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Wode Paint is the first ever visible fragrance by Boudicca, it comes in a graffiti spray can and its color is cobalt blue. At first it will turn your skin and clothing blue, but it will disappear after a long time.


Ephemera presents olfactory compositions based on musical resonances and reverberations. The nose behind the project is Berlin-based Geza Schoen, known for the groundbreaking Escentric Molecules series as well as various avant-garde/conceptual scents. In the first phase of the project, musician Tim Hecker created raw sonic material which Schoen then reinterpreted to create a scene: Drone. The perfume comes with music and a video.

The air and aldehydes are what I first notice in Drone. It is magical and otherwordly, and somehow earthy and grounded at the same time. Think magical medieval forest, but full of silvery transparent trees. It smells clean and cooling, but lighter and more elevated than typically clean scents, with less of a laundry vibe and more of an ice cold mountain stream water vibe. There is a hint of incense, but it’s barely there, and somehow the concept of “levitation” is something that just makes sense when experiencing Drone.


This product use to be a scent of anal (What?!!) The spokeperson said “This product does not smell like sh**. It is purely the smell of anus.”




Ah&Oh; Studio has taken some of the most macabre figures in the history of western letters and given them their very own perfume bottles. Scent Stories, as the line’s called, pays homage to literature’s great lords of darkness: Edgar Allan Poe, the Marquis de Sade, Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, and George Orwell. The design theme’s a clever one: basic white ink bottles done up in the author’s name, a famous quote (eg., de Sade: ?…ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge, are all founded on lust?; Poe: “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity”), and a frightful stopper.


I dunno what it is exactly but it was fun to mess with.


The makers of Stilton cheese have launched their own perfume, Eau de Stilton, which claims to “recreate the earthy and fruity aroma” of the pungent blue cheese “in an eminently wearable perfume.” The perfume, blended by a Manchester-based aromatics company, features a “symphony of natural base notes including yarrow, angelica seed, clary sage and valerian.”


Jazz legend Sun Ra has joined the ranks of perfume makers with not one, but two scents: Saturnia, which “transport[s] you out of the doom and into orbit as you ponder THIS PLANET IS DOOMED” with the “aphrodisiac” smell of “Neroil distillate of bitter orange blossoms,” and the more demure Prophetika, which “invokes a mirage of memories and mysteries and incites a call to action.” The latter is also the name of Norton Records imprint Book Arm’s impending three-volume release of Sun Ra’s poetry and prose. Both come in 0.5 oz glass bottles with an iconic brass Sphinx or pyramid keepsake amulet, and were “bottled by Gigi of Midwood during the Capricornus July full hay moon.”


Apparently, men doing some work in the graveyard in Croatia found the knobby chunk of unidentified god-knows-what about a meter below the surface. The so-called “alien head” reportedly has a rubbery texture and smells like men’s cologne.




Perfume, poetry, and transfiguration are intimately, inextricably connected. Like the spirit, scent penetrates self, body, and world. It is formless, ephemeral, unfixed, “and moves ineluctably toward disappearance.”

Baudelaire’s understanding of correspondence, a term coined by him, lays the ultimate groundwork for the existence of the perfumed word. It is the experience of synesthesia, “through which information provided by one sense if filtered, interpreted, and ‘read’ through the medium of another.” His “dream of a sublime poetry” involved “…colors, as dazzling in their scent as in their sound, and…scents animated by an odorous spectrum of colors and by a scale of aromatic notes — as resonant with hues of red, blue, and yellow as they are with chords of jasmine, iris, and patchouli…. ”

For Baudelaire more than the senses correspond. The spiritual is immanent in the natural world, not just transcendent to it. He wrote, “Everything –form, color, number, perfume — in the spiritual as well as in the natural world is meaningful, reciprocal, converse, and correspondent…. ” The spiritual world and the natural world form a unity, as do the sounds of distant echoes coming together into one unified, symphonic sound.


Teen Top – No Perfume On You (dance practice)


Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have officially assembled into theaters and IMAX 3D, and what better way to celebrate the release of “Marvel’s The Avengers” than to smell like your favorite Avenger? Bring out your inner-super hero with “Marvel’s The Avengers” Cologne or Perfume by JADS International, a worldwide fragrance company! “Demand for our official Avengers cologne and perfume has been, pardon the pun, out of this world,” said Andrew Levine, Chief Executive Offier of JADS. “Everyone has conventional cologne and perfume at home, but we take it to another level by offering supernatural scents that will empower and bring out the super hero in all of us.”




Secretions Magnifique is from Etat Libre d’Orange perfumers. Available in the US only at the swank Henri Bendel department store in NYC, it smells of. . . sweat, spunk, and blood. Oh, the French! From their smelly cheeses to their famed aversion to daily baths. They have seriously cornered the market on stinky.


Eau de Toast perfume was recently featured at London’s Fashion Week and was created by Federation of Bakers. Reports indicate it actually does smell like toast. If you want a vial of your own, you are out of luck. Eau de Toast was extremely popular and sold out almost immediately.


Asmr role play perfume relaxing touch


Using one of Man Ray’s earliest portraits of Rrose Sélavy (Marcel Duchamp dressed as a woman) Duchamp made a label that he affixed to an empty perfume bottle to create his 1921 artwork Belle Haleine, Eau de Toilette (Beautiful Breath, Veil Water).


8.5 Extra Strong is a 1 oz. parfum (approximately 29ml) with very simple small dark glass bottle like those for liquid medicines. It is indicated about the perfume that it includes black leather and erathly cedars which apparently are not the only notes in the composition. Let me open the notes with some examples about how the perfume actually smells. It opens with exact abrasive vibe of hospital and its morbid alcohol-based cannibal attracting human waste smell, plus some sort of regularly used mattress with sucked fat, sweat and semen repeatedly dropped on it. Not a brothel sense of smell with too much exotits and synthetic vanilla fragrances. It’s kind of private and DBSM fantasy.


An alcoholic woman who resorted to drinking perfume and spraying aftershave in her mouth got sent to rehab on Jeremy Kyle. Tanya, 40, was told by doctors that she only had six months to live if she kept drinking everyday. Her partner Paul wanted the intervention because Tanya was killing herself and didn’t want her to leave her four-year-old son without a mother. Paul told Jeremy that sometimes Tanya asked him for surgical spirit wipes so that she could suck on them because they contained alcohol.


To book lovers like us, the smell of leather-bound tomes or fresh paperbacks can be utterly seductive. Ever wish you could bottle that mysterious library scent, the aroma of rummaging through the stacks? As it turns out, renegade perfumer Christopher Brosius has done just that. With his line of scents under the banner I Hate Perfume, Brosius captures certain experiences, like walking in a snowstorm. Among his favorite experiences are hours spent browsing in bookshops or getting lost in a story, so book-inspired scents were a natural step. Several of his perfumes have a literary connection, such as A Room with a View, sparked by the Forster novel. (Sniff the violet-based scent and dream of George kissing Lucy.) With his In the Library perfume, though, Brosius evokes the books themselves, conjuring up Russian and Moroccan leather bindings, cloth, and a rare English novel.


Amid growing rhetoric around the body as the new frontier for technological advancement, internationally celebrated body architect Lucy McRae teams up with acclaimed Harvard biologist Sheref Mansy, to create Swallowable Parfum: a digestible scent capsule that breaks entirely new ground in the science of human instinct. Fragrance molecules are excreted through the skin’s surface during perspiration, leaving tiny golden droplets on the skin that emanate a unique odor. The potency of scent is determined by each individual’s acclimatization to temperatures, to stress, exercise, or sexual arousal.


Pop star odors




























Sony will soon be rolling out its newly designed camera, which is a perfume bottle-shaped selfie camera. The perfume bottle-shaped selfie camera comes with a clear casing at the top that houses a large lens. The launch of perfume bottle-shaped selfie camera and Xperia C3 selfie smartphone indicates that Sony is trying to target new set of consumers who love to click selfies.


Paper Passion Perfume captures the unique bouquet of freshly printed books. Designed by boutique perfumer Geza Schoen in close consultation with Gerhard Steidl and in collaboration with Wallpaper* magazine, the perfume expresses that peculiar mix of paper and ink which gives a book its unmistakable aroma, along with the fresh scent which a book opened for the first time releases. Schoen spent days in the depths of the paper-filled Steidl headquarters in Göttingen, sifting through books, papers samples and inks, to find inspiration for a perfume that is true to books, wearable, and which ages well in time just like a good book. It took Schoen seventeen trials to preserve in his words, the right balance between the smell of paper as such and an enjoyable perfumistic aesthetic. The elaborate packaging of Paper Passion Perfume does more than justice to the perfume within. The packaging is a real book with a hidden cut-out compartment in which the bottle sits. The first pages of the book contain texts on the pleasures of paper and the Paper Passion project by Nobel Laureate Günter Grass, Karl Lagerfeld, Geza Schoen and Wallpaper* Editor-in-Chief Tony Chambers. The end product is a unique perfume, an homage to the luxurious sensuality of books and in Karl Lagerfelds words, the silent smell of paper.


Love the sensation of golden showers? Well, get the experience whenever you want one with this Japanese Schoolgirl Pee Smell Bottle, a scented liquid with the aroma of a female school student’s urine. Great for adding to clothes, dolls, onaholes and more, this is erotic fetish at its most convenient!


(AUSTIN, TX) 11 Year-Old Girl Sent to Criminal Court for Wearing Too Much Perfume in Class.




Will Oldham has collaborated with Sanae Intoxicants to create his very own fragrance, and you can buy a bottle today for $220. Diane Pernet’s blog shares Oldham’s influence: “It was originally based off a palette Mr. Oldham shared with SANAE INTOXICANTS which included a note of his own inspiration: the scent of the Agarwood tree, also known as ‘oud’ which is not only a fragrance that has been used in perfumery dating back to the most ancient times, but also a beautiful Middle Eastern string instrument.” In addition to the oud scent, the limited, handcrafted fragrance includes “Egyptian jasmine, French mimosa, and the rare, exotic oils of Mukhallat and kewda.”


Grip Limited, an advertising firm that works with Pizza Hut Canada, originally originally floated the tongue-in-cheek notion on the Pizza Hut Canada Facebook page back in August as part of a broader push to promote more engaging social media activity. The post asked fans to dream up names for an imaginary scent inspired by “the smell of a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened.” But the fan response to the idea was so enthusiastic that Grip and Pizza Hut decided to make the perfume a reality. A month and a half later, to commemorate the fact that Pizza Hut Canada had gotten 100,000 fans, the chain’s community managers announced that the first 100 people to message them would actually get a bottle of Pizza Hut perfume. And sure enough, the bottles were shipped to those 100 lucky fans at the beginning of December.


A new perfume is sure to raise a stink from fashionistas because it’s going to be made from sweat. Not just any sweat, mind you, but the sweat from Swedish glass blowers. The odd and odorous idea is the brainchild of Daniel Peltz, an Associate Professor of Film/Animation/Video at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, R.I. Peltz, who summers in Rejmyre, Sweden, came up with the concept of collecting the sweat of glass blowers and turning it into perfume after noticing every piece of glass work produced at the local glass factory contained a little sweat from its creator. “The glass blower’s sweat and work is something that tourists appreciate when they come here and look,” he said, according to UPI. “So for me there isn’t such a huge difference in selling the glass-blower’s sweat and the finished glass.”




Phase inversion of fumed silica particle-stabilised emulsions of water and perfume oil can be effected in three ways. The transitional inversion from water-in-oil (w/o) to oil-in-water (o/w) occurs upon increasing the particle hydrophilicity for 9 oils of different polarity and structure. Results are compared for systems in which particles are pre-dispersed in one of the bulk phases and for those in which a novel powdered particle method is used. Using a simple theory involving the surface energies of the various interfaces, the contact angle θ of a particle with the oil–water interface is calculated as a function of the particle hydrophilicity. Assuming phase inversion occurs at θ = 90°, very good agreement is obtained for all oils between the calculated and experimental particle hydrophilicity required for inversion in the case of the powdered particle method. Inversion from o/w to w/o induced by simply increasing the particle concentration is shown to be as a result of changes in the aggregation state of the particles influencing their wettability. Finally, catastrophic phase inversion from w/o to o/w is achieved by increasing the volume fraction of water, and multiple emulsions form around inversion in a system containing only one particle type. Results of the latter two inversion routes are combined to develop an emulsion compositional map allowing a variety of emulsions with different characteristics to be described by varying the relative amounts of the three components.


45-year-old TV presenter Andy Cohen revealed that he had the 27-year-old pop star’s urine made into perfume. ‘So she peed in a trash can in her dressing room,’ the 45-year-old presenter told Tuesday’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. ‘It’s a long story, but she did. She said on her way out, “Look, I couldn’t get my way to the bathroom, I’m sorry.” ‘She’s a superstar, she’s Lady Gaga, she can pee wherever she wants as far as I’m concerned.’ Cohen then enlisted his ‘renaissance PA’ named Ryan to find some sort of recipe online to preserve Mother Monster’s bodily fluid. The Emmy winner declared: ‘He made it into perfume. So, we have it in a pretty bottle. I know, it’s kind of gross, but that is a pop culture artifact, if you ask me. That is going to be worth something.’


The smell of humans is strong in his nostrils. He longs to be with them, to caress them, to be one of them again. Another scent drifts in and awakens older desires, of pleasures long forgotten, and then he sees it… the Donut Shop on the corner. Earl: So where you from? Boya: It’s a long story. Earl: I’ve got all night Boya: You’d need all night. Earl: Well I’ve got all night. Dark Egyptian amber and gaharu wood, well blended and served with creamy vanilla, cinnamon spice, rich chocolate, and a splash of turkish coffee. It’s…. to die for. Perfume comes in a 1/3 oz. (9 ml) frosted cobalt blue roll-on bottle and comes ready for gift giving in a little fabric bag.


Strangé – It Stinks So Good


We have created a strong buzz in Hollywood Circles. We have had the opportunity to place our product in the gift bags of the OSCARS and GRAMMYS as well as Numerous Movie Premieres. We have also made a presence at the Celebrity Gift Suites for both The MTV Movie Awards and The Nick Kids Choice Awards to name a few. In Hollywood Celebrities refer to our product as Shoe Perfume for the STARS. Our enhanced marketing collateral around celebrities will make this a fast sale for your customers.


“The smell of opium is the least stupid smell in the world.” ― Jean Cocteau

‘The odour of pink, low, thanks to the light wind of summer that passes, mixes with the perfumes that it put.’ — Paul Verlaine

“At no other time (than autumn) does the earth let itself be inhaled in one smell, the ripe earth; in a smell that is in no way in
ferior to the smell of the sea, bitter where it borders on taste, and more honeysweet where you feel it touching the first sounds. Containing depth within itself, darkness, something of the grave almost.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke

“The immortal one does not have odor.” — André Gide

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” — Coco Chanel


In 1988, fresh off his success with Blue Velvet and just before he started production on his landmark TV series Twin Peaks, David Lynch made his first commercials — a quartet of advertisements for Calvin Klein’s perfume Obsession featuring passages from such literary titans as F. Scott Fitzgerald, D.H. Lawrence and Ernest Hemingway. The commercials have all the pretension, the luscious black and white photography and the vacant-eyed beautiful people that you might expect from a Calvin Klein ad. Yet they also show glimmers of Lynch’s aesthetic – a noirish, dream-like tone, an oddly framed close up, a fondness for flashing lights. Lynch dialed down the weird to serve the text. The result is far more romantic and beautiful than you might expect from the director. The Obsession ads proved to be such a success that he started getting requests to do commercials for other luxury perfume companies like Giorgio Armani’s Gio and Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium. As Lynch told Chris Rodley in Lynch on Lynch, he thinks of commercials as “little bitty films, and I always learn something by doing them.”




Thanks to a French company, it might soon be possible to store the comforting scent of a loved one forever. They plan to launch their new line of perfumes made from fragrances that people leave on their clothes, in September. The idea for the perfumes belongs to French insurance agent Katia Apalategui. She came up with it seven years ago, when she was devastated about losing her father. At the time, she wished there was a way she could store his scent in a bottle. Apparently, her mother felt the same way: “I also miss the smell and do not want to wash his pillowcase,” she had told Katia. Intrigued by the idea of preserving odor, Katia began to investigate if she could actually make it happen. She tried researching but met with little success, until she came across an innovation agency called Seinari, in Normandy. They put her in touch with the department of organic and macromolecular chemistry at the University of Le Havre. Researchers there were able to explore the possibilities of bringing Katia’s idea to life. After much trial and error, they actually developed a technique to extract the odor out of a person’s clothes, and reconstitute it as an alcohol-based perfume in only four days’ time.


Country music promoter and frequent traveler Lois Lewis was stopped by TSA agents and investigated by a bomb expert at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor after trying to bring her 2-ounce bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume in her carryon. Lewis said that she placed the $83-a-bottle perfume, which was within security guidelines, in a clear plastic bag and sent it through the scanner. When the TSA agents saw the perfume bottle, they shut down a lane at the Southwest Terminal for nearly an hour to investigate.


Vulva Original is an actual scented product with a vaginal odor that is specifically described as “not being a perfume.” The scent is intended to “stimulate the one who wears it rather than someone else.” While most perfume products act as “odor cues” and are used to improve ones personal odor in order to become more attractive or social acceptable, Vulva Original is designed to be consumed by its owner by applying a drop of it to skin for sniffing it immediately after.


L.A.-based company My DNA Fragrance will now be selling a new series of colognes made from the DNA of deceased superstars. Blue Suede is based on Elvis Presley’s genetic code. Monarch is extracted from the DNA of Katherine Hepburn. M, our most popular fragrance, is made from samples of Michael Jackson’s DNA. M is an exclusive one-of-a-kind fragrance that explodes into an indescribable fragrance, which seemly draws the attention of every person in the room. It is composed of the lightest, but most volatile essences. Much like the performer himself, this cologne is unique and like no other cologne in the world. We guarantee it. M is engineered from the DNA genetic code of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. All of our exclusive scents are priced in the range of $50 to $100.




p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Ah, that’s an interest and apt predecessor. What a incisive double exposure. ** Steve Erickson, I never went to Saint Vitus, but I certainly know of it. Black Metal + jazz? I can’t not check that out. And their topic intrigues too. Thanks. Well, electronic artists’ live thing is all over the place in effectiveness, yeah, but I like watching a guy fiddle with his laptop while the air twists and rages and gurgles around us, etc. I like explosive minimalism or something. Maybe it’s the live music equivalent of reading a book. ** Dominik, Hi! Good to see you! Yeah, we have no choice re: the ARTE project. We’re boxed in. We just have to find a way to enjoy and be creative enough in the box, I guess. Big meeting today. ‘Nelyubov’: I don’t think I know that. Huh. I will for absolutely sure investigate that and hopefully watch it. Thank you a lot for the share. Today the heat is supposed to go totally psycho and get close to 40, but then tomorrow it’s supposed to magically start flattening into something more normal. We’ll see. I’m sweaty at 8:35 am. I know, as if summer itself weren’t bad enough, now it’s into waterboarding us but without the water. Really good luck on yours. I hope your spot’s hotness commits suicide asap. Re: that and your translation and my TV series, let’s cross all of our fingers for each other and fist bump across the continent and see if that works. One can’t get around the fucking proposals. But, oh well. I’m trying to enjoy it, thinking of it as complicated puzzle to solve or something. Yeah, hopes about the September London screening, but it’s still up in the air. It was so hot/gross that I ended up not wanting to walk the 20 minutes to the movie theater, so I hid out inside here working where it was a few degrees cooler. Ooh, your tumblr looks fucking gorgeous! Everyone, Go get some gorgeousness in your eyes by clicking this and winding up in Dominik’s tumblr because that’s where some gorgeousness is. Very happy that you’re dedicatedly advancing SCAB. Polaroid camera! I used have one and carry it with me everywhere for years taking pix of people. It’s strange that now with an iPhone instead where I can take a billion more pictures and not worry about exhausting the film, I take a billion less photos. I’ll try to have a good week. If the weather forecasters are correct, I might have an actual chance starting tomorrow. I hope your week is very inspiring and productive in the way you wish. And I look forward to catching up again near the end! ** Chris Cochrane, Mr. C. Hey, bud. I saw a pic of you on FB all moist from the ocean. I guess there’s some little section of Seine that they’re cordoned off to swim in now, but the Seine is only inviting to look at, for me anyway. Cool you finally saw MBV. I still haven’t experienced the revived current version of their live thing. Very cool. I look forward to seeing David’s show at the Whitney, for sure. I have to figure what thing(s) of his to read in that related reading. Jeez. The heat has murderous intentions here, and today it gets its greatest opportunity, at least in Paris, but then it’s supposed to blow away to somewhere else. Survive yours. Love, me. ** Alex rose, Mr. Rose! Hi! Now that you mention it, I was asking you to marry her, not that I get to pick, I guess. But yes. I am going to query my wiser or, rather, more connected Paris art world pals as soon as they get back from vacation. You know pretty much every single Parisian leaves the city during August, and everything closes for weeks, even cigarette shops and grocery stores, but as soon as this place becomes reborn and refills, I’m on it. What a curious coincidence that your future past husband is also my future past husband, or least past. Have you seen him lately? Anyway, that cheating’ little pig! Love that track/vid. I’m, like, the only person in the world who thinks ‘Ocean Rain’ was the beginning of EatB’s end rather than their masterpiece. Hail storm bordering on tsunami love, Dennis. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi. Today’s version of the heatwave is predicted to be veritably end of the world-type bad, so I need that luck. I saw on the news or something that you guys’ heatwave ends today? ** Corey Heiferman, Hi. I love connecting others’ dots. I don’t if that makes me a good or bad person. Thanks for linking me over to George Ohr whom I had never heard of before. You’ve both created my dots and connected them! You work near there? I like that grey building with the artily designed red framed windows. What’s it story? I have not done a lunchbox post, in fact. Which is surprising. But, yes, I will endeavour to make one. The trick with posts like that is to make it about form and not nostalgic, for me. But I think lunchboxes are beautiful entities, so, yeah, I think I can. Thanks for shooting me that idea. Have a good one. ** Misanthrope, Well, what I need to do, or the only thing I can do, is find some independent tech wiz person whom I can totally trust to go into the blog’s insides and see if he or she or whoever can figure out the problem and sort it. So I will hope to do that as soon as I can locate such a person. Big up. ** Right. What did I cook up for today again? Scents! What was I thinking? I don’t remember. It’s too hot here to remember. Enjoy it in some way of your deciding please. See you tomorrow.


  1. _Black_Acrylic

    I still have a bottle of L’Anarchiste on my bathroom shelf from the days when I was employed by the bank. I don’t miss that part of my life at all, but I enjoyed wearing that scent at least.

    The recent Artist in Residence programme starring Rachel Maclean is now available here on the Channel 4 website. Not sure if it can be viewed by Paris residents but I hope so, as it really is essential TV.

    Here in Dundee we seem to have escaped the worst of the heatwave, certainly since I came back here last week anyway. Right now the temperature is locked in the high teens which I’m grateful for. Here’s hoping that things aren’t too desperate in mainland Europe right now.

  2. Steve Erickson

    Here’s a short experimental video I liked a lot, Penny Lane’s NORMAL APPEARANCES: Edited entirely from the TV shows THE BACHELOR and BACHELOR IN PARADISE (which have been accused of filming rape and doing nothing about it, although those claims came out after Lane put this film on Vimeo last year, I believe), it creates very brief montages of these shows’ female contestants putting on makeup, brushing their hair, adjusting their dress straps, etc., making the show’s version of heterosexual romance look thoroughly robotic and artificial.

    I saw Aphex Twin at a 1993 rave. SELECTED AMBIENT WORKS 1985-92 was one of the albums that made me realize the value of electronic music, along with the Orb’s ADVENTURES BEYOND THE ULTRAWORLD. But his set consisted of standing at a laptop and pushing buttons while a dancer stood by his side and performed. The music was great, but visually the light show and graphics presented by the rave between artists (Moby went on 2 hours later, and I left just as Orbital started playing at 4 AM because I was about to pass out after staying up all night) were more lively. There’s a Huarotron video shot at a live performance that bears out what you say about sound alone making a big impact on an audience, though. He stands onstage doing nothing but fiddling with a mixing board, but the crowd is going fucking nuts because of the music’s energy and aggression. For much of the video, he isn’t even near the mixing board or actively doing anything.

    I tried posting about vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita here yesterday, but I’m pretty sure the blog’s current issues prevented it from going through. Did that actually make it into yesterday’s comments section? Anyway, I’m not going to repeat the whole thing, but his new album BOOK OF LIFE is an excellent piece of ambient music, with solo vibes filtered through echo and delay. I also liked Israeli dancehall singer Miss Red’s K.O., which was produced by Kevin Martin and stretches the genre’s boundaries, although I’m not crazy about her attempts to perform with a Jamaican accent. Maybe Corey Heiferman knows about her?

  3. Bill

    Sorry to hear about the progress of the heatwave, eek. Hope Gisele’s foot is a little better…

    I love In the Library of course. Though most libraries don’t smell like that anymore, sadly. Last time I visited my alma mater, I had to go into the old library just to see/smell it. Hidden discreetly in the stacks, they had a first edition of Burroughs’ Port of Saints, with illustrations! (Not sure if it’s still there.)

    The Konvict perfume is hilarious too.


  4. _Black_Acrylic

    OMG new Aphex Twin video and it’s as good as anything he’s ever done IMO.

  5. JM

    i wonder what the avengers perfume actually smells like and how they decided which scent was whose…. this is one of the weirder posts in a while and i’m here for it. still have no idea how you find some of this stuff (real anal smell bottle). p.s. i think lunchboxes would avoid the nostalgia factor as soon as they engage with their lunchboxness but i have no idea if this has ever been done or whether lunchboxes are only utalitarian and objects of non-interest to artists. first reformed by paul schrader is very good and probably up your alley. the reading of your poem alongside mine the few days ago was very bizarre; i think because of the ways i read them it seemed like your poem was the one written by me and vice versa. at least, to the people in the room who hadn’t read your work and who hadn’t read my work. i think it would have been pretty obvious to those…. but, yeah, it was very bizarre. it meant that the room kind of had a reverse-identity read on me which was odd to experience; and the overall reading event wasn’t great. but worthwhile. pull my daisy / tip my cup / hopefully today’s meetings all pan out well,


  6. David Ehrenstein

    Here’s My Favorite

  7. Corey Heiferman

    Going back to the States for a visit soon. Seeing this post made me realize how much I’d like to open the drawers of a dresser that once belonged to my grandparents and has kept its odor my whole life.

    In the news today Elon Musk tweeted that he’s considering selling Tesla for $420 per share. I wonder what incense he’s burning…

    Is a GIF novel kind of like Huysmans’ scent-organ?

    The whole notion of talking about scents reminded me of one of my favorite internet personalities, Ralfy the whisky reviewer:

    I work in the Tatiesque building that caught your eye. It’s two years old and located in the overwhelmingly ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak, the fifth most densely populated city in the world. Some of the tenants are wannabe hip companies like mine but there are also a lot of small lawyer’s offices, so there’s a mixing between wannabe hipster and ultra-Orthodox reminiscent of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A light rail line under construction connecting the area to the center of Tel Aviv (5km away) adds to its appeal to developers.

    The red framed windows are actually terraces, but my office doesn’t have one. The building’s twin sister building across the plaza has had windows fall out of it and at least one suicide jump. There’s only one window on each floor that can open, and the one on my company’s floor is aligned with a terrace a few floors below, onto which a bold leaper could hope to stick a landing. The red of a short retail building in the middle of the plaza matches the red of the terraces.

    The lobby can only be entered or exited via revolving doors. A skilled janitor can squeegee the floors inside the revolving doors while the doors are revolving at close to normal speed with full traffic. There are a few sleek but extremely uncomfortable couches in the lobby that are hardly ever sat upon. There is no security to get past the lobby to the elevators, so solicitors are free to roam the floors and distribute literature for a new felafel place or whatever. There is security, of course, at the entrance to the parking garage.

    On the lobby level, the elevators force you to select your desired floor on a keypad outside the elevator bank, which then directs you to a specific elevator. If you walk into an elevator not having already selected your floor, or if you walk into the wrong elevator, you will press the button corresponding to the floor that you want and a stern sing-songy computer voice will tell you “the floor you selected is not available” and then you’ll have to figure out a course of action to get where you want to go. “Level B” is the first level above, not below , the lobby. I’m told there’s a synagogue there. There is a freight elevator that as far as I can tell is never used, especially not in situations where it really should be. My company’s 60-something-year-old CEO totally opts out of the elevators and just climbs the more than dozen flights of stairs, which reek of cigarettes.

    The floors in the office are industrial-grade grey linoleum and all of the fittings are extremely cheap. There’s a very long stretch of white empty hallway between the offices and the bathrooms that can make for very awkward encounters that I try to temper by saluting whichever colleague is walking in the opposite direction. Tastefully funky paintings were recently installed, one of which looks trippy at the end of the long white hallway when refracted in a circular glass window in a door between the regular elevator area and the freight elevator area.

    Like all newish Israeli buildings above a certain height, there’s a supposedly bomb-proof concrete building-within-a-building in the center which provides each floor with its own bomb shelter. On my floor the critical exit within this area appears to be creepily boarded up. Meetings and birthday celebrations go on just as they would in a normal windowless concrete room.

    The fire alarm lights go off an average of one random time per a day with a jarring “This is a test” message preceded by hearty beeps like an in-air announcement and another random time per day with no announcement.

    Three small retail spaces on the ground floor are filled by a well-run wannabe-hip coffee shop with a popular name-your-ingredients salad bar, a mom and pop office supplies store that makes for a respectable front (Office Depot’s 50 meters away), and another respectable front in the form of a poorly stocked convenience store.

    The other half of my Tati movie life is spent in a quaint run-down working class neighborhood a five minute walk away from the office in Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv’s neighboring city that has much less to do, no beach, and slightly less absurdly overpriced real estate. I get a kick out of the old-fashioned produce stand, nut and spice store, butcher shop, bakery, barbershop, hole-in-the-wall felafel stand, etc. My building is very old and short but still manages to have a lot of stairs, since there’s a lot of climbing to get from the sidewalk to the entrance.

    Sorry for the length. Got me thinking that maybe it could be worth it after all to just write down observations in American-abroad style in English. This idea has been in the back of my mind since reading a few chapters of Howells’ “Venetian Life,” but at the beginning of my time here I was so committed to proving to myself that I’m not a tourist that I wasn’t happy with myself for writing anything in English, let alone in such a genre. What I’ve been rambling on about now is bringing back fond memories of Chirs Ware’s “Building Stories.”

    Have you ever done a post on waves of every kind?

  8. Misanthrope

    Dennis, Fuck, even Union J had a scent! The two on the right of the box (our right, looking at it) are gay, btw.

    Never got the 1D scent, thank God.

    I did have an Elvis scent years ago. Got it on a lark. It wasn’t the Blue Suede, though.

    Yes, probably all you can do, right? Good luck when you get around to it. No rush.

    So my bloodwork came back and it’s a shit show. Liver enzymes are suddenly way off the chart. The doc told me to stop drinking alcohol. I don’t drink alcohol! She’s going to order a Hep C test -how the fuck I would’ve gotten that, I have no idea- and if that’s negative, she’s going to send me to a gastroenterologist. That might be a thing. I was reading that those enzymes can get elevated from bowel stuff. I’ve had pain every day in my stomach since I got that hernia mesh put in. Maybe we’re on to something.

    Kidney function is better, but LDL cholesterol is up (don’t know how that’s happened either). Also, CO2 is down, which is an indicator of lung function. Down is not good. More up is. Ugh.

    Fucking hate this stupid shit.

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