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Macrophilia Day


‘Macrophilia is be an increasingly popular sexual paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual arousal from a fascination with giants and/or a sexual fantasy involving giants. Such fantasies may include the macrophiles themselves shrinking in front of a normal sized person (male or female). Alternatively, macrophiles may fantasize about their sexual partner growing to an abnormal height while the macrophiles themselves remain unchanged.

‘The literal translation of macrophilia means a “lover of large” but in this context it does not refer to those in the fat admiration community (i.e., people who are sexually attracted to very fat women) but specifically refers to individuals who are sexually attracted to people much taller than themselves (i.e., it is the height rather than width that is crucial). As the scale between small and tall is not generally found in real human life, almost all macrophilic behaviour is sexual fantasy.

‘The overwhelming majority of macrophiles are thought to be males that are sexually attracted to male or female giants. However, even non-sexual scenarios involving giants can result in sexual stimulation. Each fantasy situation is different for every macrophile as the behaviour is fantasy-based. Even the preferred heights of the fantasy giants differ between individuals. For instance, some macrophiles have a preference for people only a few feet taller than themselves whereas others involve giants who are hundreds of feet high.

‘The reason that this particular paraphilia has increased massively over the last decade is because the Internet has played a crucial role in helping create and facilitate the paraphilia. Because the paraphilia is almost totally fantasy-based, much of the material from which macrophiles gain their sexual gratification is placed and distributed online. There is a wide range of macrophile artwork, photographs, and video on the Internet. Applications such as Photoshop are widely used to create collages of fake giants. Photographs are also taken from low angles to make everything in the viewfinder (including people) seem much bigger. The Internet is also full of homemade camcorder films of people trampling and destroying model cities.’ — Mark D. Griffiths



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Fantasy art


Fantasy videos


Macrophile’s moon: A man want to show to his friend his secret.


Macrophilevil: A young man did a pact with the devil to get immortality. But this is not without consequence because he need to eat humans to live forever. It’s been a while now that he live like that.


Hungry: It’s about a tiny man who is very hungry…


Michael Jordan

Crushed Beneath A Giants Bulge (Black Trunks): I humiliate and crush another tiny guy beneath my giant bollocks and butt.


Disobedient Tinies: Several of my tiny slaves were becoming a bit to casual in their manner towards me. It was time i taught them a lesson!



Bryan’s Growth


Daniel shrinks his bullies



Operation Mikroorganisation: Episode 9 – Viel Lärm um nichts: Kai hatte endlich herausgefunden, wie er wieder groß werden konnte, und zwar durch einen Wachstumstrank, den Ben Utzmich in seiner Show vorgestellt hatte. Somit bleiben Kai zwei Möglichkeiten: Entweder er schafft es, die Aufmerksamkeit von Niklas zu bekommen, damit dieser ihm hilft oder aber er findet schnellstmöglich einen Weg nach Hause, um sich den Trank zu beschaffen. Erreicht seine Reise nun schon bald das Ende?


Operation Mikroorganisation: Episode 13 – Reine Kopfsache: Seitdem Chrissi, Eike und Erik zu dritt sind und somit auch die Chance steigt, die Aufmerksamkeit von einem der drei zu gewinnen, schöpft Kai neuen Mut. Jetzt gilt es, während des Stadt-Land-Fluss Spiels dem Ganzen endlich ein Ende zu machen. Aber ist alles nun wirklich so einfach, wie es scheint?



Lion Attack: A young boy is attacked by a lion, but something bigger than a lion approaches him…


Date Trap: If the video goes very fast use pause.


Warped Eye Studios

The Shrinking Ray: Just a video I made with my neighbors.



THE DOWNSIZER: In this story a crazied woman lures men into a old run down lab, only to shrink them down into little bite sized morsels and eat them.



Sitting growth: Here my newest growth-video. And: By popular request now with some sound effects


The Teenage Giant: This days Jayen has a strange dream of a giant. Whats has he to do with the online macro community? But later that day, when Jayden meet his friends Ash and Collin, he’ll see that not everything was a dream! He became a teeanage muscular giant!


A Big Mistake: Zack’s teammates attempt to shrink him, with unusual results.


Big Stomp

Tiny pov adventure: A little adventure turns into a big problem.


Giant’s play: A video requested by shreddedwheat2012



I received a lot of message from some people who want to know how I made my animations! So, I show you quickly how to make a little animation about macrophilia.



p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi, D. Viva’s on Facebook? Wow, how and/or what is she doing these days? Agree with you about Areinas’s lesser known (in the US) novels. They’re very due for a critical championing. ** Mark Bringelson, Hi, Mark! Welcome, and very nice to meet you. And thanks about the post, and yes about ‘El Topo’. Please reenter and hang out whenever the mood or relevant topic strikes. ** Montse, Hi! ‘El Topo’ is something to see. Yes, that madeleine place of yours super-intrigued me. I didn’t get to start an investigation into Paris’s possible madeleine visionaries yesterday due to other stuff, but I’m very curious to see what there is today. Patisserie treasure hunting is a favorite hobby of mine, as I guess is obvious. Things are progressing on the film. There’s a woman in the city of Caen, where we’ll likely shoot part of the film, who yesterday volunteered to search out and organize auditions for us re: some young actors there, so that’s a big help. So, it’s moving. Yeah, making movies is pretty intensive. So is writing novels, but in that case you just have to search for actors and lighting designers and locations, etc. in your own imagination, which is quite a bit easier. How nice that you got to see your friend who’s based in India. I know really little about India, I think, but I imagine living life there must be a very different experience than living in Europe? But then I used to think that about Japan until I spent time there and realized the actual difference is not that vast. Have a very fine day, my pal! Love, me. ** Steevee, Hi, Steve. For me, I think ‘The Holy Mountain’ is kind of the Jodorowsky film. Negotiating the line of what’s best and right to do re: the incoming government is really tricky. The hysteria-based opinions running rampant are understandable since this is an unprecedented and frightening and frighteningly disempowering situation, even for someone old enough (like me) to have been cogent during the Nixon era, and I think it’s very important to do what seems to be hugely untrendy at the moment and think about everything that’s happening and coming privately and in detail and less in self-interest than in the interest of everyone before flapping your mouth and/or pounding your keyboard. But it’s really fucking tricky, all of this.** Dóra Grőber, Hi, Dóra! The Skype chat with my old friend was really fantastic. After about ten seconds, we were talking our heads off like time hadn’t passed. It’s amazing how you can have a real, deep connection and rapport with someone, and it’s just a permanent thing. So, yeah, we’ve completely reconnected, and now I think we’ll just continue on as great friends as though there was no multi-decade gap. Pretty great! As I told Montse, there is some progress happening on the film, so I think it’ll be okay. Wow, you did have a big and impactful day. Kind of like mine, in a way maybe, because in one swoop you added something important, new, and yet reminiscent to your life. Cool! Yesterday I mostly did a bunch of scheming and emailing and stuff about our film. And I’m having kind of a stressful financial problem right now, and I think I started to solve that. And then I talked to my friend. So, it was a productive and ultimately very good day. What did Thursday offer you, and what among its offerings did you accept? ** B, Hi, man. Happy belated new year to you and all of yours too. Yeah, I saw that ‘Dune’ documentary. It’s terrific. I do in fact want to see the new Star Wars, although I’ll probably end up watching it on a flight. Normally I probably wouldn’t care because I’ve never been a ‘Star Wars’ guy at all, but I saw the film just before the new one on a plane and was kind of shockingly pleased by it, and they say the new one is better. My remaining week is likely to be taken up by figuring out with Zac what we need to do re: our film and hopefully beginning to do what we need to do. Sort of related, since he’s our film’s DP, but Michael Salerno aka Kiddiepunk plus Benedetta DeAlessi aka Oscar B return to Paris on Thursday with their newborn son after a long time away, so I’m looking forward to seeing them and meeting their newbie. What’s on your week’s agenda? ** The Metaphysician, Hi! Nice to see you. And happy that the post helped build you a queue. Take care. ** Rumsey Taylor, Hi again. And again my apologies for the initially skimpy crediting. Thank you for your understanding for being okay with me using your excellent piece as the post’s anchor. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Oh, you poor thing. Get some hard trance in your headphones and pound that doggerel to death asap. ** Bernard, Hi, B. Wasn’t there a really popular book when we were young called ‘The Power of Positve Thinking’? I think my dad was really into it. I remember it being kind of the squaresville equivalent of Baba Ram Dass? As long as you write to Chrystel soon, I feel pretty sure that the Recollets will smile on you. Oh, well, there’s plenty of French art and art show-ers awaiting you. I can do my part. You should meet Dominique Gonzales-Foerster who’s an amazing and big artist and a current pal/collaborator of mine. For instance. Yes, do focus on your poem and fiction while you can, says me. Yeah, that’s right, I remember Tim was a great proponent of Areinas’ work. I’d forgotten about that. I agree that ‘Lonesome Cowboys’ is insanely and sublimely great and a culture mover and film-reinventer that is sorely under-acknowledged. Oh, shit, well, then I just missed seeing the Linklater. Maybe it’s on French Netflix, and maybe it’s not even dubbed into French on French Netflix. ** Bill, Hi, Bill. Yes, those days are gone although the slightest bit less gone in Paris. I’m happy if the jetlag is just whispering at you. Have you had to jump right back into work? ** Misanthrope, Hey. Scrolling should be declared a sport. It should be added to the next Olympics’ itinerary. Make your family watch ‘El Topo’. It’ll change their consciousnesses, or at least their opinion of you. ** Okay. Recently, in the comments/p.s., the artist and d.l. Joakim Almroth introduced me, and whoever was reading over our shoulders, to Macrophilia, which I oddly had never heard of before. So I went off to see what I could find about it, and, as I did, I made a post using what I found, which wasn’t a whole lot, but which seemed like just barely enough to call a post. And the rest, as of today, is history. See you tomorrow.


  1. Viva is living in Palm Springs and guiding her daughter Gaby’s burgeoning career. Not sure what her other daughter Alexandra (who was with her mother in “The State of Things”) is up to these days.

    Today is like a gay Bert I. Gordon movie: “Attack of The Fabulous Puppet People”

  2. I guess rule 34 extends to things that don’t exist now.

  3. There was an interesting program on macrophilia (although it didn’t use that term) on the cable show “Strange Sex.” To be honest, it was a freakshow, but at least it never condemned macrophiles or people who cater to them. It started off depicting a straight male macrophile and ended with his participaion in a video about a female giant destroying a city.

    As I’ve said before, the character in my script isn’t my spokesman, but I hope the eventual film will give an accurate sense of what it’s like to live in the early days of the Trump administration. Meanwhile, my real-life inspiration is posting videos saying Putin stole the election and comparing Putin to Hitler.

  4. Hello, Dennis!
    Wow, I had never heard of macrophilia either. At first sight, I was convinced that one of the guys in the photos was Kurt Cobain.
    Yes, of course! I know you are into patisseries. You took us to Fauchon once. Last time you said that was ages ago, before you discovered this new world of high-end patisseries (although for us Fauchon was one of them too). I think I’m going to do a research here, even if this isn’t Paris… Xet and I have a sweet tooth as well, but we always complain about the lack of good places with cakes and sweet stuff in general over here. Great news about the woman in Caen who will help you with actors! Why are you shooting in Caen? I’m sorry if this is something you have already mentioned here. I think I was in Caen like 18-20 years ago on the way to Mont-Saint-Michel.
    It’s true, to write a novel must require a great deal of “logistics” too, but it’s all in your head. Do you prefer working with a team as opposed to on your own when you’re writing? I imagine that to a certain extent the dynamics when working on the theater pieces were not so different as the process you’re going through now with the film.
    I know very little about India too. I’ve been learning a little bit more since my friend lives there. Based on what she says, it has nothing to do with living in Europe. She and her husband moved there because he got a job but they’re not very happy about the whole experience. Japan, yeah, it must have been mind-blowing! Have an amazing day, xxx

  5. Hi Dennis!

    re: watching Star Wars on a flight, that sounds so pleasurable. I remember first seeing that awful film “the scorpion king” with Duane “the rock” johnson on a flight to Japan, and to this day his movies still hold a special place in my heart. what is it about flights and films that makes them so memorable?

    I’m glad to hear you’re getting the ball rolling on the next film! or rather, continuing to move the ball forward! I enjoyed both Kiddiepunk and Oscar B’s work immensely in LCTG, and please tell them so if you get the chance –can’t wait to see what you all have in store for the next one!

    my week is mostly getting the necessary things done to free up the rest of my month. I have a consult for a bar gig today and I’ll have to do some work on that this weekend, but they pay me pretty well for it, so no complaints. later on in the month I’m hosting another salon and having one of my short play’s performed at a different salon the following weekend, so those are very much things to look forward to. I’m also taking a trip up to boston next weekend to meet with a really lovely human who I met out dancing on Christmas eve. If you’ve ever been to that neck of the east coast, I would love a DC recommendation or two!

    hope the meeting goes splendidly, thinking of you!

  6. Hi!

    Thank you for today’s post! It looks like I’ve already seen some ‘macrophilia’ content on tumblr without knowing what it was. Now I know.

    Ah that’s so so very great about your friend! I’m really glad you could reconnect so naturally! This is something truly precious.
    And once again, this is great news about the movie! I’m glad it’s moving forward!
    Exactly! I’m still in this… emotional whirlwind about the situation because I miss my old dog dearly but this little one is so heartwarming. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how we work together.
    My day was mostly about testing the waters with the pup and I finally got around to reading Juliet Escoria’s Witch Hunt which I loved thoroughly!
    How was your day? I hope it was all kinds of wonderful!

  7. Yeah, there was Norman Vincent Peale, who was very tied in to Republicans. He sort of made the prototype for all the The Secret, If You Will It, 7 Practices of Highly Annoying People, etc. He was generally considered a benign presence in American pop culture until he practically led the campaign to oppose the election of John Kennedy because as a Catholic, he would turn the US over to the Pope. (Not an exaggeration; he literally said the election of a Catholic president would be the end of US sovereignty.) Most horrifying: He has been cited by the dreaded P-elect DT as a main influence in his path to wealth, power, screwing people, etc.
    I’ve always been interested in folks like that–grifter gurus. They do have them in other countries, but the televangelist-folk-hero who becomes an institution is so tied into our ways of life.
    I have a couple of weird questions:
    -Have you explored the best places for veggie burgers in Paris? You’re a veggie burger fan, right?
    -I feel like you’ve done a guest Day on La Specola, the anatomical waxwork museum. Right? How about the Italian paper Domenica del Corriere? Vincent Price?
    This concludes the questionnaire for today. More to come.

  8. Hey Dennis,
    Macrophilia is totally new to me – interesting post. That GIF you found for the top of the post is pretty startling & amazing.

    Enjoyed the Acid Westerns post. Are you a fan of ‘Glen and Randa’ or ‘The Hired Hand’? Been meaning to track down both of those for a while.

    You familiar with the band The A-Frames? Seattle late ’90s, I think. Short, sharp, abrasive tunes with robotic grooves on the first two albums at least. Discovered them recently and suspected you might know them.

  9. I’ve never seen Attack of the 50 Foot Woman but must admit that film has a sexy idea behind it. Also, I remember liking PJ Harvey – 50ft Queenie so maybe this is all connected deep in my subconscious somewhere.

    @ DC, apropos hard trance, that put me in mind of the Crasher kids, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it youth subculture based around Sheffield’s Gatecrasher nightclub in the late 90s. I found a good article here about the short-lived phenomenon. You ever heard of them?

    I just spent the evening at a Dundee wine bar catching up with my YNY buddies Gayle (now in Newcastle) and Alexandra (just returned from a curating gig in South Africa). Still plans afoot for the SOIL show in Seattle 2018, and we were discussing potential CCA contacts for the LCTG screening if your current enquiries don’t work out.

  10. Have you seen Alain Guiraudie’s STAYING VERTICAL? I think David Ehrenstein and I were the only gay men who didn’t love STRANGER BY THE LAKE. STAYING VERTICAL is a lot more benign, but it feels like a retread of the rural pansexual utopia of THE KING OF ESCAPE (my favorite Guiraudie film.)

  11. Derek McCormack

    January 6, 2017 at 1:30 am

    Dennis! The fireworks day was so beautiful. I watched a video of Ghost Mansion going off — love the way it flickered between explosions. You should have a firework named after you! You should design a firework! I would love to do a firework based on the book I’m trying to write. I love crappy promotional items and I wouldn’t mind if my firework was as crappy as can be. Love to you!

  12. Dennis, what a fascinatingly quirky post. The more you know. Made me look at one of my new collages in a different light: http://marilynroxie.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/IMG_3028_2-1024×683.jpg

    Take care
    x ~Marilyn

  13. Ha, I hadn’t heard of macrophilia either. Looks like it’s more of a male-male thing?

    San Francisco is still ok for DVD rentals, thanks mostly to Lost Weekend, kept alive by aging punk rockers. It’s just that I don’t have as much time and energy to followup on recommendations these days, sigh.

    Unfortunately, it’s already been work meetings and slogging through work email. The jet lag could be worse; we’ll see tonight!


  14. Hello Dennis: it’s an interesting perspective. Thanks for teaching us about it. Fireworks post also was great. I really like it when you explore & collect the designs of much used yet less appreciated products behind everyday fuss.

    Today I was sorting out Xmas themed experimental films, and they are great. The part of them are contemplative, but mostly wildly subversive. I’m not done yet ‘cos I do it when I feel like doing nothing though this sort of fun project has been helping me to understand things I do for a rather official task more precisely.

  15. The publications on Macrophilia are over looking woman favoring taller and giant men. quote by Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D ” some macrophiles have a preference for people only a few feet taller” how are billions of people over looking the fact that woman favoring much taller men is a form of macrophilia. Also the sexual orientation of Macrophilics is unspoken. Macro-sexuality is a sexual orientation and can be a fetish. Though it states even on wikipedia macrophilia is a ( lover of large ). This should include the study on the public in 2014 by (George Yancey from University of North Texas, Denton, TX, USA and Michael O. Emersona from Rice University, Houston, TX, USA) that shows woman are favoring much taller men at 55% nationally and 48% in the USA compared to men at 13% . Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D publications are referenced on Wikipedia. The information on wikipedia is bias and specifies mostly men are macrophiliacs. When in truth woman dominate macrophilia favoring men much taller then them selves no different to men who are attracted to amazonians. Wikipedia and Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D specify Macrophilia as a fetish called Giantess. Giantess and Amazonian are Subcategory’s to the sexual orientation of Macrophilia.
    This requires more research because the facts out there are bias and defaming to men.
    I attempted to correct Wikipedia and was unable to create any adjustments. I hope you can help clarify the sexual orientation called (Macro-sexuality) and are able to help correct this defamation and bias information.
    Below is my attempt to correct Wikipedia
    Macrophilia: Also known as ( Macro-Sexuality ) Macrophilia is a sexual orientation to which translates to a “lover of large” and can involve partners who naturally have a significant difference in size. Macrophilia is used to specify someone who is attracted to beings larger than themselves. Macrophiliacs perception generally differs between people, and depends on gender and other sexual orientation. Macrophilia can be a fascination or a sexual fantasy involving giants, more commonly expressed as giantess involving (female giants).

    [1](Macro) = standing for the word (LARGE) or on a large scale

    [2](Philia) = friendly feeling toward,tendency toward,abnormal appetite or liking for

    [3](Sexuality) = the condition of having sex and the expression of sexual receptivity or interest especially when excessive

    [4] [5] Macrophiliacs tend to be Woman shown in a 2014 research study by ( George Yancey from University of North Texas, Denton, TX, USA and Michael O. Emersona from Rice University, Houston, TX, USA) The research study was Titled ( Does Height Matter? ) confirming the reality of the gender effect of height.


    For example,

    In the USA

    Men: 1.3% wanted to only date women taller than them. Whereas 13.5% wanted to only date women shorter than them.

    Women: 1.7% wanted to only date men shorter than them. Whereas 48.9% wanted to only date men taller than them.


    However Men: 37% only wanted to date women shorter than them.

    Women: 55% only wanted to date men taller than them.

    Macrophilia example: Female to Large Male
    Macrophilia example: Male to Large Female

    Macrophilia subcategory Giantess

    Giantess is a subcategory of the Sexual Orientation Macrophilia

    [6][7] Typically a male fantasy, with the male playing the “smaller” role. They often enjoy feeling small and being abused, degraded, dominated, or eaten known as Vorarephilia by the larger woman.

    [8]The roots of Macrophilia may have derived from sexual arousal in childhood and early adolescence which was unknowingly associated with giants, according to Mark Griffiths’s speculation. He also specifies “some macrophiles have a preference for people only a few feet taller than themselves, whereas others involve giants who are hundreds of feet high”

    [9] [10] Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D. Posted Apr 09, 2015 “Although most macrophilic behaviour is fantasy-based, there are some macrophiles who attempt to experience the fetish in real life by dating extraordinarily tall women (so called “Amazons”) even if they have to pay for the privilege to do so. For instance, it was reported that Mikayla Miles (who when wearing her fetish boots nearly 7 feet in her fetish boots, and 6 feet 4 inches without the boots) provides private sessions with macrophiles to engage in behaviors such as trampling, domination, role play, and foot worship. Macrophiles can also meet their tall heroines at such gatherings as the annual Amazon Convention.”

    Media and experience

    The internet has played an important role in helping to develop the fetish of Macrophilia sub Giantess.[6] The pornography site Pornhub’s 2015 annual report showed that compared to 2014, the biggest increasing of sex tape was giantess, which had a 1091 percent gain in searches. There also existed an exhibit at the Museum of Sex titled “Kink: Geography of the Erotic Imagination” which explored many different fantasies, including macrophilia.[11]

    Online content creators also developed homemade media that helped grow the fetish’s reach.[12] In addition to generating content across websites, some content creators even branded themselves in ways that helped them generate a following and gain revenue for their work.[13]

    After data was gathered from 4,814,732 videos on clips4sale, an established porn site, it was found that “giantess” was the 34th most popular category.[14]

    A way to experience the fetish in real life is with extraordinarily tall women who can schedule private sessions with macrophiles to engage in non-sexual interaction such as: trampling, lifting and carrying, foot worshiping, roleplaying and domination.[15]

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