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The Spooky House Swap Meet *

* Halloween countdown post #6 (restored)

1. Molar Manor
$175,000 SOLD

This Custom Package Includes: Five year lease ending September 2006, Present monthly lease payment is $4,672.94, Option to renew lease contract for additional 5 years, 5,000 square foot warehouse, Two large swamp coolers, Air Conditioning for upstairs party room and offices’, One bathroom, Security Gates front and rear entrance, Telephone service to unit

20 Themed Areas:

Egyptian Tomb
Castle Area
Graveyard – Central Theme
London Backstreet
Alfred Hitchcock Room
Laboratory Tomb
Scientific Laboratory
Laboratory Torture Chambers
Slum Alley Backstreet
Haunted Victorian Front Yard
Victorian Haunted House
Victorian Foyer
Victorian Library
Victorian Fireplace Area
Victorian Music Room
Victorian Hallway
Victorian Kitchen
Victorian Pantry
Church Façade Entry
Church Drop Elevator




2. House of Terror
$65,000 SOLD

This Custom Package Includes: 19 rooms that takes ONLY 8 actors to operate, 4,000 square foot house, easy to set up in any parking lot, field, or inside of a building, Very Portable188 flame retardant wall and facade panels, Brand New 40’x 12’ Victorian house facade, Complete wire harness, Complete lighting system, including strobes, Costumes and masks, Complete sound system with tape deck amp and 4 speakers, All emergency lighting, exit signs, Fire extinguishers.

Props Include: 1 Air Cannon, Antique furniture and tons of decorating items, Distortions: Innocent angel, stone Lion head tomb, Pillar tombstone, Bride attack, Pneumatic Screamer, Chair Attack, Hangman, Scarefactory: corpsulator, econoline coffin, chairolator, Little Spider and Grotesque Studios Props, 2 gothic temples, 16 Morris Costumes portraits, Black dot room, Cameo netting, Trophy room with mounted mountain goat, deer heads, raccoons.

Extra Include: 40 x 100 black lent -made of certified, flame retardant material, 2 transport trailers, 30-gallon Air compressor with air distribution manifold, Complete with floor plans, wiring diagrams wall layouts.

Units are is in Excellent Condition!




3. The Grimstone Manor
$80,000 SOLD

The Grimstone Manor/formerly Haunted Mansion is a 5,000 sq. ft. Victorian themed “walk-thru” haunted attraction, which was built in 2001 by Rodney Geffert, 7 Floors of Hell. This unit was purchased by Michael Halas, Owner of Asylum Studios, Ltd. in 2006 and was set up & run for the 2007 season of “The Night Terror” Haunted Event in Streetsboro, Ohio.

The Manor was built inside a 50′xl00′ black tent (included); and was configured into eleven (11) rooms, each separated by Victorian hallways. The Rooms were set-up as: a foyer; library; granny’s sewing room; haunted attic; skeletal dining room; lady-in-tub bathroom scene; haunted sitting room; funeral parlor; coffin scene; grand hall w/ fireplace. The Manor can be adequately staffed by 6-8 actors and 1 ticket taker; handling a capacity of approximately 400 victims per minute (VPM). This unit is being sold as a true “turn-key” haunt and comes complete with:

One (1) 50′x100′ black tent w/ 8′ black sidewalls purchased new in 2007 (included).
225 4′x8′ framed plywood panels.
Eight (8) working animations including:
One (1) “Scare Factory” organ prop & organ player animation.
One (1) drop portrait attacker; animation head re-done in 2007 by Michael Halas.
One (1) Granny down stairway decender animation.
One (1) shutter descender animation; animation prop re-done in 2007 by Michael Halas.
One (1) bath tub girl animation; prop re-painted in 2007 by Michael Halas.
One (1) female she blaster on bed animation.
One (1) closet reaper animation.
One (1) sarcophagus attacker animation; prop figure & sarcophagus custom built in 2007 by Michael Halas.
ALSO included is one (1) air cannon; three (3) air/water “spitter” animal heads; & one (1) light-up skeletal portrait.
One (1) “Husky” 80 Gallon upright Compressor, wired, w/ 250′ of electrical line; purchased new in 2007 (included).
One (1) 55 gallon drum ofN.Y Fire-Shield Inspecta-Shield Plus fire retardant; unopened and purchased new in 2007 (included).
25+ taxidermy heads (elk, lion, bear, deer, etc.).
One (1) fog machine.
One (1) black prop cauldron. · One (1) “Vortex Pro” fog chiller purchased new in 2007.
Three (3) “Kidde #340″ multi-purpose fire extinguishers.
Six (6) prop hands.
Four (4) prop feet.
Six (6) plastic 5′ skeletons.
Two (2) “bags of bones.”
LOT’s of bagged spider webs.
25+ haunted antique portraits.
Misc. fabric & curtains. · Eight (8) black robes.
Twelve (12) black masks.
Fifteen (15) complete costumes including:
One (1) “Ghostly man.”
One (1) “Ghostly woman.”
One (1) old witch/hag.
One (1) zombie.
One (1) werewolf.
One (1) scarecrow.
Nine (9) black robes wi hooded “black-out” wraith face masks.
Three (3) sets of monster gloves.
Seven (7) prop bats. · One (1) prop cat.
One (1) prop rat.
Three (3) prop spiders. · Two (2) prop vultures.
One (1) large 50″ “FrightProps” tarantula.
One (1) 5 disk “Trutech” CD player wi remote & two (2) speakers.
One (1) 3 disk “Sharp” CD player wi two (2) speakers & one (1) subwoofer.
Two (2) “Crate” amplifiers.
One (1) “Optimus” amplifier.
Two(2) battery powered smoke dectors.
Three (3) electriclbattery back-up emergency exit signs.
One (1) box of glow-in-the-dark emergency exit signs.
Six (6) electriclbattery back-up emergency lighting packs.
Four (4) 6′ rope lights.
One (1) mini fogger.
Three (3) “FrightProps” motion sensors.
Four (4) “Fright Light Plus” lighting effects boxes.
Four (4) strobe lights.
150+ lighting fixtures including “can” lights; utility lights; black lights; candelabra lights; chandeliers; etc.
Three (3) cash boxes and Two (2) cash bags.
Twenty-one (21) flasWights.
Thirty (30) “Motorola” radios; purchased new in 2007.
Twenty-one (21) surge protectors.
Four (4) 100′; Five (5) 50′; and Twenty-six (26) 25′ extension cords.
Numerous Pieces of antique furniture, tables, chairs, lamps, chandeliers, portraits, props, skeletons, scenic lil!hts, misc. office supplies, and lots more!!




4. The Castle of Carnage
$70,000 SOLD

The Castle of Carnage is a Gothic themed modular attraction was built in 2001. The unit comes with the Scare Fair in 3-D 2 long storage trailers and one short storage trailer, includes wall system, wiring harness and lighting (theatrical and emergency), tent, props, animatronics, pneumatic hose, filters and regulators, as well as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors.

Approx. 150 Stone Painted Walls (4′ x 8′)
Approx. 50 black walls for dark maze (4′ x 8′)
6 Stone Painted exit doors with battery back-up lighted exit signs
1- 40′ x 100′ black on black tent with fire retardant certification, metal poles inside and around, metal stakes (One top grommet ripped out due to 8″ of rain in a couple of hours collecting in a corner of the tent, can be repaired by tent manufacturer or repair company)
2 fog machines
5 or more strobe lights
Enough par cans with various colored bulbs to light up an airport (more than needed inside the attraction!)
Fire extinguishers
Smoke detectors
Electrical wiring
Pneumatic lines, regulators, filters
Screws, wood, pvc, misc. electrical components and hardware
Emergency battery back up lights
Numerous 4′ fluorescent work-light fixtures
Masks and costumes




Ultimate Terrors – 3 Haunt Package: In 2007, the Times Union newspaper rated Ultimate Terrors the #1 haunted attraction in the Capital Region (5 out of 5 skulls). Exit survey had a 99.9% positive response. Trailers: Includes three 48’ x 102” Road Worthy Trailers. ADA accessible: all pathways minimum 42″, spinning tunnel bridge width 36″ with ADA compliant ramps Fire/Safety: All walls painted using NY Fire Shield or Studio Tek FX’ MG Liquid fire-retardant paint additive. All flammable props treated with NY Fire Shield or Studio Tek FX’ Flameguard. Numerous fire exits throughout the 3 houses. 12 Fire extinguishers, Glow exit signs and 8 power failure lights.

5. Skull Manor
$140,000 (includes ‘3D Chaos’ and ‘Code Blue’)

Max. Width: 45’
Depth: 120’
Max. Height: 14’
Usable Sq. Footage: 3100+
Capacity: 600/hour
Façade: 26’ wide by 14’, high manor design with giant 7′ fiberglass skull
Number of Panels: 160+
Construction Material: 8’ plywood, interlocking design
Number of Rooms: 21
Number of Actors Required: 18-20
Ticket Takers: 1
Tech Support: 0

Complete lighting: Standard clamp fixtures, blacklights and strobelights. Complete temporary electrical (“spider boxes”, extension cords & power strips). 115v single phase power, 200 amps min. required at installation site. Complete sound: 3 CD players with powered speaker systems. Complete costumes and masks. 10′ diameter by 10′ long spinning tunnel with 3D vacuform liner.

Condition: all very good to excellent




6. 3D Chaos
$140,000 (includes ‘Code Blue’ & ‘Skull Manor’)

Attraction was enlarged & enhanced in 2006 for Ultimate Terrors. Additional artwork and façade added in 2007. Design: 3D Chaos is one long twisty, tourney hallway approximately 400 feet long. It contains 3D art and designs the entire length. It has 12 scares listed below in order (zigzag design allows actors to perform 2 scares without being obvious)

Max. Width: 45’
Depth: 80’
Max. Height: 12’
Usable Sq. Footage: 2500+
Capacity: 800/hour
Façade: 10’ wide by 12’ high, walk thru clown design
Number of Panels: 170+
Construction Material: 8’ plywood outer walls, 7’ high inner walls. Triangular style design for optimal utilization of space.
Number of Rooms: 400 foot+ hallway
Number of Actors Required: 8-10
Ticket Takers: 1
Tech Support: 0

Complete lighting: Blacklights and fixtures. Complete temporary electrical (“spider boxes”, extension cords & power strips). 115v single phase power, 200 amps min. required at installation site. Complete sound: 3 CD players with powered speaker systems. Complete costumes and masks. 10′ diameter by 20′ long spinning tunnel with vinyl liner (3D dots designs).

Condition: all very good to excellent




7. Code Blue
$140,000 (includes ‘Skull Manor’ & ‘Code Blue’)

Attraction was enlarged & enhanced in 2006 for Ultimate Terrors. Additional detailing, scenes & props added in 2007.

Max. Width: 30’
Depth: 75’
Max. Height: 12’

Usable Sq. Footage: 2100
Capacity: 800/hour
Façade: 16’ wide by 12’ high, industrial motif with fog flowing from fans every 30 seconds

Number of Panels: 100+
Construction Material: 7’ high plywood
Number of Rooms: 15
Number of Actors Required: 10-12
Ticket Takers: 1
Tech Support: 0

Complete lighting: Standard clamp fixtures, blacklights, strobelights, beacon lights. Complete temporary electrical (“spider boxes”, extension cords & power strips). 115v single phase power, 200 amps min. required at installation site. Complete sound: 3 CD players with powered speaker systems. Complete costumes and masks.

Animations: 2 kickers, air canon, ankle ticklers, Barrel Drop, Sagging bridge & shock wall
Compressor Size: approx. 8-10 gallon

Condition: all very good to excellent




8. FrightHouse

Originally built in 1993 by Stage Fright Studios as an annual major attraction at the Jacksonville Fair, the Frighthouse has received continuous upgrades by Sally Corporation, under the direction of noted Haunt Designer Drew Hunter. Built for inside use, the Haunt is 60’ wide x 45’ deep, with an inside wall height of 8’ and a 12’ façade height. Usable square footage is 2,600 and walk-through capacity is approx. 400 pph. The attraction is modular, allowing configuration changes.

9 animatronic characters and props are included; among them a unique Pepper’s ghost body in a coffin, a Corpselator and several swing-outs and spinners. 11 scenes include a witch’s kitchen, a disgustingly delectable banquet room, a (blood red) winery, a hallway of mysterious doors, a mad scientist and laboratory, mortuary, video spirit, monks, jail, corpse ladder, and art gallery with drop panel.

Professional voiceovers, music and sound fx are relayed through 20 speakers from 17 amplifier channels fed by a digital sound source. 8 actors are required, plus 1 or 2 ticket takers. 20 masks and 30 costumes are provided for performers.

The package includes 30 assorted light fixtures, 8 smoke detectors, 5 fire extinguishers, 4 emergency exit signs, 4 emergency lighting packs. Comes with 150 amp. electrical panel. Compressor for animatronics NOT included.

Exterior signage and free-standing decor complement the façade. Operated for only two weeks annually, the Frighthouse is in good shape. Technical training is available to purchaser. Video and photos are available for serious buyers.




9. Haunted Manor – 13 Room Custom
$50,000 SOLD

This Custom Package Includes:
48’ Storage Trailer
2,500 square feet of walls
Room designs and scenic props for the 13 room walk-through
Theatrical Lighting
Sound System
9 Pneumatic Animations
Fire extinguishers
Fog Machine
Complete Pneumatic System for animation of props – 5 HP Compressor, Air dryer, Air Filter unit, New Valves, Air Cannon, Motion Detectors and Pressure Mats

Room Designs Include:
Study, Pepper’s Ghost Pop-up (Pneumatic), Hall of Doors (Pneumatic), Terror Kitchen (Pneumatic), Haunted Bedroom (Pneumatic), The Closet, Blood Drip Hall, The Lab, Trap Doors (Pneumatic), Cages, The Crypt (Pneumatic), Monster Overhead, Portrait Hallway, The Egress.

16’x12’ Painted Mural
Extra pieces and replacement parts
Spare equipment and Props

Note: May need carpet for some installations!! Sale does not include the Name, Storyline or logo for Mayhem Manor®.




10. Shock Walk
$90,000 SOLD

Shock Walk is a mobile Haunt designed and built by the owner into four 40’ road worthy semi-trailers. The trailers are set side to side and connected together to form a 1,300 square foot Haunted Attraction with a 100 hundred people per hour capacity. The interior walls are wood construction with flame retardant paint and the 13 room Haunt uses between 8 and 12 actors to operate. Each trailer has a 110 power cord and a 50 amp electrical service is required to power the attraction. The attraction has 16 hard wired smoke detectors, 16 fire extinguishers, 8 exit signs and 12 emergency lights with battery back up.

Extras include: a 10’ high by 40 ‘ wide façade with attraction name signage, 8 pneumatic animations triggered in various ways, and supplied by two 100 gallon compressors. A sound system powered with a 200 watt Yamaha Amplifier pushes 12 speakers and sets are illuminated by 16 light fixtures.

No Fire Sprinklers are provided.




p.s. Hey. Your life needs a spooky house?


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