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Real things, often bad, reenacted with 3D animation

Double landslide


如廁男被 揸 下體 差 啲 姦埋


US Airways Flight 1549


Woman’s body went unnoticed for two days in public pool


The Rhode Island nightclub fire




Nine-year-old forgotten by his parents at highway station


Paul Walker Crash Site


A Day in Pompeii


Trying to escape the sinking Titanic


Kurt Cobain 3d model crime scene greenhouse Seattle april 1994


Malfunctioning toaster


Girl, 14, dies after secret slumber party drinking session




The Herald Of Free Enterprise capsizing


Crime Scene Body Example


JFK Assassination




Heating Unit Explosion


Pan Am 103 – Lockerbie Disaster


Evidence used to convict Amanda Knox


Seattle Earthquake Simulation


Tupac Shakur’s Murder

The Notorious B.I.G.’s Murder


DMT Trip Simulation


School stabbing: teacher, 3 students killed by parent


The Sinking of the Costa Concordia


Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction


Two news helicopters crash over Phoenix, Arizona


JetBlue flight diverted after pilot flips out






Charlie Sheen destroys Plaza Hotel room


Meteorite hits Earth


Parents fall off cliff in Cabo da Roca while kids watch


Parkland shooter’s movements in school


Arrow Through Human Heart




p.s. Hey. ** Jamie, Well, thanks, man. I’ll sport that gold star illustriously. G, Z, and I have a big tete-a-tete about the TV project/ARTE today followed by a showdown with our producer, so I guess we’ll be somewhere more solid by tomorrow. October, wow, soon. Will they (the Belgian powers that be) help with the living situation there in any respect? Um, Belgium kind of got, like, eliminated last night, but maybe their new-found humility will work in your favor? I happened to be out walking around with Zac and my visiting American pals Mark Doten and Paul Nadal last night at the moment France won, and the streets turned into a mosh pit. It was quite pretty, actually, and none of us got hurt. Ah, then I inadvertently walked you through a pretty fun world, excellent. I’m not sure what my least favorite movie is … hm, maybe ‘Dogville’? In which case its opposite i.e. today should be pretty fucking amazing if so, thank you! May your day be like the world’s shortest guitar solo. Ships ahoy love, Dennis. ** James Nulick, Hi, James. I want to make a feature film adaptation of that entry at the top of the post. In France, the Soderbergh film has been titled ‘Paranoia’, an extremely uninteresting title. My buddy and former GbV member and LHotB author Jim Greer co-wrote that film, so naturally I intend to see it. New Sotos! Someone who’s a friend of Peter’s like I am told me the other day that he quit writing, so that’s great and relieving news. Cool. Much love back to you. ** David Ehrenstein, Ha ha, I really think there’s maybe less chance than a snowball’s in hell that I’m going to end up reading Proust, and yet weirder things have certainly happened. ** Amphibiouspeter, Well, hey there, bud. It has been ages, and it’s awfully nice to break the break. Ooh, that video you shared with me is absolutely fantastic! Thank you! Now I’m going to have to make a Part 2 of that post, clearly. You good and even better? What’s up?  ** Steve Erickson, Hi. Hopefully ‘watered-down’ will be way to strong for what we end up making. ‘Differently abled’ more like, hopefully. I don’t think any of us could proceed if watered-down is what we think we’re doing. Fingers crossed for us. I think the Crass figurines are really, astonishingly enough. Yes, people are that fucking humorless. Any 30 second period spent on Facebook proves that. Humorlessness is just fear in action. ** Bill, Hi. Thanks. I’m just lucky that I’m pretty pragmatic, not that my pragmatism can’t be tested. Here’s hoping not. Frenetic sounds a little too too, yes. Hard to think of a positive spin on the word frenzy and its derivatives. Maybe during sex? Or maybe not. Very best of luck with everything. ‘The Black Drawings’ could definitely help. Huh. It’s news to me. Thank you. ** Jeff J, Hi, Jeff. Yes, it would be great if you can make it to NYC for the PGL shebang. I think the film will be showing on the 5th. Thank you about ARTE. I feel reasonably sure we can ace it, but … the work. We’ve been working on the script off and on for over three years, and I’m so sick of it, to be honest. But it’s time to get well again. I like the new GbV very much. It’s wonderful. My favorite of their most recent albums is ‘August by Cake’, which, for me, is the most up there with earlier and mid-period GbV, but ‘Space Gun’ is excellent and, really, I don’t think Pollard/they ever go wrong. Excellent on the new novel progress! If your ears were burning yesterday evening it’s because Mark Doten, who’s in Paris, and I were mutually singing your work’s praises amidst the shouting and chanting of the French soccer fans. ** _Black_Acrylic, Welcome to Leeds from far from Leeds! I guess one can’t accurately welcome someone to somewhere when one isn’t there oneself? We’re in the middle of a sanity-saving two day break in our heatwave, and I hope you get at least something like it. Qualified success … I suppose relative to the possibility that they could have said ‘This sucks’ or ‘Rip it to shreds and start over’, yes. Like I said, I’m pushing for a France-England final, and I hope by the time I see you next that’ll be the deal. ** Politekid, Hi! Oh, that’s okay. Ghostiness is cool here. I’m good. Everyone else seems pretty good as far as I can tell, although I can’t speak for them obviously. But yeah. I don’t think it’s a matter of getting ARTE to compromise so much as it’s a matter of trying to cause them to decide we’ve incorporated their demands in an unanticipated but acceptable manner maybe. Weird crowd: interesting. The spookiness when a crowd gets weird is pretty spooky. Kenneth Goldsmith put me as an inspiration? How curious. I always think it’s odd when people say I’m a punk writer. I’m never sure why they somehow see the fact that I was writing while punk was in its heyday as some kind of important factor in what I do. But anyway … Your link to the Goldsmith piece didn’t work, for me at least, for some reason. But what I’d really like to read is your piece on him if there ends up being a workable way to read it. Cool that the new job gives you reading time. So it like working in like a museum gift shop kind of situation? Hugs and hopes to your grandmother and you. Scary. Excellent that you’ve made the plunge into working on the script! Of course, yes, being scared of something writing-wise is only useful when you’re writing and being scared at the same time. I don’t think perceived lack of knowledge leads to inadvertent cliche, and in fact quite the opposite, actually, and you can always revise if you find your steps are too squared away in pre-existing footsteps. Go for it, iow! I fully enjoyed the splurge, and thank you for it. Keep it coming if you like. ** Tomk, Hi, buddy. Nope, haven’t watched ‘The Return’ yet. Yeah, I expect my brain will go all over the wild place when I do, which is why I’m holding off a bit. Spain, London, awesomeness! Report in from there(s), if the mood strikes please. ** Corey Heiferman, Hey, Corey. Oh, thank you mightily for the adds to that post. Beauties to a one. Hm, well, I think it could argued that sobriety is the natural way of being so being addicted to sobriety would mean being addicted to yourself? I don’t know? ** Mark Gluth, Hi. Will do. And I’ll try not to be too much of a wuss about it. I think maybe ‘goodish’ if one wants to put the most positive spin on the ARTE thing. Not ‘good’, though. ‘Almost good’ maybe? Bon day, maestro! ** Kyler, Good morning to you if it’s morning. I’m glad your little vacation refreshed you if I’m reading the signals correctly. I feel terrible about fucking with your sleep patterns since I treasure mine when they’re cooperating, but … we’ll find a way, no? ** Right. Today the blog is subjecting you to the fruits of a random, recent and extremely minor sidelining curiosity I had about the topic du jour. Sorry or you’re welcome, you choose. See you tomorrow.


  1. I don’t know exactly what Corey meant by “sobriety,” but there’s not using alcohol and drugs and there’s being “clean and sober.” The latter often involves spending enormous amounts of time at 12-step group meetings and/or constantly declaring how sober you are. I think that can indeed become addictive, although it’s relatively harmless compared to drinking heavily. I’m not slamming 12-step groups (friends of mine say they’ve saved their lives, although I find the compulsive spirituality and the way they shamed a woman I know into quitting antidepressants creepy and they actually have a fairly low success rate.)

    I’ve started reading Gary Lachman’s DARK STAR RISING. Under the name Gary Valentine, he was Blondie’s original bassist and also did a lot of songwriting, including songs like “X Offender” and “Hanging On the Telephone.” In the past 2 decades, he’s become a scholar of the occult and paranormal. DARK STAR RISING explores the occult interests of members of Putin and Trump’s administrations and the way Trump promoted himself through memes. I’ve only read the first chapter, but it explores the connections between chaos magick and Alesteir Crowley’s “do that thou wilt” philosophy and Norman Vincent Peale’s positive thought ideas and the way American advertisers throws around slogans like “Be all you can be” and “Just do it.” In some ways, Lachman’s ideas seem similar to Kurt Andersen’s FANTASYLAND, which I have also taken out from the library: it goes back to the beginning of American history to try and figure out how we got to a point where Alex Jones has 1.5 million daily listeners and flat earth theories are now popular.

    Well, it seems like the TV project will be very difficult, but best of luck making something “differently abled” but still worthwhile.

  2. Get that snowball ready, Dennis. he reason why I keep insisting on Proust (well ONE of them anyway) is that the two of you have so much in common as writers. Proust would have adored “The Marbled Swam”

  3. Powerful images in today’s blog. Some are almost painful, especially the JFK assassination. The ones I watch is like the world being unglued or having a breakdown. Or, it is actuality a clarity of sorts. Fascinating subject matter. I will be in Paris for two weeks in September. I hope you will be around!

  4. I love these Far Eastern news animations. I saw one of these years ago about the death of Michael Jackson, possibly this very one, and it’s still a great watch.

    England just went out of the World Cup semi to Croatia and it’s disappointing, inevitably. From tomorrow it’s back to the imminent Trump visit and the ongoing Brexit fiasco clogging up the UK news cycle.

  5. Hey Dennis, afraid I can’t say much about today’s post as the wonky work wifi renders all the videos as black squares. There’s a certain something about seeing all those subject lines with the wee blanked out boxes beneath them though!
    How are you? How was the TV meeting? What was the outcome with the producer?
    To answer your question, I don’t think the Uni offer us any help with accommodation or anything and tbh, I’m a little reticent to move to Brussels, partly cos I like my job here and partly cos Hannah’s parents can be a little overbearing and have already cooked up a million plans for what we’re going to be doing when we’re over there. It’ll work out, for sure.
    Ah, the football. Poor Belgium. I might even support Croatia for the final as the French time were so arrogant and cheaty in their victory last night. I knew the England score tonight as I could hear folk whooping and cheering on the Glasgow streets. I like that you saw some French celebrating on the street. I get quite emotional at folk getting emotional over football.
    Have you read any Iphgenia Baal? I’m just about finished The Hardy Tree and I’m love loving it.
    Don’t you like guitar solos? I love a good guitar solo, but it’s true that a good one is a fairly rare thing.
    May Thursday score top marks on your personal Wonderometer.
    Posh but lovely love,

  6. Big D! I wouldn’t miss it (PGL in September) for the world.

    These past two days have been fun. I love miniature shit. 😀

    Busy as hell at work. REALLY busy. But they pay me. 😛

  7. “Real things, often bad, reenacted with 3D animation”

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    wanna do bad things too
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    avo avo.
    church going to be up that way
    early next


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