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Car key of Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)


Fake keys owned by Napoleon I.


Law enforcement officers should be aware that offenders may attempt to use this unusual weapon. This object appears to be a key but conceals a hidden blade.


Salvador Dali always napped with these keys in his hand.



Boyd & Paul Moore died when their father hammered keys into their heads and tried to “unlock” their thoughts.


One of three keys needed to open the 2nd century casket of Shah Ji Dheri. The other two keys are lost. The casket was designed to destroy itself should anyone attempt to open it by any other method.


Alexander the Great’s bedroom door key.


“Good evening. I am organising a “key club” – it seems to be the thing to do. For the uninitiated, a “key club” is one which members can enter only if they process a key. These clubs are terribly exclusive, since membership is limited to men. My club is completely different – it is for women. Inside the club is everything a woman could want… including me.”


Who Needs Boltcutters When You’ve Got a Blowtorch?


RICHARD PRINCE ‘Untitled (Key to the Second House)’, 2003. Cast brass key and plastic fob, Dimensions Variable – key: 7 x 2.5 cm (3¾ x 1 inches); fob: 7 x 5.5 cm (3¾ x 2 inches), Edition of 100, signed and numbered on separate label


Open every door in style—without ever misplacing your keys again. A perfectly located key pocket and heavy-duty retractable cord.


Resident Evil keys


The world’s most expensive car key was unveiled at the 2015 New York Auto Show. The key had its own security detail, which makes sense given that its value is estimated at $250,000. For that price you get a key made from platinum and black onyx that is covered in 40 carats worth of diamonds.


Key belonging to a man who lived secretly and undetected in the wall of a family’s home for six years.


A key to make you larger.


Secret Key storage – Fake Rock


You basically make your smartphone the key, and assuming you keep that key in your pocket you need only reach out and touch the lock when walking up to the door to unlock it.


16-year-old Kayleigh-Anne Palmer was using her key to get into the house when Aston Robinson, 18, strangled her with her scarf.


Key to Rembrandt’s painting studio.


Treasure Key of Earth Essence.


Ring of keys as weapon.


Key found inside the leg bone of a man who died in 1943.


Super Megaforce Red Ranger key.



Keys to Marie Antoinette’s bathroom and toilet.


Oscar Pistorius’s bedside table.


Front door key of J.M. Barrie.


A man from Seattle has captured a thief on surveillance camera easily breaking into his car using a mysterious electronic device. The thief in the video is shown attempting to open the locked door, but is unable to so he takes off his backpack and holds it up to the window of the vehicle, and seconds later unlocks the car.


Shawish has now created the world’s most expensive USB key, which is a part of its ultra-luxurious Magic Mushroom collection. The USB flash drive has two parts: the head of the fungus has hundreds of rubies, sapphires and diamonds, and the stem is made of 18K gold. Magic Mushrooms USB flash drive offers 32 GB of memory. Magic mushrooms USB key that is crafted with white gold,emeralds and white diamonds worth $36,900.


Skeleton key fashioned from a spoon by a prisoner in 1894.


“Might he find the right key to Truth?”


What: recycled keys turned into jewelry with a word on each piece of jewelry, such as “Hope”, “Dream,” or “Create”. Prices start at $35. Who: Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Ryan Gosling. Why: The Giving Keys exist to employ those transitioning out of homelessness. Wear a key and then gift it forward to someone when you feel they need the message more.


Car key of James Hetfield (Metallica).


A toddler has been hailed a miracle after getting a set of keys lodged in his brain. Nicholas Holderman fell on his parents’ car keys. One entered his eyelid and penetrated his brain.


The teenager-proof car: The MyKey limits the car’s top speed and stops teenagers turning the volume up too high on the stereo.


“When we arrived here we found Mr. Yancey gone to Liberty Court (16 miles off) and the keys of the house could not be obtained untill his return; Burwell had shaken open the front door so that we could enter & get into several of the rooms of the house but our chamber door in which room all the bedding was locked. Besides that, nothing either to eat or drink could be obtained, & to make the matter worse, the hard winter had killed almost everything in the garden. We satisfied our hunger with the wrecks of our travelling provisions, & whatever old Hannah & Burwell could find, after dilligently searching house & garden for several hours to collect the little that had been overlooked when the house was shut up last year, on the one hand & on the other, what the cold had spared. We were more hungry and tired than nice though, you may suppose, & at night were very contentedly about to stretch off upon the outside of the beds which had a single blanket tossed over the mattress, when the keys arrived, & in a moment we had tea & wine & comfortable beds.” — Thomas Jefferson


In the 17th century jailers’ keys were filled with gun powder to create a primitive gun that could be detonated if there was any trouble when opening a cell door.


Chris said: “I had quite a lot to drink and had no recollection of swallowing my door key. But my throat started to feel very sore and my stomach didn’t feel right so my friend took me to hospital on the bus.”


Cosplay Weapon Wooden Kingdom Hearts Sorami Mouse Key.


Master key owned by a first class steward of the Titanic, named Edmund Stone, for a series of cabins. Stone tried to escape along with the 15,000 others during the sinking. They recovered the key off his body later and returned it to his wife back in the United Kingdom. Although he died back then, the key was recovered and bought by an American collector for a little bit over $138,000 at Henry Aldridge in 2008. The key is the most expensive item of Titanic memorabilia.


Zelda keys.


Key that opens the front doors of The Disney Store.



Houdini’s secret ‘escape’ keys


The objects found on John Wilkes Booth’s person showed the amount of planning he had put into Lincoln’s murder and his escape. He used these weapons for defense, the keys to access the theater and Presidential booth, and the map and compass to navigate.



At the start of the 13-second clip the camera zooms in on a red Ferrari key which has a line of a white substance on it. Seconds later, he holds up the key to the camera for a close-up before snorting the powder off it while a pal looks on. The reality star, who has appeared in all 11 series of the hit MTV show Geordie Shore, then shudders and smiles. In the background a desk is covered in lines of white powder.


The main prison key of the Bastille Prison in Paris


This puzzle box originated in the Hakone region of Japan at the turn of the 19th century. It is known as the Himitsu-Bako, or Personal Secret Box. If opened, this puzzle box contains a good luck charm. Boxes such as these are made in various complexities, and consist of moves with a variety of twists to trick the person trying to open the box. To open this box would involve making 1500 movements in the correct series. In its 200 years of existence, no one has managed to open it.


When Kim Kardashian was pregnant with her daughter North, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star visited the “Love Locks” bridge with her mom Kris Jenner. The brunette beauty wrote a special message on her padlock and gave the key one last kiss before throwing it into the Seine River on May 21, 2013.


Key ring, disc has been stamped to read in my Basic 4mm font: “STAY SEXY ( in the middle ) DON’T GET MURDERED ( around the edge )”, with/without letter charm.


Marilyn Manson’s shoulder


Ingrid Bergman’s hand holding the key to the wine cellar in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Notorious’





p.s. I just found out that my very dear friend and hero and the publisher of my books in France, Paul Otchakovsky-Laurens, who was as great a human being as there has ever been, was killed in a car accident on Tuesday, and I’m deeply shaken and in shock. I hope you’ll understand that I can’t do the p.s. today. I will see you and catch up with you tomorrow.


  1. Dóra Grőber

    My condolences, Dennis. I’m very sorry for your loss.

  2. Ferdinand

    Im sorry for the terrible news and your loss. My new years also rang in with bad news. Your not alone. Hope that you may in time find peace in your heart.

  3. David Ehrenstein

    Oh how awful.
    My deepest condolences.
    I trust you’ll be writing about him. That’s the ideal way to mourn.

  4. Chris Cochrane

    Sorry to hear about Paul’s death. I can imagine your shaken, shocked etc.. I agree with David about writing, yet who am I telling that. It’s snow liking a monster here, probably not for long enough. I wish I could send some through the internet. Finally getting to your music list. some really incredible, some that don’t speak to me, as expected, wish I could down load more, started with GBV, Oxbow, Felicia, Pere ubu, Helena Celle. Thanks, a bit at a time, dug Yasunao Tone a lot. watched videos on you tube about food in Bangkok and Hanoi, wow, can’t wait. my condolences xo

  5. Steve Erickson

    Oh wow, Paul was incredibly important to French literature. His loss both as a person and publisher is immeasurable. I know this must be even worse since he wasn’t just the head of your press but a close friend. I am so sorry!

    Keys seem totally banal, but this day shows they’re not. I once thought I lost mine at a movie theater – fortunately, I keep a spare pair in my wallet, so I could get into my apartment – but two days later, I found out that I locked them into the PO box I had at the time!

  6. Tosh Berman

    Terrible news. I don’t know him, but his press is incredible. POL! Very sorry to hear this. love, tosh

  7. Amphibiouspeter

    Hi DC, so sorry to hear that, my condolences, I hope you’re keeping well and taking care of yourself.

  8. _Black_Acrylic

    I’m so sorry to hear this Dennis, seems he was an extraordinary person and it’s horrible news.

    Not much to add but here’s what there is – that’s me back in Dundee as of yesterday. Dad’s here for a couple of days, then Saturday will be my first time alone since early December and I’m very much looking forward to it. Later tonight we’ll see the DCA’s Andrew Lacon and Kate V Robertson shows so that will be good.

  9. Brendan

    Thinking of you today, Dennis. I’m so sorry for your loss.
    Love, B

  10. Bernard

    I’m very sorry to hear about this. I didn’t know much about him, but I starting looking things up this morning. Yes, a very big impact on your life, and many others. I know how sad you must be.
    It sounds like his father came from the same area as my grandmother. Hope to still get there someday.
    xx and especially o

  11. Steve Erickson

    I hope you’ll excuse me for disrupting the context of this day – I thought this article was very stimulating, and I would second its praise for EL MAR LA MAR:

  12. Shane Jesse Christmass

    Condolences from down under regarding Paul. Terrible news.

    For another time perhaps –

  13. Chris Cochrane

    well, yes Thin Black Duke

  14. Jamie

    Ach Dennis, I’m so sorry, that’s shit news. Lots of love to you Xx

  15. James Nulick


    My heart goes out to you. I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your friend and publisher.

    Much love,
    James ❤❤

  16. Misanthrope

    Dennis, That’s horrible. I’m so sorry to hear that. My condolences to you and to everyone who knew Paul. Love you.

  17. Mark Gluth

    Dennis, man, I’m so sorry.

  18. Bill

    So sorry to hear the bad news, Dennis. Hope you’re doing ok.

    Umm, that’s really J.M. Barrie’s key? Wow.


  19. Eli Levén

    I am so sad to hear if your loss Dennis. Thinking of you missing you ❤❤❤ Eli

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