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Galerie Dennis Cooper presents … The Xmas Show 2019


Roman Signer
Kathryn Andrews
John Armleder
Simeon Nelson
Ben Quilty
Tim Alkema
John Baldessari
Tom Burr
Oskar Dawicki
Vincent Fecteau
Martin Creed
Philippe Parreno
Máret Ánne Sara
William J. O’Brien
Lucio Arese
Carlos Aires
Paul McCarthy
David Hammons
Jim Shaw
Cai Guo-Qiang
Yrjö Edelmann
Otto Dieffenbach
Zuoxiao Zuzhou
Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz
Kenny Irwin
Scott Walker
Jesse Rieser
Karen Klimnik
Bill Horton
Myoung Ho Lee


SHIMABUKU Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, Kobe (1994)


Roman Signer Les Sapins-derviches (2015)


Kathryn Andrews from Run for President (2015)


John M Armleder Various (2004 – 2010)

‘Mr. I’


‘Too Much Is Not Enough’




Simeon Nelson Relicário (2011-15)


Ben Quilty The Biggest Bottom Feeder (2018)


Tim Alkema High powered rocket Christmas tree (2010)


John Baldessari Untitled (2016)


Tom Burr Christmas Collapse (2005)


BIG The original house from Lars Von Trier’s ‘The House That Jack Built’ (2018)


Oskar Dawicki After Christmas Forever (2005)


Vincent Fecteau Magic Ben Big Boy (1994)


Martin Creed It’s You (2016)


Unknown Andy Warhol and Truman Capote (1982)


Philippe Parreno Jean-Luc Godard (1993)


Máret Ánne Sara Pile o’ Sápmi (2017)


William J. O’Brien Untitled (2015)


Lucio Arese / Yu Miyashita Mimic (2012)


Carlos Aires Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart (2010)


Paul McCarthy Xmas Pudding (1999)


David Hammons Chasing the Blue Train (1989 – 1991)


Jim Shaw Heap (2005)


Cai Guo-Qiang Black Christmas Tree (2012)


Yrjö Edelmann 5 paintings (2014)


Otto Dieffenbach 2 drones (2014 – 2016)


Zuo Xiao Zuzhou I also love contemporary art (2007)


Unknown Untitled (1993)


Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz Various snow globes (2012 – 2015)


Kenny Irwin Robolights (1986 – 2018)


Scott Walker The Day the Conducator Died (An Xmas Song) (2012)


Jesse Rieser Christmas in America (2018)


Karen Kilimnik Switzerland, the Pink Panther & Peter Sellers & Boris & Natasha in Siberia (1991)


Bill Horton World’s Largest Entirely Edible Gingerbread House (2013)


Myoung Ho Lee Trees #6, #10 (2014)




p.s. RIP Anna Karina. Here’s the blog’s Anna Kania Day if you’d like a refresher. ** Scunnard, Hi, Jared. Thank you, I did. And I’m glad my faves list tinily helped offset the gloom. You good? ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, B. Good you’re building antidotes. Everyone, mighty _Black_Acrylic aka mighty Ben Robinson has made something to help you/us deal with the Boris Johnson apocalypse. It’s a Spotify playlist called Music for a Brexit General Election, and it’s full of tastiness (from Sparks to Nico to JPEGMAFIA to Status Quo and beyond), and it’s … here. ** David Ehrenstein, Yes, re: Gunvor Nelson. I’ll have a peek at that Genet thing, thanks. ** Sypha, Hi. Ha ha, well, since she becomes ever more of a shade throwing magnet, I’m just going with the flow. But, okay truce. ** Bill, Thanks, Bill. Well, it was a quickie. The PGL screening went really great, and that was the aim. Wandered about, saw some art, ate insanely good and insanely cheap food. Not bad. Okay, noted, about ‘The Wretched’. Oh, was there, i.e. a Parisian flavor to that escorts assortment? Curious. Another new Matmos? Does it have another ‘trick’ to it? Well, I’ll find out. Thanks, bud. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. Well, I think her eternal need for a huge amount of attention has become very undiscriminating. Look forward to the interview. Everyone, Here is Mr. Erickson’s interview with Alla Kovgan, director of thew new documentary about Merce Cunningham called, well, ‘Cunningham’. Check it. And while you’re at that, or I mean just after or before, go find out what his top 10 films of 2019 were/are. Here. Huh, you’re the first person I know who hasn’t liked ‘Jojo Rabbit’. I haven’t seen it. ** Montse, Yay, you’re back! I’m so happy too! Yeah, actually, the new novel is pretty specifically about ‘The Heart is a Lonely Hunter’, but more about the little known film adaptation than the novel itself. There’s a whole section where I talk about that film and its effect on me. The Berlin screening went really well, yeah, thank you! And Zac says hi. I told him you came back on the blog, and he’s very happy that we’re back in touch. We talk about you frequently. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up and visit somehow some way before too long. Big love, me. ** Mark Doten, Hi, Mark! Well, I was so happy and driven to put it in the list and hypnotised to do so by its greatness. Berlin was cool. How’s everything hanging? ** Mark Gluth, Hey, Mark. Thanks, man, it did. Go well. Cool, whenever the time is right, I’ll be ready and impassioned for the post stuff. ** Okay. I filled my galleria with a little Xmas show for you. I hope it puts you in an appropriate mood or something. See you tomorrow.


  1. Love Andy Claus and Truman Persons!
    Count me a another person who didn’t like “Jojo Rabbit” — annoyingly smug.
    “Variety” asked me to write an Anna Karina tribute so I spent the better part of yesterday doing one. It should be up in a day or two and when it is I’ll provide a link.

  2. Ho ho ho Dennis. Congrats on the completed novel, seems it went relatively quick.. like recording an album instead of writing a book? You do seem prolific, and Im glad to see PGL available to purchase on dvd, you must be proud, I would.

    I wanted to talk two things: Slaves and also Edmund White. First the slave/ master thing.. I can kind of laugh about it now and I do find the dynamic interesting.. last night a stranger online was like “but first I’m gonna renovate u.” And asking him what that entails he said “turning your beer belly into a 6 pack” this was after he had already specified the time of my “training” etc. I said if i wanted a 6 pack surely I wouldn’t have the body type that I do and I said its not up for discussion. Ha! I mean, talk about presumptuous.. and dedication.. Anyway one can’t help dream about the possibilities (getting locked up and never escaping!) And its left me thinking, do you know of any novels on the subject of master / slave or even non fiction.. ? I browsed google very lightly and one of the non fiction results speaking on the topic was a very lofty title: Gay spirituality: the role of gay identity in the transformation of human consciousness (!)

    I recently ordered the Genet bio by Edmund White (its big) and some of White’s novels too. The beautiful room is empty (it had to be a beautiful room of coarse) has this funny scene where the protagonist finally gets through to his (non) lover at 01:00 a.m on the phone, and the non lover is slurring and before dropping the phone manages to mutter the command ” Bunny.. u gotta get me… a high colonic irrigation.” I missed the live stream on F.b of John Waters introducing and handing Edmund White his lifetime achievement Book prize, but caught a quote from it on twitter: “reading is the perfect fetish when White is your literary top” and Waters quoting White: “the bias against the asshole is unreasonable.” Ho ho ho

  3. Here’s my Anna Karina piece! It went up tis morning. Boy that as fast.

    Eddie White is a total delight. His Genet book s chock full of information about the great punk queen — who wasn’t as tough as he’d like everyone to believe.

  4. Hi, Dennis!

    I love ‘The Heart is a Lonely Hunter’ so much, but I haven’t seen the film adaptation. I’ll try to fix that. Wow, your novel sounds really promising. I’ll be looking forward to that.

    Oh, you and Zac are so nice! Yeah, it’d be so cool to hang out with you again soon. I also told Xet that I wrote to you the other day. And we thought we could go to Paris for a little break next year and see you guys. Any chance you might come to Barcelona?

    Those snow globes are cool! Have you already done your Bûche de Noël day?

    Oh, I also wanted to tell you that we saw Guided by Voices at Primavera Sound last May. It was so incredible. I had never seen them before. It was just one great song after another. I thought a lot about you. Definitely one of the highlights of 2019 for me.


  5. Good to hear you had a nice time in Berlin, Dennis.

    Those snow globes certainly match my seasonal mood, Brit election results and all. Sigh.

    I actually wasn’t that excited with what I heard from the Matmos plastics album. The new one is quite different, as you see from the blurb; I think I like it more.


  6. I love those Martin and Munoz snow globes, but then I’ve always had a thing about snow globes for some reason. Maybe because they’re the ultimate Xmas accessory?

    I found this cool thing on Twitter today, which is film of the sadly-missed Frank Sidebottom performing at a Christmas Party in 2009.

  7. Dennis, I’m back! And in time for another Galerie! Yay!

    We had no real plans in NYC except for eating, walking, and shopping. We did all three. It rained the first half of the trip but no worries. We hit Bryant Park Market and Union Square Market and then Soho for the kids to shop. Ate some good food too. I just like walking around the city.

  8. Dennis, well, I was just joking… I told a friend my theory that I think you take the occasional shot at Gaga on here because you know I’ll inevitably take the bait and respond. I still think that she’s in her mainstream/EVITA period and while it’s been hit or miss (wasn’t wild about the album she did with Tony Bennett but I loved A STAR IS BORN, and I’ll say it again: I loved A STAR IS BORN) I’m still curious to see what she does next. As you observed her big flaw is a desire to be loved by everyone, which is one reason I tend to gravitate to Madonna more (in that she seems to thrive on negativity rather than positivity).

    This has been the holiday season from hell, though (for me). Last week I caught a stomach bug from one of my brothers and I just can’t shake it… on top of that I also think I’ve developed a sinus infection which in turn has led to some debilitating headaches (I took a sick day today but I’m still doing very late closing shifts Tuesday to Friday). Don’t really know how I’ll make it through the week, ha ha… may go to Urgent Care tomorrow though.

  9. JOJO RABBIT feels like a HOGAN’S HEROES episode directed by a dumb Wes Anderson wanna-be, and it has even less to say about fascism than you would expect from that description.

    I’m trying to make concrete plans to set a date to record the voice-over for my film in January. The actor wants to finalize this date before the end of the year.

  10. Hi Dennis. I was traveling and missed your “mine for yours” day. Thank you so much for including “If You Won’t Read…” I’m honored and glad you enjoyed it!

    Myoung Ho Lee’s is great. I like the idea of claiming his art for Christmas when the trees are appropriate. This whole post is full of goodies.

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