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Mrs. Santa Claus presents … Subliltes Day (Restored)



p.s. Hey. Some years back, a contributor to this blog who called themselves Mrs. Santa Claus made what you see up there. It died along with my murdered blog, but now it is alive again.


  1. How did they DO that?!

  2. I had another talk with my parents about Judaism, and it just keeps getting worse. My mother left the religion when she was 23 and seems very bitter towards it. Fair enough – I feel that way towards Catholicism – but it has nothing to do with my identity and choices, yet her anger is definitely affecting the way my parents perceive them. My father is just flat-out ignorant and doesn’t care to inform himself. When I suggested that it might be helpful for him to read some links on cultural Judaism I found on-line, he said “I don’t care.” I’m never going to bring up this subject with them again. I never would’ve imagined that it would be so much easier to be openly gay with my parents than Jewish.

    • Sorry to keep harping on this, but I know that Judaism will eventually come up when I visit my parents at the end of this year. What will we do about Christmas? I’m OK with celebrating it if it keeps the peace and shuts my father up.

  3. Mrs. Santa Claus only went and made something sublime. I think I like the scary Girlfriend? one best.

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