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“These dummies from Blackpool had a few singles on Beat-The-System!! in the early 80’s, and were typical of that label’s practitioners of pitiful pogorama: largely indecipherable vocals, not much in the way of tunes, and absolutely no invention/innovation whatsoever.”




[Criminal Class] were led by Craig St Leon, who was anything but right wing, but that never stopped them being lumped with the extreme right.
Craig was inspired by glam rock heroes David Bowie and Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel, and when punk arrived it was all eyes on The Clash.
“I always thought punk rock was very glam inspired,” reveals Craig.
“What with the bondage trousers and dog collars.
“Then I saw Sham 69, and I began to wear the Dr Martens boots, Ben Sherman shirts, braces, and by 1979 I had formed a band called Criminal Class.”




SO WHAT’S the motivation behind Infa-Riot?
“Well, it’s a youth rebellion thing I suppose and I’m a kind of political commentator, I look at a situation and write about it, without taking
sides (…) And there’s something else I’d like to say; none of this group have got a criminal record. . .”




The Partisans are a punk rock band formed in Bridgend, in South Wales in early 1978, when all four members were in their early teens.

“If you ask the Partisans they would tell you that 1976 and 77 was the best year for punk rock ever !!!!
But luckily for us as a band 1982 is doing quite well and we are supposedly one of the top ten bands of that era.. what ever next..”




“Skinhead/Oi! band who pissed everybody off when their delightful lead singer, Chris “Chubby” Henderson, made racist remarks during an Arena documentary in 1982. Although the others did not support or endorse his views it was pretty much the end of the band. Chubby’s racism was already an open secret, which is why a deal with Secret Records fell through and their rather rocking Orders Of The Day E.P. was self-released on Victory Music instead, scaling the Indie charts in early 1983. It was promptly followed with the notorious Rapist 7″, which peddled some very dubious politics. Not quite as extreme as Brutal Attack or Skrewdriver, but no less dodgy, Combat 84’s welcome demise came about in 1983 when it became clear no promoter would book them.”




“The original band consisted of 2 skinheads and 2 punk rockers, Nidge on Guitar, Mackie on Bass, Carl on Vocals and Charles on Drums. This alone seemed ground breaking on the sheer fact that the band consisted of an equal blend of two tribes that at the time didn’t always find common interests. It was a perfect recipe for what was soon to be called “Oi” music. They appeared on several compilations with other bands being funnelled through the moniker of Oi, but never openly embraced the term as their sound. Always referring to themselves as a punk band.”




“Before One Law was released, Southall happened, so the single suffered poor distribution in its aftermath, with many shops refusing to stock it. It was “Single Of The Week” in Sounds and sold well. To get back on track, they did a come-back gig at Mottingham Prince Of Wales at the end of August under the name ‘The Skans’ and with support band The Business billed as ‘The Bollyguns’. BBC TV cameras were invited to the gig, and it was shown in part on their ‘Nationwide’ TV programme. Shortly afterwards, Hodges left the band … After a further “comeback” gig in Leeds Brannigan’s, Rockabilly Steve quit as well (he wanted to go techno).”




“Condemned 84 always had right-wing ideas and sympthaties (see their attacks on communists and homosexuals, their stands pro-capital punishment and their records on Rock-o-Rama, as exemples), but their recent italian gig openly booked by the nazi organization Veneto Fronte Skinhead was a surprise for many people, and even for me; anyway what’s worst in this whole story is the fact that when – outside Italy – they were asked about this compromising gig they’ve claimed that no nazi was present at the event … but this is just the beginning! You probably know the ‘Beer Olympics’ booked every year by GMM Records featuring old and new oi! & streetpunk acts; well, GMM just put out a statement disgusted by the fact that C-84, who were on the bill, will not play as they refuse to share the stage with black musicians (“C-84 has opted not to perform due to the fact that two bands who have African-American members would be performing on the same stage”); for the complete statement just go some lines below or visit http://www.gmmrecords.com/.
Antifascist greetings, Viterbo skins

GMM regrets to inform its supporters that Condemned 84 will not be appearing on the GMM Beer Olympics. C-84 has opted not to perform due to the fact that two bands who have African-American members would be performing on the same stage. We are shocked to hear that one of our bands would take this racist outlook in this day and age. We at GMM are also shocked that a band that we have invested time and money with in the past would come out and embarrass us with this statement. GMM and its bands are strongly anti-racist and we hope our supporters are as well. We hope you will still make a strong showing at the GMM Beer Olympics to support our great acts like Pressure Point, the Templars, the Anti-Heros and all the other acts. We are also proud to announce that Anti-Seen will be headlining the Saturday show of the GMM Beer Olympics!”




“I’d seen quite a bit on the terraces or outside football grounds, but this was carnage,” says Jeff Turner, today an immensely amiable decorator, then “Stinky” Turner, the Cockney Rejects’ teenage frontman, cursed with what his former manager Garry Bushell tactfully describes as “a bit of a temper”. Turner continues: “There was a lot of people cut and hurt, I got cut, my brother [Rejects’ guitarist Micky Geggus] really got done bad, with an ashtray, the gear was decimated, there was people lying around on the floor. Carnage.”




“Formed in 1976 as a non-political UK punk band, who at their label’s urging became skinheads during the second wave of skinheads in England. Skrewdriver became known for attracting violence at their shows and none of their Chiswick releases did very well in the UK charts. They broke up in 1979.

Ian Stuart re-formed the band in 1982 as a clearly White Power neo-Nazi skinhead band, with entirely different (and often revolving) band members. This new version of Skrewdriver became the musical arm of the British National Front and released as their debut album “Hail The New Dawn” in 1984 on the German Rock-O-Rama label. This release not only helped transform the label to a far-right position but effectively invented White Power “hate-rock” and Skrewdriver quickly became a driving force behind the RAC (Rock Against Communism) movement.”


“In an interview Ian did for Melody Maker in 1977 he was asked if Skrewdriver were a non-violent band, shocking the reporter Ian replied “No, No, I actually enjoy fighting. Fighting was the only thing to do in Blackpool. There were no rock concerts, you had to travel to Manchester or Liverpool for that. Blackpool is for pensioners.” At a time when people were telling the group to distance themselves from their Skinhead audience, Ian and the boys reverted to their Skinhead ways. Punk had become fashionable and was losing much of its cutting edge. Skrewdriver were perhaps showing a little naivety and un-beknowingly playing into the media’s hands. “




“Drawing inspiration from Sham 69, these South London lads (and indeed they pride themselves on being “lads”) have been taking Cockney pride into territory that spills over into parody since 1979. Along with Cockney Rejects and Cock Sparrer they are probably the UK’s foremost Oi!/Streetrock band, and even at their worst are miles ahead of most their competition (Infa-Riot etc). Unusually for a punk band, their best material was not their earliest: although they hit an early high with 1981’s ‘Harry May’, as the 80’s progressed they began playing slower and writing better songs. By 1985 they were delivering a commendable barrage of guitar noise very much similar to The Professionals, with songs about football, hooliganism, and football hooliganism, with anecdotes about rioting, smashing up discos and rucking thrown in for variety. Much of the time it sounds very much tongue in cheek, but they are capable of insight and even pathos on such songs as ‘Out In The Cold’, ‘Foreign Girl’ and ‘Informer’. By the time they split in 1990 they seemed like yesterday’s men, but when they reformed in 1992 they were astonishingly good, with their extremely charismatic and likeable singer Mickey Fitz sounding more Cockney-fied with each release.”




“Even amongst the British skinhead fraternity at the time, which included such notable lunkheads as The Gonads and Combat 84, The Last Resort took idiocy to new extremes on their debut release, oddly enough a cassette single. Released when the unbelievably abrasive Saxby was singer, ‘Violence In Our MInds’ and ‘Soul Boys’ are unbelievably stupid celebrations of mindless violence, so stupid one must assume some kind of satire is being attempted. Charlie Duggan’s guitar work throughout is simple but effective Oi! fare and the whole caboodle is great.”




p.s. Hey. This weekend everyone gets a two-day all access pass to explore this sweet, informative, and potentially noisy post from d.l. MANCY who is otherwise known as the extraordinary artist Steven Purtill. The luckiness I felt upon putting it together is now yours to keep. Please have at it and share some words with MANCY/Steven regarding your experiences, thank you, and mightiest thanks to you, S! ** Thomas Moronic, Hey, bud! Thank you very much, sir. Yes, when are you here again? End of the month-ish, right? I think Michael knows. I’ll ask him. Can’t wait to see you, my pal! ** Ferdinand, Hey there. Thanks a bunch. In that cast photo, the dude in the middle is non-cast member and all-seeing overseer Zac. This weekend I have some work to do on Gisele’s new dance piece and see some friends and get some work done and see what Paris is exuding at the moment and other like that there. What movie did you settle on? Blockbuster-related, I think I’ll also see one myself, the ‘Planet of the Apes’ thing, probably by myself because I don’t think the few people who haven’t left Paris on their vacation are game. Yeah, my dormant, in-progress novel is in part kind of a ‘rewrite’ of ‘THisLH’, actually. Zanzibar, whoa, nice. That sounds nuts/beautiful. Good to see you. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Definitely gonna get some Benchley. Maybe I should do a related post, Hm. ** H, Hi. I was happy to, of course. Great, sounds so nice: the thing with the social worker. Very happy to hear it. A good reader of Coolidge? Hm, I’ll have to think about that. No one springs to mind. His work is tough, but it’s also a lot of fun. Let me think about possible interesting/helpful writings on his work. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. I don’t think the French cinema audience has a inordinate problem with violence in cinema, or no more of a problem than in the US, maybe less. Obviously hope the name actor gets back to you, Intriguing mystery. If you can get a makeup person to help, it definitely helps. I think I’m tired of thinking about ‘Detroit’. From my experiences on-set, I would think the actors portraying violent acts are more concerned with hitting their marks and giving the right performance and other on-set immediate issues than they are about what it all means. It doesn’t seem like it would be so hard to interview El-P. I would think just bringing the actor back to rerecord his lines is the easiest way to go. Unless you can making the jarring camera angle seem excitingly ‘jarring’ in the edit, yeah, I guess re-shooting is your option. I’m assuming you can’t lose that scene. With ‘PGL’ there was one scene that was shot completely wrongly due to our having been so rushed, and we don’t have the option of reshooting because, one, no money, and two, it was shot at the location that no longer exists, so we had to cut it, No other option.  Good luck with all of that. ** Bill, Hi. Thank you very much. I must give a lot of credit where credit is due to the saturation and exposure controls on my photo manipulation app. Oh, you’re off again, or were off again and are now elsewhere. A lot of traveling. Cool. What have you got planned on this trip? Sleep good somehow. ** Tosh Berman, Definitely gonna get a Benchley. And I think do some kind of post. It’s always a useful idea to make a post while I’m investigating a writer or it has been. Thank you. It’s interesting and strange that there’s far, far more of a revival of interest in Tony Duvert in the States now than there is in France where his work is currently just kind of settled where it is. ** Jason McBride, Jason! Thank you so, so incredibly much for the article and for your kind words and your wisdom in it and everything else! And, gosh, thank you for fixing those little things. It’s so cool of you to have done than that, I so appreciate your time and care, and I know Zac does too. Take good care. Talk to you soon, I hope! ** Nick Toti, Hey. Weren’t you saying you were thinking of a film or screenplay or something about him? His story does seem to beg for something like that. Thank you again! Have an excellent weekend! ** Brendan, Hi, B! That sucks. I mean all that pull away from your work and thinking about yourself in relationship to your work. I’m going to bet it’s just some passing thing. Some kind of interim feeling that’s a way to test yourself or something. My guts says that. My gut has a pretty good track record. Although my gut is telling me not to get involved in or excited about the amazing Dodgers run because late season deflation is their middle name, and maybe just maybe my gut in that case has a cynicism problem. I like the sound of those spooky photos a lot. I have no idea how/where our film will show. The producer does all of that. All I know is that it will play festivals for quite a while and then hopefully get a release on a DVD release or something. I’ll make sure the film shows in LA somehow, you bet. Vent at me anytime. Consider me a friend whose superpower is transforming into a sponge/trampoline kind of creature. Or something, ha ha. Love to you. ** Jamie, Well, thank you, man. I’m very happy to hear that. Oh, let me see if I can remember. I think it was kind of prosaic. I think I wanted to do a stage stack, but when I gathered the images, it just wasn’t doing anything at all, and, through trial and error I ended up desaturating and de-ighting them artificially, and, wonder of wonders, it worked. My day was good. No, Gisele was having choreographic issues yesterday, and that’s not my thing, and since getting to Nanterre is, as I think I said, a hassle, it was mutually agreed that I would sit out yesterday and go over there today. So I hung out with my visiting friends, went to the Jardin des Plants, did the history museum, did the zoo, did a nearby rare bookstore, ate falafel, had a coffee and then wandered home, Not bad at all. Thanks about the PGL article. Three animation ideas? Are you free to daydream fairly wildly within the no doubt strict-ish guidelines? That sounds cool. What did you come up with? ‘Crowd’ stuff this weekend, other work, friends, hopefully a movie, blah-di-blah. Should be okay. And yours in its totality? Moist, overflowing falafel-tasting love with a side of humus plate love Dennis ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Cool. Theater set design is a most excellent profession. I have a friend of a friend who designs the sets for big operas here. He makes this unbelievable sets that should be in museums. But the opera houses just destroy them afterwards, It’s sick. Operas have so much money to burn. It’s very weird. Great, great, mega-great about the giant, blinding green light that is YnY’s future! ** Okay. Go indulge luxuriously in MANCY’s post-shaped gift to you! And say something to him please. See you on Monday.


  1. Obviously I’m a big fan of today’s gallery/gig combo, even if I don’t always agree with the politics. Thanks Mancy!

    Dennis, hope you and Zac end up out west again to screen the new film.

    I’m on a little family trip, will end up in Vietnam tomorrow. Dear Cyborgs is not quite what most people are reading around here, heh.

    Bill (first, ha)

    • Hey Bill

      You’re in my part of world. Where are you going in Vietnam? I know the country very well. Are you stopping anywhere else in the region?

      I hope your trip is rich and memorable.



      • Thanks Joe! It’s one of those weird family trips. We stop briefly in Vietnam, and also in Hong Kong. The way these things work, there’s almost no time for me to do anything on my own. You’re in Thailand, right? Where exactly? I’m so overdue for a visit.


  2. There are a few Oi! bands/albums I like (Angelic Upstarts, Cock Sparrer, the Cockney Rejects’ THE POWER AND THE GLORY), but I’ve always thought the scene was way inferior to US hardcore or the contemporary UK anarcho-punk scene and basically turned what bands like Sham 69 did into total orthodoxy. But I will give these clips a listen.

    It’s occurred to me that I am really interested in the philosophical and political meaning of making violent films, and you’re right that actors who actually participate in, say, playing torture victims or hitmen are way more interested in hitting their marks and remembering their lines than thinking about this stuff. I actually tracked down the director of El-P’s “Smithereens” video and E-mailed him a few questions last night. (Everything else he’s made is a commercial – it sure stands out on his Vimeo page, and I wonder how he got the opportunity to make it!) I also found a podcast on the ACLU’s website where El-P talked about the video around the time it was made. He clearly made it with an obvious and totally conscious political agenda and meant it as a provocation, which is not the case with, say, most of the actors who have appeared on GAME OF THRONES.

    Re-shooting a scene would be a real pain; I would have to co-ordinate several people’s schedules, make sure the cinematographer brings back the huge amount of equipment she had on the day of the shoot, that the actor’s costume matches exactly (at least I have a visual record of what tie he wore that day – on the day of the shoot, he arrived in street clothes but brought a bag containing his suit, and we spent 10 minutes discussing what tie he should wear). However, I still have access to the space where we shot the film, although I would need to book it in advance. I paid everyone already, and I presume they would still be willing to do another afternoon’s worth of work for something that’s essential to finishing the film, and that probably would not take more than 2 hours.

    I really like the Offa Rex album, although it’s a total retro trip in a way I usually disapprove of. Still, I like Fairport Convention and the whole acid-folk scene so much that hearing an album that sounds like a long-lost relic from it is fine to me. (I feel the same way about Richard Dawson.) I’m listening to Sote now, and his album is a really odd mix of electronic music and traditional Persian music. If it got wide distribution, it would probably be classified as “world music,” not electronic music,

    I’m seeing PARTING GLANCES tonight, in 35mm. This is one of my favorite gay films, and I wish I could’ve seen it when it came out, as a way-closeted teenager in small town Connecticut. (I caught up with it about 5 years later when I was in college in Boston.)

    • “Parting Glances” is a masterpiece whose maker never lived to shoot another film. Among other things it gave the world Steve Buscemi — whose performance in it is without peer.

    • I’m still in love with Peter from that movie. (Though it seems the actor who played him is a kind of a dick about it all these days.) Really, that character kind of informed everyone I’ve ever been hot for since I was that movie at 15.

  3. What a coincidence! Lun*na and I watched a great documentary BBC film directed by and with Don Letts on the subject matter of Skinheads. One-hour long and he has fascinating interviews with all sorts of people who were involved in the Skins – both the right and left. He covers every aspect of the Skins – from literature to music. Here’s the link if anyone here is interested: https://youtu.be/6xmNXCRnLQo Thanks for today’s blog!

    Robert Benchley will be a good subject matter for your blog. As David mentioned, he also did a series of short humorous films in the 1930s. Fake lectures on science to little skits, such as how to sleep at night. I think one can easily lose him in the forest that’s the Algonquin Round Table culture, which of course, he was very much part of. On the other hand, he had a sense of Surrealist wit, but from a very American perspective.

  4. Hey Dennis and MANCY

    Great photos and post – only wish there was more of it. I didn’t know Skrewdriver ever existed in a non-racist incarnation.

    Read the linked feature on PGL yesterday also. Interesting to see a recent picture of you Dennis, and Zac. And certainly whets the appetite for the film itself, and your future films. As for Duvert, my French friend here in CM is amazed that he is getting these new translations and attention in the Anglophone world, in line with what you say about Duvert’s status in France. This is the guy who introduced me to Augieras. I’ve only read Diary of an Innocent, and will certainly be getting these new releases.

    I’m back from Bangkok now, and work continues as ever. Despite health bullshit I am super prolific at the moment. Offered Bosun to KP. Nearly finished the new one too. Took an enormous quantity of photos in Bangkok of all sorts of things, a lot of women and animals and housing and fluids, and I will try to do some zine type things with these on my own I think.

    Hope all continues to go well,

    Best wishes


  5. This app is erasing what I thought for my love for MANCY’s presentation would be a sentence. That sort of music caused love, hate, and joy. Thank you. I will stand by the Crucifucks. This has dumped my more complicate smile. It’s there, or in my mind until shit got just erased.

    (Side comment: so much of the ‘scene’ was gay-trumped. Nice.)

    D., Thank you for your kind comments on the things that Minus is turning into.


  6. Njr again. I was happily bemused by The Stages. I love to gaze at them. I love to be near them. I love to help build them.

  7. MANCY,

    Nice post! I’ve never gotten heavily into this branch of the punk-tree, but that was mostly due to lack of exposure. Thanks for the introduction that my teenage self probably would have truly cherished!


    Yes, I have some big plans for the Warnke research, but who knows if any of it will actually materialize. If I can ever get him to agree to sit down for an interview, I think I could safely pull off a helluva documentary. I’ve also thought of writing a book…but that’s obviously a major ordeal too. I also have a Warnke-inspired short film in mind that I could do relatively easily if I found an actor who could pull off the role. I’m full of ideas, but short on means! C’est la vie!

  8. Hey Dennis, oh, I’m glad the book arrived. And it made me happy to know that it’s next to your computer! I’ll start putting a few things together soon for the blog. Hope you’re having a good weekend. My week has been work, an Australian nephew of my brother in law passing through, ocean time. If you get to LA after SF we should get some Mexican food! Lots of love, Axo

  9. I feel so sick about Charlottesville. I really think this is what America’s about, at base. I said this on Facebook, but yesterday I wrote in an E-mail to the Iranian-American man who is helping me with the film series I’m programming: “One thing I like about America, as opposed to Israel, is that Jews and Muslims and/or Arabs are not automatically expected to be at each other’s throats.” Despite being Jewish, I’ve had close friendships with Arabs and other people from the Middle East and of Middle Eastern descent. I am not saying this to make me look enlightened, it’s just the facts of my life. I suddenly feel like I’m a total outlier in American life. I’m a Jewish man who is working with another Jewish man to show Iranian films in New York. I’ve always talked about the fact that there are implicit politics in this, although I’ve generally left out the part about us being Jews. I suddenly feel like everyone who is not a straight, white, Christian, cisgender male is in the same sinking boat. Or does the future belong to us and the bigots at Charlottesville are the last gasp of a dying order?

  10. Hello, Mancy, very cool post. Love their style. Thank you!

    Dennis, thank you for your continuing support re: my gender identity and transition thing. And yes, please, for real, let me know good articles on Clark Coolidge. I could research as well, but I believe you have much finer insights to it. Really wanted to learn more about his work, both internal and contextual. This weekend I finally move, but will be happy to see your response soon. So excited. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

  11. We will be doing re-shoots in about 2 weeks, although the date hasn’t been scheduled yet. (I need to get permission to use the space we shot the film in again.) There are two scenes that just cannot be fixed in post-production. I need to watch the rough cut with the script in front of me and mark exactly what needs to be shot again. I also needs to make sure the actor’s hair matches, as well as his clothes.

    I think I vented more about politics on Facebook and Twitter today than I ever have in a single day. I actually responded repeatedly to the tweets of the actor I want to approach, not because I suddenly wanted to show him a script, but because I thought he was genuinely saying really smart things I wanted to reply to. (He seems addicted to Twitter, in general.) I don’t think I said anything brilliant, but I made it loud and clear I’m a gay Jew who hates Nazis, Donald Trump and what America is turning into.

  12. @ MANCY:

    hey !! just wanted to let u know that i enjoyed the post u put together. it made me want to reread William Vollmann’s skinhead story from The Rainbow Stories. that story combined with yr post floated through my head for most of the weekend, so thanks for that. there’s a lot of different stuff to think about on that subject.

    @ Dennis:

    hello, i hope u had a good weekend — did u see the new Planet of the Apes? if so, what’d u think? i was surprised by how emotional while watching certain parts, i really enjoyed it.

    take care !!

    • Chris, the Blue Wallet! White Knights! and Bootwoman Marisa, of course…

      • haha, yeah it’s a such a great piece on so many levels. and obviously very relevant considering the latest headlines. the part that i found myself thinking about the most was Vollmann talking about the ideological inconsistency of being ultra pro america while also idolizing nazi germany

  13. MANCY, thank you for the punk education! I really don’t know much about punk, other than skate punk. I was a big skate punk fan in my youth, mostly JFA .. I even saw them a few times when I was sixteen. and Like Chris Dankland mentioned above, most of my punk /skinhead education came from William T Vollmann .. his book The Rainbow Stories is peppered with tales of angry Skinz .. so thank you again for putting this together. there are some lovely Suedeheads out there..


    Hello my friend! Sorry I have been away for so long, I’ve been working on my new novel and it is being a time whore. But she and I are getting along quite well. I read a nice article about yours’ and Zac’s up-coming film in Vulture, written by Jason McBride.. after I read it I thought, I’d better let Dennis know that I am still alive! You said something interesting in the article .. ‘Nine novels is enough ..’ Come on Dennis, 10 is a nice number, I think you have at least one left in you, right? Though I know where you’re coming from.. writing is difficult, and laborious, and sometimes I really question what I am doing — is all this effort worth it? Am I even telling a good story, an entertaining story? Not to mention the other age-old question … hasn’t everything already been done before? But still I press on..

    What stage of the film’s production are you in now? I’d read a while back that the color grading / processing was complete, correct? Where are you at with the film now, Dennis? I’m really looking forward to seeing the final product. I hope it screens here in Seattle. Well Dennis I just wanted to say hello. I hope you are having a lovely day! at 35,000 words and counting, your pal,

    James Xoxo

  14. @ MANCY, thank you for this Day! Some beautiful photos here. I was kind of into skinhead style a little bit once upon a time, but a featherweight version from the 90s when Britpop was the zeitgeist. I had a lot of Fred Perry shirts in those days.

    I’m set to spend the next few days in the DCA print workshop taking part in the Tayside Health Art Therapy course. I’ve done a bit of stuff at their days for MS patients before, and this is a screenprinting class we’re doing this time. I’m already quite experienced with this and I’m not going in with any big ideas, just intending to make something pretty or whatever.

    After the class on Tuesday, Donna will be showing me and Alex our swanky new Yuck ‘n Yum headquarters at the nearby Vision building. These are exciting times and it’s really where my creative head’s at just now.

  15. MANCY, ‘Tis indeed noisy, but I’m liking the noise, as well as the background info. A lot of these bands are actually doing interesting things musically in these tracks. Of course, I don’t know shit about music and music-making, but most of these seem to have a sort of musical accomplishment that a lot of punk bands don’t seem to have.

    Dennis! Man, I was so tired Friday night that I fell asleep way early and never got on the ‘puter.

    But yes, a very nice thing my friend and co-worker did there. I wasn’t in the least put off by it. She’s an A-type personality who’s also a really good person and she made it all seem so normal, even when she sang Happy Birthday to me in Ukrainian. She’s a first-generation Ukrainian and speaks four languages fluently. Very interesting lady.

    Speaking of the Slavs, have you seen the German tennis player Alexander “Sasha” Zverev? Or the Canadian tennis player Denis Shapovalov? I’m suddenly much more interested in tennis again! Well, yes, because they’re such excellent young players. 😀 (And they do happen to be very good: Zverev is probably the next big thing, already in the top 10 at 20 years old. Shapovalov in the 100s but on the rise.)

    Oh, no, losing another year doesn’t bother me at all. For some reason, I woke up on my 40th birthday 6 years ago and was suddenly no longer afraid of death. I mean, I don’t want to die and don’t plan on it and I don’t do anything to put myself in harm’s way intentionally…but I’m not afraid of it at all. Besides, don’t you remember us making an informal pact on here not to die and live forever? I’m still working on it. 😉

    Getting older in no way bothers me. Yes, I’d prefer not to have all the little physical aches and pains and all that shit, but getting older? Nah, no biggie at all. I’ll always be 12 inside.

  16. MANCY – super interesting and compelling day. I’ve just emailed you but thanks for getting my brain and ears going this weekend.

    Dennis – Yeah Michael has my Paris dates but I’m basically there for the last week of this month. Excited! How was your weekend? I went to see Wolf Eyes, who were awesome. They were supposed to be playing three individual solo sets but somehow ended up playing three full Wolf Eyes sets in a row. Super fun.

  17. Thanks for comments! Would like to say more but the weekend has gotten away from me and my brain is zonked.
    And thanks Dennis.

  18. Hey Dennis, I wonder if I can type this in time for you to see it before you post today’s blog.
    How are you? How was your weekend? Mine was fine. Not much to report – got my three ideas for animation episodes started – one with aliens, one that’s all out psychedelia and one that’s at the beach with a talking shark. I’ll spend today making sure they’re as decent as I can make them. Currently on the train to Newcastle and it’s kind of cold, wet and dark and it’s bringing me down.
    Are you off to Nanterre today? Hope it’s a good day, whatever you’re up to.
    Supercailfragic love,

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