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Pareidolia Day *

* (Halloween countdown post #6/restored)


This vaguely resembles a kid sitting with his/her legs up in the chair. The “body” seems to fade up dramatically. If you frame-by-frame it, though, it looks like the body fades up twice, and both times when the flashlight point is at a particular angle to the chair. I think it’s a reflection of some kind from the chair. The back of the chair is contoured, and the body seems to match the contours.


The original photo is from a cellphone camera, so the resolution is low and the image is compressed (322×242 pixels, 22KB). It was taken by the girl, holding the camera out at arm’s length, and includes her and her friend. There was no one else in the photograph and we have no cause to believe the photo was faked. Our guess is that it’s the back of the headscarf that forms the main part of the face, with the ends of the girl’s hair coming across at the bottom to form what looks like the mouth and small bearded chin. There is daylight between the girl’s fingers and the point of the chin. Also, and more important, is the small amount of daylight showing between the girl and boy’s foreheads. This is right where you would expect the top of the head of the anomalous presence to be, blocking out that daylight.




Psychotria elata is a tropical plant that produces the psychedelic chemical DMT. The plant is also called Hooker’s Lips.






As reported by The Toronto Star, Canadian doctors were shocked when they looked at an ultrasound image of a testicular tumor. “It was very ghoulish, like a man screaming in pain,” Doctor Naji Touma, who works at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., told The Star about the picture taken in 2009. Dr. Touma and Greg Roberts wrote in their paper submitted to the journal Urology that they saw a “…man’s face staring up out of the image, his mouth agape as if the face seen on the ultrasound scan itself.”


Hi, I’m a boxing enthusiast. I was browsing youtube and found a video of the famous fight between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali, “Rumble in the jungle”. Well, at a point in the video (5:45~46 to be exact) a bizarre figure appeared in the background. I was curious, it’s certainly some problem that appeared due to the dozens of edits the image must have passed through… the eyes are even shining… or is it indeed some sort of hoax? Does anyone have an explanation?”




Many people see a man holding a big head that some say is an image of Jesus left on the film in the camera. But look closely. The man’s forehead is a white bonnet on a baby. The eye of the man is the baby’s face. The nose is an arm and the cheek is the baby’s gown. The man is holding a baby and there is no reason to think that it is the baby Jesus.


A project from Phil McCarthy called Pareidoloop combines random-polygon-generation software and facial-recognition software. McCarthy’s program builds its own series of randomly generated faces. Out of layers upon layers of mish-mashed shapes, the software “recognizes” the faces, and the fine tunes them into human likenesses.




A floor tile said to feature an image of Jesus Christ on its surface has seen visitors flock to an American airport. The apparition in Terminal 3 of the busy transport hub in Phoenix, Arizona, has disciples returning regularly to marvel at its resemblance to the son of God. Unemployed dental hygienist Becky Martin — who has been to visit the site every day for the last TWO WEEKS — told Phoenix New Times: “It’s definitely Our Lord Jesus Christ. “He appears to us from time to time in ordinary places, to remind us that He is here with us always, being our spiritual guide.”


This was from an old newspaper clipping from the 1980s concerning a fatal car accident that killed a woman. In the photo, there apears to be a ghostly head in the wreck ….






A cinnamon bun resembles Mother Teresa, who was canonized a saint. It was kept on display for 10 years, but got stolen on Christmas day in 2007.




The Old Adelaide Gaol has a long tunnel leading to another building and it was within this tunnel that one of our team members took a photograph. When a certain area was enhanced, we found that there seemed to be a figure slumped there, which we hadn’t seen at the time. For a while we accepted that this was just a ‘great’ photo… that is until recently we took a closer look.




I’ve had my trail cam set up at a spot where I’m counting butterflies for the past couple weeks. There are typically about 2000 photos on the camera in any given week. The majority are images of grass swaying in the breeze. I go through them all looking for hits that are more substantial. Among the photos this week was this one. Is that the figure of a little man in a hat there on the fringe of the meadow? If I selectively “mow down” the elements common to both photographs, leaving only the stuff that’s different… The image in the photo is a dragonfly and much closer to the camera than I thought.




The conflict between Israel and Palestine is responsible for countless civilian deaths on both sides. No wonder, then, that many Palestinian and Israeli artists feel the need to discuss the ongoing conflict and showcase its disastrous consequences through art. These Palestinian artists draw symbolic, inspiring and thought-provoking images that they see in smoke rising from rocket strike sites.




The Mars rovers have taken thousands of photos of the Mars surface, each one presenting a veritable feast of science and discovery. But, there’s also evidence of alien technology and, possibly, artiness. This photo snapped by rover Opportunity in 2008 of a rocky outcrop at Victoria Crater appears to have a Martian sculpture of some kind of pharaoh (exhibit A) and a spaceship component half buried in the sand (exhibit B). Sadly, both are just angular rock shapes.




A Grilled cheese sandwich, which bears the image of Jesus

It’s clear to see from the animation that there ARE structures on the moon and apparently they are there in large numbers with many of them grouped very close together. Many of the objects that appear as craters are not craters at all but would seem to be large entrances to a space underground. In fact, if you look at one of the two large openings a structure can be seen over one of these openings. Also, take note of the large building and tall tower in the lower left of the image. There is also evidence showing to suggest that the inhabitants produce their air artificially as pipes or ducts connected to structures can be seen in the view.




In this case is it really pareidolia or has Hans Solo been found on Mercury?


You do see that girl in white looking through the door, don’t you? That’s very clear. And it wouldn’t be scary to anyone if it weren’t for the fact that that photo was taken while that building, which was the Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England, burned to the ground on November 19, 1995. Nobody saw the girl there, including the photographer, and no one could be there during the fire. The negative was examined by Dr. Vernon Harrison, former president of the Royal Photographic Society, who found no evidence of tampering. If the photo isn’t a hoax, then the two most common explanations for it must be ghost or… pareidolia. Occam’s razor favors the pareidolia idea. Note how her “head” is closely related with the railing, and an horizontal line near her “waist” actually passes in front of the door.




Satan in a bathroom tile


Greg Orme discovered a face in the Libya Montes region of Mars which is called the “crown face,” “crowned face,” or “King face,” and sometimes, “Queen face.”




More Jesuses


This was a real event with a face appearing in the clouds above our house after a tornado hit Lisbon, Ohio. It looks like the north wind blowing the storm away from us south to north direction.






I received this photo from Carlos Santos, from Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal. “I took this picture of a house near mine, I was just experimenting, but later found the face you can see when zooming in… and I can’t find a valid explanation”, Santos wrote me. He sent the original file, and besides being a fascinating and slightly spooky image, it shows no evidence of tampering I could find. Perhaps it’s the expression, perhaps it’s because it’s in black and white, or because it does not show a complete face, but it looks eerily similar to Joseph Carey Merrick, also known as the Elephant Man as portrayed in the movies. Though the face looks very detailed, we suggest nevertheless it’s merely pareidolia. Apparently there’s a patch of exposed concrete inside the room, and due to various factors including the light from the flash, that face must have appeared. I asked Santos if he had other pictures of the same place but from slightly different angles, and he kindly sent me another photo, “taken five minutes after the first”.




The chair the Queen is sitting on in this portrait is not the ‘King Edward’s’ chair (also known as the St Edward’s or Coronation Chair) that was used in the official Coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey. So far I haven’t been able to find any reference to the particular chair featured in these Beaton photos to see what it normally looks like. It would be interesting to find out if there really is a painting on the inside back of this chair of whether it is one of Beaton’s ‘backdrops’ inserted into the portrait, but either way the point is largely moot since it is how the image has been consciously designed to appear in a symbolic sense that it is the real issue. Behind and to the left of the Queen – the pattern is repeated. Is the figure depicted on the seat – on the throne and the real hidden power behind the monarchy – some kind of Franciscan monk??? He seems to be looking in the direction of the Queen, with the left side of his austere, angular face in profile. Now consider the second of Beaton’s Coronation portraits from the same sitting and study the appearance of the ‘monk’ on the seat in this version… I’ve looked at the two images six ways to Sunday now and can only come to one conclusion.







Remember the 1967 NASA image referred to as “The Shard”? A strange and very large tower type figure that appeared in one still image captured by Lunar Orbiter III (I think). Well, this thing spotted by Jasenko could be eerily similar. An irregularly shaped dark spot he noticed on Google Moon looks like it could be a cast shadow from a massive standing object, or figure. At first I thought maybe it was something drawn into the picture but after going to G. Moon, whatever it is or isn’t.. uh, is there. You get the idea. Go check it out and of course decide for yourself. Debunk it, shred it, figure it out.


A giant cloud monster was spotted floating in the sky above Chile on Wednesday following the Calbuco volcano eruptions. For obvious reasons, the strange man-like formation has creeped out religious fanatics who believe the giant is a actually sign from the gods.






p.s. Hey. ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! It’s great stuff. Thank you for the tight fingers crossing. In this particular case, very tight crossing will be necessary, I think. But we’ll see. Very good luck with the apartment owner on Monday if I don’t get to talk with you before the meet-up. Ha ha, stylishly useless then. Yesterday I mostly just worked on the new film script, which went slowly but okay. I know I went outside, but I don’t remember what happened, so it must have been for errands and hitting the ATM and stuff. Tonight is Nuit Blanche, the big yearly ‘art takes over Paris from dusk til dawn’ thing, but the line up of events and things to do/see this year is really shitty. Nuit Blanche used to be so much fun and a mindblower even, but every year they put less money and less daring into it, and now it’s just something vaguely to do. So I guess I’ll wander around. Blah. My arm/shoulder is improving very, very gradually, but I’ll take that rather than going two a doctor. I’m fine. Do you have fun or intriguing or challenging plans for this weekend? I hope it’s awesome. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. I haven’t seen Kore-eda’s latest yet. Word is it’s better than the previous one, which was kind of an odd duck, I thought. Great that putting the post together occasioned great discoveries. Honestly, I think that bonus effect might be half the reason I keep doing the blog in this laborious way. I, of course, agree entirely with you about Funkadelic. I’m so wary of the new ‘Blade Runner’, but I cannot tell if that’s warranted or not. It just seems like when blockbusters get the kind over the top, ‘masterpiece’ treatment like this film is getting, they almost inevitably end up being more ambitious than usual, well-meaning in many cases, pseudo-artistic blah for people with low-hanging aesthetics. I.e., all the recent Nolan films. But, of course, how is it? The progress on your Iranian film series is very exciting to hear. Such a great thing to do in general, and how fantastic for the filmmaker. Kudos! ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Oh, I see, How interesting. What a great thing for Bill to have done! I ordered it. I’m excited. ** Sypha, Hi. Interesting about the swelling cycle. I’m positive I mentioned this before, but I interviewed Clive Barker once, and he very sincerely asked me, ‘How do you write such short novels, I try but I can’t’. And I was, like, well, you used to write short, i.e. ‘Books of Blood’. And we had an interesting discussion, at the end of which he proclaimed that he had just decided that his next novel would be short, and he would force himself to be economical. And his next novel was 704 pages. ** Jamie, Yodel, Jamie! Yeah, it feels really good. I don’t think we have much of a chance with Sundance because, for one thing, they show around 100 films and get something like 4,500 submissions, but feedback, if we get it, will be interesting for sure. I’m super confident of our film, but it’s quite … unique, and Zac and I very curious to find out if that ends up being a plus or a minus, you know? Mr. Bean, ha ha, gotcha. My no/little dialogue go-to reference is Jaques Tati’s sublime comedies. Jonathan’s pleased, though. I mean, that’s really good, right? Oh, yes, that is a quandry: ‘making animations that are supposedly to be sold as language learning tools with hardly any dialogue.’ Hm. Of course as a dyed-in-the-wood avant-gardist, that seeming impossibility makes me excited, but that’s easy to say when you’re making something leisurely for yourself. Ballet! Wow, interesting. Writing Gang is excellent news! Well, as I told Dora, it’s Nuit Blanche tonight, which used to be one of the funnest nights of the Paris year, but its current lower-budget, half-assed manifestation is like going to the birthday party of someone you don’t know or something. Otherwise, I want to get a bunch of work done on the new film script. I’ll see friends. There’s a big Harmonie Korine retrospective at the Pompidou starting tomorrow night, and I might go to the opening night shebang. Don’t know. Yours sounds promising — new bass! I hope your weekend dots the i on the word important. Prison break love, Dennis. ** Rachel Witherspoon, Hi, Rachel. Very nice to meet you, and welcome to here. I very strongly encourage you in your new idea about art making, unsurprisingly. I think locating and working with your individual voice is by far the most important part of being an artist. I quit university years and years ago in order to do that, and I’ve never been sorry that prioritized my own originality, whatever that is, over learning how to skillfully employ the standards that are generally expected. If my work helps you at all, that would be a great honor. And enjoy Oahu. My dad lived there, so I spent as fair amount of time in that area. Why are you there? Thank you very much, and please come in here again and hangout, talk whenever you like. Take care. ** Armando, Hi. Yes, RIP indeed. I’m fine today. I might go wander around and look at the very lackluster seeming Nuit Blanche. Otherwise I want to work on the script for Zac’s and my new film and see some friends, I think. The other Bresson models I met were Guillaume des Forêts, who I spent hours hanging out with and talking to and who is an amazing guy, and Isabelle Weingarten, who I see around a fair amount as she’s a friend of some friends of mine (they’re the co-‘stars’ of ‘Four Nights of a Dreamer’). I don’t know re: your question about whether French ancestry is enough to qualify one for government/etc French grants for film. I can ask my producer the next time I see him. I told Zac about your message, yes. As I think I said, he almost never goes on Facebook, so I don’t know if he has gotten it yet or not. Yeah, I definitely get that you really don’t like Tarantino. Yes, ‘The Death Of Louis XIV’ is so good, right? A great rare bird amongst current French films. Have the best weekend possible. ** Okay. There’s a reason why I restored today’s post, but I’m blanking on why. I think someone requested that I do, and I think, if that’s the case, said request plus the fact that the post seems tangentially Halloween-like won me over. So there you go. See you on Monday.


  1. David Ehrenstein

    Christ-On-A-Cracker these “optical Illusions” are hilarious. The Jesus apparitions are especially funny in that the Designated Jesus always appears to be the same model — a white man whose existence in the Middle East at the time of the alleged Celestial Robin Hood’s existence would not have been possible.

    The new “Blade Runner” is reportedly failing at the box office. But the movies are by and large “over” as a mass medium capable of attracting illions on a regular basis.

  2. Sypha

    Dennis, yeah, I recall that Clive Barker story… I think it even appears in that interview you did with him that was reprinted in “Smothered in Hugs” (which was, IMO, one of the most interesting interviews of that book). I have the same problem (though my brothers are even worse). I like to joke that my editing style is almost the opposite of yours in that when I edit them they tend to get longer rather than shorter (for example, the first draft of my last novel, “Harlem Smoke,” came to around 290 pages, while the third and final draft is almost 330, so somehow or other 40 pages of new material was added). But I guess I’m just one of those writers who needs a large canvas to be at my most effective (in terms of novels at least… obviously short stories are a different manner).

    Earlier this year a friend of mine who is also a publisher told me that if I wanted I could submit a book to him. I think the projected length could be anywhere from 10,000-25,000 words. So, I figure that would amount to maybe a 75 page Word document at the most (give or take). So now I just need to figure out if I can come up with something that would fit that (not impossible, as last month I finished work on a 70 page novella that came out to under 25,000 words).

  3. Bill

    Sorry to hear about the arm/shoulder thing, Dennis. Hope it continues to improve.

    Good to see the pareidolia again; another old favorite. Maybe that’s what Blow Up was really about, ha. I was disappointed not to see anything in my toast this morning.

    Johnny Ray Huston doesn’t have a book that I know of. The pieces he read could easily have been from a novel in progress though. On the subject of novel length, the new Stephen Beachy is 500+ pages. It’s in little sections though.


  4. Steve Erickson

    I have a sick feeling I’ll be in for 166 minutes of boredom tonight, but I hope not. One of the attractions of the original BLADE RUNNER for me is that although it’s supposedly bleak and dystopian, it glamorizes and romanticizes the hell out of the world it depicts. About 6 months after I moved to New York in the early ’90s, I remember walking through Times Square in the rain and thinking “this looks just like BLADE RUNNER, and it’s awesome.” (Now Times Square is a real bleak dystopia that I try to avoid at all costs – probably my least favorite NYC neighborhood!) Also, the movie kept getting theatrical re-releases in different “director’s cuts,” and I went to see all of them, plus I owned a VHS copy as a college student, so I think I’ve seen it around 8 times.

    I’ve finished the psychedelic hip-hop section of my blog day, apart from trying to find a Dalek & Faust clip. I realized that if I didn’t quit searching for more artists, I would find myself in an endless YouTube/Google rabbit hole. I found some cool Love clips, although unfortunately the only one dating from the ’60s I could find on YouTube shows them lip-synching “My Little Red Book” on “American Bandstand” with shitty video and audio quality. Similarly, there are many crappy-looking/sounding live clips of Hendrix playing “The Wind Cries Mary”, but there’s an intriguing promo video of him and the Experience lip-synching to the studio version in the middle of a Paris street as a construction crew wrecks the buildings around them! I believe there have been at least 4 documentaries on Hendrix made, so I hoped I could find copious quality live clips on YouTube, and I will keep searching for good footage of other songs. Similarly, I saw a documentary about Miles Davis circa BITCHES BREW at the New York Film Festival about a dozen years ago, which included an hour or so of concert footage from 1970. I’m really hoping clips of this are available on YouTube as well.

    I was not impressed by the first 2 albums actor Donald Glover made as his hip-hop persona Childish Gambino, but in the course of my research, I learned that his new album is a complete change in style towards psych/funk. George Clinton himself is a fan. I’ve downloaded it, and it suggests the post-Outkast Andre Benjamin solo album that Benjamin himself still hasn’t gotten around to making (although their vocal styles don’t have much in common.)

  5. David Ehrenstein

    Latest FaBlog: Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!

  6. Dóra Grőber


    Great weekend post, thank you! I tend to see faces and animals in so many things but there were a few surprising ones in this collection!

    My fingers are in a very, very tight cross indeed!
    Thank you!! I’ll tell you how everything went with the apartment owner tomorrow!
    What a bummer about Nuit Blanche! I’m sorry it gets poorer and poorer with every passing year… Did you go anyway? Did you see something at least a little worthy?
    I’m glad to hear your arm/shoulder is getting better – even if only slowly! I totally understand the aversion to doctors. I’ve been putting off a visit to the dentist for like half a year now. It’s nothing serious – yet. That’s why I should go now. But I just can’t make myself.
    I can’t seem to be able to kick this fucking cold – if anything, it’s only getting worse! So I’m home all weekend, doing nothing special, praying to get better by tomorrow because I have a job interview in the afternoon.
    I certainly hope your weekend was a lot better! What happened?

  7. Jamie

    Dennisimo! How was your weekend? Hope you managed to fine something good in the Nuit Blanche. Did you make the Harmony Korine thing? I love him. Spring Breakers is my favourite ever film.
    Pareidolia seems very like apophenia to me. Like Dora, I see faces and characters everywhere. I’ve a funny feeling that when this post was first up someone might have mentioned the face of Christ in Glasgow IKEA’s bathroom, but in case I’m wrong:

    I’m so glad you mentioned Jacques Tati as a reference for dialogue free stuff. Thanks! I’ve not actually seen any of his films before, but have heard such good stuff and I reckon this is going to be way more inspiring than the crappy silent cartoons I’ve been watching. Means some of my work day tomorrow will be spent watching Tati movies, which just sounds amazing.
    Man, the ballet was sooooo good!! It was two Stravinsky pieces – the Rites of Spring and The Fairy’s Kiss. The Fairy’s kiss was like really trad ballet and by far my favourite, having never seen such a thing before. So beautiful! The costumes, the set, the lighting. I had tears pouring down my face.
    Tonight is Writing Gang which I’m very much looking forward to. I keep forgetting to say that Hannah’s got an excerpt from one of her poems on Colin Herd’s new poetry site, Adjacent Pineapple, if you or anyone else here would like to read it. It’s here-
    – and there’s lots of other good stuff there.
    I hope your all good and that neck shoulder thing is easing up by the millisecond.
    May Monday caress you all day long.
    Skunk avoiding love,

  8. Steve Erickson

    I wrote a lengthy post on BLADE RUNNER 2049 on Facebook. I understand the reasons for your suspicion, but at the same time, I kinda feel like directors who want to make ambitious films in contemporary Hollywood should be encouraged. Comparing BR 2049 to Tarkovsky, as several reviews have done, or saying it’s better than the original is ludicrous, but it shares DNA with MARJORIE PRIME, although it was made for $ 155 million and the latter film was probably made for less than $2 million (that’s a wild guess – I have no idea of its budget.) There’s actually a direct connection between the two: MARJORIE PRIME director Michael Almereyda – who also worked on the script of TOTAL RECALL back in 1990 – made a documentary about Hampton Fancher, the co-writer of both BLADE RUNNER and BR 2049. The cinematography and score are really impressive – in fact, I came home and downloaded the latter, which is an excellent piece of electronic music – although completely free of beats – that Warp Records could have issued under a name other than Hans Zimmer.

  9. Misanthrope

    Dennis, I get the Halloween-like vibe. Definitely. A good restore.

    I guess that with sex dolls, you get the physical feeling without the emotions. You don’t have all that other stuff wrapped up in it. But at the same time, I’m with you…I don’t quite get it either.

    Hmm, I think a lot of schooling these days is a bit too cookie cutter. And really, each teacher has hundreds of kids a day (as does each guidance counselor) and I suppose it’s tough to really customize towards each kid individually. I think private schools tend to do a better job of that but probably because they have smaller class sizes and a lot more parent involvement (from what I’ve seen with the friends I have who’ve put their kids in private schools). I think, too, that the teachers in the private schools might be a little more passionate, which is odd because they usually make substantially less money than their public school counterparts.

    When I subbed K-12 back in the day, I did notice that the younger, newer teachers seemed to be more passionate than the older ones, in general. They seemed to care more. Many of the older ones seemed really cynical and jaded and just there to collect a paycheck. I’d hear them talking in the teacher’s lounge and there was definitely a different tone to their convos from what there was with the younger teachers.

    However, the schools do offer lots of different types of courses once the kids get beyond the basics. There are several different courses of study they can pursue these days, as opposed to when I was in high school in the late 80s. But I think that a lot of the choosing which path to pursue falls on the student, which isn’t very fair. Like I said, each teacher and counselor has hundreds of students, so providing attention to each student is quite difficult.

    In the end, it’s probably up to me to help as much as any teacher or counselor.

    So this is funny and might give you a glimpse into things. When I was talking to the counselor, he had no idea LPS was doing so shitty grade-wise. He looked them up while on the phone and said, “Wow, okay, we have a problem. I wasn’t aware of this.” (That, after telling my mom over the summer he’d keep a close eye on him.) And then he mentioned the open conferences Monday. He said there’d be an email blast, which I never got (and they have my email address on file). I asked him if I had to make an appointment or could I just show up. He goes, “Hmm, I don’t know, I’m not sure. I think you can make an appointment or just show up. If you just show up, we’ll be sure to accommodate you.”

    I’m thinking, “Dude, you’re the one who told me about this shit, you work there, and you have no idea how it works?” Really disturbed me, you know?

    But I’ll just show up with a list of his teachers and jump around and see what they have to say. Ugh.

    • David Ehrenstein

      Who is this publisher friend of yours, Mis? Do you think he might be interested in my memoir “Raised By Hand Puppets” (whose finishing touches I’m just about to apply)?

  10. Armando


    Great post. Thank you very much.

    Well, I hope you did find something interesting and exciting in this year’s Nuit Blanche.

    “The other Bresson models I met were Guillaume des Forêts, who I spent hours hanging out with and talking to and who is an amazing guy” Sounds like a sublime experience!

    “and Isabelle Weingarten, who I see around a fair amount as she’s a friend of some friends of mine” Wow, so cool! If you see her, please tell her I salute her and that I’m a great admirer of her work in the film and of *EVERYTHING* BRESSON.

    “I don’t know re: your question about whether French ancestry is enough to qualify one for government/etc French grants for film. I can ask my producer the next time I see him.” Oh, yes, please, if you’d be so extremely kind and wouldn’t mind. It’d mean so, so, so much for me. I’m sorry to abuse of your great generosity, but, I wonder if you could ask him if there are any production companies or organisms or organizations he thinks I could contact. Again, I’m so sorry to abuse. I hope you can forgive me. Thank you so very much anyway.

    “I told Zac about your message, yes.” Thank you so much.

    ‘The Death Of Louis XIV’ is just Great, magnificent, transfixing and sublime in extreme ways. I’ve seen it thrice now.

    “A great rare bird amongst current French films.” Well, at least Dumont’s ‘Ma Loute’ was excellent. Just as Bonello’s ‘Nocturama’ seems to be. Dumont’s new one about JOAN OF ARC doesn’t really interest me so far. I don’t know, I’m very protective of JOAN OF ARC and very peculiar and snobbish regarding anything that portrays HER or discusses or talks about HER. *Shrugs*.

    Take very good care, please, my dear friend,

    Good day; good luck,


  11. David Ehrenstein

    I’m in “Facebook Jail” today as someone apparently took exception to my quoting Susan Sontag on White Racism.
    People can be so touchy.

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