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Chaos! Misery! Disgust! Shock! Boo-hoo! Waah! Stop! Help! Murder! Apocalypse! *

* Halloween countdown post #4





‘Norwegians Can’t Take a Joke’



Family members say an obsessive relationship with 14-year-old Zachary Phillips of Raeford, NC might have prompted a 22-year-old man to kill the boy, his mother and his sister before committing suicide Tuesday evening.



“The body was in plain view of the entire apartment complex [and] they all didn’t do anything,” Raishbrook said. “It’s very strange. It did look unreal, to be honest.”



Empire Plastics



by Lewis Warsh



A 15-YEAR-OLD boy was today found guilty of kicking and stamping a young woman to death simply because she was dressed as a Goth.



‘Halloween Decorations To Fund Cancer Research Deemed “Too Scary”‘





When Seath entered the house, Bargo jumped him and began pounding him with a wooden object. Then he shot Seath multiple times. But Seath was still alive and tried to escape. So 20-year-old Justin Soto held him down while Bargo shot him again. The attackers placed him the bathtub, where they broke both of his knees. Then he was hogtied and wrapped in a sleeping bag before his body was chucked in a backyard fire pit. Then the kids shoveled Seath’s remains into five-gallon cans, which were thrown in a flooded lime pit.







‘Disturbing Halloween decorations caused neighbors to freak out and call 911’



‘Joseph Javorsky. Noted scientist. Played by Tor Johnson. Defected from Soviet Russia. Hunted by KGB. Walks onto a nuclear test site. Touch a button. Things happen. The A-bomb. A man becomes a beast. No-one talks – the camera didn’t have sound gear. A narrator. Unable to speak in full sentences. Flag on the moon. How did it get there? A topless woman is strangled. Nothing to do with the rest of the movie. The beast kills a couple on vacation. Something about the wheels of progress. People hunt the beast. Climb a mountain, then give up. Boys from the city. Not yet caught up in the whirlwind of progress. A guy gets shot from a plane. Man’s inhumanity to man. Beast is finally killed.’



’10-Year-Old Boy Pulls Gun On Woman Who Said She Would Take His Halloween Candy’



instant Japanese candy



Relaxing with his girlfriend, he looks the picture of innocence. Yet not long after this picture was taken with Rebecca Aylward, Joshua Davies, 16, lured her to a secluded spot where he killed her to win a bet over a free breakfast.







‘When people look at my cakes, they recoil in disgust.’







The Yonge Street Strip is Toronto’s downtown core, a popular, safe hang for hip young 20-somethings and teenagers. It wasn’t always this way. In 1977 it was a sleazy strip frequented by prostitutes, drug addicts and transients. That year 12-year-old blonde, blue-eyed Emmanuel Jacques was abducted, raped and murdered by two men after being lured to their apartment above the Charlie’s Angels body-rub parlour at 245 Yonge Street with the promise of $35 for help moving photographic equipment. He was then restrained and repeatedly sexually assaulted over a period of twelve hours before being strangled and drowned in a kitchen sink.



by Ron Koertge



Halloween-mad teen dies after noose prank to scare his sister goes horribly wrong






Happy Halloween from Gay Porn!



From Paul Gingerich’s appearance you wouldn’t think he was different from any other 12 year old schoolboy.



‘Police responding to a report of a woman shot in her SUV this morning found her bloody and slumped over the wheel of her vehicle at a Birmingham intersection. The woman wasn’t shot, however. Instead, police said, she was just drunk, and still dressed in her Halloween costume, which appeared to be that of a bloody-pregnant-zombie.’



‘Man Who Killed Halloween’ still haunts holiday



Ex-prosecutors: Rob Zombie’s haunted house’s ‘Gacy room’ insensitive to families of victims







“We don’t mind scary, but we try not to be sick,” Jon Majdoch of Halloween Express told ABC affiliate WISN-TV. Halloween Express in Brookfield, WI is one of the retailers in the area that chose not to sell the Slender Man costume in light of the stabbings.



Teen Jeremy McSpadden Jr playing zombie at Walking Dead-style attraction run down and killed by bus








“I started watching Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween.’ In the movie a 12-year-old boy murders his stepfather, sister, and his sister’s boyfriend. It was the third time this week that I watched it,” Jake Evans, 17, wrote in a 4-page confession Oct. 4, the day after the killings. “While watching it I was amazed at how at ease the boy was during the murders and how little remorse he had afterward. I was thinking to myself, it would be the same for me when I kill someone.”







When you hear that knock on your door on Halloween night, you’re not expecting anything but a little tyke in a colorful costume begging for candy. But for Los Angeles resident Peter Fabiano, “trick or treat” was the last thing he heard. On Halloween night, Fabiano opened the door to reveal a grown-up in full disguise, who shot him in the chest with a .22 in a brown paper bag before fleeing the scene. The murderer was actually a woman named Goldyne Pizer. Pizer was friends with a woman named Joan Rabel, who had a lesbian crush on Fabiano’s wife Betty. Pizer and Rabel hatched a plan to get the man of the house out of the way, but cops managed to track them down and got them jailed for second-degree murder.






p.s. Hey. As I said yesterday, I am off today to Germany for a road trip. Posts will appear on their lonesome daily through Saturday, and I’ll be here on Monday to catch up with any comments you leave while I’m gone. ** Sypha, Hi, James. Cool! ** Dominik, Hi! I adore it! Ha ha, that’s a funny word to apply to SCAB, but I do! Yeah, much needed road trip. The parks we’re going to are, in order, EuropaPark, Tripsdrill, Phantasialand, and Wunderland Kalkar, which doesn’t look that exciting, but it’s set on the grounds of an ex-nuclear plant, so that’s the lure. And I think we’ll hang out a bit in Dusseldorf since we’ll be passing by it. It does seem like the trans group happens more often than monthly, huh. I’m glad you got a quiet Sunday, although I’m sad Anita wasn’t there too. I just got the new Sotos book too, yes! I haven’t started it yet. Let’s compare notes. My tooth hurts in a low key way but constantly. It definitely is going to require serious, awful, expensive work. I have an appointment for the Tuesday after I get back, and I just hope very much that it just stays slightly annoying until then. Thank you for the trip wishes. I’ll tell you all the cool stuff there is to tell. Take care this week, okay? ** David Ehrenstein, Ah, bedbugs, yikes, ugh, I’m so sorry. I hope they’re very dead now. Alas, no. Ha ha. ** Nik, Hi, Nik! Mm, I enjoy reading my work aloud maybe, mm, 1/4 of the time, and the rest of the time I just feel bleah afterwards. I did a reading from the novel I’ve been extremely slowly working on in London, and that was actually really good, so I guess my new novel is in ‘my voice’ to some degree. With ‘Them’, I’ve done that so many times now that I figured out how to read it best. It took a while though. There are videos of the performance in the ’80s, and I sound like I’m blasted on crystal meth or something. We haven’t given our producer the texts yet. They have to be translated into French first. (His English is so-so.) Kind of a laborious way to do things. I love the Yves Tumor album! I think it’s my favorite album of the year so year. I’m crazy about it too. Cool. Enjoy your week, pal. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi. Oh, man, I’m totally on board and enthusiastic about you taking those creative writing courses. I think it’s a splendid idea. Biggest up from me. ** Jamie, Hey, bud. I hope you feel tons better this morning. Oh, let me see what my little iPhone can do with the parks re: a blog report. I’ll try. Nah, unfortunately the gig didn’t happen for me. A bit of too many things got in the way. Ugh, yeah, the blog has been acting weirdly on my end the last couple of days too. It never ends. I’ll see if I can sort anything out from my trip’s lodgings between now and Monday. Have a sweet five or whatever days. May they be a train to glory. Daring-do love, Dennis. ** Steve Erickson, I remember Heavy Metal Kids, yes, and their circumstantiality re: Glam was quite apparent at the time too. I think I saw them live opening for someone or other, but I can’t quite focus the memory. ** Misanthrope, A million dreams, wow. I mean time could be like an onion when one snoozes. I wouldn’t put it past snoozing. Thanks for the safe traveling wish, and same to you in your much more serious travels. Do experience as much London mischief as you can, and, of course, spill the beans. ** Paul Curran, Hi, Paul! Great, great to see you! Is it wintery there yet? It’s wintery here this morning. It’s weird. It’s good. Take good care way down there. ** Okay. I’ve got some dark Halloween tidbits for you today. Delve accordingly. The blog will see you as usual tomorrow, and I’ll see you in person again on Monday. Happy weeks!


  1. David Ehrenstein

    Ashes was a True Twink back in the day.

    Love the Ghosts

    Theatricalized Fear is one way of dealing with Death

  2. _Black_Acrylic

    @ DC, here’s wishing you all the best for your German theme park road trip.

    I just signed up for a 5 week course with Lifelong Learning at at Dundee University. It’s called “Writing Short Stories and Preparing For Publication” and I’m thinking it could kickstart me into a proper writing mission.

  3. Steve Erickson

    What’s the context of the “I love you” photo? Is that corpse a guy in makeup?

    Here’s my dual review of the new Low and Yves Tumor albums: I hope this finds some kind of social context for them, which their atmosphere and some of their lyrics seem to be clearly pointing at, without sounding like woke bullshit.

    The trip will be over before you can reply to this, but do you have a Krautrock mixtape prepared? Given how often Americans and Brits have gushed over the “motorik” beat, driving through Germany listening to Kraftwerk and Neu! sounds like a bucket list experience. I hope you had a great time.

  4. Misanthrope

    Dennis, This is some fucked up shit. I like.

    Thanks for the safe travel wishes. Man, I’m sooooo excited.

    Btw, saw two clips from LCTG on a gay porn site last night. Two back-to-back in the same clip. The one with the dead body at the beginning and the one you showed at the “Evening with…” event. The clip was titled by the uploader as “Little Cattle.” Wth, right?

    It did have a 5-star rating.

  5. Paul Curran

    Thanks, thanks, Dennis! Excellent post today!

    I just saw in the UK, police were trying to sell a night in Fred West’s cell. But that sounds more boring and uncomfortable than Halloweenish.

    It’s been crazy hot for ages here then just some recent rain and cooling a bit.

    btw, I thought I saw your KTL pal Stephen O’M last weekend at a 25 year Boris show, which was incredible. But I wasn’t sure it was him because didn’t know he was in Tokyo until after I saw him posting about the gig on Twitter. So must’ve been.

    Have a great trip! How was the London show/trip too btw?

  6. JM

    this must be the halloween post to end all halloween posts!! and goodness, this post is good!! the clumsiness in the wording on the first meme sets the tone perfectly, talk about a rubiks cube of recapitulation and shuffling tones.

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