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Galerie Dennis Cooper presents … Snow Globalists: Bounty, Anthony Gormley, Thomas Doyle, Neil Conley, PETA, Phillip Toledando, Orson Welles, Jean Paul Gaultier, Martin Margiela, We Love Cards Ltd., Louise Devin, Artisan du Chocolat, Paige Russell, Walt Disney, Dorothy, Snoap Globes, JA-JA Architects, Hideyuki Nakayama, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Julia Landsiedl, The Mill, Karl Stiefvater, Nadine is Here, Tara Lapinski, Jason Huff, Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz, Sir Hod, Peleg Design, Ges Gesch, Sean Michael Ragan, Puzzled Inc., Brian Maltby, and a cast of unknowns *

* (restored/expanded)










Masyn Machien


Anthony Gormley


Thomas Doyle






Neil Conley






Phillip Toledando


Orson Welles




Westland Universal


Jean Paul Gaultier


Martin Margiela


unknown (edible)


We Love Cards Ltd.


Louise Devin





Artisan du chocolat


Paige Russell’s snowglobe cocktail




Walt Disney















Snoap Globes



JA-JA Architects








Hideyuki Nakayama


Louis Vuitton





Julia Landsiedl






The Mill



Karl Stiefvater


Nadine is Here




Jason Huff


Tara Lapinski


Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz












Nir Hod






Peleg Design


Ges Gesch




Sean Michael Ragan


Puzzled Inc.


Brad Maltby




p.s. Hey. ** MyNeighbourJohnTurtorro, Well, hi, John! Totally a pleasure to see you, man. I’m so sorry about the unwellness you’ve been going through, but it’s very good news that you’re upswinging. Cool, our tastes have aligned as they seem so often do. ‘Mouchette’, yes, so great and devastating. I’s definitely among my very favorite Bressons. His film render me almost totally inarticulate too. Totally okay about the screening thing, of course. You’re tentatively coming to Paris! I’m pretty sure I’ll be here since I should be in town working on the film through September, so, yes, let’s definitely meet up for coffee and pastries. Somewhere cool, or at least in the shade. It is funny about my heat hatred, but at least in LA the heat is desert heat, dry, and it tends to wear off in the evenings. It’s the moist heat that I particularly despise. Anyway, very glad to see you, my friend! ** Jamie, Hi, bud. Glad you liked those tracks, and, yeah, I love that gif. I was trying to find a place for in my gif fiction for a while, but I never could for some reason, so I decided to unleash it. Life in the mines is good. We’re getting there. The film is looking more and more like the film we want. Very exciting! Good or at least productive attitude re: the forced revising and decommissioning of your ideas’ extravagance. Um, I think the reinventing will be fine. It looks like it. There’s mainly one scene that I’ve mentioned here before that was a disaster while shooting. It was meant to be a lengthy scene, a lot said/revealed and going on, and now it has to be tight and very reserved, withholding, and work that way, the opposite way. I think it’s a go. Won’t know for sure until we watch the new cut of the film through, which I suspect we’ll do tomorrow. Flat hunting stress is ugly stress. I just hope you guys get something fine and even dandy very quickly. I have this feeling you will, I don’t know why. My Wednesday’s only wonders involved how nips and tucks to the film worked kind of magically. Today will be similar. Everything else yesterday was just preparing for the editing and then eating and chilling afterwards. May your Thursday bring you major booty. Pandemic love, Dennis. ** David Ehrenstein, Thank you. ** Marcus Whale, Hi, Marcus! How cool (to see you)! And thanks about the gig. Pateras is a new discovery for me, and I’m really into it. I don’t know that 70 minute piece of his, but I will. Thanks a lot for the tip. How’s life on your end and music-making and everything else? Take care. ** Sypha, Wow, if you can manage both do that puzzle and write a novella too you will officially be an unbelievable creature. ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! I’m glad you read the Entropy piece, thanks. Yeah, I’m really chuffed and proud and all that stuff when the gif work reaches someone who can articulate how it reaches them, and Chris Higgs is a super smart, amazing writer. So, yeah! Nice low-key you had, it sounds like. Those are important days too. My day was just editing and editing. And eating a little bit once in a while. And lots of coffee. And some cigarettes. And that’s pretty much the whole story. But all is well, and I’m happy about how the film is progressing. Was your Thursday a goodie? ** Steevee, Hi. Oh, there’s pop in my gig occasionally. Very occasionally, I will admit. The Charli XCX is kind of maybe a perfect pop record, I think. ** S., Swimming, nice. I way can’t remember the last time I went swimming. Whoa, really, it must have been forever ago. Weird. It seems like there would be nothing but very, very good reasons not to swim with dolphins. ** _Black_Acrylic, Yeah, good album, that Jlin, right? It really does look like you UK guys (and all of us guys by proxy) are going to get very bad election news tonight. Someone needs to figure out how to cure fear of the unknown, or maybe not fear, hatred, hatred of the unknown, or to at least cure people’s ability to manipulate others’ fear into hatred, or something. ** Chris dankland, Hi, Chris! Thank you, man. Very lucky you to get to see Alex G. Have enough fun for the both of us. My morning is involving gobbling coffee, speeding through the p.s., jumping in the shower, and then zooming outdoors. Which is nicer than it sounds. Have a great one! ** Joseph, Hi, Joseph. Yeah, until the package arrived in the mail, I didn’t know Semiotext(e) was publishing that Duvert either. Man, how good of a publisher is Semiotext(e). Very, very very. Uh, … I don’t know if that novel is the one of which you speak. My pleasure on the music. I hope your today works perfectly. ** Misanthrope, Hey. Right, yeah, I guess another surgery would be the only option. Shit. Can’t they, like, dissolve it or something? Probably not since I assume it’s made to wind up in the hands of future archeologists. Well, keep me up on everything on that front. And on every other front. ** H, Hi, Thank you! Me too, obviously. ** Kyler, Hi, K! Wow, nice quote there by T. Swinton. ‘Au Hazard Balthazar’ is the Bresson film. Just the other day T. Swinton was eating at the sidewalk cafe next to my front door. During the Cannes Festival. She’s tall! Nice to see you, sir! ** Right. I dragged out and expanded my old, long-lost post regarding snow globes because … I don’t know, just because. See you tomorrow.


  1. Hi D! I thought I’d match your early morning ps replying with an early morning comment! I have to take a pill half an hour before I eat atm & I always have a half hour of limbo, so thought I’d spend that time wisely.
    I love snow globes! I’ve got a real thing for them and have long held a notion that I’d start a collection, but I keep forgetting to buy any. I want some really cheesy ‘winter scene’ ones. Great post, thanks.
    Your editing all sounds good. I like the idea of the long scene’s enforced inversion (if that’s correct) and it still having to have a similar impact. Makes me think it’ll now have some kind of delicious secret/withheld quality. Nice.
    Ta for your good flat-hunting voodoo. I’m about to contact a few possibles and we have a friend’s old flat to view at the weekend, and if all else fails we can def have that, so it’s looking ok.
    How’s Thursday’s editing worked out? You get to do/see/hear anything else?
    Hope Thursday’s been sweet and you have the finest Friday, mon ami.
    Cylindrical love,

  2. Hello, Dennis: can’t tell which ones are newly put together here today. Love it like before, of course, and globes by Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz are my favorites. Such pristine criminal scenes. And a lovely phrase ‘snow globalist’ – so ambiguous, utopian words. Thank you! Oh, Metrograph in NYC holds Bresson screenings this weekend, and I might watch ‘Une femme douce’ this time. I’m already scared to see it for Bresson singular severity. Enjoy the rest of the week (how is the weather?) — till soon.

  3. You should have gone over and said hello to Tilda, Dennis. I’m sure she’s heard of you. And if not just tell her you’re a friend of mine.

  4. Hi Dennis Cooper – thought you’d want to know about some of our snow globes

    The John Ashcroft snow globe

    History of Art

    F**K snow globe

    Deadly Sins #1-7

    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

    I’ve followed your writing for many, many years…

    All the best,
    Marshall Reese

  5. Are any of Charli XCX’s other albums as good? I liked her turn on Icona Pop’s “I Love It,” but doing a guest feature on an Iggy Azalea song is a big black mark in my book. The Tiny Mix Tapes review of NUMBER ONE ANIMAL didn’t make a huge amount of sense if you weren’t familiar with her entire body of work.

    Good luck with editing!

  6. I was interested to see a Martin Margiela globe, then noticed it was empty but for the label. Wonder if it was John Galliano who designed that?

    Just seen the UK General Election exit poll tonight and I’m happy to see my prediction of a Tory landslide proved wrong. It’s a hung Parliament = no side with a majority. Who knows, there might even be other election after this one. Theresa May looks to be toast with Jeremy Corbyn massively exceeding expectations, and the upshot is that UK politics and Brexit is in a big mess.

  7. ive been suspicious like theyre the turds of the sea or creeps. at a british pub real brits eating kidney. trying to make it to the beach. the haunted bookstore is cute smells so good. nice sense of humor books like ” its fun to be jewish” its haunt is a theme even found the book. whats up with the headbanging kid? xoxo

  8. Nicholas Jason Rhoades

    June 9, 2017 at 2:33 am

    Wow. Hey, D. It has been a while. I’m pretty sure you know what composed that while. I’m wishing myself into some of those globes.

    Really, pretty typical. My newest ‘home health taker’ is in a coma in a nearby really shitty hospital. I think he’ll pull through. He’s gotta get out of Detroit. I don’t know how even got himself there. The man liked to drink. He went to ‘Movement,’ the electronic festival (great when it was free). Then I didn’t see him for over a week. It was not too hard to make an educated guess at what caused that bullshit. I love the man as a friend; I am sick of hearing or dealing or enduring this shit. His family, or what is left of them, just want to take him back to FL. There are so many reasons he should not be there (alcoholic girlfriend and meth). Enough.

    Don’t want to be totally negative. Just honest.

    With Mother’s Day on my mind, I wanted to give props to yours, and mine. I remember Dusty ordering TMS and not allowing me to read it until she thought she’d figured it out. She said, ‘Your turn… let’s have a beer.’ She loved you, D.

    I have more than a few updates for you. I’m just settling back into my life again. Not easy for me. I’ll do it. Fuck hospitals (well, not really… just bad ones). Fuck Amazon for sure – delivering me three packages of MacPro chargers that don’t fit my computer. I may have been too distracted to order properly (but three times in a row?). And I had identity theft happen. That’s totally fucked. Who’d want my ID? I can barely buy eats.

    Oh, the mural in my living room is partially done. I love it, and the landlord has seemed to build an understanding of why I’d do such a thing. Pix to follow in some way or other.

    So for now, I’m digging on Blondie, my youngster boyfriend, and squeezing out some words that might fucking matter.


  9. Dennis, I shall keep you up to date.

    I like the Peter Pan one with Peter in the globe on the bed. It takes the story to another level, that untouchable Peter Pan.

    The Martin and Munoz ones, some of them look like the landscape in KTL.

    Btw, I found DavidE’s review of Handsome Devil. Seems there’s a bit of cheese in there, but it’s balanced out by a more-original-than-most-gay-movies narrative in some respects. I think I still want to see it.

    Will be seeing Wonder Woman this weekend with a friend. That should at least be fun.

  10. Hey Dennis, hope this finds you well! I hope the editing is going great! Things are good here. The next book imposes itself on me at different times, which feels good, but still not quite ready to plunge back into a new project. Though I think the voice is finding its way to me. I’ve been looking at Notes on the Cinematographer a little for this seminar I’m giving at the upcoming mfa res I teach at. Do you ever think about Bresson as you guys work on the film, or is that something that’s been ” easier” to apply to your fiction? Great snowglobe day, I feel like the books I like best are like snowglobes, have a great weekend,Alistair xo

  11. Dennis, I must be seriously losing it. Really – usually I check first thing to see what you said to me; but today I totally forgot that I made a comment last night, and just happened to look at the PS just now, late – and thought, What – you’re saying something to ME? WTF – then Oh yeah, Tilda. Completely forgot. I think my late-night drinking of red wine must be getting the better of me.

    No chance of missing you Friday morning (today) as it’s the Full Moon and as Geraldine Page says in Trip to Bountiful, she never can sleep on the full moon. So I know I’ll be up and I’ll see you. Always good to see you!

  12. anonymous bosch

    June 9, 2017 at 8:04 am

    this seems relevant: Abbath, the former singer/guitarist of black metal legends Immortal, made some pretty sweet snow globes.


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