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Annika von Hausswolff Allting hänger ihop ha, ha, ha (1999)


Tom Friedman Fuck it (2002)


Jonathan Schipper Measuring Angst (2011)
Over the course of twelve minutes, the robotic mechanism takes the hurling bottle from one end of the room to the other. When it reaches the wall, the bottle shatters – and immediately reverses its trajectory. The pieces go back together and the bottle returns to its place of origin.


Erik Ravelo Los Intocables (2016)


Monika Grzymala Raumzeichnung (2012)


Eugenio Merino Here Died Warhol (2018)


Don Lanning The Aftermath of Michael Myers’ Knife Attack on Malcom McDowell (2014)


Teresa Margolles Muro Baleado (Culiacán) (2009)
The wall was removed from a Mexican city and replaced with a new wall. The man-high concrete-block wall displays bullet holes resulting from shoot-outs in a city where the drug war is raging with particular vehemence.


Laurent Craste Various (2017)


Jon Jacobsen and Daniel Ramos Obregón Ínsula (2015)


Jordan Wolfson Real Violence (2017)
A gruesome installation labelled “one of the most viscerally disturbing” artworks of all time is traumatising New York gallery visitors. The shocking exhibit, “Real Violence” by Jordan Wolfson, invites people to “witness the artist himself engaged in an act of unexplained violence” through a virtual reality headset. Viewers are told little about the content in advance, with the description on the wall noting that the assault is “presented with no motive or backstory” ensuring it is a “distillation of pure intensity”. We are warned by staff overseeing the installation that the footage is extremely violent and unsuitable for under-17s. They tell us to put on a virtual reality headset, hold on to a metal rail and not let go. The scene is an ordinary Manhattan street. Cars drive past, pedestrians wait to cross the road. We hear a Hebrew chant. A man kneels on the pavement as Wolfson approaches, picks up a baseball bat, and begins viciously beating and later stamping on him.


Meg Cranston Magical Death (Aerobic Piñatas) (2003)
“Magical Death,” Meg Cranston’s most recent show, presented five portraits of the artist as a piñata. Papier-mâché mockups of the artist herself, “dressed” in colored-tissue outfits—striped pants, red shorts, shod in boots or adorned with an elaborate headdress—hung from the ceiling in a variety of poses. Cranston named each piñata Magical Death (all 2002) after a 1973 ethnographic film depicting the shamanic ceremonies of the Yanomami people of Brazil. In the film, the Yanomami attack effigies of the children of enemy tribes, inflicting a “magical death” that ensures the Yanomami’s own survival. Cranston invites members of the audience to enact a similar ritual murder on her own pendant form—if they would be willing to pay for the pleasure by buying the work.


Cao Hui Various (2012 – 2016)


Los Carpinteros Show Room (2008)


Sholim Untitled (2010)


Mark Jenkins Untitled (2014)


Unknown Untitled (1850)


James Howden Unarmed (2015)


Christian Lemmerz Various (2000 – 2005)

Selbst (Suicide Terrorist) (2000-02)

The Undead (Michael Jackson) (2002-03)

Mermaid (2005)


Imran Qureshi And How Many Rains Must Fall Before the Stains Are Washed Clean (2013)


Tony Matelli Old Enemy (2006)


Lynn Thompson Cold Steel Swords (2016)


Unknown Antinous the God Gay (2016)
Today we commemorate the anniversary of the death of our brother in Antínoo Jorge Fernández Martínez, First Saint of Antínoo in Mexico, victim of homophobic violence in the Municipality of Tultitlán, State of Mexico. He was brutally murdered by unknown assailants near his home in the Mexico City suburb of Tultitlán on 3 March 2016. Forensic tests showed he had been tortured, raped and asphyxiated. His broken body lay undiscovered for days. And we thank our brothers throughout the world who have raised their prayers for their eternal rest at the side of Antinous the God Gay.


Arcangelo Sassolino Damnatio Memoriae #2 (2017)


Paul Fryer Lilith (2011)


Sarah Best Pull Yourself Together (2016)


Adel Abdessemed Cri (2013)


Rino Stefano Tagliafierro Animated Masterpieces (2014)


Cai Guo-Qiang Mystery Circle (2012)


Urs Fischer Various (2007)




p.s. Hey. ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! I’m certainly happy to hear you’re gradually getting better. Much more so today, I hope. Strange you weren’t told what it is. A pulled muscle or something? I would say take it easy, but it doesn’t sound like I need to. The Musée des Arts Forains was pretty cool. They really do it up atmospherically so you’re kind of immersed in a realistic indoor antique carnival with games and decor and merry-go-rounds and stuff. They show you stuff, and you play old games and ride three merry-go-rounds from different eras. It was cool, for sure. The script: I think the first two episodes are in really good shape. We’ll see what Gisele thinks today. The third episode is turning out to be very difficult. It’s not working as we intended, so we’re going to need to reinvent it a bit, and we definitely will miss our deadline. Ugh. It’s getting there. My yesterday was work work work on the usual. Some ‘PGL’ developments that I can’t talk about yet, but all really good. It was all right, although realising how much more work the third episode needs was depressing. And your today? Are you at least somewhat more mobile and pain-free? ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. I’ll read your related piece, cool. Everyone, Mr. Ehrenstein had a ‘Negrophobic’ experience that he wrote about under the title ‘Breathing While Black’, and you can read it and course should. And, before we leave David’s mighty mind and pen, here is a piece by him on Guy Debord titled ‘Guy Debord: Revolution in the Service of Poetry’. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. Oh God, that ‘like an experimental film’ thing about the ‘Avengers’ movie is a sad and darkly chuckl-y and meh. I haven’t read Assayas’ memoir, no. Sounds interesting, of course. I think if Darius had kept writing novels critics and readers would have caught up to him. His work is far more stylistically radical than Beatty’s though. Two reviews. I’m there. Everyone, Mr. Erickson has a double-header for you today. In his words … One, … ‘Here’s my Gay City News review of Janelle Monae’s DIRTY COMPUTER. I am very proud that I got through this without gossiping about who she’s dating, unlike many reviews of the album.’ … and, two, … ‘And also my review of Chinese director Vivian Qu’s excellent ANGELS WEAR WHITE.’ ** Sypha, Highly recommended. Cool, I’ll pass along your tip/suggestion. Everyone, Here’s Sypha: ‘Aside from DROWNING IN BEAUTY, Snuggly Books also recently (as in this month) released DECADENCE AND SYMBOLISM: A SHOWCASE ANTHOLOGY. Edited and translated by Brian Stableford (who has done a lot of the Jean Lorrain translations for them, amongst other things), the book is close to 400 pages and features 86 different pieces of prose from 61 authors of that era. It’s pretty exhaustive and, while not complete (they only focused on writers in the public domain, so as a result no Rachilde, Gide, and so on), it’s still recommended reading for fans of those literary movements.’ ** Chris Cochrane, Hi, Chris. People mention their comments here getting swallowed occasionally, so I think yours must’ve fallen into the same invisible pit. Speaking of ‘PGL’, it’s going to be shown in NYC in the early fall in an amazing context, so you’ll get to see it if you want, and I hope you will. I can’t talk specifics about that yet, but I will, either soon or when I see you. I am still an Iceage fan. I’ve only heard the two singles off the new album so far, but I quite like them and am very curious to hear what they’re up to over its entirety. Definitely looking forward to the ‘Them’ rebuild. Cargo container of love in return. ** Chris Dankland, Hi, Chris! It’s an amazing novel. I super highly recommend it. And I hope you like the Sarraute and Redonnet. The former would seem custom built for your current reading interests. If I’ve read Montaigne, and I must’ve, it’s long enough ago that I don’t seem to have a trace memory. I’ve never read Balzac, maybe because he was one of maybe two writers whose books my mother read and loved, and I think that made me suspicious of him. I think his thing is ribald comedy or something? The weather here is quite nice right now, how did you know? Is yours? It’s always so great to see you, man! ** Misanthrope, Hi. You’re such a provocateur. As am I maybe, but not with your pizzazz. I don’t think I’m interested enough in the superhero movie form to be able to appreciate slight spins on its usual thing that much or something. Maybe you and all your fellow employees should chip in and buy the cat lady a space helmet. ** Paul Curran, Paul! Hopefully, ideally in October. We’re determined to get there before the end of the year,  so we’ll get there at some fall or early winter point or my name isn’t Dennis Cooper. Actually, my name is Clifford Dennis Cooper so I should have chosen a different Bible to swear on. You are getting novel work done! That’s fantastic news! I know little about your J-novel, but somehow I do think ‘Negrophobia’ would, at the very least, have a nice, transient cocaine effect on the work. ** H, Hi. I am NYC bound, yes! No, as I said, don’t worry about the guest-post. Make it the least of your concerns. Whenever and if-ever it materialises, I’ll be happy, and no big if not. ** Bill, It’s a great and wild and really fun novel. Do try it. I doubt I’ll be in Berlin for the ‘Crowd’ shows sadly. I never get to travel with the pieces, or I mean I would need to foot whatever bills myself to be there. But if you go then, do see it. It’s a good piece. Of course I’d be very happy to meet with your friend. Hook us up by whatever means you like. Finest day possible to you, pal. ** Right. Today I present one of those thematic, art-centric posts that I seem to be into making these days. See you tomorrow.


  1. Marilyn Roxie

    Hey Dennis, Great post! I love the Animated Masterpieces especially. Watched David Hockney’s ‘Secret Knowledge’ a couple of weekends ago about the great master artists’ potential use of mirrors to achieve realism. I have a new post idea for you – a bit like my Asian Male Ball Jointed-Dolls feature, I would like to gather up a post of assorted curious content and videos around Vocaloid boys if that sounds good.

    Thank you again for your VIDEO HOOK-UPS site contribution, quietly hammering away on content to unleash on the world.

  2. JM

    Experimentalism is now a taboo in all forms. zzzz.

    • David Ehrenstein

      Really ?How BORING

    • Steve Erickson

      Check out Elysia Crampton’s new EP.

  3. David Ehrenstein

    Here’s Art Blakey with an inadvertent tribute to our host

  4. David Ehrenstein

    I’m sure the French media must have picked this up by now but the MPAA (the Motion Picture Academy) has seen fit to expel Bill Cosby and in a fit of ideological ju-jitsu Roman Polanski as well.

    See how this work? They don’t want to be accused of “racism” for shitcanning The Cos’ so they throw in the “Perverted Jewish dwarf” (as Roman has described himself) as well.

    It’s not as if he were planning to come back to L.A. to make “Chinatown II” ya know!

    Samantha Geimer is not amused

    • Steve Erickson

      Additionally, Sony Pictures Classics acquired Polanski’s latest film last year. I heard murmurs that they decided to bury it, especially since it never showed up on their website despite an original spring 2018 release date, but an article in Indiewire yesterday confirmed that they have officially made the choice not to release it in the U.S.

      • David Ehrenstein

        I’m surprised they picked it up. Maybe they wanted to “Buy and Bury ” it the way The National Enquirer” does with Trump’s strumpets.

        Speaking of things “Violent” Today marks a special anniversary

  5. Dóra Grőber


    I love these thematic posts so much. I’d really like to watch Jordan Wolfson’s piece.

    Thank you. Yeah, the doctor was strange. I do think it’s a pulled muscle or a joint moved in a way it shouldn’t have or something like that. Knock on wood, I seem to be making further – though painfully slow – progress!
    The Musée des Arts Forains sounds pretty amazing, indeed! The pictures made me think of an elaborate, interactive movie set.
    Uh, shit. I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties with Episode #3. Are there any strict consequences of missing the deadline?

    I do seem to be a bit more mobile and pain-free than yesterday, yes! I was finally able to take my dog for a walk this morning (my mother had been doing it ’til today). My legs got very tired, I even had to sit down and rest at some point, which baffled me, but I think it’s time to push myself gently and get back into shape now. Other than this, a friend will visit me soon and I’m looking forward to that. I also started reading a psychology book about the treatment of traumatized children and I’m super into it, it’s very, very interesting.
    How’s everything on your end? Tons of work on Episode #3, I presume?

  6. Steve Erickson

    Have you watched REAL VIOLENCE ? I have not, but I’ve read interviews with Wolfson and read a lot of (mostly negative) reactions to it. To me, it’d be more interesting and I’d trust Wolfson more if he cast himself as the victim rather than the perpetrator. It’s way too easy for me to imagine myself as the victim of the kind of violence it depicts, having come close to getting gay-bashed, for me to want to experience in virtual reality.

    That image of the cleric with children strapped to his back reminds me of a sketch from British comedian Chris Morris’ savage but hilarious and pointed (towards the tabloid media) parody news special about pedophilia, where he played an Eminem-inspired rapper whose lyrics are about his lust for children and who walks around with dolls of kids attached to his crotch.

    This evening, I’m seeing the NYC indie film DOWNTOWN 81, which was written by Glenn O’Brien, stars a 19-year-old Jean-Michel Basquiat and features live performances by James White and the Blacks, DNA and Kid Creole and the Coconauts. I’ve heard it’s more a curio than a lost masterpiece, but that combo sounds amazing.

    • David Ehrenstein

      It’s a curio, but great fun.

  7. David Ehrenstein

    Here’s the latest on “The Other Side of The Wind”

  8. _Black_Acrylic

    I love these themed posts too a whole lot, and the Violent subject makes this episode an especially compelling one. The Sue De Beer –
    Two Girls
    sculpture is up there with my fave ever artworks and I first heard of that through this blog.

    The Yuck ‘n Yum Compendium launch happened last night and I’m glad to say it went extremely well! The video link with Seattle eventually worked after a few false starts, and the acts were all very well received. We took plenty of photos that I’ll save for the big Welcome to the World post, but this is my friend Mickey Mallett performing a spoken word routine as Bob Flambe that went down particularly well. I’m glad it’s over as it was a big task, but I think everyone is happy with how it eventually turned out.

    It being a YNY launch event, DJ Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson played a brief “Ambience” mix that’s now available here at SoundCloud for free download if you like.

  9. Steve Erickson

    For the next week, you can watch Philippe Garrel’s ACTUA I, a 6-minute documentary about the events of May ’68 (including police use of chemical weapons against the protesters), on Two different retrospectives of films related to the protests and their politics begin in New York next Friday.

    Here’s my review of INFINITE FOOTBALL, a Romanian documentary playing at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s “Art of the Real” series tomorrow:

  10. Misanthrope

    Dennis, I like the thematic art-centric posts. This one is right up there with the Children one from last week. Awesome stuff. The think the crucifixion ones and the animated masterpieces were my faves.

    Have you heard about the guy who decided to take a selfie with a bear in the wild? Didn’t turn out well. Fucker mauled the guy to death. What was he expecting?

    And get this one. Guy pulls over to get a snake out of the road. He doesn’t want it to get run over. It was rattlesnake. Bit him twice. He got back in the car and died right in front of his wife.

    I keep telling people that animals, however much we want to imbue them with human characteristics, aren’t human. The do what they do, regardless of how nice you are to them.

    A space helmet! Yes! I wish. I have a lot of patience, but during a 5-minute cough-and-gag fest today, I had to get up and walk around. I couldn’t take it.

    I’m going to go and watch that guy getting mauled by the bear. There’s a clip he or somebody recorded of it. Then I’m going to work on the eighth bit of my novel. Yes, I’m skipping the seventh right now because the eighth has to be written now. Then I’ll do the seventh and then get on to the ninth.

    Avengers tomorrow! And then more writing. Have a good weekend, Big D.

  11. Bill

    Excellent gallery today, Dennis! Loved the Sarah Best, and the Animated Masterpieces.

    I’d totally improve that thrown bottle piece though.

    The new Samuel Steward autobiography is out! Amusing, as expected.

    I’ll email you regarding my friend’s visit. Thanks!


  12. Paul Curran

    Dennis/Cliff, Amazing post! Can’t pick a fav. Would love to catch all of these. I think I mentioned once back on your original blog, when I first discovered your writing I thought your name could be made up of Dennis Nilsen and Alice Cooper, which kind of fit. I think I’d been reading Killing for Company around that time, pre Marilyn Manson. But anyway, Autumn to Winter for Tokyo is excellent news. I’ll be around for sure! Yes, I’ll order ‘Negrophobia’ this weekend. Getting hot over here now. Might head up to the mountains or somewhere with the kiddo. Have a lovely Parisian weekend!!xx

    Hey, Bill. Hope things are good too!!xx

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