toronto)

Albert’s (Wichita)

McDonalds (Tonopah, NV)

McDonalds (Vancouver)

The Great Wall (Glendale Heights, IL)

Chi-Chi’s (Parrot, PA)

Chi-Chi’s (Mansfield, OH)

Biblio (NYC)

Tumble Inn (Beetle, WY)

Upper Crust (Muskegon, MI)

Owen’s Food Locker (Russellville, AL)

Oiler (Phoenix, AZ)

Good Eats (Jericho, VT)

Bonanza Restaurant (Mikeninfas, OH)

Bonanza Restaurant (Dyersburg, OH)

Bonanza Restaurant (Clairsville, OH)

Dos Hermanos (Joshua Tree, CA)

Dunkin Donuts (Akron, OH)

Bridal Falls Restaurant (Provo Canyon, UT)

Pop (West Carrolton, OH)

Sonic (Calais, VT)

Cafe 101 (Doraville, GA)

The Stack Restaurant (Eugene, OR)

Carmen’s Cafe (Greta, UT)

Weylu’s (Saugus, MA)

Airplane Cafe (Ventura)

Paddy Rawal’s OM Fine Indian Dining (Albuquerque)

Graze (Albuquerque)

Rice ‘N Roll (Bernalillo, NM)

Anita’s (Santa Fe)

Tutta Pasta (Brooklyn)

North Geelong (Provo, NV)

Copper Penny Restaurant and Wooden Nickel Saloon (South Shore, FL)

Waterfront Restaurant (Covington, KY)

Up the Creek Restaurant (Wilmington, PA)

Ruby’s Diner (Seal Beach, CA)

KFC (Grove Heights, MN)

Hardees (Silver Spring, MD)

Childs Restaurant (Coney Island)

Rasputin (Coney Island)

Bob & Dee’s (Gardner, NM)

Cassandra Railroad Overlook Restaurant (Gallitzin, PA)

La Conguita (Jersey City)

Original Famous Dave’s BBQ (Round Lake, WI)

Changing Scene (Rochester, NY)

Bento House (Arlington, WV)

International House of Pancakes (Arlington, WV)

Cocky Bull (Arlington, WV)

Stuft Shirt (South Orange, NJ)

The Circle Restaurant (Portsmouth, VI)

Twin Peaks (Fort Worth, TX)

Sung Chun Meii (NYC)

Espana Restaurant (Staten Island)

El Cantina (Houston)

Chinese Star (Houston)

Mark’s American Cuisine (Houston)

Mark II Family Restaurant (Wilkes-Barre, PA)

El Conquistador (Silverlake, CA)

Keliah’s House of Pancakes (Fort Wayne)

Kutters (Quincy, MS)

Jed’s (Bangor, MA)

Hickory House (Dunwoody, GA)

Ruthie’s (Aspen, CO)

Onion Roll Deli (Detroit, MI)

On the Border Mexican Cafe (Boise, ID)

Sea Gulls’ Nest (Sandy Hook)

Denny’s (Waukesha, MI)

Sonic (Waukesha, MI)

Oscar’s (Berkeley)

Tokyo (Cambridge, MS)

Mama’s Spaghetti House (Ontario, OH)

Shrimp Boats (Hollywood, FL)

Shrimp Boats (Decatur, GA)

Shrimp Boats (Decatur, GA)

Shrimp Boats (Decatur, GA)

Shrimp Boats (Warner Robins, GA)

Shrimp Boats (Florence, SC)

Pizza Hut (Hoffman Estates, IL)



p.s. Hey. ** Mike, Hi, Mike. Thank you a lot for commenting and propping James’s work. ** Steevee, Hi. Yeah, even back when TLC and A&E intended to live up to their names’ implications, their shows were often like informational cliff notes, but those were definitely the good old days. Ha ha, I’ve never watched Viceland. I’ll take a peek. I gave up on reading Stephen King after a novel and a half. I couldn’t take his writing. He certainly does have very clever, even kind of brilliant ideas sometimes within his chosen genres. ** David Ehrenstein, Good morning, sir. ** New Juche, Hi, Joe. Really nice to see you! I’m doing pretty good, thanks. The Scottish countryside sounds well worth a sludgy internet. I’m going to be setting up the French bank account that I need to have in order to rent a new apartment this week, and, after that, my hunt, which has been forcibly on hold for a while, will restart. Enjoy the peace and quiet and stars while you have them so close. ** Thomas Moronic, Happy 2017 to you, T! Well, good thing Xmas is over for all kind of reasons, its ill effect on you being a big one. No, my poor, beleaguered, neglected novel-in-progress will have to remain in that state for a while longer, I fear. It will need a lot of head room, and I don’t and won’t have enough. I don’t think much of anyone cares if I write another novel or not, but I would like to finish this one. I did get to see your great year-end post thanks to Mr. Purtill sharing it on Facebook. Thank you for the very kind mentions. Everyone, the wondrous writer and long term DC’s d.l. Thomas ‘Moronic’ Moore wrote and illustrated a fantastic end of 2016 ‘best of’ list/essay that I super highly recommend to one and all. Right here. Take care, buddy. ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! Whew, very glad the threatening cold was just a pranking phantom. Well, I hope our producer will set up a meeting for us with the potential performer this week. That would be my guess. We’re tentatively excited about the prospect. That bakery is sublime. When you visit Paris, I’m taking you there straight away. I guess the rumor is that new ‘Twin Peaks’ will start in April! A little scared and mostly very excited about that. My weekend was pretty lowkey. A lot of film-related emailing and investigating. One scene takes place at an amusement park, and we might have found a small but doable one in the area where we’ll be shooting that will work assuming we can get permission to shoot there. Parc du Bocasse. And other little film project progress things not so interesting to pass along. And I got new glasses, so my head is no longer tilted at a weird, painful angle whenever I look at my laptop. And not much else really. It was okay. How was Monday in your part of the world? ** Montse, Hey! Three Kings’ Day: I don’t what that is. I’ll find out. That’s a lot of kings. I’ve been dealing with my family the last couple of weeks because of a legal thing, and, boy, do I hear you on the stressfulness, even just by email in my case. Oh, I checked, and I was right that there doesn’t seem to be a single bakery/ patisserie in Paris that does designer madeleines. It’s weird. I asked some French friends here too, and they looked at me like I was a little crazy to even want there to be non-traditional madeleines. If I was an investor and/or business entrepreneur type, I would open a crazy madeleines shop in Paris. I think it would cause a sensation. My weekend was quiet and good-ish. Did you have anything fun in store today? ** D. Berry, Hi, welcome, and thank you very, very much for your very good words to James! It’s much appreciated by me too. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. After watching that trailer for ‘The Lure’, my bet would be terrible, but we will see, or someone will. ** James Nulick, Hi, James. I think it went really well, no? Your work even pulled in some admiring newbies! Oh, sexless Nulick fiction. Now that’s very intiguing. Gosh, I would think that Craigslist ad will be a real success. Do tell once you’ve put it out there. Thank you once again, maestro! ** MANCY, Hi, S! Thanks, man. I know, I know, about the unexploded fireworks. They are all things to all people. Making sounds, cool. Like what and how? ** PostitB(reakup), Hi, Josh! A rare treat it is seeing you! A new chapbook! I’ll get it in literally just a couple of minutes since you’re the last comment for today. Awesome! Everyone, PostitB(reakup), the super talented writer and beloved veteran member of this DC’s accruing gaggle that some call a community has published a new chapbook titled ‘Borderline Haikus’ that you can get from gumroad for ‘name a fair price’. Absolutely a win-win situation right there, so please do improve your literary inputs by picking up an eCopy right here. Thanks! Cool, thank you again, Josh! ** Okay. I thought you might enjoy looking at a lot of dead restaurants like I apparently do. See you tomorrow.


  1. Hello Dennis

    missed the blog for a few days. Lately when I try to socially reconnect, there lies some lapse of time I can’t count so it might’ve been longer. Recently watched Warhol’s NUDE RESTAURANT for a project ( more for curiosity). Wondering where that restaurant was and whether it still exists. Somewhere in town I guess. But maybe dead and gone to the ether…

    School is now at break which is really great for me. I wish winter break is longer. Summer is sizzling, so it’s not great for reading and writing, and for anything.

    Today I might stop by Tibor de Nagy’s exhibition of Ashbery’s collages. I’m not sure I like his collages as much as his writing. Haven’t looked at them in person yet. But through monitor, it looked delightful and funny

    I hope your film project is going well..

  2. hyperbolic_plain

    January 9, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    Dennis! New gif for you: https://media.giphy.com/media/l3vRiIqvIfTrIsR5S/giphy.gif
    Love the dead restaurants. They make me think of that part in the middle of Rock My Religion with the guitar washes and the slow panning shots of suburbia. I watch that little fragment of the video a lot.

  3. Hi!

    I hope the meeting becomes reality as soon as possible! When it does, please tell me what you think about the actor!
    This plan with the bakery sounds flawless!
    Yes, I feel the same way about this new season of Twin Peaks! I’m always a bit cautious with these new additions or continuations of originally awesome series/movies. Train Spotting #2 comes out this year, too, and I feel like, even though I’m really curious, it’ll be impossible to create anything better than the original one. I’ll try and watch it with the least expectations possible.
    I’m happy you found an amusement park you can use! I’m not an expert but based on the little map you sent me, it looks like this friendly, not-too-extra-special but still rich place. I hope you get to shoot there!
    I’m glad you have your new glasses and the weird angles and headaches could stop!
    I’m still mostly preparing for the presentation which is getting a bit boring by now. So I saved the day by starting to read A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. I’m still at the beginning but it’s heavy and raw and it literally makes me feel what I’m reading. I really like it. Do you know it?
    How was your day? I hope it was great!

  4. Hey, Dennis!

    This is great. I’d really like to go to many of these places and take pictures. Betty’s is amazing. This reminds me of this Tumblr.
    Oh, sorry, I took for granted Three Kings’s Day was celebrated in France too. It’s this Christian tradition based upon the three kings who visited Jesus on his birth. Children are supposed to write letters to them asking for the presents they want. Very similar to Santa Claus. On the night before, every city has a parade in which the three kings throw candy to the kids and stuff. It also marks the end of Christmas, which here extends for two weeks. I’m sending you good vibes for your family situation if it’s still going on. I don’t know, I guess there are families who get along, but based on my experience it tends to be complicated. That’s so funny about madeleines. Yes, I think there’s a great business opportunity there. Not much fun for me today. I have an appointment with the dentist for my teeth cleaning. Hope your Monday is much more exciting xxx

  5. Restaurants are dying left and right. In my own neighborhood a “Marie Callender’s” closed and was to be replaced by something else — which never opened.

    I miss “Howard Johnsons” above all

    “The Nude Restaurant” contains one of my favorite Viva performances. Allen Midgette and Taylor Mead are great in it too. Plus there’s a character who calls himself “Julian Burroughs” and claims to be nephew of William S.

    In case you didn’t read it last night —

  6. Well, I’ve already recommended two Viceland programs here already: ABANDONED and Hamilton Morris’ program about drugs. I’d also recommend BLACK MARKET: hosted by Michael K. Williams (Omar from THE WIRE), it documents how people organize various criminal enterprises, from smuggling products into Gaza – not that I think this is criminal, but technically it is – to harvesting abalone without a license to selling lean.

    I talked with my mom about the health insurance problem. She told me that it can take months to resolve these issues. Great. In the meantime, I’m unsure whether I can see my doctor, which I had planned to do this month for another blood test.

  7. A restaurant named Rasputin? I’m there. Or would have been there if I found out about it earlier. Umm, wonder what they serve.

    Good to hear the film projects are chugging along, Dennis. Been mostly back at work here, and trying to dodge the rains over the weekend. Saw Alan Clarke’s impressive Made in Britain; this must have been mind-blowing back in the day. All those close tracking shots, and Tim Roth’s performance. Turns out I’ve seen some of his later films, but never made the connection.


  8. Hi Dennis!

    I thought some of the folks here might be interested in a few pieces I wrote on “Kiddiepunk Cartoons” for the film blog Hammer to Nail including a two-part interview with Michael Salerno.




  9. These dead restaurants are powerful things with a presence all their own. Here in the west end of Dundee, new upscale restaurants are popping up into sparkly life ahead of the coming V&A Dundee project. The place is attracting major investment but there’s still Brexit and/or Scottish Independence Referendum #2 to contend with. I hope the new restaurant scene here can survive the upheaval.

  10. Hey Dennis,
    Nice dead restaurant day – like the combo of the exotic and the mundane here. I’ve visited the restaurant in Alabama that’s inside the plaster lady’s skirt. That was ages ago and sadly it was closed then, too.

    My weekend was mostly spent trying to get rid of computer viruses and being snowbound or more accurately icebound. Read a bunch from New Directions’ new Eliot Weinberger collections. That was nice. You a fan of his work?

    Sorry if I missed this, but what ever happened with the Xiu Xiu video? Will it be made public and available to see soon?

    Also, wanted to give you a friendly nudge you about my manuscript, which my agent has been making some odd noises about recently. So consider yourself nudged.

    Hope the apartment hunt and all else is going well.

  11. My weekend was not so much snowbound, after Saturday, as cold-bound. The temperature hasn’t left the twenties (Fahrenheit) since Saturday, and it’s caused me to have insomnia or wake up at 6 AM with a migraine. Tomorrow’s supposed to be a bit warmer. Wednesday, when I’m interviewing I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO director Raoul Peck, should be much better.

    I saw the Iranian documentary STARLESS DREAMS, about a jail for teenage girls, at a film festival last year and liked it. I just watched it again on Vimeo and was really struck by its audacious critique of Iranian life. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another Iranian film, including many that have been banned, which goes so far in ripping off the facade of moral rectitude over that country. These girls are almost all the victims of drug-addicted parents who physically or sexually abused them, and in turn, they turned to meth or crack. Compared to the tales they tell about their home life, jail seems quite benign. In lesser hands, this could’ve turned into tabloid trash, but director Mehrdad Oskouei is very careful to gradually establish a level of intimacy with his subjects (who call him “uncle Mehrdad” and ask about how he makes a living as a college professor.)

  12. Twin Peaks May 21.
    I can’t post a picture here, can I? There’s a dry cleaner about a mile from me in a former Burger Chef. The slant-roof building is really attractive. For years I’ve been fantasizing about turning it into some kind of diner–like a post-classic yet totally non-ironic diner. I’m actually a really good cook, which I think you really believe even though I doubt I’ve ever cooked for you. Yesterday my nephews and niece came over; I fixed shakshuka (red pepper and tomato stew with baked eggs); pilaf; chickpea and celery salad; my famous Chinese style lima beans; and grapefruit pound cake. These are all things you could eat. Though I am not certain you care all that much about food, except the incredible food you had in Japan, and of course, patisserie. I may be way off. Anyway, I gather running a restaurant is a nightmare, but it’s a nice fantasy for me.

  13. Hey Dennis, there is something calmly reassuring about the dead restaurants, can’t quite put my finger on it, but I like them…I agree with David E about Howard Johnson’s – I miss their butter crunch ice cream and the shape of those special ice cream scoops. Happy Birthday today…you are now the famous Beatles song, as I will be in 3 weeks. You always get me ready. Have a good one!

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