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Conveyor Belt Day *

* (restored)

‘A conveyor belt consists of two or more pulleys, with a continuous loop of material – the conveyor belt – that rotates about them. One or both of the pulleys are powered, moving the belt and the material on the belt forward. The powered pulley is called the drive pulley while the unpowered pulley is called the idler. There are two main industrial classes of belt conveyors; Those in general material handling such as those moving boxes along inside a factory and bulk material handling such as those used to transport industrial and agricultural materials, such as grain, coal, ores, fines, and lumps material.

‘The belt consists of one or more layers of material. They can be made out of rubber. Many belts in general material handling have two layers. An under layer of material to provide linear strength and shape called a carcass and an over layer called the cover. The carcass is often a woven fabric having a warp & weft. The most common carcass materials are polyester, nylon and cotton. The cover is often various rubber or plastic compounds specified by use of the belt. Covers can be made from more exotic materials for unusual applications such as silicone for heat or gum rubber when traction is essential.

‘Material flowing over the belt may be weighed in transit using a beltweigher. Belts with regularly spaced partitions, known as elevator belts, are used for transporting loose materials up steep inclines. Belt Conveyors are used in self-unloading bulk freighters and in live bottom trucks. Conveyor technology is also used in conveyor transport such as moving sidewalks or escalators, as well as on many manufacturing assembly lines. Stores often have conveyor belts at the check-out counter to move shopping items. Ski areas also use conveyor belts to transport skiers up the hill.

‘Primitive conveyor belts were used since the 19th century. In 1892, Thomas Robins began a series of inventions which led to the development of a conveyor belt used for carrying coal, ores and other products. In 1901, Sandvik invented and started the production of steel conveyor belts. In 1905 Richard Sutcliffe invented the first conveyor belts for use in coal mines which revolutionized the mining industry. In 1913, Henry Ford introduced conveyor-belt assembly lines at Ford Motor Company’s Highland Park, Michigan factory. In 1972, the French society REI created in New Caledonia the then longest straight-belt conveyor in the world, at a length of 13.8 km. Hyacynthe Marcel Bocchetti was the concept designer. In 1957, the B. F. Goodrich Company patented a conveyor belt that it went on to produce as the Turnover Conveyor Belt System. Incorporating a half-twist, it had the advantage over conventional belts of a longer life because it could expose all of its surface area to wear and tear. Möbius strip belts are no longer manufactured because untwisted modern belts can be made more durable by constructing them from several layers of different materials.’ — collaged



Inconveniently Placed Conveyor Belt
by TV Tropes Foundation

In real life, conveyor belts, escalators, moving walkways and similar conveyances are part of certain specialized environments, and serve the function of moving things in a convenient direction. In video games conveyor belts can show up anywhere: in the middle of a forest, in underground catacombs, etc. These belts don’t move in a logical direction. They carry pedestrians into Spikes of Doom or drop them down Bottomless Pits. Multiple conveyor belts move in opposite directions to trap players.

In short, the conveyor belt in video games often serves the purpose of hindering instead of helping its user.

This is almost always a sub-trope of Malevolent Architecture. (It could be some sort of Benevolent Architecture, but don’t count on it.) Justified by the Rule of Fun, though it can get irritating on occasion, particularly when used with other, nastier hazards like Spikes of Doom, Smashing Hallway Traps, Descending Ceilings and the like.

In top-down games, a conveyor belt will often act as a Broken Bridge, going too fast for you to be able to run against. It’s a one-way trip unless you can find a way to shut it off or reverse it.

Occasionally overlaps with Conveyor Belt-O-Doom, which may get adapted into this trope in Licensed Games.

Video Game Examples:


Double Dragon II

101 Ways To Die


Kirby 64



Cat Sorter

Ultra Moon Pokemon

Pokemon Stadium

Super Mario Maker

Kaiten Sushi Go!


Chrono Trigger

Mega Man

Portal 2

Sonic the Hedgehog


Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido




Parcel conveyer system being installed into empty warehouse

Conveyor Accumulation Buffer

Handrail Ride on Giant Montgomery Moving Walkway at Lambert St. Louis Intl. Airport

Switch Conveyor System

ระบบสายพานลำเลียง ใต้หวัน-1

Gough Econ Bucket Conveyor

Moving sidewalk Paris Expo 1900

SUSHI CONVEYOR BELT- Automatic Delivery System

The KNEX Conveyor Belt




Conveyor Belt, a horror fiction
by Fish E

The small dark room smelled like skulls. Every few seconds the groan of the conveyor belt pushing a few feet forward could be heard. The belt did not start in the room, nor did it end in it, but it was one of the many stops along the way.

A teenage girl stood next to the conveyor belt, and she could be seen only by the light-bulb hanging from a thin cord above her. In her hand was a small but very hard mallet. Its head was made of dense metal.

Countless people were strapped to the conveyor belt, each human was three feet in front of the next. Their arms and legs were tied down, and it was impossible to move. Every few seconds another one would be under the girl, and she’d raise her hammer, its shadow on their petrified faces, and smash it down on their head. Then the groan of the conveyor belt moving on would be heard, and she’d bring the mallet down again, and crush another skull.

Groan, smash, pause, groan, smash, pause, groan, smash, pause, those were the sounds of the room, making a disturbing musical beat. A malevolent cycle which breathed in and out deep evil fumes.

The girl was pretty, even with blood splattered all over her body. She had long wavy red hair, and was wearing a butcher apron over her yellow sundress. She enjoyed running barefoot through the rolling plains of flowers. She loved to lie down and smell the scent of the sun as it soothed her skin. She loved her father, but her mother had died long ago. She had a lot of friends, but her favorite was her boyfriend.

She knew they would get married.


He had happy brown eyes, and brown hair. He was very strong and very smart. She loved him.


He was absolutely perfect, and there was no one she’d rather be with.


Once they were married she’d stop doing this.


They’d have a beautiful life together, and he’d get her out of this mess. She couldn’t leave now though


because the pulsing and the beat of the room had captivated her. She was part of it, and she was trapped in it. But she knew she could stop once she married him.


She had stopped noticing the people she was hammering a long time ago. She used to find it painful to slaughter them, but now it was easier.


They just kept coming and coming. Waiting for the end of the belt of people was like watching a river and waiting for all the water to flow away.


After a while, after a week. A week of


ten hours a day, eventually you stop being disgusted. She had to do it now.


Some people begged her not to kill them. They didn’t understand it wasn’t her choice.


She had the messiest job of them all.


When the victims begged, it ruined the beat.


Their words scattering through the room, disrupting the beat.


Usually they didn’t talk. They were too scared.


Her mind had grown hard, and her heart as well. She no longer saw them as living, breathing people, but only as traitors.


Then he was right under her shadow, strapped to the conveyor belt, her next victim. She looked down at him, and suddenly someone on the belt was a person. It was him, her love. It was impossible, how could he be one of the ones she had to crush? His big brown eyes were pleading desperately.

She pierced her lips, not wanting to hurt him. But the beat was being paused, and her heart had stopped too, it lived with the music. The shadow of her hand being raised covered his eyes. He shut them fiercely as she brought the mallet down on his head.


She started to cry as his blood splattered on her body, his face flattened against the belt.


Suddenly her breath was gone.


One more groan and he would be out of the room, and into the next section of his journey. Now there was someone else under her.


She couldn’t keep working, she had to quit then. She couldn’t believe what she had done. She hadn’t known she was doing it at the time, but now it was slowly dawning on her; enveloping his soul with darkness.


Alright, time to turn around and leave, she told herself.


But she didn’t turn around.















She felt much different now, now that she couldn’t think. She still felt so helpless. She let the beat circle a few times more. Then she couldn’t take it. She positioned the sharp head of the mallet in front of her face. She thrust it in.






JM Torlach

A plant operator lost his life when he became trapped by the arms, head and shoulders between the underside of a conveyor belt and a return idler roller.

The deceased had apparently attempted to remove rocks which were caught on the top surface of the return section of the belt. He climbed under guard rails to a closed-off section of platform directly under the belt.

His body was found in a seated position on the guard rail, with his arms, shoulders and head caught between the underside of the belt and the return idler. A shovel with a bent handle was lying below him on the platform.


Man’s arm is ripped off after ‘getting it caught in conveyor belt’ in recycling tip horror
Rebecca Day

A man’s arm has been ripped off after ‘he got it caught on a conveyor belt’ at a recycling tip in Wythenshaw owned by waste management company Viridor.

The unnamed 29-year-old man was rushed to hospital after the horrific incident while working at the Sharston Tip in south Manchester last night.

Members of the public are still able to dump their waste at the household waste recycling centre, which remains open.


Metal Conveyor Belt Slides Down Incline Crushing Supervisor — Iowa
Wayne Johnson, M.D.

A 35-year-old supervisor from an out-of-state manufacturing company was killed while he was overseeing the installation of a heavy metal conveyor belt at a recycling plant. This conveyor system was designed to move recycled materials from ground level to a new elevated sorting line. However, because of jerky movements, the welded attachment point failed, and the entire conveyor belt immediately slid down the incline and bunched up on the ground level. The victim was standing on or walking over the conveyor at ground level when the weld failed. He was knocked down and dragged through a narrow space between the belt and the conveyor frame, causing extensive crush injuries to his trunk and extremities. An ambulance was located across the street and arrived within two minutes, however due to the extent of his injuries, the man was dead on arrival at the local hospital.


I was crushed, severely injured, and nearly killed in a conveyor belt accident

I was sitting on and repairing an industrial conveyor belt. Suddenly, the conveyor belt started up and I went on a ride that changed my life forever. I fell from the one I was sitting on down below to another one where I got caught in between the two before I eventually broke my arm, was freed, and ended up being sucked up under that bar where the ribs and back broke before I eventually passed out and lost consciousness.

The list of injuries include: *Broken humerus *5 shattered ribs *3rd degree burns on right shoulder & left elbow *3 broken vertebrae *Collapsed lung *Nerve damage in left arm resulting in 4 month paralysis *PTSD *Torn rotator cuff *Torn bicep tendon *Prominent arthritis in left shoulder*


Dreamworld confirms at least three dead
Hugh Riminton

Three people have reportedly died after an accident on a ride at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

Police say it appears they had become caught in a conveyor belt at the Coomera theme park.

It’s believed the accident occurred on the Thunder River Rapids ride with a six-person circular raft flipping over onto the conveyor belt.

“The situation is unfolding,” a Queensland Ambulance spokeswoman told AAP.




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p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Morning, D. ** Steve Erickson, Yeah, precisely. I’m one of those exceedingly rare people who’s never been that excited by Grace Jones, but a doc about her and the phenom of her is an interesting prospect, obviously. How is it? ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! Yes, I fear my blog shows no pity for people’s pocketbooks, ha ha. Joy Williams is really up there though, I think. Chase the wave, good, yes! Irregardless for your mixed feelings about your grandmother, I’m sorry for the loss. If it’s not weird to say, it does sound like it has made you thoughtful in a productive way though. I’m fine, just, yeah, being a workaholic. Zac and I are meeting with Gisele this morning to find out what she thought of the draft of the third part we have given her. Hopefully what she’ll want changed will be fairly minor, but we’ll see. There is the potential that the endlessly delayed secret project contracts could be signed as soon as this Friday, and, god, here’s hoping. (Update: I was just told that, no, that’s not going to happen, so the shit continues.) But, yeah, I literally just worked all day yesterday. At least today that grind will get interrupted by a metro trip across Paris, even if the trip will be to talk about the work I’ll doing all the rest of the day. How was Wednesday for you? ** Sypha, You won’t be sorry, I think? Well, of course I think that person’s whining about that imaginary problem with Tarantino’s work is just self-incriminating. Well, yes, I know exactly what you mean. What you said is so true that it’s bizarre that it doesn’t just go without saying, you know? I am almost literally crawling out of my skin in excitement to see the new Wes Anderson. ** Jamie, Pip pip, Jamie! Scary good is the word, or, I guess, are the words. Yes, Drop-boxing me the gifs is totally good and an easy way to go. Thanks so much, buddy. I’m forcibly all about the hopefully soon-to-be not so secret script, yes, and it’s going okay. Ideally it’ll go so okay that I’ll have some side time to work on the film script, which is getting pretty close to being finished and, thus, begging for my imagination and fingers, but we’ll see. Oh, no, I hope your feeling sick yesterday was just a weird form of recess. How are you today? Ha ha, my day spared me a moment like that, for better or worse. May every particle of light today be a Tinkerbell whose sole reasons for existing are to radiate you into feeling 100%. Lawnmower vs. lawn love, Dennis. ** _Black_Acrylic, Howdy, Ben. I’ll write to your re: your post today. Williams is a prose monster, highly recommended. I agree with Jamie that your animation idea sounds awesome! I hope to get to see the results. Have a great one! ** Right. I decided to restore Conveyer Belt Day because it made me melancholy to see it sitting in a million bits of code in the cold, dark underworld of this blog. See you tomorrow.

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  1. David Ehrenstein

    March 21, 2018 at 2:15 pm

    “Are we not Men?” Let’s hope not. This piece on “Masculinity” charts the current hysteria

  2. The Grace Jones doc does a good job of showing the real woman beneath the theatrical image. Very early on, it depicts her having dinner in Jamaica with her extended family. Her accent seems like a synthesis of several different countries, but the film captures her in both Jamaica, where she went to visit her folks and record an album, and Paris. It shows her performing about 7 songs, most shown about halfway through. The Metrograph, one of the two NYC theaters showing this film in mid-April, is doing a retro of the films she appeared in immediately before, and I am excited for the mid ’80s concert movie A MAN SHOW.

    Here’s a review of rappers SOB X RBE’s album GANGIN: https://medium.com/@stevenerickson/whole-crew-full-of-demons-299c5fd7cdd3

  3. Well,
    1: It is just mind-blowing to consider how the conveyor belt totally transformed society, the economy culture;
    2. The almost mystical appeal of the object that moves constantly and stays in one place further blows the mind. The human condition, huh? How great it would be to use the conveyor belt as a model for a poem in traditional stanzas, say, or a novel that moves relentlessly forward, whether or not you are ready to grab at it as it goes by. (Could you publish a novel like an old-style network TV show, where it keeps proceeding forward when you grab a snack or go to the bathroom?)
    3. Since I know so little about video games generally, I never thought before about their formal derivation (almost) from the conveyor belt. Again: makes ya think about many other things that move forward.
    4. I haven’t been to Japan, and the conveyor-belt sushi experiences I’ve had in US are charming but weak. I want:
    Sushiro restaurant Tokyo 

    I wrote a long response to Luc Moullet Day and to your response to me in your comments, but apparently neglected to post it. So maybe that’s a lesson. On Moullet, yes, I’m very attracted to his sensibility, especially what’s represented by Rivette’s comment that he’s the New Wave’s Jarry–picking up the notes of dada and surrealism that are less overt in Godard (I am maybe the only person I Know whose favorite Godard is Week-end–and especially I love his foregrounding of the medium at all times, which is very rare among american film directors–and it’s been a long time since I was exposed to him–likely before things were on the internet–so I’m very grateful. I may yet teach a film course or two.
    I’ve been writing up my takes on the political (and existential) crisis in the US on Facebook and Twitter so I don’t need to throw them out here, but there are just so many unprecedented elements, all around the total political transvaluation, in which corruption is expected and lauded; the extermination of perceived enemies replaces normal and predictable (if venal) policy goals; “leadership” means cowardice and blustering, the exploitation and betrayal of allies, and of course, maintaining this bizarre image-world unrelated to the facts and scary realities that are going to swallow up our chances of survival past the next couple decades.
    It seems incredible that people still don’t get that the government is run by a mob boss and thus like a mob (to the extent that he can get away with it), and as they search for reasons why the Republicans won’t stand up to him and he still has admirers, they ignore the obvious because they still treat it like he’s a conventional politician (instead of the engineer of a hostile takeover of the enterprise of American government), and the Republicans as a political party (rather than a conduit for a cartel of economic interests attempting to legitimate the appropriation of the whole of the US governments funds).
    However, Mueller and the FBI don’t ignore this, so the constant drumbeat of news stories about Trump’s chances of firing the Special Counsel are kind of irrelevant to what the Special Counsel does. So we’re still in the process of a slow-motion collapse of the administration that speeds up periodically, and that is likely to take a lot of our norms down with it.
    And maybe catastrophic change, and periodic renewal, are just inevitable now, with an economy and a climate and a political culture that are just bursting out of every old model.
    As you may have heard, it’s snowing like a motherfucker here.

  4. Dennis, Okay, sir, I love conveyor belts. I’ve often had fantasies that world is full of conveyor belts instead of sidewalks, roads, and hallways and stuff like that. At airports, I always use them, even though I don’t at all need them. Love those things.

    Have you ever been to a Krispy Kreme store when the “HOT” sign is on? I have several times. All those donuts on the belt and the people pick them right off and box them. I once, during a challenge, ate 18 of those hot fuckers. They just dissolve in your mouth. I won.

    Also, I’ve read Williams’ “The Quick and the Dead.” Loved it, of course. Duh.

    I fell asleep so early last night and didn’t get online at all. Yes, fell asleep in my haunted rocking chair for an hour after dinner and then jumped in bed…only to find out that the federal government buildings in DC are closed today because of this Snowmageddon we’re getting. They’re saying up to 8 inches. 12 inches in some of the more northern areas. By looking at it, I’d say we’ve got about 4 or so inches so far. It’s supposed to stop tonight around 11 p.m.

    So I’m off from work today. Off tomorrow too for LPS’s intake hearing (aka, the shit show I’m sure it’s going to be).

    Hahaha, yes, I was just thinking that Love, Simon could be an airplane movie for you. Like I said, it’s okay. Very precious at times, horrible dialogue (especially early on), but the lead is really good. There’s a father-son moment towards the end that might get you a bit, as I know that you, like I am, are susceptible to that stuff.

    The Exorcist totally ruined supernatural movies for me. I was 10. It came on one night, and I watched it by myself in my room. It didn’t bug me until it was over. Then I suddenly realized what I’d just watched. I slept with my light on for a month after that, many times fully under the covers. I still can’t look at the fucked up girl at all.

    Do you remember that reviewer who passed out during “Jerk” so many years ago in NYC? I’m glad I was there. I still remember them dragging him out. I was just telling someone about it a couple weeks ago. That was pretty…awesome. 😛

  5. A gray rainy day is perfect for watching all this conveying. Dennis.

    The Quick and the Dead is my favorite Joy Williams novel.

    Sorry to hear about the grind, and the continuing shit. We’re supposedly on break, but I wouldn’t know it looking at my to-do list. Maybe I can take a day off, hmm.


  6. Weird how so many video games have conveyor belts. The same goes for sewer stages. Most people in this world won’t ever set one foot in a sewer their entire life, yet so many video games have stages set inside them. Very curious…

    Yeah, I don’t go to the movie theaters very often (almost never more than 4 times a year) but Wes Anderson is a director I’ll always make an exception for. Hopefully I’ll get there this weekend, assuming that whatever bug I’ve caught has cleared up by then.

    Still depressed… we’re supposed to get another snowstorm tonight… our 4th snowstorm in 20 days. We’ve already had nearly 50 inches of snow this season in Rhode Island. I’m sick of it! Seems like spring is taking forever to get here…

  7. Hi!

    Thank you. And yes, I mean no, it isn’t weird, I definitely feel like the events put me in a productively thoughtful state about her.
    How was your meeting with Gisele? Do you have to change lots of things? (Hopefully not, though.)
    I can’t believe this contract mess anymore! It’s absolutely infuriating and lacking all kinds of respect towards you!

    I woke up in an awful mood today, I don’t really know why. I made plans with a friend who later canceled them but I went out anyway, on my own, just to spend some time away from home and everything usual and it was a good idea. I basically just took a big walk in Budapest. Cleared my head a little. I visited a bookshop and to my absolute astonishment, I found one of your books there! In English, of course. I already have my own copy here, at home but I felt dangerously tempted not to leave it there, haha.
    I hope your day was as enjoyable as possible! Did anything remarkable happen besides the meeting with Zac and Gisele?

  8. Good day, Dennis!
    I also love conveyor belts. I found a few of those videos in the post deeply satisfying, but I always enjoy films showing how stuff’s made. There used to be a TV show called The Generation Game on UK TV when I was a kid and the final round involved a contestant sitting behind a conveyor belt whilst various objects trundled past them. After that they had something like thirty seconds to recall and name whatever they’d seen and I think they won everything they correctly remembered. I thought it was great, but it really doesn’t sound so good now. Anyway, I remember my parents teaching me the phrase ‘conveyor belt’ alongside this show, and I’ve loved it ever since. Great post!
    How are you? Scripting, scripting, scripting? Hope it’s going very well.
    I’ll try and arrange those gifs tonight/tomorrow, cos we’re off to Dublin for the weekend, so will probably be laptop free for that time.
    I’m still not feeling amazing, tbh, but not as bad. Thanks for the good wishes. Hannah bought me these one-a-day prebiotic sachets which are supposed to be amazing and rebalance one’s gut equilibrium, so we’ll see. I do feel like I’m off kilter.
    Btw, I keep meaning to say that the Profligate album you put in last week’s gig post is amazing! I bought it and have been playing it non-stop.
    May your Thursday be a walk in the park and may that park be of the amusement variety.
    Shy at first but wild when it gets going love,

  9. Given your admiration of Robin Zander, especially his vocal abilities, I thought this news item would interest you: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8257038/cheap-trick-robin-zander-rocktopia-broadway-debut

    I just finished Ryan Walsh’s ASTRAL WEEKS: A SECRET HISTORY OF 1968. The author is married to singer Marissa Nadler, and the book weaves a history of Boston in 1968 around the fact that Van Morrison lived there around the time he wrote and recorded ASTRAL WEEKS. (It makes much of the fact that the outtake “Train” calls out the names of Boston suburbs.) But it also has chapters on the “Bosstown Sound,” the Velvet Underground’s frequent gigs in Boston, and Mel Lyman’s religious cult, which published a newspaper called AVATAR and also recorded as a folk group for Reprise Records. According to this book, some of the groups who were hyped as being part of the “Bosstown Sound” had no idea they were members of a new psychedelic scene till they saw their names in ads saying so. The book makes a case for a band called Earth Opera, who released 2 albums for Elektra in 1969, and a soul group called the Bagatelle as underrated survivors of that scene – I am going to see if I can find any of their music on-line. At times, its structure seems haphazard (it doesn’t help that in January, I saw a play about Lester Bangs that organizes his life story around his rummaging around his apartment in search of his copy of ASTRAL WEEKS to play to the audience) but it covers a great deal of interesting ground about the counterculture, also taking in the LSD experiments at Harvard and James Brown’s role in preventing riots in Roxbury after Martin Luther King’s assassination (which have been written about more than the other subjects the book touches on.) The author says ASTRAL WEEKS is his favorite album and that his first date with Nadler ended with her playing it for him; his love for it shines through, as well as his dedication to the Velvets. We learn that Lou Reed was on a mystical streak in 1969 and then claimed “White Light/White Heat” was actually inspired by the occultist Alice Bailey and the amphetamine references were surface metaphors for a deeper white light – Jonathan Richman hung out with him a lot then as a very impressionable teenager and this helps explain what “Astral Plane” is doing on the first Modern Lovers album.

  10. @ Jamie, you know the Generation Game is being relaunched on TV in the next week or so? Conveyor belt and all. Presented by Mel and Sue, with crushing inevitability.

    I’m happy to report that today’s animation was a success! It’s titled The Apotheosis of Maggie Broon and I took this behind the scenes photo. I asked for its soundtrack to resemble Frances Lai – Bilitis and I think it does sound pretty much close enough. We get a big screen premiere on Friday 30th and I’ll be sure to post the thing to YouTube soon after.

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