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This door knob represents Panetheus having his eyes pecked out by a bird as a punishment from Zeus for giving humans the secret to make fire.




The Tanaka Sliding Door is a door that moulds to the shape of your body as you pass through it. “Who the fuck wants a door like this? Not me, you? I guess it’s kinda wierd but then again Japanese people like wierd shit like pulling down girls underwear in public and eating girl’s shit and eaitng sushi off of a guy’s penis.” — Anonymous






Original Toughage Door Sex Swing Chair, it can satisfy your fresh sexual intercourse positions and give you give you fresh stimulus sexual enjoyment for coushion sex love games. Also, you can share the feeling of the emperor when you make love by slave bondage restraints kit You can share the different sex feeling, it is an amazing feeling of bondage restraints that can has the unique ability to enhance your sex life.




The knock detecting door lock is built with an Arduino, a motor and piezo sensor which record and detect the phony knocks on your door. The system won’t open until a certain code pattern is detected.


Horror movies

Beyond the Door, 1974

The Forbidden Door, 2009

The Girl Next Door, 2007

At the Devil’s Door, 2014

Beneath the Door, 1996

Behind the Red Door, 2003

Behind the Door, 2014

The Strange Door, 1951

The Dead Next Door, 1990

Cellar Door, 2006


This past week my wife and I visited the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. It is a museum that hosts among other things exhibitions of contemporary art. One of the exhibits was a work of art by Robert Gober created in the late 1980s entitled “Untitled Door And Door Frame” and the elements used were “wood, enamel paint.” To a left-brained home fixit guy like myself, Untitled Door And Door Frame looked like an unfinished project and anything but a work of art. In my linear, structured way of thinking the paint was dry so why not get the necessary hardware, grab the door and install the hinges and latch set, measure the doorframe to match, install its hinges and mount the door? But God’s view of us as a work of art defies our limited worldly perspective. In heavens eyes art is defined solely by the Creator. When God created the heavens and the earth with man, both male and female, as His crowning achievement He “looked over all He had made, and He saw that it was very good!” (Genesis 1:31 NLT) When God declares that His works of art are art, and “very good” at that, then we need to agree with Him. Yes we may feel like an unhinged door, even look like one to a casual observer, but in heavens eyes we are a valuable work of art, “God’s workmanship” or “masterpiece” the Bible tells us. God looks at us, the way any artist looks at their finished work, with a sense of satisfaction and personal delight. And that is prior to us having ever done anything, been of any benefit to anyone else or proven our worth to God Himself. All the credit for being a masterpiece goes to the creator, not to the work.


Dominic Muren’s award-winning Melody Door works like a vertical xylophone, allowing you to tap out your very own signature tune on a full octave of available notes.



The Epidemic
by Georges Perec

The dreamer (this whole story is like a novel in the third person) has sat down at a little bistro. He is foreign, but they quickly come to treat him like a regular. The boss and some of the customers are discussing the epidemic. The Chinese cook of the restaurant enters (the dreamer thinks he looks like someone he knows); the Chinese cook says they need to find a replacement for him, because he can no longer continue to man the stoves and cook for the girls. On this note he cites a Shakespearean proverb:

    They died not all, but all were sick!

Stunned, the owner of the café looks at the dreamer: he’s the one who taught him the proverb. At that instant the dreamer understands that he is no longer a stranger at some table and that he is now the “central character”; at the same time, he recognizes the Chinese cook; he knows only him; he’s the one who comes from time to time to volunteer for the girls.

There has been a great cholera epidemic. Everyone wants to be examined. The symptom is spitting up blood. The dreamer and two of his friends walk around the town. They arrive in front of a stairway blocked by a mass of young girls, surely a boarding school. They pretend to have priority, like one of them has been stricken, so that the doctor has to look after them first. The doctor has to clear a path through the girls.

A bit later, in a crowd of girls splayed out, sick, the dreamer picks up a piece of earth (and not a piece of trash or of feces) from the ground. And he discovers, behind a door, his friend J., laid flat, dead, turned into earth, turned into a block of earth that is missing the piece the dreamer just picked up.


Meandering Door


A Riverside County man has pleaded not guilty to burglary and indecent exposure charges after he alleged crawled through a neighbor’s doggie door naked for sex. Philip John Garcia, 41, was arrested on April 10 and is being held on $130,000 bail. According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, the victim told authorities that her husband had left for work that evening and she was preparing for bed when she heard a knock on her bedroom door. The woman opened the door to find Garcia naked and possibly intoxicated. Garcia allegedly told the woman that he was there to have sex, officials said. The victim yelled at him to leave and called authorities. Garcia was later arrested after deputies located him naked in his own bed.




The defendus labyrinth door chain is a project by the Art Lebedev studio in Moscow. Constructed from titanium alloy, fixed in place with 10 different screws and load-tested to a whopping 700 pounds of force, the door chain forces you to solve a maze to exit with no other option.




In 1990, two years after April Tinsley’s murder, this message appeared on a barn door near where her body was recovered.


More knobs


PS1 Contemporary Art Center reopened in 1997 after extensive renovations. Alanna Heiss, the gallery’s founder and director, first installed her organisation in this abandoned school in 1976, and to inaugurate the new building with a nod to its past, Gordon Matta-Clark’s Doors, Floors, Doors (1976) was re-made. Using the dimensions of an adjacent door, a rectangular slot was cut through the structure in a vertical line that descended into the basement. To cast a vertigo-inducing glance through these layers of wood and metal was to recall PS1’s origins as an exhibition space whose architecture the artists could sully with impunity.


Botulistum plays a sickeing kind of black metal , which they call “peat metal”. Botulistum was formed in the beginning of 1998 by Nachtraaf (Stringraper and Drumprofaner) and Botmuyl (Over the top hysteria and sickening one snared violin). They started this band as a statement against commercial acts , humanity and other trends. The band split up again in 2002.


Moms gets creepy as hell in the new Old Spice ad.



Sylvia is an actress in erotic movies for whom the narrator is making a table out of a door. He has made one of these for each of his other relationships, all of which failed. A door is what you close behind you when you leave, and what you use to shut things away out of sight. It can be a symbol for repressing problems into your subconscious. It is the opposite of communication — not a very appropriate gift to a lover. One of the women apparently threw the door he gave her onto the barricades, so she didn’t appreciate it.


A door you can only see through if you’re standing in exactly the right spot. If you’re further than 50 centimetres from the inside of the FOCUS Door, a curious milky fog creeps in from the edges of the glass, reducing your vision to a transparent central strip. Move left or right, and that strip moves to the opposite side of the door to you. It’s another door to keep the world at arm’s length – in this case, consigning it to “out of sight, out of mind”.




57-year-old Anthony Bruce Berry was caught by police after he performed an “Indecent act” on the door of a business in Hypoluxo, Florida. An employee saw the whole incident and even got video to use as proof when she called the police. the unidentified employee of the business told law enforcement that she saw Berry walk to the back of the establishment around 2 in the afternoon. Soon after going to the back of the building, Berry reappeared at the front entrance where he tried to open the door. The door was locked so instead of leaving, he pulled out his privates and began committed the disturbing act. Once Anthony Berry finished himself off, he pulled his clothes back together and walked away. He took a seat on a nearby bench and that’s where police found him once the employee called the cops. The police asked Berry if he had committed the sex act with the door and Berry replied, “Yes, I have a mental problem!”



from The School
by Donald Barthelme

One day, we had a discussion in class. The children asked me, where did they go? The trees, the salamander, the tropical fish, Edgar, the poppas and mommas, Matthew and Tony, where did they go? And I said, I don’t know, I don’t know. And they said, who knows? and I said, nobody knows. And they said, is death that which gives meaning to life? And I said no, life is that which gives meaning to life. Then they said, but isn’t death, considered as a fundamental datum, the means by which the taken-for-granted mundanity of the everyday may be transcended in the direction of –
    I said, yes, maybe.
    They said, we don’t like it.
    I said, that’s sound.
    They said, it’s a bloody shame!
    I said, it is.
    They said, will you make love now with Helen (our teaching assistant) so that we can see how it is done? We know you like Helen.
    I do like Helen but I said that I would not.
    We’ve heard so much about it, they said, but we’ve never seen it.
    I said I would be fired and that it was never, or almost never, done as a demonstration. Helen looked out the window.
    They said, please, please make love with Helen, we require an assertion of value, we are frightened.

I said that they shouldn’t be frightened (although I am often frightened) and that there was value everywhere. Helen came and embraced me. I kissed her a few times on the brow. We held each other. The children were excited. Then there was a knock on the door, I opened the door, and the new gerbil walked in. The children cheered wildly.


No door to balcony


It’s been sixteen years since Goatwhore reared its menacing head from the swamplands of New Orleans, Louisiana — a city rife with urban tales of voodoo curses, witchcraft and hauntings by souls of the damned. Spawned by former Acid Bath/Crowbar guitarist Sammy Duet in 1997, their winding legacy follows a dramatic, at times traumatic, sequence of personnel changes, fatal injuries, paranormal activity, natural disasters, and a collection of other misadventures large and small. They say what doesn’t kill you… whether driven by an unwavering commitment to their craft, pure insanity, the divine powers of Satan or perhaps a combination of the three, Goatwhore forever perseveres, inadvertently establishing themselves as one the most consistently punishing live bands of the 21st century.


10 artists’ “doors”

Rachel Whiteread

Jim Hodges

Gerhard Richter

Ai Wei Wei

Tom Burr

Matthew Brannon

Robert Motherwell

Gary Hume

Ivan Navarro

Yoko Ono


Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door music that has been extended to play for half an hour.


Door Jam Cuffs are great for stand-up sex. The quickest set-up ever! No installation! Will not leave any marks on doors! Place straps over the door, then close firmly. Opens the door to your fantasies. Great for travel to hotels and no-tell motels. Comes with one pair of cuffs and 2 door jam straps. Sports Cuffs are comfortable, adjustable, and sturdy. Fits almost any door. Easy on, easy off Velcro closures. Door Jam Cuffs Set is a registered trademark for Sportsheets. Keeping couples connected.


Creaking door sound effects


“Then Tex told me to go back into the house and write something on the door in one of the victim’s blood,” said Susan Atkins. He said, ‘Write something that would shock the world.’ And I got the towel with Sharon Tate’s blood, walked over to the door and with the towel I wrote pig on the door.”




p.s. Hey. So, starting tomorrow, the p.s. and I will be taking another forced vacation from the blog, but shorter this time. The reason is that I take a red eye flight to Paris tonight then go to Mallorca on Saturday for two days because Zac and I are showing ‘Permanent Green Light’ at a film festival there. The p.s. (and I) will return ‘live’ from Paris on this coming Tuesday, the 3rd. In the meantime you’ll get daily posts as usual, of course. ** Bill, Hi. Wow, so many firsts! Yeah, that let down is decidedly expectable. Future plane flight food, or rather snack, apparently. I’m one of the apparently rare people who didn’t like ‘Upstream Color’ at all, but written by Brian Evenson? Now you’re talking. Thanks, man. My ‘prayer’ is that I’ll snooze for most of the miserably all-nighter flight, but since sleeping on planes is a miracle too far for me, I’ll probably, yes, stare miserably at bad movies all night. May they be bad enough! ** Marilyn Roxie, Hi. Cool, thanks for the alert. I won’t have time to access it until next week, but I will, you bet. Everyone, the always amazing artist Marilyn Roxie has a new eye-popping work that you can check out so very easily by going here. ** David Ehrenstein, ‘Axiom’: that’s nice. Yeah. Thank you muchly for your McDowell- and Anderson-related wisdom. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. How fortuitous that Slava was there. Very interesting. Hm, the Nico film sounds curious at least. But none of her actual music? That’s pushing it, no? ** _Black_Acrylic, Holy shit: those pix of Stephen with Malcom McDowell! What in the world?! I’m gonna make Stephen explain that to me as soon my brain cells are back on Paris time. Good, good, about the DCA’s healthy ‘Compendium’ stocking. I fear that Paris is having that same heatwave, and, god, I hate that shit just like you do. Ugh. But small yet significant comfort that South Korea knocked Germany way the fuck out. Sorry, German fans. ** Chris dankland, Hey, man! Oh, either stick around in the theater itself, if they let you, or I can find you in the hallway outside the theater as soon as I finish the brief post-show dressing room thing. I’m excited about the interview! And grateful! So, yeah, I’ll meet you ere very long at all. I hope you like the show. ** Nik, Hi, man! It was great getting to talk with you a bit. I’ve enjoyed doing the show again a lot, actually. More than I thought I would. And the response has been amazing. So, yeah, pretty cool. The PGL in NYC screening will happen. We’re just waiting to hear confirmation on the dates. I know and love Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s films. I’ve only seen bits of his art online here and there, but he’s quite great. I don’t think I know Michelle Charles, but I’ll investigate. Mm, I think all of the gallery shows I saw and liked have closed now. I definitely recommend the Adrian Piper retrospective at MoMA and the Reza Abdoh survey at PS1. Frances Stark has a show that just opened at Gavin Brown, and I didn’t see it, but she’s one of my favorite artists, so it’s probably great. Thanks again, man! Have a total blast! ** Tomk, Doominess is just so unproductive. There’s always an alternate route. Well, of course, I think your novel sounds totally crazy and brilliant, so I only double down on the ‘no doom’ message. ** JM, Hi. Peas in a pod, perhaps, those two. Okay, I’ll probably not see your email until next week, but I’ll chomp at it theoretically in the meantime. ** Right. Here’s a formerly dead post that sort of twists and turns around the theme of the door, I guess. Enjoy the blog and yourselves for the next several days. I’ll see you and catch up any comments you’ve left on Tuesday.


  1. Have ANiceLife

    June 28, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    You didn’t like Upstream Color? http://yearendlists.com/2014/01/dennis-cooper-13-favorite-films-of-2013/ seems to think it was one of your favourite of 2013? You re-evaluated since then?

  2. Here’s my interview with THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS director Tim Wardle:

    Trine Dyrholm actually does a pretty good job of evoking Nico’s music without literally copying it. I had a bigger problem with the film’s flashback scenes, which of course try to look like Warhol films during their depictions of her – unless Dyrholm is wearing a wig and tons of makeup to make her look heavier in the entire rest of the film, Nico must be played a younger, blonde actress here – in the 1960s and WW2 documentaries during her childhood.

  3. I feel so sick and depressed over the Annapolis shooting. The chickens our government and useful idiots like that Self-Promoting/Hating “Dangerous Faggot” have planted are coming home to roost, and it’s tearing the U.S. apart. I am going to a protest of the government’s immigration policy Saturday morning, but beyond that, I don’t know what to do or how to have any sense of hope over this country’s direction. Fuck guns and the idea that they should be the personal or national first go-to tool for a conflict instead of trying to defuse it or prevent it from happening.

  4. Hi Dennis, oh that would make me very happy to have a ‘welcome to the world post’ of course! haha it’s such an odd book, I feel like it might just disappear when released into the world. heh. Let’s see, holiday. I went to the beach with my niece and didn’t put any sunscreen on my knees and burnt to a crisp… only on my knees… which was just weird and uncomfortable and I can’t remember the last time I had a sunburn. Was kind of funny actually. Then I flew up to Seattle for a few days to visit family and am now back in CA. Enjoying Mexican food as the brits definitely don’t get it right, was also thinking about checking out the Broad as haven’t been before, but also might just be lazy.

  5. At a brief-scroll before I came back to do an under-scrutiny post-viewing I was convinced the guy in the gif for the second door was you. On which note, do you find the reproduction of Your Image in relation to Your Non-Image work (or, EVEN, in relation to your image work) strange?? fav door is the workers leaving the factory image of the butt. the maze-door looks unsolvable at a first glance to me!!

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