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The Grand Staircase



p.s. Hey. ** New Juche, Howdy, Joe. I’m good. Yeah, the Murder Castle is for real. Realer than real. Cool, hope you like ‘French Hole’. It’s basically outtakes from/clues to solving mysteries and locating secret passages in “The Marbled Swarm’. Outside of that, I’m not sure it’s of huge value. Yeah, thanks about the apartment. I’ll be in the middle of the obvious ton of stuff to do until the move on Friday. My weekend was okay, and I hope yours was at least that. ** Jamie, Hi, Jamie! Thanks about the new pad. Yeah, I just want the time in between to be over already. It’s a doable ugh. But it will be nice to be surrounded by newness. The area it’s in is nice, Place Madeleine, although I wouldn’t have chosen to live around there if I’d had a big choice. But it’s fine. Out movie is called ‘Permanent Green Light’. When we were in Cherbourg, one of our meetings was with a guy in charge of demolitions in the city. Our timing is just off, unfortunately. There’s a sweet building coming down just before our shoot starts, but I’m doubting we can get our crew and actors out there early to use it. We’re probably going to try to find a newly-ish demolished building in Paris and try to fake that it’s located elsewhere if we can. It’s a problem. How were the horror excerpts? Seems like are definitely worse ways to spend a weekend. Wait, it was your birthday yesterday?! Holy shit, belated Happy Birthday! Everyone, yesterday was Jamie’s birthday! Please use the time machine function in your brain to scoot back 24 hours and wish him a happy one verbally or telepathically. Thank you. Was it a fun enough birthday shebang? Did you get awesome gifts and stuff? If it was me, I would have chosen ‘Kong’. Which way did you go, and how did your choice play out? My weekend was a predictable combo of getting ready to move, film stuff, plus getting to see my American pals Ken Baumann and Aviva who were zipping through Paris, which was great. Lion love, Dennis. ** David Ehrenstein, Thanks, David! I sent you an email. If you can send me an excerpt from the book, I can do all the rest on my end. Thank you! ** Nemo, Hi, Joey! I want the Switch, duh. But it’ll be a bit before I can get one, duh. As soon as I have my new address — strangely, I know where it is and how to get there, but I won’t get the exact address until tomorrow — I will pass it on. So sorry to hear about our dad, That’s rough. I’m sorry. No book-length text by me on the immediate horizon, I don’t think. My text novel is part-written and waiting on the sidelines, but it’s all film, opera, TV series, and gif fiction for me for the time being. Good to see you! ** Frank Jaffe, Frank! Buddy boy! It’s been ages! How wondrous it is to see you! I’m good, very busy, good. Yeah, Joel said you were coming over. I think you met my friend John, a fellow Floridian who’s staying there? Envy city on playing the new Zelda. I’m having to force myself to not even daydream about doing that until we finish the shooting of our new film. Big love back to you from Paris! ** H, Hi. The packing will get done ‘cos it has to. I’m going to hire movers for the actual move. So I’ll just be packing boxes and so on. Zac said he would help, if need be. It’ll be fine, I think. Apparently I agreed at some point to participate in that New Narrative conference and forgot all about that until they emailed me the other day. Long story short, yes, I will be there doing whatever it is they want me to do. I hope your irritability is long since history. ** Dóra Grőber, Hi, Dóra! I’m very happy to see you! I wondered where you were and if you were okay. Sick, ugh, yeah.  Zac and Gisele were both totally wiped out by some bug for weeks. I’m glad you’re becoming your full self again. Me, I’ve been very preducably getting ready to move and working on the film mostly. As soon as I launch this, I head off to film meetings that will occupy the day and most of the evening. All seems to be good apart from some stressful glitcxhes that we have to solve. And moving is stressful, of course. The new place will be fine, I know, but I do feel sad leaving this apartment. I really like it. Oh well. It’s great to have you back! Tell me how you spent Monday, if you don’t mind. ** Steevee, Thanks about the packing. Just have to focus and plow through it. Wow, huh, I disagree with you 100% about ‘Slack Bay’. I think it’s one of his most interesting films. Curious. ** S., Excellent about the writers block having been Red Sea-like parted. Good trips do have multiple values. They’re good. Bon day! ** James Nulick, Hi, James. Well, there are no small number of homeless here too. They’re nearly all new migrants and refugees. I love France, but it’s not entirely pearly. My new pad is in the 8th arr. I don’t know the square footage, but it’s 66 sq. meters. 4th floor (by French standards, which would mean 5th floor by American standards). No, I’m keeping all my books. The only things I’m getting rid of are just stuff I’ve been too lazy to throw away. I read Ron Loewinsohn ages back, and I feel like I probably read ‘Magnetic Field(s)’, but I don’t remember. No relationship between him and the ‘Kinderotenlieder’ title. It’s distantly related to the same-named Mahler piece, but barely even to that. I haven’t thought about Loewinsohn in ages. Curious. I’ll go refresh myself. Thanks, man. I’ll get it done: the move, the everything else, I think. I hope. ** _Black_Acrylic, Thanks, Ben. Ha ha, now there’s an idea. They’ll want to Frenchify it, though. Which might not be a bad thing, right? Have you eaten it yet? Now I’m anxious to know how it tastes. ** Kier, Kieraculous! My weekend was all right. We get packing boxes today, and I have film meetings from morning til night, but tomorrow begins the necessary boxing and taping and tossing and etc. phase. I’m just being whiny about the new area where I’ll live. It’s okay. It’s just that everyone I know and almost everything I do is on the east side of Paris, and my new locale is more in the middle, so I won’t be able to just walk to Zac’s place or other places/friends. I’ll just adjust. No big. Invisibility is pretty hot among superpowers, yeah. I can’t … think of a more craveable one. The rest seem to be about violence and stuff. Great, thank you about the notebooks! That’s exciting! Yay about your reunification with Birgitte! What’s the new course? How was the first day? Tell me, tell me. Love, Dennis. ** Misanthrope, Ken is writing and publishing and going to school in Santa Fe. He seems to be in tip top form. So now you’re probably post-LCTG. Are you … okay? Still in one piece? Wouldn’t the ‘gayness’ of my poetry be a possible problem for either him or for his school/classmates? The US seems so weird right now. If so, Eileen or Tim might be better? Nice of you to want him to do me, as it were. Tax time, I know, man. I have to not blow that off this year, or I’ll be in massive trouble. You can play the new Zelda just as well and easily on the WiiU if you have that system. ** Okay. I think today’s thing/pile is massively self-explanatory so take a tumble, if you like. See you tomorrow.


  1. Hey Dennis

    Thanks, yeah I had a nice weekend. I asked more or less nothing of myself. I swam, drank, read and watched films without speaking a single word out loud. And now I’m going into town to have lunch with a close friend. But today will be my last indulgence for a while, as of tomorrow I’m back on it. Old book, new book, work.

    I feel dizzy after today’s post. A guy I knew back at home was a martial arts teacher. He used to throw himself down flights of concrete stairs as a joke, and it was very funny – it wasn’t all crouching-tiger precision, but like a drunken idiot, ending up in a puddle of twisted limbs at the bottom, then he’d just stand up and dust himself off.

    Hope the move goes smoothly, and that the new area you live in yields some unforeseen boon.



  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RD1KqbDdmuE

    it is great indeed a breath of fresh air feel like ive been smothering. trying to achieve balzacian performance. came home one day and the steps from the garage into the house had been torn out. dad said he felt more safe that way. fancy pants the madeline area is nice. baptised myself there this trip. i always wondered if you fall down steps is it dangerous or not. lost a good friend to steps. theres a horror story that incorporates a trip wire at the top of some steps. bonjour!

  3. Hi!

    Thank you! I’m happy to be back! And also: thank you for today’s post. I’m in a really irritable mood today and it made me laugh. Why do people think it’s a good idea to try and slide down the stairs in a laundry basket…?

    I understand that completely. It’s painful to leave an apartment/house behind even if it’s entirely your decision to move. But, in your case, you were practically forced to leave. It must be tough. That said, I really am happy that you finally have a new place to go!
    I’m still trying to pull myself together normally but I started working on an article about Hungarian serial killers because I found a page which pays for creepy/bloody/etc. articles. The one thing that makes it a bit hard is that they only read full articles and not pitches so it might happen that I write the whole thing and they say no but I decided to give it a shot anyway. The subject is interesting enough.

    How did the meetings go? I hope you have a successful day!!

  4. Dennis, I don’t see any e-mail from you at either cellar47@yahoo.com or cllrdr@ehrensteinland.com

  5. If anyone in the US goes to see it, I suspect SLACK BAY will be one of the year’s most divisive films. I saw it with Chris, who also hated it and called it “close to unwatchable.” On the other hand, my friend Dan attended the same screening and really liked it. There was laughter during the film and applause at the end, but it was very muted, suggesting that it was coming from a fairly small portion of the audience.

    I met the probable cinematographer on my film last night. We didn’t get to talk as long as I’d like, but she told me the college she attends has a real TV studio. I would be so thrilled to shoot the script, which takes place in a TV studio, there! Especially if I could get the studio monitors to display graphics relevant to the film. She thinks it’s a possibility.

  6. Dennis check your e-mail. I’ve sent you a swatch of “Playing the Third String”

  7. Staircases in general, are very scary to me. Phobic reactions to them. So today’s blog has a special meaning to me. Fascinating! I’m still in Tokyo but leaving tomorrow for Los Angeles. I’m expecting jet-lag hell for the next few days. Ugh. I did see Mick Rock tonight talk about Bowie and that was fun. But I have also been suffering from a cold. Nothing worse when traveling and one is sick. Sickness should not be allowed. But overall I’m ok. But staircases…. elevators I’m OK with.

  8. Hello!
    I got a little discombobulated with this gif stack, Dennis. Was it intentional not to have a spiral staircase (although the one where the lady almost falls then catches herself with elan is certainly round, but don’t know if it’s a spiral)? I oddly love the suited falling CGI guy – his movements are slipperily scary.
    Ta for the birthday wishes! I did indeed get some lovely prezzies – some much needed new clothes, some books (Hannah’s ordered me the Gary Lutz chapbook) and went out and watched some football, which I do rarely, then went to see Elle. I think Kong would have been a better choice, as Elle was kind of sprawling and messy and neither of those things in a good way. And also weird as it was like Paul Verhoeven trying to make a Michael Haneke film. Watched Nocturama last night though and that was better. Hannah decorated our kitchen with balloons and banners and pretty much spoiled me, so it was a very nice day!
    Nice that you got to catch up with some friends. Are you having to move straight away? Will you get to complete the move before shooting starts? I checked out your new hood and it looks quite posh. I think I’ve walked through it.
    Oh, and Permanent Green Light is like a perfect, amazing title, esp for a movie. I had seen you say that before, but forgot to say how much I like it. As a title, it’s got it all. Was it you or Zac or a mutual thing?
    How was your Monday? I’ve been to Newcastle then stormed back after a disagreement with my boss. Oops. It’s hard to storm for four hours travel. I’m really unsure how this is all going to pan out, but it’s not looking good.
    Oh yeah, and the horror excerpts were a little bit from The Omen and the end of The Midnight Meat Train. I’m writing a thing where two characters talk constantly about horror movies and had to do some fact-checking. Did you recently do a post about weird horror films, or am I making that up?
    I hope everything is tickety-boo with you!
    Scottish love,

  9. Heya!!
    Oh you’re shooting the next film now?? Wow mega-congrats on that. Are you working with Christophe again?
    Yeah I know what you mean about Zelda. It’s a mega time-suck. Do you have a Wii U or will you buy a Switch? I’m loving all the cooking you get to do in it. Also you can make Link shirtless :p
    I didn’t get to meet John. He was out that night. Hopefully soon! We can bond over crazy Floridian stuff probably 🙂
    Talk soon!


  10. @ DC, I’ve yet to sample Dundee cake myself, but the consensus seems to be that it’s stodgy and generally indigestible. Maybe there’s a Dundee metaphor in there somewhere?

    As you’ve no doubt heard, the big news from Scotland is that #indyref2 is really happening! So it’s sometime between autumn 2018 and spring 2019 and this time I’m confident the Yes side can prevail. Bring it on, I say.

  11. Big D! I like this post for the shallowest of reasons: I think it’s funny when people fall. People other than me, that is. I really like watching old people and little kids fall. Just cracks me up.

    Though I found this odd thing happening the other night when I was watching Ridiculousness (a video clip show on MTV, lots of falls and splats and all that): I found myself tensing up and cringing at every impact. Like, it hurt my stomach or something. That’s odd for me.

    I am not post-LCTG. I didn’t realize how late it was last night after I commented here, so I only watched the first vignette. I’ll watch the next one or two tonight. I think it might work best for me that way because I’ve had a full day to ruminate about the first scene now.

    One thing I always hope for re: anyone not familiar with your work viewing or reading it for the first time is that they get the black humor in it. There were two parts in that first scene that made me laugh out loud.

    But I see the DC aesthetic right off, I’ll tell you that. I’ll get more into it after I’ve seen the whole thing, though. I think that’s more appropriate, especially as I’ll have a chance then to think of all of it as a whole.

    I did survive, though. And I did enjoy and like. Duh, right? 😉

    Yes, best to get the taxes out of the way. Pain in the ass, though.

    We have the WiiU! I’ll tell my niece. She’ll probably go right out and buy it. Thanks for that.

    Yeah, the gay stuff, right? I think LPS told me it’s just a bio thing. I’ll have to check with him on it. And it’s probably fairly short. If it’s that, then why not you? Then again, the teacher’ll be up all night after doing his/her own internet search and debating whether or not to call Child Protective Services, hahaha.

    If it’s more than that, then I’m thinking Tim because, I don’t know, I just think it’d be neat for others who would never otherwise encounter him to experience his work and learn about him. He’s so deserving of a broader audience, even if it is just my nephew and some of his classmates. If that makes any sense. I have a copy of his book that Bernard -God bless him- gave me years ago.

    Worse comes to worse, I’ll just have him do Rimbaud.

  12. Dear Dennis, hey there it’s Kevin Killian. Listen, I’m so chuffed that you will come back to California this October and participate in the New Narrative conference that UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz have been putting together. I’m delighted for personal reasons of course, but also because it just wouldn’t be the same if you had to stay away. Rob Halpern and Robin Tremblay McGaw have spent years putting together an anthology of critical work (much of it by poets and other writers outside the academy, or new to criticism), which will come out in time for that conference–a book of essays outlining the interest the younger generations are taking in our failed experiment :-)… And the book that Dodie and I are editing, that includes you in it, will already be out (“Writers Who Love Too Much: New Narrative Writing 1977-1997,” from Nightboat Books). We will be sending this book to you within the next six weeks, so. can you slip me your new address? I’m at kevin@kevinkillian.com. It is sorely beautiful and I’m so proud of it! Let’s see, what else, we went to the LA Art Book Fair for a day or so and had plenty of fun, while we were there it as Hedi’s birthday and we went to his party where he blew out a big cake. I’ve been writing a piece on Sperm Cult, by Richard Hawkins and Elijah Burgher with a cast of uncounted modern primitives–a fearless book and one I hope you’ve seen? And I’m in this San Francisco-based study group which focuses on one artist a year and so I’m knee deep in the hoopla of Seth Price, whom I don’t understand at all. Our cats will be so glad that you are gonna be here! I hated having to miss you last time. Love from…. Kevin K.

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